but this was a beautiful and heartbreaking scene

I literally just cant. Sometimes are you guys hit by the fact, that Lexa the stoic Commander, with the wisdom of generations, fell in love with a smol girl who fell from the sky? She bared her soul to her, and she protected her, and improved and changed her entire life and the ways of her people for that small bi bean?

She was so beautiful. And strong. And just…. Powerful. She moved us all. She inspired so many of us. She inspired hundreds of thousands of us to revolt against the media and their view of the lgbtq youth. She changed the lives of so many

For me, the most powerful yet heartbreaking scene was one of her very last happy moments. That smile, that smile she gave Clarke as she leaned down to kiss her on the bed. Do you guys remember? That smile. It was like… Seeing her for the first time. Happy. Relieved. Satisfied. She looked so beautiful. And raw. And fucking amazing.

I miss her so much


Outlander Season 2 Meme: [5/9] Favourite Visual Moments: You are so like him.

  • me: that last scene was beautiful and heartbreaking and the most wonderful it could have been they had such a deep connection and the declaration of love was more beautiful and pure than i ever could have imagined and it was perfect in every possible way-

From the moment we see her, Jyn Erso is is treated in the story as a living, vibrant, multi-faceted human being. When we first see her as an adult, it is with the automatic assumption that she is strong. She is given an understandable backstory, compelling reasons to fight for her father and the Rebellion, and moments of humanity which reveal the strength of her character and heart. Jyn Erso is never sexualized, yet still is respectfully and cinematically portrayed as beautiful. She is given opportunity to shine in physical action scenes without being used as a prop or plot device to simply punch some bad guys and demonstrate what a “strong feminist action hero” she is. When the plans are transmitted, though the entirety of the Rogue One crew played an integral part in achieving that goal, the words we hear Admiral Raddus say are, “She did it!” Not theyshe. From her moments of incredible loss and heartbreak, to her overwhelmingly selfless acts of care, courage, and bravery, Jyn Erso is given the same thing male action heroes automatically get - legitimacy. Tell me again how Jyn Erso isn’t a strong female character. Because I’m just not seeing it.

I’ve been planning to post this since I watched the movie.

So I watched Beauty and the Beast yesterday, and let me tell you, I am in love with it. I legit told my parents I was gonna marry that goddamn movie.

The story line and moral lesson was so sweet. The characters were so diverse and funny and heartbreaking and just overall amazing (I was legit screaming when I saw how many POC characters were in it, God bless). And even though some scenes were a bit rushed and auto tune was kinda irritating, I loved it.

But the best part of the movie was the introduction to Disney’s first canon, outed gay character.

When I first heard that there was gonna be some representation in a children’s film, I was so excited. However, I was kinda worried Disney would play it off as some joke or even make the person a rude, sinister jerk. When I heard LeFou was gonna be the gay character, it made me even more nervous.

But I saw him and his role in the movie. I was shook.

It was so beautiful.

LeFou - I’m so proud of Disney. He isn’t played off as a comic relief or a thing that shouldn’t exist, but he was so well-written and actually had layers. He went through so much development in the movie. His crush on Gaston influenced much of his actions, but soon he realized what was happening and ultimately found some good in his heart. He helped the antiques in the battle and he finally learned that he deserved more than a ruthless, heartless monster with a habit of leaving old men to die in the wilderness.

In the end, he got a happy ending. He’s over Gaston and is now happy and joyful at the ball dance, especially when a handsome young man - Stanley, I think - joins him in the revel.

Honestly, this movie made me feel so happy. But I’m not only gonna stop here.

If you don’t like the movie because you hate gay people: fuck you. It’s 2017, get your shit straight - actually, it’s already straight. But still - we live in a changing world, and we all know we can’t control love. If a princess can fall in love with a beast, I’m pretty sure two guys have the right to kiss.

Try to argue with me. Try.

Secondly, I know some people have doubts about LeFou being a good representative. Remember what I said above. His sexuality corresponds with his actions and behavior. It is shown many times that he loves Gaston, but he doesn’t stay in that want for him much longer when he realizes what a monster he actually is. Like what Mrs. Potts says: “You’re too good for him.”

So he learns a lesson and gets some development. But we have a final thing we have to discuss before I end this.

Many people are pretty upset that there isn’t much representation in general. That there isn’t enough, and most of what happens brings you laughing your ass off.

And to that I say: Look.

Look how far Disney has come. We went from a movie about how true love is always the answer (which it isn’t) to a movie with a diverse cast and the lesson that there is always good and kindness in our hearts. I’m proud that Disney has taken it’s first step (but not the last, mind you) in exploring different cultures and peoples from Polynesian tribes to their first gay character that isn’t “just a joke.” And this probably isn’t the last time we’ll see this kind of diversity.

Disney is taking baby steps, but I will wait for the rest of my life for a time where the LGBTQ+ community is nothing but ordinary. That we exist and we are more than just fetishes and stereotypes.

Be patient. This isn’t forever. Just like how it isn’t forever till you finally come to terms with your sexuality or gender identity. How it isn’t forever till you come out. How it isn’t forever till you make a difference in the world and win equality for all.

I hear so much about how little representation was shown and how the movie failed with it - but take the time to realize. We’re lucky we got actual representation. We’re lucky we’re here today, watching the birth of the first gay Disney character who’s outed and he isn’t just some doofus or laughingstock.

We’re lucky Disney finally heard us and listened.

Maybe they screwed up. Maybe they didn’t. You have your own opinion on how they played it out, and I have mine. But I want you all to know this isn’t the last time we’ll see this. This isn’t the last time we’ll find our community on the screen where so many different people can see.

If Disney doesn’t make more movies with more representation, like hell we would rest. We will make our voices heard, and we will make sure they know we aren’t going to rest until we are seen as valuable as a straight or cis person. We will make sure people will see who we are.

But right now, let’s just look. Look at how people are changing, how minds and ideas are changing. How the world is changing.

One day the world will change. One day everyone will be accepted for who they are, regardless of religion, sexuality, race, gender, kin, age, weight, or anything else. One day, love will bring people together instead of driving them apart, and hate would be something of the past.

It sounds poetic, I know. Even downright stupid.

But I hope this day will come.

The movement for equal rights had started long, long ago, and it’s not done yet. We will fight for our rights. And we still fight today.

This movie is not the start of Disney’s diversity, and it isn’t the end. I have a feeling they’re gonna make more representation in the times yet to come. But let’s be happy they took another step. A step that’ll help show the world that we’re all as valid as society’s “norms.”

I’m so proud of LeFou and what Disney has done, and I can’t wait for more.

So…thank you, Disney.

Thank you.

There’s something about Mary (aka- don’t trust what we see-again!) ;)

Mary- a seemingly heartbreaking Garridebs style death scene. Tears. Redemption. …But is it really? 

It was still a beautiful scene. But, I think something’s rotten in Denmark. By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes…

This episode I feel deliberately showed us a poignant, idealized version of Mary- but then throw hints at something else:
Her shaking her head when saying “Save John Watson.”
And then, of course, telling Sherlock to “Go to hell.” Of course, the literal hell of whatever Culverton Smith’s got lined up… but that post-credit clip shows WE HAVEN’T SEEN THE WHOLE FOOTAGE OF MARY’S DVD. WE STILL DON’T KNOW THE FULL STORY.

So, I’m not giving up on Villain!Mary just yet. After all, no-one stays dead on this show…? ;) 

That scene was so heartbreaking and beautiful, because of course she wasn’t mad at him for what he did– she was just upset that he thought she wouldn’t. 

She thought they were past him hating himself and that he could talk to her but he still kept this from her because he’s so scared of losing his family, and Emma Swan, who’s been on her own all her life, wants him to lean on her when he’s hurting, wants him to share things with her and wants them to do things together. 

She knows that his past is going to haunt him, but she wants him to share it with her so that he can live with it, so that they can live. 

I’m ruined. They love each other so much and they’re both such broken characters who struggle with love and I will never be okay again.


Bagginshield Week Day 2: Sorry I doubted you // Favourite scene

I’ve never been so wrong in all my life … I’ll vouch for him … A token of our friendship … Plant your trees … How should I choose from such beautiful heartwarming/heartbreaking scenes? But I have to choose, and I choose … the acorn scene!

Thorin rushing at Bilbo, at first all furious and only thinking of the Arkenstone, and Bilbo wordlessly, almost shyly showing him the acorn on his palm. The way Thorin looks at him as if he thinks the hobbit is taking him for a fool. But Bilbo telling him where this acorn is from, the uncertainty in Thorin’s voice when he asks “You’ve carried it all this way?” And then the way Thorin says “It’s a poor prize to take back to the Shire”. So softly, so warmly.

And when Bilbo tells him “… and how lucky I am that I made it home”, he looks up at Thorin with a shy smile, probably expecting that Thorin will laugh about such a silly thought, but what does he see?

A smile – the most beautiful, heart-felt, warm smile – spreading over Thorin’s face, and Bilbo returns it.

I just love this moment. It seems so simple: there are only Bilbo, Thorin, and this little acorn. And they’re so in love?! I mean, really?! They look at each other so affectionately, and I think that I should stop now before I cry …

I also like to think that the acorn becomes a kind of symbol for Bilbo and Thorin, something they use as a pattern on clothes, as jewellery, basically whenever they want to express their feelings for each other and remind the other of that moment …

This scene is also the reason why I can’t look at acorns/oak trees anymore without a besotted smile or sigh.


Lately I’ve been getting a lot of comments on my art and thank everyone for all the very nice comments and compliments, they mean a lot to me!!

However among that, I also get the occasional message that seems like some people think I’m the one who wrote the fics witty and I are working on. 

So I’m gonna take this opportunity to say shouTOUT TO @wittyy-name fOR THE AMAZING WRITING SHE DOES.
We jam about stories, fic ideas, fic scenes, dialogue, and I occasionally help drag her butt out of writing blocks, but every single word written in those fics you guys love are 100% witty’s amazing work. Every single phrase that kills your heart and leaves you feeling dead inside, or giddy with happiness and leaves you feeling so in touch with the story is ALL witty’s work! 

Every detailed description, every relatable description of feelings and realistic reactions, all the beautiful and all the heartbreaking scenes, all the words that makes you just live the story is all her talent! 

Brilliant choices and patterns, clever lines, and the ability to make it seem like you’re reading a movie that plays in your mind, it’s all witty and I wanna take a moment of the day to just wholeheartedly appreciate the amount of work she puts into these stories!!

I’m so proud of her and the work she does, and how passionate and talented she is about it and god daMN am I gonna let the world know thiS. 

The theater of forever: Some thoughts on SGRS s2 Episode 11

I am always a little confused whether I should call him Yakumo or Kikuhiko and this episode just drove home the point that he was both.

 I was dreading the time where we’ll have to face the consequences of his death. Despite how much he romanticize it, death is ever elegant. I was worried about Konatsu, now that her relationship with her father was newly repaired and thus fragile, I was worried for Yotaro, would he be able to shoulder the immense weight of the expectations of the entire Rakugoka community as he tries to fill the chasm his master left especially when we know he has no intentions to surpass Yakumo.

I had no reason to fear after all.

Usually death scenes in media are almost always from he perspective of the mourners. I expected heartbreak, but what we got instead was perhaps the most beautiful depictions of death in recent times. 

This is a story that treats its characters with respect. The central character is the pillar that had held up the story from the beginning, so of course, in death he is bestowed with the same warmth. It was such a privilege to watch him find his way back home to the people he loves most. There is no wavering, no denial. He accepts death like a home coming. 

I was glad that Miyokichi moved on from condemning herself to be defined by the love of a man who never wanted her. Watching her at peace with her life was soothing, and strangely I never felt sad that they never got to live this out in their lifetime.

 I hope I wasn’t the only one who noticed that Sukeroku somehow seemed more handsome than how we usually saw him. He felt more alive, more real all while he joked about his own death. I guess death doesn’t always have to be about sombre recollections and regrets.

Now I am torn between several choices for my favorite scene in the episode. But I guess there is one recurring theme in all of them.


Imagine being taught to fear death all your life only to find yourself reunited with every single person (and thing) you’ve lost in your lifetime.

I was hoping this episode will at least be a 9 out of 10.

Not anymore. 

Some things just can’t be quantified.

OKAY so this was probably already noticed but I’m excited because I just realized that in this scene from the beautiful sneak peak:

and in this small clip we got from the Malec trailer:

They’re in the same clothes and the same location and you can even see Izzy behind Magnus’s shoulder. I think this is right after Lydia dismisses Alec (no one puts baby in a…OH shiiiit she did). After that heartbreaking gaze Magnus was giving Alec he must have seen Alec was about to completely lose it and went to console him (a comforting hand on the arm perhaps?) and then this horrible moment happens.

If you’re telling me that Sherlock said “I love you” to Molly and didn’t mean it, then you are ignoring years of character growth and Sherlock’s primary conflict: That is, admitting that he isn’t a machine. Just an episode ago, Sherlock was the guy who said he will never be interested in a romantic relationship.

As a writer, you must cut out everything that doesn’t bring forward a character’s growth. Was the scene ambiguous? Yes. But it was deliberate. It was heartbreaking and beautiful, because it would bring up all sorts of important questions about Sherlock’s character. What’s next for him? How does he deal with these emotions? Will it break him like Eurus said? Will it defeat him? Will he dismiss it as something trivial? Or will he… choose to explore this new-found territory? If shot otherwise, from the perspective of being forced, the only question left to solve would be “how to explain to Molly the situation without her getting mad”. Not very… impactful and dramatic. I would even describe it as rather stupid.

If Sherlock didn’t mean it, then there would be nothing there for his growth. No questions. No conflict. Easily solvable. You see, that’s why Eurus chose to do this, because it would hurt him that way. If he didn’t mean it, you’re actually admitting that Sherlock is still the same guy who showed Janine the fake engagement ring to get access to Magnussen’s office. A means to an end, even a gallant one. That’s how useless this scene was, if he didn’t mean it. They might as well not show that scene at all.

No, that whole scene relies on the sole fact that Sherlock meant it, because that would strip him bare and force him to deal with things he had always run away from.

Promise (Marauders x Sirius x Reader)

It was chilly, a slight breeze turning the base of ones breath visible in the dusk air. Spring had arrived, and small buds of flowers and grass had begun to rise.
Now, one could gaze upon it with sadness, the stones rising from the ground as grim reminders of the past, of all the memories, painful and bitter.
One might say it was quite poetic and beautiful, if they were to gaze upon the scene, how perfectly calm everything seemed to be, but that would only prove their ignorance.
But you see, to those of personal connection, this small plot, six feet under, held something so heartbreaking, their breaths came in painful gasps. Their vision would blur together and they would struggle to remain upright, that was the pain of living while those you loved did not.
Truly, for those who were gone, the last enemy to be destroyed is death, but for those who remain, it is, perhaps, the very thing that makes one crave it.


Come on guys! You have to promise!” You had laughed, pushing your hair out of your face and your cheeks tinting a slight red.
The six of you had stood on the edge of the astronomy tower, looking out across the grounds and black lake.
“You know we will, do we have to bloody promise?” Sirius had shook his head at you, humor written all over his face.
“It’s the thought! I mean, this is our last night at Hogwarts, after this, we go out into the world! We have to promise to meet every month at least!” You cried indignantly and Sirius pulled you closer, throwing an arm around your shoulder and pressing a kiss to the side of your forehead.
“She’s right,” Lily had nodded, her red hair curling in the gentle breeze. “We don’t know how long we’ve got.”
“Geez, way to make it depressing Lils,” James had given his girlfriend a sidelong glance.
“It’s true. We might not make it to 20,” Remus had shrugged, leaning his arms on the railing.
“Okay, okay,” James stuck his arm out. “I promise, that we will meet every month at least.”
Remus added his hand, then Lily, Peter, Sirius, and lastly you, with a huge smile on your face.


To anyone else, a small, rag-tag group of young adults stood gathered in a small cemetery might seem out of the ordinary.
It was so strange, that a once abnormal occurrence was depressingly common. Just two months ago, they had been here for Marlene’s ceremony. But now, they were here for you.
James and Lily arrived first.
Lily Potter was tucked under the arm of her husband, her arm on her slightly protruding stomach.Her mascara had run onto her face, her tears leaving thick trails. Her red hair was knotted and dull, evidence to her pulling at it and running her hands through it, trying to get her mind off the sharp pain in her heart.


We’re best friends right?” You had asked her the night before you left for the end of your first year.
“Of course. Why?” A young Lily had asked curiously.
“I just don’t want you to forget me,” you had smiled awkwardly and Lily had hugged you tightly.
“Never! What girl could forget her best friend?”


James Potter clutched onto his wife, his glasses askew and his hand for once not fiddling with his hair every few seconds, no his free hand clutched onto a photograph of you two, a fat tear slipping down his cheek.


You better not hurt her Potter!” You had threatened him, waving your finger in his face.
“I would never!” James had nodded vigorously.
“Good. Cause you might be one of my best friends, but Lily is my BEST friend and if you did I’d have to hurt you in the most brutal way possible,” you had smiled at him and nudged his shoulder, swinging your broom over yours. “Now let’s go kick Slytherin’s arse.”


Peter Pettigrew had arrived next, standing slightly off from the others, a heartbroken expression on his face. His feet shuffled at times, and his knees shook from wanting nothing more than to drop and never get up.


What’s wrong Petey?” You had sat down on the steps your friend was on and looked at him worriedly.
“Just the slytherins,” Peter had responded glumly. “They were saying I was too cowardly to be on Gryffindor.”
“And you listened to them?”
Peter furrowed his brows at you curiously.
“I mean, the hat placed you here for a reason! You get to choose your path Wormtail, It’s your life. But if you ask me your pretty brave,” you smiled at him and ruffled his hair comfortingly.  


Remus arrived a few minutes later, coming to stand on Lily’s other side, a comforting hand on her shoulder. His hair messy, his chest heaving slightly with contained cries. He silently dropped a (Y/F/F) onto the fresh dirt and refused to meet anyone’s eyes.


Remus!” You gasped in horror and rushed towards your friend, who had scratches and blood dripping down his face. “What happened?”
“It’s nothin’,” he waved you off and tried to sulk back to his dorm, only to be stopped by you flinging his arm over your shoulder and bearing half of his weight.
He sighed in relief as you helped him up the stairs.
“Why’re you helping?” He asked tiredly as you leant him on his bed.  
“Well I’m still your friend, even if you don’t want to tell me what happened.”
“I’m a werewolf,” Remus rushed suddenly and you blinked slowly, before walking up and kissing his forehead as he leant back in his bead.
“You don’t hate me?” He asked curiously and you laughed.
“Rem, I could never hate you. I’m so sorry you go through that and I’m going to do everything in my power to help.”


Lastly, Sirius Black shuffled in. His hands stuffed in his pockets and his face was expressionless. His trademark smirk gone, his eyes hollow and rid of their shine.
He wasn’t used to your absence, Every few seconds he would turn to look for you, and every few seconds his heart shattered more as he realized you would never be there again.


Sirius Orion Black!” You shouted and he paused, his dark hair falling in his face.
“What?” He sighed heavily.
“I’m not allowed to date?” You quoted him from earlier. “Excuse me but you have dated every girl in hogwarts with the exception of me!”
He turned around and crossed his arms.
“Did it ever occur to you that maybe I do that because the one girl I am in love with doesn’t think of me like that?” He took a step closer to you and you could feel his breath.
You faltered for a second and looked up at him curiously.
“Well then kiss her, prat. And see if your right,” you had raised an eyebrow in challenge, feeling braver than you felt.
Sirius gave you his signature smirk before crashing his lips to yours.


No words were exchanged, but none were needed.
James stared down at his wife and then turned his face towards the sky. Is this what would happen? One by one they would die, until none were left?
The five stood there, until the sun began to slip farther from view, the darkness reflecting the mood, but not doing it justice.
“We came,” Lily said softly, directing her words down to the grave. “How come we kept our promise but you didn’t keep yours?” Her voice cracked, showing how often she had been crying.
But it wasn’t true, you were there, in spirit at least. You kept your promise.
You stood, invisible to the human eye as you watched your friends, heartbroken.
“Oh but Lily, I kept my promise. And now I’m always with you, with all of you. Until the very end, until we meet again.” You said and reached out, as if to brush the hair from her face, but your hand making no impact.

there will never be a film that i connect with more than mysterious skin, it is a work of art and beautifully illustrated to show the effects of child abuse and trauma. i have never seen csa more beautifully and accurately portrayed and it makes me cry every single time, without a fault. the way it affected both Neil and Brian at childhood are very real effects, and you can’t help but to wonder how vastly different they would have been without this trauma weighing down on them. the ending is so miserably beautiful, the scene is so heartbreaking and fleshed-out and real. brian sobbing in neil’s lap, inside the very same house that they can’t erase from their minds, with christmas carollers singing outside of the house, unaware of the tragic reunion unfolding inside. unaware of the horrors and nightmares and evil that has happened in that very house, on that very kitchen floor, the painful memories attatched to the sight of the building. Neil’s last words echoing, on how he wished there was some way for them to go back and to fix all the pain and suffering in the world, how he wished he could tell brian that everything was okay. but it wasn’t, and there was nothing either of them could do. and he sits there, stroking Brian’s hair as he shakes and bleeds and sobs, suddenly forced to confront this pain and misery inside of him that he’s never had the responsibility of facing before. forced to realize that the pain and abuse that he convinced himself he loved, the memories of the man who he’d never forget and would never stop loving, has ruined brian’s life and has irreversibly traumatized him. this man, no, to neil he still can’t help but see him as a little boy, is terrified and heartbroken and miserable because of the trauma and cruelty that they were both subjected to. and for a brief moment, neil realizes, he feels the same way. and he wishes he could take it back. the gory movies with coach, the cereal dumped on the floor, the ‘here we go’ echoed in his mind, the five dollar game, the way he told a young Brian it was fun, the incident at Brighton Beach- everything. but there is nothing they can do, and they can’t go back in time to stop it. so they lay there and grieve, they grieve for themselves, they grieve for the other little boys, they grieve for every single child that coach has done this to. every single child that can’t forget.