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Fill-a-Page February

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any artist who aspires to improve should be drawing every day. 

Being told to draw more, draw daily, draw while you eat, sleep, breathe, is probably the single most common piece of advice given in response to the question “how do I get better?” - I know I’ve certainly told people to do this.

But I have a confession to make.

I am a hypocrite and I don’t draw every day. Not even close. 

I always seem to have a ready excuse for why I didn’t set aside 10, 20, 30 minutes a day to draw: I’m too tired, I got home late, I didn’t have any drawing materials on me, I was too busy. And yet I still grumble when my art feels like it’s stagnating. I feel disatisfied and frustrated with my lack of progress or the inconsistency of my style or with my inability to draw something in the moment (looking at you, anatomy, clothing folds, perspective). So I want to do something about it.

Every day for the month of February, I will fill a page in a sketchbook, much like I did with this page of scribbles. New day, new page. I don’t have a specific “improvement” goal in mind nor any particular subjects, but I want to get myself into the habit of drawing more freely and regularly, without the pressure of producing a finished piece of art. 

I’ve already persuaded a few people to do this with me because I know I’ll need the support and motivation, but please feel free to join me in giving the challenge a go if you fancy it!

You will need:

  • a sketchbook or pad (I’ve chosen A5 because the size isn’t too intimidating)
  • a pencil
  • an eraser (although I plan to use this sparingly)

The reason I’m doing this challenge traditionally is to get away from all the distracting bells and whistles that come with a digital art program and focus on the act of drawing itself. I also want to get over my fear of ruining a sketchbook with mediocre art. This is me giving myself permission to be bad at art for a while, because it really is the only way I’m going to get better.

The challenge commences February 1st - wish me luck!

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ADMIN! Imagine if the four boys, you know when they're older, have daughters that eventually grow up and have to go on a journey! Would the chocobros be worried?? Would they insist on tagging along?

Get ready cause I went on a trip with this and now I want to write a mini-series about these girls! Annon if this is not what you wanted or it does not satisfy you please feel free to let me know!

  • So the four girls just one day decide that they want an adventure like their dads. To bond better is the reason they would always say
  • So they gather the main four in the Throne room and it slightly panics Noctis cause his daughter does not step in that room unless Important Things need to be discussed
  • The panic is elevated when he starts reading the summon
  • Princess Stella of Lucius, daughter of esteemed King Noctis Lucis Caelum CXIV and regent Princess to the throne, summons thy to the Throne Room of the Citadel in the Capital of Insomnia in one days time at none to discuss matters of extreme importance.
  • His phone goes off with multiple messages the second he finishes reading it. The boys gather in the Kings room and waste the night away on reasons of why they are summoned each varying from small to we should be ready to go at war with Accordo
  • The day of the summoning finds Noctis all tired from a sleepless night with Prompto and Gladio on his left looking no worse for wear and Ignis on his right looking like he needed a cup or ten of Ebony
  • The doors are slammed open, Noctis flinches and his daughter followed closely by Gladio’s, Prompto’s and Ignis’s enter all dressed in black like they are ready to take the world by the horns
  • Which they are, he soon learns
  • They take the position on the platform under the Throne and Noctis has the worst flashback of his life. The scene in from of him is identical to the one when he left Lucius all those years ago.
  • “My King,” his daughter starts with a bow to put all other to shame “I come to you on this most auspicious of days to relay a decision of great importance. Myself and my trusted companions would like to inform you that in 3 days time we shall depart the Capital of Insomnia towards the land of Lucius, for the moment at least, in order to deepen the bonds between us, to learn to fight in an unpredictable world to to better know the people that make this Kingdom as it is today.”
  • “WHAT?!” Noctis roars and his daughter did not so much as flinch at his outburst. She stood there with a polite smile on her face. Noctis was starting to believe that a piece of Ardyn’s souls was inside his child.
  • “You seem confused Your Highness,” she said taking a step forward and turning while gesturing to her friends “I can assure you that this was not a decision made in haste, but one we considered for a very long time.”
  • And just like that Noctis was at a lose of words and looked for guidance from his companions. There was none, the level of surprise on their face most likely mirrored his.
  • “Leave now” he said “our decision will be relied to you in a day.” and he could feel the approve of the other in their slight shift. And leave they do, discussing all types of things required for the trip.
  • And this is how the new night finds the four in Noctis’s room. “I can not believe they did this!” Prompto said “And to make matters even worse, my lovely girl looked me in the eyes a few hours ago and said Dad, if I am to serve the future Queen then I need to learn things that can only be learned out there. and returned to pack her bags.”
  • Gladio snorted next to Noctis “My child challenged me in my teachings How can I be the Shield you require me to be if I do not learn what the outside world could do, do you not trust me? she said”
  • All eyes turned on Ignis that was calmly sipping his tea “I was put face to face with an impressive list on why this adventure of theirs is a good idea. A list that I could not crack mind you.”
  • And this was how, 3 days later, the main four found them self at the entrance of the Citadel watching as their daughters were getting ready to leave.
  • “You remember all that I told you?” Noctis asked for the 11th time that day prompting his child to roll his eyes. “Yes Father I do.” she said “You worry to much, we will be fine and will return in no time.” and placed a kiss on his cheek. Tears gathered in his eyes.
  • “Remember to take lots of pictures and to stay safe.” Prompo said hugging his child like he will never see her again. “I will Dad and I will also tell Aunt Cidney that you said hi.” she smiled hugging him just as hard
  • “Try no to get in to much trouble and try not to let the regent princess over there get herself killed.” Gladio softly told his girl that stood so proud in front of him, nothing like he was when they left “I shall on the Amicitia name protect the Princess with my life. I will make you proud.” she said before hugging him
  • “Try to keep them from getting in to much trouble, maybe you will have more luck than I did.” was all Ignis said which made his daughter laugh “Father, let us not ask for the impossible shall we. We know as well as I do that is borderline impossible.” as she leaned up to kiss him
  • And with eyes full of tears and heavy hearts the boys watched as their children left to conquer the word. And the girls set out with hearts full of hope and eyes full of wonder to see what Eos had to offer.
  • What they did not notice was that not only 10 minutes later as they departed the Regalia Type-F stooped in front of the Citadel and our four boys set out after them. Just for protection is what they would later say

I would walk 500 miles (but I would rather not) [monty/miller, the 100]

Monty’s thrown off when he learns that Nate’s ex-boyfriend was super fit and into doing outdoorsy things. So Monty convinces Clarke to start hiking with him in a last ditch attempt at athleticism, because he might not be Nate’s ideal type, but he’s not about to lose Nate without a fight.

(Turns out he and Clarke have no business hiking, ever, for the good of humanity.)

“C’mon, go faster. I’m hungry.”

“You’re so bossy,” Monty grumbles.

Nate raises an eyebrow, his smile all teeth.

“I thought you liked that about me,” he says, and Monty tries his hardest to scowl instead of blush. He winds up somewhere in the middle, with a blotchy scrunchy-face that makes Nate laugh out loud.

That’s the other thing: things with Nate are good. Really good. Like Monty hasn’t slept in his own bed in the last week and a half kind of good. Like he’s currently pajama-clad in Nate’s kitchen, watching his boyfriend make blueberry pancakes on a Saturday morning kind of good.

It would be stupid to ruin their objectively awesome four month relationship by getting hung up on a photo that was taken two years ago of someone Nate never even mentions. Right? Right.

“Tell me about Bryan,” Monty says to Clarke the next day, because he’s a self-sabotaging disaster of a person.

Read More on AO3 for hiking shenanigans and piggyback rides and some mutually-pining Bellarke

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i love all these theories on your blog haha. i still think the kiss from your icon is from 2x06. harry wore the same shirt when he did the tuesday takeover filming episode 6(you can see it under the jacket in his livestream). he wears that combo of shirt+jacket+scarf to the date in the hunter's moon. so im assuming the 'there will always be a war' is before they go on a date (aka magnus convincing alec to make time) and then the kiss happens after their date when they go back to magnus' loft

Ngl, I love it. I love speculating about teeny tiny details so much. That’s why I can’t understand why Freeform throws so much at us when we can speculate about a simple promo pic for a week. Like remember the Malec handholding? Or us talking for about 5 months over “suddenly Alec dropped his stele”? Just saying. (It’s also more fun than seeing nearly the whole ep before it actually airs…yes I am looking at you 2x01!)

I am still torn about when the kiss from my sidebar gif might actually happen, Anon. At first I was like…I am betting all my money on it that it is from 2x06, the date ep. But Magnus clearly wears a different outfit. The outfit from the kiss is the same he wears when he tells Alec something along the lines of “there will always be a war” and “you need to make time” as shown in one of those trailers. I refer to his jacket in a very lovingly way to “I just painted my loft”-jacket. Wherelse, you are right, he wears the scarf and that jacket when Harry had his takeover when they are at the “Hunter’s Moon”. Where they will have their first date, apparently. And when looking at Magnus’ pout, it looks like Alec is gonna crush Magnus in billiard. lol

Whatever it is, we are gonna find out soon. What is kinda safe to say is that the kiss won’t be happening in the next ep. With the demon possession happening and all.

i just started bullet journaling today and i’ve only been doing it for several hours but my life has been changed…like truly i feel like a new, more creative and organized person despite the reality that my life is, in fact, a disorganized mess and i’ve wasted at least four hours journaling instead of actually doing productive things. but! my notebook is pretty and organized and that’s all that really matters, right?

shadows-will-fall replied to your photo “#worth it”

a good tip is to hit your recall after you throw the bomb, it was ready and probably would have kept you alive there :P x

I didn’t know they’d seen me, or I would have used recall to make me invulnerable for a short period of time! I didn’t use it automatically in that case because I was waiting in that exact position to stick the bomb to them so it wasn’t an ‘escape’. Plus I got a clean Stick and Roadhog was backing away from me. 

I still got a quint kill, making the whole exercise wholly worth it, despite the accidental death! XD

Besides, my speciality as a Terrible Tracer #1 is getting myself enormous multikills and dying horribly in the process. It would be a shame to tarnish my record ;D

Mystic Messenger Fanfic

@kirei-na-jinsei suggested Zen x MC with the prompt: “Imagine Person A saying to Person B, "If real life was a fandom, people would ship us.” Bonus: Person A, never one to quit when they’re ahead, continues to say “There would be porn of us.” How Person B reacts is up to you.

If there was one thing MC had learned ever since she’d started dating Zen, it was that while he was the most attentive boyfriend she could’ve dreamed of, whenever he got into work mode he stopped noticing anything that happened around him. Usually, that didn’t bother her - it’s not like he didn’t shower her with attention and compliments every other moment they were together - but she’d had a rough day at her own job, and seeing him on the couch absorbed in his script was starting to get frustrating.

After staring at him for a long time, MC sighed, wondering how she could get her very focused boyfriend to switch his attention to her. Something she’d seen on Tumblr earlier that week came to her mind - yes, that would be perfect.

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