but this video was the crappiest of quality


Sam teasing Cait in the q&a video

Happy ficaversary to me!

I just realized - one year ago today, I posted my very first ever in my life fanfic. I can remember thinking “what the heck has this show done to me? I’m in love with both a beautiful raven-haired woman and a snarky, strong-jawed man, and I can’t manage to go a day without them!”

I watched S3 on YouTube, the crappiest of crappy quality videos, and then it was done, and there wasn’t any more. And I died a little.

But I’d already been reading all the fanfic ( @phrynesboudoir, @gaslightgallows, and @jeneenp/Collingwoodgirl come to mind), and I thought “hey! I was an English major! I used to love to write, mumble-something years ago! I could write my own fanfiction story!” So I did. And now, I’ve got 43 posted works totally over 300K words, and another bunch of unfinished things I’m working on. I’m still firmly into the madness, and I hope it never stops.

Thanks, all of you, for indulging me - and for joining me in my gutter. Have a cupcake. :D