but this video omfg


// seokmin for dazed kr.


Chanyeol uploaded a video of him, Kasper, Mihawk and Hyoje snowboarding!!!!! AND ITS CHANYEOLS OWN YOUTUBE ACCOUNT!!!!


Johnny Depp and Peter DeLuise: NBC News Today interview (February 1, 1988)

If I read one more whining post about why all the female characters are so ugly in ME:Andromeda I’m going to go on a comments rampage. Quite aside from the fact that the characters are NOT ugly (and it shouldn’t matter even if by your shit subjective pov if they are), suck it up dumbass. Women are not put on earth solely for your dubious pleasures. We had to live with a decidedly off-putting male gaze throughout ME and I sincerely hope they’ve abandoned that this time round.


King Cobra - Official Trailer

omfg ok i made a video of me making a boy sim and i planned on just like……putting text ovr it and saw i could do a voice over…..lmfao so i tried it?????? and i ended up explaining nothing so here ill add some things

  • when i make a sim i usually just edit the one that randomly generates so…thats what im doin here
  • this just so dumb vid of me laughing at myself
  • hey maybe dont reblog this LMAO i dont want this to haunt me thanx xo
  • dont shame me for still using itunes also thx