but this video omfg

omfg remember of that video where the guy just came out of surgery and is under the influene while he’s eating his cracker and forgets that hes married to his wife, saying how hot she is? i need a klance version. lance is like “oh man i swear you are the hottest guy ive ever seen” and keith chuckles “lance we’re married, im your husband” “WHAT? for real? omg i married the hottest guy ever! any kids yet?” “no not yet just eat your cracker” “oh man wait till everyone finds out that we got married” “lance its been five years. everyone already knows.”

then later on after the drugs wear off keith tells lance what happened and shows lance the video then goes “im going to show this to everyone we know” in a teasing way then lance grins “go ahead. i want the world to know how much i love my husband.” and keith is burning red lol

someone please draw this i beg of you @yaxxm (i thought u would be interested?)


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