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Laugh Emotes ft. Bedouin Pharah and Winged Victory Mercy

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so it's basically canon that kara is an artist so im kinda thinking that she'll be good with makeup too so every morning she does lena's makeup and she literally look like some instragram tutorial vid (pretty af) so one day maggie snaps a pic of kara sitting in lena's lap facing her while doing her makeup and posts it in on instagram... oh boy the comments

Ok but what about Kara doing Lena’s hair too?! Cause come on, she always has some ridiculous braid going on and I bet after the first time it happens Lena’s ‘fans’ always ask her for more pics so she indulges them occasionally 

K part 1:
A goddess right here. Perfect figure, Perky tits with pink nips, perky butt, pretty face, nectar-tasting-pussy, Jap-like moan and very horny. I really miss her. 100 Reblogs for more of K. some of our vids are shot by her too. was a uni student when we shot this

Ships Galore

Here are all of the shippy moments from Thomas’ new video because I’m polyamsanders trash, fIGHT ME
General polyam:
1.  "I don’t know, I’m just trying not to bring everybody in the group down, here" - Virgil
2. “I don’t need to belong to a specific Hogwarts house in order to belong with you, guys” - Virgil
1. Patton’s excitement about seeing Virgil
2. Patton’s snapping when Verge appears, like “yas baby, work it”
3. Patton: “You only help to lift me up, you sweet and sour, misunderstood Shadow Link”, Virgil: “What?”, Thomas: “Just nod and agree, he has a lot of love to give”
4. “You don’t have to be mean to him” - Virgil to Roman about Patton
5. “If you keep talking bad about yourself, I’m going to physically fight you”, “Nobody talks about my child like that” - Patton
6. “I talk badly about myself”, “I WILL PHYSICALLY FIGHT YOU”
7. mumbled “I will fight you” (you notice a theme here?)
8. Patton’s “SAYS WHO?” when Virgil said he doesn’t fit in
9. “Awwwh, I’m proud of you!”
10. Patton fangirling so hard over Verge’s new clothes he starts choking
1. “I want to see what good old Panic! At The Everywhere has to say about this!”
2. Roman’s “Yas boy” when Virgil appears
3. Roman deducing what is truly bothering Verge and not being rude about it
4. “Noooo, hey…” Roman looking genuinely sad, “Not this time around, relax, I notice the effort, you’re good” Roman sighing in relief
5. Roman admitting that Virgil is right
6. Virgil very obviously checking Roman out after he changes
7. Roman’s expression when Virgil changes literally says “Damn”
8. Roman’s cute little escape - “hog-wild”
9. Virgil’s little chuckle because of “hod-wild”
10. Just Roman genuinely trying to be nice to Verge, it’s so sweet
1. Logan’s annoyance at Thomas patronizing Virgil when summoning him
2. Logan noticing that Virgil is making an effort to not be too distressing and acknowledging it
3. Virgil’s side glance at Logan when Thomas was making his speech
4. Logan saying he’s willing to participate if it will help Virgil feel better about himself
5. Logan complimenting Virgil’s honesty
6. “If anyone else here was going to be Ravenclaw, I would think it would be you”
7. Logan’s face of protest when Virgil say he’s not a problem solver
8. “Wonderful. I hope that you feel more like a part of the group, Virgil”
9. Just Logan being calmly and quietly nice to Verge
1. “You’re the softest little puffball we got, padre”
2. Patton gushing over Roman’s words
3. Roman thinks Patton’s puns are witty
1. Logan complimenting Roman for being on a smart streak
3. Roman complimenting Logan’s pun
4. “Oh, that’s nice” - Logan about Roman’s new outfit
5. Banter while they sink out
6. Just, Banter in general. It’s so good.
1. “Because he’s my hero”
3. This has the least amount of moments but it’s also got the shippiest moment of the entire video, so
Now, I know some people ship it (I kinda do too from time to time) and to be honest there’s a lot of material in this vid so here are two bonus ships:
1. “That was great”
2. “Why not” smirk, Thomas was 100% flirting here, it’s pretty obvious
3. “Roman, make it work!” suggestive look
4. “Aw, Prince 2.0h my goodness”
5. Thomas was really flirty, damn
1. Thomas summoning Virgil in a baby voice
2. Thomas being awkward and messing up when trying to talk to Verge
3. “And that’s okay, what’s up?”
4. Thomas scolding Logan for calling Virgil odd
5. Thomas working hard to make Virgil feel included
6. “And that is a great example of what we are not going to do with Virgil”
7. Thomas glaring at Roman when he was going to say “paranoid”
8. “Verge, how you feeling?”
9. Thomas’s worried look
10. Thomas at Roman after Virgil changes: “Get on HIS level”
11. “Great new style, Virgil”
12. “That was cute” Vigil
13. Damn that one has the biggest amount of moments actually
In other words, all ships are valid and should be respected.
And I ship everything, I’m not even sorry.

tfw you’re glad that p*wdiepie is finally getting the backlash he deserves for his shitty “jokes” but you see that so many of his fans and fellow youtubers are bending over backwards to defend him lmao

the dude could literally murder someone and some of his fans would still be like “it was taken out of context!” and “he was trying to make a point!”

'Game of Thrones' Cast Imagines the Ultimate Happy Ending for Their Characters
In Westeros, the last thing anyone expects is a happy ending. But in the video above, the cast of Game of Thrones attempts to imagine some for their characters anyway. Aidan Gillen, who plays Littl…


I don’t know if this interview is new or actually old, but I’m currently crying over Kit’s answer to the question what their ultimate happy ending for their characters would be.

First of all he takes his time. He really thinks hard on this. Longer than anybody else in this vid. That’s right Kit, don’t reveal too much. But finally he says and I quote:

“What would Jon Snow bring happiness? I think he would be… to be around with his sister—”

That’s right, you heard it! But he stumbles over his phrasing and corrects the word sister to sisters pretty fast. Not fast enough for my ears, mister. Just more food for the Kit knows about the fuckplot theory.

I see you. You magnificent bastard. <3


Yeah so ummm…..hi. It’s ya boi, Flannel McMullet. This is my Keith cosplay from the amazing fic Shut Up and Dance With Me by Wittyy with beautiful art by Sora !!!! I’m so deep into Klance hell in general, so throw a dancer au at me and I’m sold. Did I mention I’m only on chapter 4 but couldn’t wait any longer to do a costest? Because it’s true. Idk, I’m pretty proud of this. Also I took a vid of me dancing in this cos that isn’t the best but it’s decent; should I post that too? I think I might in a little bit….But yeah! I hope you enjoy. Go check me out on my Instagram (Full.Moon.Chaser) to see more of my cosplays, and maybe even subscribe to my YouTube (also Full.Moon.Chaser)!! Also all the pics have captions if you’re interested ~ @shutup-and-dance-with-me <3

The Signs As Types Of YouTubers

use Midheaven, Rising, Sun or Mercury

Aries: crazy editor; funny videos and cracks about bands or other youtubers, meme lord, edits that make absolutely no sense but you’re still laughing, everyone in the comments calls them mom/dad, frustrated chipmunks on caffeine, sometimes they’re too honest

Taurus:lifestyle youtuber; videos about easy cleaning routines, small home improvements, like to edit on a comfy sofa with some snacks, actually nice and compassionate, might be slightly awkward when you meet them

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Hi all, this is my first ever “star trail”, done as a timelapse. I had set my camera up, hoping for the milky way, but totally misjudged my position, and ended up with a beautiful play on stars and the ISS flying through twice. I didn’t want to “waste” the images I got, and thought I would try my hand at star trails. I did a photo first, but found I had way too many trails, and that they cluttered up the sky pretty badly. At least, for my taste. I have no idea what I’m doing though, so there probably is an image I could have gotten out of the set, although I am not doing to great on the processing side, despite watching several “how to” vids! Anyway, hope you like the timelapse, it’s definitely something new for me :) PS- watch it in HD :)

“Hey, so…when you’re talking to Devrim, don’t bring up the teapot, okay? Poor guy’s seen one too many classic spy vid, and the Fallen have been the only guests at his garden party since we first pushed into the EDZ.

Anyway, he doesn’t have one. Never has. Pretty sure he doesn’t even know what tea tastes like. 

- Suraya Hawthorne