but this time they obviously just overcome her

  • What I say: I'm fine.
  • What I'm thinking: Can you believe how badly the fandom has treated Roxy Lalonde since she was first introduced? They either make her Dirk's best friend who gives him relationship advice when he's upset. Or they give her alcohol and a cat. Her personality is more than just alcohol, a cat, and Dirk's therapist, or just a funny prop. Where's fan content with her as a scientist? A coder? A gamer? A fanfic writer? Where's the in-depth meta about her overcoming addiction or her fixation on femininity or her relationship regarding her mom and the post-apocalyptic world she grew up in, or her compulsive-heterosexuality when she's obviously more comfortable flirting with girls? When the fuck is the fandom going to respect Roxy Lalonde?

Hinami is right to question. Is it really Kaneki? While I think there’s a high probability it might be, there is another option here, which would explain the swiftness of the owner of this kagune’s arrival…

I’m sure most of you noticed the conspicuous lack of a certain someone in Hinami’s dying thoughts, as well as from the characters’ location descriptions, and it might just be this someone who has saved her life. If it is indeed Ayato, returning from his own expedition in the nick of time, then being rescued by Ayato rather than Kaneki will surely work wonders in her overcoming her latent feelings for him and discovering them in someone who feels the same way for her.

But obviously, Ayato doesn’t have a rinkaku. So…whose kagune is it? Someone who ought to be mistaken for Kaneki, as his predecessor and surely his parallel. If Ayato has brought the Old One-Eyed King back home with him…I will shit myself. I’ve been hyped for this dude for ages. His kagune rescuing Hinami, therefore, would likely be Ayato’s request. And in this scenario, we can assume the missing Kaneki from the chibi face lineup is still due to him leaving to go back - only he hasn’t arrived yet. A red herring to leave us under the same assumption as Hinami, to shock us all the more when it’s the other King who shows up instead, thereby firmly establishing a parallel between the two who wear the crown.

A third possibility is that this is Uta, disguising himself as Kaneki to distract Furuta and thus prevent Yomo from carrying on a course that, in his own words, will only lead to his death (and yes the guy below is definitely Uta).

While the most obvious option might be the most likely, this is some food for thought you can enjoy meanwhile. I’m just, really excited for this new character guys.

She’s ready to fight and protect herself and also doesn’t seem surprised that she’s doing so. This pisses her off and we see the snake crawling through her skin.

Her reputation/vulnerable self is being tested like a lab rat so she turns herself into a weapon.

It still doesn’t free her from this cage she’s in. This is also the moment where Vulnerable Taylor says the line “He can be my jailer”

Then Hooded Taylor points to herself and says “Burton to this Taylor” which tells me that Hooded Taylor is holding this Reputation hostage and damaging it, or so she thinks.

Vulnerable Taylor fights back but it still doesn’t break the wall. Yet.

Then we see Vulnerable Taylor suit up on a white horse which signifies that she doesn’t need someone to come save her, she’s going to save herself.

But Hooded Taylor just laughs because what makes her think she can defeat her this time after failing so many times? She ain’t even worried, looking at her nails all pompous.

Then we see Vulnerable Taylor kind of exploring herself and her power.

She realizes its amazing and is almost overcome by this power she’s found in herself.

Hooded Taylor obviously recognizes it as well and even seems to become kind of mesmorized by it. So mesmorized that Hooded Taylor wants to touch this powerful thing in front of her.

Then suddenly, Hooded Taylor does a complete 180 and slams Vulnerable, Powerful Taylor to the ground once again.

That pisses this new, powerful Taylor off and now that she realizes her power, she’s ready to use it full force to protect herself.

Part 2/3

So Krypton is way more technologically advanced than earth. Imagine Lena telling Kara about some of the problems she’s having with a new technology L-Corp is trying to develop, just rambling after a long day of work, not expecting Kara to really understand because it’s very complicated quantum mechanics or something, but Kara recognises what Lena’s talking about, remembering a similar thing they had on Krypton, and suggests some ways to overcome some of the problems they’re having with it. Lena’s very surprised obviously, because last time she checked, Kara was a reporter, not a physicist, but listens to her ideas and realises that the stuff Kara is saying is stuff that she’d never even thought of and could be the key to getting her new technology to work. Kara then explains how it was similar to something she used to have back on Krypton and remembered learning about it. 

So then Lena decides to work with Kara to try and revive lost Kryptonian technologies. Kara tells her about all the things she remembers, then Lena and the scientists at L-Corp attempt to fill in any gaps, and adapt them to the resources they have available on earth. Every now and again Alex will come and help, using DEO resources and knowledge of alien technology wherever Kara’s memory and the knowledge of scientists on earth fails. This not only creates loads of new devices, which revolutionise they way people live their lives, building a new name for L-Corp, finally separating it from Lex’s actions, but it also brings back things that Kara thought she’d lost when Krypton was destroyed, allowing her to bring a bit more of her home planet to her home on earth. Even though they’re not always perfect replicas of the things she had back on Krypton, it keeps the memory of life on Krypton strong, and allows her to feel more connected to Krypton than she had before, but being able to link it with her home and family here on earth.

penn-inkwell  asked:

Jitters, Starlight's not grown at ALL as a character since the beginning of Season 6. She's had many relapses regarding her old behavior, and she's suffered no actual punishment for her previous actions. She was forgiven almost immediately, and her redemption came off as less convincing than DISCORD'S. Despite her guilt, she was never punished, and it allowed her to develop a huge guilt complex because of it. She's a mopey sadsack of a pony with less going for her than a RANDOM BACKGROUND PONY.

“Despite her guilt, she was never punished, and it allowed her to develop a huge guilt complex because of it.”


Character development doesn’t always have to be positive, yknow.

She’s constantly dealing with self doubt, she’s incredibly talented but her emotions hold back her true power. The more comfortable and confident she becomes with herself, the better her magic gets. She’s ashamed of herself and she doesn’t believe she’s good friend material but everyone around her keeps trying to show her otherwise and it’s shown over time she’s growing more and more comfortable with having friends.

Her reason for being bad was such a simple thing that it was easy to solve. She was upset about losing her friend and doubted herself and everything around her because of it. Suddenly someone who’s supposed to be her enemy is offering her the thing she truly wanted all that time, something she thought wasn’t possible. She also realizes how much DAMAGE her actions caused, when she was altering time she wasn’t aware of how much it was damaging the future, not until Twilight SHOWED her the consequences of her actions, the weight of what she’d done.

To say she has less going for her than a background pony doesn’t make any sense because she has been growing and opening up more and more to others as time goes on and it’s obvious she has amazing potential for something more.

Also, relapses are something REAL PEOPLE HAVE. That doesn’t make her a badly written character, it makes her an ACCURATELY written character. If she didn’t relapse at all, then I’d say the writing for her was bullshit but she’s obviously dealing with a problem/flaw that is taking her time to overcome, just like anyone would if they spent their whole life thinking one way only to have that view flipped around.

Blindsided Alternative Ending

Rated T

I was not really satisfied with how Blindsided ended (obviously about the Hiccstrid lol). I love Hiccup’s line “it has to be just perfect.” but im not very satisfied with the overall scene, at least for me. hehe.
Anyway, this is just a self-indulgence piece of fluff. And my english isnt the best, 
But I hope you still enjoy it~ :)

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Harlots 1.04 reactions

So, I LOVED THIS EPISODE. Tensions are rising all around, yes, in subtle and overt ways alike, and there are definitely many things being set up to go HORRIBLY WRONG, yes, but I loved it. And look how precious Lucy looks with her hair all up in curls!

What’s the etiquette about how long I have to wait before screaming about this ep publicly, btw? Or posting caps or gifs of it? ‘Cause, like, I don’t wanna spoil anything for anyone, but uh. I’ve got a lot of feelings. I will always tag #harlots spoilers on things from the most recent ep, but it’s difficult to know when things are considered fair game when it’s airing on different schedules and platforms internationally.

For now, spoilers below the cut. In which I offer unexpectedly Deep Thoughts™ about that final scene and ramble about my favorite bits — namely:

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He (Walter) doesn’t fall in love with characters, whereas we saw a strange relationship between Shaw and David. He is purely logical and devoid of emotion, even if those around him, particularly Daniels, search for some sort of emotional connectivity with him; that’s not really there. 

David tries to educate Walter. I think he sees himself as an older brother, and flirts with the idea of the two of them going into cahoots. But Walter’s programming just doesn’t allow for that, and eventually David realizes he’s getting in the way of his master plan. 

David, I think, finds these strong female characters attractive, and he’s really an old romantic. So he’s a little bit confused. He does have a scene with Daniels where he tries to simulate sex. He’s got a strange sexuality. he’s in a very confused state, because he feels these human characteristics- jealousy, vanity, pride - but he also has these sexual desires, which he obviously can’t act out, but wants to.

We could sense that the time that’s passed has caused things to become a little bit fractious between the two of them. You get the impression that Shaw is wary of David, and I think he just wears on her nerves. He’s like this love sick stalker in space…  

The idea is that these human traits have started to overcome the synthetic ones - and I’ve treated him like a serial killer really. He’s afraid of things leaving him, so he incubates them. Like a Jeffrey Dahmer-type character, David doesn’t want things he loves to leave him, so he kills them and keeps them in caskets or preserved one way or the other. He(David) killed her, essentially, to prevent her from leaving him

On Pearl’s “communication issues”

so, uh–the fact that Pearl felt like she had to resort to repairing the escape pod, rebuilding the Communication Hub, and potentially putting the entire planet at risk…to get Garnet to fuse with her again.

it’s a brighter and more blaring signal that she’s neurodivergent and mentally ill, yes, but along with her behavior in “We Need to Talk”–i.e. clearly feeling jealous and uncomfortable about Greg’s presence in Rose’s/their life, yet not (to our knowledge) voicing or discussing this with Rose–also firmly establishes that Pearl has…I guess ‘communication issues’ would be the closest term, but I also feel like that really ought to be elaborated upon?

given what we’ve learned about Pearl’s low self-worth, I can’t read Pearl’s inability to communicate her wants and needs as stemming from anywhere else but a fear of rejection. not just the immediate rejection of “No Pearl, I won’t fuse with you”…but the rejection of her entire self. the unshakeable anxiety, fear, certainty that if she bothers the people around her too much by communicating her feelings, desires, wants, or needs to them–they will become annoyed enough to stop tolerating her presence.

Garnet: It’s you and me, Pearl. Let’s fuse.
Pearl: (starts crying)
Garnet: Don’t cry, Pearl.
Pearl: (forces herself to smile)

Pearl loves fusing with Garnet so much that she is literally moved to tears. yet even though she didn’t mean to, Garnet’s reaction to Pearl’s happiness and relief–Garnet’s change in tone from happy and gentle to still gentle but slightly exasperated; Garnet’s change in expression–communicate to Pearl that she’s being too desperate, that she’s bothering Garnet by crying…so she forces herself to smile.

we know very little about Homeworld at this point, but we do know that Pearl is considered “defective”. that defectiveness carries a sociopolitical stigma that leads gems to experience marginalization and oppression on Homeworld isn’t that much of a stretch when you consider Pearl’s character as a whole: her low self-worth, her unconditional devotion and love for Rose (the gem who loved and saw the beauty in everything), her prioritization of the people she loves most and feels loved by over her own safety and well-being….

so even though Rose loved Pearl and made her feel like she was everything…even though Pearl saw just as clearly as we did that Garnet loved forming Sardonyx with her and genuinely loves being in her presence–Pearl was still unable to ask Garnet to fuse with her again just because she’s lonely, or because she feels unloved, or because becoming one with Garnet as Sardonyx makes her feel secure, and loved, and powerful. those reasons obviously aren’t good enough; if Pearl voiced them, then Garnet would only get annoyed with her for asking and want to be around her less.

that’s where the need to manufacture such a dire justification stems from. (because Garnet couldn’t possibly want to fuse with her otherwise…) Pearl knows it’s wrong too. by the second time she repairs the Communication Hub, she’s overcome by anxiety and dread and guilt over being discovered and lying to Garnet. yet despite all that, Pearl did it, and kept up the charade. that’s the force of her repressed wants and needs–so strong that her need for relief is almost like a compulsion.

if you recognize some of this behavior from earlier episodes like “On the Run” and “Reformed”, then you’re right on track….because Amethyst recognizes herself in Pearl too.

Amethyst: I know what she’s doing….
Steven: You do…?

remember how in “On the Run”, Pearl revealed that Amethyst had never told her that she believed herself to be a mistake before their confrontation? remember how in “Reformed”, Amethyst was unable to answer the Crying Breakfast Friends quiz honestly because she didn’t want to think about herself, or give Steven the “wrong” answer? remember how Amethyst kept reforming in forms that she thought Garnet would approve of while trying not to betray that Garnet’s approval was what she wanted?

yeah. that’s why Amethyst understood Pearl. that’s why Amethyst stepped in to defend Pearl even though Pearl used Garnet and broke her trust.

ofc, Amethyst’s behavior and Pearl’s behavior both manifest in different ways and stem from slightly different places too…but at their core they both revolve around a fear of showing others (or themselves) their true selves, lest they be rejected for it.

I hope that “Cry for Help” not only kicks off a relationship-mending arc for Pearl and Garnet, but a deepening of empathy and mutual support for Pearl and Amethyst.

when thinking about Pearl, I feel it’s so important to remember that it is unspeakably difficult to work through internalized marginalization and oppression. Pearl’s need for external validation, reassurance, and love–whether it’s from Rose, Garnet, Steven, or Amethyst–does not make her a ‘toxic,’ ‘unhealthy,’ or ‘abusive’ person; it makes Pearl someone who needs support, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with needing support, or loving someone who needs support. 

but Pearl did take it to an extremely harmful extent this episode. the way Pearl used Garnet and broke her trust are not justifiable in the least…but they’re understandable. even then, Garnet has every right to be angry at Pearl.

I think one of the big obstacles that Garnet will have to surmount before she can forgive Pearl has everything to do with the empathy that came so naturally to Amethyst. because she literally embodies Ruby and Sapphire’s love, Garnet has never experienced the lack of self-esteem, insecurity, and anxiety that Pearl and Amethyst contend with constantly–at least not in the same way. 

to forgive Pearl, Garnet is going to have to make an effort to empathize with both her and Amethyst, because–and I feel like we, the fandom, need to internalize this too–Garnet is not comparable to Amethyst or Pearl. you just cannot hold Amethyst or Pearl to Garnet’s standard…because they are completely different people, with completely different experiences informing their lives and ways they view the world…!

Oh!  And since we now know that Stefan’s been obviously pondering his potential relationship with Caroline for a while….that means that there were times when he was obviously having to hold back on purpose.  When he was staring at her lips in the woods he wanted to kiss her but knew that he couldn’t because she was upset and it wasn’t time. 

And when he kissed her at the cabin, that was him giving in…messing up, as far he’s concerned.  Knowing it was the wrong time and doing it anyway because he was overcome with emotion.

And we didn’t know any of this until we had that insight into Stefan’s intentions in the flashback last night.  I’m just so thankful for it.  It kinda changes everything.


I’m gutted. I’m so so so gutted. I wanted toni to be so much more than someone who came between bughead. I love her. I fell in love with her character, the second she came on the screen. She had so much potential, she and jug could have become amazing friends and it could have been super cute, but obviously the writers had to go and ruin that. In this day and age, guys can not be friends with a girl and have a girlfriend at the same time. Toni deserved so much better than what she got.

In no way am I saying that her kissing jug in his vunrable state was ok, I’m just so sad that this is what her character is going to be. An obstacle for Betty and jughead to overcome before they become the loner weirdo and the girl next door power couple. I’m distraught. Absolutely gutted.

People underestimate Throne of Glass (and literature in general)

Books have affected our lives without us even realizing it.

Right now I am going through a hard time. I feel really lost and I’m in emotional pain. It feels easier to just sit around and cry, if i think about it all at once I feel overwhelmed.

I have a great support system and couldn’t do it without them, don’t get me wrong. But I also have something else that helps, without having realized it until recently.

There has been multiple times that I feel nervous or down, that I remember Aelin. I think about all the crap she went through, stuff way more traumatizing than what I am going through. Yet she, after wading through grief and depression, became someone amazing. She embraced her destiny and fears, accepted her faults and strengths. She used them both to become a queen her country deserves.

Without realizing it, when i feel anxious and scared I think of her. It mights me walk with my head held higher, trying to be a modern queen. It makes me want to walk through this hard time to come out the other side even stronger. I do not want to give up or let it break me.

While obviously Aelin is fictional and that someone actually has had her exact plot line, real people go through the stuff she did. Stuff I have been blessed to not experience. People all over the world are overcoming the most dire situations and life struggles. And its so inspiring and amazing.

So yes, it is just fiction. But the whole series is full of characters who shouldn’t be as strong as they are, they should be broken down and hopeless. Yet instead they rose from being beaten to dust to being queens, kings, princes & princesses, lords and ladies. None of them should have survived, but they chose to. Aelin, Aedion, Rowan, Evangeline, Lysandra, Manon, Elide, Lorcan, Asterin, Fenrys, and i could just go on…

And thats what matters to us. Its what we take away. That when its hard, we can get up. We can cry and grieve, we don’t have to be unfeeling. And that when faced with hopeless odds, when we feel intense pain, we can fight for who we want to become. For our loved ones. For our futures. For ourselves. 

Throne of glass taught me to be a fighter, what did it teach you?

zincstearate  asked:

Hallooo~ can I ask for a headcannon request in which mc literally cries about everything from "oh my god (rfA member) your uncles second cousin removed just died" to this puppy is so cute I want to hug it until I lose feeling in my arms lololol V v thank u


  • You cry at the party, but that’s not necessary a surprise - he figures it’s a normal reaction to seeing someone you love with bandages over their eye from an injury.
  • His first response to you randomly bursting out in tears is panic, because he doesn’t know what caused it or how to fix it - to him, crying = pain = bad, so obviously something is wrong.
  • “What’s wrong?” he asks as he wraps an arm around you, bringing up his other hand to start wiping away your tears.
  • You turn your watery eyes at him and he’s surprised to see the look on your face is less pain and more awe. “D-did you see that baby hugging the kitten? And then the kitten licked his face? I-it was so cute!” And your crying intensifies.
  • He’s confused; how is that making you cry? But eventually you calm down and he just kind of…lets it go.
  • When a mutual friend mentions that their neighbor’s pet gerbil died, you immediately tear up. “Th-that’s just so sad!” The friend seems unfazed - they’ve known you longer than him - and just keeps talking, though they do reach out and pat you gently on the shoulder.
  • Yoosung stares at you for a moment before slipping an arm around you and pulling you close to him, murmuring quietly that he agrees, it is sad and that it sucks to lose a pet.
  • That begins to be his automatic reaction to you crying over things like this - an arm around you to remind you you’re not alone, whether you’re sad or gleeful - and just going along with it.
  • He finds it actually rather cute a lot of the time, and occasionally purposefully points out cute things that he knows will get to you just to see you so happy you cry.

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“Here Comes A Thought” is such a beautiful song about healthy relationships and good fusions and overcoming fears and anxieties and being open and honest about all those bad feelings so you can move on and it just got me really into the idea of Lapis and a potential fusion for her in the future.

Obviously, she’s been through a lot and she has an awful lot of PTSD when it comes to water and Jasper and fusion in general. Her relationship with Jasper was rigid and cold and fueled by anger and betrayal (all seeming to be the opposites of flexibility, love and trust). I know she needs time to heal. I cannot wait for Lapis to love herself. I can’t wait for her to fuse the right way. I can’t wait for Steven, or Peridot, or maybe even, after an incredible (and I mean like rEALLY REALLY long and incredible) redemption for Jasper, to sing with Lapis about love and trust and the real desire to be fused and not be alone.

I don’t really ship Lapidot too much, but I remember in Barn Mates, when Peridot says “You’re alone. No one could POSSIBLY know what that feels like! Oh wait! I do! We’re the same! Except…you don’t have to be alone.” I would love to hear Peridot and Lapis (or Steven and Lapis even) share this feeling. This bond. Flexibility, love and trust. Lapis, the broken, hurting, emo child of mine…I want her to know a healthy friendship/relationship founded on those principles. I want her to experience kindness and joy and love and trust. I want her to be able to look out over the ocean and when a panic starts to set in, when a thought starts to overwhelm her, I want her to hear a little voice in her head that is soft and calm and reassuring-

“I’m here.”

To be honest, I’ve never been a particular fan of the whole “Prince Ali (handsome is he, Ali Ababwaaaaaaaaa~) gets Nuuru” thing, and as much as I love Nino and Alya as Jade Turtle and Volpina, I’ve always been a bit frustrated by how much emphasis it places on the main four when I think that the rest of the class easily has just as much storytelling potential.

Like, look at Mylene: basically a frightened little dumpling that basically makes everyone automatically want to protect her, who obviously has (probably untreated) PTSD from when Ivan got possessed by the akuma.  I want to see her be given one of the Miraculous; I want to see her wielding the Peacock Miraculous, facing down the same foes that so terrify her, and learning to overcome her terror for her friends in their times of need.  I want to see Ivan fulfilling the true meaning of the golem he was turned into in Origins, and turning his strength and kindness into a shield for the innocent and oppressed with the help of Wayzz.  I want to see Chloe taking up the mantle of Volpina in the fight against Papillon, and gaining a measure of wisdom in the process.  And yes, when Papillon is defeated and we move into next-gen superhero stuff, I want not Ali to receive it but Juleka, and I want Nuuru to help her accept that even if she’s always behind the scenes that she’s just as important and valued as the people on the front lines.

I want to see Nino and Alya finding their strength not in superpowers, but in themselves; in the common human support they offer to their friends and classmates.

Just a random rant of mine.  @miraculousturtle, I’d appreciate your take on it.

7 minutes (complete)

“we’ve been nothing but friends for our whole lives but then we played seven minutes in heaven on a dare and now i think i might actually be in love with you”

Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch. 3, Ch 4, Ch 5, (extra), Ch 6, Ch 7, Ch 8, Ch 9, Ch 10, Ch 11, Ch 12, Ch 13, Ch 14, Ch 15,Ch 16, Ch. 17 (prequel), Ch 18FF

A/N: The final chapter is here! Thanks for making this friends to lovers story such a joy to write!

Swan:  your shift ends at 6, right?

Jones:  aye, will you be home when I get there?

Swan:  yep, case closed. Planning on ordering pizza.

Jones:  have I mentioned how much I love you today?

Swan:  nope, but it’s always good to hear

Swan:  love you, too

Jones:  ;) break’s over, gotta run. see you tonight

Realizing she’s smiling like an idiot at her phone, Emma pushes off the couch and stretches her legs, her muscles still a bit sore from working too long with Belle hunched over their laptops. Killian had already left for work by the time she had made it home, leaving her with just his side of the bed and the faint hint of his spicy aftershave on his pillow as comfort as she slipped into a deep slumber.

Since rousing just after 2pm, she’s downed almost an entire pot of coffee and has been practicing the conversation she knows she needs to have with him tonight now that she’s finally clear on what she wants.  It’s not fear of him not agreeing with her, but more, that he will agree outright without really thinking it through. His tendency to put her happiness before his, while sweet, isn’t how they should decide on this. They need to do it together, weigh the pros and cons and talk through the realities of what it will mean for both of them. Not that she’s looking to move forward yet. They’ve only been living together for 7 months, 2 weeks and 3 days (not that she’s counting) and she’s nowhere near ready, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t talk about how they envision their future, together.

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Preference 47 | Betrayal.

Author’s note; I apologize if this isn’t what you wanted! I thought I’d put in what she was thinking, and then a little romance. Enjoy! (:

Malia sat on the cool ground, her mind lost in its own thoughts as her eyes stared at nothing. The morning air was brisk and foggy, but there was a certain calmness to it; something that soothed her tensions. Her phone vibrated, but her eyes did not have it in them to look. Multiple people had been trying to reach her, and if she hadn’t been apart of a pack she probably would’ve left her phone at home. Either that, or have broken it. A beep sounded from her phone, signaling that she received a voicemail. This time, her eyes decided to give in and glanced at the bright screen. ’56 missed calls. Latest; Stilles’ Her head tilted upwards, her eyes closing as her senses took in her surroundings. It was quiet – besides the occasional vibration of her phone. It was peaceful here, and no one was there to hurt her or misuse her trust. Here, she was free.

Her phone began to vibrate once more, and she sighed knowing very well that it was Stiles. He had been calling her all throughout the evening, and well into the morning. A breeze arrived very unwelcome to Malia, and she tightened her grip around the black jacket she had on. She pulled some of it up and pressed her nose against the soft fabric, inhaling his scent. Even when he wasn’t here, he drove her crazy. A small drop of water hit the screen of her phone, and Malia quickly looked up, expecting to be shocked at the sight of rain clouds. However, there were none, and her stomach dropped as she felt something wet running down her neck; she was crying once again. She was a Hale, and Stiles knew. He knew and he didn’t tell her; and so did Scott and Kira and who knows who else! Why did everyone except for her know about this? She’s the one that is mostly affected by this, so she should have the right to know. A sob choked out of her as she picked her phone up, wiping the screen off with the sleeve of the jacket. Her through began to tighten as she held back her tears, and she felt as if she had swallowed something large, like a coconut or a tree.

Her mind had begun to venture into deeper thoughts, wondering if this was how she was supposed to react to this. When she found out from reading that list, all she decided to do was walk away. She didn’t want to say anything to Stiles, as she could have said something that she might regret. It was actually kind of funny to her; she felt like absolute crap because of Stiles keeping this from her, but he was the only person she wanted to see. Even when she was mad at him, she couldn’t escape her thoughts of him. A sigh escaped her as she glanced up at the sky, the colors of the sun rising beginning to shine through. She is strong, and she is a Hale. Whether she likes it or not; which she obviously doesn’t, she is a Hale. Malia knew she could overcome these feelings of betrayal, especially since she just wanted to see Stiles. So, slowly, she stood to her feet and looked around her. The woods were calming and empty, and they gave her plenty of time to think. She can’t control the fact that she is a Hale, but she can control how she reacts to it.

As she climbed into his room, she could hear his panicked voice and footsteps. She let her were-coyote senses pick up on his conversation, and realized he was talking to Scott on the phone. Immediately, she tuned out of the conversation, her eyes glancing around his room. She could care less what he was talking about; which was most likely herself, but she wanted to make sure that no one else was at the house. The room was covered in his scent, and she took it all in. She couldn’t lose him; not now. Her feet picked themselves up and drew her to his bedroom door, opening it as his conversation grew louder. “I know Scott, I just–… I know…” hearing his voice as he spoke on the phone was intoxicating. Malia had always loved the sound of his voice; the calming affects it had on her. Stiles has such a blunt voice, but it was also gentle and caring; he was gentle and caring. “Stiles?” she called out. Silence filled the house before a rush of footsteps ensued. Malia smiled slightly, picturing him dropping his phone then tripping over different things as he tried to make his way upstairs.

Her smile disappeared as he came into view, as she was not prepared to see him in this state. His hair looked unwashed and she could physically feel his own stress coursing through herself. His eyes were red and puffy; as were hers, and his face was pale besides the dark circles crowning underneath his eyes. He truly had been up all night looking for her. When he saw her, the first thing her noticed was her red eyes; she had been crying. Stiles hated it when anybody cried, but it was worse with Malia, especially if he was the cause of her tears. The stood, not moving or even breathing all that much. They just stared at each other; taking in the other’s appearance and feeling horrible for doing this to one another. Her feet moved first, but the second he realized that she was moving, he did as well. Malia ran towards him and him to her, both colliding into a breath taking embrace. Her arms wrapped themselves around his neck, as his arms did her body. Malia inhaled his scent full on, tears forming as a sort of relaxation rushed into her; relief almost. Stiles’ hands ran themselves through her hair, down her back and clutched onto her; wanting to take her in, hold her as close as possible and never let go. No words were said as the pair embraced, as no words were needed. There would obviously be some sort of discussion, but this was all either of them needed right now. In this moment, all they needed was each other.

it's time

It’s easy being with him – to let her fingers curl around his over the table when she sees the frightened look on his face – and the date goes even better than she had imagined, especially given the interruption of a completely smashed thief and spilled whiskey on her dress.

When they leave the restaurant a few hours later, it’s freezing outside. The thought had occurred to her, of course, that it would be too cold outside to wear just a dress for the walk home, but he had shown up at the door just as she was about to fetch something, and after that – well, he was distracting.  

She shivers as a breeze passes her, and he stops immediately to take off his jacket, as if it is the most natural thing in the world and almost as if he has been waiting for the opportunity to keep her warm.

(She remembers his arm around her shoulders after the ice cave, and his eyes never leaving her face.)

“You’re cold,” he states as he hands her the warm leather, and she can feel the corners of her mouth go up at the gesture.

“I’ll – “ The response comes as a reflex, about how she’ll manage without any help and that it’s her own fault for forgetting  (a pair of warm eyes and new clothes, rather), but she stops herself, thinks that it’s time to take another step forward, not backward. 

“Thank you,” she says instead and accepts the jacket with a smile that is reflected on his face as she slips her arms inside – a small shudder going through her entire body at the warm contact – and crosses them over her chest when they start moving again. A smell of safety and happiness and just right overcomes her then, obviously emanating from the jacket, and she inhales a few more times, her heart beating evenly but hard inside her chest.

She looks at him out of the corner of her eye as they walk, and can’t help the smile that keeps on returning; she takes his left hand in her both, and grins wider when she can feel him press his fingers just a little bit firmer around hers.

(When she’s in bed later, desperately trying to think of anything but Killian and sex in the same sentence – which proves to be very hard when all she can imagine is his lips on hers in the dimly lit hallway, and his grin with the promise of a next time – she’s suddenly struck with the smell of new leather, and something else.

It doesn’t take long for her to realize it’s him, his scent still on her skin from wearing the jacket, and she takes a shameless deep breath, falling asleep in just minutes.

She dreams of roses and warm kisses. And a place of her own.)

NaLu Week, day Seven: Future

I’m late for this one, but I couldn’t get a hold of the computer today! This was what I felt like writing when I read the prompt, I hope it doesn’t look/sound weird or anything, I feel it’s quite inconsistent - but I’ll let you guys judge. Please do enjoy it! I had a lot of fun writing for this week ~

future: [noun] what will happen to someone or something in the time that is to come

Lucy had been thinking a lot about the future lately.

Of course, not in the same way she used to, when she was young, back when her mother was still alive and everything about her life was perfection and sunshine and rainbows. She used to think she would grow up to inherit her papa’s estate and fortune, dress like a princess every day and, in the meanwhile, become a great Celestial mage like her mama. And perhaps marry a wealthy and handsome prince who would treat her like the princess she was. And they’d live happily ever after, like in her books.

She sighed. No, definitely not in that same way. Besides, her dreams had changed… quite radically since then.

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anonymous asked:

give me reasons to ship reylo cus i want to but not quite there yet

good lord anon im not sure if i even can those things just sort of come naturally?? but it’s a great excuse to talk more about this gem of a ship soo anyway here we go
- kylo getting all touchy-feely with her like, in every scene they were together??? no concept of personal space will get in that boy’s way. a feared magister of an evil sith order carrying a rebel scum prisoner bridal style BY HIMSELF all the way to the ship?? honestly dude
- being gentle and considerate with rey during the interrogation! he could’ve just had her tortured like he did with poe, not only he decided against it, he even took off his mask to show her ‘hey look im just a guy’ bc she was scared and he didn’t want to bring her any additional discomfort. in the novel he says he wants to avoid the mind probing altogether, but rey refuses to tell him anything so he has to do it, but takes no pleasure in it.
- ‘don’t be afraid, i feel it too’ wow look at this scary sith wannabe, awkwardly trying to comfort his prisoner.
- THE ABSOLUTE SHOCK AND AWE HE FEELS WHEN SHE RESISTS HIS MIND PROBE! holy shit if you think about it must be the first time ever in his life as a force user for someone to truly stand up to him- and succeed! not only that, she exposed his fear and made him feel vulnerable in front of her, and he’s supposed to throw a hissy fit, right?? he’s supposed to hate it and lash out at her, but he doesn’t, he runs off to snoke immediately to tell him all about how a scavenger girl bested him, isn’t she amazing?? only later, when he finds out she’s gone he loses it and starts thrashing the place. hhmmmm.
- their fight in the forest oh man where do i start
- he followed rey into the forest just so he could talk to her, he says as much. rey just witnessed kylo kill his dad so obviously she’s overcome with anger and grief and tries to shoot him after a moment of hesitation, only then he attacks.
- when finn is defeated and rey gets ahold of luke’s lightsaber he’s scared and shocked and turned on at the same time. im not entirely sure but I think he even smiles a little. again, the poster boy for anger management courses isn’t enraged that something didn’t go his way, he’s drawn to her power and wants to have her by his side. when he asks her to become hid apprentice he’s almost pleading bc if she refuses he’ll have to destroy her. adam drivers delivery is A+ here.
- except he can’t do it because rey concentrates and finds balance with the force and proceeds to wreck his ass. the shot where she is advancing on him, lightsaber drawn, and he stumbles back and the music is swelling and it’s all slow-mo epicnness SO GOOD! her whole focus is on him and she hesitates (again!) and then we have that gorgeous juxtaposition where the planet cracks in half and them staring at each other across the void like. that was not at all subtle, those two will meet again and the fate of the entire galaxy is dependent on the outcome of their next encounter. their fates are intertwined now and i bet they both felt it, being force users and all.
- all in all, the obvious sweet delicious conflict the relationship provides, the whole light vs dark thing they have going on, the fascination and apprehension they now feel towards each other, the significant roles they have played (and will play!) in each other’s lives: rey discovered her power because of him, learned to control it enough to overpower him but ultimately chose not to kill him, kylo for the first time was faced with an opponent that frightens and fascinates him at the same time. we have on our hands a strong and brave heroine with a dangerous and powerful adversary who respects her and her strength i am all. about. that.
at this point i don’t even care whether the writers go with the ‘bring the bad boy back to the light’ angle, although i believe kylo is not beyond redemption. this ship doesn’t have to have a happy endings for me, the dynamic of a ruthless villain and a noble hero with ~complicated feelings between them is more than enough for me i am prepared to be wrecked.
this is too long and i am tired and so very very sorry ive been typing for like two hours.

edit: lmao i totally forgot to mention that they also might be cousins and honestly it’s fine??? whatever man more angst and drama for me.