but this time i had to


These are the moments of newfound hope, extreme joy, intense passion, wishful thinking, and in some cases, unthinkable letdown.    - T. S.

for @stileslydiah , from your positivity partner and your ts anon

Date a boy who...
  • Looks at you like you put the moon, sun and the rest of the starts on the sky- 

-even when you are not there

  • Decides to be goofey with you
  • Seems to drift close to you because you make him comfortable
  • Is there to offer you help and at the same time respects your boudaries- 

-and decisions

  • Would fight tooth and nail for you when you are vulnerable
  • Will never give you his back and instead receive you with a hug
  • Trusts you abilities no matter what
  • Will open up to you on his moments of weakness because he trusts you
  • Who will be there for to have your back even on the moments you are doubting of yourself
  • Date…. Shiro

Date Takashi Shirogane


We survived the Bahamut escape game!! We were Team 7 so Bri and I giggled about the VIIth legion and got ridiculously happy over the Adamantoise card. I chose to go BRD and Bri went WHM (of course).

There was also a raffle for a poster signed by Yoshi-p and by some miracle I won itヽ(;▽;)ノ

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i love reading narry fanfics, can you recommend a few? help a girl out please!

ooohhh I have read sooo many (you’ll see what I mean after you read this entire ask), this might be long, take a seat

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What an evil shirt >.> (and I kinda really love it)

[170922] DなSHOW in Hiroshima “How to play DiraDiraDi”
cr. HappyDae’s / Screencaps by me lol

A nice crisp beginning of autumn day

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I mean 2 be fair... Dean was also a complete asshole at the end but they were very bad for each other -7/10

i spent like 10 full minutes staring at this ask before i realized it was about my gilmore girls opinions

anyway true tho rory has never had a good relationship with anyone in her life including all members of her family, lane, AND paris, although paris is closest mostly because paris doesn’t put up with as much of her shit as everyone else does. 

paris and jess are her best love interests and even they are far better served in their lives apart from her than they are together, again with the exception of paris in their very early days at yale.

It feels strangely fitting that I said goodbye to the pickup my grandfather left me a few days before the five year anniversary of his death.