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Meeting | @eternalsxngstress

     Big day. Big, scary day. 

      I was going to meet Beth’s dad. Beth gave me permission to go and scope the address that I found on the police database… See if he was there, and if so, talk to him. Make sure things were okay for when Beth came with me to meet him.

      I’d brought out the blankets and Frozen Coke in the living room so my gorgeous girl could snuggle and play games while I was gone, ‘cause I knew this was painful for her. “Will you be okay while I’m gone?” I asked softly, looking at her tenderly. The puppies were already on the couch too, keeping her company, and the babies were playing with their toys. It was pretty relaxed here but I had a feeling Beth would be going nuts with thoughts about her dad. “I’ll be just a phone call or a text away, and I’ll keep you updated too.”

Ransom and Holster have a good thing okay and adding March to that isn’t a bad thing because Holster thinks she is fantastic and gorgeous 

but he doesn’t really have a relationship with her yet so it just feels like he is losing Ransom time and not getting anything to replace it

cue Holster watching Sex and the City at seven on a saturday night with a couple of bottles of wine because Rans is staying with March tonight and that’s fine honestly but his bed is too empty 

he is pretty far into his planned moping schedule when there’s a knock at the door and he is far too petulant to get up for anyone because Rans never knocks and that’s the only person he wants to see right now

the door opens while he is making a pros/cons list on saying “come in” and it’s March? she just raises an eyebrow at his setup and pushes her way into his blanket fortress

Holster is so confused because she is meant to be with Ransom and if March is here than where is Ransom? is everything alright? did something bad happen?

“everything is fine Adam. Justin is fine. i just thought we needed some Adam and March time. Justin agrees.”

and okay maybe Holster’s only problem wasn’t just less Ransom and maybe he was feeling a little unwanted because March hadn’t shown much interest in him but that’s still a maybe

anyway they cuddle and bitch about Carrie and Big and drink wine and everything turns out okay

This is a call out post for Katherine aka @incandescent-darkness

-beyond gorgeous inside and out
-the kindest and most incredibly sweet person to ever live
-probably an angel? most likely sent from heaven to earth to grace us all with her goodness and beauty
-too perfect to be real
-gives great advice to girls figuring out that they like girls and is all around wise and knowledgable
-always sends me cat related things which is hella rad
-someone pls get her a cat or a million bc she would make a great cat mom
-just so lovely and wonderful like wow how can someone so amazing exist?!
-deserves all the happiness in the world and I will fight anyone who says otherwise
In conclusion: I love Katherine and you should too ❤️💛💚💙💜

Okay so if Voltron is set sometime in the future….what if society has evolved to the point that makeup is no longer gendered as a ‘feminine’ thing and Shiro’s gorgeous eyeliner is canon

And he doesn’t have any with him because they’re so far from Earth but luckily Alteans had makeup too and it’s Allura to the rescue

Okay I said I wouldn’t make a review on that episode when it came out (since I was being very salty the previous weeks) but actually?? this episode was really good?

The graphisms were really better. I feel like there were less problems with the noses. The animation was okay enough, Tsukikami was amazing and was hot and had a gorgeous voice and Madarao’s voice was amazing as well! And the Noaaahs moment this wa s good. (even if I would have loved to see Sheryl with them but fair enough I still loved their moments)

All the scenes that led to the stabbing where good imo, the fights were really good

My only issue would be that Kanda stabbing went waaaays too fast? Like seriously?? All the post-Neah thing were rushed. 

But honestly considering everything I picked on with the previous episodes, that’s honestly a real progres and I’m glad. This was good. 

We’re getting closer to the Real Lotus Pain. RIP us all.

heresytrash  asked:

Okay but what is your favorite Aoi quote, moment, guitar, era?

Oh my godddd this is honestly way too hard. Aoi is so amazing and precious that he’s said a lot of sweet and funny things and did many awesome things…

For a moment..hmm…HAH. OK OK OK OK OK. I love the time he was tweeting like, “Who’s this gorgeous man” (something like that) and he was talking about his own reflection.

Guitar: Aoi’s ESP A-1 is fucking gorgeous. I don’t have a favorite, but that one is gorgeous.

Era…. Leech? Before I Decay? No.666? MMHV? THAT PHOTOSHOOT WHERE HE WAS IN A MILLION DIFF OUTFITS (arena special)

I FINALLY FINISHED IT!!! @abbee2002 @diabolikanimebitch Okay so this took me at least a week to draw/color. But I’m so proud of it So pretty much the whole point of this photo is to show my love and thankfulness of the two people that are very close to my heart.

Lea, I will tell you that you are the funniest person I’ve met on this planet. Our whole friendship started on me sending a shitposting ask. You are also a beautiful and kind person, and you don’t give yourself enough credit. Everyday I hope that you are okay and happy, like I always check onto your blog to see how you’re doing. I love and care for you sub bby. Not to forget that you’ve helped me through so much and one day I hope to help you too.

Abby, Oh god where do I begin. You are the sweet, gorgeous and all sorts of wonderful things. Seriously, everytime I get a text from you my day is instantly made! I could talk to you all day. You are the unicorn in my dreams babe. I just wanna snuggle you and feed you those pickle chips. *Sends all the kisses I have*

Thank you guys for being in my life, forever may this friendship last.💕