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Dead Amongst the Living

Winchester Sister Fic

TRIGGER Warnings: Mentions of self harm and suicide, light blood, family sad Fluff.

A/n: This was written because I kind of needed it. Then somebody requested something like this so I guess it’s for us both.

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The sun beat down like no other on this day. Surly Hell would’ve been a cooler setting than this. Mornings were cool enough that a jacket was tolerable and nobody would question its use. By afternoon, the sun heated Earth’s surface to a crisp 120 degrees. Leaving long sleeved coverage out of the question, and your arm openly exposed.

A loud voice caught you off guard. Causing your arm to fumble over and knock over your upright bottle of cover-up.

“Come on, pipsqueak. You need to eat before we hit the road.” Dean called out for you.

“Y-yeah. Be out in a sec!” You shouted back best you could, making sure he could hear behind the closed door you sheltered yourself with.

Wiping what little bit of your makeup spilled, you began to slowly apply it around the edges of the many shades of red lines. Some puffed up from irritation and swelling. Those you just applied the makeup directly on. The thicker more open markings only got cover up around its bright red edges, doing your best to hide the coloring without further irritate anything.

You placed a hand on your hip, purposely turning your wrist outward to see how noticeable it all was from a natural distance. As long as neither of your brothers asked for a close inspection, you’d be in the clear. Just for safe caution you rolled the sleeves down on your red and black printed flannel before unlocking and heading out the bathroom door.

“Now we know what was taking you so long.” Dean spoke with a piece of freshly cooked bacon in his hand. “You were putting on your other face.” He smiled before taking a pleased bite from the greasy food.

Ha ha ha, very funny. Almost as funny as the other five billion times you’ve made that joke.” Casually you walked over to the table and sat in front of your plate, right beside Dean to his left and directly across the table from Sam.

“Dude, she’s a teenager. What’d you expect?” Sam chuckled lightly. Giving you a smirk and a sarcastic eye.

Everything was going well. Normal. Like any other Sunday or time before the three of you would set out for a hunt. Pancakes so fluffy you were sure Dean used clouds to create them. Bacon so crisp you wondered whether Cas had a hand in cooking them quickly. Coffee perfect brewed to satisfy each bite you took and used the beverage to wash it all down with. There wasn’t any need to worry about anything. Both of your brothers were oblivious to your recent actions. Nobody suspected a thing. Up until Sam reached across the table and grabbed your arm.

Woah.” He lowly grunted in shock as you instantly pulled your left arm away from him. “You were about to get syrup on your shirt. I was going to roll the sleeve up for you.” Sam defended himself, still slightly shocked at your reaction.

“No-no it’s fine. I’ll be more careful.” You spoke with your head low, pushing down your sleeve only slightly to readjust yourself.

“Let me see it.” Dean demanded in a stern tone. His gaze practically burning into your skull.

“See what?” Shying away you stabbed into another slice of your pancake, twirling it around in the syrup. Only to be stopped just before you could put the food into your mouth. “Dean I-” his grip forced your arm closer to him as he unintentionally dug into the bottom half of the deepest cut.

His eyes softened instantly. Yet hardened all the same. Hurt and anger seemed to fill ever corner of his eyes. The top base of his finger ran over the bright red coloring on the outside of the straight diagonal lines, causing you to wince at the fresh pain. Slowly he trailed down the line. Starting from newest to oldest. Some old. Others not so old.

“How long have you been doing this again?” He spoke softly, trying to push down the lump at the out of his throat.

“Does it matter? I’m not dead so just leave the situation alone.” Rotating your shoulder backwards you took control of your arm once more. Reeling it in and slipping the sleeve back over the graveyard of forgotten feelings. But all the while you didn’t speak. And you didn’t dare make any form of eye contact with either of them.

“Leave the situation alone? So what? You expect us to sit by and watch our baby sister do this to herself all over again?” The anger in Dean’s voice was clear, and it only made you scoff. Making him more mad. “So you see this as a joke?”

“I see this as it’s none of your damn business.” You soar unintentionally at him. The tone you gave off sounded much harsher and cold than you expected it to.

“We all need to take a deep breath and calm down. Fighting isn’t going to help anything.” Sam held up his hands to show he didn’t mean to anger either of you more. “I thought we were passed all this.” He directed all his well balanced and surprisingly calm attention to you.

“Guess we’re not.” You spoke before shoving a bite full of food into your mouth. Still refusing to make eye contact with either of them.

“You need to stop. It’s not okay to be doing this to yourself. If I need to hide every damn sharp object in here, I will.” Now Dean spoke to you as your father would. Firm and unimpressed. Then again, John wouldn’t have time to deal with this. He never did. “If you don’t stop I’ll strap you down in the basement until you’re over this.” He finished. Instantly your eyes shot up in a fit of painful rage.

“Strapping me down won’t help anything. Hiding everything won’t help either. What do you want me to do here guys?” You we’re speaking loudly, but you weren’t yelling. “This is how I cope with things. When everything gets too hard, I just do it.” A blank stare rested in your face.

“Why?” Sam’s question got you to snap out of your blank trance. “Why do you do it?” The small braking tone in his throat showed his true emotion of tears being withheld.

“It’s better than popping pills and downing it with alcohol.” You shrugged. Feeling numb about the whole situation. “It’s not like I do it for fun. Or for attention. It’s not because I want to.” Glancing over to Dean, you looked straight into his heavy eyes. “It’s so I feel something. Something other than the pain. It’s a different kind of pain, and for some reason it stops me…” pausing, you took your hands in a ball and rested them on your lips. While your elbows rested in the table.

“Stops you from what?” Dean could barley speak, but it was the outgoing breath that pushed his words.

“When I do it…” you sighed, closing your eyes in a rolling manner for a second. “it’s to stop me from ending it. From just committing totally to ending my life. Because I will. I know I will.” Now your own personal lump formed in your throat. “I hate living with this Sammy.” Tears began to fall vigorously.

Dean reached over to you. Grabbing your hand and holding tight, as though you were leaving him. Maybe it was the thought of waking up to his kid sister dead on the floor that shook his core. But it showed in his eyes which could no longer hold back tears.

“You’re not alone, Y/n. Us. Cas. We’re all here for you.” Sam was standing behind you now, rubbing your unsteady back. “We’re going to find a way to help you fight this. Because there’s no way in hell you’re walking this road without both of us beside you.”

“And we’re certainly not loosing you to this battle.” Dean added in, wiping the few single tears from his cheek. “You’ve fought against The Devil. Hell, you even took on his aunt. If you can kickass like that, you’re going to kick this in the ass too.” His words caused a small smile to appear on your faces. All of you laughed a little. “You’re gonna give em’ hell kid.” Dean squeezed the top of your shoulder as Sam bent down and placed a kiss at the top of your head.

“No,” you placed a hand onto of Deans which still rested in your shoulder, and another on Sam’s which was on your other. “We’ll give em’ hell together.”

Little Moments

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,823 (with lyrics)

Warnings: none, just fluff.

Prompt: Sam’s always enjoyed the little moments he spends with Y/N. Every day with her is a new adventure and Sam wants to be in it for the long haul.

A/N: This is my entry for @impalaimagining ‘s 1K Challenge. It’s a little late, but better late than never right? My song was “Little Moments” by Brad Paisley. My gif is below. Shoutout to @megansescape for betaing this for me! Thanks a bunch!

Well I’ll never forget the first time that I heard
That pretty mouth say that dirty word
And I can’t even remember now what she backed my truck into
But she covered her mouth and her face got red
And she just looked so darn cute
That I couldn’t even act like I was mad
Yeah I live for little moments like that

“It’s a stick, Y/N. You have to.. here, just… let me…shift -”

“I’ve got it Sam!” She argued, swatting my hand away. I gave a long sigh, holding my hands up in sacrifice. “See? I got it.” She pushed the clutch in, it growled a little, but soon enough, Y/N was driving a straight line down the road. When it needed to be shifted again, she slowed, put the clutch in and got right back up to normal speed. We drove around the block a couple times. It was 25 miles per hour, nothing too fast as she was just learning, but she seemed to be getting a hang of it quite quickly.

“Okay, let’s back up into the driveway,” I suggested, seeing as she was doing well going forward. Backing up was actually easier, in my opinion, but we’ll see how it worked for Y/N. “Clutch in. Gas off. Now shift to reverse. Okay… hover over the gas. You have to turn so you can see where you’re going Y/N.”

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(A/N): I loooooveee angst like this

Request: Could you please write an angsty Bucky x Reader where they get into a huge fight, and Bucky sleeps on the couch that night. Maybe write about the reader waking up and seeing Bucky in the morning? Thank you!

Warnings: angst? swearing, fluff?

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   "Bucky!“ (Y/N) yells, raking a hand down their face out of sheer exasperation. "It was nothing, how many goddamn times am I going to have to tell you that?” Bucky gritted his teeth, his hands fisted at his side as he attempted to restrain from screaming at (Y/N). 

    The night had started off perfectly with the two going to gala with the rest of the avengers. They were bother dressed perfectly, ready to spend the perfect night together when Tony Stark, the billion dollar playboy, had to fuck it up. It was no secret that he was a flirt, a tease really, it was in his blood an it was like he couldn’t help it which more often than not led to problems, just like tonight. 

   Tony had been getting way too close to (Y/N), holding their waist, and whispering in their ear whenever Bucky was with Steve and it infuriated him beyond belief. Perhaps it also stirred up some jealousy in his chest, maybe seeing Tony, this great successful guy with (Y/N), someone who deserved way better than Barnes, really did something to him. But Bucky was a good sport and he had ignored it most of the night, that was until said playboy decided that it was a good idea to kiss (Y/N). No, kiss was the wrong word, more like make love to (Y/N)’s neck was a better word and then Bucky had just exploded, gripped (Y/N) by their arm, and hauled them back to their apartment where they now stood, apparently trying to see who could scream the loudest. 

   “(Y/N)! He was over you all night, don’t think I didn’t notice the way he’d been eyefucking every time you so much as walked by him,” 

   “So what? Are you accusing me of cheating on you, is that what you think this is Barnes?” Bucky’s last name resounded in his ears, leaving an almost unpleasant taste in his mouth too. 

   “Well, why the hell wouldn’t you?” Bucky shot back. Oh, wait, that didn’t come out as he wanted it to. He had meant for that to be softer, to show that he was really just feeling insecure, his words were merely asking why wouldn’t (Y/N) cheat on him, he was broken and burdening, Bucky wouldn’t be surprised if (Y/N) did cheat on him. But rather than that coming out that way it came out as ‘I don’t trust you, of course you’d cheat on me’. Bucky winced at his choice of words, his rough, angry demeanor falling quickly. “Wait (Y/N), that didn’t come out the way I wanted it to,” (Y/N) huffed, glaring at Bucky with what looked to be tear filled eyes. 

   “Save it James,” (Y/N) stated his full name with only a hint of venom. “I’m going to bed, have fun sleeping on the couch,” And with that (Y/N) stormed off, leaving Bucky to stand all alone in the middle of their apartment, biting his lip as he looked to the floor in shame. 

   Bucky tossed and turned all night, unable to find a truly comfortable position to sleep in. The couch wasn’t nearly as soft as his bed and there was no (Y/N) by his side to soothe him to sleep. Now, without (Y/N) by his side to murmur sweet whispers into his ear, or to kiss him until he fell back asleep his mind was left to wander and that was never, ever a good thing. 

  Bucky suddenly lay still as he recollected his time as the winter soldier, his brain finding it absolutely necessary to think of such things when he was trying to sleep. He remembered all the pain he went through, all the pain he inflicted, he remembered training both receiving and dealing, he remembered the icy chill of Cyrofreeze. Bucky flipped onto his side, burying his face under his pillow, as though that would block out all the memories in his head, and he willed himself to sleep, begging his body to just give up and give into the exhaustion.

    Eventually he got so lost in though that he was actually surprised to find that he had fallen asleep, his thoughts having morphed into horrible nightmares. With a start Bucky nearly jolts up, clutching at his rapidly beating heart. He gulped down great amounts of air as he looked around their small apartment, his eyes searching for a source of danger that really wasn’t there. 

   “Did you have a nightmare?” (Y/N) asks from their kitchen, a steaming mug of coffee in their clutches. Bucky looks to them, all his guilt from last night bubbling within him once again. It looked like (Y/N) had been crying, their eyes were red and puffy and their tone held a certain nasally kind that could only be heard when they had just gotten done crying. Bucky sighs shakily, nodding his head slowly as he does. (Y/N) gives him a sad smile as they waddle their way into the living room, taking a seat by Bucky’s legs as they find purchase on the couch. “I made you coffee,’ They murmur, holding out the ceramic cup for Bucky to hold. 

   “Thanks,” Bucky rasps, his voice a lot more hoarse than he thought it’d be. Maybe he’d been crying in his sleep again. He gingerly takes the cup from (Y/N), maybe allowing his hand to linger on their a second or more than needed. 

   “You haven’t had nightmares in months,” (Y/N) whispered, their quiet voice laced with concern. They were right, Bucky hadn’t had a single nightmare in months but that was all due to the fact that (Y/N) could soothe them before they even started but last night he was all alone, with nothing to stop the nightmares from running rampant. 

   “Well, I haven’t had to sleep on the couch in- well, since forever,” Which was also true, Bucky had never been forced to sleep on the couch and the one time he did he awoke in a cold sweat. (Y/N) nods, an almost sad look washing over their face. 

   “Bucky, I’m sorry about last night, I didn’t know how to respond and before I could do anything you were dragging me away and then it just erupted and then-” 

   “No (Y/N),” Bucky stated as he set his cup down on their side table. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so rough, I should have let you tell me what was going on with you before I started yelling. I uh-” Bucky sighs softly, his chest fluttering a bit. “I think I was just insecure, Tony’s a great guy, rich, smart, and downright sinful, and then there’s you, you’re smart and beautiful and so great and then there’s me-” 

   “Great, sweet, strong, loving, compassionate you,” (Y/N) interrupts, already knowing where this was going. “And I’d be crazy to ever leave you for anyone, much less Mr. Ego man,” Bucky smiles a bit, his spirits brightening just a bit. “I shouldn’t have let him touch me like that and I’m so sorry,” (Y/N) reached out, placing a gentle hand on Bucky’s still quivering hand. “And I’m sorry I made you sleep on the couch,” What they really meant was ‘I’m sorry I’m the cause of your pain’. 

   “It’s okay, we both said and did things we didn’t mean,” Bucky states as he grips (Y/N)’s hand in his own. “Can you forgive me?” Bucky’s tone was even lighter than it had been before, almost hesitant that (Y/N) would deny his question. (Y/N) smiles in relief, a small, shaky breath leaving their lips. 

   “Yeah, yeah I can. Is it possible that you could forgive me too?” Bucky nods, one corner of his mouth quirking upwards in a smile. 

   “So long as you join me and my cup of coffee as we watch Parks and Rec,” (Y/N) chuckles and Bucky can’t help himself when he smiles at them, their cute little nose all scrunched up as they laughed, their laugh lines becoming more apparent as they did. 

   “Bucky, I’d be glad to,” And as soon as (Y/N) curled up on Bucky’s lap, their head tucked under his chin, their fight had entirely been forgotten. 

Red Rider - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

Word Count: 1175

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Some of you have seen the video behind how this came to be written today. My little cousin basically IS JoJo and she inspired this shit today. I couldn’t not write it. This is completely unedited. All mistakes are mine and mine alone. 

Daddy’s Little Lovebug Masterlist

“Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” JoJo ran in, jumping up and down on your bed. All she had on was one of Dean’s old black t-shirts with a pair of socks and she had her hair tied back just a bit to keep it out of her eyes, otherwise it was a hot mess. “It’s Christmas! There’s presents!”

You groaned in your sleep while she bounced, never one to be a morning person. Of course, you had just spent all night wrapping her billion presents followed by some extracurricular activities with Dean. “Go torture Uncle Sam.” Dean grabbed her hips and yanked her down onto his chest as she squealed. “He’s the only other one here besides you who doesn’t like sleep!”

“Unca Sam is already up! He told me to get you guys!”

“Of course he did.” Dean groaned and threw his head back. “Alright. I surrender. I’m up. We just gotta get Mommy and that’s gonna be a much harder task. You up for it?” JoJo pursed her lips in thought for a moment and nodded, pushing herself off of Dean and crawling on top of you, putting her lips next to your ear.

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Warnings: Swearing

A/n: Dk why but I’m into the pregnancy stories. Maybe cos they r either very fluffy or angsty. Lol enjoy.

Panting heavily, you release a wail of true agony. All you could see was red and feel the pure excruciating pain. And it was not even in full blown force.

Yes, being the wimp you were, you had opted for the ‘easy’ route of being drugged. However, as you are horrifying unfit, the act of pushing caused your abdominal muscles to ache profusely and it was killing you.

How long had you been at it? An hour? Maybe half? Whatever it was, it seemed like eternity. You could vaguely hear your boyfriend whisper words of encouragement into your ear but you were already too exhausted to continue.

“Dan, I want to go home…"You pant while you were resting before you had to start pushing again.

“I know, y/n, I want to too.” He smiles, tucking away the bits of your fringe that had come loose. “But, we’re here now and there’s no going back. We’re going to finally meet our baby!"You nodded your head, too tired to form a reply. You prepare yourself as the doctor tells you to start pushing again.

"Come on, y/n! You can do it!” Dan yells, as you use all your might to force the baby out of you. The stretching, the aches were unbearable as streams of profanities escape your lips. “The baby’s almost here, it’s crowning!”

You squeeze Dan’s hand tight enough to dislocate one of his fingers as you felt the throbbing intensify by a hundred times. You give one last push with all of your strength before you collapse back on the hospital bed, your heavy breaths echoing throughout the room.

Then it happened, it caught you off guard. The sound of crying, it filled the air. It surprised you. “You did it, y/n.” Dan says, tears brimming in his eyes.

“It’s a girl!” You hear someone say.

Or it could have been something along those lines. You eyelids seemed to be made out of lead as they drooped. ‘Maybe, I’ll just take a nap.’ You think, slowly letting your eyelids fall shut. The last thing you hear is a shout of your name before everything
A constant beeping is what you wake up to, it was oddly familiar. You blink for a while before your eyes adjust to the blindingly white walls of your surroundings. Where were you?

You sit up suddenly but then slowly lean against the bed again as soreness attacked your lower abdomen. Wait, why were you flat? Well not completely but still.

The beeping started to become louder and faster. Then it hit you. Baby. Beeping. White. Hospital. You were in a hospital bed. In a stupid frumpy hospital gown no doubt.

“Y/n” You hear a voice mumble from beside you. You turn your head to see your boyfriend slumped in the chair beside you, fluttering his eyelids open.

“Hi,” you force out a croak, your voice throaty from what? You had no idea.

“Fuck, y/n” He’s startled for moment, sitting up in his chair, processing it all. His hair was disheveled, you could tell something was off because it was in its natural state. His wavy, hobbit hair, which you wished that he kept that way all the time.

He stands up and rushes to the bedside to engulf you in a hug or at least as much as he could give you, given your position.“Don’t ever do that again,” He mutters into your tangled mop of hair. He releases and gives you a kiss on your forehead before easing his hand into yours.

You take a while to examine him, not just his hair but his whole physical appearance. The obvious lack of black skinny jeans, the eye bags and the stubble. Something was definitely very, very wrong. With you. Yeah, no shit Sherlock.

“Dan,” You gulp, “ How long have I been out?” Your thumb rubbing against his knuckles.

“Gee,” He murmurs, “Around three days,”

“Three days,” You mouth, your eyes widening.

“You see,” He starts, kneeling down so his head was level with yours. “You lost a lot of blood. Like a lot. And they shoved me out of the room. It almost scared me to death.” Tears were almost dripping down his face.

“And how 'bout the little one,” You lisp, your voice barely audible.

“She’s beautiful, looks just like you.”

“I want to see her,” You demand, tears rolling down your cheeks too.

“You will soon, I promise.” He cups your cheek with his other hand, wiping the tears that escaped.

The down creaks open and a nurse walks in, “Good morning Mr Howell- Oh, I see Miss y/l/n is awake.” She says as her eyes scan the scene. “That’s fantastic.” She continues, “I’ll go tell the doctor right away.” And with a click of her heels she’s gone in an instant.

“I thought I lost you,” He mumbles pressing his forehead against yours.

“Well you have me now,” You murmur.


It was about an hour after that you finally got to see your precious daughter as she was wheeled into the room, in a glass cot. You had to be checked over by your doctor before you could do anything, at all really.

Dan cradled her in his arms before gingerly placing her on your chest. He looked down at you fondly as you supported her with your arms. Gently caressing her cheek as she cooed softly, the tears flowing back into your eyes. A billion words couldn’t even come close to describing the emotional turmoil you were spinning through.

“She’s perfect,” You choke out, barely managing to keep your emotions within you.

“She’s our princess. She’s ours.” Dan vocalizes, sitting on a chair next to the bed. Carefully, you remove the pink beanie from her forehead, too elated to even think about the gender stereotypes.

“She has curly brown hair,” You utter, “ I swear to god if it becomes blonde it’s your fault,Dan! Then again, she already has your hobbit hair.”

Dan laughs at your statement and just shakes his head as his fingers play with your y/h/c hair.

“So have your thought of a name yet?” You ask Dan, he did have three days to think about it. “We are not calling her Dan/Y/n!”

Dan chuckles before answering, “I really like the names Allie and Winnie, short for Allison and Winifred.”

“Winifred,” You snort, “What are we in, England in the 1800s? But I really like Allison, Allison Howell.”

“Allison Marie Howell?” Dan suggests with a shrug of his shoulders.

“That’s it!” You snap your fingers,“Welcome to the world, Allison Marie Howell. Though I missed the first three days of your life, I will always love you.”

Makin’ Love in the Kitchen

Prompt: ((major spoilers))

Genre: fluff, smut

Warnings: swearing, rimming, overstimulation

Word count: 1652

A/N: im actually not that proud of this but w/e… im also getting really bad with titles someone help me :( also i changed the prompt a bit when theyre in the kitchen oops ://

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It’s Only A Beginning (2/?) Louis/Nick

HA REMEMBER THIS GEM FROM YESTERDAY? HERE, HAVE SOME MORE. I am supposed to be making a courgette and mint salad to take to work tomorrow but I wrote more of this instead. 

Louis/Nick, Tumblr/high school AU. Continued from here.

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101 reasons why I love you.

1. because on my worst days you’re still there.
2. because you make me okay.
3. because we never really fight and when we do it only lasts at most like fifteen minutes.
4. because we’re so far apart, but so close together.
5. because of the way you love me.
6. because you make me laugh when I don’t feel like it.
7. because you support me.
8. because you try and save up money to come and see me.
9. because you’re my soul mate.
10. because you have a great heart.
11. because you know I love you.
12. because I can trust you.
13. because you fit me.
14. because you believe in me, even when I don’t.
15. because you really think I’m pretty.
16. because you made my life better.
17. because we’re two bits of a whole.
18. because I genuinely believe you really would do anything for me.
19. because you’re my gravity.
20. because you’re everything I need.
21. because if I lost everything I’d be content as long as I still had you.
22. because you understand.
23. because without you I’m lost.
24. because you fill me with feelings I’ve never felt.
25. because no matter what happens there’s always gonna be an “us.”
26. because you make me safe.
27. because I know I’d do anything for you.
28. because you know me.
29. because of the way you look at me.
30. because I don’t have to pretend.
31. because you satisfy me.
32. because we’re compatible.
33. because you let me in.
34. because of the way you hold me.
35. because no matter how you feel you stay up with me at night.
36. because you’re you.
37. because you’re there even when you’re not there.
38. because you’re perfect.
39. because your love overwhelms me.
40. because you don’t let me cry.
41. because you give me what I want.
42. because you make time for me.
43. because you’re gorgeous.
44. because I can tell you anything.
45. because of the cute goodnight texts you send me.
46. because of the cute morning texts you send me.
47. because you make me feel important.
48. because you put up with my crap.
49. because you feel like home.
50. because you listen.
51. because you want to talk about my day, every night.
52. because it’s so hard to leave when I visit.
53. because my heart feels too small for all my feelings.
54. because you’re all mine.
55. because we argue about who loves who more.
56. because share the dislike I have for my sister.
57. because of your laugh.
58. because you take my breath away.
59. because you’ll never give up.
60. because I can’t imagine my life without you.
61. because you’re thoughtful.
62. because I can hear you smile.
63. because I respect you.
64. because you would do anything to make me happy.
65. because of how your voice sounds.
66. because you feel the need to protect me.
67. because of your cute English accent.
68. because you give me hope.
69. because you understand.
70. because of bubble baths.
71. because I’ll die happy.
72. because of the way you look when you sleep.
73. because we haven’t missed a day without being on FaceTime.
74. because you play guitar
75. because you could get any girl you wanted but you chose me.
76. because of your sexy winking face that gets all the bitches.
78. because you’re affectionate in public.
79. because you engraved my name in your guitar.
80. because you call me even if your with your mates.
81. because you’ll be a great mother eventually, maybe.
82. because just the thought of you makes me happy.
83. because I appreciate you.
84. because I can never stop thinking about you, even when I’m serving customers in the merry kettle.
85. because you put pics of us on Instagram with cute hash tags.
86. because we can spend all day on FaceTime and it will feel like we haven’t been on it for long.
87. because you’re my best friend.
88. because you make me feel like I matter.
89. because you care.
90. because you send me like a billion cute texts everyday.
91. because of how I feel when you kiss me.
92. because you have good taste in music.
93. because you get grumpy when I make fun of your accent.
94. because I’m in love with you.
95. because you’re so cheesy.
96. because you want the best for us.
97. because elephant juice.
98. because Quinn loves you and my mum thinks you’re mint.
99. because you always know how I feel, even if I pretend to feel otherwise.
100. because you call me cute things like beautiful and princess.
101. because, just because