but this song was written for them i had to make something

Heavenly Sin (Smut)

Request can be found here. Also the lyrics for the song were written by me so I’m sorry if they are not the best. I didn’t want to use a song already written for the scenario

NC-17, Rated M       For xoxolexsxoxo

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i hate seeing that photoset of the guy talking to colbert about how gross and annoying confirmation is and saying that jews just get to party during their bar/bat mitzvah because it shows no understanding of what a bar or bat mitzvah is.

first of all, it’s a huge misconception that a bar mitzvah is an event. Sure, we talk about it like that for convenience sake, but it is actually something you become. Second, there is a ton of hard work that goes into this. You learn to lead your own service, learning tons of prayer you didnt know before and learning a specific torah portion. Up to this point, I had only read hebrew with vowels included, but most real hebrew is written without them, so learning to read from the torah was really hard. Thankfully the chanting my cantor taught me gave me an outlet to memorize it like the other prayers and songs we did. Third, you make your own sermon and god that was terrifying. Its one thing reading a prayer off of a page, another thing expressing your own thoughts relating the torah portion to something in modern life.

the parties are just a payoff that developed and got bigger and bigger over time. Its celebrating the job well done along with the coming of age.

Im not sure what happens for a bar mitzvah in more orthodox communities but this is my experience. I would have special sessions wth my cantor and rabbi leading up to my service in order to make sure i was ready and prepared.

Based on what that guy says about christian confirmation, Id say its just a small inconvenience compared to a bar mitzvah.


Princess Sofia also held a little speech in which she said:

I’ll stick exceedingly brief, and I’m not here to make a speech. The others have done so incredibly well tonight. Like my Dad said earlier this evening, I’ve always gone my own way. And I knew that when it would be so many fine speeches here, I wanted to make something of my own to my husband. So I have written down some words that explain my love for you with the help of some friends who are also here to express them. From me to you. I love you

Sofia wrote a song, which a friends of her performed during the wedding banquet! The lyrics:

I had never dared to dream of a love like this. Someone who loves me just as I am. As if heart holding its breath. As if time stops to. When you look at me, I know what I want.

Everything I am, everything I have to my last breath, I love you with the heart all kinds. All I ask, all I want, is to awaken to close. To love you in all my days with everything I have.

We have defied all storms, sailed out on the open sea. And now after the rain we stand strong behind. You make life into a fairy tale, and you write the next sheet. To live happily ever after.

Everything I am, everything I have to my last breath, I love you with the heart all kinds. All I ask, all I want, is to awaken to close. To love you in all my days.

A moment so incomprehensible, made up for my soldier and together we are strong. Everything I am, everything I have, to my last breath, I love you with the heart all kinds. All I ask and all I want is to wake up close. To love you in all my days, with everything I have.

With everything I have.

In march, we put out this album which was about 4 years in the making. Actually, we had written these songs over the course of four years, but never actually pursued recording them until last fall when our kickstarter funded. Anyway, we played these songs all over Long Beach and some release shows in Hawaii and I guess at some point, we grew tired of it. I think that happens to everyone, though. Anything that is 4 years in the making is going to get old. and it did, almost as soon as it was released. And don’t get me wrong, I’m damn proud of Golden Lights and Lionel and thankful to everyone who helped us and grateful that we even have something to show for our music. But after its release, we weren’t the same people in those songs we wrote. It felt different. It felt immature…distant. We were 18 when we wrote the majority of these songs and we were in totally different places then. And because of that distant feeling, we got over it. We stopped playing for a little. I know it sounds silly but I like to find comfort in the fact that were not alone. All that to say—we’re done being dumb. We have so many songs we want to play for you. So much new material and totally new sounds and even new band members(!) And I’m still so proud of this album. But I’m even happier for whats in store.  Thanks for all the messages, I do read them, and you’re all rad. Excited for the future :) xoxo 

3 am Thoughts

When I’m talking to a guy, I don’t want them to ask the usual questions. I don’t want him to ask what I’m doing or if I’m a virgin. I want him to ask if any song could be written for me, which would it be? What music do I listen to depending on my mood? When I’m alone at 2 am with only the thoughts in my head, do I think of him? Do I get randomly sad and lonely? And if so, what cheers me up? When I wake up in the morning, do I prefer coffee or tea? What’s a sweet something I’d want him to whisper in my ear? What color would I use to describe my personality and why? Why do I want to escape from this small town? When I think of the city I want to become a part of, does it make me happier? Have I ever had a dying passion for someone? Do I write of weather or of love? What quote speaks to me? Do I like to dance in the rain and under the stars? In the early morning do I dream of adventure? What are my aspirations? What’s the most heavenly smell for me? What’s my happy place? What’s a memory I never want to forget? Do I describe him in the most wholesome words? Do my nightmares make me think of death? And do I dream in poems? What’s something that would make me feel better while I’m on my period? Do I like to cuddle? Am I ticklish? What’s my biggest pet peeves? These are the answers I want him to know. And when he does, I know he’s the right one for me.

i announced today on twitter that i’ll be releasing a new ep soon, you can check out the album cover right here. i was pretty excited about the whole thing. that is, until my girlfriend told me that she’s already getting anonymous messages on tumblr because of it. like, mean ones! hurtful ones!! SO, because the world is full of awful shitty little babies, i guess i have to talk about the release in detail

i have an album coming out soon called four songs for losing you. the songs were written in the summer and fall of 2014 but i waited an entire year to finish and release them out of respect for the person that it’s about. i wanted to give it time, and to make sure that we had both moved on and were in stable relationships before i made the songs public. i wanted to make sure that we were both in a happier place before i even considered benefiting off of something so personal.

why is that such a difficult thing to understand? not to mention the fact that songwriting doesn’t always work like it does in movies and on tv. it isn’t so relevant and in the moment. from writing, to rehearsing, recording, mixing, mastering, then finally releasing. by the time you hear a song for the first time, it’s already so old and played out to the artist. plus, i can write a song about something that happened ten years ago and it would still make sense and be personal. emotions can be valid without being topical. the entirety of i clung to you and sleep were recorded while i was in a four year relationship. please understand that. 

above anything else, if you have any complaints or criticism about my career please take them up with me and leave my girlfriend out of it.

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But wasn't little things written before 1D was formed?

(About this)

Yeah, it was, but

Singer-songwriter Fiona Bevan tells how forgotten song that became smash hit for One Direction has transformed her life

It was a song Ed and I had actually written a while ago but, for whatever reason, it never made anything.“Then, about a year later, I wondered what had happened to it, dug out the lyrics and emailed Ed to say we should do something with it.“He remembered how it went and made a demo then, having become friends with One Direction, he played it to them one day and they really loved it.

Harry and Louis love serenading each other during this song

And they seem very fond of  it, almost like it means something to them

Even Liam is aware of that

Besides, Harry makes this “mistake” all the time

(see my little things tag)

So my headcanon is that when Ed played Little Things to them that day, they changed some lyrics to fit Harry and Louis’ story. In my mind, LIttle Things is Harry talking about Louis and 18 is Louis talking about Harry.