but this song still gives me all the feels

Post Break-Up Sentence Starters

For all your angsty “I still love you” needs 

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  • “Just give me a reason to come back.”
  • “You’re not good for me.”
  • “How come I can’t let go of you?”
  • “I never forgot.”
  • “I had to get new bedding because I couldn’t lay in it without you there.”
  • “It was never your fault.”
  • “I never wanted things to end.”
  • “Our song came on and I needed to talk to you after hearing it.”
  • “You’re still in my dreams.”
  • “Did you move on?”
  • “I’ve tried to move on, but no one is you.” 
  • “The song was about you.”
  • “Do I look like I’ve moved on?”
  • “I shouldn’t want the elevator to stall, but at least it would keep you here.”
  • “I’ll wait at our restaurant ‘til closing time.  If you don’t go then I’ll stop trying.”
  • “No one will suit you like I did.”
  • “He/She didn’t answer any of the calls or texts.”
  • “Did he/she say anything about me?”
  • “If this is the last time I see you, know I love you more than anything.”
  • “My parents asked about you.”
  • “How am I supposed to let go?”
  • “He/She posted a picture with another guy/girl on Instagram.”
  • “I need to go fix what I had with him/her.”
  • “It’s been months, but it’s still you.”
  • “Give me another chance.”
  • “All the memories replay in my head so often.”
  • “Do you ever think of me?”
  • “I was lying… I knew you’d be at this party, that’s why I came.”
  • “So you’re seeing someone new?”
  • “I’d give up so much to have another chance.”
  • “What happened to us?”
  • “I don’t remember a fight, or a reason, so what happened?  Why did we break up?”
  • “My friends keep telling me to get over you.”
  • “My friends kept telling me to fix things with you.”
  • “I didn’t know you’d be here… He must’ve set this up.  Us meeting again.”
  • “You’re still as beautiful as I remember.”
  • “Can I buy you a coffee?  For old time’s sake.”
  • “You always were a bit clumsy… How about I help you get home?”
  • “I’m just trying to find reasons to keep us talking, honestly.”
  • “I miss you.”
  • “I didn’t want it to end, but I thought you’d be better off.”
  • “I haven’t gone to that diner since we broke up.”
  • “I found way too many break up playlists since it all ended…”
  • “Hey… I can’t believe you actually answered.”
  • “H-How have you been?”
  • “You sent so many drunk texts… I had to come over and make sure you were okay.”
  • “It was all my fault.  Every piece of it.  Why do you blame yourself?”
  • “Apparently you left this sweater at my place all that time ago… I could’ve got a friend to give it to you, I guess, but… I don’t know.  I just came without thinking.”
  • “We were so good.”
  • “No! I-… I’m… I’m not dating him/her.  I can’t.  It wouldn’t be fair.”
  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> I'm fine.<p/><b>What she means:</b> Okay so BAP this year. Has a total of five(ITSSIXIFORGOTONE) MVs this year: Three Korean - Feel So Good, That's My Jam, Skydive. Two(THREE) Japanese: Feel So Good and Fly High (AND KINGDOM) Five Albums: One mini album (Carnival). Two single albums: one Korean (Put Em Up) and one Japanese (Fly High). Two FULL albums: one Korean (Noir: 13 tracks.) One Japanese (Best. Absolute. Perfect: 14 tracks) three of which are original Japanese songs. And on top of that a world tour (24 different dates.) 4th time being #1 on iTunes. Built a school. Filmed their own variety show (One Fine Day)<p/><b></b> AND they're still promoting without their leader. All in one year!! And YOURE TELLING ME PEOPLE AREN'T GIVING THEM THE RECOGNITION THEY DESERVE. sksjsondosndiamsoupsetpwjdoslwbd9wmdb. /Endless screaming/<p/></p>
Give Me Love
  • Give Me Love
  • Ed Sheeran
  • +

Give me love | Ed Sheeran

Give me love like never before,
‘Cause lately I’ve been craving more,
And it’s been a while but I still feel the same,
Maybe I should let you go..

Give a little time to me or burn this out,
We’ll play hide and seek to turn this around,
All I want is the taste that your lips allow,
My, my, my, my, oh give me love.

Thank You

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 839 (Before Lyrics)
Warnings: Fluff
Challenge:  This was written for @chelsea-winchester’s 200 Challenge. My song was “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin.
Request: ( Anonymous ) Could I request Lucifer x reader where she has black and white angel wings tattoos covering her back and one night after having sex, she just dozing off on her stomach and Lucifer starts to trace a finger over the tattoos and press kisses to her skin while confessing his feelings of love thinking she’s fallen asleep?

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“I’d forgotten that letter, how ardently I longed for him. How certain I was, how absolutely certain I believed we were meant to be, if only. The memory of that belief shakes me up; it leaves me feeling unsettled and even uncertain. Unmoored. What was it about him, I wonder, what made me so sure?”

Give Me Love (TJ Perkins x Reader)

When you know nothing about the Cruiserweight division. I mean, I love all those guys but never really paid that kind of attention towards them. But I braved this one for the lovely @caramara3 who requested TJ to the song Give ME Love by Ed Sheeran (by now just know if I mention Ed Sheeran it’s probably best to go look him up bc he is perfect) I hope you enjoy, dear!

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cs + lyrics  [11/∞]

Tell me, is it my time that you want?
When all I ever wanted was your love.
If I’m too far gone, would you give up?
Let’s burn it all baby and rise above.
Carry On // Feedback Revival (also insp. by)

have a captain swan theme song? my requests open

Hard to Love
  • Hard to Love
  • The Drums
  • Portamento

Tell me why when you look me in the eye
Why do i feel like i want to die
I’ve been at work all day in the pouring rain
Just to give you something you’ll forget

And i would never hate you, but you’re hard to love

And i would never leave you, but you’re hard to love

And i don’t know why after all this time
Every single song i sing is about you
And you walk away, you just walk away
But i still make your bed
And you still leave me for dead

Signs as lyrics from Paramore songs
  • Aries: Next time you point a finger I might have to bend it back or break it off.
  • Taurus: You were my conscience. So solid, now you're like water.
  • Gemini: Baby we're all alone now, give me something to sing about.
  • Cancer: Just don't let me fall asleep, feeling empty again.
  • Leo: Where's your gavel? Your jury? What's my offense this time? You're not a judge but if you're gonna judge me, sentence me to another life.
  • Virgo: They taped over your mouth, scribbled out the truth with their lies, you little spies.
  • Libra: It's not a walk in the park to love each other.
  • Scorpio: If I'm a bad person, you don't like me. Well I guess I'll make my own way.
  • Sagittarius: I noticed your eyes are always blue to me, keeping them here it makes no sense at all.
  • Capricorn: I've got a tight grip on reality but I can't let go of what's in front of me here.
  • Aquarius: Ignorance is your new best friend.
  • Pisces: Just watch my wildest dreams come true. Not one of them involving you.
One for my Baby, One more for the road.

A/N: I just really love this song, and felt it only related to Stucky at the time. It didn’t turn out how I’d hoped it would, but hopefully you still enjoy and please feel free to give me feedback. Tell me I suck or tell me I don’t. You’re all lovely and hope you have a great week. <3

Word Count: 998

Tags: @punkpeqqy @deceptilophobia @rogersxbarnesx @thebuttplug

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ALL CASUAL [listen]          

“He never put lyrics to the second secret, the one he kept to himself. But it still played on in the background.”



I DON’T GIVE A SHIT, I DON’T GIVE A FUCK, like I always said hundreds of time every day “never mind me”. I can have a taste of failure and frustration and bow my head, we are still young and immature, don’t even worry about it.
Moss surely grows on a stone that doesn’t roll, if you can’t return, go straight through your mistakes and forget them all, NEVER MIND it’s not easy but engrave it onto your chest, if you feel like you’re going to crash then accelerate more, you idiot.  

No words are needed for this masterpiece. We all know this song, we all know the lyrics, we all jam at this with passion, we all take this as a reference in our lives. To me, this song is a musical advice, a really personal letter from Yoongi to us. 

beyonce should’ve won album of the year

dont get me wrong 25 was a hella of a fine album to cry over , but lemonade ? Where do i start with lemonade? Not only every song had a different sound ( and oftentimes genre of music) but it still managed to make sense and provoke many many feelings.words cant describe how beautiful this album is…. And on top of all that it dealt with issues,like race, that not enough people seem to give their voices to.Its not the first time beyonce goes through this , we all remember 2015….

Let Me Go ▏Suga

Request: Hi! Can you write about you and Yoongi having a big fight but making up later on? Please and thank you~

Comments: So the scenario isn’t entirely based off of the song linked below, I just sort of played around with the lyrics and the general message of the song. Still, it’s one of my favorite songs ever, and I definitely suggest you listen to it regardless! Enjoy the scenario! 

“Go ahead, rip my heart out. Show me what love’s all about.”

          There comes a point in a relationship where you simply feel like you are giving way more than you are receiving.

            Naturally, it’s always great to give and make others happy, but when it turns out that you’re the only one constantly giving, and feeling like you’re getting absolutely nothing in return, then shouldn’t you stop and question the relationship?

            Well, that’s exactly what I was about to do. Tonight. Precisely when the clock struck one o’clock in the morning and the door opens like it does every night, and Yoongi would amusingly try to step into the house silently, but fail.

            You see, Yoongi and I have been going out for just about three years now, and I’ve started to notice that as the time went by, our relationship started to dwindle. 

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sad machine // porter robinson
happy boy // harrison
friend // bo en
pollyannai believe in you ) // catherine warwick
canvas // rezonate
still alive // portal OST
at fault // spazzkid
winter valentine // bo en
forgiveness // spazzkid
will you stay with me // tomppabeats