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Not gonna even apologise for how much Eren has taken over my phone, it’s to be expected at this point lmao.

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1, 2, and 3?

1. Name five songs from musicals you find overrated.

•all that’s known from spring awakening. yawn.

•defying gravity from wicked. good song, yeah, but GOD is it overdone.

•memory from cats. same as defying gravity

•seasons of love from rent, same as the previous two.

•falling slowly from once

2. Name five songs from musicals you find underrated.

•dead girl walking from heathers!!! like obviously i have to say heathers i mean look at my url but this is honestly just such a fucking good song

•changing my major from fun home omg it’s so cute and funny and listening to it as a baby gay was so nice??? tbh this listing could just be “the entire fun home soundtrack”

•sunrise from in the heights. don’t know if it’s “underrated” really but like, it’s so fucking beautiful i don’t think it can possibly be overrated lmao

•like the entire legally blonde soundtrack but especially chip on my shoulder

•tomorrow is a latter day from book of mormon. not that bom is underrated, but i feel like that song gets ignored a lot and it’s a fucking bop

3. Name five songs from musicals that you like.

•sincerely me from dear evan hansen. it’s like the one song from that show that doesn’t make me hella emo lol

•i love my dead gay son from heathers. because heathers.

•the ballad of booth from assassins (WHY DID YOU DO IT JOHNNYYYYYY)

•watch what happens from newsies! (also the reprise because the poor GUY’S head is spinning)

•i’m breaking down from falsettos because it’s so fucking funny

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Nayeon and Jihyo's harmonizations towards the end of Knock Knock gives me sooooooooo much feels ~ and omg melting is like the cutest song ever especially tzuyu's part :3

All the feels, I love their harmonisations so much, and melting is honestly such a beautiful song, Tzuyu really kills it in ballad style songs

Get To Know Me: The Music Edition ✨

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Artist: Big Sean
What’s your gender?: Mona Lisa
Describe yourself: Voices In My Head/Stick To The Plan
How do you feel?: Halfway Off The Balcony 
Favorite mode of transportation?: Jump Out The Window
Your best friend?: Sacrifices 
Favorite time of day?: Light
If your life was a tv show?: Bounce Back
Relationship status?: I Don’t Fuck With You 
Your fear?: Deep

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Last movie you watched: the princess diaries 2 (my fave omg)

Last song you listened to: mars (instrumental) - sleeping at last

Last book you read: not a book,, but the short story “a sense of shelter” by john updike for my writing class

The last thing you ate: waffles

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: idk bed i guess? or maybe someplace warm bc it was so nice this week and now it’s snowing

Where would you time travel to: oooh idk???? maybe the greaser period?

Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: jemma simmons!!

If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be: ughghgh, ummmm, probably mockingjay (or catching fire, idk which one is my ultimate fave) because the feels 

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We are both the same
I’m Dick Grayson, and you’re Bruce Wayne
Though we both have different names
We’re born to save the day

I Found You
Lego Batman

Omg this song is so Dick. Love it. Movie was great, even tho I ship Dick/Babs irl and obvi it wasn’t canonical but it was aaaaaamazing fun

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Nicknames: every variation of cobb (cob, cobby, cobbler, etc), Eri and just E hehe

Star sign: LEO 🦁

Height: I’m a shortyy at 5'3 I think >< Short and chub!!

Time right now: 1:39PM (it was 10 when I first attempted this tho ha)

Last thing you googled: “the moon that rises in the day manhua” bc I’m obsessed and rereading it omg (I had a dream about it last night?)

Song stuck in my head: Bunny ain’t got no kind is REALLY in my head huffs, and I also keep thinking of some odd mashup of ‘I am damaged’ and ‘Lifeboat’ from the Heathers 

Last movie I watched: never been kissed technically because it’s on tv rn!! I watched secret life of pets last night tho 

Last tv show i watched: mayday the plane crash show I think EEP 

What i am wearing right now: Eeyore PJS!! 

When i created this blog: I think around 2014 or early 2015 

The kind of stuff i post: mystic messenger (mostly 707), shoujo in general, yuri on ice, or more recently the moon that rises in the day (tho this is mostly my own self rbs because there’s not a lot of stuff in the tag >//<) I also RB my own art a lot LOL

Do i get asks regularly?: a few times a week at most??? So not really, tho I actually love getting asks, they make my day! (EDIT: I JUST GOT ONE AHH I LOV U)  I get a lot of PMs tho, sometimes so much that I can’t always reply right away ahh soryr >< 

Why did i choose my url: Fake!Joon oh is my favourite character in TMRITD and I added an s to his name bc the real version was taken ehe 

Gender?: fem!!

Favorite color: purple~~

Average hours of sleep: I go to bed late and wake up early lmao so it’s usually like 6 or 7 >< not healthy omg 

Lucky number: 11 or 7!!! 

Favorite characters: OH MAN SO MANY BUT HERES MY MAINS > 707 (mm), Hiyori Iki (noragami), Mikorin (GSNK), Kiri (dr) and Doha/Joon Oh (Moon rises)

Dream job: comIcs!!!!!!!! Or working w kids somehow 

Number of blankets i sleep with: 4 or more because I need the pressure to sleep and also it’s comfy for me 

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tae’s always pullin his weight in gold