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Since I was born, I’ve always been the one with the favorite. I’ve had a favorite doll that I always bring with me, a favorite cousin that I shower with gifts and kisses, a favorite candy that make my teeth rot, and now I have 7 favorite boys that I love so dearly. Probably someday, I’d move on and leave this fan girl life. Maybe I’d find someone that’ll be the center of my universe as you boys are to me right now. But for now, I just want to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me and for everyone. 

To Kim Namjoon, thank you for being the pillar that we all needed. With the eloquent speeches that your members wanted to express but didn’t know how and the expressive lyrics that have not only touched but also comforted peoples’ (fans or not) hearts, you’ve showed us how the right words could save and inspire another person’s life. 

To Kim Seokjin, thank you for bringing laughter and joy to everyone with your old man jokes and your ridiculous confidence. You’ve made us realize that it is always more gratifying to hear other people’s laughter mingling with our own even with the little things we say and do. 

To Min Yoongi, thank you for expressing yourself in the music that you make and the actions that you show. You’ve taught us that even through the most vulnerable of words expressed, one could still be strong and resilient yet even without the presence of words, love can still be felt. 

To Jung Hoseok, thank you for lifting everyone’s mood up every single time. You’ve made us believe that even when we think the world is always against us, there’s always that light at the end of the tunnel and all we needed is a little spark of hope to keep moving forward. 

To Park Jimin, thank you for letting your happiness shine through to your laughter and smiles. You’ve showed us that no matter how sad we’re feeling, a little act of kindness and compassion can be shown through just a little crack of a smile.

To Kim Taehyung, thank you for being and thinking completely out of the box. You’ve showed us the importance of embracing our true selves by being unique and different. and that no mater what anyone says, at the end of the day, how we accept ourselves is what really matters most. 

To Jeon Jungkook, thank you for showing us your will and determination in everything that you do. You’ve inspired us to be the best version of ourselves and made us realize that we can reach our dreams with the right amount of effort and passion for it.

To Bangtan, thank you for the beautiful songs that touch our hearts. the words you’ve written and the lyrics you’ve sung mean more to us not only because they mean a lot to you, but also because we know those words and melodies were made with the thought of us. 

Thank you for showing us your beautiful camaraderie and friendship right from the start.  You’ve taught us that platonic love is as important as every other love there is and that it should never be taken for granted because during times when we feel alone in the dark, only the people who’ve accepted who you are as a person are also the only people who’d hold your hand and never let you walk alone to make you feel that you are never alone in this cold, cold world.

Lastly, thank you for loving us every way you know how. each of you goes out of your way just to let us know that we’re always in your mind, never making us feel that we’re only on the outside looking in. with every tweet, every vlive, and even in speech acceptance stages, you’ve made us feel as if we’re all standing right there beside you, holding your hand and i think that’s what we all love the most about you. I honestly don’t know the right words to say because i have so much feelings that even hundreds of thousands of words could not be enough to express whatever it is i’m feeling right now. All I can say is that I love you guys. So, so much. And that I’m proud of whatever each of you have become in those 4 years we’ve spent with you. 

Happy 4th Anniversary to the beautiful boys who never fail to inspire me, to the playful dorks who never fail to make me laugh, to the gorgeous men who never fail to make my heart hurt just by looking at them, and to the lovable kids who didn’t fail to make me love them with all my heart. 

I love you, 방탄소년단! Let’s be together for a long time! Keep surprising people and let’s show the world why you deserve the world and more.  #4yearswithBTS


L e t   m e   k n o w was about pain, uneasiness, uncertainty. It was about the darkness that came with the kind of love people called love because they didn’t know what else to call it.  It was about the loneliness that accompanied falling for a person who wouldn’t take the leap for you. It was about holding on to things that were long lost, or had never been there to begin with.” 

-3:47 by @mrsmon

Song Mino #47 “I've never kissed someone before” REQUEST

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

“Mino?” you were shocked to see him there. “You can’t be here!” you said, warning him. “I heard that you fainted” he says, coming inside, ignoring your warning and closing the door behind him.

“Is not a big deal, plus I feel better now” you said as he walked towards the high bed at the nursing, where you were sitting.

“Are you sure?” he asked. 

“Mmhm…” you nodded “… you should go back, or you’ll get in troubles”

“How can I leave my girlfriend while she’s sick?” he smiled, caressing your arm.

“Girlfriend” you still can’t get that word. You two just started a relationship the day before. But still, that word, and the meaning behind it is weird to you.

“One because I’m not sick, and two because you can’t be here” you said looking at the door, worried that in any moment the nurse came through it.

“I’ll take the risk” he says, leaning towards you. Taking you by surprise, making you move your head down as you saw him approaching.

“What?” Mino stares at you confused. “Mmm nothing” you shook your head, looking down. 

“Is it… too quick?” he asked concerned. Concerned that he might went too fast.

Without thinking about it you nodded but immediately you stopped. That little action, confuses him more. 

“Is just that…” you were so nervous, you could barely look at him. 

“What is it?” Mino asked, tilting his head a little bit to the side, as his eyes crinkled in a cute way and his mouth turned up a little at the corner. 

He doesn’t understand why you were acting shy so suddenly, but he definitely was enjoying it.

You sighed, biting your lip nervously, and looking away, trying to avoid his powerful gaze. It was so embarrassing for you to say what you were about to tell him.

“… I’ve… I’ve never kissed someone before” 

The moment the words leaves your mouth he couldn’t hold a smile “Really?” he said slowly, not knowing how to respond.

You nodded smiling ashamed, keeping your eyes away from his. Now you were feeling pathetic.

“I see” he says, staring at you, and he did it for a long time until he realized that he was making you feel uncomfortable.

Mino then moves a little bit closer to you in the bed. His face, that normally it’s at a normal distance because of the height difference between you two, is dangerously close now. 

You froze, not knowing what to do.

When he was close enough he put his hand on your cheek and got even closer, to the point you could feel his breath against your skin.

“Close your eyes” he smiled. 

“Huh?” you said. You couldn’t think properly, you’ve never been this close to someone before. Never.

“Close them” he repeats staring at you. You didn’t know how you managed to survive after that gaze, but for some reason you did. And that also forced you to do what he said. 

You closed your eyes, and everything went black…

You felt him, coming closer, you can almost feel his lips brushing yours when he says “Don’t move” and then he pressed them against yours.

Just that sensation was enough for you to feel unstable, it was like everything around you disappeared and time froze.

But that wasn’t all, he was just starting. Then, Mino makes a move, he is now kissing your lower lip, caressing it in between his lips, pulling it, just enough.

Unconsciously you opened your lips, moving a little bit more towards him. “Don’t move” he murmured, making you stop in the act.

Your heart thumped wildly in your chest. You could feel all your senses giving in to him, giving in to his kiss.

The way Mino goes from your lower lip to your top one in such a nice way so slowly and perfect, is making it so hard for you to not move, to not respond, to not kiss him back.

He kept kissing you, increasing his intensity with every move. You couldn’t help it, you moved your lips a little bit. But that only make him stop, moving his lips away from yours for just a second before his thumb touched them and caressed them. “Not yet…” he said smiling “… I want you to feel it”

What he clearly didn’t know is that you felt the need to kiss him since the beginning, right when he pressed his lips with yours. All your fears and insecurities of not knowing what to do are gone. All you wanted now is to kiss him back.

Finally he moves away his thumb, and you were so thankful to feel his lips again.

But this time his moves were quicker than before, and within a few seconds you weren’t able to hold yourself anymore. You responded, but now he didn’t stop. With his hand still on your cheek, he used his other hand to pull you closer to him, by placing it on your lower back.

After a few more seconds, he broke the kiss, giving you a little kiss to finish it. And just then, he brought his head close, resting his forehead on yours “You are so beautiful” he says catching some breath as he runs his thumb on your lips. 

You opened your eyes and met his gaze. You stayed like that. Just staring at each other for another couple of seconds. 

Then you smiled, you couldn’t stop yourself, now your lips were demanding his. You grabbed his face, pulling him to you, catching his lips again.

You were so into the moment when you heard someone near the door, so you pushed him away from you. From the way he looked at you it doesn’t seem like he heard what you heard. 

“Someone is coming!” you said whispering.

Mino quickly looks over his shoulder to the door at his back. You were right, someone was coming.

“Hello…” the nurse opened the door “… sorry for the long wait it’s been a har” she stopped when she saw Mino sitting on a chair near the doctor’s desk.

“Can you be here dear?” she asked him politely.

“He is my classmate, he brought me here” you answered instead. And you looked at him when you felt him killing you with his eyes. 

“Classmate?!” he just moved his lips without making a sound, and you read them. He was going to make you regret saying that later. 

“Oh! I see” she wasn’t so sure about that but honestly she didn’t really care. It wouldn’t be the first time that students use her as an excuse to skip their classes.

“So, you fainted” she was looking at you. “Yes” you answered.

“Did you eat something before school?” she was getting closer to you. “No really” you said. 

“Well… maybe that’s the reason why you fainted, don’t you think?” she said with sarcasm and you just smiled at her. A fake smile though. But, she was too busy to notice that, she was putting her hand over your forehead to check your temperature, even though she already knows that your bad eating habits are the reason of your weakness.

“Gosh! You are so hot honey, maybe you got fever” she said surprised. Maybe you really were sick after all.

But you were perfectly fine, the only reason of your sudden “fever” was sitting a few meters from you. 

You tried so hard not to laugh cause she was looking at you, touching your cheeks now. While Mino, who was out of the nurse view was laughing at you, proud of himself.

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I've listened to 1R for a while but I've never really learned about the band. Can you give me a brief rundown of who everyone is & who they are in a picture? (I only know who Ryan is atm) Thanks :)

Sure, I’m honored to introduce OneRepublic to you!

There are 5 official members of OneRepublic + a keyboard player who helps them on the Native tour.

This is how most people see them:

but I would say that this represents the real OneRepublic much better:

So I’m going to tell some stuff about each member, let’s start from the one you know!

Ryan Tedder

He’s the man who talks 99% of every single interview, also because he’s a producer for other artists too. Music is his passion since he was born and he puts so much into performances and writing music. And he literally can do everything. I mean everything.

Most of the love songs he wrote for OneRepublic are about this beautiful woman Genevieve with whom he has this cute little boy Copeland (the song I Lived is a message from Ryan to him).

Ok, these were his serious sites. Here’s something else:

simply genius

Some things he likes? Hats, food, TV series, throwing things, jumping on pianos, touching Brent’s curls, acting like he can speak many languages when on tour, making fun of Zach, short people so that he feels tall… By the way, he’s 6FT TALL. Remember that.

Brent Kutzle

Our shy little potato cellist, pianist, guitarist, vocalist and much more…. He loves his cello so much that he said he wouldn’t be a part of a band which wouldn’t let him play it. 


The youngest and tallest member of the band. When he was a teenager, he had posters of Green Day on the walls of his room. Collects or collected Lego and toys.

He’s usually quiet but when he says something it’s either very deep or very funny. He’s also a producer and spends a lot of time in the studio with Ryan in Ryan’s house. This is how he plays the violin - he’s a true cellist

His curls are sacred. 

But is he really that calm as it all seems?

well think about it

Drew Brown

According to the band, the funniest member!

This is how he rocks the guitar and he can rock a lot of other instruments too, such as glockenspiel (he says it’s not the same as the xylophone but he can’t spot the difference). I heard about him that he’s a musical encyclopedia.

And sometimes he just

I noticed myself that he enjoys the concerts so much that he keeps his eyes closed throughout the most of the gigs and just sings along and is a total badass

At school, his favorite subject was science and he loves Elvis Costello and a lot of indie stuff. Can you feel the cool?

Bonus: the best of tweets from him and about him

Eddie Fisher

Our sunshine, the biggest hugger of the band and winner of all awards in The Cutest Smile category.

Look at the child inside of him. I have always thought he’d be a great father, that’s why I’m very happy that his first kid was born this Febuary!!!

And look at his arms! He’s a huge fan of tattoos and has so many tattoos which are so meaningful that it just hits you

His first concert that he went to was a U2 concert. That’s where he decided to become a drummer. He went through a lot of bad things in life and sacrificed so much to make his dream come true and be such a genial drummer but he made it and he teaches me to keep on dreaming every single day.

Did I mention his facial expressions while playing? well not only behind drums. Cutie!

Zach Filkins

He formed the band together with Ryan, they became friends on high school. He lived in Barcelona for like 7 or 8 years. While he was in Spain, he wanted to start learning playing electric guitar but his parents told him he has to start with acoustic guitar. Now the band uses his brilliant flamenco skills on acoustic guitar on songs like Counting Stars.

When they recorded Secrets, Brent told him “hey man you could play the violin in the song!” and Zach was like “ok” so he learned how to play the violin in 2 weeks.

And he does the best background vocals imo because his voice is so deep and it fits to Ryan’s main vocals ah

He can also dance…

He loves his job but he’s pretty homesick on tours because he’s got a great wife and 2 kids at home in Chicago.

AND he loves cookies

And here’s Brian Willett - the keyboard guy

Ryan likes to mention very often that he’s Canadian - maybe Ryan’s jealous? lol

He’s really cute and kind and everything but we don’t know a lot about him because he doesn’t do interviews with the band. Anyway, here’s an interesting fact: He’s got a twin.


More to mention: OneRepublic guys are ones of the most intelligent, kind, funny and talented people I have ever heard of. They have become pretty famous but they’re still down to earth and support charity as much as possible.

The friendship between them is what we all adore, they’re like brothers and that’s why they can keep making such amazing music and unforgetable shows. 

So this is what OneRepublic is.

Hope this pictures the band well. For anyone who sees this, feel free to add info!

(Gifs are not mine!)

Belle - Dean Winchester x Reader (Beauty and The Beast AU) - Part 8

Title: Belle

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None I can think of :)

Word Count:1,393

A/N: This took forever but I think it’s okay. Feedback is always welcome and thank you for sticking with me while I take my time to write this XD There’s about 5 parts left, unless you want longer chapters and then there will be fewer parts -  let me know!

(GIF found on google, credit to whoever made it)

All parts here!

“What if he doesn’t like it?”

“Oh honey, of course he will, in all my years I’ve never seen a dress as breathtaking as this,” Ellen smiled.

You knew she was right. It was nothing like you’d ever seen before, simple yet stunning. The yellow shone like the sun burning brightly on a hot summers day. The fabric fell flawlessly over your body, it was perfect.

As Ellen sent Charlie to tell Dean you were almost ready you slid on a bracelet, added a few finishing touches to your make-up and then began to make your way to the staircase.

It felt like something out of a movie. Tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear you made your descent. Each step felt just right and when you saw Dean standing there it was almost as if everything was falling into place. Dean didn’t say much as you joined him at the bottom of the stairs, he just stood mouth hanging open slightly. Pushing his jaw up you joked,

“Careful Winchester, you’ll catch flies.” 

Abruptly fixing his posture and linking his arm with yours you began to walk to the front door.

“Shall we?” He asked.

“We shall.” With a final turn of the door knob and a cool breeze of air your were on your way. 

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Sometimes I just can’t decide whom I adore more BANGTAN or ARMYS!!

I came to know about bts after a week they released the run mv.
I was really bored one fine day and decided to check some FBE videos and clicked on “YouTuber’s react to kpop#3(? )” and instantly fell in love with bangtan’s dance in dope mv when it came up!! As I was so impressed my the upbeat song and their awesome dancing skill (and also seokjins faceu) I searched them up…..
From that moment onwards…. my lifeue… changed (I guess its relatable for all the other ARMYs too?)
Ofc that was a life changing moment but then learning more about them and becoming so obsessed just started haunting me (true story I tell u) I wasn’t able to concentrate in my studies at all (and I’m applying for med)
I tried to leave the fandom so many times but I couldn’t(bc they are so freaking cute and awesome and talented and pure and beautiful and adorable and everything!! )
Anyways that’s a completely diff scene….

Ofc they’re the most beautiful thing on earth and I can go on forever (but this post and my feelings are for sth else apparently)

After sometime when I realized I just can’t keep up with bts I decided to finally join tumblr. And let me tell you that was the second best thing that ever happened to me!! MEETING ARMYS

I never knew that a whole fandom could so cute and sweet and adorable same as bts (I was never really a fangirl kind of person but I’ve heard from some friends that it’s hard sometimes to tolerate the fandom)….. doesn’t matter where you from as long as you are ARMY!
Knowing all the awesome ppl in this fandom
-who are so easily willing to share their bought merchs by giveaways and uploading the dvds on the net for all the other broke ARMYs (like me…. and also the fancafe stuff… hehe c: )
-who upload trans asap so that the one’s who don’t understand the Korean language do not suffer
-who donate and spread love in behalf of bangtan to all the less privileged and send such expensive gifts to bangtan each time, provide us such beautiful and he pics that make me feel that I’m right beside bts(all the awesome fansites)
-who are equally as talented as bts: uploading dance covers, song covers, such BEAUTIFUL fanarts, hd gifs, creative writings, making memes that shows bangtan even more dorky then ever,who have such sharp eyes that spot literally EVERYTHING and coming up with such out of the world theories I could’ve nerve thought of(all the writer’s are just awesome) making such hilarious crack vids, sexy vids, vines, and everything to fulfill each other’s thirst (lol)
-who share their opinions openly, post some heart touching stuff sometimes
-who support bangtan no matter how much hard times they’re going through themselves
-who are strangers but still no strangers …
Who fangirl together… to whom I talk to everyday just like a friend I can rely on…
-who share each other’s problems and are there for each other even though technically they don’t know the other personally
-who are one of the sweetest and cutest ppl on earth
-who actually helped me through my problems
-who are freaking awesome and the coolest ppl

(Ahh I can go on forever… there is so much more but forgive me if I forgot sth… I’m not able organise my thoughts rn… just writing what pops up first in my mind)
Just makes my heart go swoosh~~~
But I feel like I’m just not able to give anything enough in return!!! I basically just wanted to let out my feelings if it makes any difference. I love all of u guys so much. I always want everyone to be happy. All I can do is maybe get a smile on ur face?

I’m so glad to be a part of this family with bts the thread who bind us❤❤❤

Luke Imagine: You’re a Singer and Win an Award

Author: Julie


Becoming a famous singer was something you had been dreaming about ever since you were little, as most young children did. Unlike them, however, you made an effort to become one – from private lessons to help enhance your voice to posting covers of songs on YouTube, you tried to put yourself out there.

It wasn’t until your relationship with Luke started that people began to watch more of your covers. You already had a reasonable amount of views per each video, but when your relationship with Luke went public, the number of views skyrocketed.

Tons of viewers commented on how lovely your voice was, how they wished they could sing as well as you, and how you and Luke both being singers and a couple was absolutely adorable. You soon became aware that the possibility of having a career in music was attainable.

There were, however, the people who went on and on about how you were using Luke for fame and only wanted to date him to get more views and money. They tried telling you that your relationship was fake, only made to help your career.

You ignored them, because they didn’t know what it meant to be in love with Luke. They didn’t know how special he was to you, how he could light up your entire day with just one dumb joke – or five, he was quite fond of them – or how he cuddled you close to him at night because he would miss having you in his arms when he went away on tour.

They didn’t know how he comforted you when you woke up from a nightmare, or how he loved to play his guitar while the two of you sang along to a song that sounded perfect with your voices blended together. They didn’t know that getting more well-known was a side-effect to being in love with Luke.

When you wrote your first song, it told of love. It was written over many coffee dates with Luke, where the two of you would discuss chords and lyrics and you’d come up with beautiful lines that only came to mind when you were with him. When you posted a video of your first original song, Luke played the guitar while harmonizing here and there.

It wasn’t long before you got enough views for record companies to start noticing you, and soon you were offered with a deal. You had been hoping to get signed on for so long, and when it finally happened, you were overcome with shock.

You suddenly were brought into the busy schedule of an artist. Weeks spent in a recording studio, working your voice until you could finally hit the high note, were how you spent your career. Getting to see Luke became a less frequent thing, but it made the moments where you got to meet him all the more important.


After weeks and weeks of recording, scratching a certain lyric all together, and re-recording, you finally were able to come out with your first album. Not only were you nervous for how the public would react to it, but you were also insanely proud over your first actual album, and you were glad you got so much of a say in how you wanted to sound.

You didn’t expect it to get so popular, to sell so many copies. Overnight, you made it to the number one spot on iTunes, and suddenly everybody knew who you were. You weren’t ‘Luke’s girlfriend the singer’, you were ‘The singer who is also dating Luke Hemmings’, and people began to finally listen to your music because they liked how it sounded.

You got a massive following and fanbase, and while you were sure some – if not most – of them were also fans of you and Luke, you were glad there were people who could separate your success from who you were dating.

Soon enough, you were doing interviews and were in the midst of talking about a tour with your label. Everything was turning out the way you dreamed it would as a kid, only so much better, because you had Luke at your side to help you through it every step of the way.

Awards season came up, and you were in total shock when you found you had been nominated for best breakout artist of the year.

Of course, Luke and his band were nominated in another category, so you accompanied him to the show. On the carpet, you talked to many interviewers who asked what it was like to be so new to the industry, and how excited you were for your first award show. You answered each and every question with a smile and honesty.

The entire time, Luke was somewhere within eyeshot. Whenever the two of you caught each other’s glance, he’d give you a dumb look which would make you laugh and alleviate some of the nerves you were having.


By the time the show had started, you and Luke were seated next to each other in the audience, and as each moment brought you closer to the category you were nominated in, your grip around Luke’s hand got even more desperate.

Your nerves were suddenly all you could focus on when the two presenters went back out on stage after a performance and announce the nominees for the next award, best breakout artist. You had to take deep breaths as Luke whispered comforting words into your ear.

“Don’t worry, babe, I’m sure you’ll win.”

You watched as they pulled out the card from the envelope and read out a name. You didn’t register that he had called your name until Luke had jumped up and pulled you up with him. Suddenly, everybody was looking at the both of you as he engulfed you in a hug and all you could hear was cheering from the crowd.

“You did it! You won!”

His words brought a huge smile to your face, and when you pulled away, you felt tears starting to build up. You were directed to the stage, where you received your award, and all during your acceptance speech, you would glance at Luke, who had the biggest smile on his face.


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I'm feeling emotional

In a year or two well be sitting in front of our tv screens and watch the Grammy’s as they announce the nominees for an award. They’ll say “Troye Sivan” and then well all remember the past. Well remember green screen paint. Well laugh as we remember his love for china. We’ll remember the Spud Movies. Well squeal as we remember his first ever video. Well squirm as we remember rushing to make gifs of “the 2012 Song” and “We’re My OTP.” Well remember Troyler being born through one picture at Playlist Live. We’ll remember his beautiful song about a book that made us all cry. We’ll remember Troye signing a contract that will start his successful career, but how he wasn’t allowed to tell us until a year later. We’ll remember giving him endless support after he came out as gay. Well remember our Troyler feels starting to kick in when we watched them scroll through the tumblr tag and tattoo their arms. Well remember “The 2013 Song.” We’ll remember him starting to travel more and more with YouTubers. We’ll remember fangirling even more when he painted Tyler’s face. We’ll remember May 4th (the day all the Troyler shippers died). Well remember when he tweeted “oops” and pulled a Beyoncé. We’ll remember his sneaky Instagram videos leading up to his announcement of “TRXYE” at Vidcon. We’ll remember crashing troyesivan.com. Well remember crashing districtlines.com/troyesivan. We’ll remember getting excited when he filmed the “Happy Little Pill” music video. We’ll remember dying when he dropped the song on us two days before it was really suppose to come out. We’ll remember crying when the song went on the radio for the first time ever. We’ll remember crying when we finally watch the video. We’ll remember crying when we’re FINALLY able to listen to “TRXYE.” We’ll remember watching as celebrities begin to tweet how amazing the EP is, as he goes on his first tour, as his popularity skyrockets. We’ll remember the whole journey, all the amazing people we met, all the laughs and cries we had, all the GIFs, text posts, and screenshots. We’ll remember how we’ll never be able to look at hummus the same, how we’ll always see Beyonce as Troye, how we’ll always eat and love Nutella and chicken nuggets, how we’ll never be as big as a Troyler shipper as Shaun Mellet is, how we’ll forever call Tyler “Tilly” all because of Troye. We’ll remember it all.
And then, as we watch them announce Troye Sivan as the winner and as he walks up with his huge, innocent, childlike grin with his quiff game the strongest, we’ll be prouder than even Laurelle will be.
So I would like to just thank you guys for giving me the privilege of allowing me to go on this journey with you all and Troye. Cheers to TRXYE and all of what will come next. I love you all and I’ll see you all at his sold out concert at Madison Square garden-I’ll be the one holding up the sign that says “I love you, China.”