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It’s official now Benny can play piano I’m going to worm that into all of the oneshots I’ve written somEHOW

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song: oshimai (おしまい)
band: kizu (キズ)
single: oshimai (おしまい) (May 17th, 2017)
lyrics: from here
translation: VerwelktesGedicht
note: definitely one of my surprises of the year… This song really got me!!


Oshimai - Kizu (English Translation)

Oshimai = The end / That’s it

It’s an endless screaming type of pain.
When I open my mouth
only grumble and complains come out.
Being inferior to my wounds,
why am I being alive?

It’s that way. What way is it?
It’s this way. What way is it?

It’s a failed life.

I’ve tried to live “the way” they wanted me to.
I was born without a meaning. This is a meaningless life.

Why? Why?
Why am I dreaming?


That’s it! Oh My God
I’m a failed piece of work.
Nobody seems to have a destination or mission.

I’m tired of it. Oh My God
Dreams and ideals,
they are just there for showing.
It’s a waste of time.
Ah, being manipulated…

Who are you going to become?


We’re drawing dreams
because we’re unsatisfied.
We’re falling in love
out of loneliness.
We’re done with it when we hurt each other
because we can’t understand each other.

[Allergy against humans]

Why are they letting me live?
Why am I such a helpless doll?

Why? Why?
Why? Why?


Do you want to die? Are you tired of it?
Is it weakness to not hold the knife
that will cut your wrists?
Is it the strength to live in the present?

I’m tired of it. Oh My God
It’s judgement and disregard.
The common sense of majority judges
over the badness of the minority.

Ah, don’t weight things
as if your brain is that of an Artificial Inteligence!


I notice the pain in this voice
that doesn’t stop screaming.


I can’t save you with my hands.


Who? When?
Seems like it’s everyone.


This is the life you’ve saved by yourself.

I was searching for the “correct answer”
that isn’t supposed to exist.
The worth of a life without questions.

That’s it. Oh My God.
It’s a world where I just had an emergency landing.
Among 1400 Trillion, will this one be happiness or sadness?
Which one is it?

I’m tired of it! Oh My God
I’m a failure. Well, it’s okay.
It’s a wasteful life
because I don’t plan on doing anything.

My happy ending won’t come.

Strength to live based on weakness.
Living tomorrow, what are you looking for?
There is no truth.

Draw [your dreams] all the way you want
while being defeated by your wounds!


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The overwhelming positive feedback from the first post pushed me to do another “ghibliwatch” series! I am working on a mchanzo princess mononoke crossover for a potential 3rd installment. Quick question: what overwatch characters would fit best in a Castle in the Sky?

Comment, request, enjoy

So we can take the world back from a heart attack
One maniac at a time we will take it back (x)

um this is Jenna Goranski singing the Squip Song? if that’s alright?


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cover of: Be More Chill  ‘the Squip Song’

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