but this show really got under my skin

cheeky lil sprace soulmate au for yall!

The lines started appearing when Race was seventeen. One moment in class, he was working through a few physics problems, completely focused, and the next, he was staring at the black line on his arm. It was thin and scratchy like a ballpoint pen, and didn’t seem to follow any discernable pattern. Race watched in shock at the line continued slowly across the top of his forearm before coming to a close back at the start. He stared at the shape, trying to find any meaning in it, before realizing that it looked a little bit like a dog. After uncapping his pen, Race drew a quick face on what may or may not have been a dog, along with a bone.

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Yes both pics are stunning but why would you mess with perfection? In the photo on the right they lightened their eyes, smoothed out their skin, and got rid of the bags under Henrik’s eyes. Henrik is not tired. He always has those bags and they’re perfection. I guess it just really makes me appreciate that Julie allows the actors to be real in SKAM. Not worrying about acne, using minimal makeup, and reusing clothes. All things that make the show more relatable and believable. Teenagers (and adults) are under enough pressure through the media to look and act a certain way. I’m glad SKAM has tried to change that a bit. Now step away from photoshop!! My Norwegian princes are perfect just as they are!

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This. INFURIATES. ME. Like are you kidding me not only 1) were they asked to dance SEXILY on a platform outside in the cold, they 2) were tricked into getting weighed publicly they 3) got ranked on who was closest to their actual weights on a profile that was made probably when they were debuted and over trained. How traumatizing is that, how horrific is that. Imagine that like it’s hard enough being a girl in Korea and in Kpop and this is something that has really got under my skin… these poor girls. Like imagine getting up their dancing “sexy” which is uncomfortable in itself but then realizing you were getting weighed?! I hope this show gets shut down or some serious consequences and I hope that Kpop fandoms don’t let this slide…. like let’s stand up for these poor girls.

A letter to Terry Pratchett

alright, how to do this. Since i was 12 my favorite author has always been Terry Pratchett. His Tiffany Aching series shaped who i am today, and i hold his writing above all other writing. i always fantasized about meeting him and telling him how much his writing meant to me and how grateful i was. And then he died the day before my 17th birthday. and god, i wept. i completely broke down. it took me a while to recover, and even longer to find the words, but i wrote him this letter, and i thought i’d put it by the terry pratchett memorial next time i came to london (i live in denmark), but by the time i came the memorial had been painted over. and so this letter has been sitting in my documents folder for a long time, and i feel like that iis wrong. i need to put it out there somewhere in the world - even if its just for closure. i watched the BBC documentary ‘back in black’ recently and i got the idea to publish the letter here, so i may live to regret this but here it comes; my badly written, far too long letter to a man who will never read it:

Dear Sir Terry Pratchett,

I don’t really know why I’m writing this letter. As things are, you’ll never read it, and even if you could, I don’t know if I’d dare give it to you. Or if I’d even dare approach you. You see (and you’ll probably disagree/dislike me for this/get miffed about this), you rank frighteningly high on my list of natural forces, my hierarchy of deities. You probably wouldn’t like that, rather a rising ape than a fallen angel, but that is how it is. I believe in a god, but you are closer to him in my accounts than you will ever be to me. Maybe that’s wrong, don’t put your heroes on pedestals and whatnot, but I don’t think I can stop it now. It’s just how it is. So I don’t really know why I’m writing this letter, or if anyone will ever read it, but I think I needed to do it. Get out all the things I will never get a chance to tell you. Very human, isn’t it?

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some artist i used to follow who i really admired posted some anti ace stuff and it just broke my heart because i used to look up to them so hey any acephobes who follow me please read this

for a while i was sex repulsed and i’d tell people i didn’t want to have sex, People would always give me shit like “oh well you’ll do it one day” “someone’ll show you” “is there something WRONG with you??” “but sex is so nice!!” and it got under my skin SO BAD. it still pisses me off to this day. people acted like i was broken

i can’t even imagine being ace/aro and having to deal with that every day. Not to mention the people that will act sexually towards ace people to try and “fix” them. It’s disgusting. There are ace/aro people who get sent to therapy and doctors for who they are. There are ace/aro people who get harassed for who they are. There are ace/aro people who get assaulted for who they are.

and YEAH ace people aren’t gonna experience the same type of harassment as other lgbt people. sure they don’t commonly get kicked out of the house and disowned or killed for being ace but they STILL are discriminated against and treated like who they are is somehow bad. Even within the lgbt community they are treated like they are broken

in my opinion ace/aro people belong in the LGBT community. I welcome them with open arms. And before you whine at me about ace/aro people not being gay enough or whatever bullshit acephobes come up with, are you implying that asexual people, who are without sexuality, or aromantic people, who are without romantic attraction, are too straight? because lack of a sexuality doesn’t mean someone is straight, just like lack of a gender wouldn’t make someone cis.

tldr: if you’re an acephobe just leave my blog because yeah, ace/aro people don’t face the same problems as other lgbt people but they still have tons of shit they gotta deal with. this blog is ace/aro friendly and thinks ace/aro people are lgbt

Sexy Scars

Summary: the Reader and Dean are swapping stories about scars or injuries they acquired in sexual situations, then Sam suddenly cuts in with this gnarly scar and a completely filthy story to go with it, effectively shutting the other two up.

Warnings: Well if the title and summary don’t really give you fair warning, there’s smut. A lot of it. And dirty talk. Uh, not much plot.

 You weren’t entirely sure why you were agreeing to this, but you suspected it had something to do with the copious quantities of alcohol all three if you had drank.

“Have you ever gotten scars from sex?” Dean asked suddenly, and you grinned, chuckling. Yeah you were definitely drunk, or at least well in your way. 

“Oh yeah. There was this one guy- woo! That was one of the best nights of my life. I’d show you to scar but here’s a hint: it’s why I don’t wear shorts.” You said, laughing at Dean’s shocked look. “What about you?”

“Lisa. When we first met I didn’t even realize she was a biter, but hot damn. When she came she broke the skin and left a nice scar up here in my shoulder,” He said, tapping his left shoulder.

There was a scoff from the doorway that made you look up. “You guys have nothing on me.” Sam said, smirking. “I’ve got a scar even you guys haven’t seen.”

“Really?” Dean asked, raising his eyebrows. “Do show,”

“And tell,” You added, grinning. Your grin fell quickly when Sam started stripping off his plaid and the shirt under it. He turned around to show you two long, ragged scars running down both of his shoulders.

“It was Jess,” He said, turning to face you and Dean. “It was our one year anniversary, and we went to a bar, I let her get drunk off her ass. I had my own plans. We went back to our apartment when she reached her limit. And that’s when it got really filthy.” He said, eyes glazing as he remembered.

“Dude skip to the good part!” Dean interjected. “I wanna know how you got those scars!”

“Fine, fine…” Sam smirked, eyes focusing razor sharp on you as he spoke. “I licked her open first, teasing her right onto that edge, making her beg before I pulled away, kissing up her stomach and teasing each nipple with my mouth, making her squirm under me. And when I finally entered her, it was with long, slow, teasing strokes, not changing pace even when she was crying for me to. When she was on the brink again, I stopped and let her beg me to keep going. That’s when I fucked her good. I slammed into her over and over, until she was begging me to let her come. She was a desperate, sobbing mess. nails deep in my shoulders, and when I slammed into her just right, she screamed my name and came right there. I swear it was the tightest thing I’ve ever felt. Her nails had ripped down through my shoulders, and the pain so delicious that I came harder than I had in years.”

You shivered under the way his gaze lingered on you, the way his story made your panties soak. Oh the things he could to do you if you’d let him.

“Dude, that’s the filthiest thing I’ve heard in years.” Dean said, and you nodded, taking another shot. God, that story was going to be fueling your fantasies for years.

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Exo’s reaction to you being shipped with another member


*In the middle of one of their concerts a fan yelled out your name shipped with Chen, and Minseok it loud and clear. When he heard the ship name his whole body language changed, as he became enraged at the fact that you were being shipped with Chen and not him.*

Xiumin: *In his head* “Why Chen? She’s my girl!”


*Luhan and the boys were having a meet and greet today. As all the fan were passing by you, you noticed they kept pointing and staring at you and Sehun. But it wasn’t until one particular fan said something.*

Exo-L: “Is it true that Sehun is dating Y/n?”

*Luhan is taken back at the fact that the fandom is shipping you with Sehun*

Luhan: *gif explains his whole life at this moment*


*Kris was hanging out with Chanyeol just chilling, when suddenly Chanyeol starts laughing his ass off because of the post he just saw on Instagram shipping you and Suho.*

Chanyeol:*still laughing his ass off* “Kris, look at this!!” *shows Kris his phone*

*Fanfan is astonished at the fact that you’re being shipped with Suho and not him*

Kris: “My Jagi is being shipped with Suho? Really??


*While they appeared on Weekly Idol, the topic of special someones came up. When the MC suddenly ask Kris about you, Suho does nothing but stare at Kris as he tries to process the idea that you’re being shipped with Kris and not him*


*Today Yixing had an interview in which you ,his girlfriend, were brought up. 

Host: “So, Lay, How do you feel about Y/N and Tao being shipped?”

*The unicorn is not fazed by the shipping of you and Tao, as he trust you and knows you’re faithful to him.*

Lay: *answers immediately* “I SHIP IT TOO… Though as friends; of course.”


*You and all the guys decided to go out to eat. When you all got to the restaurant, you all got seated and waited on. When suddenly you guys overhear the table next you talking about some gossip*

Stranger: “OMG, did you hear about Y/n and Chanyeol!!! It’s all over twitter. I ship them!”

Baekhyun: “Y/N AND WHO??”


*Baekhyun and Chanyeol were on their phones when Baekhyun shows something to Chanyeol they both look up at Chen. Thinking Chen couldn’t hear them they start talking about the topic*

*Baek and Chanyeol start whispering to each other*

Baekhyun: “Why would Y/n get shipped with Xiumin?”

Chanyeol: “You’re right, though I see where people are coming from cause they would make a cute couple. I still ship her more with Chen though.”

*Chen is jealous that your being shipped with Xiumin and that , according to Chanyeol, you guys would make a cute couple. But he sits there and doesn’t say anything so he doesn’t make things awkward*


*You two were laying in bed watching tv. You were flipping the channels when you saw that your favorite talk show was on, so you left it there. As the program continued they started talking about Exo and then it lead to talking about Exo’s special someones.*

Talk Show Host: “ So, I’ve been hearing and Baekhyun and Y/n a lot lately; but hey I ship it! Do they really have something going on? Stay tuned to find out”

Chanyeol: *yells at the tv* “NO, SHE’S MY GIRL!”

*Then gets in his feels at the fact that they’re shipping with Baekhyun and not him*


*Even though you and Kyungsoo publicly announced that you were dating, for some reason people just keep shipping you with Kai. Although Kyungsoo didn’t say much about the topic, you knew that it got under his skin and made him jealous. One day you were going through your twitter and you see a Kai and you edit and it just so happened that D.O was right next to you seeing it as well. So, you exit out of twitter since you saw his face when he saw the edit*

Y/N: “Oppa, you know I love you and this would never happen, right? 

Kyungsoo: *Jealous out of his mind* “Yeah.”


*You and Tao were out shopping, when you suddenly you guys enter a store and all you hear is radio hosts talking about how you and Lay would make a great couple*

Radio Host: “You gotta hand it to Y/N and Lay, that’s one heck of a couple!”

Tao: *starts pouting like a little kid* “Y/n my girlfriend, not Lay’s.”


*When you guys were at the MAMA Awards, Kai overheard someone talking about you and Kyungsoo being shipped*

Random Person: “Where’s Y/n and Kyungsoo. I heard people started to ship them because they’re dating.”

*Kai looks back wondering why people are talking about this when they know you’re Kai’s date to MAMA.*

Kai: *says under his breath* “but she’s my girlfriend.”


*Sehun was extremely confused that fans were shipping you with Luhan instead of him, mostly because he thought that you were too beautiful to be with Luhan*

Sehun: *bitterly and to himself says * “What’s so special about the deer?”

In Italy we have a dating tv show called “Uomini e Donne” (literally “Men & Women” that’s kinda like The Bachelor) and this year, for the very first time, there was a gay “throne” (It’s called like that because bachelors sit on thrones). This is a video of Claudio’s choice (the bachelor) and I HAD TO POST IT BECAUSE IT’S THE MOST PRECIOUS THING EVER. 

Ps. God bless queen Mary de Filippi for this. 

[transcription under the cut (sorry for any mistakes but I did it really quick)]

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chryselephantinechaos  asked:

Fandom/thing ask... genuinely curious: Fantastic Beasts


favorite character: This is not an easy thing to answer, tbh. I love my whole damn suitcase family and I love Seraphina MORE THAN I AM SHOWING HER IN THIS FIC. But, at the end of the day…there’s a reason I’m really attached to Credence, okay? In which I overshare on the internet…I know there’s a lot of meta about his story being in reference to homosexuality, but the first time I saw the movie in the theater was the week after I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I cried at “I don’t think I want to, Mr. Graves.” Because fuck, is living with this shit like having a goddamn Obscurus under my skin. On the one hand–I have so much POWER, so much ENERGY. On the other–I’m incredibly destructive and I scare the fuck out of myself even on my good days. Yeah. So. At the end of the day, Credence is my favorite character.

least favorite character: EVIL BLEACHED PINEAPPLE MAN WITH A HORRIBLE MUSTACHE (grindelwald)

character i never expected to love as much as i do now: If someone told me when I walked out of the theater that I would end up adopting original Percival Graves…I’d have laughed so hard I’d have died.

favorite pairing: Is this…is this even a question. Credence/Percival all the way, kids. It’s the flagship of my fleet.


favorite scene: The entry to Newt’s suitcase. The aforementioned “I don’t think I want to” is a close second.) Like…I was never super attached to Harry Potter. I loved it, and I loved Hogwarts, but honestly? I never truly understood why people love the Wizarding World until Jacob stepped into that suitcase. When I saw it, it was like coming home.

favorite headcanon: THE PIGEONS. American wizards don’t use owls, they use pigeons! I LOVE IT.

favorite au: I am ride or die for @almost-annette‘s Pretty Woman AU. Here’s the link, because all of you should read it: The Oldest Profession. Like. Jesus. All of my favorite dynamic notes. Chastity and Modesty being central characters. The Shaws being awful in so many tragically plausible ways. Percival being a blind idiot about Feelings and Credence being simultaneously kickass and starving for affection. Just. Ugh. So good. SO good.

I hope this satisfies your curiosity!!! :D

Familiar - Part 6

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 Part 5 

He guys, please tell me what you think, i love reading your comments on this


He pulled away from you all too soon for your liking.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.  I just…Sorry” He sighed “I wanted to do that the minute I saw you, I was just shocked, then you said about not knowing if you were going to stay or not and I didn’t want to sway your decision. I get if you don’t feel the same, it’s been longer for you than it has for me; the real me.  I just had to do that one more time, sorry.”

He was completely avoiding your gaze so you turned his head to yours and reattached your lips to his.  It took less than a millisecond for him to respond and yet all too quickly you pulled away.

“I’ve wanted to do that for so long,” you stated, looking up at him, “how much do you remember, honestly?” You asked, knowing he lied last time you asked and you needed a truthful answer.

“Not everything. But I remember enough to know that I loved you, that I still do. I remember the last thing I thought of, before hitting the bottom of those mountains, was that I’d never see you again.”

You brought his lips to meet yours, your lips moving in perfect sync with each other even though you were out of practise. A wave of nostalgia washed over you both when he ran his hand through your hair leading it down to cup your face.  You clasped your hands behind his neck and pulled him even closer to you, having missed the feeling of him for so long.  You pulled back, eyes wide with excitement, suddenly remembering something from 70 years ago.

“Almost forgot,” you smiled.  You raised your hand to your neck and pulled the chain off, holding it up so Bucky could see what you were wearing as a necklace all this time.  

“Are those… my dog tags?” He asked in complete disbelief.  You nodded.  “How did you get them?” He asked, knowing they were definitely his from the war.

“You gave me them”

       You woke up in the small single bed, literally no space between you and your boyfriend.  He had his arm wrapped around you, the way it always was when it was just you two.              You watched as his eyes fluttered open.  He rose his hand to stroke the side of your face and smiled at you yet, you couldn’t smile back.  Something didn’t quite feel right.  You             were worried for him and the mission he was going on today.

       “What’s wrong doll?” he asked noticing your unusually concerned demeanour.

       “I don’t know, something just… doesn’t feel right.  Your mission I mean, something feels off’  you couldn’t explain it, a gut feeling letting you know that something was wrong, you         just didn’t know what.  Bucky clearly didn’t share this feeling as he was simply smiling at you.  He leant down and connected your lips together, holding you in his embrace for             what was by far the best kiss of your life.  Your lips moved against each other for a long time, biting each other, allowing your hands to explore every inch of bare skin.

       “Here,” Bucky said while unfastening the chain around his neck.  He then took to placing his dog tags around your neck and locking them in place.  “You can give me them back         the next time I kiss you like that.”  He got up from the bed you were sharing and blew a kiss in your direction.

       “See you later doll,” he winked at you and left to go back to his dorm to get ready for the mission.  Maybe he was right, you were probably just being paranoid, yet, even with his         reassurance, you couldn’t shake the feeling that something really bad was going to happen.


You recited the last morning you two shared together. You didn’t really know at the time, but that was the last time you ever saw Bucky Barnes.  You watched as his eyes lit up at the memory and recognition fill his face.

“I think I remember that” He smiled as you handed him the tags.  You could tell that this wouldn’t be easy for him.  For you to remember everything and him to barely be able to see broken shards of memories that were wiped so long ago.  Yet, you would be there, you decided, you’d be with him throughout the good and the bad.  Honestly, though, the past wasn’t relevant to you, you were excited for the memories to come. You thought of all of this as you lovingly undressed each other and rid of all the space between you.

You were kissing up and down his neck, knowing that it was what he loved most, careful not to leave any marks even though you desperately wanted to.  

“(Y/N) stop, wait,” He said, his breathing already heavy.  You instantly lifted yourself off him and apologised.  You had gotten carried away, you thought.  This was probably still new for him and you didn’t know how fast he wanted to go with this.

“Right, sorry… I’ll go back to my room; see you tomorrow,” you sighed worried you had hoped for too much but a hand wrapped around your arm before you could properly get up.

“That’s not what I meant, I want to, I really do. I just,” he looked down at his now exposed left arm and then to you, “I don’t want to hurt you (Y/N)”  You eyed his arm, having not really looked at it until now.  You tried to take his metal hand in your flesh one but he flinched from your grasp.  

“I don’t want to hurt you” he repeated.  The look of fear mixed with guilt on his face was enough to bring tears to your eyes, so you decided what you were going to do.

“You’re not going to hurt me, remember, I can still beat you in a fight” You joked light heartily and smiled when his soft laugh graced the room.  You once again slowly reached for his hand.   This time, he didn’t flinch but instead took your hand in his.

“You’re not going to hurt me, James, I promise.”  You stroked the side of his face with your free arm and watched as he melted into your hand.  “We don;t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“I want to doll, desperately, if I hurt you, though, you have to tell me.”  You nodded at his words, slightly pained that he thought he would hurt you, then reconnected your lips.  As his shirt was already off, you started placing feathery kisses where the metal met skin. He became visibly tense when you did but gradually eased into what you were doing.  He entangled his hands in your hair and brought your head up to look at him.

“I’ve missed you doll”

“I’ve missed you too sergeant.”


You woke up the next morning, completely naked, and this time, when you reached across the bed, you were greeted with Bucky’s hand encasing yours.  It had been a very long time since you had felt this at home.  He rested his head on top of yours and you noticed he was wearing his dog tags, making you smile.  He saw you looking at them and sighed.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, hoping he didn’t have a nightmare during his sleep.

“I don’t have anything like this, you have all these memories and souvenirs, I don’t. It’s not fair.”  He looked away.

“That’s not completely true” You hinted, enjoying the confused look on his face before you explained.  You sat up and straddled him, pulling the thin blankets away from him, exposing his bare chest.  You traced your hand down his chest and stopped it just below where the metal met skin on his arm.

“It’s still there,” you smiled in relief.  A healed bullet wound was clearly visible just under his arm.  Bucky looked at you, completely puzzled and almost hurt.

“They told me that was from disobeying,” He said looking at the wound.  Your face fell. How dare they! How dare they corrupt such a happy memory.  You moved the cover away from you,exposing the skin at the same place on your body and showing the matching scar.

“This was from one of the best days of my life,” you smiled at him and began to divulge how you both really got those scars.


       You and Bucky were entangled in each other’s bodies.  Even though you were both completely drunk, you knew you would never forget the sensation of being with Bucky in the lake  just off base.  Adrenaline was rushing through both of your bodies.  You knew you weren’t allowed to be here, hell, you weren’t even really supposed to be dating Bucky, which is why you never told anyone, not even Peggy, although, you had your suspicions that she had figured it out.  

       Bucky was up to his waist in water and you would have been if Bucky wasn’t holding you up, your legs wrapped around his waist for support.  You had been like this ever since drunk you had suggested it and drunk Bucky agreed.  You both stripped before getting into the water, a decision you’d probably regret.  Bucky lightly pressed your back to a nearby rock protruding from the fresh water never once disconnecting his lips from yours.  You didn’t have anyone to train the next day and Bucky was on one of his extremely rare days off. Being best friends with captain America had its perks after all.  You could stay here for hours and no one would know.  The lake was sealed off of course, so the soldiers could exercise there, but they rarely chose to, and no one patrolled here. Or so you thought.

       You heard Bucky wince almost immediately after, a deep, sharp pain shot through your side.  Whatever hit him had got to you too apparently.  

   “Who’s there!?”  A low voice shouted from the lake bay.    You turned around just enough to see a low ranking officer (only the low-ranking ones did patrol) with a gun aiming at you.  He didn’t know who you were of course, or Bucky for that matter. He probably thought you were intruders trying to find out secrets.  

       With your legs still wrapped around his waist, Bucky willingly dropped into the water and manoeuvred around the rock he had you placed against so you were unable to be seen by the soldier.  You looked down at your side and saw the gaping bullet wound, then saw the matching injury on Bucky.  You applied pressure to each side of Bucky’s wound, and he did the same to you, this way you could keep balance.  The bullet had gone through both of you.

       Minutes past and the guard finally left. You waited until the footsteps were far out of earshot, then you both swam back to the bay, still bleeding furiously.  Your clothes were gone, though, all of them probably taken in by the lake as the guard didn’t seem to pick anything up.   You erupted into a fit of giggles, clutching your side.  Bucky raised his eyebrows at you but soon joined in your drunken laughter.

       “What do we do?” he asked in a mild panic.

       “Run. Run fast.” You smiled, not truly believing that this was your only option.  He gazed at you, jaw dropped, and took your hand.  You looked around and as quick as you could, tried to run back to the main base.  You saw the guard from earlier as you were making your way back, both you and Bucky still naked and bleeding.  You hid behind one of the cars lined up against the fence.  His footsteps began to get closer, closer and closer.  You squeezed Bucky’s hand, unsure of what would happen if you were found like this, but to your delight, someone else intervened.

       “John, come over here,” an unknown voice called.  You and bucky took this opportunity to sprint towards your sleeping quarters.  You couldn’t go to James’s as all the Howling Commandos would likely be there.  The only person likely to be in yours was Peggy, but you could trust her, she was probably out with Steve, though.   You ran through the door to your living quarter, dragging Barnes in by his hand.  You waddled over to one of the medical cabinets on the other side of the room and grabbed bandages, alcohol and a sewing kit while Bucky found some towels and even more bandages.

       “Lie down sergeant” You mockingly commanded

       “Yes ma’am” He jokes.  To you, this was one of the funniest thing ever, along with the dumb faces he was making as you tried to stitch him up.  Your hand kept shaking as you wiped away the last of the blood and looked at your handiwork.  Not the best, you thought.  Bucky was still laughing though.  Nw it was his ten to stitch you up.  He poured the alcohol on, as instructed, then shoddily began to stitch your wound.  You were still joking with him, though, which probably wasn’t a good idea. Barnes with a needle was bad enough, drunk Barnes with a needle was beyond a bad idea, but drunk hysterical Barnes trying to sew a wound shut? Might not end well for either party.  

       You were both soon dried, clothed and stitched up, finally beginning to sober up.  You knew that the wound would cause a scar, but didn’t care.

       Bucky took your hand in his, slowly placing light feather kisses to your hand, then up your arm, then up and down your neck.  You angled you neck to make it easier for him, loving the feeling of his soft lips pressed against your skin.  His kisses moved up to your mouth and became deeper and more hungry.  You could tell what he wanted to do, after all, you were interrupted in the lake.  He moved his other hand to the hem of your shirt, asking for permission to pull it up.

       “No, sorry Barnes. No strenuous physical activity. At least, not until the stitches heal.”  You smiled at his clearly defeated expression, knowing how difficult this would be for both of you.


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Missing You: Josh Washington x Reader

Part Two- Pulling You In
Part Three- Finally

As requested by Anon: “Can you please do a JoshxReader fic where the reader is a childhood friend of Josh, but she had to go away for like a few years, but then she came back during high school and then she got to meet the entire gang, but the girls (except maybe the twins since they knew each other) are kinda mean to her because they want Josh and Sam to be together, but Josh has like the biggest crush on the reader?”

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I want to apologize in before-hand

I’m going to be reblogging a lot of atuff from Once Upon A Time these days basically because I’ve watched the shit out of those six seasons in a month and a half (it would have been in less time if i hadn’t had exams and shit)
The thing is, today I’ve watched, what i think it is, the end of the show and to say that I’m emotionally unstable is the understatement of the century. I always amaze myself of how involve i get with tv shows and honestly, this one, really got under my skin.
At first i thought it was kind of boring and plain. But, the more i watched it the more i became attached to it. There’s no need to say that i’ve cried like a baby at the end, when everyone go thair HAPPY FREAKING BEGINNING

…so yeah
This is going to be my mood in the next few days
Sorry not sorry

Makes draw even sweeter when Cristiano is a sore loser like that. He didn’t really get a chance today. Sore loser. Tough s**t. We didn’t set up to man mark him, just had to know where he was, he’ll shoot from outside box and everything has to be blocked. Cristiano’s comments are reason why Messi is always one step ahead of him. It shows we got under his skin. Lovely to hear that.
—  Kári Árnason (Iceland NT)

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#80 for post hogwarts dramione please! 😊

80. “How can you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?”

Hermione would never understand how she ended up being friends with Pansy Parkinson, girl at fault for the almost death of her best friend, nor would she ever give it a second thought. Chances were, she’d probably regret it.
They have absolutely nothing in common, yet at times Hermione feels like there is no one but this black haired girl that gets why the nighttime is the worst time of the day for her. That, and probably Draco Malfoy, Hermione’s question mark since he kissed her two months ago, at Pansy’s engagement party.
When it happened, she was several glasses of Firewhiskey in, tipsy but content, sitting on the same table as Daphne Greengrass and her now husband and Hermione’s unfortunate mistake, Ron Weasley, whom she hasn’t spoken to in a year. But that wasn’t the point, was it?
Draco had grabbed her and dragged her inside Pansy’s very expensive house, before slamming her against a wall and kissing her, waiters looking at them weirdly but continuing doing their job. His hands were rough and his lips were soft but demanding and she was spinning during the whole of it, trying desperately to breathe but failing, yet wanting more. Always wanting more when it came to this and him. Hermione’s interest in the Slytherin bully had peaked during fourth year, no doubt, but by sixth year, it had grown into a full blowing obsession, where she dreamt of him at night and worried about him during the day. She had known something was wrong since the first day back, yet what with Harry and the library, she had no time to do anything about it. And Draco showed no signs of even acknowledging the witch that year, so she had convinced herself to give up to her foolish fantasies.
That kiss had brought it all back. But then Draco had disappeared again, only to resurface today, at her doorstep, blonde hair falling over his stormy, grey eyes, and hands in the pockets of his possibly-more-expensive-than-her-house suit pants. He looked sharp and handsome, nothing like the mess of a boy she remembered him being during the last years at Hogwarts.
He also looked very determined.
“What are you doing here?” was the first thing that slipped out of Hermione’s mouth.
His eyes fluttered to her lips, before visibly swallowing.
“May I come in?” Of course, good manners above everything else.
Hermione stepped aside, letting him inside her small flat.
She was proud of her house, however small it was, and she would never feel bad for her crappy bookstore job or her wasted teenage dreams. Millionaire Draco Malfoy or not.
“I–” Hermione started, but was quickly interrupted.
“Astoria left me.” That shut her up.
The whole wizarding world knew about Draco’s relationship problems with Astoria Greengrass, her wanting everything to be out in the open, in case anyone didn’t know she was dating quite possibly the richest wizard in London. Hermione knew what would surely happen at the end, but she still carried on with her life, as Draco’s personal affairs was none of her concern (no matter how badly she wanted them to be.)
“I’m sorry,” she settled for saying, standing like a stranger in her own home.
That’s when he looked at her, gaze studying her face, before a bitter smile appeared on his pale lips.
“You don’t mean that.”
“No, I don’t.”
Draco then proceeded to examine her flat, looking around like he was interested in buying the place.
“This is nice,” he commented, and the genuineness in his voice made Hermione flinch.
She’d be lying if she said she had gotten over the slurs he threw at her all those years ago.
So she sighed. Sat down on her armchair, legs up and really looked at him, seeing the shadows under his eyes, his tense shoulders.
“What do you want, Draco? How do you know where I live?” But she knew the answer to that question.
“Pansy,” he answered simply, going to sit on her couch, fingers expertly unbuttoning his blazer, then the first few buttons of his shirt. Pale skin showed underneath, knocking the breath out of Hermione.
“Still doesn’t answer my question.”
A fond smirk painted over his mouth, and he got all comfortable on her beaten up couch, looking right at home. Looking exactly like the dreams Hermione still has, where there is no Bad vs Good and choices were made wisely instead of hastily.
“I wanted to see you,” he rasped.
“Funny. You ran out of Pansy’s place faster than a jinx could hit you two months ago.”
“That was a mistake,” he replied.
A mistake. If her heart could break a second time, it would.
“Then I think you should leave.”
He quickly caught on the double meaning of his words.
“I didn’t– I meant– Hermione, I’m sorry. I acted like a teenager at the party, I wasn’t thinking straight. I was lonely and you were there–”
“You’re really not helping your case–”
“You were there,” he repeated, exasperated. “And you looked beautiful, and I just had to– I just absolutely fucking had to kiss you.”
The atmosphere immediately changed, the tension too heavy, hanging above them like a cloud full of rain. It was only a matter of time before the storm raged.
“Why now?” She found herself muttering. Why after all these years?
“Because I am stupid despite me priding myself for my Hogwarts marks,” he let out a harsh chuckle, “and I chose the wrong girl when you’ve been there all along. All along, Hermione,” his voice dropped to a murmur. “You were right there, and I couldn’t see you.”
Nervousness filled her, and she desperately needed to get up, do something with her hands, before she attacked him. Or said something embarrassing, like how pretty he looked, apologetic and tired.
“We all make mistakes, don’t you suppose? D’ you want some tea? I could boil some water…” She stood up, nearly running to the kitchen, but Draco was quicker, and he managed to grab her sweaters sleeve pulling her to him.
“I suppose we do. But I am twenty six years old and I’m tired of repeating the same old tale over and over again. Astoria made sure to give me a reality check before she took half of my money and left with Millicent to Paris.”
Hermione couldn’t breathe, but the surprise was bigger than that. “Bulstrode?” she squeaked.
“Bulstrode,” he smiled softly, bringing her closer. His scent was intoxicating, a mixture of cologne, after shave, smoke and what she supposed could only be described as Draco, something entirely his.
She didn’t realize she was biting her lip, till Draco’s thumb released it from in-between her teeth.
“I’m not–” she took a deep breath “I’m not some toy, Malfoy. I won’t let you play me like some mindless chick you picked up from a muggle bar.”
“Wouldn’t dream of doing that, Granger.” The smirk was back.
“Hermione,” he whispered, and she didn’t know which breath was hers, with how close they were. His eyes were nearly black. “We both waited long enough. I want to try this. And I know I’m not deserving of you in any way, but I am asking for a chance. Just once chance.”
“I’m not–”
“Please.” She was very conscious of his hands on her waist, and his breath fanning over her lips, and all she wanted, all she really wanted, was to let him do anything he wanted with her.
But that would go against everything she was.
She didn’t care.
“I thought you weren’t–” she started, but he, once again, interrupted her.
“How can you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?” And then he kissed her, and all thought was lost.

A student-written guide for those starting A-Levels this year

Some stuff I wish someone had told me before I started Sixth Form. Long-winded, yeah, but hopefully helpful? The information people are given going into college is ridiculously limited, not to mention biased. Just felt like there needed to be a student opinion out there somewhere.

  1.  Choosing subjects: I’m going to advise you take one of two strategies here, or a mixture of both. One; choose courses you know you are good at. Two; choose courses you know you will enjoy. I don’t care what you think you need to get into uni, if you suck at Maths, taking a-level maths will make the next couple years of your life miserable. And, you know what? If you aren’t great at it, and you don’t enjoy it, then you won’t want to put study time in and you’ll probably fail the subject anyway. Worth it? No. So don’t overshoot when choosing subjects. Three Bs in subjects you understand and find interesting are worth more than three Es in subjects that drive you crazy. It’s also worth pointing out that most sixth forms give you the option of switching courses in the first few weeks, so there’s really no excuse for getting stuck on a course that makes you miserable (you can also switch colleges within the first few weeks).
  2. Have a backup. Don’t feel trapped in A-levels. Apply for apprenticeships, check out vocational courses, all that crap. Knowing you have something easier to fall back on if things don’t work out takes a whole lot of pressure off.
  3. Try to figure out a way to organise your notes - I promise this will help you. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Four subjects? Four folders. Some of your subjects will be split into sections, and an example of this is English Lit, where you could be studying two texts at once, in which case you should split the subject into two separate folders. There are other ways of doing this, of course, but I emplore you to use some kind of system. It makes your life so much easier.
  4. Don’t worry about clothes. You’ve just finished highschool, there are no uniforms to hide behind anymore, and you have to somehow put together something acceptable to wear every day (even those days where you miss your alarm and have to run for the bus). This is an issue for both guys and girls, though guys will pretend it isn’t, and though there are those sorcerers who manage to do that every day while the rest of us look on in awe, most people will give up after the first couple of weeks and stop caring. Jeans and a shirt will do fine any day of the week, nobody cares enough to judge what you’re wearing so just buy comfortable stuff. College is stressful enough, don’t give yourself more things to worry about.
  5.  Grow some balls and join a club. Kick boxing, parkour, chess, newspaper, there will be tons of enrichment activities available. Here’s an example of where I don’t take my own advice, and wish I had. This one’s especially good if you’re starting a college where you don’t know anyone and need to make some new friends. It’s daunting, people might laugh at you, we get it. But what’s the worst that could happen? You figure out those people are assholes and decide that club isn’t for you. If you find yourself looking at a poster thinking, “huh, that could be cool,” then bite the bullet and try it. Also great for CVs and when applying to uni.
  6. Talk to your teachers when you struggle. In secondary school, I was the kid that none of the teachers could ever remember the name of, because I’d sit in the back and be ridiculously quiet and be terrified to ask questions. At some point I got over that, and decided that if I wanted to ask a question, I was gonna ask a goddamn question. And stuff got easier. Tell your teachers if you’re finding stuff difficult, they’re usually pretty great with pep talks, especially if you ever need to panic before an exam.
  7. Don’t stress out about revision. This one was going to be ‘don’t procrastinate’ but then I realised how ridiculously unhelpful that would be. Everyone procrastinates and, as far as I can tell, there’s no known cure. It’s not great, but it’s a fact. Try to start revision a couple weeks/months before hand. Try to attend your revision classes. But if you find yourself staring at a bunch of notes the night before an exam wishing you’d have started studying earlier… don’t panic, it’s not still too late to start. I don’t recommend it, but cramming a fuckton the night before an exam is not entirely useless and, in fact, does work for some people(ie. me). I got through most of my English Lit exams without ever reading through the full text.
  8. Lower your expectations. Sixth form is not easy. Sixth form is not always fun. Sixth form is nothing like the TV show Skins.
  9. Get plastered every so often. Or whatever else you find fun or relaxing, because obviously not everyone drinks. Stick to weekends if drinking though, because being hungover - or drunk, for that matter - in college really sucks. Stress relief is ridiculously fucking important for your mental health, I can’t emphasise this enough. You may be under pressure from parents or teachers or even yourself to stay focused and achieve, but your mental health always comes before your grades, I don’t care what people tell you. You’re sixteen (or seventeen), so make the most of that.
  10. Last thing. If you’re even stressed out about college, or home, or just sad for no reason, college-related or not, you can message me on this blog. I may not be the best person to talk to, but I’m around nontheless.

This got far cheesier than I expected, but I’ve written it now so I might as well post.

NBC just released the unaired pilot for previewing. I’ll admit, I watched the preview and was not impressed. My first negative opinion formed immediately after Ryan Murphy’s name “creator of Glee” appeared on screen in the opening credits.

After finishing the episode, I can honestly say it’s the most unbelievable, stereotypical, obnoxious, shit piece of art that I’ve had the disgrace of viewing in quite some time. Of course, there ARE a few really clever goofy parts. But overall, it’s just a preachy, pathetic attempt at socially minded constructive and creative art. It’s dull. The show is dull.

  • We have the stereotyped sassy black chick.
  • The racist AND homophobic 55 year old GREAT grandmother.
  • The tech savvy 9 year old.
  • The prim, pretty, and really unlikeable flaming gay personality.
  • And a blonde 20 something year old surrogate sweetheart.

IT IS SOOOO BORING!!!!! And the whole time I’m thinking: "I don’t know anyone like this in real life.“ Honestly, the casting alone was enough to make me barf. I don’t know what image Mr. Murphy is actually going for or what direction he’s headed in….

I’m just sick of dipshit shows about white gays that reduce minorities to culturally insensitive props used for cheap laughs. It’s all just a really sad premise of a show that seems to be aimed at a target audience of simple folk who still watch glee.

I was offended. Clearly not for the fact that there were two gay parents, but for being treated like an audience member completely incapable of knowing two shits about the human condition.


Day 1 – Why Do You Love Enzo?

I think with Enzo’s character it was love at first sight. Since he was brought in the show, I saw something in him. He appeared to us as a good man, a good friend and person who easily put his trust in people, a man who still believed in life, in love and in a better future. Probably this is one of the thing I like about him the most, the capability to hold on to hope, even after 60 years of torture… He still wanted friends, love, a life to live fully and he never gave up on that, until he felt betrayed by his best friend. This was when he switched off everything, but still we could see that he was feeling a lot and that he was run by his emotions and his heart, like he was for his whole life. The big heart, how selfless he is, the passion he puts into everything, those are the things that made me love Enzo the most, but in general he is a reall well layered character and Michael’s amazing acting qualities only gave him even more edge to hold on to, and definitely helped Enzo to got under my skin and find easily a place in my heart. Not to mention that his sarcasm, his snarky comments and his blunteness, really brought some spice on the show and I will always say that he was without doubt the highlight of TVD season 5.