but this shoot always has my heart

Words of wonderful love in my heart.


Laying on the ground and watching the sun go down over the town.  Its time to do something profound.  Whether in silence or being loud, we’re dancing under the stars and counting shooting stars.  My heart has been pulled apart in the past, but is proud to cradle your heart. Sometimes I question whether acting with my heart is wise, but I always surmise that it is the only way my heart will allow me to act.  It’s a powerful passion and a dangerous passion to wear ones heart on their sleeve.  The stars stare and the weather is fair as I whisper and scream the theme.  The words I love you are carried on the cool breeze and I am either your hero or just a wishful fool.  Words from my heart are my most powerful tool and my manners are a bit old school, but I’m here fighting the fear and hoping you hear that I love you. –Brian Hood.