but this shoot always has my heart


Dilip Mehta Shoot - 1991. 1/2. For better quality, click on the photo’s! Tumblr decreases everything!

“Dilip Mehta had spent five nights with MJ at Neverland in the year of 1991, photographing, chatting and bonding with the pop icon like brothers over meals and drinks. It was a rare privilege to have access to the ranch.

MJ opened up not only his home, but his heart to Dilip.
Dilip has always been unwilling to divulge details of their conversations together, but was kind enough to share such beautiful photo’s.”

I’m kissing you on rooftops and your mouth
tastes like fresh kill and copper blood.
Your hands are bowstrings on my skin;
the way you crash them into me has arrows
shooting straight into my heart.

ii. Touch the moon with me, you say,
and we’re pulling it along with us and we’re drunk
on laughter and starshine, the crook of your arm
slender and warm around my waist
as we careen through the midnight sky.

When I walk into battle you are always
by my side. It took me a few decades to realise
that you are doing this not for the hunt
but for me.
(I am still not used to the idea.)

You point to the stars and show me the
constellations you have helped create (I do
not miss the way your voice hitches at Orion,
the way you gleam with silver anger for a moment).
I know the stories but I listen anyway.

My owl sits on your hand. Bright-eyed Athena,
you whisper, and I want to tell you that you are the
reason for their gleam. I don’t. The way
your lips trail up my body (the way your eyes
stay locked on mine) tell me that you already know.

—  myth girls who like girlsAthena and Artemis

I couldn’t pick just one defining breakthrough role. I like to think that they’re all a part of me. There’s a part of my heart that forever has Anne Boleyn written on it, who I played in The Tudors. Equally, to some I will always be Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones, or Miss Julie who I played in After Miss Julie at the Young Vic.


After realizing that I did not have enough time to enjoy any of my hobbies in a meaningful way, I decided to pick photography and focus on it (no pun intended). But photography has developed into so much more - a true passion. (While I am a lawyer by profession, I am a photographer at heart). Photography allows me to create wherever I go and to share those creations with the world.

These days I shoot with a Canon EOS 60D and a Sigma 18-250mm lens, a Dolica carbon fiber ball-head tripod, and sometimes extension tubes. On a rare occasion, I may post an iPhone shot when I yearned to capture something but was without my 60D. Finally, I continue to learn, always studying and looking for ways to improve. Thus, comments and constructive feedback are always welcome.


More photos from when happysmily and I were Shingeki no Girlfriends together. ;w; This particular sequence was all her idea and ohhhh man, looking back through these photos I can’t help but ask myself WHY THE HECK I DIDN’T SHARE THEN SOONER LIKE OH MY GOSH MY HEART CAN’T EVEN HANDLE THEM. ;~; But yeah, it’s so fun shooting with Jo - she’s completely game for anything, is really comfortable to shoot with, and always has such good ideas. c:

Bonus: Our vlog from that day!

Ymir - happysmily

Historia - anyapanda-official

Photography - artofprocrastination

Long story time!

FFVII has always had an extra-special place in my heart because it was the first RPG I ever played, and to this day it’s still my favorite game of all time. About a year and a half ago I learned about this abandoned church in Gary Indiana through my friends, and it’s located just roughly an hour from where I live. XD

It became a dream location for a cosplay shoot, and Crisis Core Aerith became a higher priority on my to-do list. 

Once I had finished Crisis Core Aerith last year we did a shoot, but the image files were lost. Luckily I kept the flowers and was determined to try again with a better idea on what to expect in terms of flower bed placement and whatnot, but when the best opportunity arose to do the shoot again….the church’s roof collapsed. D:

I was pretty devastated, but determined to make it work! Friends joked that the roof falling made it Advent Children appropriate, so I got to work immediately on Advent Children Aerith. 

As an extra boost of motivation, a favorite photographer friend volunteered to shoot us. We don’t get to see him very often, but we turned it into a weekend of fun hangout times and delicious food.  

Thank you so much Joe for coming all the way out here to shoot with us, to Genia for sharing church in the first place, and to all of my friends that supported me during the planning process.

Needless to say, the wait was well worth it! :)

Zack: Ex-Shadow

Aerith: myself

Photo by Joseph Chi Lin


ninadobrev:  Ok. Officially a mess. No hiding it anymore. Today has been a day filled with farewells.. I still have 2 more days of shooting before I wrap TVD. But it’s officially a wrap on Caroline&Elena&Bonnie. Finished filming with these two beautiful, funny, sweet, sassy, amazingly talented and lovely ladies…. @candiceaccola @katgrahampics .
Love you with all my heart and soul forever and always… #TVDFamily

craccola: From 2009 Season One… To 2015 Season Six 🌻life is such a crazy beautiful insane journey

ninadobrev:  I feel like a blow fish, so puffy and bloated from crying all day. Tears of joy&sadness. Bittersweet. So many memories. What a fun ride… 😭💖👯😃🙅😍

My mom is devastated by the chapel hill shooting. My mom has never been heart broken about discrimination stuff like this. My mom is a pretty firm hindu that comes from a family that has always felt a bit bitter towards Muslims and Pakistani people because of the partition stuff. So if my mom’s tears and screams of sorrow doesn’t speak volumes towards the chapel hill shooting, I don’t know what does.

I think much more than I speak, in fact I say so little that people sometimes assume I know nothing about anything,
but truth is, I’m thinking of a hundred responses to every question someone asks
but the only thing I can manage is a smile or a nod or something like that.
Truth is, I could tell you all about world affairs and politics and I could tell you all kinds of weird facts about the
human body, like how your heart creates so much pressure when it pumps
that it can shoot blood thirty feet away
and your tongue has unique prints like your fingers

but people don’t want to know these things, do they?
Growing up, I was hushed and worn like a charm bracelet
when my parents felt the need to show off something they made.
Maybe that’s why it’s hard to find my voice sometimes.
Maybe that’s an excuse.
I’ve always been good at excuses.
When people would ask me to speak, I’d run away
or crawl inside of my skin and say, “oh no, I don’t know anything” and they’d take it
and I could breathe.

Truth is, I read everything I can get my hands on and I write because it’s easier than speaking,
and I find it much simpler for animals to love me because they don’t expect me to talk.
We can know each other for a lifetime and never have to say a word and I don’t doubt them and they don’t doubt me.
Truth is, I love giving and I love the ocean and California mountains and rain and music
and I’m a person just as much as the next, though I may not take part in small talk.

Doctors say I have social anxiety, and I guess I do,
but that doesn’t save me from remembering the one time a boy I know was being verbally bullied
for his femininity
and I kept my mouth shut because I was afraid to stutter.
That doesn’t stop me from remembering all of those years my mother abused me
because I was scared no one would believe me.

These days I am not silent when someone is being hurt or harassed, and my words will become loud and sharp

but I’m still learning that I have to defend myself, too.

Remember, quietness does not equal cowardice. It does not equal unintelligence. It does not equal uncultured. It does not equal lesser.

If a person is quiet, don’t dismiss them. You could be losing a person that might love you like the sun.

Just because a person doesn’t speak very often,

it doesn’t mean that they have nothing to say.

—  quiet people || Scarlette La Vaillante

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I wanted to share something special with you! My biggest wish has always been to meet Taylor Swift, on September 27th when the eclipse was happenning the sky was absolutely incredible, we could see all the stars more than usual and my little brother told me he had seen a couple of shooting stars! So I decided to sit outside and wait for a shooting star. When I finally saw one, I closed my eyes and I wished with all my heart to meet Taylor Swift in Toronto. On Oct. 2nd my friend and I got chosen for Loft 89 and it was so random, we were running when the lights went down and Mama Swift grabbed us. My mom told me after that she had also made the same wish for me when she saw a shooting star. So you would understand that now I really believe it works, so I offer you this shooting star. Make a wish. Do not scroll past this, it can be for meeting Taylor or any wish, but make one that is close to your heart. I hope and think something great is coming your way! 

reporter: with us today we have the parents of the two killers. so, your sons murdered 13 innocent people. what went wrong?

sue: all i can say is that dylan was a good kid. he was shy, but managed to make friends. he had a passion for learning. we were a NORMAL happy family. we never had guns in our house. we are puzzled over what happened to our little sunshine boy :(

tom: dylan was my best friend, my everything. we bonded all the time. he told me everything too. fixing up cars and all that, playing chess. i feel like my world has turned upside down since the shooting, i thought i knew who my son was. still, he will always be in our hearts.

reporter: wow, shocking story. wayne, kathy, any commentary on your side about eric?

wayne and kathy: who

Nina Dobrev:

“Ok. Officially a mess. No hiding it anymore. Today has been a day filled with farewells.. I still have 2 more days of shooting before I wrap TVD. But it’s officially a wrap on Caroline&Elena&Bonnie. Finished filming with these two beautiful, funny, sweet, sassy, amazingly talented and lovely ladies…. @candiceaccola @katgrahampics . Love you with all my heart and soul forever and always… #TVDFamily”


I was going to just post these pictures without commentary, but I really, really can’t. This shoot is always going to have a special place in my heart. The Jojo fandom has really kicked my ass in gear after a long period of feeling stuck, and it was my dream to do a shoot as Jonathan with a Dio who matched my size. I’ve been so nervous waiting to see how the shots came out, and I really could not have asked for better pictures in the end! Thank you @cosmicgarden-cos for doing such a phenomenal job and to @diobramdo for being the cutest SMOL DIO!

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 🌟 Phantom Blood

Jonathan Joestar // Dio Brando // Photographer

Pluck // Mask

My favorite day ever on The Walking Dead is something that happens every year. And it’s when the cast and crew get to go away from the studio into the little town of Senoia, where we shoot, and watch the premiere of that season together. And its so gratifying and so fun and lovely just to sit back and watch the crew in particular come and let loose and have fun and watch on screens all around how their hard work has paid off. It warms my heart and it’s always my favorite day every season.

And then my other favorite days on set are when all the cast is working together. Like the reunion scene in season 5 and the barn scene in season 5 where the storm is coming and we all have to rush the door to keep it from coming down. Any time that the whole cast is all together is a super fun day because there are a lot of hysterical people in this cast and it’s a lot fun to cut up — amongst the hard work that we have to do and the bugs and the heat and everything else, it’s fun just to laugh.

—  Melissa McBride (EW)

Point of view.

【SKYE】It wasn’t nearly as terrible as watching MOM and DAD fight downstairs.

【WARD】#I don’t even need Ward to say a word, just look at the look on his face.

【GARRETT】I know you’d follow him to the grave.

【FURY】You’ll have his back.

As a Philinda shipper and May fan, I really wanna see Coulson caring more for May. I mean, yeah, Coulson does care about May, but definitely not enough and not as much as May shows her love for him. Really bothers me that the only time Coulson calls her Melinda is when he needs her to fly the bus, whereas May always calls him Phil. The talk between them at the end of 204 really made me cry! May has everything planned out for Coulson. If she really shoots him in his head, how can she even handle that? Then in the winter finale, we see May shouting for Coulson ALONE!!! My heart broke like shit!

Dancing On My Own

Steve Rogers x Female Reader

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous: Based on the song Dancing on My Own cover by Callum Scott and the prompt: It was only when he (almost) lost her did he realize that it was her. It has always been her [that held his heart all along]. Angst but with a happy ending, please? Is this okay? 😀

Word Count: 3,650

Warnings: Angst, violence, language (because it’s me, c’mon), alcohol abuse, and the repercussions that come with heavy drinking.

A/N: You asked for angst, and so I give you angst! I hope you enjoy, Annon. I was playing with different perspectives (which is new for me) so shoot me an ask when you’ve read it so I can know what you think, darlin!  I loved this request so much, I just hope I was able to do it justice.

Steve’s perspective will be in italics while the reader’s are normal text. Song lyrics are in bold

(I’m still getting the hang of writing Steve, please be kind)

Originally posted by your-kylie-me

It was only when he had almost lost her did he realize that it was her.  It had always been her.  She was the one that held his heart all along.

You should have known this would be a problem when you agreed to attend Tony’s little soirée. It was a classy event, that much you knew - it was the only reason you were even in a dress, after all.  But you hadn’t expected someone to look so irresistibly amazing in a suit.  But then again, Steve wasn’t just someone.  He was Captain fucking America, and he was the greatest man you’d ever known.

You were smiling like a buffoon when he first found you, wrapping you in one of his signature hugs.  His smell attacked your senses on contact and you were red by the time he pulled away.  He’s smiling as he looks you over, and chills erupt over your skin.  And then he tells you that you look beautiful, radiant even, and you’ve been reduced to a giggling mess.

You hated that he had this effect on you.  With one flash of that blinding smile, you were putty in Steve’s hands.  Regardless of what the hard-headed shit had done, when he fixed you with his pearly whites there was no denying that you couldn’t stay mad at him.

But it didn’t mean that he couldn’t break your heart.

And break your heart, he did.

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Tbh it’s heartbreaking that every time a white person shoots up a place, even if he’s in his twenties or something, they always say “He’s a good kid.”

But teenaged girls at a pool party who are not physically or mentally mature are “women” and a twelve year old baby boy is a “threat” and a “thug” because he has a pellet gun.

My heart’s aching right now.

Confession:  I truly do love Alenko as a character and always romance him in mass effect but then comes horizon and is all angry and hostile and I’m thinking you shit head I’ve been dead for 2 f**king years it’s not like I could call! you @!#% and THEN after breaking my femsheps heart and she saves the world from collectors and baby reaper he has the audacity to sass me on Mars I really REALLY wish that at that point there was a renegade interrupt where I could shoot him in the kneecaps and then we’d be cool

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