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Ladybug/Marinette Cheng from Miraculous Ladybug in "Always" from the palette if you're still doing it! :)

Sorry it took a while, anon! :D Probably not quite what you were expecting but it was fun anyhoo

DAY 3402

Jalsa, Mumbai                July 21/22,  2017                 Fri/Sat 12:58 AM

Birthday - EF - Hitesh Gohel        Sat, July 22 …… and wishes for the birthday go out to Hitesh .. with love from us all the Ef ..

There is redemption in the world of creativity .. no .. yes .. what ?

Redemption in the method the tact the approach and the finality of expression, in which ever way the wind blows .. many an effort is made, many a difference it makes in the eyes of the beholder, and many are the interpretations .. creativity gives allowance, gives time, gives a breath, gives a moment .. to sit back take a deep intake of the hemisphere, assess look about and then seek ..

May the process of seeking be ever more present in us all .. moment when dissatisfaction shall turn to an opportunity to do better or better the better .. the issue is which better to accept and which to be put on redemption ..

In the complexity of solutions or forgiving answers, the need for another attempt is accepted .. and that is what creativity excites .. to look at the painting from a distance from a microscope and find no error .. to hear the sound of the chord in its natural, or sanitised condition and still be provoked for improvement ..

I shall live by that weight ever ..

Satisfaction is a climatic peak .. of the conquest of height .. of achievements without compromise and remorse .. 

And when it fails .. it is trodden over in the slime and slush of ignominy forgotten and never referred to .. it could be the end of the world for many .. for many too it shall be the world of a beginning .. 

At times it is time to begin again .. to imbibe the past and to enlighten it with the fresh redemption for another attempt .. 

I shall be with it in the morrow of the night after ..

Good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Loki Imagine Arranged Marriage Part 2

Requested by @theimaginesofwhomiwrite @hanzas01 @kayleighfreeman @pixelpaula @faeylinn @skymoonandstardust @violarionne09 @starfishfaerie and @nijiru

Part 1

Your ears felt like they were bleeding from the thunderous applause of everyone at the wedding. Frigga gave Loki a look and he reluctantly grabbed your hand, as he dragged you into your new room. The door slammed behind the two of you, as various people shouted vulgar comments. If only they knew the truth, you thought bitterly. 

“So, shall we-”

“Don’t do that. Let’s not pretend that either of us wanted this. This is our situation now, so we just have to deal with it now.” Loki interrupted you, without even glancing at you. You blinked in shock and felt your last shred of hope crumble at his words. 

“You don’t even want to try? You don’t know anything about me.” As you spoke, your voice quivered and Loki sighed, as he walked toward a door near the back of the room. 

“I’ll sleep in the other room, so there aren’t any questions.” Loki ignored you and left the room. You wiped a stray tear away and laid on the bed, unable to sleep.

“(Y/N).” You looked up as the door to your room swung open and Frigga walked in, with a wide smile. Loki had ignored you and you had stayed in your room, embarrassed by your sham of a marriage. 

“Is everything alright? You haven’t had breakfast.” Frigga sat next to you and placed a concerned hand on your shoulder. You took a deep breath, remembering Loki’s cold behaviour.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can stay here.” You whispered and your voice cracked. Frigga frowned and you knew how disappointed your parents would be that you had failed.

“I know Loki can be difficult, but there is a person underneath his hard exterior. You just need to find it. Don’t give up on this just yet, because I know you two will be good together. Just give him some time.” Frigga comforted you and you nodded. Frigga stood up and held out her hand to you, which you took hesitantly. 

“And just so you know, I would have never let Loki marry someone, who wouldn’t make him happy.” Frigga admitted and you followed her, as thoughts circled round your head.

Requests are open


I wanted to draw something for my Diamond Children AU, so I decided to make a short comics about adult Green and Junior. 

Green is a commander in chief while Pink Jr. is the heir to the throne. This incident happened when rebels (not the Crystal Gems) attacked Homeworld.

What do you think will happen next? Shall I make a part two?

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What shall we do about Ethan? I can't stand seeing him this unhappy. It rips me up inside. And the fact that I can't do anything is literally killing me. We need to let him and Grayson take a break from the channel they need to go on a vacation and leave their phones. What can we do to help them? They need help and I do too. He makes me want to sob knowing that my favorite person in the whole world is unhappy. I love him until space ends. 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭 what can we do to help him?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do but just be there for them. We can’t force them to take a break and spend some time away from social medias, we can’t really dictate their lives in order for them to feel better. And it really sucks donkeys ass because we’re all just kind of torn apart, trying to help in any way we can even though our choices are very, very limited. So, just send them nice tweets or something, hopefully they’ll see the nice messages and feel better. But right now, we really can’t do anything :( x

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Ooooh, can you do headcanons on all of the demon kings, (Iblis, Beezelbub, Samuel, etc.) like how they may look or act. Thank you!!!

YESSSSSS. ADMIN SIREN CALLS DIBS. SHE’S BEEN PREPARING FOR THIS FOR 3 MONTHS. (I’m not joking, I counted.) These are also listed from headcanoned oldest to youngest.


  • So it’s pretty obvious we all know he’s the eldest. So I only have some silly headcanons for him.
  • He doesn’t indulge in recreational eating too often, but if cream puffs are in the room, you better get down, because he will kill everyone and anyone to get to them.
  • He only wears clothes when necessary, such as introducing himself and his organization to the world in his fancy general’s gear because clothes are a common courtesy in Assiah and he has respect for humans. If he can get away with it otherwise, he’ll go stark naked.
  • Only his closest lieutenant, the character labeled ‘Illuminati Lady,’ knows that Lucifer has an incredibly short temper, however, he expresses it cooly and calmly, which makes him incredibly terrifying.
  • (No seriously, one dude joked about how Lucifer is like the Fallen Angel from biblical lore, and Lucifer disintegrated him. You do not piss this guy off.)
  • To help fix the situation, Illuminati Lady, in whom I shall dub the name ‘Hotaru’ as per last minute made up headcanon, gave Lucifer a coloring book and some colored pencils. It did wonders on his temper.  


  • AKA Mephisto the schemer and the King of Time.
  • He is the most Problematic Child™ of the Problematic Children™
  • That is not even an understatement.
  • This man is perverted and conniving (See: Howl’s Moving Sex Dungeon). This man does not care about ethics. If a student wanders into his Wunderkammer, well they’re in for either a good time or a… *cough cough* time. (Then again, we already knew that.)
  • His tail matches his hair. Starts purple at the base and slowly turns green at the fur tufted tip that matched his hair curl.
  • The coloring in Mephisto’s hair and tail changes according to his mood. Neutral/purple for indifferent or how he may usually behave, blue for sorrowful or contemplating, pink for horny/intrigued/curious, green for scheming or planning, and yellow for excited/happy or occasionally angry.
  • He has seen every anime in existence. All of them. Even the really obscure anime that no one has ever heard about. He is the ULTIMATE WEABOO OTAKU™
  • Probably cosplays as both men and women. (Loves Sailor Moon and isn’t ashamed to admit it.). He also has a plushy of Unico: this little guy.
  • He can change his height at will and constantly uses this ability to fuck with Satan and Lucifer.


  • That rock that’s supposed to be him in the manga? Yeah, that’s a prop, he’s actually off being a party rock star.
  • He usually appears as the oldest of the Baal, even though he’s actually 3rd oldest.
  • Can change his age appearance at will, from 3-year-old boy to 16-year-old teenager, to 30-year-old man, to 70-year-old elder and everything in between.
  • Is probably a stoner, like a college stoner somewhere. Smokes weed like a freaking hippy.
  • He has medium length white/silver hair that reaches his shoulder blades and he also has golden eyes. He’s really skinny, like skinnier than Mephisto. He dresses in a loose robe most of the time and Jesus sandals. Pale AF. His tail is the same color as his hair and it curls like a lion’s tail.
  • Behaves a little too much like a cat for anyone to be comfortable.
  • Probably has a harem somewhere.
  • The most chill of all the Demon Kings, like this guy, reached maximum chill level two centuries ago.


  • #EdgelordKingofWater ahhahahaha (Dammit this all my fault.)
  • No, but seriously, he’s usually pretty polite, sweet, and conniving. This guy is the literal embodiment of a Slytherin but instead is an actual gentleman, even more so than Mephisto.
  • He’s just going through his emo phase… again.
  • This guy is blue everything. Dark, navy colored blue hair that reaches his waist (usually tied in either a high pony tail or low ponytail, there is no in between. Unless he’s going to sleep, then it’s usually down in majestic flowing locks. If he’s in his emo phase, then it’s in an undercut or whatever that style is called that @bluefire-castiel drew him in.)
  • He also has blue eyes that switch between light baby blue to ocean blue to sapphire blue and even to Marianas Trench blue based on his mood. The more negative his emotions, the darker the blue gets. (Neutral is usually sapphire blue.)
  • He loves kimonos, he thinks they’re comfy. If he’s in a good mood, he’ll generally wear them or loose fitting t-shirts and jeans. Otherwise, during his emo phase, he’s dressing in edgy combat boots, a black cloak, and has piercings all over.
  • He can summon scales to appear all over his body. He can swim faster than he can run and the spaces between his fingers and toes can become webbed.
  • His tail is long and scaly, kind of like a water snake’s, but navy blue if not black in color. Has what looks like mermaid fins as the tuft.
  • Iblis is his twin brother and those two are besties, they cause havoc EVERYWHERE.


  • This guy has worse temper issues than Lucifer. If he gets angry enough, a volcano erupts somewhere. He will probably be the cause of the Yellowstone Super Volcano eruption that causes the apocalypse.
  • He generally dresses in red, orange, and black with variations of the colors. He refuses to wear yellow, it’s too happy a color for him.
  • Hardcore gamer. He has probably played every video game in existence, minus those ‘girly’ ones. He probably invented PvP war videogames, you know, the ones that brainwash United States society? Lowkey has a crush on Lara Croft.
  • He has a pet cat sith, and Satan hates that damn thing. It keeps scratching the really expensive curtains in the castle and tearing up his favorite throw pillows. Her name is Seraphine (and Kuro knows her, he’s mated with her a couple times.)
  •  He understands, loves, and accepts Egyn for who he is, whether he’s going through his emo phase or not.
  • His hair is this reddish-brown color. He had it spray dyed bright red once, but he grew out of it. His eyes are golden, however, they flash red when he’s angry. He and Egyn’s body statures are pretty well off and healthy, they enter strong man competitions just to fuck with everyone, it’s great. He and Egyn also have the glorious beach tans of the Gods.
  • Mephisto got him into watching anime and reading manga and he has never hated anyone more for it because now he’s addicted.
  • His tail is much like Egyn’s, long and scaly except bright red and has spikes on it, kind of like a lizard or dinosaur. 


  • Jeezum, this child is like, the opposite of Azazel. He has 0 chill.
  • He generally takes the appearance of Reiji Shiratori, as that’s his claimed host for future use. His tail is the cliche black spade kind depicted in typical artistry.
  • Has a thing for moe girls, but he’ll never admit it.
  • He’s hella pansexual.
  • He only makes bets he knows he can win and he’s earned a few reproachful looks from Satan because of this.
  • He fairly gets along with Egyn, since moisture and rot pretty thrive off each other.
  • They’re the kind of siblings that switch between “we ride together or we die together” and “no officer, I don’t know that person” in two-second intervals.
  • Always two seconds away from maiming a person.


  • Sweets junky. He and Mephisto bond by buying out candy store stocks. 
  • This child needs a lot of help.
  • Is either 0 chill or 100 chill, there is no in between.
  • Behemoth was a gift from Mephisto so Amaimon wouldn’t be so lonely in Gehenna.
  • His tail is large and green and scaly, he gets so easily pissed when he loses and tbh, Rin could probably kick his ass any day if he’s had enough training.
  • His kingdom is the Garden of Amahara (but don’t tell Shiemi that, protect the innocent flower child from this guy!)
  • Has zero respect for humans and Mephisto has kicked him across 60 dimensions for his bad behavior.


  • My favorite one to talk about. He’s so precious, like, if Rin weren’t alive, then Beelzebub would literally be the purest of the Demon Kings.
  • Cinnamon Roll Too Good Too Pure For This World™
  • He’s the only son who doesn’t make Satan have an aneurism every day. He frequently comes to visit the castle in Gehenna (because all the brothers went and ran off to Assiah like an 8 person gaggle of grade A assholes.)
  • No can ever pronounce his name and that makes him sad. (Rin is the only one who can get it right.)
  • His appearance is a mixture of Hachirotaro and Daizai from Bungou Stray Dogs. He has a similar appearance to Hachiro but dresses like Daizai, if you get what I mean. He has multiple eyes, kind of like a bug or insect.
  • He listens to chillstep, dubstep, electroswing, anything computer generated really. He also really loves Disney and his favorite song is Never Had a Friend Like Me.
  • He has a chitin shell surrounding his torso to act as bullet proof armor.
  • His tail is reminiscent of a scorpion’s.
  • If Yukio wasn’t Rin’s favorite brother, then Beelzebub would certainly bee (ha, see I made an insect pun, haha. I’ll stop now.)
  • Can fly using what are like, pixie or insect wings (dragonfly, ladybug, bee, cicada, you decide.) He’s mocked for it, but he can legit fly really fast.
  • But yeah, I love him, he’s good. 
  • He loves all bugs. All bugs. Actually he loves all animals. This boy is like Snow White, okay??


【公式】ぼくらの勇気 未満都市2017 on Twitter
“タケル役の #堂本剛 さんからクランクアップのコメントが届いています🎁「20年後に、もしまたやるとしたら僕も58歳。どれだけ未満シティれるのかわからないですけど、その時が来ましたら是非、20歳年を取ったみなさんも、またご一緒してくれればと思います」放送まであと1日👍 #未満都市😸”

Bokura no Yuki - Miman City 2017 - Crank Up Message - Domoto Tsuyoshi-san:

20 years later, if we are to do this again, I shall be 58 years old then. Though I do not know what Miman City it would become, if that time comes, I do hope to act with everyone who passes 20 years again. 

Vampires Are Poseurs (Song For The Living)
Ramshackle Glory
Vampires Are Poseurs (Song For The Living)

i regret a million things and that’s only what i haven’t forgot
but the past was a mine field and right now is a prison break
i hope we make it alive
when who we are doesn’t stop where the law begins
then we’ll storm their courthouses to survive
so i won’t but we shall overcome someday
i can’t do it alone but we shall be free someday
i don’t know how to live but i’m sick of learning how to die

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Ask and ye shall receive sin-mom. what do you request for entertainment? (asking for all of us)

I don’t know???? Maybe just send me funny stories/silly questions? I’m not sure if I’ll post any of them but I’m in a fair amount of pain right now and I’d love a bit of distraction 💕

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Hi, I’m writing this story about how the world is split into left handed and right handed people. And some left handed people are born with ‘the blessing ’ which gives you better eye sight or more agility. But it’s only the left handed people. Until ( he who shall be named later) a right handed person is born. What do you think about it? I’m left handed and I’ve noticed that not many people are left handed so that’s where my inspiration came from.

I think it sounds fascinating! :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: howto portray/describe things (characters, emotions, situations), specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), asking for tropes/cliches or resources, triggering/controversial topics; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

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FT 1-15

I love whoever asked me this. Like yes.

1) What made you watch fairy tail?

–I was in like eighth grade and was scrolling through recommended YouTube videos. I saw an amv for Natsu and Lucy and was like…. “They look cute together… I shall watch this.” The rest is history :)

2) What do you prefer: Manga or anime?

–I really like different aspects of both the anime and manga. I do wish the anime would portray some scenes a little more closely to the manga, but I really do love both. The anime has unforgettable music and great voice acting; the manga really portrays Mashima’s artistic skills. Both are fantastic. 

3) What is your favourite arc?

–I really loved the Grand Magic Games and Tartaros. I felt like they really helped with character development (especially Tartaros)

4) How much do you love Ichiya?

–You know, I actually really liked him from the first time I saw him on screen. He’s such an unusual character with a heart of gold. 

5) Your brotp?

–I can’t decide between Gray and Lucy or Natsu and Gray 

6) Your otp?

–NALU. Forever and always 

7) Your notp?

–I’m not a fan of Nali or Natza 

8) Your favourite dragon slayer?

–Natsu :) But I really do love all of them 

9) What do you love about fairy tail?

–The whole series was focused on family. People without a good family life in reality could get an escape and grow with the characters. The friendship, love, and strength taught in Fairy Tail made me grow up the way I did. 

10) What is your favourite zodiac sign?

–I love Leo. Though I am partial since that’s my sign

11) Which character do you think is underappreciated?

–Hmm, probably Meldy, Mavis, and even Lucy; those girls are strong. Also Jellal. 

12) Which character do you think is overpowered?

–As much as I love her, Erza literally punched a meteor out of the sky, while she was nearly unconscious. So like… *shrug*

13) Where would you want your guild mark to be?

–Over my heart. 

14) Who is your favourite character?

–I can honestly say I love each and every Fairy Tail character. Natsu and Lucy hold a soft spot in my heart because they brought me to Fairy Tail. 

15) What are your thoughts on the final chapter?

–I think it ended exactly as it should have–with family. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Fairy Tail, not by a long shot. 

Thanks for the asks :) I’m going to go drown in nostalgia. 

So turns out I won’t be getting rats, but that’s okay because


Meet Cleopatra! 

I cried when my parents brought her home I couldn’t believe it. I think maybe it’s because I’ve been super down lately, and I play with Shadow (my brother’s hamster) every day

She’s all set up in her nice roomy cage, having a good explore. I shall have to do some research on proper Syrian hamster care (if any of you have advice or links that would be awesome)

She’s fully aware she’s a queen lol. She’s so beautiful I love her already


First episode of Bake Off and the contestants have already learned to use booze to appease Mary Berry