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The messenger boy: Part 4 | Alfie Solomons

Your mouth felt like cotton wool and as the heels of your palms spread along the mattress, you realised it wasn’t your sheets you sprawled in. Face buried into the pillow you tried to recount the last few things you could remember.

There was that party you went to for starters but that was a couple of nights ago, wasn’t it? Alfie had, in fact, driven you home after he’d taken some time to let his hands wander. “Shot ya’self in the foot, din’t you? Told me, you did. Right off the bat. ‘Looking for a respectable gentleman tonight’, you said, yeah?” those had been his words.

The next few days had been strictly business but that hadn’t stopped a stolen glance or brush of a hand here and there. There was something going on with the Shelby’s and you’d known to keep out of it until otherwise asked or told.  

Oh, right. There it was. You remembered. Alfie had struck a deal and he’d called you into his office, a bottle of whisky and two glasses on his desk.  In the time you’d come to know Alfie he didn’t really drink; he sipped. He could nurse one glass the entire night but see to it that yours was always refilled.

“Y’know why I like you, pet?” he’d started later on and you could remember the conversation quite vividly now. “…you’re cheeky, in’t ya? Bold. Not to say ya’ disrespectful, right, ‘cause I wun’t ‘ave it but you’ve got a smart mouth, yeah?”

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so not to be that person bc i swear i try and stay out of it but im angry so lets do a fucking recap shall we (like im not hating, im not trying to start drama. and it’s a small majority but sigh im just going for it bc i keep quiet every week whilst people shit all over my fave ok lets go)

  • jasmine tries to help her patient
  • jasmine tries to shield serena from info she may feel impacts her treatment of said patient and also upset serena
  • tries to comfort serena with the idea ellie is helping someone and living on
  • tries, again, to save her patient, but is overruled by a senior doctor as is protocol

pls tell me again how any of this is her fault? there’s no way she had any sway over a consultant. as hanssen said to sacha, as senior doctor on the ward, the book stops with matteo and serena, NOT jasmine, this is not her fault. and whilst we’re here telling someone they should be dead is actually disgusting tbh. 

i understand and appriciate serena is grieving, but that doesn’t excuse everything. I also understand the writers are pushing her to the rooftop, but can we all please acknowledge the casual cruelty that is being ignored here? the writers are making a point with this story not only about the effects of grief but also about the struggles faced by younger workers who are experiencing bullying from authority figures and it does a disservice to the story and the actors to only focus on one part of the story. even if jasmine isn’t your favourite character like she is mine, even if you don’t like her, i find it hard to believe people think she somehow deserves the blame in this situation and it’s getting hard to see it on the tag every single week, even on her character tag.

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how is she a whore tho

Do…do you really want me to answer that? Or shall I just mention the sleeping with her sister’s boyfriend, the repeatedly throwing herself at someone who’s taken, the eagerly jumping into bed with someone who was beyond drunk and was also clearly heartbroken, the then blaming THEM for being a user and then flaunting her next lay in front of everyone? Or…?

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Cute prompt idea! Stan and Ford adopting baby Pacifica and raising her together! (Cause I'm a sucker for dad!stan twins and poor Pacifica needs love)

hmmm. Interesting idea you got there, Anon. I shall do this and this comes with Added Soos love. Because, Soos.

“Aaaaannnndddd, here comes the steam boat. Trying to get into the harbor,” Stan made a fog horn noise and waved the spoon around in a way to the food did not fall onto the table. 

The baby in the high chair did not look impressed with the display. Just at the spoon came close to her little face she turned his head away and pouted. 

“Oh come on,” Stanley sighed, “You don’t like carrots or something? You not gonna be a bunny like Uncle Ford?” 

“Will you stop with that?” Stanford huffed from his side of the table, “I was three.” 

“Yeah, three and obsessed with rabbits.” 

Ford glared at his brother and took the spoon from the man. 

“You are obviously doing this wrong,” he said, “Pacifica just isn’t impressed with your tactic to get her to eat.”

“Oh yeah?” Stanley leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms, “Well if you are so smart you do it.” 

Stanford sat up straighter and turned his attention fully to the little girl in the high chair, or, where she should have be sitting. 

“What the-?” Ford dropped the spoon and looked ready to get up. 

When Stan saw the child missing his confident smile disappeared. They two were ready to go on a full investigation of the house when a voice spoke from behind them.

“Hey, Mr. Pines. Hi, Dr. Mr. Pines.”

“Jésus,” Ford breathed.

“Soos, you scared the day lights out of us,” Stan grumbled as he got up from his chair and moved over to the newest employee of the Mystery Shack. 

Soos stood in the kitchen with the baby in his arms. Pacifica seemed happy to see him; the baby playing with the boy’s shirt as if it was the best toy in the world. 

“Sorry, Mr. Pines,” Soos said, “You two just were talking and looked tired I thought I would help. I had to take care of some of my younger cousins before. Wouldn’t be that hard.” 

Soos bounced the baby happily so the little girl giggled. The sight of the child’s smile bringing a smile to Soos’ face. 

“Well, we are perfectly fine doing this on our-”

“Actually,” Ford cut off his brother and stood up from his chair, “We are having some trouble getting her to eat. If you are willing to help with that.” 

Soos seemed to light up like a Christmas tree. The boy hurried over to the table and set the baby down in the high chair again. 

“I think I can do that, Dr. Mr. Pines.” 

“You can just call me Ford, Soos.” 

“Alright, Dr. Mr. Ford.” 

Stanford rolled his eyes in an endearing way and passed the excited child the baby food before he sat back in his chair. He smiled at his brother and gave the man a shrug. 

“Soos, ya’ don’t gotta help with our baby problem,” Stanley said and took the extra chair. 

“I want to help,” Soos said as he looked at the baby food and frowned, “You got any other food? This stuff is disgusting.” 

“In the top cabinet.” 

The boy nodded and left the table to grab a new spoon and another little bottle of baby food. He seemed to consider the option before choosing one, opening it, and sticking his finger in it. Before any of the men could question the child he ate it and hummed to himself. 

“This’ll work.”

“What are that about?” Stan questioned.

“I wouldn’t feed a baby something I wouldn’t eat,” Soos said matter-of-factly and sat down in front of Pacifica again, “Now, open up Mini-Pines.” 

Pacifica scrunched up her little face and turned her head away when the spoon came over. Soos was not discouraged by the display. 

“Oh well, if you don’t want it,” he kid said and ate the spoonful, “Guess I’ll eat it.” 

The baby seemed shocked at the display. Her little blue eyes watching as the kid across from her ate the food slowly and with a smile. She had never had Stan or Ford eat her food when she would not eat it. 

“No!” She hit the high chair’s little table and reached for the spoon, “Mine!”

Soos smiled in triumph and fed the baby a spoonful of the food. 

“I am victorious,” he giggled and waited till Pacifica could finish the spoonful before he gave her another. 

“I can’t believe it,” Ford whispered. 

“How’d you manage that?” Stan asked, “It usually takes us an hour to get her to eat.” 

“If you show that it is good and you are willing to have it then she wants it,” Soos shrugged, “Works for all my cousins.”

“Soos,” Stan put his hand on the kid’s shoulder, “You are a life saver.” 

Soos seemed to glow with pride. 

“Now go get ready to open. I ain’t paying you little to nothing to help with my family troubles.

“You got it Mr. Pines!” Soos said. He fed the baby one more time before handing over the food to Ford and hopped from his chair. 

“Bye Dr. Mr. Pines. See ya’ Mini-Pines.” 

Ford gave Soos a wave and wiped off Pacifica’s face. 

“You are too hard on the kid,” Ford said after a pause.

“Nah,” Stan shook his head and stretched, “He is happy to do the work and I’m happy to have him around.”

“I am not adopting another child if that is what you are getting at.” 

“I was…You think…No…” Stan sputtered, “He’s just an employee. Shut up, Ford.”

“Liar!” Pacifica cheered and giggled as Ford lifted her out of the high chair. 

“Yes, Uncle Stan is very much a liar,” Ford chuckled to himself ans stood up with the child. “Now let us get you ready for the day while he deals with being called a liar by you, Miss Smarty-Pants.” 

“You are teaching her bad things, Sixer.”

“No,” Ford patted his brother on the shoulder and moved to leave the kitchen, “I am just teaching her to call you out when I am not around.”

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Omg if you made a part 2 for the lovely lovely man where they actually end up talking about marriage i would die!!! Thank you for putting time out of your day to write these for us 💛

You’re such a precious doll and I love you, that’s such a sweet thing to say and it means a lot to me so thank :,)



bUT oN OnE ConDiTIoN

y'all let me write some of other stuff first
and then you can have all the Gaston you want.


Green Rider fic

So I’m nearly at the end of part two of the trilogy; I’ll be writing part three during April’s Camp NaNo. During part one I posted a little piece of smutfic as part of the series. I have two questions for the little handful of people on here who read the fic:

1. Shall I do another little piece of smutfic that accompanies part one/part two? I have the concept for it, but I’m a bit bashful of posting smut so any encouragement would be appreciated.

2. I have a serious extended next-gen story arc in my head; it would effectively become part four of the “trilogy” if I posted it. I also have a Zachary backstory fic that I might write. Would people be interested in either of those? And if so, I’ll write one of them for July’s camp nano; which one would you like first?


“What Shall I Do, Lemony Snicket?” from one of the special paperback versions of A Series of Unfortunate Events. I think this was from The Bad Beginning, or Orphans! 

I took these back in June of 2015 right after I graduated high school and was going to the campus university bookstore after our orientation and class scheduling. I’m glad I did because the bookstore doesn’t carry it anymore or else I would have totally bought it now. 

I just love these questions and answers, so I wanted to keep them as a means to laugh or smile when I was bored or upset. Now I felt like sharing them with you all. 


First episode of Bake Off and the contestants have already learned to use booze to appease Mary Berry


Part 2 of Yoi but with bad writing and computer generated text to speech voices.

Part 1: Computer is the Future // Part 2: Viktor’s Lament // Part 3: Pip Pip Yurio


literally just a 3-page continuation of the previous 3 pages, aka, how it should have ended