but this seemed to sum him up much better

Versace on the Floor (m)

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Taehyung x songwriter!reader 

Genre: smut? like a soft M rating tbh

Words: 2.6k

A/N: Something I wrote to motivate me past writer’s block. @loby12 this is for you, except not really bc I’m a tease and too tired to actually write the entire thing but one day you’ll get the smut fic you deserve lol (also the tile makes me wanna cringe okay bye)

Summary: It isn’t that you’ve had no chance to wear it - no, there are plenty of chances to dress up. The problem is your boyfriend; he loves you in a Gucci dress.

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Beside Yourself - Chapter One

A plot bunny- well, more of a plot boa- caught me last night and had me up ‘til 5am typing it out. I can’t guarantee a second part in fic form to be finished soon, but you’ll be getting a good outline of this au in due time.

It happens on a case, when the whole group stumbles into a spell trap and are knocked out.

Vivi is the first to come to, but as she groggily tries to sit up, everything hurts and feels weird in some way she can’t place. she brings her hand up to try and rub the throbbing in her temples. She’s startled awake as the hand that touches her face is cool to the touch, hard, almost like… metal? Her eyes widen as the hand in her face, the hand she’s moving, glints silver in the strange light of the room.

She slowly lifts her head up, scanning the floor to see a conked out Lewis, Mystery, and… herself.


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I’m not the biggest P Chris fan out there, because we definitely saw him in a really negative light in season 1 (lying, cheating fuckboy. yup, Eva pretty much summed it up). But this show is all about growing, maturing, and becoming a better person, right? so even though we didn’t explicitly see Chris growing, who’s to say it didn’t happen offscreen? because he absolutely seems much more mature now, so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt here. Plus, I really doubt that Eva would bring him to the Kollektivet xmas party if he wasn’t at least nice enough to chill with the group. And, in regards to this clip, did you see Chris’ facial expressions? he obviously cares for her, and is not satisfied on being just friends with benefits. Even if you aren’t sold on the idea of a newly changed Chris, at least he didn’t manipulate and blackmail Eva into a relationship like certain other Penetrators we know; he just asked her, making it her choice if they become something or not (wow, the fuckboy Chris wanting commitment, that really is growth). So, yeah, I think that Chris is good for Eva (not good enough for my queen obviously), but I don’t want them to end up together though, because Eva x Vilde still reigns supreme. But I don’t really think they’re going to show any new formed relationships, considering how late in the game it is. I think they’re giving hints of what could be possible, if the show continues. But I found it really funny how Eva just like shuts him down completely, and how they possibly gave hints of Eva and Vilde? because Vilde’s call interrupted Eva and Chris, and Eva picked up, showing that her priority is the girls, not Chris. And to rub the salt in the wound, Eva says she’s doing “nothing special” ouch is right, Chris

on a side note, all of those callbacks to season 1 were gold oh my god

Sorry Romione Shippers

But I really hate Ron and to hear JK Rowling regrets pairing him with Hermione makes my heart swell.

Ron was supposedly her best friend yet he made her cry just as much, if not more than Draco Malfoy. At least she expected it from Draco, Ron however, she did not.


Ron was always leaving them. He was always suspicious of Harry and Hermione. Hermione couldn't look at someone he considered ‘an enemy’. On a night that should have been one of the best nights of her life, Ronald Weasley made her cry and that made me cry. Especially when Hermione ended up with him. It made her look weak, I’m sorry but that’s how I feel.

Ron didn’t seem to be concerned about his friend when he got a girlfriend. That whole year just summed him up for me. He was drunk on 'love’ and pushed his friends away. He hurt Hermione but strung her along all the same when he awoke mumbling her name.

He left her and Harry at one of the most difficult points in their lives. He kicked them when they were down and I don’t think Hermione was crying over him leaving her, more of how he left.

Harry however, was a much better friend to her than Ron ever was. Their situations were so similar. Only children raised by muggles both Gryffindors and I sat on the edge of my seat waiting for a point in the story where Ron would just fuck off and leave them alone. Needless to say I loved POA and DH.

Harry and Ginny did not work for me. I don’t agree with all this bullshit about Harry was 'in love with his mother and that’s gross’. The only thing Ginny and Lily have in common is their hair. I think it’s quite ok that Harry would be more inclined to pin after someone who resembles his mother. They say that most girls marry someone who is like their fathers. 

The one who is most like Lily Evans is Hermione. Terribly bright and not found of flying, slightly against mischief. So it makes sense that Harry would fall for someone like Hermione Granger.

And another thing, all this bullshit about how it’s incest. Harry had basically friend zoned Hermione without realising. It’s perfectly normal for his opinion of that to change. How many people all over the world fall in love with someone so close to them they had once compared them to a sibling? I’m guessing a lot. Harmony is less incest than Hinny that’s for sure.

We all know Ron probably turned into an alcoholic after Fred. He may be sweet but Hermione needs someone to be able to understand 70% of the words she is saying. Obviously Draco Malfoy and or Tom Riddle Jr. would be the obvious choices for me but I’ll take Harry Potter over a Weasley any day.

And to all those people who are saying Hermione and Harry would be 'too clichéd’ please slap yourself for me thanks because Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny were the most clichéd ever to grace our fictional universe. It felt as if she just wanted the Golden Trio to be all related. Harmony shippers were lab led as delusional but heck, we were right.




NOW TIME TO CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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I feel like Grantaire would be a victor. He was chosen as a kid and he's not even sure how he pulled it off, just that there's a lot of blood on his hands now and the whole experience really fucks him up. He's from one of the poorer district and ends up like Haymich, a drunk asshole that has to keep sending kids to die. One day he gets fed up and finds the resistance. He thinks it's all total bullshit and he argues with Enjolras constantly but sticks around anyways

The worse thing is the Capitol still gives him money for being alive, for being a victor, and Grantaire is too disgusted to have it, so he gives ridiculous sums to random kids. Like he says in the brick: “”if the kind hearts only had fat purses, how much better things would go!” He does have that fat purse now, but things never seem to get better!

So he partially uses that money to destroy himself, and the other half goes to people who actually need it. Authorities tell him several times that he’s not allowed to spend his “salary” that way but Grantaire just flips them off in his drunk stupor:

“It’s my goddamn money. What happens after you give it to me is my own fucking business.”

Though the Resistance does appreciate what Grantaire uses his money for (except the alcohol part), they don’t exactly see why he keeps coming back over and over without believing a single second they’ll succeed. Enjolras least of all. He tries not to judge to harshly the drunken ruin of a man who gladly spends his blood money to buy bread for starving children and gives him smiles freely when he thinks Enjolras isn’t watching.