but this seemed funny at the time

my friends have more than once taken my shoes and tried to throw them on the school roof, but one time when this was happening a teacher came over and demanded to know what was going on, so my idiot self trying to be funny complained my friends took my shoes. she said ‘so don’t give your shoes to them’ without thinking I responded ‘you seem to have mistaken the word taken for the word given’ I don’t remember exactly what happened after that but I know she made my friends give my shoes back.


This is one of the oldest doujins I have. It was completely renamed from the source one so I don’t know if this comic is around anymore (there was a time when people had so few pictures on their PCs, they actually gave them names!).

Probably late 90s-early 2000′s, from this site - db.doujin.de.vu-, an old german fansite with (partial) doujinshi scans. Site seems to be defunct now.

By the artstyle, I think it’s part of Monthly Seiya, but I’m not sure. IT IS MONTHLY SAIYA, THANK YOU SAIYANB!

Basically, Vegeta is in love with 18 (a storyline that occurs in multiple doujins)  and gets really jealous when she kisses Krillin. When 18 looks his way, he gets excited and shouts cat calls after her. I MISUNDERSTOOD THAT, HE IS ATTRACTED TO KRILLIN. Probably overhearing him, 17 decides to call dibs…

Thanks guys for clearing this up. Wish I had this kind of help with other comics..


BanjoGate crew, thank you so fucking much for all these months of fun and discussion. We’re getting an ending, a conclusion, and Sian and Peter went to Children in Need dressed as Kayleigh and John just to announce it.

The more I reflect, the more this seems so, so obvious. There was never a reason to doubt and we knew Peter. We KNEW. It was never going to end that way.

I need to say thank you to my lifelong best friend @lyricaldanceflap for spending this whole time discussing the show with me, theories, fic, all whilst listening to the playlist I made on repeat. I’m so glad I’ve been able to share this bizarre and amazing fan experience with someone I consider family, it’s made it all the more funny and special.

I’m beyond euphoric. I jumped off the sofa. I cried, I’m still crying. I can’t wait, what a wild ride this has been and I can’t wait to be there at the end when we see how things finally, FINALLY resolve.

Bring on the finale!

The Tree That Outsmarted Me and Punched Me in the Face

Ok so this one isn’t so much wild as it is ‘Rekina what the heck do you think you’re doing sit down this instant’ kinda deal.

Our story begins back when I worked retail.

Alrighty so quick update. The part of Saskatchewan where I live is flat. I don’t mean mildly ho hum flat I mean flat ok like the nearest slight incline(besides the dump) is nearly a fifteen minute drive. ok flat as a ruler

And because of this intense flatness we get some equally intense wind. The last few days we’ve had winds upwards of 90km (55mph) and that’s a pretty normal seen it all before kind of wind storm. Nothing out of the ordinary. But then sometimes we get even worse winds called plough winds. Now, these are sometimes hurricane force winds ok windy as all get out

These winds make a straight path across the prairies, ripping roofs off, uprooting trees, and causing general havoc ok

there’s a reason they are called plough winds they plough over everything in sight like a bull in a china shop it has zero regard for your average home or retail employee like myself

Plough winds only show their ugly faces during the summer. and in summers I worked in the garden center. 

Now, normal people would stay indoors during winds like this. Common, sesnible people would hunker down and batten down the hatches and wait for the whole thing to blow over. Not me. Not only was I at work

I was outside

That’s right folks yours truly still had to go out and water the plants in winds fast enough to shut down most cities

So there I am in my oversized rain jacket that I was practically swimming in. This thing trailed along the ground it was so big on me. I have my garden hose on and am doing my thing

First of all, do you have any idea how hard it is to water plants when the water comes out of the hose and just kinda shoots off into the distance

It’s an acquired skill to say the least k I was standing like two feet to the side of the plant I actually wanted to water

Now if that wasn’t annoying enough i also have to deal with these jerks of trees

At the back of the center is our tree selection. I’d tied them down with the full stregnth of my scout knot tying knowledge and most of them stayed secure. But there was three little jerks on the very end that would tip over, making me go and pick them up again

This happened every ten seconds.

I would go, water a plant, and then drop everyhting to pick up these stupid trees

I did this for five hours straight

Then one time while I’m picking up a fallen ash, this little apple tree gets cheeky and topples down right on top of my head.

It didn’t hurt, but those leaves are like little whips in the wind my whole face was stinging by the time I got the jerk set up right again

This tree was about to become a very big problem

See when the other trees tipped over they would politely lay in place until i could reach them, still tethered loosely to the pole. But not this apple tree oh no

Little did i know i was dealing with Houdini Incarnated into a tree.

So I’m minding my buisness watering a plant from a distance and I happen to see Houdini take the fall. Except this time something was different. This time it not only fell, but it started to roll

It had somehow jumped the little enclosure and slipped the bonds

Im still pretty chill at this point. The whole center is surrounded by a fence where could it possibily go I’ll just go get it when it hits the fence right?


Because I was dealing with an escape artist ok what happens next had nothing to do with me

See off in one corner we had this pile of manure right near the fence. 

This tree my little Houdini was chugging towards it at full speed, those little leaves were like sails it was just a’cruisin down aisles of bricks. It’s fine tho it’ll hit the manue and–

It hit the manure alright

It rolled up the manure pile 

and over the fence

So now The Little Tree That Could was barreling around on the highway like a phsychotic leafy bat out of hell

My first thought is if that hits someone im so fired

I scream and drop the hose and begin my pursuit because I am not getting fired over an apple tree ok no sire im going down with my dignity

So i do the only logial thing in my head

Most people would run through the open get four feet behind them and calmly make their way to the highway. Not me

I sprinted across the compound, scrambled up the manue pile, and vaulted the fence

For one glorious moment I thought I could fly.

And then I plunged downwards with a very undignified squeal.

Still I splash down into the ditch and prepare to make my heroic capture

Problem: I had just landed chest deep in slough.

For those of you lucky souls who don’t know what a slough is let me explain

A slough is what happens when stagnat water, cow crap, cow piss, and crop fertilizer mix and heat up in the sun. Doesn’t smell good.

And I just landed chest deep in the stuff. Gross doesn’t even begin to cover it

But being the trooper I am i decide I’m going to end this day on a high note and salvage my dignity

I heave myself out of the slough and take off after the tree which is dancing around the thankfully empty highway

Just one issue: Plough Winds tend to change direction

So there I am chasing this freaking apple tree around in circles and it’s winning ok every time I get close to grabbing the trunk of branch the wind throws it in another direction leaving me stumbling like a drunk moose as I try to adjust course 

This goes on for a solid twenty minutes

I’m back and forth across this highway cursing enough to make a sailor blush

And then victory is in sight my fingers graze the trunk and–

the wind stops

The base of the tree is so heavy with water that It sits straight up and whacks me across the face harder than Dwayne Johnson ever could

My momentum throws me forward, my foot catches the pot

and I sail head first into the next slough

I am now covered in disgusting, thick, sticky water and that tree is just taunting me on the road

Eventually I manage to snag the little jerk and I start dragging it back towards the compound like oh yeah who the boss? i’m the boss i caught the tree 

Just as I see  two more trees making a break for it over the fence

It was a long end of shift to say the least

I had a black eye from that tree for a week and a lovely bleeding cut on my forehead. But i caught it and I am still proud of that to this day

wade stuck around for manicure night with nat. it shouldnt surprise anyone that the merc with a mouth is excellent for commentary on b-level horror movies, which nat loves. im not always big on talking so its kinda nice to have someone else fill the silence. and red is also his color. he might actually get a return invite. 

though not if he keeps being this handsy. 

So far in the show, Lapis has:

– Stopped the Ruby ship from (ostensibly) capturing Peridot and expressed interest in Peridot’s well-being afterward.

– Participated in the baseball game despite her distrust of and past anger toward the Crystal Gems.  Ended up enjoying herself and interacting positively with them.

– Chose to give Peridot a chance and share the barn with her, which meant, at the very least, working through her distrust, anger, and fear of Peridot.

– Pushed herself to spend time out on the ocean, despite all her negative associations with it.

– Made a kind gesture to Greg out of the desire to be helpful.  Accepted his rejection gracefully.

– Admitted to her actions and culpability in a toxic relationship.

Refused to re-enter that relationship, where it’s highly likely she would’ve engaged in those behaviors again.

– Offered Peridot encouragement and help when the One Gem Metal Band fell apart, under her own initiative and with a smile.

– Expressed disappointment that her farming project with Peridot wasn’t going to result in a horde of new vegetable friends.  Tried to ease Peridot’s disappointment over Pumpkin’s initial rejection by reminding her of the pumpkins they did grow together.

– Worked alongside the Crystal Gems to win over Andy and host a family get-together.

– Chose to give Navy a chance and share the barn with her, despite her doubts and instinctual suspicions of the gem.

– Made an effort to be sympathetic and understanding of what she imagined would be Navy’s struggles in integrating to life on Earth, and offered advice on what she’d learned from her own experience.

– Expressed real, genuine distress that she wasn’t falling in love with Earth as quickly and easily as Navy seemed to be. (Which meant she’s been sincerely trying to.)

In short, Lapis has spent her time on Earth learning to be more trusting and forgiving; taking emotional risks and confronting uncomfortable feelings and memories; finding enjoyment in Earth-related activities, and making kind gestures.

Has she been a shining ray of sweetness and light and consideration while doing so? God, no.  She can be sullen, dramatic, sarcastic, and dismissive.  (Much like Peridot…exactly like Peridot.  Peridot’s saving grace is that she’s funny.)  Lapis deflects, avoids, and bottles up her guilt and insecurities until she pops or finally tackles them.  When interacting with new people, she’s awkward at best and at worst, she’s a cactus.  She’ll try new stuff and eventually get into it, but oh boy, she is not going to be enthusiastic about it.  Lapis is one leather jacket and some gum away from the quintessential Disaffected Youth.

And that’s what makes her so interesting.  That she can be a stand-offish grouch who still wants to be involved, friendly, and giving.  She’s a hit a roadblock in her development, but she’s been growing and she’ll grow through this too.

bokutoo-san  asked:

au where bakugou is embarrassed each time uraraka wants to cuddle or just kiss him in public because he's not used to it but after some months he starts to get more confident around her and he's the one who hugs her from behind when he finds uraraka in the hallway or sitting on the sofa, cooks for her when she's nervous, helps her studying (with more patience than he used to have with kirishima lmao) - their classmates just can't believe their eyes, so every time they try to say something funny+

so this seems like a good ask to post these silly, old doodles in lmao

anyway yes this is perfect and i love it

i actually had a doodle of Bakugou hugging Uraraka from behind from forever ago, but i never finished it b/c i couldn’t get the pose right. but i imagine that it’s like the only way he feels comfortable showing emotion–at least for a while. he buries his face into her shoulder b/c he’s still embarrassed and flustered but he still holds her close

i love the idea that Bakugou cooks for Uraraka and helps teach her how to cook (b/c being self-sufficient is important to her), and he occasionally makes her mochi after study sessions or when she’s down. he doesn’t even say anything, just sits next to her and hands them over, and maybe holds her hand

anyway yes kacchako fluff

Bakugou threatens death on anyone who teases him 

(it never works)

Wanna know why this is my favorite picture of Ethan??

1. He’s wearing a tank top
2. He looks so incredibly done
3. He also has this little like grin going on like he knows something that you don’t
4. “Oh really?”
5. Perfect response when someone asks you something but you’re feeling sneaky and don’t wanna answer
6. Every time you zoom in and in and in and in on his face, the expression seems to get more comical.

That’s all.

waking up the wolf inside

[here’s the full story, thanks for reading!]


Derek Hale is two hours late. At each passing minute, Stiles feels angrier and the only reason he hasn’t left is because Derek needs to come home at some point and when he does, Stiles is going to yell at him so hard he’s going to give him this interview just to send Stiles away.

Stiles can be pretty annoying when he wants to, that’s how he gets most of his job done.

Derek Hale though, he’s been fucking infuriating. For starters he lives in the middle of nowhere, Stiles got lost twice before he found someone who actually knew where Derek’s freaking cabin is. And there’s also the fact that he’s a nobody - Stiles’ only picture of him is from his High School graduation, like, fifteen years ago.

And that’s the most fascinating thing – not many people know about him but the ones who do can’t stop praising his work. The guy is an angel, but instead of protecting people he protects wolves. According to Scott’s boss – who’s like, the one person who has seen Derek in person and can attest he’s real – Derek has a vet degree, doesn’t like people and built his own cabin in the woods. To live amongst the wolves.

Stiles needs to interview this guy. At first because he got curious about a thirty-one year old guy living alone and now it’s about pride. He doesn’t just spend two hours outside someone’s house, especially when it’s snowing.

“Come on.” He groans. It’s freaking Alaska. Angel or not – Derek Hale is also a huge dick.

Stiles is beginning to think about breaking into the guy’s house (he can’t feel his toes) when he hears a car and a minute later a battered truck is parking next to Stiles’ rental car.

The man who steps out looks nothing like the High School picture Stiles found. For starters he look like a mountain man with a beard that does nothing but make him look hotter, the jeans doesn’t leave much to imagination either when it comes to his ass and the huge winter coat only accentuates his broad shoulders.

Stiles swallows. “Hey!” He yells, watching as Derek opens the back door. “Derek Hale?” He can’t hide his groan when Derek barely spares him a glance. “Hey, it’s freaking freezing here, you know?”

Derek lets out a groan of his own as he lifts something in his arms and steps away from the car. “I know.” He walks towards the house and as he gets closer, Stiles notices Derek is carrying a wolf. “Now, help me out here, yeah?”

Stiles doesn’t even think twice before dropping his bag and stepping closer. “What can I do?”

“Grab the key,” Derek instructs, “it’s in my back pocket.”

Later, Stiles will want to hide his face in embarrassment but now he can only think about the poor wolf whining in Derek’s arms as he touches Derek’s ass to find the key to open Derek’s house.

Once inside, Derek deposits the wolf on the floor, wrapping him further with blankets and asks Stiles to light up the fire as he goes around the house collecting things. “Is he going to be okay?” Stiles asks as Derek kneels in front of the wolf and runs a soothing hand over his head.

“Hopefully.” Derek answers. “And it’s a girl.” He tells Stiles. “She’s in labor.”

What.” Stiles squeaks. “Really? But –”

“In the kitchen,” Derek interrupts him, “get some hot water, and close the fucking door.”

Stiles blinks, watches as Derek tells her everything is going to be okay. She’s obviously uncomfortable, but stops squirming when Derek smiles and runs his hands over her belly.

Water.” Derek growls.

“Right.” Stiles gets on his feet. He so didn’t sign up for this.

“So,” he collapses on the floor, “does this happen a lot?”

Derek collapses next to him, eyes on the mother wolf and her six pups. “Is this part of your interview?”

Stiles snorts and rolls his eyes. “No, this is just me trying not to freak out.” He turns to look at Derek – his eyes are green, he realizes, and beautiful, he adds mentally.

“No, this doesn’t happen often.” Derek answers, finally. “Thankfully.”

Stiles nods and smiles when Derek turn to him. “You’re amazing.” He blurts out and Derek blinks, surprised. “Anyway,” Stiles shakes his head, tries to pretend the butterflies in his stomach are just from the adrenaline rush, “we’ll have to postpone the interview, but I think that’s justifiable.” He gets up, looks at his hands and realizes they are covered in blood. Ew. “Uh, can I use your bathroom before I go?”

“Go?” Derek asks, standing up too.

“I’m gonna get a hotel in town.” The nearest town is two hours away, but what can you do? He glances at the sleeping wolves. It’s not like this was Derek’s fault. “I think.”

“Don’t be stupid.” Derek says, bluntly. Stiles snorts – yeah, Derek really doesn’t have a way with people. “I have a spare bedroom.”

Stiles smiles. “Thank you.” He says. “I don’t really like driving in the snow.”

“Who does.” Derek says, asks maybe. Stiles still doesn’t know him, but as he follows Derek up the stairs, he realizes he really wants to.

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Missing Link

Missing Link (m)

Word count: 6.3k

Genre/Warnings: smut, angst, fluff, talk of masterbation and language

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: You catch Yoongi playing with himself before a night out and some part of you wants to join him. That’s crazy though, he’s your best friend… Right?


“Yes, Y/N?” Yoongi said as he watched tv, happy to be home after a long day with you. 

“Will you please go with me tonight? I don’t want to go by myself.”

Yoongi sighed on the couch next to you. “Y/N, i’m too old to be going to these college parties.”

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Aries: Opening the curtains now and again to let in a bit of light is okay. Really.

Taurus: Cheese.

Gemini: The ache in your chest can be soothed by moonlight - The ache in your head by low dosages of acetaminophen.

Cancer: We’re all very proud of you.

Leo: You can be so adorable, sweet, and caring sometimes. Pity about the rest of the time.

Virgo: Pretty sure that’s just the exhaustion talking.

Libra: It’s more of a passing fancy than a new love. You’ll come back to it, now and then, but it’s going to stay up on the shelf for most of the year. Sort of like that box of holiday decorations.

Scorpio: Much of this is not as crushing as it seems right now. It will mend faster than you think.

Sagittarius: Funny how when you want something it’s all you can think about, but when you finally obtain it, it rapidly becomes commonplace.

Capricorn: Hand Cymbals.

Aquarius: There is so much left to pour your life into. Like your undying hate of the patriarchy and gothic bird houses.

Pisces: “Lich Life, Bitch”

Bts as tumblr blog types

Hoseok: always scREAMING in the tags. very extra. very gay. Has intense conversations with other bloggers when new content is dropped. Easily spooked by weird posts.

Namjoon: well thought out text posts. Reblogs philosophical quotes. Analyzes lyrics. Interprets videos. Vocal about various issues. Used to read books but then fanfic happened.

Jimin: loves to post selcas with cute filters. But a little insecure about appearance. Soft and sensitive. Lowkey in love with a popular blogger but too shy to approach them.

Seokjin: Supposed to be a pastel aesthetic blog. Occasionally soft nsfw. And a little bit of gaming. But can’t resist posting puns so lame follower count actually drops. Kinda awkward.

Taehyung: secretly works really hard on blog but accidentally went multifandom. Loves to make new friends. Called weird by irl people so prefers tumblr. Appreciates mutuals.

Yoongi: salty af. Used to be kinda emo. Doesn’t give a shit about haters. Talks about family probs in tags. Ready to Fight™. Spends too much time on tumblr and is sleepy irl.

Jungkook: too shy to initiate conversation. Seems intimidating and mysterious. Is actually a memelord. Likes anime and cute animals. Wants to post covers of fav songs.

Tag yourself!

Tough Love

No one knew Eddie Kaspbrak better than himself. Even his closest friends didn’t know who he really was, who he wanted to be, who he wished he could be. But then Richie Tozier came along, with his wild hair, passion for film making, and annoying talent of making Eddie’s heart beat faster than normal, and he finally found someone who knew him better than he knew himself. And that scared the shit out of him.

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Theory: If Shiro is in another dimension, Allura will bring him back.

Remember this?

…what am I even asking, of course you do. 

Wormhole compromised, the Castle went through what Allura believed as a “time loop”, which made Coran younger and younger. 

Or, was it?

Look, I’m not an expert in Altean zoology (only Coran is), but I am preeety sure that no amount of time passing would have transformed the mice into squirrels, hippos (KEITH!!!!), slugs, the effin’ Cerberos and… whatever those last things were. 

For Coran, this was indeed a time loop.

For the mice, it was… another reality

Or, maybe, even for Coran it was another reality too, as if he’s a constant existence in various realities, but just of different age.

In other words, that’s not time jumping. That’s reality jumping. 

(Not saying that time jumping definitely won’t be a thing in VLD by the by… these things usually go hand in hand)

And the important part here?

Allura is the only one not affected.


Here’s the thing: we know that the only thing that can go through realities unaffected is our darling giant robot: Voltron. 

Voltron is formed out of five Lions.

The Lions are made by Alfor. 

And Alfor…

I mean, what else is “Life Force” supposed to be here, except… quintessence? 

The term had not been introduced until later in the episode (episode 1, btw), most probably in order not to confuse the viewers with too much new terminology, but from what we do know about what quintessence is, “Life Force” sounds like a pretty good way to describe it. 

So yeah… Allura and the Lions’ quintessence are connected. 

Meaning, that Allura’s quintessence will be unaffected by the quintessence that exists in the rift between realities and she can remain herself traveling through realities if she so wishes. Just like Voltron does. 

And if Shiro is indeed in another reality, the Lions/Voltron seem to be the only way to go there and get him.

That and… Allura.  

Follow me here: Voltron being the only thing that is unaffected by reality travelling would be a plotpoint enough to solve Shiro’s disappearance problem. “Oh, he’s in another reality? OK, we’ve got Voltron, let’s go!” Done. But then, the above sequence happened and it drove home that Allura remained herself and remembered everything. 

Why add another plot device (Allura’s immunity) capable of traveling through realities unaffected, when Voltron is already there?

And let’s remember: VLD foreshadows important stuff as jokes and/or passing lines that don’t attract attention and seem irrelevant.

All the time…

…all the time.

Maybe it’s my bias, but I find it very unlikely for the creators to have introduced such a big thing for nothing. Hidden inside a funny sequence, it doesn’t attract attention, so that the show has the element of surprising its audience, without it being something plucked out of nowhere. 

And I think that, as far as reality-travelling goes… Allura is a damn good candidate. 

“But wait, that may be, but they do have Voltron! How about that?”

How about that, indeed. I mean, it’s not like there’s a possibility that the Lions fall in Zarkon’s hands. 

I mean, it’s not like it almost happened once…

…with the villain responsible not dead and with his whereabouts unknown.

No, siree! No setup here to see!


So yeah. Prediction? The team, which is barely kept together with who-are-you-Kuron on board, with effin’ Lotor, mega manipulator and liar on the horizon to board as well is going to lose the Lions for.good. And most probably, Sendak is also coming back, to finish the job (boy, Shiro is going to regret sending him away). 

That’s when the team will reach the bottom and then and only then, with the truth about Kuron out, they can seriously start looking for Shiro.

…in another reality.

Just… something to think about.