but this scene was too cute haha

You know what, Booth and Brennan will always be my #1 otp because they gave me so much as a couple. I mean, I’m not talking about sex or smut because that’s fanfiction material (like you go girl, want to see your fave ship bang on a piano? go and read that !!!! that’s what that website is for) but everything else. The ‘platonic’ aspect of their relationship has always been the best part of their dynamic to me, but they were still able to overcome that phase and be a family. This being said, that original dynamic has never been compromized, not to me at least, because when it comes to the important stuff, Booth and Brennan are still partners first, they are still the people they would give up their life for, they would fight for each other. While the majority of other ships kinda change once they get together. Booth and Brennan never completely changed, so much that people complain because they’d rather have them being romantic the 100% of the time. I don’t. Also, it’s the little things that matter to me, like it might sound stupid, but I find it extremely adorable and precious that Brennan knows Booth by knowing his injuries. Every time something happens, she’s able to compare factures and other stuff to Booth’s. And that’s so IC, that’s something I really want to see because it’s them. And it’s been this way since she first found out about his past in 1x15 and it never changed. She imagined him on that autopsy table in 11x01 by looking at the bones, just like it happened on 12x04 with Aldo and in other many occasions. Brennan saying like I know that because of your brain tumor. She knows his brain scans. YAAAS. Give me this stuff. Give me Booth and Brennan that can’t sleep without each other at night when one of them is struggling with something, give me them talking about taking someone’s life and carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Give me them hurting each other to save each other. They would never cheat on each other or hurt each other because they want to. They only do it because it’s the only way. Yaas. Screw sex, just give me this stuff.


Love, “Cute Pillow”



Please don’t chase me for drawing you smashed :V

Srsly though I really loved the whole scene with him calling me that in his POV. Since I’m done and it’s 9/5 in Japan… figured I’d post him!

I’m actually kinda proud with how this came out too. Even with the darn hair giving me hell. ^^v.


Thank you @emigotchi for WIP viewing as per usual xD.

Also, thank you @phantomchou for helping me with his damn sleeves haha xD. you’re the best!

@midnightuglystepsister thanks for callin’ him cute and also guessing right as to why I said Masa would kill me for this xD.


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hey thereee xD I'm just indesperate needs for some Jumin fluff so can you do a mini fic where MC witnesses Jumin laughs for the first time and it's so cute and so pure and so loving and she is just in awe T_T i love my daddy lol thank youuu

Hellooo!! I’m in the mood for fluff! So yes, here’s Jumin fluff for you, anon! Please forgive me if it’s not to your expectation :( 

It’s been a while since you moved in with Jumin. Everyone has been congratulating you and Jumin for the relationship, and deep down surprised as well, the stiff Jumin to score the bubbly personality you.

There is no more Choi Sisters, surprised Zen, jealous bachelorette that is going to go in the way of Jumin and you.

Just one.

Elizabeth the 3rd.

The white cat has been friendly at you in the start, but the longer you spend time with Jumin, the more distant she is. She won’t let you touch her, caress her fur, doesn’t respond to your calls, and basically just acts like you were not there. Just Jumin and Elizabeth the 3rd as always.

You have been trying to get her heart. You are the one that feeds her, you buy her toys every time you go out. You are starting to run out of ways.

“Do you think she’s jealous at me?”

You asked Jumin as he wrapped his arms around you, wanting to close his eyes and sleep.

“Maybe, she used to be the centre of attention before, and now I have you.”, said Jumin.

Jumin expressing his possession towards you, always brings a strike of red to your face. Oh, how much Jumin has changed from the times.

You make up your mind that you will get back Elizabeth the 3rd’s heart!

It’s impossible.

You knelt Elizabeth the 3rd’s bed, she is not even sleeping facing you. You were defeated, you just bought her a new cat toy, but she went to sleep!

Suddenly you feel the tears flowing down your cheek.

“Elly… Do you hate me? Are you jealous that I’m with Jumin now? Please know that, I love you too Elly, just as Jumin had loved you. So please don’t hate me.”, you said between sniffles.

Jumin observed from the dining room, with a wine in his hand. This scene is just too cute.

Slowly, Elizabeth the 3rd turned to face you and paced slowly to your lap. The warmth on your lap stops your tears immediately.


You cried out in joy and hugged the ball of soft fur.


A laughter.

A laughter stops everything immediately. You didn’t just laughed, certainly not Elizabeth the 3rd. You turned towards Jumin, finding him covering his mouth.

And he was laughing.

Jumin is laughing.



You and Elizabeth the 3rd froze at the sight of Jumin laughing. Still freezing even when he walks towards you two, still giving out a small laugh.

He knelt down and hug you and Elizabeth the 3rd in a tight embrace.

“Thank you for being such joy in my life.”

First Words | Family Drabble

Originally posted by monsta-x-cuties

Characters: single dad!Wonho x female reader

Genre: fluff

length: ~1500 words give or take

A/N: okay so this was a completely random thing I wanted to write while thinking about Family and I dropped everything else i was working on to write this haha 

This takes place between the prologue and the actual story

Main Story: Family 

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Happy 1st anniversary! Thank you for a year of wonderful art ❤️ Can I please request Sam and Rafe having a romantic picnic under a tree, but Sam is eating all of the food?

Hi, thank you for your request!

Haaa, it’s too lovely…
Rafe in requests is almost good guy. haha.
I like the situation of Rafe’s tossed by Sam.

btw it was difficult for me that I draw romantic scene.
So I drew their outfits more cute. lol

I’m happy if you like this!

Spongebob Memories

Pairing: Joshua x reader

Genre: Fluff and humor

Word count: 1157

It was your favorite time of the day: free period. And that meant doing anything you wanted to whether it may be catching up on homework or studying. You just so happened to already study and finish your homework over the weekend so now you had nothing to do free period. So you pulled out your laptop and just decided to go on Youtube and watch something.

You sighed when you noticed none of your favorite Youtubers have uploaded anything new recently so you just scrolled around and looked at what videos Youtube had ‘recommended’ for you. What caught your eye was a video titled “Best of Patrick Star” . You clicked on it because Spongebob Squarepants was your favorite childhood cartoon. Plus everyone needed a good laugh from time to time.

The first few seconds in had you bursting in silent laughter as that fish asked Patrick, who was using a broom upside down, “Hey pal, you just blow in from stupid town?”. You couldn’t quite tell what made that scene so funny but you just went along with it and laughed.  

The silent laughter coming from behind him alerted Joshua who drew his eyes to your back and your screen he could see so perfectly. He clearly saw you watching some Spongebob compilation and silently watched from afar. He had to stifle some of his laughter at several of the scenes. He recognized the famous scene where Patrick says “The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma” and a carton of milk spilling on its own emerges through the thought bubble. He accidentally lets out a laugh and you clearly heard it.

You paused the video and looked behind you to see your classmate Joshua turned towards you and laughing really hardly. It was easy to tell he had been watching along with you. Joshua composed himself and spoke up.

“I’m sorry about that (Y/N), but what you’re watching is hilarious! I couldn’t help but laugh too,” he said as he smiled.

Seeing him smile made you smile as well. Something about his smile seemed contagious. He liked Spongebob too so you couldn’t help but to invite him.

“You wanna watch with me?” you asked offering an earbud.

“Sure!” he replied and sat down next to you.

You noticed how close he was but ignored it as you played the video again. Patrick had asked Spongebob “but don’t genius live in a lamp?” and you and Joshua instantly bursted into laughter. Patrick’s “crazy talk” and the “firmly grasp it” scene only fueled the both of your laughter. You had to even pause the video just so the two of you could compose yourselves!  

“I’m sorry (Y/N)! It’s just so funny!” he said in between laughs.

“I know! It’s so stupid!” you laughed.

The both of you calmed down and you noticed some of the other students were giving you and Joshua weird looks. You two must have looked crazy but you didn’t mind. You unpaused the video and began watching again.

“Once there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end,” said Patrick through the screen. You and Joshua began laughing again.

“Haha! Story of my life,” you joked.

“Not true, you’re cute!” thought out loud Joshua accidentally.

You decided to ignore that but felt yourself blush nonetheless. Joshua on the other hand was screaming internally at himself, but maintained his composure. Several more scenes passed with the two of you laughing of course, but you couldn’t help but to think about Joshua’s earlier comment. It was too early to like him but you kind of did? You always thought he was cute but only talked to him about school work for the most part. Now he was here, right next to you, watching Spongebob with you, and calling you cute. Did he like you?

The infamous wallet scene with Patrick and Man-Ray interrupted your thoughts as you hysterically laughed at the screen along with Joshua. You paused the video again to compose yourselves.

“How can anyone be so dumb?” laughed Joshua.

“I don’t even know!” you chuckled.

Many more iconic Spongebob scenes passed with you and Joshua dead from laughter. By the end of the video, both of your faces and stomachs’ hurt from laughing so much.

“That was hilarious! I love Spongebob!” you said.

“Same here!” replied Joshua as he removed the single earbud from his right ear.

It was kind of silent after that. You two sat in somewhat awkward silence until Joshua spoke up.

“So (Y/N), you don’t mind if we hang out more? I’d love to get to know you more!” he said a little shyly.

“Of course!” you say a little too excitedly.

Joshua smiled at your enthusiasm and got up and left, but only to come back with his backpack and laptop and sat back in the spot next to you. You helped him with some of his work, since you had already studied it beforehand it was no problem.

“Wow you’re so good at logarithms! Thanks for the help!” said Joshua.

“No problem!” you smiled.

Joshua completed his homework pretty quickly thanks to you so the two of you spent the rest of the free period with small talk. You learned that Joshua liked Spongebob obviously as well as anime and playing the guitar. He was a pretty interesting guy to say the least. When he heard you talk about your interests and such, he couldn’t help but to focus on your beautiful face as well as hear everything you said. He found you interesting and cute just like he did earlier.

Meeting up at free periods and watching Spongebob and doing homework became routine for you and Joshua. It was your own little thing and both of you found it incredibly fun and helpful. These free period sessions also brought the two of you closer. You two texted more often and hung out more outside of class too. One day you received a text from him with this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoW9czgQBqE

(Y/N): What 😂

Joshua: ;-)


Joshua: *patrick voice* I love you

(Y/N): Seriously???

Joshua: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8xoJg0N598

(Y/N): ok why is this ten hours

Joshua: how many times do you want me to repeat it? I thought 6 seconds was enough but no 10 hours seems more convincing


Suddenly you get a phone call. It’s Joshua so you pick it up obviously because you need answers.

“I love you (Y/N)!” said Joshua shyly and giggly before he hung up.

You immediately text him back after that.


Joshua: Ask the magic conch 


Joshua: *magic conch voice* Yes ;-)


Joshua: I love you (Y/N)!


And just like that, you and Joshua became a couple all thanks to everyone’s favorite cartoon show Spongebob Squarepants.

Ahh this one was so fun and cute to write! I hope you all liked it!


aaand… goes to “the proposal" comic (and I still don’t know how to link a post! yay!)

It’s been a while since last stardew valley diary, because nowadays I usually drew ethan-related thing. In case there’s someone wondering, let me explain differences between them (or, I just love to explain something-not-asked haha forgive me) 

Stardew valley diary is almost totally based on my experience, so it’s a play-log with little exaggeration. and Ethan & sebby is more like fiction. Of course it is too, game based, but I use more imaginations on them. So yeah Sebastian is my hubby but also ethan’s. To tell the (shameful) truth, ethan is basically me. except energy level. and except extroversion. wait, what other traits does he have? (I’m extremely-introverted-low-energy-person yay. but still, I categorize myself to ethan’s side than my sweet hubby’s. I’m simple, optimistic, happy, short-tempered and I still can’t understand why he loves rain haha) Right now I fond of drawing ethans’ more, because in those I can draw more cute Sebastian (and it’s my ultimate purpose for this fanart drawing, "DRAW HIM CUTE!” < I’m doing my best in every scene where he appears)

and I think I talked too much in this posting. AGAIN. haha thanks a lot, as always, and please enjoy!

That pride makeup post has really blown up! And I gained over 100 followers in one night! Thank you all so much haha, and hello new followers!

Still not feeling too great and won’t be for a while but I’m going to try my best to stay active for you all ☺️💕


Lovesick the Series
phunnoh: favorite scene [18/?]

“Morning kiss.”
“Gross! You didn’t even brush your teeth yet! Get away from me!”

Knight's & Magic - 11

> Oh Erni… you know you are!

> Ladies… if there was one time not to embarrass me. Now’s not the time…

ladies: “Don’t worry!” MWUHAHAHA!!!



> HAHAHA! Addy may be silly, but she’s not that silly!

> !!!!!!!!!! THAT’S HER NICKNAME !!!!!!!!!!!!

> So……………….?…………. Erni is going to get the ad-D-y Later? hmmmm……

< Update: So i was just informed by lordofthedaves… “D” was D-ietrich the twin sword red mech robot guy. HAHA! I just happened to follow along right after Edgar starting speaking, hence the logic used… “Ernesti and D are with them” … *pans over to next scene” BAM! Erenest and a-D-dy are shown… It was the perfect crime!

> Serious mode… is CUTE MODE!

> So i took a little adventure in researching what else Erni’s voice plays as… And boy i would have never known… MEGUMIN!

>> and apparently Megumin loves robots too!

eene-fangirl  asked:

Either 1. Do an analysis on the scene from A Fistful of Ed where Eddy sticks up for Edd. Starting from after Kevin leaves the scene to the end when the Ed's are sharing hotdogs. Or, if you don't wish to do an analysis (But, still think about doing an analysis) you can answer this question. What is your favorite thing about Eddy sticking up for Edd in a Fistful of Ed? *Look at the post on my page if you have any questions.

I love this scene SO MUCH!  I’m gonna do this under the cut, I don’t have time to comment on everything right now so I’ll add a few more comments after I get dinner.

These screenshots are from a folder I made forever ago labeled “Raw Eddy” because I LOVE the way Eddy’s rage from over the entire series finally boils over (pretty literally, the animators rev up his boiling outline to an extreme twitch before he erupts) and all that frustration turns out to be the group’s secret weapon against their biggest enemy at that time.

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Do you have any Shizaya fic recommendations?

I haven’t had the time for fics lately, but I do have ones I enjoyed. Complication, Eloquence doesn’t equal intelligence by @itsnotloveifitsjust​ aka Tsuku, where….alright I won’t spoil but the twist is an intriguing concept. A Rather Monstrous World, which is a take on Prisoner of War Izaya and Enemy Soldier Shizuo. It has smut, but the story is good and the plot draws you in. The one with Shizuo and Izaya on an island….A Cheap Imitation (interesting title). There was a scene in that one I really liked, it really seemed like a movie (of course it was a scene of Shizuo) and it starts off with quite an impactful scene. This is War by @miyukiwynter is a what if Izaya had Saika fic which is an interesting concept. There’s another one, an Izaya redemption fic, but I can’t remember the title, only the author, ‘adargo’. They have a tumblr. I think the authors of those other two fics have tumblr too but I’m not sure if I can tag them…

Anyway there was another one, again I can’t remember the title but it was a story with everyone helping Shizuo to get Izaya in a chatroom. I liked it because it involved the cast of characters. They’re like chatting in the chatroom with their handles and they’re so cute. Though I liked it more for Shizuo than Izaya. Alright I just checked, it’s The Secret I.U.G (Izaya Update Group) Ok people have so creative titles haha why can’t I remember (and why isn’t there an update!). Ok I just remembered the title of the Izaya redemption fic, it’s Nocturnal. There’s a scene of Shizuo swimming to get to Izaya - ok no spoilers but there was a suspenseful scene with the characters too. And it’s just like Izaya redemption fic and even involves Manami and Kine with Izaya and Manami as Izaya’s friend?? 

There were other fics I liked, a fic with Shizuo coming to visit Izaya in a wheelchair, a fic with vampire Izaya and priest Shizuo, a fic with Alpha Shizuo and Omega Izaya but without smut (so far), a fic with Izaya helping Shizuo (though that was very long ago but it was an interesting concept) but I just can’t remember the titles sorry. I only remember the story. 

Sunset Proposal - Wanda Maximoff x Stark!Reader


Hi! I was the anon who sent you the suggestion for “Cosy Anniversary”. I LOVED IT a lot! The twist you added with the reader having powers was wonderful as well! That ending was real cute! Now I want to see the reader propose to Wanda, with both Pietro and her father’s help! Maybe someday we’ll get a sequel to it! Haha! Anyway, thank you so much for writing it! You’re a fantastic writer and I hope you have a wonderful day!!! ^_^

You should make a part 2 of Cosy anniversary where the reader proposes to Wanda and if you could set a wedding scene at the end. I love your Wanda x reader stories!❤

A/n: I hope this was okay and wasn’t too long or anything :)

You chewed your lip as you stared at the puppy calendar in front of you, the desire to rip it from the wall and scream shot through you. You were scared. Terrified in fact, luckily people couldn’t read your emotions, not even Wanda’s, you could read everyone else’s through. Pietro frowned as she watched you put down the empty china mug of tea. “You said you’d help me if I told you what I was planning right?” You asked hesitatingly. Pietro nodded then realised you had your back to him. “Of course but what is your plan?” Pietro questioned before Tony walked into the room. 

“Yeah when are you going to ask her?” He questioned causing you to tense. “Her birthday…” You replied causing Pietro to nod and Tony to look confused. “When is her birthday?” he asked causing you and Pietro to give him ‘are you serious’ looks. “Wait is it on the… oh wait its written on the calendar!” Tony squealed causing you to roll your eyes.

“So what are we going to do?” Pietro questioned before the three of you engaged in the planning of the proposal. 

Meanwhile Wanda, Natasha Maria and Pepper were watching romantic comedy movies in the lounge. “Do you think you’d marry Y/n one day Wanda?” Pepper questioned. “Would you marry Tony?” Maria retorted, sipping her red wine.

“Where are those three anyway? FRIDAY where are Tony, Y/n and Pietro?” Natasha questioned. “The three are working on a project in the lab….looking at brain patterns… Mr Maximoff is attempting to make Y/n laugh to mess up the scans.” FRIDAY fibbed although Wanda, Natasha, Pepper and Maria were unaware of this.

“So do you want me to rent out the entire park or?” Tony questioned. Pietro frowned. “No no no it vould be too obvious, so you go out to dinner then after to the park and bam, under the gazebo?” Pietro questioned causing you to nod in response. “You already got it though haven’t you?” Tony asked in response. You nodded. “Yeah I brought it a while back…damn I never got to give her the necklace on our anniversary…” You realised.

“Give her that as a decoy then propose?” Tony suggested causing you and Pietro to grin evilly.

Wanda’s Birthday: (A/n:I don’t know when it actually is? Anyone know?)

You smiled as the day went smoothly, nobody suspected a thing, shockingly not even Natasha (or she’s just hiding that she knows, who knows, she’s a spy…). You closed your eyes as you focused on everyone’s emotions, everyone was orange, they were all happy and energetic. Wanda smiled as she walked over to you, wearing the necklace you’d brought her as the two of you were about to leave for dinner. 

Tony grinned and nodded at you, drowning more whiskey whilst Pietro smirked, he was going to be recording and photographing the entire thing. 

Wanda had chosen to go to a Sokovian style restaurant which had branched out from after Sokovia was destroyed. Sokovian music filled the air as the two of you dined, you grew nervous. Wanda raised an eyebrow at you as you twirled your fork in your fingers. You smiled in response, feeling the calm emotions from the surrounding people.

“How about a nice walk in the park? We could watch the sunset under the gazebo?” You suggested as the two of you walked down the street holding hands. Wanda grinned and nodded, kissing your cheek in response. You linked your fingers with hers as the two of you strolled into the park, arriving at the gazebo as orange, red, purple and yellow flooded the once blue sky.

Wanda smiled as she stepped up onto the gazebo, you behind her as she watched the sunset. Your fingers latched around the ring box in the pocket of your khaki trench coat.

“Wanda, love, there’s something I need to say…” You almost whimpered causing Wanda to turn and look at you. “Ever since I first met you, you made my life so much brighter, I wasn’t just Tony Stark’s daughter… I felt like I belonged, you changed my life and each day it just keeps changing for the better, you are the light of my life and I was wondering if you’d do me the honour of becoming my wife?” You questioned, dropping to one knee in front of her.

Wanda’s hands automatically flew to her mouth in shock, Pietro smirked as he took photo after photo, as well as filming the whole thing. Tears trickled at the corners of Wanda’s eyes as she nodded frantically. Her voice cracked as she exclaimed “Yes, yes, of course prinţesă!” You grinned, tears almost falling as you slipped the ring onto her finger. Pietro grinned, he definitely approved of you.

Flash Forward

You chewed your lip nervously as you played with part of your dress/tuxedo. Pietro was going to be walking Wanda down the aisle whilst Tony was going to walk you down. “My father isn’t drunk yet is he?” You questioned Pepper who shrugged. “I’ve got Steve and Bruce on Tony Watch….” Pepper explained.

“If he’s drunk he’s sitting out, you know how he is when he’s drunk.” You complaining, flinching at the memories. “Y/n he’s not going to miss his only child’s wedding… even if he was drunk he’d sober up in an instant with enough glares from us all…” Pepper explained.

Natasha peered her head through the door, causing you and Pepper to turn around. “Its time, Pietro finally got Wanda to calm down… you don’t look nervous…how don’t you look nervous?” Natasha questioned. You grinned in response. “I manipulate and sense emotions, I’m using everyone else’s chilled vibes to calm myself down…” You explained before Pepper and Natasha guided you to Tony.

“Ready kid?” Tony questioned, tugging at his shirt cuffs. You glanced at him before taking a deep breath. “As I’ll ever be…” you replied as the doors opened and music began to play. You smirked as you sensed Wanda and Pietro approaching, you were first down the aisle and would be waiting there for them both. “As I’ll ever be…” 

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