but this scene was badass


why don’t you… let me be the bad guy?

I went to see Rogue One again (because I have no self control) and I live in Texas where about sixty percent of the population is Hispanic, so a father brought his entire family of four boys and two girls, all ranging between twelve and five to see the movie. The boys were all freaking out because of course its Star Wars, and they loved Cassian, talking about how cool he was and they loved Jyn (especially during her badass scene versus some Stormtroopers) but the greatest part was at the very end when they revealed Princess Leia. I wasn’t expecting it but all of the boys all at once jumped up and went “OMG! THERE SHE IS! IT”S PRINCESS LEIA!!! SHE”S HERE TO SAVE US!!!!”

These boys had been so excited to see Darth Vader, Cassian, and other characters but they lost their minds because Princess Leia was here to save the universe. That is what Carrie Fisher’s legacy is.

I think we need to acknowledge Ms. Hudson more in this episode. She completely blew everyone away. That scene where she is acting like Sherlock, doing finger guns and pointing, basically smacking Mycroft in the face. That was Mrs. Freaking Hudson right there, badass and slaying. Such sass.

That scene with Sherlock where she drops the tea (on purpose!!!) so that she can take Sherlock’s gun.

Heavens bless this woman. She’s learned so much from watching the boys, and they didn’t even notice.

The Midgar motorcycle chase scene in FF7 was always one of my favourite parts of the game, I think the music + the concept of driving a motorcycle while swinging a bigass sword always seemed PRETTY DANG COOL to younger me, haha! This was reaaaally rushed though so I will probs come back to the “80′s neon motorcycle chase” concept with Cloud again sometime. :’)


A new promotional poster for EPISODE ONE, the official remake of Detective Conan’s first chapter, with new scenes and animation !

This poster is badass ! Sinichi and Gin in the same picture, flying APTX and a dark suit for our hero. It almost looks like he joined the Black Org ! XD

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Star Wars ask meme because I’m bored

Send me a number and I’ll answer.

  1. Favorite movie(s)
  2. Favorite Clone Wars episode(s)
  3. Favorite Rebels episode(s)
  4. Favorite soundtrack(s)
  5. Favorite lightsaber duel(s)
  6. Favorite planet(s)
  7. Favorite light side character(s)
  8. Favorite dark side character(s)
  9. Favorite non-force sensitive character(s)
  10. Favorite side character(s)
  11. Favorite droid(s)
  12. Favorite clone trooper(s)
  13. Favorite bounty hunter(s)
  14. Favorite scene(s)
  15. Favorite line(s)
  16. Funniest moment(s)
  17. Saddest moment(s)
  18. Most badass moment(s)
  19. Favorite lightsaber color(s)
  20. Favorite spaceship(s)
  21. Otp/Brotp/Ot3/Notp(s)
  22. Worst character(s)
  23. Jedi, Sith, or Grey Jedi
  24. Movies or shows
  25. Clone Wars or Rebels
  26. Canon or Legends
  27. Clone troopers or Stormtroopers
  28. Prequel trilogy/Clone Wars era, Rebels/original trilogy era, or sequel trilogy era
  29. Underrated moment(s)
  30. Unpopular opinion(s)

I’m here to give you a warning. Leave me and the people around me alone. And what if I don’t? If you don’t, I’ll come and find you, no matter where you may be. I’ll end our first encounter with just this warning but if I ever come to see you a second time, you will die.