but this scene is so iconic

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The other day (was it yesterday) you did your favourite Eva outfits, do you have any favourite Chris outfits?

tough to say because every look she has is iconic but here are a few a like!

look at her! queen of wearing colors! and those shoes! she looks amazing! and the subtle nod to her sexuality (pan colors) love it!

and she can pull off formal wear too!!!! versatile icon!

this coat is truly iconic and amazing! and the helmet with the stars on it, the unicorn shirt, the hoverboard, amazing scene, amazing look! she can pull off anything!

has anyone ever looked this good in a hoodie??? or in braids??? i don’t think so!

it’s a shame we only see this look for a second because she just looks so beautiful! the cozy sweater, the hair pulled back, the lipstick! she looks so soft and cozy and pretty :)

when chris wears her hair in two buns > anything any one else has ever done with their hair. also the outfit is a look as well

double denim! the scarf! cuffed jeans! she also looks beautiful in this scene! she’s a denim gay and a fashion icon

my absolute favorite chris look that we only see for a second because noora has to run off to see w*lliam (waste). she looks suave, sophisticated, bright, and fun! she makes sunglasses indoors look chic! she’s an icon!!!!

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9.03 is such an underrated episode. I loved how it delt with Daphne dealing with being the "other woman" and her/Roz going to Heather's office was so iconic, I wish we had more scenes with the 2 of them doing stuff together. And the Martin/Frasier scenes were pure gold too (and had one of the best credits scenes in the series). If the rest of the season had been this good I would have ranked it much higher.

Roz and Daphne need more plots together!!! And ia, it wasn’t perfect but I like that it starts off as a typical sitcom jealousy plot, but then at the end you can see why Daphne got insecure because of the specific circumstances of her and Niles getting together. 

And the Martin and Frasier subplot is genuinely one of the best.

tell me why this budgetless gay youtube series made for fun by a group of friends has the best editing and writing of anything i’ve watched in a year.

also tell me how this single scene can contain every single one of the top three most iconic lines in history.

edit: whoa, i didn’t expect this to blow up so quick! putting the source in the tags was a bad idea, sorry. this is brian jordan alvarez’s the gay and wondrous life of caleb gallo, and you can watch it on youtube or vimeo! he makes lots of other hilarious gay videos too, so you should check out his whole channel.

OKAY SO I’ve seen people talk about this before but to review: you know how Keith is kind of out of the loop due to his loner nature and poor social skills so he doesn’t really understand some things like this iconic scene in season 1:

and of course this

and then in season 2, if he seems confused Lance just starts explaining stuff to him without him asking

SO THEN IN season 3 when Hunk and Pidge are talking technobabble and Keith doesn’t understand




Keith + His Friends → Pidge

Pidge: Dad used to tell me about how close he was with his crew members. They were like family. Now I understand what he was talking about. I’m staying with you guys. Let’s stop Zarkon for all our families.

Keith: Good to have you back on the team.

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