but this scene is so iconic

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omg my comic teacher was talking about tropes and we talk briefly about the ''literally falling in love trope'' and guess what was in the exemple: the drill scene from too far. I really wanted to scream but I kept quiet but my god. And he describes the scene briefly and heard some chuckles and just smiled at us and dsfadfas. It was a very good day. i love amedot sm. sorry i had to tell someone and you're the n.1 amedot i follow ;w;

Is it weird that i feel so touched by this and im nearly tearing up???? :,)
That’s fucking amazing.
Name a more iconic moment in modern animation, I’ll wait.

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Lazar (for the character ask!)


Why i like them:


Why i don’t: 

lol next

Favorite episode (scene if movie):

we don’t actually see it but in PG when damen heard noises and walked into the Vaskian camp where there were women everywhere and laurent is like “I’m afraid you don’t have time” and damen is like “i came because i heard horses” and laurent goes “lazar said he came because he took a wrong turning” he’s so asdfghjksx

Favorite season/movie:


Favorite line:

“All right, you’re not fucking him.” ICONIC 

Favorite outfit:



will die for him and pallas


the whole veretion group in PG that drank by the fire and harassed damem over fucking laurent is the ultimate crew


i read a post about him liking it when pallas calls him daddy and i could not possibly agree more 

also modern lazar has a sleeve and his tongue pierced HELLA

Unpopular opinion: 

ummm idk there isn’t really much talk about him in the fandom (hate you all for it btw) but eh i guess i could see him being open to fucking damen in PG

A wish:

i wish with everything in me that the last short story is about him and pallas please GOD

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen:

please don’t ever break up with pallas omg :(

5 words to best describe them:

hilarious, loyal, great-fighter, hot (fight me on that), charming?

My nickname for them:

my bae

Ok guys, we need to talk about J.C.Leyedecker, and how its a fucking travesty that no one has made a film about him yet.

So Leyendecker was an illustrator during the 1910′s-1940′s. His work was absolutely gorgeous and highly ubiquitous at the time, and his llustrations for the Arrow shirt company created one of the most iconic images of male beauty of the early 20th century. But this icon came with a delicously romantic twist.

So this image of The Arrow Man was both incredibly macho and well built, but also ethereally pretty and dapper. But the model who the drawing was based on cropped up in A LOT of Leyendeckers work. In many he was engaged in casual social scenes with other men, in others he was shaving in the bathroom or getting dressed, broad shouldered, skin glistening, dark blond hair perfectly in place, jaw sharp as a fucking shovel, but with a slightly rounded chin. In one ad for war bonds he even appeared as the statue of liberty. This same man appeared in hundrereds of drawings, each with the same sharp care and attention to detail which makes looking at him almost feel voyeristic. 

So this mans image is EVERYWHERE during the early 20th century, and he is a fashion/lifestyle icon for men on par with the female gibson girl. He was the celebrated symbol of male strength, virility, and power. 

And man who modeled for Leyendecker’s iconic univerally adored macho man? That would be his lover, Charles Beach.  

so all this gorgeously homoerotic artwork defined the image of hyper macho masculinity during the interwar period. Leyendecker painted Beach onto the face of the world, that was his love letter. He basically immortalised the love of his life by making the whole world adore him as much as he did.

Leyendecker’s work would go on to influence the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Norman Rockwell. After his death in 1951, when people figured out that the unmarried man he’d been drawing and living with for decades, right up until the time of his death, was actually his lover, Leyendecker’s name has sadly been pushed out of the history books in favour of more wholesome characters.

And that fucking sucks

I would like to request a full length movie, with all the jazz era glamour and steamy romance that this genius deserved. During a time when homosexual men where thought of as weak deviants, this man not only had the nerve to use his lover as the model for all his great works, but he made him into the STANDARD of what it was to be a man. 

J.C. Leyendecker and Charles Beach deserve your rememberance. 

anyways remember in s3 when emma did the whole flirty “you couldnt handle it” line and then killian dumbass jones thought he was bein real clever by saying “maybe YOU couldnt handle it” (CleverTM & SuaveTM ComebacksTM) but then emma surprise made out with him and he stood there for ten mcfreaking minutes afterwards staring into space and contemplating the fact that he was certifiably the wrongest he’d ever been in his whole life and also Screwed

Carrie Fisher Opens Up Her ‘Star Wars’ Journal: 'I Think I Do Overshare' 

Carrie Fisher told Terry Gross about filming the famous Jabba the Hutt scene with the iconic gold bikini in Return of the Jedi:

“What my joke was when we first rehearsed it, they’re brought in front of Jabba, they talk to Jabba, Jabba talks to Harrison and Mark, and then they’re led off. They never say, ‘Hey! How are you?’ So as they were being led off I said, in the rehearsal, ‘Don’t worry about me! I’ll be fine! Seriously!’ Which I thought they should’ve kept in there. It was like, ‘Where am I in all of this?’ Sure, they were going to be digested for 2,000 years, but I have to stay with the slug with the big tongue! Nearly naked! Which is not a style choice for me. … It wasn’t my choice. When [George Lucas] showed me the outfit I thought he was kidding, and it made me very nervous. I had to sit very straight because I couldn’t have lines on my sides, like little creases. No creases were allowed, so I had to sit very, very rigid straight. … What redeems it is I get to kill him, which was so enjoyable. … I sawed his neck off with that chain that I killed him with, I really relished that because I hated wearing that outfit and sitting there rigid straight, and I couldn’t wait to kill him.”


in which adrien & marinette attend a wedding reception and marinette notices how adrien looks at the bride and groom wishfully.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

//sorry for the lack of art lately! i’ve been swamped with work but i’ve been thinking about my whole wedding au and the events leading up to it….including proposal *stuffs my face in a pillow and screams while thinking about their proposal scene*


top 20 degrassi characters (as voted by my followers): #2. Zoë Rivas

“We all have one thing in common - we want to be loved for who we are. We need to celebrate our differences. For instance, I’m gay. I’m not bragging about it but I’ve always been afraid to say it and I’m not anymore. I want this place to be a safe space where everyone feels free to be themselves. Welcome to Degrassi.”