but this scene is extremely funny to me

funny story

in high school i truly wasn’t ever really interested in the party scene and drinking in general. so I was never really invited to many parties because they’d assume I wouldn’t go. keep in mind, i never knew what actually happened at these parties except the typical stereotype of what a high school party was depicted like in movies. well one day, an acquaintance of mine invited me to, in her own words: “a birthday thing at my place.” so I’m like oh my gosh this is my first real party!!! i’m extremely excited and i spend all day getting an outfit and picking the perfect gift for her. that night, i came dressed in heels and a brand new dress, hair curled with her present perfectly wrapped with a bow in my arms. i burst threw her front lawn gate when I realize …….
there’s no table for the gifts. there’s no tables of food or long tables for others to sit in. i just see everyone in the senior class wearing the normal clothes from earlier that school day, drinking coronas, all stopping to look at me.
it’s not an actually birthday “party”. it’s a kick back. 

i overly dressed … and brought a wrapped gift …. to a kickback……..

to this day, people still laugh when bringing it up and when they see me on the street. i still think it’s the most embarrassing/annoyingly innocent thing I’ve ever done.


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And also some observations:

-I don’t know,it could be the quality of the picture or something but to me Lucy’s eyes look rather dark and empty,like some extremely saddening/or scarring event took place and it HAS left an impact,a scar of sorts on her(and prolly others too) which could be related to Natsu’s transformation and the events that ensued thus or not.

-sorta funny how Natsu’s guild mark looks like it’s in a shade of pink.

-I believe it could be the scene after Natsu’s inevitable transformation has ended and he is tired so he just drops into her arms{*EEEEEEEEP**SQUEALS MORE FOR GOOD MEASURE*}


The Movie Releases On May 6,2017.


3 Million Video Views-

For the 3 Million views post, here’s the clean views for Lewis’s Truck

Truck created by @heilos (with help from @chloepoisonhearts)

Backgrounds created by @artsyfeathersartsyblog

The design was influenced by a very specific thing from Japan.


Extremely decorative, flashy, neon, trucks.

It’s funny, because we had developed the design without showing the musician behind Mystery Skulls until it was finished, and when I showed it to him, he *INSTANTLY* knew that it was a Dekotora truck.  Afterward he was basically hoping for me to share the knowledge of what exactly these trucks are.

And to briefly explain them, here’s a video that gives a quick lowdown on what they are.


Otherwise, go google these things, they are as awesome as they are just friggin’ glowy~

Tension (Chris Pratt)

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Anon asks: Love your imagines ^^ I would like one with (Y/N) and Chris Pratt having an awkward sexual tension moment, but ends up in something funny ans sweet. Thx!! keep writing:) 

(Y/B/F/N)= Your Best Friend Name

       You can’t help it when you start to have feelings for your co-star. When you’re a part of someone’s life for a long period of time, you get to know them and their quirks. How funny they are, how sweet and talented, also it never hurts for me to find him extremely attractive.

Today is our last day on set so everyone is messing around with each other; and of course (Y/B/F/N) had to prank you. I just finished my last scene with Chris and I were heading to the trailers when (Y/B/F/N) and some of the crew started to chase Chris and I with water guns. We grabbed each other’s hand and ran for my trailer, getting soaked as we ran.

        I swung open the door and ran in with Chris trailing us and slamming the door shut behind us and locking it. We looked at one another and bursted out laughing, we were both soaked, his shirt was dripping water all over the floor and my dress was soaked as well. 

“Let me go get us some towels before it looks like it flooded in here.” I say and go to the bathroom, grabbing two towels and going back out to give him one. “Here you go.” I say and hand him a towel, which he thanks me for and starts to dry himself off “Sorry for the mess (Y/N).” he apologizes “Oh it’s fine, it’s (Y/B/F/N)’s fault anyway.” I reply “Alright.” he says. 

        “I wouldn’t have happened to have left any clothes here last week when they were fixing my trailer, would I?” he asks me “Um, I think you left some sweatpants and a t-shirt in the corner over there.” I answer, pointing to the other side of the room. He goes over there and sure enough there are some clothes. “I think I’ll go change into these.” he says and starts to head to the bathroom “Oh before you do that, can you unzip my dress?” I interrupt “Yeah sure.” he says hesitantly and comes over to me.

He puts one hand on my shoulder; his thumb glides across my skin, back and forth. His other hand grazes against the bottom of my neck and he slowly unzips my dress as he looks int the mirror in front of me. He reaches the bottom and we just look at each other in the mirror, and my heart starts to race from the feeling of his skin on mine. Then I blink and realize that we are staring at each other “Oh… um, thanks.” I stutter out and turn around “You know, you can have the bathroom, I’ll change in here.” he says “Ugh thanks.” I say and head to the bathroom.

I change into my clothes that I store in the bathroom and then head back outside and see Chris slipping his shirt on and I can see the muscles in his back flex. He turns around and smiles at me “You know, (Y/N), I was just thinking. Why don’t we go get drinks later to celebrate our last day on set?” he asks me “I’d love to Chris, I think that would be a lot of fun.” I answer him. “Okay, how about I come pick you up at 7?” he asks me “Alright, I guess you should go and get your stuff from your trailer.” I say “Alright, I’ll see you later then (Y/N).” he replies and winks at me as he walks out the door of my trailer.

makomoriz  asked:

7, 13, 15 for the film asks!

WOOO thank you for sending in some!!

7. A film you wish had a sequel?

Hmm.. I can’t think of one. imo, if a movie is genuinely good, it doesn’t need a sequel! (except for Extremely Goofy Movie, which was a masterpiece)

13. Your favorite comedy film?

Omfg.. these days “”””comedy””” movies aren’t funny at all to me.. honestly most of them are so fucking uninspired.. so when Deadpool came out and had me pee my pants every other line it really stuck w/me. so DEADPOOL and OH also They Came Together jsfsldnf

15. A film everybody loves but you hate?

I don’t HATE the Godfather but I honestly was bored af throughout that movie except for the famous scenes. Also it treats its female characters like shit so Next

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“Funny. Mum? What’s that?”

“What’s that? No matter what I’ve done wrong, she’ll shield me, understand me and tell me it’s alright. The only person in the world who is on my side.”

The deleted scene from episode 3 is so extremely poignant and significant because it shows Wang So openly showing his frustration and anger for his parents in front of anyone. Even more so, because this immediately follows the moment when he realizes that it was his own mother who almost killed him, albeit unknowingly, and not for the first time. He says the word ”Mum” with so much disgust and contempt as if even the mere syllable tasted foul in his mouth. To Wang So, the word has a completely different meaning than for almost everyone else because he never had what is so natural and normal to most people - for him it’s a concept he associates with suffering, neglect, indifference, disappointment, hate, hopelessness, but never with love. It’s actually the second time Hae Soo touched a raw nerve with her ideas - this time about motherly love - and you can see how much it affects him again. She describes a mother as the one and only person in the world who is capable of unconditional acceptance and love and for a moment he only manages to reply with a cynical smile but then it causes almost violent reaction in Wang So who has never been accepted by anyone. 

“You’re the only one on your side. No matter how hard I try, my family treats me like I’m dead and don’t exist.”

He lashes out because he is wronged, hurt and cynical, but most of all, he is envious of Hae Soo for having something like that, therefore he mocks her with his jeering and disdainful comments. Yet, before he leaves, you can spot the fleeting look of regret and vulnerability in his eyes.

The whole moment feels almost like a premonition because it’s Hae Soo who will one day become such person to him, someone who would love him just as he is, scar and all; someone far more imporant and precious than his mother could have ever been.

30 Day Penn Zero Challenge

Day 1: The first episode you ever saw.

North Pole Down

I remember sitting down and watching this one with my brother (on the day it premiered, I think) It’s such a great show and I got hooked later on after watching The Old, Old West. But I have to admit, North Down Under is definitely one of the top best episodes, very cute, heartwarming and funny. Watching the first episode again after so long gave me such a happy feeling in my heart and immediately got me hooked all over again. This show is so quality, the little details, the glorious music and diverse character designs. I’d definitely recommend this show to all of my followers!

Kudos to Jared Bush & Sam Levine for making such an incredible show!