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BTS: S/O Has To Do A Sex Scene For A Film

(I wasn’t exactly sure whether you wanted their reaction to their s/o telling them about it, or actually doing it in front of them, but I just made it to where she’s telling them. I hope you like it anon! (((: Very slight angst, slight smut, a lot of fluff. Enjoy c:)


He would be quite astonished and very jealous as you told him the news. You had gone to school for acting for a while now and had finally achieved your first role in a film. You were over excited but when you found out about the sex scene you would have to be filming with your fellow actor, you felt you had to tell Seokjin about it, given the fact that he’s your boyfriend.

“I’m good at acting, let me be the guy you do the sex scene with,”Jin would complain, really hating the thought of your body against another man’s.

“I don’t think they allow that Jin, or else I would. It’ll be fine, you can trust me,” you tried to comfort him about your activities.

“I’m just worried jagi, that’s all…” Seokjin said quietly, rubbing the back of his neck.

“You don’t have to be worried, I would never do anything to betray your trust.” Your arms carefully wound around his waist, cuddling into him for reassurance. “I love you Kim Seokjin, and don’t you forget it.”


Jiminie would burst into a fit of giggles as you told him what your new role consisted of. He had thought about how completely awkward the situation would be and felt carefree about the whole situation. He trusted you, and knew you wouldn’t do anything without his consent.

“I can’t believe you have to act out a sex scene, that’s got to be the most awkward thing ever.” You stared incredulously at Jimin as he yelled out between laughs. You had thought he was going to be upset about the whole thing and had practiced how you would comfort him about the whole thing before you even brought it up to him.

Yet, here he was, as carefree as ever. You were strangely relieved about his reaction, despite the teasing that ensued.

“This is so funny, you better let me on the set so I can watch it though.” He went completely serious as he demanded. “Can’t let any man go any further than he has to with my jagiya, now can I?” He wasn’t upset, but protective and you were thankful for it. You hugged him carefully and buried your face in the crook of his neck, smiling as you kissed his sensitive skin, giving him shivers.

“How can I ever repay you for letting this go so easily?” You asked, feigning innocence as you sat him down with you on top of his lap.

“Hm, I have a few ideas,” Jimin pondered before his hands shot to your waist.

Min Yoongi:

Suga had a lot of trust in you, so he didn’t necessarily mind too much about the fact that you were participating in a sex scene with a stranger. Despite his complete and utter trust in you, he still had his worries.

“I don’t know jagi, what do I get for letting you do this?” He would cover his insecurities and worries about the whole situation by making a move on you, wanting you to show him just how much you meant to him before even thinking about doing what your role had caused you to have to do.

“Hm, I’ll give you whatever you have in mind,” you spoke, your voice lowering an octave as you moved closer to him, attaching your lips carefully to the area between his jaw and chin.

“Well in that case…” Yoongi’s voice was low as he pushed you against the bed that was behind you, hovering over you as his hands trapped you from rolling away. He leaned down, kissing you softly and passionately as he reached a hand down to trail his fingers teasingly slow from your kneecap to your thigh, and up, up, up until his hand was under your shirt, every touch leaving a burning trail along your body. You looked up at him with lust filled eyes as you reached down and tugged your shirt over your head, wanting to skip the teasing.

“Eager now, are we jagi?” He smirked down at you tauntingly as his hand moved to grope your bottom.

“Yes Yoongi, I’m always eager for you.”


“But (Y/N) I don’t want to share you…” Jungkook groaned as you finally told him about your new role in this movie that involved a sex scene with the other main character. You sighed internally as you wrapped your arms around Jungkook’s back, setting your chin on his shoulder as you breathed in his scent.

“It’ll be fine Jeon Jungkook. You don’t have to share me. I don’t want to be shared anyway,” you said, placing a loving kiss on the back of his exposed neck.

“It sure seems like you want to be shared,” he spoke quietly as he stared at the ground. You released one of your arms from around his waist, grabbing his hand and intertwining your fingers with his.

“I love you baby. Don’t let the fact that I have to do a sex scene scare you. It’s all staged anyway… none of it is real, we even get to keep our clothes on.” You informed, going into the depths of everything in hopes that your boyfriend would finally realize that this didn’t mean you wanted a break from him.

“Are you sure?” He was searching for reassurance from you as he gripped your hand, bringing it up to his plump lips slowly, his other hand now tangling within yours that was around his waist.

“I’m positive. I wouldn’t have agreed to it if it was any different.”

“I love you jagiya…” he said, turning around, releasing your hands and grabbing your cheeks, pulling your face millimeters away from his.

“I love you too. To infinity and beyond.” You smiled cheesily before he planted his lips on yours softly, pulling you close to him.

Jung Hoseok:

Hobi had literally screeched when he first heard about the sex scene you had to do for your brand new role.

‘Are you seriously having to have sex with another man for a movie?’ When you answered no, even more questions began pouring out of his mouth in a rush. ‘Will you have clothes on?’ ‘Do you like the guy?’ ‘Do you like the guy more than me?’ He didn’t stop asking questions until you shut him up with a deep kiss to his lips.

“Yes I will have clothes, no I don’t like him, and I don’t like anyone more than you so stop worrying.”

“I’m not sharing you,” he pouted as he wrapped his arms around your waist protectively, refusing to let you move from his strong limbs.

“Please Hoseok?” You now pouted, excited for the movie, despite the sex scene within it.




“And what’re you gonna do to stop me?” You questioned daringly, folding your arms across your chest, still having constricting movements due to Hoseok’s tight grip on your waist. J-Hope raised a daring brow as he looked up at you.

“Why don’t I just show you?” He smirked before licking his lips and tossing you on the bed.

Rap Monster:

“No, I don’t want you to do it.” His voice was stoic as he responded to the newly found news, quite annoyed by the fact that you had to act intimate with a stranger. He already knew that you would be fully clothed, and barely even touching despite what the movie would depict, but he didn’t care. He just didn’t want you to do it, plain and simple.

“Please Namjoon? This role is a major role in a very popular series, I may never get this chance again. I promise I’ll make it up to you.” He stared at you intensely, pondering what you could do to make it up to him, dirty thoughts instantly shooting into his mind as he thought.

“And how’re you going to make it up to me?” He questioned, raising a brow as he stared lustily at you.

“Well first I was gonna get on m-”

“Show me babygirl,” his voice lowered an octave, sending shivers down your spine and straight to your heat. You dropped down on your knees in front of him as he sat on the spinny chair. You reached out, slowly beginning to palm him through his tight jeans, his member growing rapidly at your touch as a tiny groan left his mouth.


“I trust you jagiya, I have no problem with it.” Taehyung’s demeanor was very laid back as he spoke, not worried about your upcoming sex scene at all. You smiled thankfully at him as you cuddled into my chest.

“Thank you for being so understanding TaeTae.” You reached up to peck his lips before laying your head on his chest once again, your head rising and lowering with every breath he took.

“I love you jagi, and I know acting is your passion so I don’t have a problem with it. I trust you with everything I got, believe it or not.” You relished in his compromising words as you smiled at him lovingly.

“I kinda thought you were going to be upset about the whole thing?”

“Why would I be upset?” He giggled, raising a curious brow at your statement.

“I don’t know, I just thought you, my boyfriend, wouldn’t be comfortable with me participating in a sex scene for a movie.”

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Omg my friend called in to see me yesterday during ED,she watched the second half of the ep with me it was her first time watching ED shocking I know lol anyway after the pub scene she asked me why was the blonde guy annoyed by his sister and the guy with the beard I asked her what she meant and OMFG she though R was Robert's sister I nearly fell over from laughing 😂😂😂

Ohh poor Robert lol

M&G / Q&A with Humanoid Vips #DMLyon

-Georg punched Bill really hard in the face that was sooo violant!!! Fans were all shocked 😳😳😳
- A girl asked who was Elysa and Bill smiled and said “mistery…” he said he don’t wanted to say who it was and keep it secret
- Someone asked what movie they would like to play in and what character Bill said Leonardo DiCaprio in Basketball diaries
- Bill said he dreams a lot, like everynight and it’s like really weird dreams and he talked about the dream he had. He said he was on the top of a roof with Tom and that he fell and Bill freaked out and looked down, fans laughed and Bill was like “Why are you laughing?? This is not funny” and he says that it looked like a scene from sex and the city.
- The guys said they don’t never ever want to play some old songs again cause it was teenage songs
- A girl asked them that if they die, do they want to know how they will die or when they will die, twins both said how
- 2 words that defines Bill back then and now, he said “Innocent and now… Free” all fans laughed
- The guys looked REALLY tired during the q&a but still they were sooo nice
- One last thing Georg slapped Bill in the face but that was for fun ofc don’t worry Bill is ok but he really slapped him really HARD 😳
-Treehouse was sooo in a rush that after one fan took a selfie with Bill only, they immediatly took the professional pic, so the fan doesn’t have a selfie with the band.


Third Wheelin’ with Jaha