but this quote is heartbreaking

It was the way she said his name

The way she moved her lips, the tone of her voice, the sparkle in eye all the little things showed just how much she loved him.

—  Tenari Ioapo
You’re still falling asleep, just next to a different boy now but you’re stupid for thinking you could trick yourself into believing it was ‘him’,
Because you’re new fix doesn’t call you baby, or wake you up at 4am just to tell you he loves you,
You need to stop trying to find comfort next to boys you don’t belong with because goddamnit you’ve never felt so empty in your life.
There was something embarrassing about being the last one to move on and caring about something that means nothing to the other person. It makes you wonder what’s wrong with yourself and why they’ve moved on but you haven’t. Maybe they’re using other people to numb their aching heart or maybe they never cared as much as you did. Either way, everyone moves on at their own pace.
—  Being the last to move on doesn’t make you weaker - Jess Amelia 
Why am I the one staying up at 2am wondering if I’ve hurt you, when you never, for one second, considered how much you hurt me?
Darkness surrounds me
Thoughts consume my mind.
With you is where I wanna be,
Wake me from this nightmare.
Missing you is all I’ll ever know,
Tears fall, please don’t go,
The light is fading and I’m alone.
—  Tenari Ioapo // A nightmare of mine.
Whatever we had is just water under the bridge now. While you walk across the wooden planks and reach new people, I’m floating in what used to be. I’ve come a long way from the usual drowning. I never really learned how to swim in any regular bodies of water, so it’s not surprising that I didn’t fare well in those thickened by nostalgia. You got out so easily as if it was just another day at the beach for you. Maybe it was. Maybe the idea of us was just a good pastime, and that’s all it was ever meant to be. And honestly, that’s okay.
—  You’re just a memory now. // Maxwell Diawuoh
forever is a long
long time
and if i can’t spend it by your side
i’ll spend it wishing i was
—  i wouldn’t mind
(cc, 2017)
May your smile brighten her life as much as it did mine. Thank you for being exactly what and who I needed during the darkest phase of my life. I will never forget you.
I still have love for him.
Friendship for 4 years, how could I not?
Because I know what kind of person he could be.
I saw the sweet, caring side.
But more often then not,
I got the mean, selfish side.
The one who didn’t respect boundaries,
Or me anymore.
Who always thought I’d forgive him.
And I always have,
No matter how cruel he was.
And I still do,
Forgive him.
I just don’t tolerate anymore.
I still have a lot of love for him,
I just don’t like him much anymore.
—  Chapters from my life