but this quote i can relate to so much

Goodbye, Joe

In recent news, Joe has retired from YouTube and will no longer be apart of Cow Chop. With that said, we will no longer include him in posts unless it directly relates to a video he was in. Much like Aron, we will still be keeping his tag so we can look back at his VERY real quotes.

Personal Thoughts:

Yan: Despite how sad I am, I’m really proud Joe is going to go back to school to pursue his dreams. It is also refreshing to have a member leave for a positive reason and have a proper goodbye. I guess it’s pretty fitting for one of the happiest people out there. I am sure to miss his inability to form proper sentences and his ability to smile through about anything. Goodbye, my smol boy.

Alex: I am certainly sad to see Joe go. Especially after all of his years at the creatures in addition to Cow Chop. Joe seems to be the nicest and kindest person I’ve come to be familiar with through YouTube and I️’m going to miss his unique presence on the channel! That being said, I️’m eally happy for him and super proud of his decision to go back to school. I wish him luck in his studies and know he will kill it. He will be missed but wish him the best of luck!!

We’ll miss you, Joe!

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as a fellow cmbyn fan, i recently realized that nlmly reminds me so much of cmbyn with isaks relentless pining and his failure to notice that even loves him too. it reminds of this quote from the cmbyn book: "there's a law somewhere that says that when one person is thoroughly smitten with the other, the other must unavoidably be smitten as well." it can relate so easily to nlmly because isak is so madly in love with even that even has to feel just as strongly, yknow? (btw: love your writing!)

This ask killed me and i’ve been thinking about it for the last couple of days! I want to include this line from the book so bad and i’m frying my brain trying to make it work.

Thank you so much! This is the highest compliment 💙💙💙💙

Beauty without kindness and bravery is just a pretty empty shell, my dear. And you can find plenty of those on the beach. People use them to decorate their rooms. So I hope you aspire to be so much more than just beautiful. I hope you aspire to be so much more than a pretty little thing that decorates the room you walk into.
—  Nikita Gill, Excerpt From Life Lessons From The Not So Wicked Witch To Dorothy”

Ok so I’ve finally gotten around to doing this highly requested post based off this post and I’m sorry to all those who had been waiting for ages for it to come out but here it is!!!

How to Annotate a Novel Efficiently

Look I’m actually doing the play Medea at the moment so this can be used for other texts apart from novels too!

Like I’ve said before, I know lots of people don’t want to taint their texts with writing and highlighting, but to me, it is so so satisfying when I finish with a fully annotated book with tabs flying out of every page and all that, plus it acts as a sweet resource once it’s done.

((Hopefully by the time you’ve gotten around to this level of annotating, you’ve read through your text already and maybe even put down some initial thoughts in the margins.))

To put it simply, I have three levels of coordination when it comes to annotating a novel: words, tabs and sticky notes.

1. Sticky notes

  • Use for big chunks of text you can’t fit in the margins of your book, such as summaries of characters, themes, etc
  • They can also get those big chunks of info to stand out from the rest of the novel
  •  If you’re reading a larger text with chapters, it’s quite handy to use big sticky notes to summarise each section. 

2. Tabs (and highlighting)

  • Yep so these are the tabs I have sticking out of my book and they’re used for quick references, where I can easily search up a type of quote quickly in the novel without having to flip through every page.
  • The colours of the tabs I use are the same colours as my highlighters, so it is easy to see where the quote is and which tab it corresponds to.
  • ACTUALLY HIGHLIGHT the specific quote rather than leaving a tab there by itself, for future reference when you need a specific quote, but if you’ve got a massive chunk that is just too important to pick out a small quote, use a square bracket on the inside margin. Smaller quotes are better.
  • Have a tab for broad topics such as characters, themes, literary devices, plot developments, context, etc. If you have more colours, you can always make your categories more specific (for me, the character of Medea is separate to the rest of the characters)
  • I write the main idea on the tab itself, a.k.a. the reason why I highlighted or tabbed that quote there.
  • Which quotes to highlight depends on

a)     What we go through in class

b)     What is written as an important quote in the text guide we are given/the internet suggests

c)     What I think is important. If you’re not sure, ask yourself WHY is that quote important and if you can answer that, highlight it!!!


3. Words

  • The further explanation of quotes is written on the actual pages, and often right under a tab to elaborate.
  • I recommend using a thin pen as in 0.38 to really fit in as much as possible.
  • This step as well as tabbing is so so important, because you can highlight as much as you want, but it really won’t mean anything until you’ve written down its significance, and even if you have an amazing memory, this is vital ok. Even a few words along the margin explaining the quote can mean the difference between good writing and great writing in your upcoming essay.
  • What do I actually write? If it’s a literary device, I’ll name it (e.g. Metaphor) and explain its symbolism, or the author’s intention for putting that in. If it’s a theme related quote, I’ll explain the message that the author is trying to convey through that quote. If it’s a character related quote, I’ll explain how that quote adds to their character, maybe finding contrasts, etc.
  • Supplies that I used were:

- Mildliners (pink, orange, yellow, blue, aqua; gotta get that colour coding)

- Pilot Frixion Point

- Uni-ball Signo TSI (erasable like the frixion pen so that if I’m not too sure about what I’ve written as an annotation, I can check with the teacher and erase if need be)

- A set of 1000 tabs in total, divided among pink, orange, yellow, green and blue

- Pastel square sticky notes

As an optional step, I highly recommend making use of the back cover or spare pages in the book. I use them for writing definitions of recurring words, good vocabulary to use in the future when writing the essay and also character maps, explaining the relationship between each character.

I hope you all find this helpful!

((disclaimer: this is just how I do it so don’t shank me pls))

Kate xx

The Best Quotes From The Prom Part 1
  • “I love you guys, but I‘m in the minority.” - Sheldon
  • “We are liberal democrats from Broadway.” - Trent
  • “YOU OWE ME A FUCKING HOUSE!!!!” - Dee Dee
  • “Oh my god, she’s still alive?” - Barry “Not really, no.” - Angie
  • “Now, do me a favor and point me in the direction of the K-Mart or we can just follow the scent of despair.” - Barry
  • “I’m coming out” - Emma “It’s a little late for that.” - Barry
  • “Oh they hated you, alright. They hated you with a searing passion fueled by years of intolerance and the lack of a drama program.” - Trent
  • “Plus as a bonus it’s gay so it’s something I can relate to.” - Barry
  • “You know, I’ve never said this to anyone before, but tell me about you.” -dee dee
  • *Emma Eating Ice Cream* “There’s so much hate out there… I’m going to need more of this shit.” - Emma
  • Natsu: Lucy, what is sex?
  • Lucy: fehvrivdehver, what?
  • Natsu: what is sex?
  • Lucy: You...are not kidding me right? You don't know?
  • *Natsu nods*
  • Lucy: Ehm...okay listen, Ehm. so you have...a dragon head down there.
  • Natsu: You mean a penis?
  • Lucy: SHHHH LET ME EXPLAIN OKAY!... okay wait *she gets her laptop and shows him a video, red on her face* that is what a man and a woman do when they love themselves very much...
  • Natsu: They look at porn together?
  • Lucy: NO NATSU! The thing they were doing in the video, that is sex! Well some of it is, some of it is fetishes and more...kinky stuff BUT IT CAN BE PASSIONATE AND LOVE RELATED!
  • Natsu: Did you ever have sex before?
  • Lucy: *her head is smoking* W-w-w-why you ask?
  • Natsu: So you didn't?
  • Lucy: N-no...
  • Natsu: I can fix that.
infxs on tumblr

me: makes an extremely generalized yet deep uwu quote p much anyone can relate to

me: tags it as infp and infj bc only we can understand and connect to deep and complex thought uwu

And I wanted to write you a story. Something that you would want to believe because lately you haven’t been doing that. 
I wanted to write you a story a little less real but not as bad as the ones with happy endings; I wanted to make you yearn for new beginnings.
I wanted to write you something you would love to read on a cloudy Saturday afternoon with you wrapped up in a cashmere sweater. But maybe I didn’t know you that well and you didn’t love yourself enough to let me. So I wrote to you about my favourite memories. I wrote to you about how much I love the city lights and how much I miss my best friend. I wrote to you, letters with proper stamps on them, addressed to you. Because I know how much you love them, how much you love watching Pride and Prejudice once every month. I know you love winter more than anything any season has to offer. You will choose the gush of cold morning air over the red and yellow leaves, over hot summer nights. I know that you like your socks pink and striped but your sweaters black or grey. I know that you choose to read until you fall asleep, that you hate rereading a book or rewatching a movie. That you only want to experience everything once so you have space for more memories. Because you love the feel of first times on your fingers, the first beach waves on your toes, the first walk home in the rain, and the first time you lay on the hood of a car and watched a meteor shower. I know you don’t I? Dear self, believe me. I know you. So I am building you a bookshelf in my room, so you can keep all the poetry books you want to. And I am putting up a board on the wall, so you can pin up all of your favourite photographs. I am trying to make you feel more at home. Because I think I can do that much for you.

Well Gladio is 198 cm tall and the fish is as big as him while our chocoboy only 173 cm, at least we all agree that Cry successfully fish a person (and i undisagreed about how fishing can be so addictive, i cannot stop damn it)

Other Fan Art related to Cry Streams FFXV:




Any fool could fall in love with someone like you. You’re charming, handsome, funny, supportive, and you have a great personality. So sure, you can get anyone you want. But it takes someone incredible to fight for you. All of you. Someone who’ll be there for you not just on the good days when you make them feel in top of the world and they can brag about you. Someone who won’t just be there when the love feels good. But also when you’re falling apart and when you stop giving them as much attention and when you disconnect from them. And it takes someone incredible to put you first, someone who won’t betray you even if it’s easier to. The that someone incredible was me so it’s your fault for not seeing it
—  The New Normal // Life Without You
I'm looking for more fitblrs to follow

I regularly unfollow some inactive blogs so now I’d like to follow more ACTIVE blogs that are out there! I’m interested to follow more about blogs that contains :
🔸 anything fitblr related (running, lifting, yoga, etc.)
🔸 positivity and motivational posts
🔸 nature is always nice
🔸 food recipe / foodspo
🔸 inspiring quote
🔸 personal posts are always interesting

And please, NO fitspo (I won’t follow blogs that contains too much of it)

Reblog so I can check you out! 😃

As Keith’s birthday is approaching, it’s time we celebrate! And what better way than to talk about Keith and appreciate him? hopefully these prompts can lead to some fun casual discussion between fellow Keith fans - be it on this blog or with each other on your own blogs/in private!

Please note: This is very informal and just a bit of extra fun running alongside many other birthday events, so there is no pressure to take part. The questions are open and broad so it should be something fun to answer if you wish! 

  • This will run from 17th October-23rd October
  • Feel free the make art/fic/edits/other content based around your answers, or just make a post/send an ask talking about any of the questions! 
  • @ the blog and use the tag #keithbdaytalk


Day 1: Favourite Keith moment in the series so far? (What stands out about it to you? Why is it important?) 
Day 2: Favourite Keith quote? (Why is it your favourite? What does it say to you about Keith?) 
Day 3: Favourite character dynamic/interaction with Keith? (is there a dynamic you want to see more of? Is there a scene you absolutely love of Keith with another character/other characters?) 
Day 4: Favourite Keith song? (share a song that reminds you of Keith!) 
Day 5: Favourite quote for Keith? (pairing with Day 2 - this is a quote from other media be it a book/film/poem. anything you have read or found that you feel could relate to Keith or makes you think of him!)  
Day 6: Favourite Keith screencap? (if you can choose! Why do you like this screencap so much?) 
Day 7: Favourite thing about Keith? What do you love/appreciate about him the most? 

How can I take part in this?

  • Send in a submission
  • Send an ask
  • Write a post and @ the blog or tag! 
  • Get talking about Keith! 
  • You don’t have to follow the order, and late entires/spillovers to the next day are totally fine! 

What else will happen on this blog?

  • Reblogging Keith Bday content
  • General Keith chats

Have fun and enjoy!