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The Foxes are all over in Matt and Aaron’s room

  • Andrew and Neil have been in the kitchen together a little too long when Aaron calls from the next room “Could you not have sex in my kitchen?”
  • The upperclassmen quickly make bets on how injured Aaron is going to get for that comment
  • Andrew pops into the doorway of the kitchen to argue “We weren’t having sex in the kitchen. But I did give him a blowjob on the couch you’re sitting on.”
  • Matt does a fucking full blown spit take and definitely ends up with some coffee up his nose
  • Dan pats him on the back with one hand while he chokes
  • With her other hand, she takes his coffee out of his hand and sets it on the table so that he won’t spill it
  • Aaron looks absolutely horrified, which is of course the reaction Andrew is going for and so of course it eggs him on
  • “You could go for a shower to wash the filth off, but then again I blew him in there too.”
  • And Aaron already has to hear enough about his cousin’s sex life, he doesn’t need to hear about his twin’s, so he’s like “Stop.
  • But Andrew’s just listing off locations that he’s done sexual things with Neil in in the same bored tone a waiter uses when they’re running through their memorized list of specials
  • And everyone is just staring at him because Andrew doesn’t talk about him and Neil or show any form of PDA and now suddenly he will not shut up about the sexual favours he performs for Neil
  • “Oh, and I gave him a handjob against that wall, right beside your desk.”
  • “Shut the fuck up.”
  • “And don’t forget whose bed that was before you switched rooms.”
  • Andrew!
Consider: Accents

Taking into consideration that our dear Foxes are from various regions in the US, I bring you the following:

The Upperclassmen

  • Matt Boyd has an Upstate New York nasal.
  • Captain Dan Wilds? North Dakota nasal.  Which is ridiculously charming but omg when she starts yelling.  She’s so scary but that’s the cutest shit.
    • I’m guessing here based on how her and Renee met.
  • Her girlfriend Allison has the stereotypical Hollywood accent.
    • THOUGH, when drunk, her vowels get long while her words get fast
      • (this comes from a separate headcannon in which Allison is mostly raised by her Puerto Rican nanny whom she adores)

The Monsters

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guys but listen

  • so after the foxes win everyone starts paying attention to them
  • suddenly the press is all over their social media and wants them on talk shows and panels all the time
  • and they do it bc they could use some good publicity tbh and they rly need a bigger team
  • one day allison (her and neil are bffs now dont fight me on this i s2g) is watching tv w neil and he is rly into what’s happening and she pulls out her sc and starts taking a video
  • she holds the camera so both their faces show and goes “hey neil” and and when he starts to look over she kisses him on the cheek (allison reynolds does not give 2 shits about neil’s scars and she’s gonna show every1)
  • the video ends just as neil smiles
  • ppl on the internet lose their shit !! this video is everywhere
  • allison moved on from seth and NEIL JOSTEN is dating a teammate
  • so they go on a lowkey trashy talk show (and everyone warns neil to keep his mouth shut)
  • the lady is like “so neil i hear ur in a relationship with one of ur teammates”
  • all the foxes hold their breath he’s too unpredictable
  • wymack takes a drink
  • andreil arent hiding anything really they just dont do pda so neil is like “oh ya we like to keep our relationship private tho lets talk about exy”
  • and she is like “well it didnt look like you were keeping it private when allison posted this on her sc” and she plays the video
  • all the foxes start laughing except kevin, andrew, and aaron
  • allison is literally losing her shit and matt has trouble breathing for a few seconds
  • and the lady is like “…um did i miss something haha”
  • and nicky takes pity on her “we’re just laughing bc neil and allison are definitely not dating sry”
  • and she is like “???????????? but ur still dating a teammate”
  • kevin quickly redirects the conversation back to exy bc they do not have the time to sit here and talk about andreil’s love life jfc
  • she cant get anything else out of them
  • so ppl are just losing their minds for like a week trying to figure out who neil is dating when renee posts a pic on instagram of them w the caption “neil drove me to lunch and paid for my meal” ((they actually talk about andrew lol))
  • and now every1 is like omg !! this is it!!
  • so the foxes are doing a panel and they get through a decent amount of exy related questions and then
  • “i have a question for neil. would u like to comment on ur relationship w renee walker??”
  • “id like to comment that my relationship w renee is that we r good friends and that id like to talk about exy now”
  • they cant get anything else out of anyone
  • so now ppl rly confused bc neil is a Straight Man and only Dan is left but her and Matt are very publicly dating 
  • what kind of sexual deviancy is this ??????????? is neil josten engaging in some kind of polyamorous relationship with his teammates?????? no one can answer
  • ok so next talk show 
  • this woman barely gets the introductions out before she leaps right in
  • “neil are you currently in a relationship with dan wilds despite the fact that she is dating matt boyd?” 
  • neil has had enough
  • this boy just wants to play exy hes too old for this
  • he just stares at her
  • he cant even speak like who is this woman??
  • he didnt ask to dismantle heteronormativity in america but apparently he has to
  • “i dont have a gf”
  • she stares back
  • “are you no longer in a relationship with one of your teammates as you previously stated?????”
  • the foxes are getting worried neil might kill her
  • it’s getting very hard not to laugh
  • neil stares a little longer
  • “i dont have a gf
  • the host’s eyes widen
  • the audience goes silent
  • “am i to understand that neil josten, breakout exy player of the year, has just come out??”
  • ppl start clapping (some ppl boo and nicky starts to flip them off before kevin grabs his hand)
  • this woman has just gotten one of the best stories of her life on live television
  • she cant stop smiling
  • once again kevin steers the conversation back to exy (even when he isnt insulting ppl why does neil always have to cause problems ??) and doesnt let her go back
  • there’s wild speculation about which boy he’s dating bc it doesnt makes sense ?????/
  • aaron has been seen kissing katelyn after games
  • kevin and thea are now officially dating
  • nicky is v vocal about his bf (like 12 times a day on twitter)
  • matt and dan are definitely still dating
  • andrew is not capable of relationships ????? and him and neil hate each other ???/
  • the answer comes 3 weeks later
  • they are all in the girls’ room for a movie night
  • everyone but renee is slightly drunk
  • allison and renee take a cute pic
  • in the background u can kinda see neil asleep on andrew who in a rare display of affection actually has a hand in his hair
  • allison notices right before she posts it on instagram but andreil have already said that they arent rly trying to hide their relationship they just arent going to go out of their way just for crazy talk show hosts
  • and DAMN
  • the way they are leaning against each other is unmistakable (esp in light of recent news) 
  • neil josten and andrew minyard are in a relationship?????? have been in a relationship?????? the ppl need confirmation
  • neil’s twitter (that he uses to retweet exy players and occasionally start fights w them) is being blown up
  • finally he goes on twitter and makes his first original tweet 
  • “Andrew is my boyfriend.”
  • twitter literally explodes and “andreil” is trending for a week

Now is a good time to mention, if you want to help out creators

Sign up for YouTube Red if you can!

Demonetization only effects ad revenue! Creators still get YouTube Red revenue, based off of the amount of time YouTube Red users spend watching their videos, including videos flagged as “not advertiser-friendly”. It’s not perfect, but it’s still a way to support your favorite creators, especially if they don’t have other means of income like Twitch or Patreon, and the more people who do it, the better. (Plus you get ad-free YouTube and free Google Play Music, which is always a plus.)

I think that Matt said in an interview one time that Malec was going to end season 2A in the honeymoon stage, so hopefully what ever they fight about in 2x09, it will be resolved by the end of 2x10. I mean, Matt and Harry have both been pretty honest about Malec this season. Also, I hope that all of this fandom discourse can be resolved in the space of time between 2x10 and 2x11 because remember, this is still the same lovely cast we were introduced to back in the spring of 2015 who made us laugh during interviews, comic con, and all the on set antics. You know as well as I do that even though some of you are mad at some of the cast right now, you don’t want to see the cast leave, and you don’t want the show to end. I’m sure Emeraude didn’t mean to offend anyone, and Matt and Harry have no control over how the episodes are written or edited. We’ve gone on such a big journey with this cast. I’m sorry that this post was kind of long and sappy, but this is how I feel about this, and this fandom discourse needs to stop.

Permanent (tattoo artist!Tom)

Warnings: Language.

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Words: 2,140 (lol)

a/n: recent events of seeing Tom tattooing made my mind wander into the gutter so here’s a little something I wrote. Enjoy!

Part 2

The sound of the bell above the door chimed loudly signaling that someone had just come into your store. You looked up from the display case you were polishing and smiled.

“Hi, welcome!” you said cheerfully to your newest customers. The young girl and her mother smiled politely and went to peruse the Wonder Woman action figures you had just finished re-stocking only moments before. It had been about three months since you’d signed the lease on your very own comic book store, and business couldn’t be better. With all of the new Marvel and DC movies that were coming out, customers were flocking to your store to buy all kinds of comic books and merch.

Recently, people were buying Spider-Man related things after the newest movie was released. Being a Marvel fan yourself, it didn’t take too much convincing for you to dedicate your current widow display to the masked man himself.

After another hour, it was just about time for you to close the shop for the day. When the last customer had vacated, you began to do some cleaning and finish a few other tasks. The door chimed once again and you were about to tell the newcomer that the shop was closed, but stopped once you saw that it was, Y/F/N.

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Fans of other Shadowhunters actors getting mad at Matt as always… Now because his spoiler took just a few minutes to unlock…

We helped unlock all the actors’ spoilers, same can not be said about some of you and Matt’s spoiler. But it doesn’t matter! Just as it shouldn’t matter if some of Matt’s fans just post about Matt.

Please stop being mad at people because they are passionate about one person, or character, or ship. It’s their right to be passionate about whatever they want.

Some people watch a tv show just for one character, or one actress/actor, or a ship, or a friendship… Most people actually. And there is nothing wrong with that. They should not get hate every time they support it, or because they are not as passionate about other things in the tv show.

Please stop trying to make people feel bad because they are not passionate about the same things or people you like.

People should be able to post or tweet whatever the heck they want, not what you want them too, or what you think it’s right based of some arbritary rules you made up in your head based on the stuff you are passionate about.

Shadowhunters fandom shouldn’t be about trying to make other people feel bad, but sadly I’ve seen it being about that since day one.

The Set Up- Tyler Seguin

Originally posted by steenbean

Ok so this one turned out super cute and I really liked it so I hope you guys like it too! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: You’re writing is absolutely amazing and I gotta say I am completely addicted to it because I can barely go a couple of hours on an off day where I’m not checking and re-checking your blog to see if you’ve posted a new one. And honestly, I really need an imagine with Mitch Marner trying to set his older sister up with Matt Martin, but it turns out she’s dating Tyler Seguin from you because you’re that amazing.


              You were close with Mitch, which wasn’t normally the case with siblings.

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anonymous asked:

What's your thoughts on what Glip responded on twitter?

It’s intentionally manipulative, to be blunt. But I’m glad you sent me this ask because I wanted to go through this. Warning: I talk a lot.

First things first, PK lied out of the gate by saying our only reasoning was the old Pengo call out, when, honestly....no one is talking about Pengo. The Pengo situation was shitty, but it was receipt-less, we don’t know what the fuck actually happened. We’re talking about the time PK harassed Matt Burnett off tumblr over Pearl liking Pie. We’re talking about the time Eevee said he was uncomfortable with child porn being illegal. We’re talking about PK’s admitted fetish for teaching sex to children in conjunction with how they want their legacy to be kids reading their porn, And how in order to get the full story for Floraverse you have to read the porn, meaning children who want the plot to floraverse will have to read the fucking porn. We’re talking about the time PK said they hated the furry community because there where too many gays. We’re talking about the time PK ripped off artists by underpaying them to contribute to a Floraverse product. We’re talking about the time PK called people with autism “emotionless robots”.

PK starts off by saying the reason people are calling them out is because of Pengo, but it’s not, PK knows this. We’re calling PK out because of the multiple recorded incidents of them being awful, and…..yet PK says we’re doing it because of Pengo? Don’t you think that’s just, idk, really suspicious? Like they’re trying to mislead people who haven’t seen the posts floating around that it’s no big deal, it was just one incident that was recanted..?

Moving onto the next paragraph..

PK is right kind of here, but their words aren’t reflective of this particular situation. Call outs can and are horrible when it’s misinformation being spread, but, how is what we’re spreading misinformation? All we really have are screen caps and archives. While screen caps can be edited, nothing has been shown them to be edited. And Archives cannot be faked period. It’s a false comparison simply because we’re not spreading misinformation, we’re not being nitpicky because of something stupid we’re spreading screen caps and archives showing people things that PK has actually fucking said. PK called people with autism emotionless robots. Eevee said they where uncomfortable with child porn being illegal. PK and Eevee both harassed Matt Brunette. PK has admitted to wanting 13 year olds reading forbidenflora and has also admitted to a fetish about teaching kids sex. These things have come right out of the horses mouth. And posting proof that these things where said is not misinformation.

Next Paragraph:

Now, I can’t speak for everyone against Glip, but.

I hate the fact that I hate them now. 

I looked up to Glip for so long, they where my art idol growing up. A person to become. I purchased their art books and supported them financially. I participated in PMD-E, I was even in the IRC for a bit and contributed to the wiki with art. But now? I just feel dirty. I was one of the few children who didn’t look at porn, but I saw a ton of PK’s porn- mostly because it was hard to avoid as a fan of theirs, and now that I know they get off to that shit I feel violated. I hate the fact someone I idolized turned out to be this way.

I don’t do this because I hate pk, I do this because I believe people have a right to know where their money is going too.

That being said.

PK has not once apologized for ANYTHING they have said or done.

Pk is still doing the shit they where doing years ago.

They have not stopped being so horrible to people in general, nor stopped with their casual pedophilia, nor recanted their homophobic and ableist comments and they don’t ever try to improve their lgbt+ representation. PK is openly sexist even now. PK doesn’t even attempt to apologize, not even here!

So, quite frankly. Pk can take their “my call outs are irrelevant because I’m trying to improve” and shove it up their god damn ass.

If PK actually improves, apologizes and the like- well. I can’t speak for everyone who takes issue with them but I know I personally would back down. I was never as bad as PK but I know people can go from awful to somewhat ok from personal experience.  But as far as I’m concerned PK is an active threat to children, artists and lgbt people in general. They’re a horribly toxic person and should be labeled as such.

I’m going to skip forward because Glip then continues to talk about call outs in general, but ignores how their call outs are all archives and not he said she said and things that glip is still actively doing. I don’t want to be accused of cutting what they said out of context so here’s the entire tweet btw.

It wasn’t a false fucking accusation and PK is straight up lying here.

People reported the kickstarter because Glip admitted to putting money into the KS themselves, a direct violation of Kickstarters terms and services.

Oh, and here is PK being a bitch to someone who was genuinely trying to warn PK about this because they where a backer and didn’t want to see the KS get taken down. Just a fun little note.

To recap,

PK’s little twitter rant is intentionally manipulative. It reduces our entire issue with PK down to one incident, and then falsely equates PK situation with a situation in which lies are being spread out of hostility, instead of screen caps and archives being spread. This rant was likely only done to save face because there’s a correlation between how many people know the true nature of PK and how much money people give PK. It’s shitty, and it’s really meaningless in regards to changing my opinion on them for the better.

anonymous asked:

Can you write one with Matt Murdock and 42, 60 and 16? Thank ya ^_^

Characters: Reader x Matthew Murdock

Warnings: this is sad

Prompts: 16: “I’m going to kiss you now.” 42: “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.” 60: “I’m afraid this conversation is going to end in goodbye.”

Word Count: 441

A/N: hi i love matt

Want to request a drabble? Read this post!

Loving Matthew Murdock was hard

You knew all about his vigilante business. You were probably the first one Matt trusted enough to tell. And you never stopped him, no matter how scared you were about him. You knew what he was doing was right.

But that didn’t make things any easier. 

You always looked forward to going home, back to Matt’s apartment, after a long day. The two of you had completely separate jobs, so you didn’t see each other during the day. But you always came home to each other and either goofed around the kitchen trying to make dinner or just cuddling on the couch.

Matt was coming home less and less. 

You knew he had gotten closer to Karen, the woman who had joined his law firm. That didn’t bother you too much – you had met Karen once when you visited Matt’s office to bring him some papers he had forgotten, and she seemed nice enough. But then when Elektra arrived… everything seemed to fall apart.

It was obvious Matt still had feelings for her. He still loved you, you knew that, but that wasn’t enough for him to disregard his feelings for Elektra. You had met her once, when she broke into Matt’s apartment, and you could feel your heart stop when you saw her. Matt had mentioned a girlfriend from college, but you didn’t expect her to be so… so perfect. She was stunning, confident, and from Matt had told you, an excellent fighter.

How could you compete against that?

So as the two of you stood in the kitchen, arguing over Matt’s feelings for Elektra, you finally blurted, “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

Matt froze, the shock evident on his face before he cleared his throat. “y/n, that is not my intention-”

“I know it isn’t, Matt,” you bit your lip to stop her from crying. “But you still love her, don’t you?” 

Matt rubbed the back of his head, scrambling to find a response, but you shook your head. You moved past him into the bedroom to gather your stuff, but Matt grabbed your arm. “y/n, please stay. W-we can talk about this.”

“I’m afraid this conversation is going to end in goodbye.” you whispered, and Matt’s hands began to tremble.

“I’m going to kiss you now.” he suddenly said, and before you could protest, Matt pressed his lips against yours. It felt wonderful, like you were reliving the first time he had kissed you.

But the sadness in your chest was still there.

Pulling away, you shook your head. “I’m sorry, Matt. This is still goodbye.”

I’m currently rewatching season 3 and there’s this moment in “Red Paladin”

Who is Lotor referring to? The dialog in the scene is:

Ezor: The poor little Blade of Marmora’s defences are spread so thin they cannot defend any of the insurgent planets.

Lotor: And what about the rebellion?

Zethrid: Crushed.

Acxa: As for the whereabouts of the Voltron lions […]

This basically means that he’s not talking about either BoM or the planets freed by Voltron. Aside from Throk and his few allies there was no indication of rebellion in the Galra troops, so that doesn’t seem likely which leaves… 

Which makes me really curious about Zethrid saying that the rebellion was crushed. 

We know Matt is coming in season 4 and in one of the trailers we’ve seen the fleet of ships identical to Rolo and Nyma’s, and Vakala and Remdax’s (I can’t find that teaser right now for a screencap). So the rebels are still going strong or at the very least they’re not done for, but maybe there was some major battle?

Okay look of course it’s frustrating that after Alec’s first time and Malec’s first time together we didn’t get to see a post coital scene or anything while we got to see a lot with Jace and a random Seelie girl and now with Cl*mon it looks like too. But I can’t just keep getting mad about it. We can’t change 2x07. I believe they likely heard us last season. Matt even implied there might be a “morning scene” with Alec and Magnus. Which means them waking up in the morning in the same bed.

I’m not saying it’s for sure. I’m not saying you can’t still criticize and critique obviously, you have every right to. But no matter how much we complain it won’t undo prior episodes. We can only look to the future. We can hope things improve. If they don’t we will tell the writers. Unlike most shows they seem to actually listen or at least acknowledge what we have to say.

Voltron got me

I am a Keith stan. I love my angsty, edgy and emo boy with all my heart. I almost killed myself after season 4. When season 4 appeared I was at school so I entered tumblr and let’s just say one word:spoilers. Somebody posted something about Keith leaving and my heart broke in tiny little pieces. I actually started crying. After I finished the fourth season I was so shocked and so triggered? Like nobody gave the slightest fuck about Keith in the first episode and if Lotor(yes you read that right) or Matt won’t say anything about the fact that he wanted to sacrifice himself for Team Voltron in season 5 I’m seriously going to commit murder. Just a note:I cried again. Now I remembered that scene from season 3 when Shiro was: How many times are you gonna have to save me before this is over. Keith: As many times as it takes. So I realized that Keith was ready to save Shiro AGAIN even if the price was his life.

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dmcreif  asked:

After the ending to The Defenders, part of me wants to ask, "What is the comics arc where Danny temporarily dresses up as Daredevil?" given that they seem to be teasing that.

    Yes, definitely! While we feel like that was more of a sideways reference than an indication of things to come (as far as Danny literally wearing the DD suit goes, anyway), anything is possible! Here’s a quick summary of that story arc.  

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@florencetheflowerfairy sent me Doctor Who asks! I AM SO HAPPY!

As I began to write this, I realized I could not write about everything in the same ask. So, expect lots of posts to answer everything you asked me, dear Flor.

1 Top 3 Doctors (part 1):

I. Peter Capaldi (12th  Doctor)

The current Doctor took a while to grow on me because he had come right after Matt Smith, my favorite Doctor at the time.  However, Peter, being the brilliant actor he is and aided by phenomenal writing and directing, shone in every scene he appeared. By episode 4 of series 8 (the already classic “Listen”, one of my favorite episodes…  I started remembering how fantastic “Listen” is and now I’m tearing up a bit. Writing goals right there!), Peter had already made me fall in love with his Doctor.

The 12th began his character arc uncertain if he was a good man, that was his main theme during series 8. He was more sarcastic, more callous and seemingly less emotional than his previous incarnations (he was actually a ball of emotion trying to cope with too many feelings!). However, by the end of that series, he finally understood that he’s not a good man or a bad man, but an idiot who is always trying to help people and learning. What was important wasn’t that he was a perfect person (nobody can be that!) but that, despite his flaws, he genuinely tried to be good!

When series 9 came, which many (including me) considers the finest series of new who, it was possible to notice the change brought by the Doctor’s development at the end of series 8. We saw him letting loose, playing the guitar, rocking cool shades (the polemic sonic glasses) and being more openly emotional. Peter Capaldi can go from showing subtle emotions to outbursts so magnificently, how can that man be so good? In this series, we see his terror at the thought of losing his best friend Clara Oswald and how that affects him, culminating in the phenomenal series 9 finale trilogy (”Face the raven”, “Heaven sen”t and “Hell bent”). The 12th Doctor and Clara Oswald had one of the most poignant platonic love stories ever and my heart still breaks when I think about them.

And then there’s series 10, the one that wasn’t planned to be made under the same show runner but that was glorious anyway. We see the 12th Doctor trying to be a teacher and a father (or grandfather) figure to Bill at that same time he tries to reform his former best friend Missy/Master. The main theme of the series brings back the one from series 8 to a greater degree. It’s not only about trying to be good, now it’s a discussion regarding the very nature of virtue. As the excellent “Extremis” and “The Doctor falls” points, virtue is only virtue in the final hour, without hope, without witness, without reward. That way, The 12th Doctor chooses to fight a lost battle to save as many people as he can. He chooses a lonely and agonizing death that, in the grand scheme of things, might’ve only delayed the inevitable, for no other reason than being decent and kind. Just kind. Who he was was where he stood and where he stood was where he fell.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, Peter Capaldi is an adorable nerd who has loved Doctor Who since he was little kid. You can actually see how much he loves being in the show and living the dream. He’s professional, tender, sweet and all around a fantastic human being who brought us one of the finest Doctors we could’ve dreamed of having. I’m very excited for Jodie taking over the role but I must acknowledge that I’ll miss Peter Capaldi a lot.

To finish, have a picture of the 12th Doctor riding a tank while playing guitar during a medieval party because… we don’t need a reason to see this beyond the fact that it’s fantastic! I will always love “The Magician’s Apprentice,” okay?

Club Confusion Pt. 28 (Page’s Ending Pt. 3)

Part 27

Word Count: 3,207 (Oh my gosh)

A/N: Okay..haha. Funny story..there will be another chapter after this..because I’m..ridiculous. Anyway, I’m gonna try to stop with 30 chapter. (haha originally this was supposed to be like 5 parts??) Anyway, enjoy. Matt is great in this chapter, so enjoy that. :) Oh yeah, and as always, there is probably some mistakes, and feedback is always nice. Enjoy!

Tags: @thegenericluchadora @wrestlingnoob @laziestgirlintheworld @originalbish98 @calwitch @villainsqueendom @originalbish98 @sheaxdevitt @kingslayers-angel @vipervenomisgoodforyou @karleedaniels27 @reigns420 @alexahood21 @bolieve-that @i-ship-it-okay @rebelfleur22 @g0lden-sunset @libby-rose-2016 @breakfastwiththesun @baybayforlife @spotofimagines @phenomenal-forearm

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Heyo! I tried raindrop nails! Umm… For all of you who know I live in Tx. Specifically here in Houston. I was thankfully not affected by Hurricane Harvey but flooding is a big issue to worry about right now- luckily I still am okay. It was kind of weird since I didn’t think it was going to be such a downpour but oh well there was a hurricane a few days ago after all! For all those in the flood area I’m praying for you, it’s going to be a long week. For those who are safe, stay safe and inside- and look after your pets! Don’t risk going out right now- and I will hopefully have new nail art posted later!

Galaxy effect: Green AB Iridescent NP

Essie: Matte about you

Rain drops: Gel top coat

anonymous asked:

tell us about your favorite shatt headcanons? that last chapter of beast made me fuckign yell and yearn for matt to go comfort shiro and hold him and maybe give him a smooch

Man oh man would a Romance ending not be a good idea right now, my dude.  I appreciate the thought but Shiro is noooot in a good place for that.  Honestly, Matt would get shoved against a wall in the not fun way (closer to the ‘you are a threat and I need to end you’ way).

But!! Have some headcanons anyway!

1) Matt is all about that Communication.  He has seriously considered trying to get Shiro to fill out forms post-sex that rate the experience, his enjoyment of any kinks involved, and where they fall on the List of Stuff he Likes.  Shiro, on the other hand, is not about long term discussions.  Frankly he wants to sleep now, Matt, and it’s not relevant at this literal second let me rest.   He’s not embarrassed, but he does play things close to the chest even in relationships.  It’s just part of how Shiro is.

2) They are the worst people to share a bed with.  Shiro would wake up from someone sneezing across the hall, and Matt is rarely still in bed.  Matt wants to burrow into the closest source of warmth and Shiro has all the sleep cuddling ability of a plank of wood.  They solve some of this by falling asleep already pressed together, but then they both get sweaty and it’s only a matter of time before one’s dreams wake the other.  Often they still sleep in their own rooms rather than together.  It’s not an issue, especially since they tend to nap together when they get the chance (and it’s more sleep for Shiro which is a huge plus in Matt’s book).  On the other hand, Shiro is one of the few living creatures who can sleep comfortably while Matt yammers at him over whatever project, so that works in their favor.  Which is good, because Matt talks in his sleep.

3) Matt has disassociated in bed before.  Not during sex so far, but when he’s tired or when they’re just relaxing together.  It hasn’t been a problem so far, though it’s occasionally annoying for both.  They’re both waiting for the day Shiro gets a flashback during sex.  Matt has already taken him aside and told Shiro that if he thinks he’s going to break up with Matt for his own good for ANY reason then Matt will make the Galra look like house cats.

4) Because Matt has been in a state of ‘I’d be up for it if you’re interested’ with Shiro for literally years, Shiro has trouble recognizing when Matt is flirting or being friendly.  He’s not the jealous sort, so it doesn’t bother him, but it bugs Matt because I AM FLIRTING WITH YOU.  REACT.  And Shiro’s like ??? oh sorry.  Matt insists Shiro is blind.  Shiro insists that Matt’s flirting is identical to him being a little shit.  They’re both right.

5) Shiro is utterly un-self-conscious about any and all goopy things he wants to say at any given time.  This is a Problem for Matt, who is not super great at sincerity, giving or receiving.  (Matt: I suppose you’re alright, Shirogane.  I guess I’ll keep you around.  Shiro: Good, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  Matt: -goes faintly pink and trips over his own feet-)

6) Once they get together, Matt has to find someone else to spar/train with, because he spends about 40 percent of all sparing with Shiro trying to figure out how to pin him to a wall and make it sexy.  Shiro does not cooperate with this.  Not only does he take training seriously because it’s Important, but he’s also 6′3″ of solid muscle.  So there’s that.

7) Matt enjoys being the lowkey defender of the petty shit Shiro doesn’t like to admit to.  Like when there’s more than two (2) dad jokes in a conversation, Matt declares himself their step-father and starts ordering the Pals around, which usually distracts them/gets them to stop.

8) Pidge is positive-ish toward the whole thing.  She’s happy for them and she likes her brother/Shiro being happy but, like, not in front of me ever, please?  Also, she takes Shiro’s side in 70 percent of their arguments, usually because he’s being the reasonable one, and partly to annoy Matt.  If it was a Big Fight and they weren’t talking, she’s always on Matt’s side, though.  She still also goes to Shiro for advice/talks, which Matt is okay with.  He’s better at cheering her up than offering decent advise.  (Matt’s two kinds of advice: “have you tried turning it on and off again” and “have you considered killing them?”

Lance: How often have you tried the first one on Shiro?

Shiro: LANCE.

Matt: Every night :3

Shiro: MATT)

9) They get in stupid arguments a lot, actually.  Because Shiro bites back a lot of his anger during the day, and Matt is incapable of not being annoying for 24 hours at a time.  Plus, they’re both crazy competitive.  They tend to make-up quickly, and Matt jokes that they do it for the sex.