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Don’t have an Alpha subscription, but here’s some highlights from the Twitch part of TM!

  • The show “Doomsday Preppers” comes up and Travis immediately knows everything about it. Everyone sort of assumes Taliesin is involved with it somehow.
  • “The Stinky Unicorns” is the name of Laura’s fantasy football team.
  • Matt and Liam learn more about fantasy football from Travis. M: “What level are you?” L: “I’m only hearing ukulele music right now.”
  • Travis just wants to raise the dragon eggs.
  • Travis has more faith in the party’s ability to survive this than he does in the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Matt listens mostly to video game soundtracks while writing, and for Thordak’s segments he listened to Firelands tracks from WoW that he wound up getting permission to use in the episode.
  • The party could’ve encountered Thordak in episode 22 if their stealth roll hadn’t been good enough. They… would’ve had to run.
  • Liam re: the Thordak kill: “Matt manages to weave our real lives into the game in subtle ways.”
  • The Conclave hadn’t been developed yet when the twins made their backstory, so Matt made a decision to tie them together after the fact.
  • Liam points out that Vex broke the crystal, so the twins really took out Thordak together.
  • Matt didn’t expect Vax to get the kill either. Thordak was gonna flee when he hit an HP threshold, but there was so much of the round left once he hit the threshold and everyone started getting crits against him. He was going to return to his lair, but Vax caught up with him.
  • The party got to Thordak faster and better-prepared than Matt was expecting. If they’d gone with the army, Thordak would’ve fire-strafed them, which would not have ended well.
  • The players sent a lot of “if I die, do this” messages to Matt before the episode. Travis did not.
  • Liam was ready to GTFO at the end, but Vax wasn’t.
  • Grog won’t ever run from a fight unless someone else is hurt.
  • Liam on Vax: “He has a life that he’d like to have,” but right now it’s more important to take down the Big Evil.
  • Travis makes a D&D spell joke out of nowhere and Matt is So Proud.
  • In order to deal with army-scale battles, Matt shifts to a more narrative focus with occasional large-scale dice rolls and incorporates more detail as the PCs get involved.
  • VM is a higher level than Gilmore now. Liam is mildly alarmed at this prospect.
  • Travis says something about Gilmore dying and Liam shushes him. Travis assures him that Gilmore’s gonna be fine. More shushing.
  • One person asked Matt whether he’s ever brought in guest players to play baddies. “So far [in CR]? No.” but he has in other campaigns.
  • Brian and Travis were up until 4am trying to get VR working.
  • To Liam, Vax’s choice of the Vengeance oath was partly related to Thordak but mostly a choice based on bending the mechanics of that playstyle to the narrative–he sees Vax’s perception of vengeance, Thordak aside, as more about fixing bad things in the world than doling out punishment, and Matt mentions that this is a valid way to play a vengeance paladin, with the focus more on justice than vengeance explicitly. Vax expects the Raven Queen will probably have some stern words about that at some point.
  • The crystal shattering turned off Thordak’s regeneration ability.
  • On Raishan. L: “She has a hella high stealth roll.” M: “There’s a reason for that.”
  • Meteor Swarm was intended more as a show of power than as a particularly strategic attack.
  • Travis pulls out a frisbee for no reason. Liam: “Like a golden retriever.”

im posting a lot right now but you know what? i complain about the end a lot but the ending is really, really good. im an big infant who cries really easily but it made me cry out of just. wow this is it.
im talking about when edd and tom and matt are in their new apartments. edd saying goodbye like a dumass makes me BAWL. the whole eddsworld song during the credits like perfect timing now i’m crying MORE

I see a lot of posts about how to negate the existence of the Barton family in the MCU, usually as means to propose an adaptation of the absolutely fantastic Matt Fraction run. Now I love Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye and I, too, think the Fraction run would make an amazing Netflix series, but I don’t think Renner would be right for that story. He plays an older, responsible Clint perfectly and the Fraction run is all about a period where Clint, and his life, is kind of a disaster.

There’s a really easy solution to this though: Set it in 2001. Set it 15 years ago before the Avengers and Clint meeting his wife, when he’s just a young(er) SHIELD agent living in New York. Pull an X-Men: First Class and cast a talented younger (cheaper) actor you could believe could grow up to be Jeremy Renner.

 And most importantly: have Kate Bishop there.

I love how there’s a post going around right now begging people not to boycott The Great Wall because of Matt Damon and talking about how good the movie is and how it’s a way for Chinese cinema to break into the world market

and how there’s not a single whisper of how it’s whitewashing anymore.

but y’all are still on Scarlett Johansson’s ass for literally the same exact situation.


raphaelsantiago  asked:

i'm screaming you were right in this post!! (/post/157225958137/i-bet-matt-and-harry-had-this-exact-same), look here dimshums(.)tumblr(.)com/post/157226825460/bonus

wdjfhghhtjrkd I FUCKING FELT IT honestly it was such a matt thing to say… why do they called fatty tuna…… but as i said, im pretty sure they just revisited their old conversation then because that was more of matt/harry conversation than a malec one. and i still loved it. because now its canon how much of nerds they are, just arguing about things like this ajsjfhhg

i made a thing

so there’s a beautiful post going around right now that basically asks: What happens when Foggy’s childhood bestie Dean Portman comes to town? Cue the jealous!Matt. this is my offering to the fic gods and my request for someone else to do better please!

Fulton?” Matt sputters, sounding almost indignant about it all but Foggy’s too busy being engulfed in a massive back-thumping bear hug by a real life J-Crew catalog model to even notice.

It’s funny, when Foggy mentioned an “old friend” might be joining them tonight (“You mean you have friends who aren’t Matt or me?” “I laugh, but only to hide my tears Page.”) for drinks Karen hadn’t been expecting this. This being the six-foot giant currently detaching from Foggy, clapping him on the shoulders and upper arms a few more times for good measure before finally turning towards the rest of the table.

Even in the low-lights of Josie’s bar Foggy’s flushed face is sort of hard to miss (kind of like Matt’s furrowed brow and the unhappy twitch at the corner of his mouth when Foggy’s long lost friend drapes an arm over Foggy’s shoulders). “Hey guys, remember my friend, the one I was telling you about? This is Dean!” Foggy claps Dean on his wide, strapping chest (Karen is just guessing but it feels like a really educated guess, based purely on the face situation she’s seeing). “Dean, this is my partner Matt Murdock, and our beautiful and far too good for us friend Karen Page.”

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ay i got tagged in a thing by @allherfavoritefruit

Sign: capricorn
Height: 5′6″
Last thing googled: either “emojidex snail” or “jason isbell”
Favorite music artist: the nice boys who make the good, rocking tunes
Last TV show watched: uhhhh boy it’s been a while. oh fuck, it’s sherlock. i hate-watched series four of sherlock. shit.
What am I wearing right now: brown boots green dress grey tights black sweater green coat with a couple patches on it
When did I create my blog: october 2009
What kind of stuff do I post about: the mountain goats, having depression, my boyfriend, school
Do I have any other blogs: yeah but they’re all basically defunct. i have @fuckyeahthemountaingoats, i have @pizzacrimes which calls out people who put pizza in the microwave, several years ago matt @tramampoline and caitlin @arsenicandoldspice and i had @psychologicalfact which made fun of other blogs about “psychological” “facts”, i have @goatcycles which is just pictures of goats, i have @owentakesoffhisshirt which was an owen pallett fan blog, aaaand i have @theworstbyanauticalmile which was my homestuck sideblog lmfao
Do I get asks regularly: nah
Why did I choose my url: it’s a mountain goats song about death
Gender: when you have like a locket and you can put two pictures in it and then when the locket is shut it’s like the people in the pictures are kissing but both of the pictures are of gerard way
Pokemon Team: instinct
Favorite colors: yellow, turquoise, dark red, teal
Average hours of sleep: either so much or so little that the actual average is probably a regular number
Favorite Characters: ▲, ☂, ☃, ❀
Dream job: haunting a victorian-style house

i tag no one just do it sorry about having anxiety

Ok, y'all are seeing this gif, right? (Posted by @netflixdefenders) This gif shows Mr. Matt Murdock free falling through the air to catch someone (who I presume is Claire Temple), while holding onto a long, sturdy cord. Now I have been freaking out over this for about a week, because we don’t see the other end of the cord, and do you know what I’ve been hoping for since the season one announcement?


Daredevil has a mechanism in his billy clubs (which I’ll discuss on my YouTube channel soon) which allows him to swing through the sky with a cord that links his clubs together, and THAT might be what’s happening in this breathtaking, exciting, scream-inducing gif. We might get to see Matt’s billy clubs evolve into more than just an escrima-style combat weapon. And this excited the hell out of me.

So if this is just some random cord that happened to be hanging by the building (which seems unlikely because how many buildings conveniently have long, sturdy cords dangling from their roofs in the exact spot a nurse gets thrown out a window?) then I’ll be severely disappointed. But if it IS the cord mechanism then I will officially lose my shit, find it again, and eat it for breakfast because this is exactly what I wanted from this show.

Something he loves about you (physically) ~ magcon Preference

Sorry for not being active my life is really hectic right now for soooo many reasons that it’s explainable lol but I hope you enjoy this sorry it’s not my best :)


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Cameron : Your blushed cheeks 

Taylor : Your smile 

Hayes : Your dimples 

Shawn : Your lips 

Aaron : Your laugh 

Matt : Your hair 

Nash : Your curves

Carter : Your eyes 



The Pepe Market and Communism

So it’s, like, 2:00 AM right now, but fuck it, I just had a revelation about this whole “Rare Pepe” thing and I’m going to share it with the world.

So there’s this whole thing about “Rare Pepe”s, in which an uncommon variant of the character Pepe from the comic “Boy’s Club” by Matt Furie is posted, and sometimes the poster mentions the value of the image, since the Pepe is so rare. And, of course, the whole thing is one big joke - as if anyone would actually pay money for a strange image of an internet frog - but if you assume that these people are really trying to sell theses Pepes with their value based on their rarity, the implications are just like… they’re just fucking bananas.

Like, let’s say I have this very rare Pepe, it’s one-of-a-kind, and I post it online for the Pepe Market. And, hypothetically speaking, I price this Pepe at $1,000.00 because it’s so rare. Well, I can guarantee that before some kind person comes up to try to earnestly buy it, someone else it can save it and repost it, trying to pawn it off as their own Rare Pepe. Now the value is only $500.00, because two versions of it exist. Then, of course, people just keep saving it and posting it, saving it and posting, and saving it and posting, until finally the Pepe is no longer rare. It’s been posted so many times that it’s now a Common Pepe, no longer worth buying.

Therefore, it stands to reason that the only way to make money in the Pepe Market is to not post on the Pepe Market at all. The only way you could ever profit is if you sold the Pepes covertly, in dark alleyways, using hard copies of the Pepes, getting paid up front. Only a fool would try to sell a Pepe on the Pepe Market. An expert would sell his Pepes behind closed doors.

And, like, call me a crazy right-winger nut-job or something (I’m not, by the way, I swear I’m a Democrat tried and true), but I think that that’s actually a really good representation of why a Communist society would fail. Like, imagine that I run a farm, and I have this amazing year, and I have, like, thirty bushels of every vegetable you can imagine.

Now, I can take that shit to the market, and it’ll sell like hotcakes. But, here’s the thing; I won’t really be getting paid a lot for all that stuff I sold. Remember, all of us are equal; all of us “own” the vegetables; all of us deserve an equal amount of the profit. So If I have $1,000.00 worth of vegetables, and it sells to a population of 2,000, I’m only making $0.50 off that whole ordeal. And, everyone else is being paid $0.50 for buying my products.

So, of course, what do I do? I take very little to the market, just enough so no one gets suspicious. Then, if I know of someone who’s interested, I invite them into my place, take them in the basement, sell it to him, and keep the money for myself.

Only a fool would try to sell his vegetables in the market. An expert would sell his vegetables behind closed doors.

However, in this scenario, I don’t really get to walk away Scot-free with a fat wad of cash, because someone invariably finds out, and they report me to the government. I am promptly thrown into the prison/camp/gulag for being bourgeoisie swine, and I die.

This is the issue with communist societies. Your hard work, be it farming or Pepe-peddling, is distributed amongst the masses, and the more people that get it, the less your product is worth. And while, true, technically everyone benefits, the benefit is so small that barely anyone notices, and you get screwed over like a glass of orange juice that’s just been introduced to a bottle of vodka. The only way for you to succeed is to get your product out there in unorthodox/illegal ways, and even if you do profit by doing that, you still get reprimanded in the end.

I don’t know. I’m probably just talking out my ass right now, but, like, I’m really feeling this connection.

TL;DR, a beloved internet amphibian proved that communism can never work.


    We talk a lot about Matt’s sensory experiences (we’re actually writing a massive post about that right now), so it’s nice to change things up a little and take a look at other people’s sensory experiences of Matt. Elektra brings up an interesting point in one of the flashbacks in Season 2 Episode 5, of that fact that she likes how he smells. Though she may be saying this just to be romantic (it sounds like a line she came up with ahead of time), it is a canonically established fact that Matt tends to smell good. And really, he’d have to. While most of us generally don’t notice our personal bodily odors because we’re so used to them, Matt’s enhanced senses may make him extra aware of his own scent. It makes some sense, therefore, that he’d be extra careful with his hygiene, in order to stand smelling himself. 

I'm very disappointed.

It has come to my attention that Mark has lost a large number of subscribers in the past few days due to him not posting. All I have to say about that is… Shame on you. Youtubers have lives beyond the camera and they absolutely do NOT live to serve your entertainment needs. The fact of the matter is, he has lost one of his best friends, and he is in mourning. It’s pretentious and spoiled of you to think you’re entitled to his time and that your subscription is his reward for being funny. He’s a human fucking being. Can’t you respect that? We aren’t a fandom, we’re a community. A family. And right now Mark, Ryan and Matt need our love and support more than they ever have before. Yet we have these fair weather fans that ditch at the first opportunity. Well guess what? … WE DON’T NEED YOU. … I’m urging you all to stay subscribed and keep watching their videos. It helps them have a source of income that they’re going to need while they’re not making videos. Stay strong, everyone. Please.

A Tweet The Guys Post About You and Your Faves Relationship (Requested)

Jack J : third wheeling with jack and Y/N right now ugh 

Jack G : I got the worst seat on the plane cause jack and Y/N wanted to sit together, but they’re cute together

Jacob: Was supposed to film a video with aaron today, but he canceled to take Y/N on a date. Cute

Hayes : I feel like i’m cam’s and Y/N child when we go to the mall

Shawn : Saw Y/N and matt making out today. NO PDA

Nash : Seeing Hayes and Y/N cuddling, makes me realize that the only relationship i have is with fruity pebbles 

Taylor : Sammy and Y/N together, reminds me that i’m single

Aaron : Jacob was suppose to teach me how to play the guitar today, but when i got there he was teaching Y/N. Looks like i still don’t know to play 

Carter : Nate and Y/N got matching tattoos, wow my love life hurts. ( get it cause tattoos hurt?)

Matt : Dillon, Y/N, and i went to the movies today. Lets just say i watched most of the movie and they seemed like they were too busy doing something else

Cameron : How cute shawn wrote a song for Y/N, what happened to “Cameron Dallas is my boyfriend”?

Sammy : Seeing nash in a relationship with Y/N, is so weird because its shocking that someone could actual deal with nash and his fruity pebbles obsession 

Dillon : Third wheeling with taylor and Y/N sucks cause i never get the shot gun seat in taylor’s car anymore.

Nate : Haven’t hung out with carter in awhile, he’s always been with Y/N. But their cute together so i guess its okay.

HAHAHAHHA sorry guys if this sucks! This is one of my first “writing preferences” you can say hahaha but i actually really like cameron and nashs tweet!


Have A Great Day! 


New lipsticks, new liners, new artist-designed product sleeves—read all about it.

Donald Robertson is a creative fiend. While he’s led a rich career in branding and illustration, he’s now getting noticed for his immensely popular Instagram presence—where he posts art pieces that feel witty, cool, and glamorous all at once. Now, thanks to a recent collaboration with Smashbox, you can take home a piece of his work. He designed original packaging for the new ultra-matte Be Legendary Lipstick and long-wearing Photo Angle Gel Liners. We caught up with Robertson to find out more about his practice and how we can be Instagram famous too. KELLEY HOFFMAN

How did you team up with Smashbox on this project?
My Smashbox collaboration came about because I hustled for it to happen. I feel LA is super-hot right now. I love everything about it. Stuff is happening here, so I hitched a ride!

Can you tell us about your design process?
I did a super-cool collab with Smashbox at a boutique in Paris. We made a little art sleeve to go over a Smashbox French flag red lipstick. It was really cool. So back in America, we pitched Sephora on a similar art sleeve idea…only we made a unique painting for each one. It’s like we have a little mini museum on our Sephora station. Tiniest art show ever. Ha!                           

What are your thoughts on the new lipsticks and liners?
I like when people are all crazy-enthusiastic about something they made. The product peeps at Smashbox are all jazzed about this new “nice to your mouth” matte lipstick and this wild color eye paint. I don’t wear makeup so I don’t know, but it seems like this is going to be big!                               

What do you love about the Smashbox brand?
I really like Smashbox founder Davis Factor. We hung out in Asia at a beauty event there and he invited me to come to the studio for a play date. He is very passionate about his brand and his photography, and he has a really cool team. It’s a great vibe. They prototype and design all the stuff at their Culver City studio then Davis and his crew shoot it at Smashbox Studios! Who does that?                                      

How would you describe your artistic style?
It’s what I call “Tongue-in-chic.” Clever, huh?

Your Instagram account @DonaldDrawbertson has a huge following. How did you achieve such an amazing presence?
My Instagram is like my performance art. I’m an over-sharer. I post way too much, but I love painting, drawing, creating, and laughing with everyone. I literally have friends in every corner of the world right now on Instagram. I can tell when countries are waking up based on comments. I love it.

Where do you find inspiration?
I have five kids from ages one to eighteen. I am overflowing with ideas that I steal from them on a daily basis. It’s my payback!  


so I just read a little something about someone seeing Mark in SC (my last reblog) and I’m just honestly relieved that there are so many nice sane people in this fanbase but still I want to remind you:


also to the person who made the post I reblogged previously (about seeing Mark) idk why I just want to thank you for not going up to him, so just thank you so much

Blood on My Name pt. 3 (a Karen x Frank Castle fic)

Got a quick update for y’all! Apparently this is going to end up a bit longer than anticipated… I’m trying to get an invite to ao3 so I can post up over there, but the amigo I had hooking me up informs me that invites are temporarily unavailable? So I’ll keep posting here for the moment! 

If you’re new here: (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5)

If you’re not, then I now return you to Midnight MacGyver surgery! 

It doesn’t go well.

Frank’s hands are too shaky, and he’s coming at it from the wrong angle. Sitting beside him, she watches—helpless—as beads of sweat roll down his face, his breath coming in sharp, staccato puffs as he probes the open wound for the bullet. 

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