but this post had to be special because is my 10000th

10,000 reasons why not | brittana fic

In honor of my 10,000th post on tumblr I decided to make it Brittana fic. I was going to post two, but I decided to post them separately.(#2 will go up not tonight) This fic is for @overratedmusings who has been here since day one. (Also forgive me if it’s rocky, I haven’t written fic in 5000 years)

Title: 10,000 Reasons Why Not
Notes: Set in one of our AUs in which Britt is a badass motocross champ/mechanic shop owner/absolute mess and the biggest jerk in the world. Too much backstory to summarize, but I tried. It’s angsty, but kinda fluffy as far as Britt goes, and it’s been a loooong time coming for her. Completely AU.

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