but this photoshoot is so so had to color


Here’s some FWA phone pics I took! I really wanted to get more candid shots this con but I was running around in my suits literally most of the day haha.  Top suit is Neo and middle + bottom are Roxy!  The last pic was Roxy and Cali, their fur color was so similar and we were joking they were twins haha.  Neo was made by kittlums @ fa and Roxy was made by @lobitaworks!

FWA was FWA-mazing honestly. I feel like every year it just keeps getting better and better. I had so much fun! I went to the raves both nights and even went to some panels. I was able to talk to some people (including one of my fave fursuit makers) and went to a few photoshoots which was also fun.

I fursuited a TON on Friday and Saturday! I wore Neo most of Friday and Roxy most of Saturday, and I wore them to the raves too which was sweaty but a blast. Fursuiting is such an amazing experience for me. You get to forget yourself and just be another character completely. You don’t have to worry about what your face looks like, really, since it’s hidden by the head. Fursuiting in Roxy especially was a blast since she’s my newest suit! I got a lot of compliments on her. Lobitaworks really did an outstanding job on her, she’s soooo cute and well made. I eventually would love to get a body for her, I think that would look way better than a partial.

Special shoutout to my con roomies! I had a good time rooming with them and an even better time hanging out on Sunday after the con.  I saw some of my other friends from past cons too which was really cool. I hope to go to FWA again next year!


[About her red hair] It’s funny—in the beginning, I was apprehensive and didn’t want to do it, because I had other commitments, and then I just dove in. The woman who did the color did an incredible job because it changes color in the light. It goes purple to watermelon to pink to red. So I would love to keep it as long as I can because I think it’s really fun. And the more you wash it, the brighter it gets, so it starts changing color even more.


So [mental illness and self harm] are things that I definitely talk about because I try to make myself as accessible as possible, as open and accepting as possible because I want them to have a haven in me. Because I was a weird kid, I had awful things happen to me and awful things I did. And it was hard and I struggled with that so I would want someone to come to me and think that they can tell me their deepest, darkest secret and I wouldn’t j u d g e them for it.

i did a photoshoot with my friend yesterday and it was so fun and cool i cant wait 2 post it + also i went to this rich ass liberal arts college that looks like hogwarts and when me and my friends walked into the panel talk room everyone stared @ us bc we were the only ones wearing color and like ??? idk we stood out so bad bc everyone was wearing black/nudes/white and yea that college was wack but i had fun 

Behind The Scenes (16/???)

Author’s note: Sorry for any errors. 

Genre: Fluffy vibes (Suga; Jin). Angsty vibes (Suga)

Summary: Your first day of going with BTS to their photo shoot

Word count: 2691

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

Walking on to the set was definitely eye opening. You didn’t expect there to be so many people to be working on this. You looked at all the wardrobe set out for the guys and saw all the makeup the stylist had laid out. You were shocked all this was ready. It was pretty early for you and the guys to be up to begin with.

The guys went straight to the changing rooms to get dressed and then went to a stylist to get their makeup done. Since most of the guys were tired, everyone except Jin and Jhope were asleep while getting their makeup done. Jin and Jhope were still talking.

You sat back as you watched the stylist do their job. From what you could see in the reflections from the mirrors, the stylists were doing a really good job on the guys. You had gotten so used to seeing the guys bare faced, you forgot how good looking they could be when they were all dressed up. You could feel yourself blush when you noticed how long you were staring at some of the members

Jin noticed you staring at him and threw you a smile when he caught you. You did your best to look away and make it seem like you weren’t staring at him. But to your horror, he was the first one to get his make-up done. He thanks the stylist and walked over to you with a sly smile on his face.

“Oh, y/n. Y/n, y/n, y/n. If you wanted a better view you could have just told me. I can give you a better view.” He said moving his face up next to yours.

You blushed and looked away from him. You tried not to be obvious about how flustered you were by him. You couldn’t think of what to say next.

“Why are you looking over there? I’m right here.” Jin said. You still didn’t look at him so he moved his face in the direction you were staring at. You laughed at this and he broke into a smile

“Finally I got something out of you!”

“So what are we talking about here?” Suga asked, popping out of nowhere.

“Nothing yet” Jin responded, remaining in close proximity to you.

“So Y/n, how do I look?” Suga asked. He did a tiny little spin so that you could get a look at his whole outfit. Then he brought his hand to his face to directed your eyes to his face.

“Alive” you said giving him a fake cute smile

“Ah, I get it! You’re too shy to admit I look fine as fuck. Don’t worry. I can see the truth in your eyes.”

“You wish” you said rolling your eyes at him

You saw Jhope walking over to you guys. Once he joined the rest of you, you walked over to him. “Now here we go! Jhope, you look so handsome!” you said grabbing on to his arm and moving besides him.

“Take that guys!” Jhope exclaimed, doing a little victory dance.

Suga and Jin looked over at Jhope with envy in their eyes.

Soon the other guys met the 4 of you and they were later called onto set after Jimin, the last one to be done with make-up, was ready to go. You followed the guys towards the set.

It was a very simple photoshoot from the looks of things it was going to be a simple photoshoot. There was only a white backdrop for the guys to pose in front of. All the members were dressed in brighter, more colorful clothes, so the whole set felt really bright and cheerful.

The guys began with group photos. You sat back behind the camera crew and watched the guys pose. The guys posed in “happy” poses. They began doing more cheerful poses, more “brotherly” poses.

You started to laugh at how they were posing. It was weird that they so quickly got into a pose and then had to keep those expressions on for a while. The way they switched for the poses was similar in how they switch whenever they are in front of the camera together for twitter or the v app or behind the scene at Bighit.

Then the poses became more serious. It wanted to make you laugh a bit more because you didn’t take them seriously knowing those expressions were fake.

Looking at them pose, you didn’t think they were posing that great, but whenever you snuck a peek at the screens, the pictures actually came out amazing.

After the group shoot, it was time for individual pictures. Jungkook was the first one to take photos. The rest of the guys came over to you.

“How you holdin’ up?” Rap Monster asked noticing how tired you were.

“I’m fine”

“It seems like you’re the one that looks dead now!” Suga commented.

“Shut up!” you said slapping him on the shoulder

“Don’t worry y/n you look perfect” Jin said sweetly

“Y/n, can you hand me some of that water behind you?” jhope asked.

Then the rest of the guys asked you for water and some of the food behind you. You could tell Jimin had something on his mind. You could tell he wanted to tell you off again, but he was keeping his mouth shut in front of Jin.

“You should get me an ice pack while you’re at it!” Suga began. “You’re so aggressive, my shoulder really hurts now. Are you sure you’re not a man or something? I could have sworn I got punched by a dude. I feel like my arm is going to fall off.” He grabbed his shoulder and pretended to be in immense pain.

“Shut up before I hit you for real!” you threatened.

“Kids! Behave!” you both looked over to Rap Monster. He was sitting down in a random chair with his eyes closed. “Let’s try to get through with this day as smoothly as possible. Okay?”

Jungkook came over and told Suga that he was next for the individual pictures. Jungkook, Jimin, and V walked off to the side of the room and Jhope stayed behind with you and Jin. As Suga walked off, Jin moved over next to you. He stood beside you and rested his arm on your shoulder.

“You’re the perfect height for me Y/n. I can lean on you and be just fine.”

You gave a small laugh, to try and cover up how weird you thought his comment was.

Jhope came over and did the same thing that Jin was doing.

“He’s right Y/n. You really are the perfect height”

You ignored both of them and just watched Suga get his photos taken

“Hey! Y/n is mine to lean on!” Jin said rather loudly. With his free arm Jin pushed Jhope off of you.

Jin said it loud enough for even Suga to hear all the way from the set. Suga immediately turned over to you and the guys, ignoring the fact that he was in the middle of taking pictures. He looked a bit mad and he was about to walk over to you when the photographer got after him for ruining the pictures. He was forced to take the last few pictures over again.

Jhope backed off a bit, but still stayed close to you. You let out a yawn and gently pushed Jin’s arm off your shoulder. You told him that you wanted to sit down. Instead of letting you move to one of the chairs, he went over and brought on to you.

Jin was called up to take his pictures next. Jhope brought a chair and sat next to you. Suga walked over to you two and was secretly glaring at Jin as they passed each other. Suga came up behind you, putting his hands on the back off your chair and leaned over you.

“You okay?” he asked looking over to Jungkook, V, and Jimin as they were goofing around.

“She’s fine. It wasn’t really anything” Jhope answered for you.

“Hoseok!” Jimin called out. “Let’s do the dance!” Jhope ran over to the maknaes and began joking around with them.

You looked up at Suga. He was still looking away from you. You decided to mess with him. You slowly lifted your arm and poked him in the neck.

“Fuck!” he jumped and slapped your hand away.

With Jhope gone, he went around you and sat down next to you, bringing his hands out behind his head.

“Why is Jin so close to you lately?”

“I don’t know”

“I’m glad Hoseok is helping you out”

“me too”

You and Suga sat in silence for a bit. You were on your phone and he was just glaring at Jin.

“Why does Jin keep looking over here?” Suga whispered more so to himself than to you.

“What?” you looked up from your phone and found Jin looking over to you and Suga in between his poses.

“Let me try something…” Suga took one hand away from his behind head and rested that arm around you, resting it in the back of your chair. You both noticed Jin get a bit upset, ruining that pictures and saw the photographer get after him.

“You’re right… weird”

“There is one lesson to be learned here”

“What is that?” you asked looking over to Suga

“Suga is always right!” he stated giving you his gummy smile

You rolled your eyes at him and turned to Rap Monster. “Namjoon, what exactly is the schedule today?”

He told you that after this round of individual pictures, they will repeat the cycle in a different wardrobe. He told you all this while keeping his eyes closed.

Each of the members took their pictures then went to change and get their make-up redone, repeating the cycle.

You were a bit bored throughout the day. You sent most of the time sitting around on your phone. The guys didn’t really have a chance to ask you to do anything for them. They only sometimes asked you to do something, it was just to get them some food or water. When it came for the individual pictures, whenever Jin came to talk to you Suga and Jhope stuck by you.

Finally, the photoshoot ended and you all got into the van. Going back to the old order, you were going to walk past Jin and Jhope so that you could go sit on Suga’s lap for the ride home. You were about to pass Jhope to get to Suga when you felt two hands grab your hips and pull you down. You turned around to find Jin smiling at you.

“Uh, why did you do that? I was going to sit with Suga.” You looked over to Suga and Jhope, all three of you were sharing the same confused look.

“Yoongi seems a bit tired today. You can sit with me!” Jin reasoned.

“I’m fine!” Suga said to him. “Y/n come over here.” he said waving an arm for you to go to him.

Jin wrapped his arm around your waist to keep you from moving.

“No! She’s fine here with me!”

“No she’s not! You can see it on her face!” Suga pointed out. “She’s used to sitting with me!”

“Y/n is fine. She and I are close too! She doesn’t mind sitting with me” Jin was already starting to get really angry, but Suga didn’t seem to want to back off. You and Jhope sat there silent. Neither of you knew what to say or do.

“Guys! Shut the fuck up already! Y/n, wherever you are just stay there. If you guys don’t stop, y/n will sit on my lap and that’s going to be awkward for everyone!” Rap Monster shouted from the passenger seat.

You stayed sitting on Jin’s lap. You looked over to Jhope, but all he did was give you a shrug. You looked over to Suga and he looked pissed. He was glaring at Jin. He looked over to you, but only for a tiny bit as he turned around, facing his back to everyone and just stayed facing the window.

From the back seat you heard someone cough, but it didn’t exactly sound like a cough. You looked over and saw Jimin with his hand over his mouth “coughing”. You could have sworn he was saying “whore” under his cough.

When he was done “coughing” he smiled innocently at you. He motioned his hand into and open fist and brought it to and from his mouth. He used his tongue to poke his cheek out as he brought his hand closer to his mouth. He looked between you and Jin while he was doing this motion and winked over at you. None of the other guys noticed because they were either asleep or turned away from him.

Jin noticed you looking angrily towards the back seat and turned around to see why. Jimin quickly stopped what he was doing and looked down at his phone. Jin looked back at you smiling and asked, “Do you want to take a picture? Jinjin called me earlier and asked what I was doing, but I could talk long, I’ll show him you worked with us today”

“Um okay.”

He brought out his phone and told you to slide down a bit so that you would both come out on the screen.

“You’re too far.” He moved his head up next to yours. Your cheeks were touching in order to for both of you to “fit”. Once he took a few pictures you moved back.

“Wait! Let’s take a few more. This time funny ones!”

You did as he suggested. You looked over at Suga and Jhope. Jhope looked like he was thinking about something, hopefully it was a plan to help you out. Suga was still looking out the window. It was obvious that he was not asleep, even though he was pretending to do so, because his body looked so tense.

After Jin out a few more pictures, you two took a look at both of them. Jin still left his arms around you.

“Wow y/n! You look so pretty in all these pictures!”

“Thanks” you said softly

Jin seemed pretty tired and kind of stopped talking as much from this point. He was on his phone most of the time. You assumed he was sending Jinjin the pictures or texting him one way or another. He left his arms around you the whole ride back. Jhope used this time to try and talk to you and try to lighten up the situation for you.

Back at the dorm, the guys went up to their rooms. You followed Rap Monster and he told you that the second photoshoot was going to be at a different location, so you had to come over early again the next day.

You were about to head out, but you felt the need to stop by Suga’s room. You tried to open his door, but it was locked. You knock and he opened the door, but only wide enough of him to poke his head out

“What?” he asked, sounding really annoyed.

“Did you want me to get you any beer before I left?”

He rested his forehead on the door, taking a moment to think about your offer. He looked back into his room for a quick moment and then back at you

“Um yeah, I guess” he handed you some money and his backpack

You quickly left to get his beer. You came back to his door but it was locked again. You knocked and like earlier, he opened it up wide enough to only show his face. He leaned out to grab the backpack without even a “thanks”, so you pulled the bag away from him.

“Y/n! give it to me” he whined

“what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m just tired” he explained trying to reach or the beer again. You pulled away some more.

“So you wanna talk about it?”

“Not today” he grabbed the backpack from you and closed the door, locking it again.


So it’s nearly 1am at the time I’m posting this, but I HAD to try on my Balem collar before bed! It’s not too tacky anymore, so I felt ok slipping it on for a minute. Forgive my tired face! I’m just so excited about this and how it looks in real life AND in photos!

Sadly, I couldn’t wear it for my photoshoot today (pictures coming later!) but HOLY COW, IT IS INCREDIBLE. Just look at all the detail that @velociraptortaskforce put into this Beast! And it’s just craft foam (and Sculpey detailing for the grooved half-spheres)!!! The crescent moon is a sparkly chocolate-maroon color, which you can see best in the first pic. I might have the center part a bit low, but again, it’s 1am.

I never expected the collar to have this level of intricacy and effort. Joanna is a goddess, although I’m pretty sure it’ll be a while before she tackles this sort of thing again. After two or three failed attempts, I know she’s happy to no longer be working on it! It’s been a rocky road with this collar, but the stellar end results made it all worth while.

Let Me In (Marichat Fanfic)

Sooo I’m going to get off the angst train for a minute and try my hand at fluffdom. Because seriously, these characters need all the love they can get. T-T Anyways, I’m thinking of taking on some Miraculous writing requests since things are lighting up over on my end. My #1 rule is that all requests must be SFW. If I get any requests that are questionable, I won’t work on them.

Thanks for your time!

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Marichat (with hints of Ladynoir and Adrinette)

Rating: General


Tap. Tap. Tap.

Ignoring. Flipping a page and finding the latest design idea for a dress.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Still ignoring. Grabbing a mechanical pencil and drawing in details.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Snickering and rolling of the eyes. Continuing to work.

“Princess! Fair Princess!” A familiar voice sounded out from outside her trap door. “May your faithful knight gain access to your wondrous abode?!”

Marinette couldn’t stop a laugh from bubbling out as she set aside her fashion journal. Tikki laughed quietly alongside her before ducking under some nearby pillows. For the past three months, Chat Noir had made it a habit to stop by Marinette’s house after his day for patrol ended. Whether it was because curiosity was itching the cat or satisfaction was bringing him back, Marinette can’t find it in herself to dislike her akuma fighting companion’s visits. She reasoned that as long as he didn’t see Tikki and he didn’t put two and two together that it would be fine.

“That’s the third time this week.” Marinette said with a smile still on her face as she climbed up her ladder, sat on her bed, and faced her trapdoor. She can just picture the poor kitty cat pouting, knowing that his sensitive hearing allowed him to hear her footsteps leading her towards her bed. “You’re making me think that you’ve got nothing better to do if Ladybug’s not around.”

“I just want to see your pretty face Princess.” She could practically hear the pout in his voice and his ears drooping. Thank goodness it wasn’t raining out or a certain feline would be catching a cold.

“Then why don’t you look in a mirror?” Marinette retorted, leaning back on her comfy cat pillow.

“You think that I’m pretty?!” Chat Noir crooned, his tone turning very cheerful. “I would pre-fur being called handsome, but I’m still honored my Princess.”

Marinette burst out into laughter and thanked her luck that her parents were out taking care of a delivery. If they had been home, they would probably be more than a little curious about their daughter’s cheerful antics. She sat up, fumbled for a moment with her trap door’s lock, and sat back down as the door opened. A split second later, a smiling black cat with bright green eyes gracefully swooped into the room and flopped onto Marinette’s bed.

Chat Noir could never grow tired of how bright and warm Marinette’s room is. Compared to his monochrome, toy filled bedroom, her room actually looked like it had life in it. Maybe that was because she was so full of life herself.

He continued to drink in the atmosphere of the room as Marinette hopped up from her bed and flew back to her desk. His eyes followed her, curiosity getting the better of him. The next thing he knew, Chat Noir found himself pouncing down from his perch on Marinette’s bed to her chaise. As Marinette opened her fashion journal, Chat Noir was drawn in and captivated by her creativity and imagination.

As Adrien, he had seen Marinette perform her magic when she made that pigeon feathered hat for his father’s contest. She was even kind enough to make a replica of the hat with fake feathers so that he could wear it for the photoshoot while giving the original to a thin looking guy who always seemed to be hanging around feeding the pigeons. If only he was given more opportunities to see that spark in her eye whenever she made her creations.

“So what do you think of this?” Marinette asked suddenly, pushing her journal towards Chat Noir so that he can see it. She was pointing at a scarf design colored pink and with a frilly lace at the end. It almost reminded him of the scarf his father had given him for his birthday. Maybe he, as Adrien, could ask her to make a scarf for his father’s own birthday. They might even match.

“As usual, you make lovely designs Princess.” Chat Noir purred, pleased that she trusted him enough for his input. It was a risky and almost sacred thing when an artist shows a pre-design towards another person. They were practically revealing themselves to someone who could hurt them. Taking off a mask and trusting the other person to not hurt them.

Chat Noir quietly watched Marinette continue working, drinking in her pencil’s strokes as her dreams from her mind and heart took form on paper. He couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if he and Ladybug were to be like this if they weren’t wearing masks. Would she trust him with her secrets? Would he be able to show her how deeply he loved her without worrying about his heart being bruised? Again?

Chat Noir glanced at Marinette and smiled. It was nice to know that he can at least get to know this amazing girl without her running away from him all the time. When she wasn’t avoiding him or stumbling over her words, Marinette was hilarious, full of sparks, and an all-around wonderful person. She didn’t have to let the superhero in her home. It wasn’t like she owed him any favors. But she still let him in.

If only Ladybug could let him in. There’s so much he wanted to do for her. But she wouldn’t let him without fearing that she would grow too dependent on him. There’s so much he wanted to share with her, identities notwithstanding. But Ladybug won’t even tell him her favorite color without acting like she had to look over her shoulder.

Didn’t she trust him? Didn’t she want to be friends after Ladybug and Chat Noir weren’t needed anymore? Eventually they were going to find Hawkmoth and put an end to the akuma. They both made that their goal while they fended off the enemies that came their way.

Marinette paused in her drawing and turned to look at Chat Noir. He has been really quiet for the past week, like he was mulling over something. It bothered her that her dear friend was troubled like this. Chat Noir should be full of life and awful puns, ready to take on the day with confidence in his every stride.

She placed a quick peck on his furrowed brow and blushed a little when the cat jolted out of his thoughts and stared at her with wide eyes. Marinette almost giggled when she noted how red his own cheeks were despite how much his mask was hiding his face.

“You don’t have to keep it all in you know.” Marinette said as she closed her journal again. “If something’s bothering you, let me know. Or at least let Ladybug know.”

Chat Noir smiled softly and scratched the back of his head. “It’s okay my Princess. A knight shouldn’t place burdens upon those he should be protecting.”

Marinette shook her head and booped his nose, laughing out loud when he looked at his nose cross eyed. “And isn’t it a princess’s duty to make sure that her knight is able to protect her from all of the baddies out there?”

They both laughed for a couple minutes. When they managed to calm themselves down, they stared straight into each other’s eyes, unable to turn away from each other. With a sudden shyness, Chat Noir inched his gloved hands towards Marinette’s smaller hands. When she didn’t pull away, he dared to envelope them both in his hands, careful not to harm her with his claws.

“Can you promise me something Marinette?” Chat Noir asked, not breaking eye contact with Marinette, who nodded with a little smile still on her adorable face. “If something’s bothering you, or if you’re in trouble, promise me that you’ll let me know. I know that it is my duty to protect all of the people in Paris, but you’re special. To me.” Chat Noir gulped, feeling himself tremble as he took in Marinette’s shocked, wide eyes. “I want to be there for you when you’re hurting and I want to be there for you when you’re happy. Please…” He gulped again and fought to keep his eyes on hers, fearing that his nerves would get the better of him. “Please let me in. And…and I would be happy to let you in.”

He may as well have said it out loud. I’ll bare my heart for you. Please bare your heart to me. Ladybug knew that she would be willing to let him bare his heart to her, but would she dare to bare herself to him? Not right now she won’t. But maybe someday. For right now though, Chat Noir will dare to hope that someone would be willing to cross the bridge with him.

As Marinette stayed quiet though, her face unreadable, Chat Noir felt his heart start to tremble just a bit.

Please. Please let me in. I promise that I won’t harm you. Just please…let me be there for you. Like you’ve been there for me. Chat Noir begged to her silently, praying that she would be able to get the message through his eyes.

Then he saw it. Marinette smiling and returning the grip on his hands.


That one little word was all that it took. Chat Noir scooped her into his arms, stood up, and spun her around with him. When he got home that night and became Adrien once again, the warmth of her hands remained in his and he held them close to his heart. For right now, Marinette will open herself to Chat Noir. Someday, she’ll open herself to Adrien. Maybe even someday he’ll be able to bridge the gap between himself and Ladybug. But until that day comes, Adrien will revel in the warmth and color that is Marinette.


So this is a new version of the wallpapers I posted a few months ago. I was not satisfied how the photoshoot washed out everyone’s eye colors or even made them appear different colors, so I got bored and had some fun. This photoshoot was great, but for some reason in almost all the pictures one eye looks great and the other one looks a bit weird…It wasn’t my fault I swear! XD Anyways, please credit if you repost anywhere! Please hit that like button if you like them and feedback is always welcome, my ask box is open!


Paruru’s interview on FLASH Special Gravure Best 2016 (Early Spring Issue)

First of all, please tell me your thought on winning the first place in the “Official Music Game”.
I’m so happy because I’m still be supported like this by all the fans even though I’ve been worried them over various things the whole last year.

It was impressive to see the big smile in your photoshoot with the dog. You must really like dog, eh.
Yes, I really love them. Even on my photobook that is on sale now, the pictures of me with the dog are my favorite ones.

So, it’s like a reunion?
I think so. I think it’s been about half a year or a year. This kid didn’t remember me, but, it immediately came to my side and stayed by my side quitely throughout the photoshoot. That’s unbelievable, right?

In addition to the pictures with the dog, please tell me about the highlight of the photobook.
It’s got to be the pictures of my fashion style and the pictures of the bedroom that recreated my private property. It’s the first time I did a photoshoot using a lot of my personal belongings, so, I have a strong emotional attachment to it.

What do you pay attention to when you choose your clothes?
I don’t want to wear the same clothes with other people, so, I chose the design that is not produced in large quantities.

You seem to have many stylish clothes.
My closet is small and my taste changes according to my mood, so, I don’t have that much clothes. I even gave them to the kid who said they wanted it and the kid who seemed to look good on it… But, I always wear the things that I like.

By the way, it’s rare of you to have a red color hair, right?
That’s right. This is the first time I had them. This is also the first time I did a photoshoot wearing this hair color.

It really suits you. It also looks kind of cool. Will you keep it for a while?
Yes. Who know? I want to try a really bright color. I won’t be able to it once I get a job for drama and movie, so, I think I will change my hair to various colors when I have time.

Talking about movie, the movie where you starred in was also released last year.
Yes. I was so happy to get a chance to star in a movie. Last year, I got sick and a burnt. It’s the worst year I ever have in my life, but, it was my dream to be able to star in a movie, so, I was really helped by that.

For the last question, what do you want for this year?
This year, first of all, I want to live healthily in order to work actively. I’ve been more careful about what I eat, but, right now I’m giving the priority to my appetite since I have been so thin lately. Until then, I will take care about my meals to improve my health. I want to come back soon. Also, to prevent myself from causing trouble to everyone by making mistakes (lol).
In terms of work, I want to do movies regularly. I’m still having difficulties in acting, but I hope this year I can have job in movie as much as last year.

in april of 2013 i cosplayed jade harley’s 3 AM dress from Homestuck? And i did this by taking a black prom dress I found and adding layers of spray-on glue, glitter, sealant, and repeating until the glitter and color looked and sparkled in a galaxy look (i was running out of time because i spent a lot of time finding the dress, so in retrospect i probably COULD have sealed it more but the con i was going to was speeding). so i went to the con in this dress which had appeared to be fully dry and not be shedding around my room. but after a 12 hour day, and a photoshoot that was outside and involved me moving around, my dress had almost no glitter on it. On the third day, as i was leaving, i heard some of the con staff complaining about glitter everywhere :( i felt terrible!
—  Submitted by pastelchrom