but this part was too good

Does anyone think about Rhys‘s little sister?

-Like just think about her.  She was Half-Illyrian as well.  I bet she was just as powerful as Rhys was, and because of this the Illyrian males would be really off put by off, because  she was a female.

-She would have loved her big brother and would always try to follow him or copy him. Wherever Rhys went, she went too. 

-I just cant help but think about how she would have been sooo good for the camps. She would have been the change that the male dominant society needed. 

-She would fight for the females and she would be saved from the wing clipping like her mother was.

-I feel like her and Mor would be really good friends as she got older.  The two of them together?……. capable of sooo much! 

-Rhys and the boys would be out numbered

-She would probably also be part of the “Mor is who I call in when Cassian and Azriel are both dead and the armies have failed.” squad. like shes THAT powerful

-And can you imagine.. protective brother Rhys?!! My heart!


-Of course Rhys would never hold his sister back from a fight, but throughout the whole thing he would be worried and afraid she might not walk off the battle field

-Rhys was the one to take her flying first. She came into his room right before he was about to set off and she wanted to join. He couldn’t say no and she wouldn’t take it for an answer so he taught her how and spent the night flying around his balcony.

-Her sitting around the dinner table with the inner circle as Rhy’s looks on, happy that his family is around him.

-Rhys feels the pang of sadness every day when he thinks of her as an adult. Sitting among them. Part of his inner circle. He often wonders if his mate and her would get along, be good friends. Like Feyre is with Mor. What type of person she would be now.  What her life was like while he was away and UTM and how him being gone for 50 years would hurt her just as much as her begin taken from him too soon. 

-Rhy’s just loved his little sister and really misses his family.  He gets really sad of the anniversary of their deaths becasue he thinks of his mother and sister lives now, and cant help but think about all the memories that he wanted to share with them.

-Sometime when he’s in a room and has something funny to say he turns, expecting to see his sister there, ready to laugh, but of course she’s not, she’s gone.

-When these days happen, he gets really quite and stays in bed all day.  Feyre stays with him and and buries his face in her neck, her chest, holding onto her.

-Can you imagine how his heart must have felt like it was being ripped from his chest when he found his mother and sister dead in that mountain? His sister’s beloved wings gone? Her small body crumpled and stiff. 

I know some of these are unrealistic because of age difference and things (because his sister was much younger when he was already out of war camps) but please be understanding, these are just some purging’s of my heart and headcanons.

Feel free to add if you want! :)

Ok but how is the mean girls musical gonna avoid ripping off parts of Heathers? Like how are they gonna show Cady becoming friends with the plastics without totally copying beautiful?? And then in the end when Cady brings the whole school together, I feel like it’s totally gonna be way too similar to Seventeen reprise. Idk I’m sure this musical will be good but I’m lowkey salty bc Heathers is like…the only musical about bitchy high schoolers and I feel like it should stay that way BUT who knows

NCT Selfie Analysis Part 1

Taeil: phone is always under eye contact level, fake ass no top lip white people smile, anything inbetween :] and :[, sometimes a peace sign, looks like every fiber of will to live has been sucked out of him the moment he took his phone out to snap a selfie

Hansol: this boy KNOWS HIS ANGLES, there’s no such thing as a bad Ji Hansol selfie and whoever disagrees, feel free to Smash Dat Block Button

Johnny: I can never tell with this boy tbh but he’s definetly improving, good lighting but could work on his angles, tries (too) hard, always looks soft and happy and that’s all that matters

Taeyong: selfie king no. 2, smiling?who is that lol dunno her, barely any visible signs of emotion, blurry but it looks good, could pass as an ulzzang instagram model, Jaehyun take notes

Yuta: a big fan of close-ups, he’s always looking straight into the camera like He’s Out For Wigs, a wide spectrum of facial expressions, a bit dead inside but SM didn’t suck the life out of him completely yet

Kun: an actual angel, cute and pure, likes to show his outfit, deserves better (in general) :(((((((

Doyoung: likes close-ups like Yuta, either really really HOT or a soft cuddly bunny, his goals is probably to kill us all seriously I freak out everytime he posts a selfie

Ten: selfie king no. 3, goes from ig model to soft bf in 0.1 second and vice versa, least likely to look dead inside, something about his selfies is so bf material (I hate this expression but it’s true)

Jaehyun: facial expressions vary from ‘I’m so happy :D’ to ‘I really don’t wanna do this but SM is holding a gun to my head as I’m taking this’, probably wants to f*cking die, has a thing for opening his mouth in selfies?????

WinWin: either the softest squish or angsty emo youtuber looking ass ok no inbetween, looks cute and cuddly without trying, king that invented lighting, 100% feeling himself and wants everyone to know

Lady Eryn Holt and Dame Sevia Tucker Laid to Rest in Raven Hill

By Risri Elthron

A somber evening in Duskwood as family and friends gathered to say their goodbyes to the two fallen members of House Holt, Lady Eryn Holt and Dame Sevia Tucker.

Two closed, glossy brown coffins laid side by side, surrounded by a wreath of pine and there located a large vase rested at the top end, heavily laden with wax and wick to be ignited at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Lady Adhelin Holt spoke first to the assembled mourners, “It has been a difficult few weeks since Eryn and Sevia’s passing, both of whom had a lot of life left to live. Sevia may not have been blood but she was part of our family, never too far from Eryn’s side. She was strong, vibrant and very patient, as one needs to be when dealing with my family. Eryn, she was driven, proud, overzealous at times but kind. She had a good heart and meant well, she also enjoyed being the more social out of all of us. Ambition drove her to become known within the trade community, many of you here tonight have some form of acquaintance or friendship with her. I would like to take this time to ask those of you who wish to say anything to please step forward at your leisure.”

The mourners stepped forth one by one to say words to honor Lady Holt.

“When I needed a neutral ear to speak to about personal matters, she always offered to listen.”

“She always looked out for the people around her, and was willing to give people chances.”

“A woman of pure benevolence, kindness, and passion. Azeroth is lessened with the loss of such a pure soul. She will be remembered. We will not let her memory fade.”

“Eryn was one of the best people you could ask for a friend. Sevia was what I can only describe as a light in the Darkness of this world. They were both compassionate and wonderful people. Sevia’s care for those around her could rival Eryn’s compassion. They were some of the best people, and I know that even with them gone, they will never be forgotten.”

“In Acherus we learn that Death is just another stepping stone, for most of us it wasn’t a way out, but a way back in. Most of us have to grow to learn that every death means -something-. Eryn’s on just another journey now, Hopefully we will all see her again.”

“Anyone who met her was lucky to have such a kind and sweet woman as their friend. She will be missed.”

“Lady Eryn championed many virtues, fairness, compassion, and good governance. My prayer is that all of us here can meditate on the virtues she personified each day of her life and practice them in ours. And that justice can be done on her behalf and the behalf of her valiant companions who join her in the next life.”

Lady Adhelin Holt concluded the service by lighting the candle around the caskets, along with a final declaration:

“Tonight we lay to rest my sister and her loyal guardian, side by side, nearby our prior generations of family; her monument stone will read the name as Eryn Talise Stuart-Holt as she was indeed a Stuart before being a Holt. I do this so that her father might come to mourn the loss of his daughter when he visits our mother.”

“In her memory we ask that donations be made to Stormwind’s Orphanage as it was one of her more favored charities to contribute to and that any flowers be left to decorate at the base of her monument stone. We thank everyone for coming this evening and for respecting our family’s privacy these last few weeks. Safe travels everyone, shadows keep you all from harm. Be well.”

The Royal Courier offers our deepest sympathy and condolences to the Holt family.


I colored my pizzabot from last time.

“I made pizza delivery robot. As speedy as he looks, when you get your pizza it’s always cold. The pizza at this place doesn’t even taste that good in the first place. It’s only his part time job after-all. He needs to pay his student loans, but he looks good doing it.”

He probably just spends too much money on shoes and this is why he’s still in debt. Also he majored in dance.

its-kennith  asked:


HEHUURHDSDFHYDUSJ I’M APOLOGIZE i’m kinda a little bit proud of them tho b/c they describe the characters’ mindsets pretty perfectly (i mean at least from my perspective) even tho some parts are maybe a little bit too literal BUT LIKE U KNO???? 

b/c shit like black&white didn’t do a very good job describing henry’s mindset regarding the whole thing like he sounds soooooo fucking salty in that song LMAO

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So you're going to sell cosplay props that you and your bf will make, to try and get out of debt and keep your place? I really do wish you the best of luck, but have you thought about Patreon instead?

A lot of people have asked me if I’d considered patreon and i will be honest i’m literally scared of it… I’m not good at keeping promises and honestly the idea of promising things each month is terrifying to me

I literally cannot just ask people for money, it goes against everything I know… a service for a service is fair, and i know people have inquired about this in the past. Me and Vince have talked about this a lot

also i’m not too sure where you got the “to keep your place” part, it hasn’t come to that yet. Yeah we are in debt but we aren’t tipping over the edge yet. We are looking to avoid that now before it gets to that time and gets worse

over time i will maybe look into this however @3@;;;

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this is hook line and sinker the image i always thought harry would avoid. oh well. that's on me, i guess.

Yeah, I’m disappointed and not surprised at all. And I’m apparently one of two people on my dash who is disappointed. But I knew the fandom would react this way, too.

I just keep thinking of some recent (and not so recent) asks. Namely…

Let’s put this February 10th ask first. I’m striking out the part that doesn’t make sense out of context. But the rest is exactly how I feel:

I know that stating this opinion (which is really just “I have no fucking clue what’s going on”) isn’t popular. But I also know from private conversations that I’m not the only one feeling this way. So maybe someone else will read this and think “oh thank goodness, I’m not alone.”

Then we have this March 23rd ask:

So regarding Harry, I don’t actually think it matters if this image is Jeff/Harry approved, Jeff being lazy with his existence metric, a label issue, etc. Because no matter what this fandom likes to think, we’ll never know the truth. And there will always be a group of people who will make excuses every single time the image of Harry/Liam/Louis/Niall/Zayn doesn’t match their person head canon/wish/hope/expectation of Harry/Liam/Louis/Niall/Zayn.

This February 10th one:

Rereading the question–I don’t think we’ll ever clearly know how much of this is by choice, but if it came out that all of them were knowingly manipulating us on purpose, I probably wouldn’t support them. I think actively manipulating people isn’t cool. Of course, there’d be no band to support, either, and I like their music.

This February 10th post:

But for a band that has battled OT3 vs Harry stories, for a band that has battled breakup rumors, I don’t see them actively working as a band to subvert those rumors. For example, see Niall’s changing answer during his early JHO promo. See Harry’s dead silence on everything/“never say never” answer in AM. Again, has Liam said anything since January of last year? Louis’ answer during JHO promo has basically been* “we said we were coming back” which is…true, but really doesn’t say much?**

I also personally don’t think we’ve seen much individual image reinvention, even though they have new teams. (I say much because I’m sure someone could pull out some example that I would agree with, but for the most part it’s the same old to me.)

This part of an October post:

Do I hope they’ll stay together and release something in the near future (I mean within two years)? Yeah. I never got to see them live. I think their voices work together beautifully. I think they can use the hiatus and break to shed some of their dumb image and sell their sound to a different audience. I’d love to see them live with some fandom friends. Will I be able to? I dunno.

Anyhow, I know my opinions are unpopular, but my inbox is open for anyone else who’s in this camp who wants to rant, on of off anon. If you’re off-anon and don’t want me to publish it, let me know. (Edit: Please feel free to come off anon so I have some new people to follow!)

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That's kinda why you should put a warning. Plus self harm is actually something pretty serious. Some actually do struggle with it, It's reality for them. The warning would actually keep them from having to go through the ENTIRE video and then see something that really don't want to see. One less click. Not everything in life has a warning, but they exist for a good reason. (dude, its the same reason you have a NSFW. Not everyone wants to see it, but the people who can without offense, will.)

I didn’t add the scars because i wanted him too look cool or edgy 
i added them because the fit his character very well 

Warnings on things aren’t gonna get people get better 
they are only gonna make them ignore their problems until they get worse 

and for the NSFW tumblr part 
there are a lot of people who are under 15 following my tumblr 
and i don’t want them to see porn 

holy fuck power rangers was so damn good i am so happy for the kids that get to go see this movie bc seeing the yellow ranger’s sexuality be brought into it wouldve been so awesome to see when I was younger and knowing kids will be able too look at this team and relate is so :’) im so happy

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HEY THERE, THERE WAS AN ANNON THINKING OF JOHNNAVI WHILE THE BLACKOUT WAS GOING ON, AND THERE"S A FIC THAT I READ THAT HAD THAT, it's called Fact: Johan _____ Usnavi !! i think it's dedicated to you too Aimee!! i mean it's a small part but i love it so,,,,here it's on ao3


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That psychiatrist post is mostly good, but it should be noted that "too young" actually IS a valid reason for refusing diagnosis, as some disorders are based on behavior that is a normal part of development for a child or teen (or abnormal, but not actually mentally ill), but bad news if it persists into adulthood, or because the symptoms are too easily confused for those of puberty. However, if they refuse help or therapy (not medication) just because you are young, that is a red flag still.

YEA YEA with diagnosis it really depends on which specific disorder we’re talking about though since, for some disorders, age is invalid but. for some it is a valid reason. but yea yea 

Purple Part Twelve | Taehyung, You

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Why do you have to be different?

Taehyung ran his fingers through his hair, plonking himself on his sofa. He didn’t know what to do, loving Tori was the only thing he could do and now that their relationship was undefined, he felt like his world was falling apart.

Keep reading

The Final Blessing; The Alternative

(IDK how to write good but I tried…) (This the the alternative part two from the one on my blog lol. No confusion needed :P)

Harnier sobbed, clutching the necklace to her chest.

After Solace disappeared in glitters of light, Harnier had ran over to spot where Solace last stood and desperately grabbed at the orange light disappearing into the sky. 

When the last speck of light disappeared like a spark of flame, Harnier collapsed in front of the sword. She had screamed at the sky as tears flowed down her face. Why did this have to happen? Just when she awoken too. 

Elsword hesitated, before walking over to the El Lady and patted her back comfortingly. Even though he tried to act strong, tears streamed down his face as well. In fact, everyone was crying, both at the scene and the end of their former enemy. 


Instead of returning to Elysion, the El Gang decided to bring the El Lady back to Ruben with them as she wasn’t in the most pleasant state. She wasn’t ready continue her job as the El Lady just yet. 

They stayed at the wooden cabin that was built for them in Ruben if they were to return. The people of Ruben were surprised and full of questions when the El Gang came back with the legendary El Lady, but they managed to stay away from her after hearing the painful story of the end of Solace.

Even then the El Gang started to tear up when they told the story.

A week after their return to Ruben, Harnier finally spoke, but it was surprising. 

She wanted to learn how to wield the sword from Elesis, just so she could protect others, something she was never able to do before.

Elesis smiled, accepting her request. 


A few weeks later, the El Gang left Ruben to defeat the remaining demons that resided in Feita. 

Harnier, now possessing new swordsmanship, went with them as well. She was nervous, yet excited for her first battle.

But she didn’t know it would also be her last.


“Don’t move Harnier,” Aisha said, her voice trembling, “I’ll heal you.”

Elsword ran over to them after cutting down the last foe, “Is she alright? She would survive right?”

The El Gang gathered around the El Lady, who had been cut down from behind. Aisha and Rena has already started to tear up, for the wound on her stomach is too severe to heal. Raven looked away, trying his best not to cry.

Harnier tilted her head to face Elsword, “Ah… I’ve never thought…” she started to cough out blood.

Elsword knelt down, “Stop it! Don’t talk! We’ll get you back to Feita! We’ll get help!”

Harnier coughed once, “There’s no need Elsword. I won’t last t-”

“Don’t say that!”

Harnier giggled, “You’re so much like Perrihart, Elsword….”

“Save your breath!” Aisha said, wiping away her tears, “We’ll get you out of this!”

“If only… If only we didn’t…” Raven said, clenching his Nasod hand.

Harnier tilted her head to look around at the El Gang, “It’s alright… I’m glad that I’ve met you all… It was a pleasure…”

Without waiting for a response, Harnier continued, “I had fun with you all, and I don’t regret coming here…Thank you El Gang, Heroes…”

She reached her hand toward the sky, tears slipping down her cheeks, “And besides…”

She coughed up more blood, but she didn’t look like she was in pain. Then, with her last breath, she whispered. The life drained out of her, her hand falling limp against her body.

“And besides, with this, I’ll see Perrihart again…”

I haven’t been able to draw much after finally finishing that comic.
 But @magicmeatmarch was too good of an excuse to doodle my very emancipated half-elf half-cat equal parts sexy and awesome stripper-librarian darling Mizane! I even googled for sexy librarian poses but ended up doing almost exactly the same pose I originally did of him by accident – or just sheer exhaustion…

 I am thinking of drawing my next mini-comic about him, though ;>

Don't fight hate with hate

I’m pale as fuck and from a well-off family, so people assume I’m bigoted.
I’m a bisexual, non-binary child of a Southern, Baptist Christian, Republican family living in the United States, where I know that I’m at risk of my parents putting me through electroshock therapy to change my sexuality by the time I graduate.

I’m American, so people assume I’m racist.
My aunt is a beautiful woman of color, and I have two baby cousins who take after her, who I love deeply. My uncle, her brother, is the same and one of the bravest, kindest men I have met, a war veteran too.

I’m from a good part of town, so people assume I don’t know what real struggle is.
Also wrong.
Read the first paragraph, and then note that I was conceived on birth control, have childhood trauma, and agoraphobia.

This is not to discredit people who’s struggles are different, or greater. I know that I still have it pretty good compared to other people’s lives.

The message here is, I’ve been seeing hate go both ways recently.
Bigoted, racist, highly privileged white person says something out of line about a group of people,
And then suddenly said group of people do the same thing about them.
Regardless of who “started the fight”, regardless of who “was wrong first”,

We shouldn’t fight hate with hate.
It’s like fighting a fire with gasoline.

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have you ever read a good white rose fic where summer is alive and interacts with weiss?

Not that I can think of. Honestly though Summer’s death is such an important part of Ruby’s character. It’s what shaped her into the person she is so to write her without that would change her too much IMO.