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do you have any writing tips? for someone who dares to post but doesn't have a lot of feedback? it's a bit demotivating :( I am asking you because your writing is amazing!

thank you nonny! I’m touched you like my work :) I’m going to split this reply into three parts: 1) fandom feedback, 2) writing growth, and 3) writing tips. maybe this is more than you wanted but it’s how I roll. under the cut because words, words, words!

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Tobi’s Special Pasta Sauce

This is my Special Pasta Sauce. It is special because it takes almost no effort and I fucking love it. There are no fresh ingredients required! This sauce is ideal because it uses up only very few spoons (depending on what extras you choose). And it’s really good!

Serves Four (if they’re not too hungry, maybe Two if they really stuff themselves, and let’s be serious, this shit is delicious) with ~300 grams (~11 oz) of pasta (gluten free if needed).


For the most part I won’t give you precise amounts, because I don’t measure that precise myself.


  • 1 tube (200 g, ~7 oz) triple concentrated tomato paste

    • This is the important ingredient, if you can’t find the exact amount or concentration, scale it or the other ingredients to fit

  • ½ liter (~1 pt) water

  • 2 teaspoons vegetable bouillon powder

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

That makes the most basic sauce, it is better than eating your pasta with ketchup, but it is rather boring. So we come to the


  • 1 teaspoon granulated garlic

  • ½ teaspoon “mediterranean” herbs (Pasta or Italian or de Provence)

These alone take the sauce from merely okay to good. Optionally add some or all of these to taste and spoons, to make it a great sauce:

  • 1 tablespoon freeze-dried onions

    • You’ll want to buy these in bulk, the small packages are ridiculously overpriced.

  • More garlic!

  • 1 teaspoon mustard

  • No, more garlic!

  • Pepper or chili powder, if you like it hot!

  • That’s not enough garlic!

  • Replace half of the water with red wine

    • Be sure to talk to everyone you’re cooking for about this! The alcohol shouldn’t be a problem, since it’ll simmer for about an hour, but make sure everyone is okay with wine in their food!

    • Don’t worry about leftover wine, just put in the fridge and use it next time. Worst case scenario: It turns to vinegar and your sauce ends up a little bit sour. It should still be perfectly safe to eat!

And that’s it. You can replace the granulated/dried garlic or onions with fresh ones if you like, but then you have put in more work, so…


Put all the ingredients in a pot, mix thoroughly and put on high heat. Bring to a boil while stirring frequently. Once it boils, turn the heat to low and let simmer without a lid for one hour while stirring occasionally.

When the hour is almost up, cook the pasta as instructed on the packaging.

Or just put the pasta in a microwaveable container (no lid!), add a lot of water (roughly five times as much as pasta by volume), and put in the microwave at highest power for about 1½ times as long as the instructions say to put in boiling water (adjust time for microwave power and amount of pasta. Experiment!). Taste to see if they have the right consistency, and once they do, pour the water off through a strainer, or use a lid for the container to keep the pasta from sliding out with the water.

Serve with grated hard cheese (or vegan replacement) for extra deliciousness!


In my opinion this is such an important thing to learn in life. 

We’ll never know what the future is going to bring or where our lives will go or where our souls will go when life is over. A lot us spend too much time looking towards or fearing the future and just waiting for something better to improve our circumstances and our situations that we’re in. Which wanting something better for yourself is not a bad thing at all. But in my opinion, we spend way too much of our time looking at everything that’s wrong or bad in our lives and are constantly waiting for something better to come along. When the truth is no matter what your situation is or how successful you are you’re always going to have problems that’s just a part of life. Plus sometimes when we find the happiness that we’re waiting so long for we take it for granted and again focus on what’s wrong and not appreciate the good things that we DO have in our lives at the moment. Honestly we should appreciate that we even exist in this world and in this universe right now at all. The fact that we’re all breathing, thinking, living and existing right now is absolutely amazing and incredible! This is one of the reasons why I always say that people matter so much just by existing in it because it’s 100% true! No matter who you are, what struggles you’re going through, what your situation is and what circumstances your life is in. Your life matters, you matter and are completely needed because you exist. It may not seem like it but just by your existence alone you automatically leave your own unique mark on the universe, the world and and on the living things around you. So please, go out there and try. Try your hardest to make great things happen in your life or at least make a start somewhere because there’s only so much time we have in our lives right now. So let yourself enjoy life! Try to make memories, make mistakes and make brand new experiences. Enjoy yourself and try your absolute hardest to get those great that you want for yourself and in your life. Look at all the good things you have in your life right now and appreciate every single one of them. Even if they’re just little things like being able to watch your favorite movie today or making a friend of yours laugh today, those little things are still something to be happy about. Trust me it’s not always easy to find the positive especially depending on your circumstances. You’re allowed to not be happy about where your life is and you don’t need to be positive all the time because no one ever is even the most positive people you know. Plus it’s perfectly find to want better things for yourself, all I’m saying is try to make the most out of the situation you’re in. If you can do that in life even if you’re in a negative situation at the moment then that’s one of the greatest successes you could ever achieve for yourself. :) 

Don’t take anything for granted everyone. Make the most out of everything that you have at this point in your lives because again we’ll never know how much time we have left. 

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I Wasn’t Quick Enough || Archie Andrews x Reader

Show: Riverdale

Request: can you do an archie andrews x reader where the reader is his gf and she sits with him and comforts him at the hospital after fred is shot? xx i love your blog!

Warning(s): It’s kinda short

Word Count: 

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Your POV…

“Hey, how are you holding up?” I sat down next to Archie in the waiting room. His face was swollen from crying, his eyes were red, his lips were chapped and had dried blood in a few cracked places, his hair was disheveled, and parts of his clothing was covered in blood. It had only been a couple hours since Fred was shot.

“As good as I can. I saw it happen, (Y/N). I tried to jump in front of him to keep him from being shot but I was too slow,“ Archie broke down right there, covering his face with his hands while he elbows rested on his knees. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, letting him lean into me and cry on my shoulder, “I couldn’t save him, (Y/N), and now he might die.“

“Archie, you tried. You tried to save him, that’s all you could have done in that moment. Don’t beat yourself up over the lack of time you had and lack of options available to you. It is not your fault he is here, it’s the fault of the person who shot him,“ I ran my fingers through his hair while I comforted him. It was heartbreaking to see him so scared, “Fred is a fighter and he’s stubborn. Just like you. He’s not going to go without a fight. He’s not dying just yet and I know that he won’t let himself leave you that easy.“

“What if he does die? I’ll have to move and leave you and Jughead and Veronica and Betty and-”

“Let’s worry about that later,“ I cut him off from working himself up even further, “None of that matters right now. Right now, you and your dad matter. Let’s focus on that and tackle everything else when the situation settles a little bit, okay?“

“Alright,“ we sat there in silence for who knows how long until Jughead, Betty, and Veronica came running in to see Archie and Fred.

“How’s he doing?” Jughead asked as he gingerly placed a hand on Archie’s back.

“Archie or Fred?“ I asked.

“Both,“ Betty cut in.

“I’m holding up,“ Archie’s voice was muffled seeing as he hasn’t lifted his head from my shoulder since he broke down earlier.

“Doctors haven’t come out to inform on Fred yet.”

“Archie, what happened?“ Veronica knelt down and placed a hand on Archie’s shoulder while Betty and Jughead took a seat.

“I wasn’t quick enough.”

I hope you like it



Tina:I got that tunnel vision that girls get.
I let my emotions get the best of me. I cared too much, I guess. I was thinking with my lady parts.
I was walking and it felt icky.
I thought there was gonna be chocolate.
I don’t even remember! I’m wearing a new bra, and it closes in the front, so it popped open and it threw me off.
All I wanna do is have babies! I’m just going through a thing right now. I guess when my life is incomplete, I wanna just curse someone.
This would not happen if I had a penis! Bitches be crazy.
I’m good at tolerating pain; I’m bad at math, and… I’m stupid.

(Parks and Recreation; Season 2, Episode 10: Hunting Trip)

A mashup for every episode (16/125)

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What are your assessment of the current field of potential California Governors?

I think Californians – and I’m one of them – should feel good. There is a deep field of prospective candidates for Governor in 2018, and there is a solid selection of Democrats who might run for Governor or other offices throughout the state. California has some really, really good candidates ready to take the next step in 2018 and beyond. And that “beyond” part is important because several of the leading California Democrats have an opportunity to make a difference not just in next year’s statewide races, but nationally in 2020. Most of the top contenders in California are young and relatively fresh faces, much like Kamala Harris was last year during her Senate run. California Democrats (I’m one of those, too) should be appreciative for what Nancy Pelosi, Senator Feinstein, and, especially, Governor Brown have done for us, the CDP, and our state, but on Election Day in 2018 Pelosi will be 78 years old, Feinstein will be 85 years old, and Brown will be 80 years old, so it’s comforting to know that the younger generation of progressive California leaders are ready to take over.

Rght now, I’m still supporting Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom for Governor, but I’m also still open to other candidates. I’m definitely paying attention to Tom Steyer and keeping an eye on Eric Garcetti, but I think Garcetti is going to just wait and try to make the jump from Mayor of Los Angeles to President of the United States in 2020. And that’s the smart move for him. Garcetti has a chance of making a splash in 2020 if he runs for President, but he would cut himself off at the knees if he ran for Governor in 2018 and lost, and there’s no guarantee that he would win. If I was advising Garcetti, I’d keep him away from next year’s Gubernatorial race and just have him work at raising his profile and being the anti-Trump accomplishing tangible things in the community while building a network of grassroots supporters, loyal donors, and an innovative national campaign.

As I was saying in regards to the 2018 gubernatorial race, I’m currently leaning towards Newsom, but I’m intrigued by Steyer. I think John Chiang, the California State Treasurer, has been very good at the jobs that Californians have elected him to statewide (Controller and Treasurer), but he’s not a terribly exciting guy and he’s going to be facing several rivals for the Governorship who certainly aren’t lacking in the charisma department. I think Chiang would be better off running for Lieutenant Governor, and I think it would be a good fit for him.

I’m not a fan of Antonio Villaraigosa. I’ve never been a fan of Antonio Villaraigosa. I used to get a downright uneasy feeling about John Edwards – even when Edwards was a favorite of many Democrats who wished that the Democratic ticket was reversed in 2004 because they thought Edwards was a better potential Presidential nominee than John Kerry. He wasn’t, and my instincts about him were proven correct when he did a one-and-done term in the Senate, ran for President again in 2008, cheated on his wife as she was dying from cancer, and then tried to get an aide to take responsibility for the baby that Edwards had fathered with his mistress (during the campaign where Edwards’s wife was dying from cancer). Anyway…I get the same feelings about Antonio Villaraigosa that I used to get about John Edwards so I definitely hope he doesn’t get anywhere near the Governor’s office.

I also don’t like Kevin de Léon, who is currently the leader in the California State Senate. He hasn’t announced that he’s running but he’s exploring the possibility. Fortunately, Gavin Newsom dislikes de Léon (and I mean that he genuinely does not like the guy) even more than I do, so if he does get in the race I’m pretty sure Newsom will actively work to take de Léon out.

It’s still somewhat early in the campaign cycle, so there’s a chance that some other candidates will jump in the race, and that’s why I’m keeping my options open. But, like I said, California is in good shape when it comes to the next few elections because there is truly a host of quality candidates ready to make the leap. Besides Garcetti, I’m really keeping an eye on Xavier Becerra, who isn’t running for Governor but is well-positioned to break through nationally. Becerra is a former member of the House of Representatives (in fact, he represented the district that I now live in after moving to Los Angeles), but he resigned from Congress to accept Governor Brown’s nomination to be Attorney General of California. Perhaps more than anybody in California, Becerra has the ability to be President Trump’s biggest headache, and he has an opportunity to raise his profile significantly by leading the fight against Trump’s policies when they adversely affect Californians. Like Garcetti, Becerra has the rare chance to make a huge jump from local or statewide office into something on the national level – possibly the Vice Presidency on the Democratic ticket in 2020. Becerra was strongly rumored to have been one of candidates vetted for the Vice Presidency by Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016. He’s made it clear that he’s seeking an elected term as Attorney General in 2018, but the best-case scenario for him – and for California – would be if Dianne Feinstein decided not to run for a sixth term in U.S. Senate. Feinstein will be 85 years old when she runs for re-election next year, and I feel like Becerra would be perfect if made the jump from Attorney General of California to the U.S. Senate exactly like Kamala Harris did in 2016. It’s time for energetic leadership everywhere, and Becerra could provide that much better than an 85-year-old who has barely been challenged for her seat in a quarter century.

I went a little further than just the 2018 race for Governor of California, but it’s an interesting time in California politics. And for those who might be wondering why I didn’t mention any Republican candidates, it is because California has a jungle primary system (which I’m a big fan of and is one of the reasons why California has developed such strong and fresh Democratic candidates over the past decade). Instead of the leading Democrat facing the leading Republican in the general election, the top two vote-getters face off in the general election regardless of their party affiliation. That’s why two Democrats – Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez – ended up running against each other in the general election for the U.S. Senate in 2016. The jungle primary and the state’s diverse population has resulted in what is very nearly a super majority for the Democrats in California, so the system works really well in the the state since it ensures that the two candidates who truly had the most support in the primaries advance to a much more competitive general election as opposed to a lopsided matchup between a Democratic nominee who would likely crush a Republican nominee for 20% of the vote. There are Republicans running for Governor in 2018, but it’s unlikely that any of them will come close to finishing in the top two of the jungle primary and advancing to the general election. A Republican hasn’t won a statewide election in California since Governor Schwarzenegger was re-elected in 2006. 

i dont think marlene ever really clicked that literally no one gives a shit about the new characters introduced after like season 5… like all the fandom wanted was an A that had to do with the story line from season 1

the finale was completely focused around Cece, Archer, Alex, Mary etc. which is not what we wanted

We wanted something to do with the 5 liars, Mona, the Jenna thing, Wren, Ezra, the people who were part of the show back when it was good

When they started introducing Cece etc. i never grew emotionally attached because that was when the show started getting shit so I figured they were just filling up time and they would bring it back to the original characters at the end

Fuck my life. 

Here for the most part I reblog things about Lana or very rarely talk about her, anyway, everything is about Lana and I try to keep my life outside of my love for Lana on my other blogs, not this one, but I really wanted to make this post, and to some extent it relates to Lana.
I’m a writer and Lana is one of my inspirations, as a song writer and generally artists and also her aesthetic is very inspiring too. And lately…man, I’m gonna get killed for this, but she isn’t as good as I know she can be and that’s rather disappointing. I try to don’t think about that and enjoy the rest of her music, but as an artist myself it’s so sad.
To sort of…console myself I tried to think about how much has she actually inspired me in my writing and I’ve complied a list of all the songs that served me even the smallest inspiration and I’ve decided to post it. I’ll keep it brief since I know no one will read this anyway, but if anyone wants to know more, well, feel free to ask.

1. National Anthem -a story
2. Ultraviolence -a story
3. Shades Of Cool -a detail of a character
4. Brooklyn Baby -made me think about a character
5. Pretty When You Cry -works great as background for a scene
6. Money Power Glory -a character
7. Fucked My Way Up To The Top -a character
8. Cola -a story
9. Body Electric -backround for a scene idea/ a story
10. Gods & Monsters -backround for a scene idea
11. Serial Killer -a story
12. Best American Record -backstory for a character
13. All of Ultraviolence -two of my characters would cry while listening to it, it’s just very relatable to them
14. All of Honeymoon -a scene/ background for said scene

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any tips for getting better at writing? or how to not procrastinate on a story??

There isn’t really a magic way to get better at writing except by practicing. Writing is an art and just like any other art if you’d like to be good at it you just have to put in the time and make an effort. It takes time to grow and mature as a writer. Maybe try to put aside a little bit of time every day to write. It could be journaling, writing a short story, or adding onto a longer work. It doesn’t matter how or why- just write.

As for the procrastination, that part is pretty hard. Writing a little every day could help with that too. I’d say spend time on your story every day. I know not everyone has the time to write all the time and that’s ok. Just brainstorm. Think about your story while you’re on the bus or walking somewhere or while you’re in the shower. Honestly, the shower always helps me clear up my writing, whether it’s a research paper or a story. Whatever you do, don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ve got this. ~Nicole

Pump membrane tore in the middle of the night.
Baby appeared to wake up (ridiculously and sweetly happy and smiling) for the day at 5:15 so I jumped in the shower to accommodate her good mood.
Baby is now fast asleep. 😭 (I could be sleeeeeping.)

Kicking this morning into high gear because now I have to find replacement pump parts in this tiny town before an 8:15 training on first break psychosis.

Also realized hubs’ 20 year hs reunion is this weekend and we’re about to have an onslaught of visitors who want to catch up and see baby.

Disregard me in the corner responding to external stimuli.

I am too old for a first break.
This is just run of the mill life stress.

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Hi! I really like your tumblr! I have a question about camren since I'm new to this fandom. How did it all begin and which are the key moments between them that really played a big part for the shippers.

I’m sorry sweets I don’t have time right now to answer this thoughtfully, there’s too many of them 😅  But you can watch the videos I linked below, they’re a good place to start, you can also check out my “Down Memory Lane” posts, though they only go from 2012 to mid 2015 so far. If you want more details about specific moments just shoot me an ask again 😊

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Do you have any tips on drawing expressions? I need major help ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ

Uhhhhhhh you’re not coming to the best person for this but-

-eyebrows and iris shapes play a big part in the expression

- dont make the mouth too small for expressions like screaming cause i do that and it never rlly works out ahhhahahh

- screaming is an expression right

- focus on where you put the shoulders, if they’re tense, high up, relaxed etc plays a big part in the overall Mood of the peice

I hope you found something useful out of these lmfao good luck!!! May your expressions be vibrant or however tf you describe them

Derek + Casey + a Fake Baby (Part 3)

The next day goes much the same way, with Casey and Derek working together seamlessly all while spouting insults at each other, and George and Nora slowly start to feel silly for being concerned. Their two eldest have always gotten on each other’s nerves, but they’ve also always made a good team when forced to work together. What could be more familial than that? And if they seem to be getting a little too into this assignment, well, it’s only natural. They’re growing up, starting to think about their futures. Goodness knows Casey’s always had a maternal streak, and Derek is so wonderful with Marti… it makes sense that they would both look forward to parenthood. As for the domesticity, well, they do live together. That’s all it is.

That’s what George and Nora tell themselves, and each other, until Nora walks into their home the afternoon of day 3 and overhears the following:

“Ha! Told ya, Casey, she’s a daddy’s girl. Aren’t ya, Lex?”

Surprisingly (and creepily) the thing actually answers him with a little robotic giggle.

“Fine, Derek. You win.”

There’s a brief moment of silence, and then-

“Caseeey, are you seriously gonna be mad about this?”

“I’m not mad, I just don’t like losing. Especially to arrogant jerks like you.”

“Oh my God, are you upset that our fake baby likes me better?”


Another moment of silence.

“It’s just-”

“You’re so easy.”

Why does she like you better? Why are you better at this than me?”

“Okay, first of all, she doesn’t actually like anyone, because she’s a robot. Second of all, if I tried to raise an actual baby without you it would be dead by now and you know it.”

“That’s a horrible thing to say.”

“Yeah, but it’s true.”

“You don’t give yourself enough credit. I’ve seen you with Marti.”

“And yet she’d never even seen a vegetable until you moved in here, so what does that tell you? Look, Case, there’s no way you’re not going to make the lamest, most stick in the mud parent ever. But there’s also no way you won’t be awesome at being that because you basically already are.”

Wide eyed, and Nora finally swings the door closed to announce their presence. Casey comes scurrying out of the kitchen with the baby, and Derek follows casually behind her with a sandwich. They both have ‘guilty’ practically written across their foreheads and Nora tells herself it’s just because she caught them genuinely getting along.

She almost has herself believing it by the time George comes home an hour later, but the second she sees him, the few damning words she’s been trying not to think about pop into her head.

If I tried to raise an actual baby without you.

“Georgie, I think we need to talk.”


Some Hello Charlotte doodles

The one with the redrum part was something that happened during the Hello Charlotte: Delirium, the first time I yelled “I HAVE THE KEY THOUGH” and ran right into Huxley, then the second time I yelled “hug me”

I plan to doodle more of the characters tomorrow, and I suggest you guys play them too! The games are really good, focused on story and some puzzles and even the characters are cute!

Hello Charlotte was made by @etherane

… and on the note of slow replies:

If people don’t mind responses will be pretty slow going for awhile, I’m looking for people who want to do pale blind dates / a minor pale plot with Pheres! He’s currently supposed to be paledating as part of a deal with Emerel, so we can either just discuss it and declare it happened (no thread, but pre established CR for future threads!) /or/ go ahead and do a thread about it. 💙

I’m not exactly looking for any actual ship to come from this, unless they click hella well. Just dumb shenanigans, haha, and him having an excuse to puzzle out what he actually wants from a potential pale partner.

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I hope this isn't too difficult to write for, but Ryuji, Yusuke and Akira with a s/o (who is part of the Phantom Thieves) that always praises them a job well done after battles by hugging them and even their personas as well? What do they make of it? Sorry again if this is difficult since it involves the personas. ;;


He’s a little bit confused as to why they started telling him good job at first, but after a while he gets used to it and really enjoys them being told that he’s a good boy and getting head pats! He actually gets really excited after a while of them giving him attention and telling him that he’s a good boy for being so strong and able to take care of all of the shadows! After a while Ryuji starts doing the same to S/O and they’re all shy and happy about it, it turns into a headpat circle between the two of them.


He’s confused the entire time S/O tells them how amazing he is, he’s not really sure why they’re doing it or really how to react to this situation. Did S/O want something? Were they lacking attention? After a while he just gets used to it and he’s smiling to himself every time they do it, it starts to feel really nice to be praised for doing things.


The first time it happens, he’s really shocked? What was the occasion for him being petted? When S/O tells him that he’s a good boy, he’s still looking bewildered. “Well, I suppose I am indeed a good boy..” After a while, whenever S/O praises them, he’s smiling to himself and trying to look calm and composed but his tail is wagging quite a bit and he’s really into it. He’s really happy that S/O thinks so highly of him.

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This whole scene was good, and not just these two pages of it. Like that panel of Peach lurking on the ceiling like some terrifying assassin is the best part, but it’s all pretty great.

Overall I think I was a bite iffy on the last arc or so, (not counting Mario versus Wario) but everything from Mario and Luigi’s plumbing song to the Koopling’s blowing up was gold. (And the Boo arc was pretty great too) It’s just the hypnotism stuff was a bit … not as good. But dang the above scene rocked, and much of this book was a roller coaster of glorious adventure.

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naive skitty hero and jolly treecko from sky

1- treecko is VERY happy to be part of the guild and they make extra sure to be friends with everyone (except team skull of course)

2- skitty tries often to just sit on treecko’s tail and tell them to go and carry them around like that. treecko doesn’t understand why and tried to, but “you’re too heavy”

3- treecko likes hugging and is good at it, skitty wishes they could hug as good

4- both treecko and skitty were pretty freaked out about the future and about the truth that comes out, but being able to bounce off each other’s freaked out state somehow helps them calm down

5- skitty is a powerhouse, they learn very quickly how their moves work and how to use them properly, and they love to pull an innocent look and then surprise attack any outlaws

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Please don't consider me out of line, but did you know coconut oil is a comedogenic agent, meaning it often times can clog your pores & cause acne. I had to find out the hard way last year as it was part of my beard regiment. Tea tree oil will give you the same exuberance in your photos & it actually helps to clear up the skin. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ just a friendly heads up. Have a good day my friend & keep glowing; you're magical ✨

yeah! i found that out too, lol. i use tea tree oil on my face now, and it’s really helped with my dark spots. and gives me a glow, thank u! i appreciate you. really really. 💞💞💞

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ON THE SUBJECT OF ISABEL BEING A CHEM PROF, what would her thoughts and reactions be to the students who were obviously queer and whatnot; and about those students who were trying but just can't quite grasp Chemistry very well... as well as the ones who waste their potential and he ones who sleep in class. I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts.

( Okay, we’re going with the ‘verse where Isabel creates an immortality drug and was once known as Doctor Poison in 1918, but this can be applicable to Isabel Maru, the ill-tempered scientist born in ‘78 who was once acquitted of several poisoning murders during grad school. )

obviously queer and whatnot
    Let’s be real, she helps organize the #QueerInSTEM part of the pride parade, wherever she is. As for the individual students, she would definitely try to connect them with the college’s diversity and inclusion office if they came out to her, but unless they are good students in her department, she wouldn’t put too much effort into getting to know them outside of her classes and the occasional “Queer In STEM” mixer. She might be mostly reformed, but she has no big interest in getting to know the 20-somethings who lack true talent in chemistry. She prefers the queer faculty members, occasional art history lecturer Diana Prince, and her protégées.

those who try but just can’t quite grasp chemistry
    No patience. None. She’s known for being a tough professor, and her ratemyprofessor page reads like a horror story (with the occasional glowing review from one of her mentees). She’ll try to explain three times: once in class, once in tutorial, and once in office hours. If that doesn’t work, she hands you the department tutor’s card and tells you to stop wasting her time. (The tutor comes with instructions to apologize to anyone who does show up to their sessions; Isabel appreciates effort but hates dealing with it.) She much prefers her grad students to her intro-level undergrads.

wasted potential
     Unless they’re brilliant, she’ll let the undergrads slide through the cracks. However, if they are brilliant or they’re one of her grad students, she will kick their asses up, down, and sideways to get good work out of them. One of these recently won a Nobel Prize, and when she got the news, she forwarded them the email in which she told them to get their shit together and stop fucking wasting her precious goddamn time on grade school rainbow soap experiments eight years ago. Without comment. (She got a cookie basket for her efforts.)

the ones who sleep in class
     The TA who draws the short straw gets to wander around the lecture hall and slip notes asking them not to return until they find an interest in chemistry onto their desks. If they fall asleep in lab, they may or may not have water spilled on them by clumsy Doctor Maru, who insists they use the emergency shower just in case. (She’s 137 and needs the amusement. Come on.)