but this part of the proposal is just my favorite


I’m a traditional guy. I went through hell to get this ring. We’re gonna do this right.

These Past Five Years

Aaron x Female Reader


Word Count: 2913

Request: A really cute fluffy Burr fic where he proposes?

A/N: My apologies in advanced for taking this nice, sweet request and turning it into my own personal drabble ship by giving the reader all my favorite things (author, dessert, engagement ring, occupation, etc.) I’m just in love with Aaron and couldn’t resist, okay? I really hope you guys enjoy this one, and Part 4 of If I Had My Choice is next! (Also, I just hit 700 followers, and I just really don’t know what to say besides I love you guys so much.)

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Production Draft of QAF 5x11 - The most precious thing in the world


And now it is time for half of the Busan line, an actual angel with a smile so bright it could light up a room and is honestly one of the most precious things I’ve ever seen, Park Jimin aka chim

  • I’ve already done Namjoon’s part (you can find it here so you don’t have to go digging through the blog)
  • This is gonna be a continuation off of the lovely young!Jimin (here) and if you wanna know what happens when young!Jimin finally proposes, you can find that here
  • Young!Jimin is like one of my favorite AUs when it comes to Jimin idk why
  • Quick summary for everyone that hasn’t read young!chim
  • You and chim meet when you’re just teeny tiny goobers waddling around the classroom together
  • You literally just sit next to him one day and are just like hey dude and he’s like hey
  • That’s it you two became best friends bc you were like hey you have some crayons I don’t have I have some that you don’t have let’s just combine them
  • He thinks that’s a genius idea bc he’d run out of red so now he gets a new one and he gets to make a new friend like score
  • Okay but lowkey I have this head canon that Jimin is a bit of a shy kid
  • Like there have been a few times where Jimin gets this shy smile and it’s the most precious thing
  • So I can only imagine that on a tiny itty bitty bby Jimin, it’s fucking adorable
  • Like Tae gets him to be all !!! when they’re together bc Tae’s energy is contagious
  • But if Jimin’s on his own, he’s a v v shy bby and he remains that way all throughout his life
  • As a teen, he gets a bit more outgoing and more like the Jimin we know today but he still has his v v shy moments
  • Around you and Tae and his family he’s got no restraints and is just bouncing off of walls and screaming
  • But when it comes to other people it’s just shy lil smiles with interested stares so they don’t think he’s ignoring them
  • Bc shy or outgoing, chim never ever wants to make someone upset
  • Like you know how he does that thing where he looks at someone and gives them all of his attention, they’re his main focus
  • He does that so the person doesn’t even think for a second that he’s ignoring them or not even listening to them speak
  • He’s s u p e r giggly whenever he’s around you
  • He says it’s bc you just make him happy and giggly but everyone knows it’s bc this boy has a crush
  • He’s not very good at hiding it tbh
  • Like he’s giving you heart eyes every single time he looks at you, he’ll find any excuse to hold your hand or to hug you
  • He l o v e s hugs
  • Jimin is a total hugger but he can also settle with just throwing his arm over your shoulders
  • He gets really whiny when you don’t give him his hello hug
  • As kids, he would full on cry and would be pissed off until you hugged him
  • As a teen, he just drags out all of his words and whines every two seconds until you hug him
  • Sometimes you “forget” to hug him on purpose just bc it’s so cute to see him rolling around on his couch whining about how you didn’t give him his hug
  • “We’ve been friends for over a decade you should know by now I want my damn hug”
  • “I forgot”
  • “Why am I still not being hugged oh my god”
  • But when the hugs do happen, they’re so so nice and he’s all warm and cuddly and you can smell his cologne which smells amazing bc you gave it to him as a birthday present
  • The love isn’t one sided though
  • You have a crush on chim too bc how can you not love this kid he’s an actual puppy
  • Plus he makes you so so happy like just seeing him smile makes you smile
  • It isn’t that difficult to bridge the gap between platonic and romantic
  • Jimin’s already pretty flirty lowkey so all you really have to do is flirt back
  • You two are kinda flirting back and forth for a couple of weeks
  • Tae’s the one to just say “kiss already” and give no fucks bc this has been building up for so long
  • It gets you and Jimin all flustered bc whoa wait what
  • Jimin kinda slips into his shy side and is just avoiding eye contact and fiddling with his shirt
  • You settle with kissing his cute lil cheek bc you figure it’s a good way to let him know you don’t think of him as just a friend but also you don’t want your first kiss to be in front of tae
  • Later that night, after tae’s already passed out on the couch, Jimin pulls you out onto the porch to fully talk about the possibility of being more than friends
  • Like would you wanna date him do you feel the same way he does or is he just like a brother to you
  • He’s rambling and you can barely keep up with his words but it’s also kinda cute bc you’ve never Jimin get that nervous over just talking to you
  • So you decide to answer all of his questions by giving him a cute lil kiss
  • He gets the message loud and clear, he totally understands that this isn’t platonic
  • But he wants a couple more kisses
  • “Wait I don’t think I understand what you mean do that again”
The Proposal - Part 2

Summary:  Sam’s pushy boss forces him to agree to marry her, hoping to secure her stay in the U.S. and avoid deportation to Canada. Now it’s time to meet his family. An AU based on The Proposal. Part 1 here.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Sam Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  3373

Warnings:  Some angst, reader is not very nice

Author’s Note: Thank you for the positive response!

Originally posted by themegalosaurus

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Alright, so I haven’t really had any complaints with the Bungou Stray Dogs anime.


This last episode left out one of my FAVORITE PARTS! And, like, it really wouldn’t have caused anyone to go out of their way??

Just look:

This is what happened in the manga (Chapter 28)

This is what happened in the anime (episode 20)

In the manga Atsushi does bring it up with the Agency that they should propose an alliance with the Port Mafia, but it was not originally his idea! I JUST WANT LUCY TO GET HER RECOGNITION!

Kate McKinnon

Male critics are so uncomfortable about Kate McKinnon, a lesbian character NOT made for male leering.

It’s kind of amazing, and sad, to see this so widespread. I see it all over, men who saw the movie calling her “not funny” (though she was the character who got the most laughs in my packed theater last night) and “obnoxious” and that they “just didn’t like her for some reason.”

Online I see articles by women, posts by women, tweets by women, who adore her. Who are calling her their favorite part of the movie. Who are proposing marriage to her. 

Mostly young, mostly queer, women who saw the movie … they love her. 

Male critics are so uncomfortable about her existence. 

Namjoon's Wedding

And now onto our leader, the member that is me when I dance, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka Joon aka have you ever just like actually sat down and looked at him bc shoulders: nice, hands: niC E, face: NICE, the face that he’s really smart and could hold an amazing conversation: N I C E

  • Proposal here, husband!Namjoon here, honeymoon here
  • This post features father!joon (all of the father related posts are here)
  • This lil gumdrop is actually really excited
  • Like he doesn’t show it in the same ways hobi would, where he’s really vocal about it and just dances around
  • He channels it into different things, like the songs he writes begin to talk more about love and the joys of life  
  • His songs had already picked up a lighter tone since the birth of lil princess but now half of them were about how happy he was
  • He’s not heavily involved in the planning but he definitely does his share of helping
  • He’s not fully sure what the difference is between a light yellow flower and a pastel one but he goes along with it
  • He’s a very caring man and he does his best to understand the people around him so I think he would soon understand 100%
  • He would help keep you calm if the stress ever got to be too much bc sometimes you needed a reminder that the wedding wasn’t about the perfect seating arrangement, it was about you and him and your families and friends coming together to share a beautiful moment together
  • Side note, he’s like really amazing at calming you down
  • Namjoon in general is like a really calming person bc his voice is deep and can easily be relaxing
  • And like I feel like Namjoon is someone that gets to know the people around him really well, especially the love of his life
  • He’d be quick to find out what makes you upset, what makes you happy, what makes you relax
  • He’d use that knowledge whenever you were stressed like remember that one time you mentioned that thing like five years ago about how this song relaxes you? Well surprise here it is
  • I’ve mentioned before that joon reminds me of winter and that still applies to here
  • Namjoon is like reading a book with a cup of your favorite hot beverage in your lap with the snow falling outside the window and the fire keeping you warm
  • The wedding would be in winter
  • He would choose towards the ending of winter so it wasn’t as cold as it could’ve been
  • Tbh it just made the wedding more beautiful
  • Like on top of all decorations and lights, it’s snowing outside
  • The wedding wouldn’t be huge nor small but it definitely leans more towards small
  • Joon’s a friendly man and he can make a friend wherever he goes but he prefers to invite his close friends
  • Namjin namjin namjin
  • Jin is level headed and knows Namjoon super well (since they’ve spent years living in the same dorm) so he can help with the planning
  • He already knows what Namjoon’s style is so he can suggest options for him to help make it easier on him
  • The actual wedding itself is honestly so chill
  • The theme would be relaxing colors, blues and the occasionally green or purple
  • He’s another person who wouldn’t really care about not seeing about each other before the wedding
  • He’s a pretty open person so if you wanted to do it, he would, if you didn’t he wouldn’t mind
  • He does come check on you though
  • He’s in charge of watching lil princess so he brings her over and they sit down together by the door
  • They both talk to you, the affection joon held for his daughter clear in his voice whenever he spoke to her
  • It’s honestly so so adorable to seem them interact but even just hearing it is precious bc her voice is so lil and high and his is so not lil or high at all
  • When he sees you, he just smiles really wide bc wh o a he gets to marry you
  • The vows are s o sweet
  • He doesn’t get too emotional but you know him well enough to know he’s holding the happy tears back
  • The first kiss starts off sweet and slow but then lil princess is tugging at his leg bc oops Jin put her down to clap when the kiss happened
  • Then you both just start giggling into it and he’s honestly never felt so happy, looking down at his smiling daughter with you in his arms, new rings on both of your fingers
  • Namjoon’s wedding would be private and calm bc he didn’t want the day to be stressed over, he wants it to be enjoyed and lil princess is definitely the flower girl

4 years together
We fell into each other quickly
So. Much. Laughter.
We moved 500 miles away from everyone, to the coast
Sandy nights full of bliss
He proposed as my favorite planet was exactly above us shining bright.
But things changed
He was homesick
He hated the heat and missed the mountains
He missed his family
People grow and you just…you just never know if it’ll be in the same direction
We loved each other but love isn’t enough
We wanted different things
We wanted different paths
Our fighting from the struggle to save our relationship led to him briefly texting another girl….

I left.

We couldn’t keep prolonging the inevitable.
We parted amicably
Both wishing so much it had worked out

This was the last message I ever received from him

I still wish him the best


Friends, I would like to pick your Glee-loving brains for a moment.

I’m trying to come up with a list of Glee visual imagery: outfits and symbols and things that will always mean “Glee” to you.

But more specifically, things that can be abstracted a bit and would still ping that part of your brain. Something you’d recognize if it was out of focus, or at a distance, or simplified to just a few lines and colors.

My current list:

  • Klaine proposal suits
  • Rachel’s coat in Times Square in 2x22
  • Dalton blazer
  • Kurt’s Born This Way outfit (red plaid + Likes Boys)
  • Cheerios uniform
  • Letterman jacket
  • Lima Bean logo

Please feel free to reblog and add your favorites. What else might work?