but this part of the proposal is just my favorite

Foxes in the Woods

This outdoorsy fic is for @communistfireworks as part of the @aftgexchange You asked for some Neil/Andrew, fluff, camping in tents, and gave an okay on NSFW and honestly these are like all my favorite things to write! I hope you like this rambling camping story!

Fair warning: slightly NSFW (it ain’t smut but it’s something)

Twenty miles down the interstate and Andrew is still bitching about Katelyn. Neil thought that they had settled this issue when the idea for the camping trip was first proposed but here they are again, listening to Andrew vent.

“I just don’t get why she has to go,” Andrew says for what feels like the hundredth time. “Can’t she and Aaron spend one weekend apart?”

Neil unwraps a Snickers and hands it to Andrew, hoping that the chocolate will distract him from his bitterness.

“Katelyn is going because none of us have been camping before and we need someone to show us how to pitch a tent,” Neil reasons.

“Why are we even going camping in the woods?” Kevin cuts in, leaning forward to get between Neil and Andrew. “There’s no electricity in the woods. We can’t do stuff like order food or shower or—”

“Watch Exy?” Nicky teases. Kevin scowls at him but doesn’t correct his assumption.

“Coach said it would be a good bonding exercise,” Neil answers. “And since Allison is taking the upperclassmen somewhere special for their last fall break we have to fend for ourselves.”

“Should have stayed in Columbia,” Kevin complains. “We could have gone to Eden’s. That’s always great for bonding.”

Andrew snorts. “Sure, if by bonding you mean you, Nicky, and Aaron getting plastered while I babysit you all.”

Neil sighs loudly and distributes snacks to the backseat. He has a bag full of snacks that are supposed to last the trip to the Smoky Mountains but at this point they’ll be lucky if they don’t run out before Columbia. Tensions are riding high due to a tough season made even tougher by trying to integrate the new players into their tight knit group. Neil doesn’t mind that he’s about to spend days in a tent; anything will be a relief from the trials of co-captaincy.

In order to maintain peace between Nicky, Kevin, and Andrew, Neil instigates a couple quiz games before letting Andrew take over the radio. Andrew’s bad mood is largely due to the fact that Aaron is riding separately with Katelyn. The plan is to meet them at the campground later in the afternoon so they have enough light to get their tents set up. Neil is actually a little excited about it; despite his many years on the run he never camped in a tent, mostly because his mother didn’t think they were secure enough. He’s also excited about getting some more alone time with Andrew. Sure, the others will be camping near them but they’ll have their own tent, shared sleeping bags… Neil smiles to himself and risks a glance at Andrew.

“What?” Andrew asks when he catches Neil looking.

“Nothing,” Neil responds with a grin. “Nothing.”

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There are so many great fics out there that need to be recognized! If you find something you like on this list, be sure to show it the appreciation it deserves with likes, reblogs, and messages to the author! I hope you can find something to enjoy!

Just a reminder that no all/mostly smut fics will be added. If they’re part of a series I will link non-smut parts.

This is the last Bunker Reads I will be doing. From now on, my fic recommendations will only be taking place as reblogs, mostly because it takes a lot of time to compile the fics and add my comments. I might come back to this habit next summer, but I can’t say for sure. I’ve loved doing these!


  • Lame by @writingthingsisdifficult (Reader x Sam) - The ending of this was absolutely perfect! I mean, the whole thing was perfect, but Sam was so sweet and the reader’s embarrassment/flustered-ness was something I think that all Sam!girls can relate to.
  • Untitled Fluffy Sam Drabble by @trexrambling (Reader x Sam) - If there was an emoji for a dreamy sigh, I’d put it here. This was adorable from start to finish, and the little repetition at the ending was super duper cute and ugh I just loved this one a whole lot!!
  • A No-Win Situation by @winchesterprincessbride (Reader x Dean) - Ha! This one made me laugh aloud, and I can totally picture this kind of thing happening between the reader and the boys.
  • Imagine Calling Sam to Kill a Spider on the Ceiling by @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious (Reader x Sam) - This would so totally be me. (I had to call my boss to come kill a spider for me just the other week.) The reader’s little rant made me laugh because I relate to it on a very spiritual level, and I’m so very glad that Sam is there to kill spiders for damsels in distress!
  • The Klutz Curse by @idreamofhazel (Reader x Dean) - I loved this so, so much! It kept making me laugh, partially because Dean’s clumsiness is just so laughable, but partially because the whole idea of a klutz curse is definitely something that would happen on the show, and I think that Dean is the perfect character to write for it. Great job!
  • It by @seenashwrite (Reader x Dean) - It is such an interesting concept, and I would highly recommend that those of you who read this read through the description of It that’s linked at the end of the story, but this was so full of fluff and intrigue and humor as well! Your writing is beautiful, and I loved all the description that was linked in among the vagueness of it all.
  • Imagine… Listening to Classical Music by @luci-in-trenchcoats (Reader x Dean) - Dean was so sweet in this! It was short and just the perfect amount of fluff where it was sweet and sappy, yet also believeable and something that Dean woud definitely consider doing for someone he loved. You write a very thoughtful side of Dean, and I love it! Plus, I love the detail about them not using the reader’s car anymore since they typically drive Baby!
  • Silences by @percywinchester27 (Reader x Dean) - This was so, so sweet, and you write really well without dialogue! (Not that I don’t also enjoy your stories with dialogue, but you get what I mean.) I was just thinking last night about how the reader and Dean would definitely have peaceful, silent moments between them in their relationship, and I think you portrayed it really well!


  • Tape Hiss by @lipstickandwhiskey (Reader x Dean) - This was so amazing, and I think one of my favorite little parts is how you described Sam as giving Dean a “dry ‘f*** you’ look.” I also really, really loved the reader showing up. Sam’s line there was so cute and ugh, I love reunions.
  • Useful by @revwinchester (No Pair) - I loved this for many reasons, but partially because it literally could have been an episode! Your characterization of both the BMOL and the American hunters was so spot-on, and I loved the ending with Jody!


  • Scare by @bambinovak (Reader x Sam) - This was so, so good! You’re such an amazing writer and I was head over heels for this story from the moment it began. Their arguing and actions were so real life, it’s almost as if this was an episode! I loved how you wrote Sam, especially the part where he admits why he’s so mad.
  • Don’t Think, Don’t Speak by @wideawakeandwriting (Reader x Sam) - I loved this, despite that there was no happy ending! It was short but you managed to pack such a punch in those words.
  • He Should Be Here by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (Reader x Sam) - This made my heart hurt! There’s nothing I hate more than the stories of daddies and mommies who left their kids behind, and I just can’t handle it when it’s either one of the boys!! (On the other hand, I would totally read more if this was a sequel, because the ending made my blood run cold. Yikes.)
  • Pieces of Us - You Found Me by @torn-and-frayed (Reader x Dean) - I was so, so hopeful that this was going to be fluffy. And then you broke my heart. So, I’m not even sure what to do because I’m kinda mad after re-reading this, but yeah. It was great and if you want your heart broken then 10/10 would recommend you read this because it’s angsty and it’ll kill you.

Series Works

Links in the series section are always to the masterlist, or if unavailable, the latest post will be linked.

  • The Darkside by @growningupgeek (Reader x Sam) - I love this series! It’s the perfect mix of darkness from Lucifer, plus the little bit of hope that Sam will find Y/N! I was really excited when I saw that this was a series after I went to add the first part to this list, and I can’t wait to see what Lucifer has planned for Y/N, as well as seeing how/when Sam will get to her once again!
  • World’s Best Dad by @luci-in-trenchcoats (Reader x Dad!Dean) - I am such a sucker for dad!Dean, and you write him so well! I love his interactions both with the reader and with Gracie. She’s an adorable kid. Also, the crazy plot twists are my favorite! I loved the proposal, and her parents’ acceptance and willingness to love Dean and Gracie just made my heart melt. Plus, **SPOILERS** the reader wanting to adopt Gracie just killed me! Ugh. This is definitely one of my most favorite series recently!

Non-Reader Works

  • Transplant by @zepppie (Dean) - I loved this! I think I’ve read a book where a similar thing happened, and I’m wondering if it’s the same book you read! **SPOILERS**  This is something you don’t normally read about in fanfiction, and I loved it because my dad is on the heart transplant list. I love getting to read things that are real-life situations similar to my own (kinda), so I’m glad I found this!
  • Homesick by @mrswhozeewhatsis (SamJess) - This was so cute, but it also made my heart hurt. Poor Sam has no idea what’s coming for him. My poor babies! Some part of me wishes that they could’ve just stopped at the Pilot and had a happy life together. Jess was so good for my Sammy.
'It’s Escaped Definition’

I’m relatively new to tumblr, having lurked around in the past, but alas, I don’t have that much self control, and I have finally gotten on this website officially. I was thinking that it might be fitting that my first written post be about The Flash’s Barry/Iris, because they’re finally married, and also because the crossover did them dirty for sure, but what they did get was beautiful and understated (partly because their love is portrayed so selflessly all the time that it’s so beautiful no matter what, and partly because Candice and Grant knock out any scene that they’re in together). 

And finally, because I absolutely adore Westallen. I truly do, but they’re also the couple that honestly snuck up on me without warning. In a way, I was in love with Westallen before I even knew I how far gone I was, so basically I’m a regular Iris West (except I’m not, because I’m not nearly as awesome as she is, and I can only wish that I am half as selfless, loving, badass, and wonderful as she is).  

(This was my favorite scene in the crossover PERIOD, because it was this moment of respite that they both desperately needed, having put aside their feelings about their crashed wedding up until this point. They’re just catching their breath in each other’s arms and softly talking about how they should have been on their honeymoon. And also HELLO WESTALLEN HEART EYES™.)

I started watching The Flash back in 2014 when the pilot dropped, and I’d been burned badly by CW’s Arr*w, by that point, so I was tentatively excited for and very apprehensive about the new show. And it was fun; it had all the makings of a good superhero show: lots of heart, fantastic humour, a good dose of darkness permeating the story-line, and strong characters. But the thing about The Flash is, I didn’t have a ship right away (or so I thought, because I never realized how far gone I was until much later). Which is somewhat odd for me and my multi-shipping ass, but I I have a history of resisting the obvious Alpha™ couple, which is what Barry/Iris are, if there ever was one. In the past, I’ve always gravitated towards the underdog ship(s) (but there wasn’t one worth talking about in this show… lmao, Westh*wne, Sp*llen… they were bland at best), and it became apparent to me that I just wasn’t feeling any of these so-called underdog ships. Why?

Because I sold my soul to Westallen the moment Iris ran into Barry’s arms in CC Jitters in the pilot. But, I just didn’t know it. Every episode would go by in season 1, and I’d be like, “Nothing really compares to Barry and Iris.” “She believes in him more than anyone.” “She’s the reason he is the superhero that he is is, because she has given him nothing but love since the moment they met.” “And he’s reciprocated that since the day he met her.” “LOOK SHE’S WIPING KETCHUP OFF HIS FACE.”  

And anguished declarations of love™ are a favorite of mine, but nothing quite compares to Iris, frightened by the stakes of the situation she finds herself in and utterly in love, admitting to Barry that she cannot stop thinking about him. The smile that graces his face, and which she immediately reciprocates when he tells her, “I’ve never stopped thinking about you.” My heart was fluttering when they kissed, but again… I was too in the moment to realize just how much I shipped them.

To this day, my favorite Westallen scene is the club scene in 2.16 (not the 2.20 confession, although surely that’s perhaps the most excited I’ve ever been, or the 3.17 proposal, although that’s certainly the most I’ve cried over a fictional couple), because that’s when I was hit by a ton of metaphorical bricks, otherwise known as clarity. That was the scene I didn’t know I was anticipating so highly. Grant Gustin and Candice Patton have that kind of onscreen chemistry together that’s absolutely and utterly unique to them. Part of it is that Grant and Candice are such good actors; in my opinion, part of the battle of generating chemistry is having two actors who are equally talented play off of one another. But, honestly, nobody can tell me that anyone else can make this love transcends spacetime couple more epic and believable than those two do on the daily. They play Earth-1 Barry realizing he will forever be hopelessly in love with his Iris when he interacts with Earth-2 Iris to perfection. Everybody’s favorite marrieds (or at least until Earth-1 Barry and Iris tie the knot in just about a week and a half), Earth-2 Westallen are the cutest, because of how endearing the two of them are onscreen together. Heck, they made me feel things I didn’t want to feel when Iris touches Savitar’s face in the season 3 finale, and I HATED Savitar, but the chemistry during that scene was ridiculous. They sell every scene they’re in together, and I’m utterly captivated.

But that club scene in 2.16 is so… I don’t know… flirtatious and easy. Barry and Iris are talking about their future wedding and their married doppelgängers having sex like it’s a casual thing they talk about at clubs regularly, and the sexual tension between them is rife, and I’m like, “SHIT, I’M RIDICULOUSLY IN LOVE WITH THEM. AND I HAVE BEEN SINCE THE PILOT.”

… And now they’re finally married. Don’t get me started on those vows, which captured the core of this love story, played beautifully by Grant and Candice (I’ve showered a ton of praise on them, but they deserve every once of it). Barry’s life is forever changing; it’s tumultuous and unpredictable, but he has one constant: Iris Ann West-Allen, the love of his life and his home to whom he will always return home. She’s his safe harbor, his lifeline, his northstar guiding him back to her. And Iris? She’s happy, excited, and honored to be his wife, because he is everything to her. She loves him with every fiber of her being, and she is so overwhelmed that after everything that they’ve been through together, they finally get to be married. (Gosh, the way Iris’ voice breaks when she says the word “excited” encapsulates just how overwhelmed she is, and Candice Patton, of course, brought me to tears with that performance, as she is apt to do.) They are strongest together, because their love carries them through: as Iris, herself, says, “With you by my side, anything is possible.” 

PROPOSAL {Jimin; Fluff; One Shot}

Jimin watched you sleeping peacefully next to him. The two of you had just finished the most amazing dinner date and he was all prepared to get down on one knee, but something stopped him. He couldn’t tell if it was the nerves or something else, but he couldn’t get himself to just ask you the simple question of will you marry me. He smacked himself in the forehead with his palm. It was incredibly frustrating to look at your hand and see there was no ring on it. Quietly getting out of bed, he pulled the ring box out of his coat pocket. Opening it up, he saw the glittery piece of jewelry, it was beautiful. He had asked your friends and they helped him pick the perfect ring. He held it to the small light that shown through the blinds in your room. It shimmered and glistened and he couldn’t help but smile at it.

He looked at you, laying on your side, your left hand gently resting on your hip. Looking back at the ring and then on your bare finger, he got an idea. Lightly slipping the ring on your finger, he leaned back a little and grinned. It fit perfectly and it looked beautiful, nestled on your finger as you slept. As he was reaching to take it off, you shifted in your sleep. Jimin froze completely as he waited for you to stop moving, but began to panic when he saw you move your left hand underneath your pillow. He cursed himself and tried to think of various different ways to get you to move again. But instead, fatigue hit him as he watched you breath steadily. Soon he too had fallen asleep while the ring remained on your finger.

You woke up the next morning and smiled. Jimin was sound asleep next to you, his face like an angel in the morning sunlight. You stretched your arms and opened your eyes at the exact moment a ray of light struck your vision. You looked around confused, then your gaze rested on your hand. On your ring finger, a new addition lay nestled. A beautiful diamond ring sparkled and shined as you wiggled your fingers. Tilting your head from side to side in confusion, you looked from the ring to a dead asleep Jimin. His mouth slightly ajar and his body on his side to face you, you scoot closer to him.

Jimin? You whispered and he raised his eyebrows in a half asleep state.

Yes, my love? He mumbled and you brought your left hand up to his face. Jimin felt the cool metal hit his cheek and immediately his eyes shot open. He was met with your tender gaze and he relaxed a little. Maybe she didn’t notice. He thought to himself, but a part of him knew you weren’t that stupid.

What’s this beautiful ring doing on my finger? You questioned Jimin and he blushed. He didn’t want this to be the way he proposed, but he couldn’t help the giggle that escaped his lips.

You see, I wanted to ask you a question last night after dinner. I had everything planned, the server was going to bring us champagne and it was going to be perfect. Jimin began. But something just didn’t feel exactly right. There was something stopping me. You see, ever since I laid my eyes on you, my favorite moments were the ones where we could just be silly and relax. Moments just like this. I love how you snuggle up to me and we both tell each other ‘five more minutes’ and how we just lay in the warmth of the rising sun. These are the moments I realize just how hard I have fallen for you. You don’t need a lick of makeup or a comb through your hair, as long as you wake up next to me. He said confidently. So last night when I was about to ask you that fateful question, I realized I was doing it completely wrong. The best time to ask you was right now. But in the middle of the night I slipped the ring on and couldn’t get it off before you put your hand under your pillow. Jimin shyly continued and you laughed a little. Jimin pulled on your hand and slid the ring off your ring finger. Holding the ring right in front of your finger, he looked you straight in the eye.

Y/N, I have loved you for years now. We have seen each other in our best moments and our worst. We have made it through so many trials and tribulations, but we always come out stronger and happier than before. I have thought about the future and in every situation, I see you right beside me. So can you do me the honor of wearing this ring and being mine forever? He asked and you smiled even wider. As you nodded, he slipped the ring back on your finger, kissing you and pulling you into his embrace. It was a perfect proposal, it wasn’t over the top or in front of a massive group of people. It was perfect because it was just the two of you during your favorite time of day.

Kimi ni Todoke Chapter 120 Translation

Hello my fellow Kimi ni Todoke fans!!

This chapter marks the beginning of the end - it will be the first chapter in the final volume. As I said in an earlier post, we still don’t know how many chapters we have before the conclusion, but we are definitely in the final arc (after this chapter, I would guess that we have 3 - 4 more, based on the typical page count of previous Kimi ni Todoke manga volumes). 

Before you start reading, I just want to put out my usual disclaimer. I can read Japanese and I study the language in my free time, but I’m nowhere near fluent. I have no experience as a translator (with the exception of the KnT summaries and translations I’ve written). Sometimes I can’t figure a line out or I make mistakes, and while I do my best to convey the sentiment I found in the original dialogue, there are times when it sounds pretty stilted. So I just want to warn you that what you’ll be reading is what I understood, whether it’s right or wrong - I’m trying to share what I personally got from the chapter, errors and all. But hopefully this gives those of you who can’t read Japanese a sense of what’s happening, even if the translation isn’t exactly right. It’s just to tide you over until the official version is released! :)

As far as I know, the next chapter will come out in the October issue of Bessatsu Margaret (September 13th); like this chapter, it’s going to have a colored title page! I would really encourage you to purchase the magazine, if you’re able to financially - not only is it a great way to support Shiina-sensei, it makes for a really cool collectible since the series is almost over! 

Now pack your bags guys, cause we’re going away to college~~

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smuzie1  asked:

Hi: I've never sent in a request to any author before, so if I screw something up, just let me know and I'll fix it. One of my favorites of your recent ones is "The Man, The Myth, The Legend", so my prompt is Bellamy's POV for that one. Thanks !!

Original fic here!

The whole thing starts with Roma getting engaged, and it somehow snowballs from there.

The timing is the biggest issue for Bellamy, and also a complete coincidence; he knows his college girlfriend did not ask her boyfriend—fiance—to propose to her a week before his thirtieth birthday as part of any coordinated attack on him. It has absolutely nothing to do with him, and the only reason he even knows about it is that it shows up on his Facebook timeline. She’s captioned it better late than never!! and added a tongue-sticking-out emoji, presumably so her fiance wouldn’t be offended.

It’s sweet, and he makes sure to hit the like button before he starts panicking.

In theory, he gets that guys aren’t supposed to freak out about being single like women are, but he’s never gotten why not. Obviously the societal hangups exist and he doesn’t face the same pressure about it, but–he wants to get married too. He’d like to have kids someday. And when he thought about it, he always thought about doing it fairly young. Maybe just because his mom had him young, but–he hoped he’d find someone.

Not that he can’t, of course. Not that he thinks he won’t.

But between Roma and turning thirty, he’s feeling a little, well–old.

Which is why he scowls when Clarke slides him a yogurt with a candle in it. She’s his best friend and he appreciates her, but he also wants to murder her. Just a little bit.

“What?” she asks.


“Uh huh.”

He pokes his yogurt. “I’m turning thirty. Thirty.”

“I know how old you are, yeah. That’s why I put a candle in your yogurt.”

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Full Circle (TF/TS Chris x MC)

Full Circle
By Misha

Disclaimer- I don’t own “The Freshman” (or “The Sophomore”) or any of the characters, I’m just borrowing them for a little while and will return them unharmed.

Author’s Note- I actually wrote this a while ago, but never got around to publishing it (many because I wasn’t quite sure how to end it). It’s a fluffy Freshman piece set at the end of Senior year.

Pairing- Chris/MC

Rating- PG-13

Summary- The gang plays one last game of “truth or truth”.

Words- 1378


“This is it,” Zack announced, leaning back in his chair, “our last night at Hartfeld.”

“Four years have gone by too quick,” I commented, looking around at the five other people in the room. My first friends at Hartfeld and the people responsible for many of the good memories I had of the previous four years.

“How should we celebrate?” Tyler asked, his arm around Abbie’s shoulder.

“With one last game of truth or truth!” Kaitlyn yelled out excitedly. She looked at all of us. “Please.”

“Don’t you know all our truths by now?” Zack grumbled with an eye-roll.

“We can get creative,” Kaitlyn said enthusiastically. “Come on guys, what better send off than to recreate our first night together?”

“I agree,” Chris said, wrapping his arm around me. “I think it could be fun. Bring back old memories.”

I shrugged. “I’m in.” The game was pretty fun. Plus we already knew so much about each other, what were a few more questions? And it was our last night together and it could be nice to recreate that first night.

I remembered how nervous I had been, but how I had felt connected to these five people right from the start. Plotting with Zack to get Abbie and Tyler together, bonding with Kaitlyn, falling for Chris…  That night had been the beginning of a fantastic four years.

“I can’t believe that four years later, we’re still playing this game,” Abbie grumbled good-naturedly.

“What can I say, it was a brilliant invention,” Kaitlyn said with fake modesty, doing a little bow. She looked around the circle, obviously trying to decide on her first victim. “Zack.”

“Hit me,” Zack said with an easy grin.

“Of the guys you hooked up with at Hartfield, who was the best kisser?”

“Nathan,” Zack said after a moment with a grin, referencing a guy he hooked up with Sophomore year. “I mean, neither of us was interested in pursuing anything serious but we had fun together and he was a really great kisser.”

Zack turned to Tyler. “What was your biggest slacker moment of the last four years?”

“Blowing off class for a D&D session because we were in the middle of an epic battle and didn’t want to wait,” Tyler admitted. “I think that session ended up lasting 10 hours all together until we were starting to fall asleep in our chairs.”

“At least you didn’t slack off an entire term,” Kaitlyn pointed, making a face. “I still can’t believe I did that or that you guys managed to help me pass.”

“That’s what friends are for,” I reminded her with a smile. “And we all had some slip-ups over the four years, but we’ve been there for each other. Friends forever.”

Tyler smiled at me. “On that note, Savannah, how did you and Becca become friends? One moment you hated each other and the next, she was joining us at Aurora and you guys were hanging out and you’ve never said a word.”

“It was Freshman year, I had a bad night. I was fighting with Zig and Kaitlyn and James and Chris and I went to the bar to drown my sorrows,” I admitted, “Becca was there and she ended up giving me a ride home and letting me crash at her place for the night and I saw a new side of her and I think after that, neither of us saw the point of being enemies and then, gradually that became friendship.”

We were still friends. She had graduated two years earlier, but we kept in touch by text and e-mail. She had never become an easy person to be around, and the others had never really warmed to her, but Logan had been right when he’d said she was a great person to have on your team. I had experience having Becca as an enemy and as an ally and I’d much rather have her on my side.

I paused, considering my victim. “Abbie, what’s your weirdest hook-up story?”

Tyler choked on his beer and Abbie turned bright red at my question.

Kaitlyn grinned. “Savannah brings her A game!”

Abbie took a huge sip of her wine before answering. “In the woods when we were camping with his parents. We snuck away for a little while and found a nice secluded spot to hook up, except it was dark, so we didn’t check our surroundings properly and we ended up in a patch of poison ivy. We were both itchy for a week in very uncomfortable places.”

We all burst into laughter trying to picture that.

“I know I shouldn’t laugh,” Zack said between bursts of laughter, “but…”

“I can’t help it,” I finished for him. “That must have been awful.”

Abbie turned to Chris. “What about you Chris, where’s the wildest place you’ve ever hooked up?”

The question was obviously meant to get back at me, but I just grinned unrepentantly. I didn’t embarrass easily. Chris was quiet for a moment, pondering four years worth of hookups and trying to pick the best one.

“It shouldn’t take this long to come up with an answer,” Zack teased, “are you saying that the two of you don’t have one wild hookup story? I refuse to believe it.”

“It’s more about narrowing it down to just one,” Chris said, his arm tight around my waist. He smiled down at me, “what do you think, Savannah? Football stadium, corn maze, or classroom?”

“Corn Maze,” I answered with a grin, remembering our long-ago road-trip. “Though foyer of a fancy L.A mansion is up there too.”

Our friends all stared at us.

“Damn,” Zack said admiringly. “You two aren’t afraid of a little danger, are you?”

I laughed. “Not particularly. The risk is part of the fun.” Though somehow we had managed to never get caught. I grinned at Chris. “It’s not my fault that he’s so irresistible.”

I’m the irresistible one?” Chris asked, kissing my neck, “you are underestimating yourself.”

Everyone groaned.

“You’d think after all this time, you’d have gotten sick of each other,” Zack said with a groan. “Or at least stopped being so cute.”

“I think they’ll be cute forever,” Kaitlyn said, shooting Chris a look I didn’t quite understand. “Chris, it’s your turn to ask a question. If you can let go of Savannah long enough.”

“I guess I can do that,” Chris said, gently moving me off his lap. He picked up my hand instead and looked directly into my eyes, my first indication that this wasn’t your typical truth or truth question. “Savannah, will you marry me?”

I stared at him for a moment, afraid that I had heard him wrong.

“The night we met, I had a feeling that my whole had just changed,” Chris continued, “I fell a little in love with you that night and I’ve kept falling deeper every night of the last four years and I never want that to end. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. If you’ll have me.”

“Yes!” I answered, throwing my arms around him. “A thousand times yes! Of course I’ll marry you.”

Our friends started cheering and started crowding around Chris and I to congratulate us.

“OMG!” Abbie exclaimed, jumping up and down before giving me a hug. “I’m so happy for you both.”

“Congrats!” Zack said, giving Chris a high five.

Kaitlyn pulled me into a hug. “I’m so happy for you. You guys are just perfect together.”

“You knew!” I accused good-naturedly, realizing that this had all been a set-up.

She laughed. “Yes. Chris enlisted my help to come up with the perfect proposal and what better than recreating the night you met?”

“It was a great night.” I agreed. The rest of the first semester hadn’t been so great between Chris and I, but things had started off well. That first night and our first kiss would always be one of my favorite memories. I was also happy he had done it like this, so our friends could be there since they’d been such a big part of our story and I hoped they always would be.

Things were changing, but I honestly believed that our friendship would last forever, just like Chris and I’s love.

-          End

anonymous asked:

Hello! I've got two simple (yet hard) questions to ask you: -What is your Top 5 favorite fanfics you've wrote and why? -What is your Top 5 favorite fanfics from other writers and why? You can do more than 5 recs if you want to.

Hey, anon! Here are my top 5 of my own fics:

  1. Noise (Chris Evans x Reader x Sebastian Stan) – this is my WIP series, we are currently on Part 7 as of tonight! I’ve grown attached to it, and I love it.
  2. Disney Proposal (Chris Evans x Reader) – I feel like this is one of my cutest fluffy fics. Fluff + Chris = me melting.
  3. Sleepy (Daddy!Chris Evans x Reader) – I chose this one because I love babies anyway, and add Chris and it’s just perfect.
  4. Quiet (Sebastian Stan x Reader) – in my opinion, this is just probably the hottest smut I have personally ever written lol.
  5. Nervous (Bucky Barnes x Reader) – I love Bucky with all of my heart and he deserves happiness, so…here you go. Bucky gets happy.

My top 5 for other fics I’ve read:

  1. Part of Your World & Kiss The Girl by @emilyevanston​ – Kate’s work is absolutely amazing, and these two works of hers I can’t physically describe with words.
  2. Broken Light by @writingcreatingstorytelling​ – Ann broke my heart in the most beautiful way with this 3 piece series. The angst is so descriptive that you can’t help but love it.
  3. By Chance by @bovaria – such an amazing drabble series by the wonderful Tesla. She never ceases to amazing me with her work.
  4. For Your Convenience by @brighterlights – another phenomenal drabble series by my darling Jade, she kept me hooked on this story for ages, and I loved every second of it.
  5. Falling by @just-call-me-mrs-captain – honestly, Kristina always fulfils my everyone’s needs. This AU series was so fantastic that I can’t even describe how brilliant it was.

There you have it, anon – if you want writer recs, hmu ‘cause I’ve got a whole long list 😉

What Would Sharon Raydor Do, Podcast

******Spoilers if you haven’t listened to the podcast yet***********

Got to listen to the “What Would Sharon Raydor Do” podcast today.  Lots of feels about this one. First of all it was interesting to get Mary’s take on the cancellation and to feel like you were getting the chance to commiserate with her. 

It was nice to hear her talk about what a great season it was going to be for Sharon and how we were going to get more depth into her character. Sadly it sounds like TPTB finally listened to all the comments requesting more quality Sharon time and more Sharon in the field just in time to say good-bye to her. Still, I’d rather she go out with a bang rather than a whimper. 

Of course my favorite part was the discussion about THE WEDDING :-)  How great was it to hear how excited Mary was about it. She didn’t seem too excited after the proposal, so I was thrilled to hear her fully behind the wedding.

Here are some of  my favorite parts:

“I’m so excited about it and so grateful to James Duff. The wedding he wrote couldn’t have been more true to Sharon Raydor if I’d written it myself.”

It sounds like Mary got everything that she wanted in the wedding and more. From the way everyone was talking it sounds like the wedding is going to be really beautiful and moving and funny and that it will be everything the fans would want–and this isn’t coming from James Duff so I tend to trust it more. Mary also commented that it was “vintage Sharon” starting with Greg Lavoie. Now I really can’t wait to see her wedding gown and what Mary considers “vintage Sharon”.  So funny when she made the comment about seeing Hobbs in a bridesmaids dress. I don’t think she knows we’ve already seen a pic of the bridesmaids.

There is so much richness and human behavior in this particular wedding.”

I’m really hoping from all this talk that this wedding will finally bring out all the emotion and romance and depth in the Shandy relationship that has been lacking.

“What I personally, the actress, Mary, loved about it…Well, first of all Andy Flynn that day is about as handsome a man as you have ever seen. He’s, like, unbelievably, well, he’s irresistible anyway. Tony Denison is crazily irresistible at this wedding. Just his ability to be open and happy and generous which are very personal traits of his. To see him as a groom. There are so many things I want to talk about after it airs.”

I just love how Mary was gushing over “Andy/Tony” and now I’m really, really dying to see Andy in action at this wedding.  And I can’t wait for the podcast after the wedding!

What was very meaningful to me, the actress playing Sharon and honoring Sharon, James allowed for the very core of Sharon Raydor, which is her faith, to be extraordinarily honored in her choices in this wedding.”

Again, looking forward to seeing what choices she is referring to. 

Mary also stated that playing Sharon is the first time she’s played a Catholic (guess she forgot playing the nun on Touched by an Angel) but was raised a Catholic so she understands the rituals and what they mean and how important they are to Sharon as an active practicing Catholic and that she was glad that James leaned into that rather than shying away. She also commented that in season 2 she had a dinner party for the cast and James got a kick out of a picture of her on the wall at her holy communion and it must have stayed in his mind.

The season was without a doubt the most rewarding season on MC I have had so far, without a doubt.

It was interesting to hear Mary talk about the changes in leadership with Leo Mason taking over and the fact that because Mason is a good, strong, hands on leader Sharon is going to be able to be MORE available to work side by side with her team, rather than having to hold down the fort. I never thought Taylor was a particularly good or strong leader and it sounds like we will see the difference in leadership styles between the two–not that there won’t be any friction between Sharon and Leo—she says there will be. But it also sounds like there will be a level of real respect and partnership in their relationship, something I never really felt between Taylor and Sharon. Fritz and Sharon always worked better together IMO.

These Past Five Years

Aaron x Female Reader


Word Count: 2913

Request: A really cute fluffy Burr fic where he proposes?

A/N: My apologies in advanced for taking this nice, sweet request and turning it into my own personal drabble ship by giving the reader all my favorite things (author, dessert, engagement ring, occupation, etc.) I’m just in love with Aaron and couldn’t resist, okay? I really hope you guys enjoy this one, and Part 4 of If I Had My Choice is next! (Also, I just hit 700 followers, and I just really don’t know what to say besides I love you guys so much.)

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it’s fanfic writer appreciation day!!! what a good day!!!! anyway y’all know i’m a hoe for fic rec lists (others and mine) so here is one i like to call my Rereads which are basically fics that are so good i’ve read them multiple times

i’m too lazy to make two separate posts so i’ve included pjo fics as well bc if you didn’t know, those are my roots

(you can find my other fic rec list here)

miraculous ladybug fics

  • What I don’t know. by @runningoutofink
    • the first part is marinette meeting with gabriel during a period of rekindling between father and son and it’s a lot of exploration of mari’s insecurities and also her relationship with adrien
    • BUT MY FAVE is the second part bc it chronicles adrien’s attempts at proposing and there’s one line where adrien says “it’s always been her for me” and i literally lost my head
  • Look At Me by @adriennagreste
    • reveal fic where adrien and marinette become best friends pre-reveal like…… you already know
  • we rode our bikes into the sky by @mimosaeyes
    • domesticity! angst! adrienette!
    • thrilling
  • a dreamer reborn by Lee_Mix
    • adrien-centric and he just breaks your heart but then nino/alya/mari come to mend his and consequently yours too
    • this fic has such a dreamlike quality to it like i feel so at peace whenever i read it
  • check yes juliet by @clairelutra
    • my absolute FAVORITE ladynoir fic (notice the dynamic specificity)
    • i’m devastated that it hasn’t updated since november but i understand. i can literally keep rereading so it’s chill
  • midnights in paris by @adrienagrestte
    • slight angst in between but then it’s like fluff for days and ur heart just hurts but in a good way
  • Stand By Me by @fickleminder
    • pain
    • idk why i reread this so much when all it does it make me cry

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Kate McKinnon

Male critics are so uncomfortable about Kate McKinnon, a lesbian character NOT made for male leering.

It’s kind of amazing, and sad, to see this so widespread. I see it all over, men who saw the movie calling her “not funny” (though she was the character who got the most laughs in my packed theater last night) and “obnoxious” and that they “just didn’t like her for some reason.”

Online I see articles by women, posts by women, tweets by women, who adore her. Who are calling her their favorite part of the movie. Who are proposing marriage to her. 

Mostly young, mostly queer, women who saw the movie … they love her. 

Male critics are so uncomfortable about her existence. 

Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery Looks Back at Mary and Matthew’s Romance
Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery looked back at Mary and Matthew’s relationship and more — read her exclusive Us Weekly Q&A!

For full interview see above - 

“Dockery and Stevens knew each other before landing the series. They costarred in an adaptation of The Turn of the Screw before they crossed paths during the Downton Abbey audition.

“As I was leaving I came out in the waiting room and Dan was there,” she recalls to Us. “I said to him, ‘Who are you reading for?’ He said, ‘Matthew.’ And he looked at me and said, ‘Mary?’ And I said, ‘Yeah.’ We were like, ‘Cool.’ And as I walked out I thought, ‘Well, that could work.’ But I never dreamed that I would get the job. It was just one of the most memorable days of my career — of my life — was getting that part.”

Viewers would go on to fall for Mary and Matthew’s romance. For Dockery, her favorite scenes between the characters were when Matthew proposed and when she sent him off at the train station in season 2.

“She gives him the little toy to bring to war with him. I love that scene and the music,” she says. “I can’t remember how many takes it took but it was such a beautifully written scene. He was going off to war and she thought she would never see him again. It was such a beautiful scene and it’s the moment when Mary realizes how much she loves him.”

Following Matthew’s death, Mary would go on to wed Henry Talbot, played by Matthew Goode. Both of Mary’s wedding dresses can now be seen up close in Downton Abbey: The Exhibition in NYC.

“Both were so beautiful. But the first one — the beading was just incredible. It was handmade, every single bead. And the lace was French lace brought in by Paris. They are incredible. I had to sort of be followed around all day when we were shooting those scenes because everything had to be picked up because it was so delicate. And even sitting down I was worried about tearing it. The work that went into those costumes were amazing,” Dockery tells Us. “I loved both of them because they were both so different. They were both beautiful in there own way. The first one was really special though.”

In the absence of news I’ve been doing a lot of talking with @jessiecrimefighter   Lots of spec and how we can see things playing out with Fitzsimmons in the coming season.

Something many of us struggled with in the aftermath of last season, myself included, was that all that horror and pain of the Framework, all that separation for Fitzsimmons, and the lack of ‘moments’ all season never paid off.  All season we’d been told that their relationship would be the reward we were waiting for, we just needed to be patient.   

But as the dust has settled here and I’ve been able to really process things a bit better…we actually did get quite the finish for Fitzsimmons.  Was it what we wanted, no.  The fandom for the most part was wanting happy tear  filled reunions, kisses, and maybe just maybe a marriage proposal.  What we got was much more subtle but actually pretty huge. 

The Return has become one of those episodes I can watch over and over again.  Its easily one of my favorites.  So lets talk about just how epic things were on the Fitzsimmons front and in true Fitzsimmons form, it was more of those quiet little moments.  

In a meta a few days ago @jessiecrimefighter pointed out that 21 was very much about choice and what one does with it.  That alone is a massive meta in its own right.  

But if we just look at what Fitz did when he got his agency back in terms of his relationship with Jemma.

The FIRST thing Fitz had control over once he was out of the Framework was what he put on.  AIDA kidnapped him seconds after he was out, drug him around until settling on the Love Nest she’d built for them, and he put on a purple top.  No doubt AIDA had quite the wardrobe for him, after all this was where they were going to start their lives together. 

AOS has always used costumes and colors, especially with Fitzsimmons, to help tell the story.   White is a color of healing, romance, and new beginnings for Jemma.  While Blue was a color of calming for Fitz.  Purple…has been Fitzsimmons power couple color.  So the VERY first thing Fitz chose was their color.  His first act of free will in a way was to choose her.  

This act re enforced later in the episode with the epic “For Her,”.

Fitz’s fear was that he’d lost Jemma forever due to The Doctors actions in the Framework.  And we saw very quickly, were even told, that wasn’t the cast at all.  Jemma’s fear was that AIDA had succeeded in stealing him from her and taking his heart.  Their biggest fear was still losing each other forever physically and emotionally.

Originally posted by 74flawsasofyesterday

Did we get a season full of kisses, bed cuddles, and things that made us outwardly swoon.  No.  Does it make up for the absolute gut punch that was the Framework.  For many, likely no.  

  • Based on one of Mallory’s con answers I do think I was right and they originally intended on doing something else in the Framework, it was still going to be dark and awful…but maybe not as dark as we went.  I still think my gut that it was Radcliffe that would take Fitz as his son and twist him is close.  But, they were so impressed with Mallory they went the Madame Hydra route.  For me, Fitz was going to go dark in there, going to be forced to do bad things, and Jemma was not going to be able to wake him up.  That was the plan all along.  As was our ‘reward’ in 21.

We still ended the season with a big “reward’ .  Fitzsimmons unlocked a epic level OTP achievement here this Season in that there is NO QUESTION that they love each other nor the lengths they will go to try to get the other back…even if they don’t always succeed in the actual saving.  We have the bonus that marriage is on the table and she will say yes. They had SO much go wrong, things that could have ruined a lesser relationship, and they came through it together.  

Its totally okay if you disagree with me here.  I do see how the writers really did think they had given us what we wanted.  Between what we had in 20 and 21 where each one affirmed their love for the other in the face of desperate odds and beautiful reunion hugs in the pod. To the Little Moments (we literally had something nearly every episode).

  1. We should build a place to get away, lingering hand holds, and bed cuddles.
  2. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab/cue Jemma gasping
  3. They both had HUGE hero moments separately and you don’t have to live in the shadows anymore.
  4. Love Nest shopping, casual “I Love You’s,”, “The Look”, and The Lean tm with I prefer a Classical Beauty.
  5. “The Look” pt 2 and fight
  6. Fitz losing is crap because he couldn’t get ahold of Jemma.
  7. Everyone ships them, everyone knows how much they mean to each other, ‘she’s out there all alone and I’m gone”, and glorious reunion hugs.
  8. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab, working together, comforting touches (cue creeper AIDA), double shot, and couch cuddles.
  9. Fitz made the electric bobbi pin and no one can tell me otherwise.  But yes there was a distinct lack of moments here.
  10. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab, sassing Talbot, and The Lean tm part two with adorable flirting.  
  11. KISS (short kiss but dang it it was the first one in forever), fight, protective get away from him Jemma with Dadcliffe.
  12. Has to be one of my top eps.  Fitzsimmonsing in the lab, backstory, protective/supportive Jemma, face grab kisses, adoring looks, and more Fitzsimmonsing.
  13. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab and in the field.  Supporting new step dad Mace and don’t get yourself killed hugs.
  14. Supportive Jemma, hand holds, Davis bit (rip Davis), and more scared hand holds.
  15. THE FEELS!  Protectiveness, more feels, oh god more feels, Fitz wants to propose, Jemma wants to say yes, more feels, I can’t think without Fitz, this is not where your story ends, and Jemma going to get her man back.  
  16. Jemma dug herself out of the grave…and yeah we don’t talk about the rest.
  17. His name is Leopold James Fitz and I love him.   And for good measure more feels.  
  18. Jemma driven to get to him and AIDA driven to make sure that didn’t happen.  
  19. AIDA pretty much confirms she’s took Fitz for herself here to Daisy.
  20. No matter what Jemma would not say that she meant nothing to him.  
  21. My love for will never fade, only room in his heart for her, and the most beautiful reunion hug ever.  Oh and the evil robot thought what they had was so amazing she tried to steal it for herself.
  22. FItzsimmonsing…kinda, decoy Fitzsimmons, and AMEN!

Theirs is a forever love.

Production Draft of QAF 5x11 - The most precious thing in the world

The Boston Hour (2/?)

In which Belle is an Antiques Roadshow super-fan and Gold is her favorite appraiser.

CHAPTER SUMMARY:  Belle and Ruby arrive at the Antiques Roadshow event in Boston, and Belle finally meets Gold.
WORDS: 1,892

[Part One] [Read on AO3]

“Oh my God!” Belle squealed, gripping her friend’s arm. “It’s him!”

Ruby peered through the doors into the conference center where they had just gotten their first glimpse of the appraisers. They’d been waiting in line to get inside the event for hours , and it was finally almost their turn . “So, do you have your marriage proposal ready, or what?”

“Oh, Rubes, he’s even more handsome in person,” Belle sighed. “Just look at him!”

“Right…” Ruby watched, unimpressed, as Rumford stood around, sipping from a water bottle. The morning session had ended, and all the appraisers and event staff were milling about before the conference center opened again for the afternoon session. “Hey, who’s that guy he’s talking to?”

“David Nolan.”


Belle shot her a disappointed look. “Furniture and folk art, Ruby! Come on!”

“Sorry, sorry!” She said, holding her arms up in surrender. Belle had gone so far as to make her flash cards of all seventy some-odd appraisers, and was quizzing her in the car on the drive to Boston.

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Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day 💙

To all fanfic writers, you’re amazing, you make my day, cheer me up and fill me with fluffy feelings for my favorite boys. You introduce me to new ships and aus and make me fall in love with my old favorites all over again. Thank you. I love you. You deserve all the happiness 💙

I read a lot but some of my favorite authors that i follow here on tumblr are:

@hey-bazooka - my goodness i think I’ve read everything on your ao3 except maybe 2 things and I’ve loved all of it. Beta Tau Sigma was probably the first long chaptered fic i ever read and it made me fall so in love with Namjin and the ot7 dynamic in general. I was so sad when i reached the end and there wasnt anymore but ive reread it at least 3 times (the yoonmin after the halloween party still gets me every time). Another big one is Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. I’ve always loved supernatural themes but this is so unique and Yoongi loving Namjoon so much that he’d give up everything hes ever known kills me and how Namjoon grows in self confidence.. its just beautiful. Thank you.

@lunaticmyngi - Your writing flows so wonderfully, it doesnt matter what ship it is its always enjoyable. I think i started shipping Junghope, Yoonseok, and Jinkook because of you haha but my favorite things are your Yoonkook. Im pretty sure i sent you an ask about it when i first read it but ugh i love Watercolor. Its so pretty and i love the tattoo artist au. It gives me warm fuzzy sugakookie feelings and makes me want to get a tattoo from Jungkook too haha plus Jimin as a piercer is really funny to me but also very fitting. Thank you.

@mianderingalong - i absolutely love the way you write Sugamon. Take it or leave it is fantastic and I’m excited for Son of a witch, the whole aesthetic of that one is beautiful and i sat and laughed out loud at a few parts of chapter one, its great. But their dynamic on that cruise ship is so good and Vmin completely ditching them and making them talk to each other and see that they actually like each other i just.. Thank you.

@suga-mon - I also really love the way you write Sugamon! They’re so soft and natural and in love and its really great haha a while back i made a list of Sugamon fic recs and at least three of them were yours. Ive read “technically this isnt breaking and entering..” so many times haha i don’t even totally know why but its short and simple with so many little details and poor drunk Namjoon and i love it. Thank you.

@suddenly-yoongi - your soulmate aus are so amazing! You took me on a roller coaster with Black cat and i loved how it all came together and the idea of switching bodies with your soulmate on the younger one’s birthday is really fascinating. I’m really enjoying Dedicate myself to you as well. Tae trying to figure out how to communicate with “ghost” Kookie was really entertaining haha I’m excited to see where you take it. Thank you.

@army-author - your drabbles are so sweet and adorable and they make my day! Especially the Make me blush and Excuses to share a bed series. You write for each member so beautifully and i know you’re on a bit of a hiatus right now but i still have you on notifications and the edits you reblog every morning are lovely. Thank you.

@versigny - miss dial is fantastic and i love frat boy Yoongi so much haha but i also really enjoyed the first part of the lake house Jungkook series! It felt very nostalgic and playful and its just really nice. I really like the personality you give to the reader and everything flows so well. Thank you.

@bangtan-spells - you girls write every one of the boys so well and it’s so nice to go through your blog and find a scenario for whatever mood i happen to be in that day and read something that makes me happy. I remember one specific Namjoon proposal made me cry haha you’re really good at writing emotions and thoughts to perfectly fit any request and it’s amazing. My favorite is definitely Tainted Love though, I’m invested in the story of demon Yoongi haha. I love the whole atmosphere and i can’t wait to see how the story continues to unfold. Thank you.



Prompt: Could you do an imagine based on a Twenty One Pilots song? (Forest if possible but I’m fine with any song really) // the read and Seb go on a road trip. (combining because it’ makes life 10x easier for everyone)

Warnings: none!

Author’s Note: y’all, I’m Twenty One Pilots trash….like it’s bad. I got distracted while writing this because I keep listening to different songs and deciding on which one to write.

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#41: While You Were Sleeping (1995)

IMDB plot summary: Ticket collecting romantic pretends to be engaged to an unconscious man but can’t fool his brother.

Is this an accurate plot summary? Well, yes, but when you put it THAT way it sounds kind of dumb.

We’re back! After a few weeks off, it’s time to dive into my all-time favorite Christmas movie. No, not Love Actually (I like that one just fine, but there are MORE than enough smart/funny articles about it on this great world wide web of ours). Not Serendipity (I hate that movie but I also love it and have seen it twice). Not You’ve Got Mail (but only because I’ve already written about it).

No, my favorite is WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING. Despite the totally crazy-sounding premise, this is a movie that fundamentally understands just how sad and lonely the holidays can be for some people. It’s every bit a dramatic, unbelievable romcom, but underneath that whole “dude in a coma” thing, there’s a heartbeat of sadness and longing. Which, obviously, I’m into.

But first, let’s discuss that crazy plot, because how many romcoms effectively use comas? Not enough!

So our girl Sandy works for the Chicago transit system. She’s lonely, which we know because of the voiceover that begins the movie, where she tells us that both of her parents are dead. We also know it because her boss asks her to work on Christmas since she’s “the only one who doesn’t have a family.” And we also ALSO know it because she has a cat, which is romcom shorthand for Lonely Lady. 

But what she DOES have is Peter Gallagher, whom she sees every day as he gets on the train. What 1995 woman could resist those eyebrows, that swooping hair, that giant coat? Despite not knowing him, Sandy’s in love. She’s also sort of a hero, because when some young punks push him onto the tracks (truly a nightmare!), she JUMPS ONTO THE TRACKS to save him. It’s intense! 

When she goes to check on him in the hospital, there’s (of course) a misunderstanding and everyone thinks she’s his fiance. Including Peter Gallagher’s lovely family, members of whom include Peter Boyle and a young Monica Keena. They’re so wonderful and welcoming that Sandy sort of feels like she has a family again when she attends their Christmas celebration. 

Until Bill Pullman shows up. 

Look at how suspicious he is! He KNOWS something’s up, but guess what? He falls for Sandy in like .5 seconds because who wouldn’t? And as for Bill Pullman himself…well. We, the viewers, fall in love with him the instant he walks (grunts) on the screen. He can build furniture! He wears a reversible jacket (practical)! He walks Sandy home! He only communicates through growling! He’s like a combination of Danny Castellano (in a good way), Luke Danes, and Channing Tatum in Magic Mike (furniture building, not stripping). He may not have Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows, but he does have the swooping hair and like ten times as much personality, and not just because he’s not in a coma. 

Obviously their love is a complicated one, since Sandy’s fake engaged to his coma brother. But this is a romcom. Things work out, there’s a proposal, and everyone ends up happy.

But it’s how they get to the happiness that makes this movie so special, because everyone in this movie is insanely likable. There are no real villains, not even Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows. Even though the movie is built on an unrealistic misunderstanding, everyone plays it like it’s normal. They all love each other! Sandy gets a family! No, YOU’RE crying! 

I actually don’t really like the ending of the movie (what can I say, I wanted a more dramatic proposal with more Bill Pullman growling), but thank God everything ends up totally perfect for Sandy because I don’t think I could handle her facing even a single disappointment. She goes from being so, so sad to having a new family, a new husband, and a chance to fulfill her dreams. Also she probably has a lifetime supply of handmade chairs. 

But the movie never shies away from her sadness. It’s clear that the holidays aren’t a great time for her, even as she tries to get a Christmas tree up to her apartment and get in the holiday spirit. While You Were Sleeping doesn’t hit me as hard as You’ve Got Mail or Sleepless in Seattle, but it still captures a realistic sense of loneliness. And because we know how sad Sandy was, it makes her relationship with Bill Pullman about more than just falling in love. It’s about finding a family, creating a new life, opening yourself up to new experiences. It’s about a life lived alone in an apartment or a toll booth versus a life lived in crowded rooms, foreign countries, and Bill Pullman’s expertly crafted rocking chairs. While You Were Sleeping does what the best romcoms always do…it shows that love isn’t just about falling down in the snow or dramatic proposals. It’s about the hope and belief that you deserve the life you want. 

Stray Thoughts:

-According to IMDB, JAMES SPADER was considered for Bill Pullman’s part. James Spader! Steff himself! Can you even imagine what might’ve been? Something a hell of a lot creepier, that’s for sure. 

-But obviously no one could play this part but Bill Pullman. He is quite possibly my favorite romcom lead ever. He growls all of his lines. He wears the hell out of those dad jeans. I mean, if I were a lonely Chicago woman who was fake engaged to Peter Gallagher and his eyebrows, I’d fall in love with Bill Pullman, too. 

Same, Bill.

Romantic comedy cliches: Opening with narration, opening with a shot of a city skyline, a love triangle, a lonely woman, a man who needs a push to pursue his dreams, a woman with a cat, deceased parents, almost kissing but being interrupted, falling down and almost kissing, a wedding, a loud/overbearing family, a misunderstanding.

Is this a good movie? This is a sweet, charming, perfect movie. 

Did I like this movie? WHAT DO YOU THINK? I love this movie almost as much as Sandy loves Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows.

Would I watch this movie again? I own this movie and I watch it all the time. 

I won’t be posting over the holidays, but I’ll be back on my weekly schedule again in the new year. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and may you all find your very own Bill Pullman (or at least a sweet reversible jacket).