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I Hate You {Part Two}

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Theo x Reader

“(Y/N)!” Greenburg yelled and you jumped, turning wide eyed until relief ran through you and you saw your friend and neighbour grinning at you.

“Hey, sorry I was…” You muttered and he shrugged tossing you your kit.

“Worried I was Theo out to get you?” He asked playfully which made you blush. “Don’t worry he won’t get through me.” You froze when he tripped over air and almost fell on his face.

“I’m so thrilled that you’re protecting me.” You giggled and headed to the girls changing room.

You could feel Theo watching you from the stands. He never left you alone for long and you could swear that even at night it felt like he was there lurking nearby. Even when girls flocked around him he’d be looking at you, often pushing them out of his way to hurry over to you only for you to run off.

“Can I hit him with a ball, I could do it… ok Danny could do it.” Greenburg grumbled, glaring at Theo who glared right on back.

“You two will you pay attention, (Y/L/N) try and get past McCall.” Coach yelled at you.

“Yes coach.” You mumbled

“Good luck.” Stiles whispered, sneaking forwards to grab you by the waist and give you a shove as you pushed off which propelled you forwards quick enough for Scott to underestimate where you were going.

“Better luck next time McCall.” You hooted and grinned, tapping your helmet against Greenburg’s.

Once you were done with practise you headed to your locker, glancing over at Theo’s where girls had swarmed around him, flirting and laughing despite the fact that he’d fixed his eyes on you. He shook his head when you quickly turned away, a panicked tightness set in your chest until Greenburg came over to walk home with you.

“See you in a bit.” He called heading into his house which was just next door.

“So, you two dating?” Theo asked making you yelp when you turned to see him leaning against the other neighbour’s mail box.

“What’re you doing here?” You asked and shuffled towards your gate, fumbling in your pocket for your keys so you could hurry to the door.

“I came to ask if you wanted dinner at my house… my Mom will cook?” He looked at you expectantly, nodding in defeat.

“I have to go.” You mumbled and ran to the front door.

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Age Gap

I’m so sorry if this is terrible! I’ve been really stressed lately with my assignments and exams, I hope you are all doing well and I apologise for taking so long!! Anyway I hope this isn’t terrible or crap and I hope you enjoy it :)

 I was fifteen years old and working part time when I met Jerome. He was undoubtably attractive and had this aura about him that prevented me from turning away. I tried to made small talk with the young man as I made his coffee. To my surprise he made small talk back and ended up distracting me a little during my shift.
I giggled like a naive high school girl whilst falling in love with his unique smile and charm. I wrote my number on his cup before he left hoping that he was single. When he was almost out the door I saw him notice my number on his cup, he let out a small laugh before sending me a killer smile that was followed by a wink. After that we just hung out more and more in secret.
I never knew why it was in secret. After a few days of flirting he asked me to be his and I, of course, said yes, but I obviously didn’t read all the terms and conditions

 And that’s how I ended up in the predicament I was in now. With 7 SWAT team officers aiming their firearms at Jerome and myself, I unknowingly tightened my hold on his arm. For 2 weeks I had been reported missing and kidnaped, Jerome had taken me away from the mainstream of daily life and I lived for it. The rush of adrenaline I got just from being out with him was insane.
His killer smile turned more psychotic and deranged after each job such as this one.
Shouted one of the GCPD SWAT members as they all took a step forward. Jerome laugh maniacally before deciding to speak. “I think you’ll find that she is my girlfriend and that she safer with me then anywhere else!” in the blink of an eye, Jerome turned serious and handed me the bag of stolen money from the bank.
“I am the Leader of the Maniax and I have freed this poor beautiful soul from becoming a cog. Two more years in the prison you call school would of fully transformed her into a cog in the Giant absurd machine”
I let out a laugh as he shot the officer closest to me.
“Ah ah ah, no touching what’s mine” I knew they wouldn’t shoot us, the ‘explosives’ that hung on our bodies like Christmas ornaments was enough to scare the GCPD into calling in the extra help known as the Bomb Squad and SWAT team.
My thoughts were interrupted as Jerome’s warm soft lips pressed against my own. A little squeak of shock from me caused him to smile and break the kiss. “I may be three years older than her, but that’s three years of life experience that will help benefit us in the future” and with a startling loud bang, a hole in the wall was cut and Jerome grabbed my hand as we began making our grand escape.
“Don’t worry sweet cheeks, nothing bad will ever happen to you, I won’t allow this world to poison you”
The SWAT team began to chase us down the street before I saw Jerome pick off one of the explosives and throw it.
I screamed in fright whilst Jerome began to do his eerie but attractive laugh. “YOU SAID THEY WERE FAKE!!” I scarcely yelled at Jerome as we ducked into the ally way we used to hide the get away bus. With a reassuring squeeze of my hand he turned into the Sugar Lips I fell in love with.
Yours ARE fake, I’d never put you in that kind of danger. You are my world, I’d never let anything happen to you unless it was for a reason” He removed our vests and brought me into a tight embrace. “I love that I’m older then you. It means I can protect you better” Jerome said as the bus joined in the long stream of gotham 9AM traffic.

The Styles Christmas Celebrations Routine

Twice in one day! Would you look at that. 
I wanted to some how participate in Blogmas and so I wrote this short little blurb about Harry and you celebrating christmas together. 
Hope you guys like it! 

Pic isn’t mine, but I love how warm H looks! 

My sock clad feet hurried down the stairs, my newly wed husband hot on my heels as I ran into our living room. I was conscious not to slip when I turned around the corner and giggled when I heard a low curse, followed by a thud, indicating that Harry had not payed so much attention and knocked against one of our drawers. Part of me felt bad for him, knowing all too well how easily his soft skin bruised, but selfishly I smiled, as I’d gained some distance between us. My luck wasn’t for long. I only made it just past the couch, because before I could even reach my goal, the presents under our gigantic christmas tree, two strong arms wrapped around my hips. Harry let out a triumphant laugh and hoisted me up, pressing my back against his chest. I laughed as I held onto his jumper tightly and shrieked when he hoisted me up even further. Harry’s chest rambled as he continued to chuckle, his warm breath fanning over my bare neck. He carried me with ease, the muscles in his arms strong enough to hold my weight without struggle and I wound around in his arms when he began to carry me back to the couch. I cried out when he landed rather ungracefully on the couch, me still held tight to his chest with both arms.

“What do you think you’re doing, huh? S’not time yet,” Harry asked, his voice warm and soft like honey.

I whined and wiggled, trying to free myself from him. 

“Only in your head it’s not,” I complained and pulled at his muscly arms, trying to get him to loosen his grip. 

Harry cooed at me and pressed his warm mouth to my cheek, kissing the skin noisily. It was our first christmas together as husband and wife. The first time we celebrated the festive season in this newly bought house and with the silver rings on each of our left ring-fingers. 

“Every year you try to mess up the christmas routine, love,” Harry lectured, though the smile was evident in his tone, “You can’t unwrap anything yet.”

“But it’s christmas morning!”

“Yeah it is, but you have to wait ‘till brunch is ready and Mom, Gem and Robin are here,” Harry laughed softly. 

I groaned. “And then I have to wait until you all finished eating and until you’re done singing and until you, mister Styles, are finally done retelling all of your christmas memories to everybody present and when I’m finally allowed to unwrap anything it’s well past noon!” 

“S’about right, love.” 

Harry kissed my neck softly before groaning dramatically, pushing me off of his chest and to the side so I was sprawled out on the couch. 

“Not fair,” I pouted at my husband. 

“What a child I’m married to,” Harry huffed, rolling his eyes. 

His hand reached out to rest on my stomach, drawing small circles into the skin. I smiled at how neither of us could get enough of mentioning the bond we had agreed on letting us both connect to each other. He was my husband and I was his wife. We would stay together and argue over when to celebrate christmas for many more years, until we were both grey and wrinkly and had long forgotten who’d started it anyway. 

“I love you though,” he continued with a warm smile, looking down at me with so much emotion in his eyes it made me feel fuzzy inside 

I reached out and pressed my own hand on his, squeezing his fingers as they continued to massage my stomach.

“I love you, too, Harry.” 

I smiled when I noticed our wedding rings sitting next to each other on both of our hands. Such a lovely sight. One that I still hadn’t tired off, no matter how many months had past since we’d given each other the most binding promises there are. 

“How about a deal,” Harry proposed, “You get to open one, but you can’t tell our guests about it. And you owe me something.” 

My eyes light up. “Deal!” 

I jumped from the sofa and went to crouch down by our presents, waiting for Harry to come sit by my side. Once I felt his presence behind me I reached out and took one of the smaller gifts, holding it out for Harry to approve. 

“Go on,” he muttered rather unwillingly. 

I giggled and leaned forward to kiss his cheek. “I could reciprocate the favor with a festive-christmas blowie if you want.”

This made him smile and he wrapped one of his strong arms around my shoulders. “That sounds both, sexy as well as incredibly wrong.”

Just a little something for you to enjoy. Rest of what I wrote can be found here:


      “Baby, are you almost ready?” Jaebum peeked around the corner of the bathroom, where you were just starting to apply your foundation. You turned, clearly half made-up, and he giggled softly. “I’m just out of things to do,” he smiled sheepishly and raked a hand through his hair.

           “Come sit in here with me,” you cooed, hoping he wouldn’t mind that your hair was pinned out of the way. “I’m bound to look kinda silly until I finish my makeup though.” He shook his head and sat down on the edge of the bathtub.

           “Y/N, you always look silly. It’s part of your charm,” he teased. “I’m sure the people at the theater wouldn’t care if you dressed in sweatpants.” JB paused. “Actually, I take that back. Go ahead and finish your makeup. I want you to dress up for this. Then we can be seen as the power couple I know we are.” His sweet words had you blushing, and you applied your concealer as you smiled to yourself.

     You’d finished your hair and makeup, and sauntered to your closet. You’d had two dresses specifically in mind, and you turned to your long-time boyfriend for his approval.

     “Babe, the red one or the black one?”

     “Uh, the red one.” Jaebum’s mouth curved into a smile as he came to stand behind you to look in the mirror.

     “That’s what I was thinking, you said, leaning back and giving him a quick peck on the lips. But I really like the black one, too.” You paused and held them up one last time. “My hair goes better with the red one,” you whispered to yourself.

     “And you look like, three thousand times hotter in the red one,” his hand slid from the small of your back to squeeze your ass, and you gasped and slapped him playfully.

     “Stop it, you,” you smirked, then flounced off to change.

     When you emerged, he let out a long, slow sigh, taking you in from the top of your done-up head down to your polished toes and bare feet. “I just have to put on my shoes, and then we can go,” you said to JB as he stared, open-mouthed.

     He seemed to regain his composure because he straightened his tie, and fiddled with the cufflinks on his suit jacket. You settled on a pair of black kitten heels even though it was supposed to snow, and threw on a cardigan as you and JB headed out the door. “You look beautiful, Y/N,” he breathed once you were in the car. He leaned in to kiss you, but you leaned away from him.

     “Listen, I just did my makeup, and it’d be cool if you could uh, not touch the artwork,” you teased, but leaned forward to peck him. “My lipstick is supposed to be transfer-proof,” you grinned. His mouth connected with yours and he deepened the kiss, his tongue sliding out to greet yours. You pulled away and smiled. “Like I said, don’t touch the artwork.” He sighed and turned the key in the ignition.


      You walked into the theater, frozen and clutching JB’s arm, and almost instantly, you recognized the ball of energy that was Jackson, bouncing off the walls as he dragged his date around the hall with him, looking at a million different things and trying to contain his endless energy. He turned in your direction and pulled his exhausted-but-still-ecstatic-looking date behind him.

     “Ayyyyy, JB!” Jackson beamed and took in your attire. “Aish, Y/N, you look hot!” He nodded in approval and his date waited quietly to be introduced. “Ah, I almost forgot,” he said, taking her hand. “This is Aspen. Aspen, this is JB and Y/N. She’s the love of my life, to say the least.” He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and kissed her cheek softly, causing her to blush. His attention was pulled away by the glimmering Christmas tree in the corner, and he grabbed Aspen, towing her behind him.

     You turned to JB, his hand snaking into yours. “Ah, babe, your hands are so cold!” He took both your hands in his and blew on them, rubbing his hands around them to stimulate blood flow. You smiled and leaned close to him. “I love you,” you breathed on his neck. He peered down at you, wetting his lips before he leaned down. “I love you, baby.” His mouth met yours and you tousled a hand into his hair, deepening the kiss as his hands moved from your sides to the small of your back, pressing you against his chest. He smiled against your lips and leaned back against the wall, letting it support his weight. Your free hand slid from where it rested on his neck to his chest, finding his tie and pulling him forward so he was crushed to your lips.

     “Aish, get a room! The show is starting, we’re not gonna get a decent seat if you two don’t stop making out and focus!” Jackson broke through the heat between you two, causing you to jump away from each other. You and JB exchanged looks, blood rushing to both your faces. Later, his eyes said. You followed him into the theater, Jackson and Aspen in tow.

     The lights had gone down and the ballet had started; it was about two-thirds of the way over, from what you could tell. Jaebum’s hand drifted slowly over the armrest that separated his seat from yours, and settled into your lap. You turned your head to look at him, but he appeared to be as focused as ever on the story unfolding in front of him, so you took his hand in yours. You smiled at the familiar weight as he laced his fingers with yours. His thumb rubbed circles into the top of your hand for a few minutes, then made to let go of it, placing his palm directly on the bare skin just above your knee.

     You glanced at him again out of the corner of your eye, trying to keep your breath steady. He was smirking and had turned his head slightly to look at you. His hand slid up your thigh, traveling steadily over your skin. You could feel yourself starting to flush as his hand inched higher, nearly reaching the hem of your panties before it crept back down your thigh, only to make the circuit again. You inhaled sharply as his fingers nudged for your thighs to part, his hand slipping between them to feel the fabric of your lace panties. He leaned over, mouth falling on your right ear. “You wore my favorite ones,” he breathed, his lips moving down your neck as the couple behind you cleared their throats.

           He dropped a smirk back over his shoulder, but removed his hand from between your thighs and settled for your hand. He massaged circles into it with his thumb again, and his hand tightened on yours as you leaned over to whisper in his ear.

           “When we get home, you’re mine.”


           You peeked around the corner of your bedroom door, spotting your boyfriend lying spread-eagle in the middle of your bed. His bare skin gleamed in the light flooding from the lamp, slightly flushed from the anticipation of seeing what you had planned. You crept around the corner, wincing when a squeaking floorboard gave away your position.

           JB’s head snapped up and his jaw dropped as you entered the bedroom in your fur-trimmed santa teddy, complete with a hat and a translucent red thong. You smiled sheepishly as he opened his arms. “Bring that beautiful ass here, ma.” He laughed in spite of himself and you obliged, his hands slipping up your thighs to rest on your sides. His mouth glued itself to yours and he pulled you down so you were straddling him. You squeaked because of the sudden movement, and he smiled against your lips. “That was cute,” he breathed. His mouth trailed over your neck and down your chest, pulling the teddy off you and rolling so you were pinned underneath him.

           “You’re mine,” he breathed.

           “I’m yours,” you nodded.

Am I the only one that appreciated the scene in the mirror house, where Jerome is looking for Bruce, and he catches a glimpse of his own reflection, and starts giggling like a child?

Honestly, that was my favorite part. He was just so damn cute and so Jokerish. It was very reminiscent of Cesar Romero’s Joker. Kinda silly, but so enjoyable, and his laugh was perfect.

When I saw that, it made me realize I underestimated how much I truly love him.

WWE Preference #22; Touched the Butt

Dean Ambrose;

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           “Oh, bullshit,” you grinned as his hand once again grazed your bum and made you giggle.

           “Seriously, I don’t know how it got there, I didn’t even know you had a butt,” he grinned back at you and you stuck your tongue out at him, making him make a biting motion at you.

           “You know,” you began, your hand trailing down his chest, “There’s other parts of me that you could be touching,” you whispered and winked before turning and rushing away from him as he growled and you giggled, his hands moving around his waist.

Finn Balor;

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           He was bright red as he bit his lip and frowned slightly at your giggle. “It’s okay,” you told him as you adjusted your bra top and your bottoms lightly as you gulped seeing that he was just in his briefs.

           “What’s so funny?” he asked, his eyes taking in your body.

           “Nothing,” you squealed lightly, “You just looked a little bit nervous that you’d accidentally touched my bum,” you giggled at him as you walked past, slapping his bum lightly.

Big Cass;

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           He turned to look at you as you past, a giant grin across your face as you stuck your tongue out at him. He rushed after you quickly and wrapped his arms around your waist and picked you up and spun you around.

           “Are you? Are you really that sorry?” he asked, rasping at you before smiling and pecking your cheek quickly.

           “No, not particularly,” you gasped at the feeling of his lips as he let you down, his arms still wrapping around your waist, “I quite like your butt honestly,” you smiled and kissed him.

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Hi. I just thought it's important to mention to the ones telling you "x episode is important" or "just wait until this happens" that this actually ruins part of the experience of watching it. You'll watch episode number x and you'll know beforehand that for some reason it's going to be huge, or they tell you things that might make you start guessing, when everything is supposed to be a surprise for better enjoyment. Maybe you don't mind but I'd be really pissed if someone told me those things :/

well, i guess we just differ in opinion here? i don’t mind people giving really general things like “hey i really like episode x” or “there’s something really big coming up” or “there’s a new character about to be introduced that i like”. to me, that’s just more people hyping things up than spoiling it. as long as they don’t give any actual plot details or character names, i’m good. at this point, something major happens in, like, every episode. and there was nothing on Pride until i made a post pointing them out. people have been good, at least to me, on just hyping things up and letting me figure out why they’re so excited for me to keep watching. 

we just have different styles of enjoying things, i suppose. i do appreciate your concern!

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Well, if you want something that's kinda strange...Seven got himself stuck in a tree. Somehow. Best part? He refuses to come down and has made himself a crown of leaves and declared himself King of the Trees, and claimed Yoosung as his Queen (by jumping down, grabbing Yoosung, and somehow climbing back up the tree with said confused "Queen"). Why he did this and what happens afterwards is up to you?

this made me giggle a bit. thanks for such a creative ask!

  • well for fuck’s sake, all you and saeran wanted was ice cream
  • but there saeyoung was, perched on a tree branch looking like an idiot
  • meanwhile yoosung is clinging onto dear life, trying not to look down 
  • “saeyoung if you don’t get down, i’m gonna beat your ass,” saeran growls, cracking his knuckles. ten minutes ago you probably would’ve discouraged that. but ten minutes now, you’re pretty much on board with such an idea
  • “we don’t have time for this,” you shout to saeyoung. 
  • wait he isn’t even paying attention to you
  • is he - is he making a leaf crown?!
  • cue your fifth face-palm
  • now you and saeran wouldn’t be so annoyed if saeyoung didn’t clamber up an six foot tree with the ice cream you all rightfully bought. not to mention, he had the arabian dictionary which is the equivalent of the house keys to get back inside the bunker
  • “you know what, if you don’t come back here with yoosung, saeran and i are gonna hide all of your honey buddha chips.” you pause thoughtfully for a second. “and burn them.”
  • “what? babe, don’t do that to me!”
  • “don’t babe me!”
  • “SOMEBODY GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!” yoosung sobs
  • “MC, if you do that, i’m afraid it’ll be…” 
  • saeyoung: >:3c
  • you and saeran knew that expression all too well
  • “…tree-son.”
  • oh for fuck’s sake
  • dead-ass you look at your husband straight in the eyes 
  • “can’t you just leaf it alone?”
  • cue a pun war exchange between you and saeyoung
  • next thing everybody knew, saeyoung finally jumped down from the tree and landed on top of you
  • aaaaaaand now you’re making out
  • “you disgust me.” saeran shakes his head. 
  • at least he got his ice cream back
  • hmmm, but aren’t they missing something…?
  • “hello? i’m - i’m still stuck up here,” yoosung whimpers, forgotten by both his friends and the writer i’m such a smooth fourth wall breaker

You were a little bummed today, soon you would shoot your last scene. Though you were only on a couple of episodes, you loved being on the show and working with the guys.

But unfortunately, your character was only suppose to work with the boys for a couple of cases.

There was a knock at your door, and before you could even answer, Jensen strode right in. A smile plastered onto his face.

“Sure, come in J.” You chuckled.

He was all giggles as he made his way over to you. Not once looking away.

You furrowed your brows, confused of his behavior. He was acting pretty weird. “What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“So looks like you aren’t going anywhere for a while!” He muttered.

“What?” You exhaled.

Jensen’s lips curved more, the crinkles around his eyes forming. “Your now officially part of the cast!” He exclaimed. “The fans loved you and want you to stay on! Looks like Ella is stuck with the Winchesters.”

Your eyes grew, as excitement coursed through you. “Dude, Are you serious?!”

He nodded, “dude, yes!” He chuckled.

You couldn’t believe it, all the excitement, and happiness you did the unthinkable and crashed your lips to his.

Jensen was taken aback, feeling you against him.

As the realization of the situation dawned on you, you pulled apart from him. Your heart beating rapidly in your chest.

You tried to speak, apologize for it, but no words came out.

Jensen gazed at you, both your breathing a falling slow. You could feel the tension in the room thicken.

All he could think about was wanting to feel you again. To taste you. And the more he glanced at your lips, the more he began to yearn for you.

You let out a breath, and something inside of him snapped.

Jensen quickly leaned in, you followed in pursuit. Your lips meeting once again as his hands clutched on to your waist, pulling you in closer.

You could feel the kiss down to your toes. Shivers rippling up your spine. It was a kiss you both longed for since the day you met. All the sexual tension was now spilling out in this moment.

You wanted each other more than ever. The kiss deepened, your tongues grazing along against each other.

Jensen could feel himself begin to grow under his jeans. Craving to touch more of you.

But a single noise coming from outside startled you both. You pushed yourself off of him, jumping back.

Your breathing was hard, your heart pounding profusely.

His gaze locked with yours.

“I-I have to go.” He whispered.

Without another word, he made his way out of his trailer. A million thoughts running through his mind as he walked further away.

He wasn’t sure what the hell just happened. But one thing was sure, he wanted more. He wanted you.

His phone went off, grabbing his attention. Pulling it out of his pocket, he glanced at the screen, and immediately his stomach dropped.

“Hey.” He breathed.

“Hey baby. Guess what? JJ are on our way to visit you for a couple of days!” Danneel muttered. “We are about to board the plane!”

Dark Angel - Captain Boomerang (SMUT WARNING)

Read this on AO3 here.
Word Count: 2243
This was requested by the lovely @emo-kitty-love! I have finally finished lmao, so sorry it took so long but we got there in the end and I really hope you like it! I got a little carried away with the beginning and middle part so it is a lot longer than I expected :) enjoy! 

I sat on the floor of my cell, staring at the dark wall opposite me. The woman who had me incarcerated was smart - she made sure that I was to be imprisoned in a cell that could not be penetrated by magic or other means. I moved my hand around the red ball of energy in front of my face, I launched it towards the hefty door and for the umpteenth time - nothing happened. I sighed loudly and sat back. Out of nowhere, someone in the cell beside mine giggled. Great, so I’m stuck in a cell that can’t be penetrated by magic but the person beside me can hear everything?

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We Go Way Back {Ashton Irwin Smut}

RATING: This is smut, so yeah :)

Enjoy! Tell me if you want a Part 2!


“‘Sup asshole?” You stated as you strolled through the door of your best friend’s house. Ashton let out a small giggle at your utter coolness as you made your way into his living room, dropping your duffel bag onto the floor and collapsing on the couch, kicking up your feet and propping your head up with your hands.

“Hello to you too, Sunshine,” Ashton teased you, walking in calmly after you. He swept your feet off of the couch and replaced the empty spot with himself. You punched him in the arm.

“Y/N?” Anne suddenly peeked out of the kitchen, her eyes widening when she saw you, “Oh Lord. You didn’t put your feet up? Is the world ending?”

“No, I did,” you laughed, “Your dumb son just had to be annoying, as usual.” Anne laughed.

It was safe to say that your relationship with the Irwin family was that of your own. You’d known them since you were a baby. You and Ashton had grown up attached at the hip. He’d seen you naked multiple times, he’d seen you cry, he’d seen you swear like a sailor after you’d broken up with your long-time boyfriend. He’d seen you at your worst and your best.

Harry and Lauren were lovely. You were constantly giving Lauren makeup tips and taking her on various shopping sprees, and Harry was always there if you wanted to let your inner kid out; to play sports or video games, it didn’t matter.

“Well, I should be off,” Anne sighed dramatically, walking into the living room. She bent to give you a kiss on the crown of your head, and proceeded to slap the back of Ashton’s. He protested and groaned, and you just laughed.

“Don’t wait up for me, okay?” Anne said, “Harry and Lauren are sleeping over at Nan’s house tonight, so it’s just you two. Please try to keep the house intact.”

“I make no promises!” You yelled after her, and you heard her laugh from the front entrance.

“Isn’t it a bit weird to think that your mum is probably fucking guys?” You asked Ashton curiously. His head whipped to look at you and he cringed, “Seriously Sunshine? It wasn’t until now!”

You laughed, “Come on Ash, it’s a natural thing.”

“It’s gross, okay?” Ashton made a face, and you just smirked devilishly at him, smug at the fact that you could make him squirm.

Between the two of you, Ashton was the goody-two-shoes. He was well-behaved, polite and followed all the rules. You were more on the rebellious side, constantly fighting with your parents and seeking refuge at his house.

Ashton had only ever had one girlfriend, and he’d treated her like a queen, until she’d had to go ahead and fuck Roger Lincoln behind the bleachers at a football game. You’d gone through boys like tissues, constantly throwing them away and pulling out new ones, never wanting to get too attached. Ashton Irwin would only ever be the constant in your life, and you were okay with that.

So it was safe to say that you often felt dull in comparison to your best friend. You felt as though people were constantly looking at you to be just as amazing as he was: something you simply weren’t capable of. You lived in Ashton’s shadow; he was too good for you. It was as simple as that.

“So, what movie do you wanna watch first?” Ash questioned you, looking at you with his piercing hazel eyes. His face was framed by glasses he only ever wore around you, his hair falling onto his forehead, his torso practically bursting out of his muscle shirt. You swallowed heavily, looking away.

“Um…” You trailed off, tapping your chin and pretending to be deep in thought. Suddenly you grinned deviously, “'Insidious’?”


“You need to buy new movies,” you yawned as Ashton shakily reached for the remote, clumsily turning the television off. He looked terrified.

You guys had watched both Insidious movies, and all the Saw movies. You could handle blood and gore and decapitation, but you knew your best friend couldn’t: which was exactly why you’d picked those movies.

“Sunshine, I’m seriously scarred,” Ashton admitted, and you giggled. You yawned again, covering your mouth, and stood, “Bed?”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep,” Ash replied honestly, and you just nudged his knee with your foot, “I’ll protect you, you big baby. Give me a piggyback upstairs?”

He sighed dramatically but stood, crouching down. You hopped onto his back and he pretended to stagger, meriting a bite on the shoulder from you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist, clinging to him like a koala bear.

Ashton raced the both of you upstairs, you laughing the entire time. When he entered his room, he went straight for his bed, dropping you down with a loud thump. You shrieked in the darkness and he just chuckled, climbing on top of you and restricting you from any movement.

“Off,” you grumbled,“Fuck, I hate you.”

“You can’t hate me Sunshine,” he giggled, retaliating quickly and using your pet name, “We go way back.”

“Fletcher, I will knee you in the dick,” you threatened, completely serious. He pulled back, his bottom lip stuck out in a pout and his glasses slightly askew on his chiseled face.

“Why you gotta play middle names like that?” He whined. In his state of distraction, you finally managed to push him off of you. He groaned exaggeratedly and rolled away, standing up off his bed and making his way over to his dresser, which stood beside his sleek red drum kit.

“Fuck,” you realized, “I left my damn bag downstairs.”

“It’s okay,” he said, pulling out a drawer and rummaging through it. He turned, asking over his shoulder, “Pants?”

“Nah,” you replied, and he merely smirked. He pulled out a baggy t-shirt, tossing it to you. You caught it swiftly and stood from the bed, walking over to where he was, beginning to unbutton your jeans as you did so.

“So how’s that whole band thing going?” You asked him, pulling your pants down your legs. You kept your eyes trained on his drum kit as you spoke, though a few times you caught glimpses of him peeling his shirt from his body and replacing it with a clean muscle shirt.

“It’s alright,” he said, running a hand through his short and curly hair, “We might actually be leaving for London to go on a small tour.”

You whipped around to look at him, completely shocked by this confession, “No fucking way. Ash, that’s awesome!”

“Yeah,” he chuckled sheepishly. You scratched the back of your head, turning away again and discarding your pants onto the floor. You pulled your tight black shirt from you body, dropping it.

“How long will you be gone?” You asked quietly, your hands reaching back to unclasp your bra. You let the material fall away, leaving your backside completely bare to Ashton. You stared at the cymbals on his drums, waiting for an answer.

“U-uh,” your friend stammered from behind you, seeming flustered, “About a month?”

“Oh,” you simply said, pulling on his beige, ratty t-shirt. You took a step forward, now only in his top and your black underwear, and ran your fingers along the sleek golden metal of the cymbals, tapping them with your nails and feeling them quiver beneath your touch.

“Yeah,” Ash simply replied hollowly. You closed your eyes, not knowing how you would manage life without him for a whole month.

“Well,” you began, trying not to let him see how much of an effect this information had had on you, and you were grateful that you weren’t facing him, “I’ll miss you.”

You suddenly felt a warm puff of air on the back of your neck, and you whipped around quickly, startled. Your eyes widened as you practically ran into Ashton; he was standing so close to you.

You stumbled back slightly, your lower back coming in contact with his bass drum and your elbow knocking against his cymbals, emitting an echoing crash. You teetered, but then his arm lashed out, wrapping around your wrist and steadying you.

“Whoa,” you joked, “That was really loud, I’m sorry–”

Your best friend cut you off.

By planting his fucking lips on yours.

Your eyes went wide. Nothing and everything was being processed in your brain at the same time. You could feel the sensation of Ashton’s soft, slightly chapped lips, could smell the minty aroma radiating off of him, could sense your heart galloping at a thousand miles an hour.

But you were also numb, unable to feel anything, time slowing in your brain like molasses. What the hell was happening?

“Shit,” Ashton pulled back and swore, his fingers finding his lips and rubbing them, as though trying to savour whatever was left. He stepped back slightly, separating your bodies by a few inches, “Y/N, I’m sorry.”

It was in that nanosecond that you realized that you’d enjoyed that…a whole fucking lot.

“Shut the fuck up,” you sighed, stepping forward and cupping the back of his neck, bringing his lips back to yours.

He was surprised at first, but the two of you quickly melted into the kiss. His hands went from your cheeks to your neck, to your shoulders, finally trailing down your arms and veering in towards your hips. He grabbed them roughly, making you let out a gasp.

“Sorry, sorry,” he stuttered, pulling back again and looking at you with concern. You just rolled your eyes and grabbed the hem of his muscle top, pulling him to you.

“Fletcher,” you stated seriously, “Shut. Up.”

And then you were kissing again. You reached for his hands and placed them back on your hips, squeezing reassuringly and letting him know that it was okay to be rough with you. You weren’t a virgin.

Ashton’s head dipped and soon, he was leaving hot, open-mouthed kisses along the column of your throat. Your jaw went slack and your eyes closed at the divine feeling. Your hands crept into his hair and threaded though the dirty-blonde locks, pushing his face further into your neck.

Somehow, he managed to turn you around and back you up, because you suddenly felt the mattress of his bed hit the backs of your knees. You fell down, squealing, and pulled him with you. He cracked the smallest smile before reconnecting your lips.

“Ashton,” you breathed as his left hand brushed down your bare thigh, caressing you. You sighed in content, and it only seemed to have fuelled his desire for you, because he was suddenly tugging at the hem of your (or was it his?) shirt, demanding that it come off. You’d never seen him this confident, apart from when he was onstage, drumming and doing the thing he loved most.

Before you knew it, your shirt had been discarded, flung onto the other side of the room. You had no idea what on earth you were doing, but you didn’t want to stop. Your mind was clouded with thoughts of Ashton Irwin, drunk off his touch.

Ashton’s eyes widened when his gaze landed on your full chest. You giggled, “It’s nothing you haven’t seen before.”

“They’re just…wow,” he whispered, and you laughed a full, joyful laugh. Slowly, his hand came up to fondle the soft skin of your breast, and you sighed in pleasure, throwing you head back. He hadn’t even done anything, and you were already soaked.

Ash kissed down your neck before proceeding lower, sucking viciously on your collarbones, leaving a dark mark on each. He finally arrived at your chest, sprinkling small pecks along your skin, not even hesitating at the stretch marks, the pink lines of discolouration that you hated with a passion.

When his lips wrapped around your nipple, your back arched into a perfect parabola. You gasped, feeling sensitive from all his teasing, the small, pink bud now enveloped by him.

He swirled his tongue around your nipple and grazed his teeth against it gently, making you let out a strangled squeak. Your fingers once again found purchase in his hair, and your mouth fell open. Ashton pampered your nipple before pulling his lips off with a pop and giving the other one the same treatment.

While he was pleasuring you, his hand slowly slipped up your thigh, rubbing soft circles into the skin. Ashton lifted his head to look at you with a concerned expression, “Can I?”

“Yes,” you practically cried, desperate for release. He’d gotten you riled up. He nodded seriously and brought his thumb to your silk-covered core. These underwear were ruined, but it was so worth it.

Ashton’s thumb quickly located your clit and began to rub slow, deliberate circles. You arched your back, pressing your bare torso into his covered one, “Ash…please.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. His movements sped up, and you closed your eyes. His left hand pushed your underwear to the side and his fingers came into contact with your bare, drenched heat. You were too turned on to be embarrassed.

“Fuck, I’ve wanted this for so long,” he admitted breathlessly, sponging kisses along the curve of your shoulder. You whimpered in response as the tip of his index finger dipped into you.

He went at a slow pace at first, gauging your reaction. But when you cried out in pleasure, he didn’t hesitate to add another finger and continue at a faster speed. The whole while, his thumb was rubbing your clit quickly, trying to get you off as soon as possible, almost as thought he had something to prove.

You cried out when his fingertip brushed against your spot. He aimed for that area again and deemed successful. You could feel your high approaching, the knot in your stomach tightening.

Ashton kissed you passionately, biting at your bottom lip. That was all you needed to let go.

Your body tensed and relaxed multiple times as you shot off into a pit of pure pleasure, mulling around in the ecstasy as though it was a swimming pool. Your eyes closed and your body shook vigorously, your lips parting as you let gasps and the occasional whimper escape. Ash worked you through your orgasm, trying to prolong it.

When you finally recollected yourself and your bearings, you became conscious of Ashton gazing down at you. You looked up at him hazily and gave him the tiniest of smiles. He returned it and buried his face into your neck.

“God Y/N,” he breathed, “I fucking love you.”

You tensed at the words. Your brain kicked into overdrive, and suddenly you could feel everything rushing back at you.

Ashton was your best friend. Best friends didn’t do this. Best friends didn’t love each other…at least, not in that way. You struggled to sit up, and Ashton, being caught off-guard, let you.

“Y/N?” He asked, frowning, “What’s wrong?”

“No,” you merely murmured, shaking your head. You scrambled up from the bed, shooting a glance at the clock on Ashton’s bedside table: 1:04 AM.

“Sunshine,” Ashton said, standing as well. You suddenly felt caught and panicked, and you rushed over to his dresser, where you’d abandoned your jeans and shirt. You pulled both articles of clothing on hastily, not bothering to do up your pants.

“I have to go,” you murmured, racing for the door. You were about to turn the knob when someone caught your wrist and spun you around.

“Y/N,” Ashton pleaded quietly with you, “Please don’t.”

“I can’t,” you let a sob break through. You wrenched yourself out of his grasp and pulled open the door, running down the hall and racing down the steps. You could hear Ashton’s heavy footsteps following you.

“Please just let me leave,” you cried, unable to hold back the tears, panic flooding your body and leaving you a withered mess. You didn’t bother to retrieve your duffel bag; you could come back to get it some other time.

When Ashton wasn’t here.

“Please Sunshine, you don’t know what you’re doing,” Ashton begged you, reaching out for you. You shook your head, slipping on your sneakers and backing away from him, your hand fumbling blindly for the doorknob. Finally, you felt the cool metal and twisted quickly.

And then you spun around, running from Ashton, your best friend, and disappearing into the night.



#161: He Does Push-Ups Over You


All these sweaty work out photos of the boys has made me weak in my damn knees! (Michael satisfy me in his way of using snapchat instead, let’s leave it that way).

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With his eyebrows furrowed and sweat running down his forehead, you couldn’t control the biting in your lip. His lips were parting while he panted slightly, once in a while giggling down at your reaction as you looked up at him stunned. “You haven’t kissed me yet.” You pouted, and he shook his head no in answer to focus. Though with the sad expression and pouty lips he couldn’t hold in any longer. Lowering down effortlessly with ease he pressed his chest against yours and lips finding yours instantly for a short kiss. “Hey.” You pouted again and watched as he raised himself up again with his muscles and grinned in tease.


Groans left his mouth every time he pushed down with all of his strength, his eyebrows furrowing and his mouth formed into the small letter of o. A huge smile was embracing your warm face by his constant moving, watching as his muscled tensed. “Good view down there?” He commented when he noticed your stares and your gaze went from his biceps to his chocolate brown eyes. “Yeah it’s pretty great I must admit.” You mused and traced your finger down one of his prominent veins. “Can’t compare to my view though.” He grinned and moved down to place a sweaty kiss to your forehead. “Best motivation ever.”


“How the hell did you convince me to do this.” He groaned in question and squeezed his eyes shut by lowering himself down for the push-up. “Because it’s romantic! And I’ve always wanted to try.” You said with encouraging eyes, grinning lightly when he squeezed one eye open to look at you. “Only  because it’s you.” He mumbled sweetly before moving down again, trying to reach the peak of at least ten push-ups. Even with the low number he was starting to sweat beneath his light red flannel, his muscles struggling to pull himself up again. Though it took him seconds to let go of everything and land on top of your chest with a loud laughter, already giving up.


Your lips parted when Ashton confidently placed one arm behind his shoulder, lowered down against your chest with the struggle of only one arm. “How do you do that?” You asked impressed, feeling his lips brush over yours teasingly every time he moved down. “Drumming has many benefits.” He grinned and flipped his hair up to get his sweaty curls away from his face, his bare chest glistering with sweat. He placed the other hand back beside your face and leaned fully down, finally giving you a kiss on the lips instead of the constant teasing he had been going on for minutes now.

The highlight of my day was when I had a conversation with a curious little girl. After asking her mother about me, the mum suggested she ask for herself, to which the little girl questioned, “Who am I dressed like?”. Her voice had such innocence, especially in her giggle after I responded with, “Well, I look a little bit like Strawberry Shortcake, don’t I?”. That was when I told her that this was just how I dressed, because I liked it, and doing so made me happy. I explained that she should also dress to make herself happy, to wear what makes her smile. Being able to share smiles with this girl, even for a minute, is a part of what makes wearing what I like so very enjoyable. I hope that she’s able to carry those words with her, even on her darkest days, and remembers to love how she feels in whatever she may wear, as I hope all of you do, as well. ♡

Stay With Me. Part 2

Harley Quinn x Reader

Warnings - Smut and language

GIF not mine. Credits to whoever made it!

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“Harley! Come get your breakfast” You say, putting the eggs on a plate, she comes running, already in her usual outfit. She sits down and giggles, shoving the eggs to her face. “Thanks Y/N you’re truly the best” You chuckle and watch her eat, it looks like she doesn’t care about a thing in the world, yet to know the voices inside of her head, her dark past. “What, do you like me or something like that?” She smiles and drinks orange juice. She knew that she is your only weakness and took advantage of that. “Oh, I’ll show you afterwards baby” You say and walk by her side, grabbing her chin and tilting her head towards you, you start leaning in for a kiss, your lips grazing Harleys, until she grabs you by your hair and starts to kiss you, her lips tasting so sweet. “Hey, I have to go train baby” You say giving her one last kiss and grabbing a gun and your knives. “Sure puddin’! Remember that today is date night” She says and giggles, you close the door and go towards the meeting with Joker.

You didn’t tell Harley because she has panic attacks being scared that she will go back to her old, abusive life. You can’t help but remember the first meeting you had together.


Joker was out of town so Harley would represent him in all the meetings that he would miss.

You both had a meeting with this guy named Brad, he wanted to steal a museum and he needed the guns necessary plus henchmen and some plans, so you had to go.

“Harley, lets go or we’ll be late!” You yell to Harley that was still in the bathroom of your penthouse. She went outside to see if you would approve “So, should I put my hair down or in pigtails?” She asked you, she was wearing a black and gold dress, looking stunning, while you were wearing black leather pants and a white blouse, you straightened your hair and put some black heels. “Obviously let it down, you have beautiful hair.” You say, and Harley skipped towards you, leaning in. You had to admit that these past months have been incredible with Harley, she knew things about you that nobody did. You were starting to develop a crush towards her and she could see it, she would usually tease you but when the Joker wasn’t around or you would have a bullet in your skull already.

“I think I’m ready” She said, looking at your eyes, she quickly gazed your lips, licking hers and she pulled out a hand “Let’s go sweetie” She giggled and started to go down the stairs. You went behind her and she was already in the passenger seat of your car.

During the ride she would just tell you jokes and you smiling at how she would laugh. When you arrived, you put your gun in your holster, so that everybody would see it.

You and Harley entered the room and there was only one seat, Harley ran to it and sat down giggling. “Oh Y/N wipe that frown and come sit on my lap” Harley said smiling and pretending to bite something, you walked towards her and she opened her arms for you.

“Well, it looks like the most important people of this meeting are finally here” Brad said looking at you and Harley. Harley just clapped her hands and put them around your waist, resting her head on your back. The meeting was pretty boring, you don’t know what you were doing here, you could feel Harley whisper stuff to herself and randomly giggling in silence.

“Hey sweetie, Harley’s bored, why don’t we get out of here, tell one of Mr. J’s henchmen to update us afterwards.” You heard Harley whisper in your ear, you could feel her lips grazing your ear. “No Harley, this is important, we’re gonna get a lot of money out of it” She groaned and then started to trace something on your back. “Please baby, I’ll make it up to you, we’ll do something fun.” She whispered and bit your earlobe, and she started to kiss your neck. “Harley, stop it, or I’ll have to do something about you getting home.” You said sternly because, you started to feel moist in your pants. “So Y/N, where would you take the guns?” Brad asked and you looked up at the man “Well, to Gotham-” You said, getting interrupted “Well, do something about me right know.” Harley whispered and her hand traveled to your thighs, rubbing her hands up and down. “We would have to create a distraction-” once again interrupted “I mean, I have been a pretty bad girl don’t you think?” Harley whispered and started to suck on your neck. You stood up abruptly and stormed out of the room, you quickly went in to the ladies room. You washed your face, thinking about Harley. You heard heels clicking until the stopped, you looked up and saw Harley smiling innocently.

“What’s wrong Y/N? Couldn’t take it?” Harley said, smirking. You looked at her and walked to the bathrooms door, locking it quickly, you walked back towards Harley that was sitting at the sink. You looked at the beautiful woman and stared at her. “What do you like me or something?” She asked, teasing and smiling. You smile at her. “Oh, you’re so gonna regret doing that babe.” You say, and kissed her, you bit her lip until it bled and then you separated, you started to leave love bites on her skin, while your hand explored her thighs and she started to moan. You stopped and separated her legs, giving you clear visibility of her dripping cunt. You looked at her and smirked, starting to lick circles, Harley was moaning more than before, you flattened your tongue and went inside of her, tasting her sweetness, she was out of control, her hands were on the back of your head, she was grinding against your tongue, you stopped and started to kiss her, then you attacked her again with your tongue, you started to suck on her until her legs started to shake, her juices were on your mouth, you stood up and gave Harley a kiss.

“Now, will you distract me again while we’re in a meeting?” You asked her, she was panting recovering from her orgasm, she looked at you and smiled. “Yes.” She smiled and kissed you, you washed your face and fixed your hair, Harley fixed her clothes and got down from the sink. She pushed you in to one of the walls and started to kiss you, grabbing your ass and then stopping, she started to bite you, your hand travelled to her breast and you wanted to kiss her but she wouldn’t let you.

You both entered the room, hand in hand and Harley practically all over you. “You want me to carry you this time?” You told Harley as she nodded and giggled. You hugged her, and started to kiss her, she was giggling. “Baby keep quiet.” You whispered to her ear, biting it. She shut up and you were know going to tease her. “Baby, you tasted so good, what will I do with you?” You whispered and you started to bite her skin. “Fuck, I think that I really like you.” You whispered. “Harley, sweetie, I can’t wait to taste those sweet lips of yours.” You whispered, kissing her and she turned around, kissing you roughly. Forgetting that the Jokers henchmen where there, Harley looked at you in complete fear, knowing that they will talk about Harley kissing you. “Don’t worry baby.” You say hugging her. “I’ll protect you from that monster.” You said and started to pay attention to the meeting.

End of flashback

As you walk you think about Harley, she’s gonna find out, she’s gonna be mad, she’s gonna be sad, she’s gonna be terrified.

You enter the building, and walk with confidence, but if Harley saw you, she would know that you were terrified, she knew you, better than anyone.

You enter the room, spotting the green haired man. He starts laughing almost immediately and you sit down.

“What do we have here?!” He says practically jumping in excitement. You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the Bat capturing your customers, you had to get money somehow to support your princess, to get her what she wants. “Great to see you again J” You say sarcastically and grin. “Oh, we’re gonna have a lot of fun dollface” He said, looking at you and laughing at your face.

The meeting was boring but you were just thinking about it being over soon and being able to get back to Harley. “You are dismissed.” Joker said but walking towards you, you knew he was going to ask you about Harley, he is obsessed with her.

“You must really need my help to come here dollface.” He said chuckling and then lifting his finger “Or you must be really crazy, oh and believe me, the best ones are.” Joker said, grabbing your chin harshly and making him look at you. “What do you want.” He said. You were surprised that he didn’t ask you anything else. “I want a job, you know that I’m very skilled in knives and some guns, making plans and well, transporting illegal things.” You say, he looks amazed. “Fine, you’ll be a hench man or should I say woman, but only when they are robbery’s and well you are going to keep me company.” He said grinning. You nod and start to get up, you are about to get out until he grabbed your hand, kissing your lips, you stay shocked and he starts laughing. “Get out of my sight before I kill you dollface.”

You walked back home, you were going to get ready for date night with Harley and tell her about Joker.

minho dabbed three times during ready or not and jinki capsized (safely of course he giggled it off lol) and it was fantastic