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SnK 90 Thoughts

Have you ever had this perfect story idea in mind, then realized that in order to get to it, you have to write basically an entirely separate book to set it up?

Have you ever decided that you really don’t feel like doing that?

Usually, that is when the words stop and the project goes into a desk drawer. Mostly a figurative one these days.

But–bear with me here–what if

You just skipped all the boring parts.

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the asriel coffee drive is OVER!

… actually, it was over a few hours ago, but i was busy! so, how far did you all get?

The Coffee Saga: Part 17

wha-!? WOW! you guys got asriel into pretty much all of the coffee goals. i am utterly speechless. this is AMAZING. in this last stretch, an extremely generous coffee crusader even pushed through a few more goals! huge, huge thanks to you. let’s see what those goals are.

  • 650 coffees:
    chara and asriel show frisk how cooking is done
  • 675 coffees:
    chara, asriel, and frisk SOLVE WORLD HUNGER 
  • 699 coffees:
    35 year old frisk marrying 36 year old chara – asriel is there
  • 729 coffees:
    chara makes lasagne for asriel – wearing the infamous naked apron 

asriel was already in the 650 goal, but now he’s being added to the following three as well! you’re just 19 coffees until the next goal, too.

  • 750 coffees:
    asriel showing off his “chaos saber” to chara

… which, as it would happen, is also relevant to asriel! 

i really don’t have the words to express our gratitude. we’ll keep working as hard as we can for all of you!! thank you so much! this huge amount of coffee art will take time to complete between the comic pages, but we will work diligently as always. on that note, the first completed coffee art featuring asriel goes up later today! 

asriel coffee drive: the results

you all accomplished a LOT. here’s a list of all the goals that were hit, all of which will include asriel thanks to your overwhelming generosity and support!

  • 329 coffees:
    chara, asriel, and frisk doing jojo poses (jojo’s bizarre adventure crossover)
    Status: [100% Complete]
  • 350 coffees:
    chara in a wedding dress – asriel is there, too
    Status: [Pending]
  • 379 coffees:
    chara, asriel, and frisk have a pokemon battle (pokemon crossover)
    Status: [Pending]
  • 399 coffees:
    anon sucking the caretaker’s “spike”… feat. asriel?
    Status: [Pending] NSFW!
  • 429 coffees:
    chara, frisk, and asriel dressed as OFF characters (OFF crossover)
    Status: [Pending]
  • 450 coffees:
    frisk and 13-year-old-anon practice for the nose nuzzling championship (feat. asriel practicing for the championship as well)
    Status: [Pending]
  • 479 coffees:
    something gravity falls related (gravity falls crossover) feat. asriel
    Status: [Pending]
  • 499 coffees:
    frisk eating the totally safe pie, feat. asriel
    Status: [Pending]
  • 529 coffees:
    female chara “spiking” male chara  – now with 100% more asriel
    Status: [Pending] NSFW!
  • 550 coffees:
    chara REALLY loves books (and asriel?)
    Status: [Pending] NSFW!
  • 579 coffees:
    frisk, chara, and asriel as sora, riku, and kairi (kingdom hearts crossover)
    Status: [Pending]
  • 599 coffees:
    chara x spike becomes real (feat. asriel)
    Status: [Pending] NSFW!

  • 629 coffees:
    steven meets frisk. chara meets yellow diamond, asriel meets… someone else (steven universe crossover)
    Status: [Pending]
  • 650 coffees:
    chara and asriel show frisk how cooking is done
    Status: [Pending]
  • 675 coffees:
    chara, asriel, and frisk SOLVE WORLD HUNGER
    Status: [Pending]
  • 699 coffees:
    35 year old frisk marrying 36 year old chara – asriel is there
    Status: [Pending]
  • 729 coffees:
    chara makes lasagne for asriel – wearing the infamous naked apron
    Status: [Pending]

that’s seventeen pieces of art that will include asriel, all thanks to you guys. this is phenomenal! 

at the end of it all, we’d like to once again thank kyle, our coffee crusaders, brilliant baristas, and everyone else who supported the cause for this hot goat. thank you so, so much!

Why your art comment section is dead & how to get seen

I keep seeing more and more young artists become discouraged from posting their artwork in online art communities due to lack of feedback so here’s some thoughts.

(Disclaimer: The following article is based on personal observations, both as a self-thought hobby illustrator and as a graphic designer working in the advertising field, hence I do not guarantee any scientific accuracy.)

The good news:
Your art does not suck.

The bad news:
You might have to find a different way of presentation.

Here’s why.

So, I assume most of us come from a time where forums were a thing, LiveJournal was the blogging place-to-be and deviantART and similar art communities were flourishing. You’d log in and have a two-digit number of notifications. Comments, favorites, maybe a personal message or two. I remember spending hours on the site and logging in several times over the course of one day in order to write back and forth with my fellow artists!

Today? Dust and tumbleweed. If you hold your ear to the inbox close enough you can hear the chirping of crickets. But why?

Here’s my personal theory:

The dynamics of online communities are an ever-changing phenomenon as the learned behavior of users is strongly influenced by user experience and design trends. From my personal experience, the peak of activity in art communities seemed to have been around 2005. That’s 12 years! Remember your first clunky cell phone vs. your current smartphone? That’s how incredibly fast technology advanced in just a small fraction of your lifetime. It’s basically the same for user experience and online behavior, just that it’s not so easy for us to see because it’s more of a mentality you feel than an actual, physical object we can see, touch or buy.

In the past 12 years, lots of things have changed. The concept of Like buttons started popping up everywhere. Microblogging like Twitter is a thing. Some news stories are nothing but slideshows with minimal caption. Snapchat and Instagram stories are booming. Why? Because the majority of users do not sit down for hour-long sessions on their desktop PCs after school any more and go through all of their messages. Instead, thanks to smartphones, users do it on-the-go wherever they are; like or reply to messages on their smartphone as they pop up, swipe them away and move on to the next, in the course of minutes or seconds. This means: Today’s users are used to quick reception; short, quick posts that can be consumed in seconds. This is why Clickbait, for example, is a thing, and Tinder happened.

TL;DR: Users are no longer used (and hence willing) to spending time writing comments or reading articles unless they’re very, very devoted to the subject itself. In an online world where it’s easy to drop a quick Like to give props to the artist, or even share or reblog a piece without comment if it’s relevant enough to your interests, the concept of forum- and comment-based online art communities is outdated.

This has been creeping up on us very, very slowly and is hence often – understandably – interpreted as lack of interest, so it is not surprising that some artists feel discouraged by the regression of written feedback, resulting in doubt of their own skills. Let me assure you: Your art actually rocks! In these times it just requires a different form of presentation.

So what can artists do?

  1. Make peace with the fact that in today’s online community, likes and shares have replaced comments and journal features. It is people’s way of telling you that your art is awesome.
  2. Post your art on social media channels that are currently popular. Not as a link to your deviantART gallery with a preview image where people have to tap through tumbnails three times and spend 10 kilograms of data volume through 273 redirects, but as an actual, native image post. The faster the user can see the actual piece, the better.
  3. Keep captions short and simple. If you have a lot of personal stuff to say to an image, include a link to a more detailed version (e. g. in a personal art gallery) in the caption or put it under a cut. Why? Again, the faster the user can perceive the whole thing in one, the better. Also, from my personal experience, people will refrain from reblogging art that has a lot of personal text under it (= displaying it on their personal timeline or profile) because they simply do not identify with what’s written there, and why should they?
  4. You know that annoying feature where sites like Twitter will randomly display your likes to your followers? Rely on that shit. I’ve stumbled upon some really cool art that way, and people will find your art that way as well (granted you post it publically).
  5. Use tags! This works surprisingly well, especially on Instagram, for example. I’ve had strangers drop by and like my stuff just because it contained a tag that was somehow relevant. And if it mostly makes “like for like”-commenters come to your posts? Even better! People like that tend to have a huge network, and as long as there’s traffic on your page, the website algorithms will do their job and your art will eventually pop up in strangers’ “posts you might like”.
  6. Timing is important! People’s timelines and feeds are cluttered with input that’s impossible to consume in one sitting. Make sure to post at the right times, e. g. when people sit down in the train back home from work and check their phones. I’m not going to elaborate on this in-depth but there’s enough studies out there that will help you.
  7. This one can be skipped if you’re financially dependent on selling your art, but as someone who just does art as a hobby it helped me a lot so I’m sharing it: Try to internalize the fact that you’re drawing for yourself, and only yourself. It’ll spare you a lot of frustration and save friendships; trust me.

I’m no doctor but I hope this posts helps a little and I could put a tiny ray of light into the online experience of my discouraged fellow hobby artists who are struggling with lack of self-confidence.

Please keep going – your art is awesome!

Sometimes being is just not enough. It’s not the same as living. I’m not falling in love or laughing as much anymore which all in all leads to less smiles, less pictures with friends and family, less memories. I’ve got a list of books to read that is longer than my patience for myself, if I could I would leave myself in the other room or maybe in the next town over because we aren’t on the same page anymore. I go to sleep without clothes on so that I don’t have to strip anything off in the morning; I feel like I have been ridding myself of layers for so long- who I was, who I am, my dreams, and all of the possibilities fall to the floor like yesterday’s clothing. I want to help, but I can’t help myself. I want to live, really live, but the effort it takes to just keep breathing is becoming a burden.

Fairy Tail Chapter 533 Review

Yep it’s dual chapter week

Our cover is the Loke arc which is nice, but I have a small problem. This arc is where a lot of Lucy x Loke began and it has never really been addressed aside from a few jokes. And this is really funny as we have just had a color spread all about love and ships and yep this early ship that has been pretty open about the attraction, just got shafted. I don’t know about you but I see some pissed off LoLu fans.

We open on Magniolia where all of Fairy Tail is converging after the fairy heart was absorbed. They all mourn Makarov forr a little and realize only team Natsu is out and about doing stuff.

Okay, I really like this moment. Like really like it. This is a scene that belongs in a war arc. All these people coming together and realize they haven’t all come back. I really like this moment of humanity. My only issue is most of these character have done nothing aside Gildarts. So it feels less as they didn’t actually contribute to the war and just stood there to make up numbers. But I can over look a bit of it as the instance of the guild being a guild is nice.

Cutting to Gray and Lucy who are also recovering fro the fairy heart blast.

Oh lord…

Okay so people have noticed for the last weeks I’ve bitched saying “Lucy needs to do something” and in a way, I am glad she’s doing something right now but I’m also seeing this like, no. You shouldn’t know how to handle this ancient magic let alone mess with it. That seems way too convenient. Like people have said “Lucy is flawless” and that’s not true she somes have levels of flaws and that’s what makes her one of the better characters but she also juggles this odd I can do everything trait. That’s what I feel most have a problem with. If Erza can do anything in combat then Lucy can do anything non combat related.

Like this seems like something that would make more sense if Levy handled or even Anna. Yes, Anna. That I could at least buy she understands how to deal with an ancient magic. But with Lucy it seems like this is way out of her specialty but, she’ll do it anyway.

We cut back to the guild with Natsu vs White Zeref’

And i’m not kidding literally, 5 pages are devoted to Natsu just putting his all into one attack. On the one hand I think that’s a good way of building up the fact that white Zeref survived it by focusing on just how powerful this attack is. At the same time, NOTHING’S HAPPENING!

So Zeref shows off how he’s uber god mode by explaining all of time and space it under his control. Essentially Zeref became one with star memory.

So Zeref just walks up to Natsu and…

Kills him… yeah

Oh no. Natsu is dead. This I am sure of.

Oh bullshit trying to make me care about this you literally have 3 ways to undo this, reset time, END revives him, or the time lapse will allow some other time possession thing. Like he’s the MAIN character of fairy tail. I can’t feel for this moment because litterally not only has this arc proven that death is pointless but also this series has thought me no main character dies at all. Like this drama doesn’t affect me.

Also I have some problems with Zeref’s new personality. All this contradiction seems to be gone because he wants to reset every thing. Which in a way is fine you could argue he justifies all this by, all this bad stuff I do will be rectified in this new world. But my problem is he seems like he’s a different character all together and unless you’re Sensui from Yu Yu Hakusho, that doesn’t go over well.

Post Chapter follow up: NOTHING! Literally Nothing happens in this chapter. I swear this moved us maybe a centimeter closer to the ending but everything just amounted to pointless this chapter.

Okay pros, that scene is good. I really want to stress that in a war arc moments of just characters together and being human is really effective. The scene of Natsu just giving every thing in one attack that lasts all those pages wouldn’t be bad in and of itself. I think it could’ve worked better in a chapter that had more happening because this moment would be great for build up and atmosphere . But since nothing happens in this chapter it feels like padding.

On the cons, Lucy the perfect solution. I said I want Lucy to do something but here’s the thing, anyone can do something but it matters if the thing their doing is relevant to their character. Like for example Gray could say “I can’t dispel this fire enchantment” which would be doing something but why Gray? He has no background in fire magic or dispel so it seems like you gave him the power to do this because plot.

So Lucy doing this is some what nice, she’s contributing, but also she really should have no idea how to deal with this super ancient magic. If it were Anna, Levy, even Mavis this would make sense but Lucy it just is like, cool you can do that.

Another con is Natsu’s death ultimately doesn’t matter. We know he’ll be fine both main character shields and Zeref has the power to undo it. Like there’s no fear. Only fear is with this undo and the constant reference of Makarov being dead leads e to think they’ll all be okay and revived. It just seems really pointless.

Final Verdict: 4/10

  • While not “bad” nothing good happens so it can’t go either way
  • A whole lot of no progress made
  • Just dragging
@Jumblr: need some cheering up?

I’m starting a collection of interesting/weird/relevant halachic debates. You’ve probably seen some/most of them, but hopefully it’ll give someone a laugh or just a mental challenge to take their mind off things. This page isn’t just for tonight/now, it’s staying up and I will continue to add things. If you send something in I will (probably) add it. I’d especially love all the space stuff that was going around was it months ago? Or anything Hogwarts or really honestly everything.

anonymous asked:

Resume / CV, one page or two? I see industry professionals saying you should always be able to put your work into a one page resume. However, my lecturers (i'm at University) seem to be under the impression that two pages is what we should be doing. thoughts?

It should only be two pages if you’ve just got that much relevant work experience. Don’t pad your resume. Even if it looks super small because you’re just starting out, don’t do it. Hiring managers won’t really care about your interest in martial arts or volunteer work with the local soup kitchen if you don’t have the skills and experience we do care about. The longer we have to go hunting for it among all the fluff, the more frustrated we become. Here’s a rough scoring system rule-of-thumb metric:

  • Very relevant to the job requirements (e.g. work experience in a shipped title doing what I want): +5-10 points
  • Relevant to the job requirements (work or project experience in a similar area of expertise): +3 points
  • Not relevant to the job requirements, overly wordy descriptions: -1 point
  • Employment gap, bad grammar and/or spelling, obvious mistakes (e.g. missing a cover letter when one was requested, writing the wrong company name in the letter or objective, etc.), demotion/going backward in career advancement: -10 points, possibly instant fail

If your resume doesn’t have a positive score by the time I’m done reading it, it gets tossed. I’ve got a list of skills that I need my candidate to perform. If the stuff on your resume doesn’t show me that you’ve got some kind of experience doing similar things, it wastes my time reading them and I really hate wasting my time. The more you make me waste my time reading stuff that isn’t relevant, the less favorably inclined I am toward you.

It is thus better for the both of us if you give me a resume with as little padding as possible. I can get to the stuff I care about faster, and I don’t have to feel like I’m wading through paragraphs of fluff to get to the stuff I want to see. If you write too much prose, it shows me that you are not good at explaining what you did, and that makes me think you’ll be bad at explaining things to teammates. Don’t worry if your resume seems short. I would much rather have a half-page resume that’s got only relevant skills and experience on it than a two page CV that tells me about your interests in intramural volleyball and Ethiopian food. The faster I get through it, the happier I am. The longer it takes, the more likely I am to put it down and move on to the next.

The only time I’ve ever felt it necessary to have two pages on the resume is when you’ve got so much professional experience on games that you can’t fit it into one page, even after skimming down the oldest titles in the resume. I want to read about that, because it actually might be relevant. Most university students and fresh graduates don’t have that problem, so I’d suggest keeping it to a single page.

PS. You may wish to peruse my [#resume preparation] tag. There’s a lot of stuff in there.

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sky-made-of-amethyst  asked:

Just finished reading King's Cage, and it was amazing. I could go on and on about everything I loved about it but one thing that I really stood out to me was the acknowledgments page especially towards the end. It literally had me bawling. Thank you so so much for making it relevant to some of the trials we are all currently facing and for mentioning minorities that are currently being marginalized. You don't know how much it means to me and to a lot people who are currently facing a hard time.

Yeah, the acknowledges were written in a really raw time. Thanks for reading them. I appreciate it. We’re all in this together.

The Way You Swell, Slow

Summary: Adam realizes that Belle is very infatuated with his mouth, and proceeds to use this new, delicious information to his advantage. (WC: 2,978 words)

A/N: The title is a line from the song Faster by Matt Nathanson. A fantastic song worth giving a listen to. You can also read this fic on AO3.

Warnings: SMUT AHEAD!

Adam is almost embarrassed by how long it takes for him to notice.

Really, it should have been quite obvious, considering how often he found Belle’s mouth on his. Not even simply kissing, for frequently she would tangle her fingers in the lapels of his jacket in a persistent grip, pulling him down to her so she could merely brush their lips together in a teasing whisper.

Minx, he would murmur, and she would laugh a breathy laugh, so that her sweet warm breath could ghost over his face, bringing him to the brink of anticipation before releasing him.

It was also evident in their exchanges, the way her gaze sometimes drew south while he was engaging her, soft brown irises consumed by dilating pupils as they lingered on his mouth, her side of the conversation becoming significantly less quick-witted as her fair cheeks flushed a delectable shade of red.

But it was last night that it struck Adam, when she laid atop him unclothed with her chin perched on his sweat slick, still heaving chest, tracing a gentle finger over his swollen lips. She never gave, continuing her ministrations even after the rise and fall of Adam’s chest leveled out, long quiet minutes passing as her careful eyes followed the endless drag of her finger over his full, flushed, inviting lips. That was when Adam realized how transfixed Belle was by his mouth.

And oh, the fun he had with that.

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anonymous asked:

I'm in love with Kill la Kill as you are and honestly.. I was so sad when senketsu just perished in the last episode.. I mean was it for the best? Was it for the worst? Why did he die in the first place? I was just so confused and devastated about his death... can you can dive into the topic?

Anon, I am more and more devastated about Senketsu’s death every time I think about it.

I’ve actually written on this topic pretty extensively. If you’re ever looking for my thoughts on anything Kill la Kill, you’ll probably find it listed on my organized meta pages. You can get to these pages by clicking the “KLK META” link right on my blog (here), and I also keep a rebloggable list here. I really do try to keep these easy to navigate!

I’ve linked some relevant essays I’ve done below. (The ☂ are warnings for Extreme Salt and the numbers in parentheses note that the essay was included on that page in my compiled meta book.)

For the most succinct essays:

Senketsu’s Death: For the Best? (186)  ☂

Senketsu’s Death: How Did Senketsu Die? (164)

Why Don’t You Like the Ending of Kill la Kill?  ☂

Gurren Lagann, Re: Cutie Honey: Kill la Kill Ending Salt ☂ 


Senketsu’s Final Fate? (143) ☂

Senketsu “Outgrew” Being a Uniform? (139) ☂

OVA Thoughts

Senketsu’s Death: Is Senketsu Really Dead? (145) ☂ , Part II  ☂ , Part III  ☂

The OVA is Awful if You Like Senketsu

OVA Salt

“Outgrowing Sailor Uniforms”

Episode 24: Not a Happy Ending  ☂

I think I probably summed it up best here, though:

Like, the reasoning behind Senketsu’s death is probably that he’s:

  • A, Ryuko’s mentor/father figure and his passing is thereby a good way of showing Ryuko’s Coming of Age and how she’s All Grown Up Now,
  • or B, that he’s Ryuko’s Cute Animal Mascot Sidekick and losing cute things is part of growing up (I guess).

But Senketsu’s actual character and relationship with Ryuko has little in common with that of a mentor or father figure and his daughter/student (he’s younger than she is, he’s just as clueless as she is, he has literally no life experience, all the innuendo, etc.), and do Cute Animal Mascot Sidekicks with minimal significance to the plot get cover art on the final volume like this?

Yeah I don’t think so.

anonymous asked:

Hello!! I was the one who asked about where to find a group! I have a new question now, apologies if you've answered anything similar. So my friend and I haven't had any luck finding a grouo to join, so we've decided to start our own! I'm the one most interested in DMing out of our group, but here's the problem; I'm inexperienced. This would be my first *actual* game as a DM and I played one short session as a player once. That said: Any advice/tips/resources? ♡ Thank you!!

Hi there, so sorry about taking so long to answer this!

For your first game, there’s a couple important questions to ask yourself before you start. I will give advice under the assumption that you’ve already chosen the system you want to play.

First, how long of a game do you want to run? 

This is important mainly if you’re running something you’ve written on your own. It won’t necessarily be neat and easy, like saying ‘We will play exactly ten sessions.’ But knowing whether you’re looking to run a very long running game vs. a self-contained short can help you the DM when writing plot points and the like.

Second, pre-written adventure or homebrew? 

There are tons and tons of pre-written adventures for pretty much every system out there, whether they are published by the company that made the game or by enthusiastic players and GMs who put their own adventures out there in a published format. It’s worth noting that if you like something like Rise of the Runelords for Pathfinder but want to run it in DnD5, it isn’t too tough to adapt something from one system to another.

On the other hand, a homebrew plot can be really fulfilling! It requires a bit more work on your part, but it can be worth it. Keep in mind that you can start with a published adventure and veer into homebrew territory as you get more comfortable running things.

NOTE: a homebrew setting is a whole other beast, and here’s a post about that.

Also another beast: allowing homebrew in your games. If you’re going to do this, please please please talk with your players beforehand and make sure they know that balancing during the game may happen. Nobody likes to be nerfed, but if there’s homebrew that’s just outclassing everyone else, it has to be scaled back. Use your resources online, ask people to look over things you think might be over or underpowered.

Third, what style of game will this be?

Is it going to be political intrigue and espionage? A classic dungeon delving guild style? A Lord of the Rings-esque sweeping fantasy epic? A more modern fantasy fast-paced mystery? Seafarers and ship combat? A really dark game where things are serious, or a funny goofy romp?

All of these are great options, but be sure your players know a little bit about what type of game it will be so they can get on board! No one wants to bring a hardened vigilante elf barbarian with no stealth to a game that’s primarily social challenges and shadowy murders (actually now that I’ve said it, I do. but he would be thematically appropriate and not useless).

Now that those questions are answered, here’s a few more suggestions.

As a GM, it’s important to root for your player characters. If you’re the type of group that likes to play as GM vs. players, this campaign is deadly, that’s fine as long as that’s what everybody wants. But if not, you the GM need to challenge the characters without decimating them. Find out what their goals are and root for them in achieving them, but don’t make it easy! Help them have fulfilling character arcs and try to be familiar with their characters wants, flaws, past, etc. It’ll help you make things more personal in the plot, whether that be by making them run into an old foe or by helping them eventually trust people again, etc. Being familiar with the characters and what the players want for them will help you make the most satisfying game for everyone.

Remember that you’re a storyteller, but it’s not your story you’re telling. You can have plot points you’re attached to, NPCs you love, but ultimately, the story should be about the players. Let them shape it! Try to get them as involved in the heart of things as possible. Don’t make it seem like things can happen with just the NPCs, as though your characters are the bystanders. Let them be in the thick of the plot. This isn’t to say things won’t happen without them - they have to! But when things start really cooking, the PCs should be there, they should care about what’s happening, and they should be able to affect it to some degree.

Be flexible. Improv is a key skill for DMs. Not everyone is great at it, and that’s okay. That’s what online resources and prep time are for! But regardless of how good or not you are at making things up on the spot, you need to be flexible. Your players are going to change the way you think the plot will go. They’re going to surprise you. They’re going to (hopefully) have character arcs that change, and you need to adapt with them. You need to be ready for these things to happen, which honestly means being ready to throw out your prep and throw out the things you’ve worked on sometimes.

That being said, it’s important to do at least a little prep, especially if you’re running a plot heavy game and not a smash and grab dungeon crawl. This can be as simple as using index cards with bullet point NPCs, treasure, and monsters/encounters, or it can be as involved as writing out details about the setting and plot that you can read when it comes to the appropriate time and making huge complex maps and encounters.

Be consistent in your rulings. Sometimes the rules get debated, or you want a house rule at your table, or a spell is worded vaguely and there’s multiple interpretations, etc. In these instances, you get to say, ‘Hey, GM rules this.’ (I only recommend doing this after having heard arguments for why it could be ruled multiple ways). After you say that, stick to your guns! The rule stands, and it stands for everybody. Unless you really really think you were wrong later, in which case you should talk to your players and rectify things, you need to be consistent in the way you adhere to the rules so that no one feels cheated.

My last piece of advice for you is to always have open dialogue with your players. Get feedback on how they think the game is going. Get their predictions about the plot. Touch base about how their characters are feeling, what their goals are. Make it clear that if any players aren’t having fun/are having issues, they can come to you and you’ll do what you can to help. Just be open in your communication. And remember, everybody at the table should be having fun, including you.

Now that I’ve gotten through all that, here’s some resources I like to use for my games.

  • Donjon RPG Tools - this is my favorite of all time. Tons of random generators, from names to encounters to maps to treasure. There’s an initiative tracker, an xp calculator if you use experience points, and a dice roller. It’s really an all in one tool.
  • My resource tag has everything from inspirational art to interesting dungeon builds to how to incorporate linguistics into your games to answers to the question ‘How do I start a game?’ answered by other people. It’s really just an amalgam of collected resources.
  • I enjoy the Obsidian Portal campaign manager, and there are tons of others out there.
  • A lot of folks use the Same Page Tool to make sure all players and GM understand exactly what’s happening and what’s expected at the table.
  • I use the DnD5e Spellbook app (which of course is system specific, but super useful).
  • And other than that, I mainly just have pdfs of the system I’m using, a piece of scrap paper so I can note NPCs, locations, and plot points that the PCs encounter that may be relevant in coming sessions, notecards with stat blocks for enemies, a sheet to track PC ac, initiative, goals, and flaws. You’ll figure out the setup that works for you the longer you GM.

Good luck!!

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This is so random but I was wondering what kind of moments you'd like to see between Eren and Levi should they interact in any future chapters after the timeskip? Any scenario would be great.

I’m so scared of thinking about this, because since we have no info at all about what has happened during the past 3-4 years, anything is possible, and probably anything I speculate about will be totally wrong, haha.

But at the same time I can’t stop thinking about it, and it’s really exciting, so I can’t help myself!

So well these are more like personal wishes and probably unlikely to happen, but hey we can dream, right?

The first thing I would like to see and that probably won’t happen is at least a few pages of peace, lol. I feel that the timeskip’s purpose was to fast forward that time of calm, preparations, etc., before the war, and that we will probably jump into action again right away. But as much as that makes sense, I would like to get some character interactions before they’re all in the middle of battle again.

Just a simple conversation between Eren and Levi would make me really happy. Especially if they’re alone and talking about something relevant to their relationship and their bond, like for example reminiscing about Levi’s old squad like I mentioned on my post from earlier. I just want some meaningful interaction between them!

Another thing that I’m curious about is how the Survey Corps works now, and what’s their hierarchy. I assume they have probably gotten new members, and trained them. So the 104th could now probably be squad leaders, and be in chargue of training new recruits. Squad Leader Jaeger sounds so good *having flashbacks to that comic from Lena*. Yup yup really good haha. Eren would technically still be Levi’s subordinate, but I wonder how this would change how they interact with each other.

And speaking of training, what about sparring together? Maybe they didn’t do it in the past, but now they’ve had 4 years, I can’t believe that Levi never personally tested Eren’s hand to hand combat skills!

But well, Isayama seems to be in a bit of a rush to finish the manga, so like I said it’s pretty unlikely that he will take he time to show any of this…

But since we’re going to see the war for sure, then I would LOVE to finally see Eren and Levi in real action together! We got so many official arts of them in fighting stances, or with Levi fighting along Eren’s titan form, but we’re still waiting for Isayama to give us the two of them side by side like that in the actual manga! If he finishes the story without an epic scene like that, I will be so dissapointed, haha.

(I guess I also have a list of less realistic wishes, that are less platonic than these, like hints of feelings between them, moments where they show special concern or protectiveness about each other, or even something more physical like a hug. But I don’t want to make myself cry lol).

Anyways, I hope we will see them again soon and we will know if any of these wishes come true!

While I’m at it, why are we still doing the whole “oppression Olympics” thing? Especially when talking about personal oppression.

Congratulations for making it through worse than what other people have. But that’s not relevant to the conversation.

Also, a lot of that assumes you know the experiences of whoever you’re trying to say you have it worse than. You don’t. Even if they’ve made a post about certain things, or talked about certain things publicly, that may not be the entirety of it.

It’s truly a page straight out of bi discourse and “passing privilege” arguments too. Straight from the “bi people in het relationships look het so they don’t experience oppression, or at least not as much as us” book.

And really, this goes for everything, not just intracommunity discussions and issues, but for things like people talking about mental illness, disability, or even just what they’re personally going through right now. The number of times I had assholes in high school overhear me talking about my struggles with anxiety to my friends and say stuff like, “yeah well I [insert something worse] so stop complaining!” is ridiculous, and absolutely not needed.

So, what I’m trying to say is that, yes, you may have it worse. But that isn’t relevant information to the conversation. “Who has it worse” is only really “useful” on a person-by-person basis, and for one specific topic, and even then it tries to invalidate anything that isn’t the absolute worst, when lesser struggles are still struggles.

An open letter about The Unstoppable Wasp

So, I just sent this to mheroes@marvel.com and I decided I wanted to share it here as well. I’m struggling to process my emotions about this right now.

I just wanted to say that I really love The Unstoppable Wasp. I regard it as the second best comic book I have ever read (right behind Kamala Khan’s run as Ms. Marvel.) I was absolutely gutted when I realized that today’s issue of Wasp is apparently the last one. I was already teary-eyed just from reading the book and then in the final pages it dawned on me that they were wrapping things up. It’s really doing a number on my emotions how everything just gets stripped away.

If you want to build a demographic profile of me: I’ll be 30 years old later this month. I’m a Caucasian-American, born in Kentucky and currently living in a small town in rural Oklahoma. I’m nonbinary. (I was assigned and socialized as male for most of my life, if that’s relevant to you.) I work every day on being a better intersectional feminist. I live with anxiety and depression. I don’t have a huge amount of disposable income, but I know there are definitely people in worse financial situations and I’m blessed enough that I can always make sure to pick up my favorite comics. With the tax refund I got this year, I bought every Ms. Marvel back issue that my local comic shop had, supplemented that with some online purchases to complete the run, and then did a giveaway on my blog.

I love consuming stories - reading books or comics, playing video games, watching television or movies - stories keep me going. I particularly love stories about strong women. I don’t just mean women who are physically strong; I mean women who are emotionally strong, women who are clever, women who have moral or spiritual strength, women who persevere and persist, women who are well-written and well-rounded characters. I’ve always delighted in connecting with female characters in the stories I consume.

The story of The Unstoppable Wasp is a fantastic one in terms of my tastes. Women in STEM? A delightfully charming and persistent protagonist? A variety of female characters? Happy sapphic fluff? A wide range of inclusive representation for under-represented groups of people? SIGN ME UP!

I had no idea how much I was going to love this series when I picked up the first issue, but I became quickly enamored with it. Thank you for this source of light in my life; it means more to me than I can even say. I don’t want to pretend that I’m not angry and upset by the end of this book - because I am - but I don’t want that to be what I focus on. I’m grateful to Nadia Van Dyne, her compatriots, and everyone who had a hand in sharing her light with the world.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this comic. Please don’t be afraid to keep making more like it (or also just more of it.) Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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I wamt to say that I don't mean this ask as hate in any way, I just want to understand so I can continue to enjoy the rivals au, but considering you put so much emphasis on consent in all of your sex scenes, I can't really understand how you could support and like the captive Prince which is literally the opposite of anything to do with consent and is borderline racist. (1/2)

It’s not your job to make your readers feel comfortable, and you can like what you like, but I personally find it hard to continue reading the rivals au if you also support another work that romanticized explicit sexual assault while saying that consent is important to you. The rivals au is one of the things I look forward to most right now, and again you can like what you like, but i would really appreciate some clarity on your views so I can stop reading now if necessary (2/2)


Since my blog used to just be a place for me to dump fandom stuff for years before Rivals became popular and it turned into this, there is a lot of stuff there from years past that is no longer relevant to my interests or matches who I am as a person now. I have no idea how many hundreds of pages you would have to have gone back into my blog to find the (relatively short if I remember correctly) time period where I was reblogging Captive Prince stuff but yes, there was a time when I read the books and consumed some content on tumblr. Back then I had just watched most of the queer relationships on TV either die horribly or be treated awfully, had gone through a very shaky coming out to some very homophobic family members and was absolutely starved for any kind of queer media where the couple got together at the end and one or both of them didn’t die for straight sadness or shock value. I was vastly uncomfortable with a lot of the content in the books but I was in a very bad place and just wanted one published queer story with a happy ending and that had that if nothing else. 

Now, I am much more secure in myself and in much less of a desperate, bad place. I don’t like Captive Prince and no longer read it, reblog it or look at content associated with it. I would also not recommend it to anyone. I hope that clarifies my views anon, especially since I have stated how I don’t want anything to do with dub or non con associated with my fic and consent is important to me and I stand by that. But I’m also curious as to what you were doing that far back in my blog as there is absolutely nothing YOI related there and you must have gone through at least two other fandom phases to get there? My blog has existed for years and I’ve changed over those years. If people are hunting back through then it seems I’ll have to go back and remove content that no longer reflects my views and tastes now as I’m sure there is more considering how long it has existed 

mm i wonder if the ending of teppuu was meant to signify the change between natsuo at the beginning of the series, who claimed she wanted to beat yuzuko but really she wanted to become the best she could be and prove that still she was inferior to someone .. and maybe it’s key that that someone was a girl, maybe not.

she states reasons she wanted to beat yuzuko for, but her dream afterwards proves that wasn’t her motivation. her brother abused her because she was naturally gifted at athletics and he was threatened by her that she wanted someone to prove she’s capable of defeat (and thus - being a girl and all that entails, especially with regards to her relationship with her older brother) when she puts in the work.. that’s why when natsuo is being choked out by yuzuko, losing the match, and she sees her brother in the crowd she thinks ‘take that, I’ve won.’

and she tells yuzuko after yuzuko beat her and says ‘this was fun!’ that she’s nothing like yuzuko. she can’t work hard enough till she wins, it’s not the actual act of MMA that makes her happy, and what she might mean to say is that - she’s a human. that’s why she’s almost smug when she tells yuzuko this. they’re both consistently framed as being inhuman or creepy - yuzuko because of her dedication to MMA and natsuo by her apparent untouchable superiority and arrogance. natsuo wins because she didn’t want to beat yuzuko, she wanted to be beaten by her and prove to herself and her brother that she’s just human.

however, she goes home and nothing changes. he does come out of his room for half a page, but natsuo isn’t aware of this nor is it really relevant to her. she comes back to MMA because she says she wants to beat yuzuko and make people who are satisfied in life suffer because she’s still insecure. but I feel like it’s more complex than that. I think there’s a good chance that, while her insecurity about herself/humanity hasn’t faded, she genuinely wants to beat yuzuko this time round for all the reasons she originally claimed. her story isn’t over, but I think she’s moved forward.

reasons why I procrastinate :

  • I’m bored 
  • There are too many exciting things around 
  • There are too many exciting things in my mind
  • There are too many exciting things to look forward to
  • I’m too tired to work but not tired enough to sleep 
  • I don’t even realize time is flying away
  • I know the lyrics of the songs playing in the background
  • Fictional ships are amazing 
  • Fictional worlds as well 
  • I’m hungry 
  • I have to learn 3600 theories made by other people, by heart, while I don’t especially share all of their views nor agree with everything they say/said and still fucking have to write 20 pages about them while I just believe it’s mostly bullshit (like if my marks should depend on how much I do understand some chauvinist and classist and whatever bullshit..)
  • I want to sleep
  • Tumblr, and people’s beautiful aesthetics on here
  • The world is too beautiful; nature is too wonderful
  • The thing I have to do seems irrelevant to me right now
  • The thing is actually very relevant to me, so I’d really like to put all of my energy into it, but don’t actually feel like I’m having this energy at the moment, thus doing the thing now wouldn’t do it any justice in my head
  • I think I will have enough time, even if it’s last minute
  • I’m just too fucking used to procrastinating 

The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

Rating: ★★★★★


Natasha: I’m a girl who believes in science and facts. Not fate. Not destiny. Or dreams that will never come true. I’m definitely not the kind of girl who meets a cute boy on a crowded New York City street and falls in love with him. Not when my family is twelve hours away from being deported to Jamaica. Falling in love with him won’t be my story.

Daniel: I’ve always been the good son, the good student, living up to my parents’ high expectations. Never the poet. Or the dreamer. But when I see her, I forget about all that. Something about Natasha makes me think that fate has something much more extraordinary in store—for both of us.

The Universe: Every moment in our lives has brought us to this single moment. A million futures lie before us. Which one will come true?

(from Goodreads)


I have wanted to read this book ever since I saw a picture of it on Tumblr. I will admit that I was mostly drawn to it because of the beautiful cover (check out this link to see how it was created – out of nothing but string and nails!), but when I read the synopsis I was even more intrigued. The story takes place over one day in NYC, and is told in chapters with alternating narrators; the POV changing between Natasha, Daniel, and the Universe(!). The last narrator is what really made this story stand out for me. In between the more traditional chapters focusing on the events that take place during the day, every now and then there is a chapter that completely breaks the pattern. It can be a short life story about a minor character that features in the main plot, or a brief deviation into a fact that becomes relevant to the story, such as the traditions of naming in Korea or the evolutionary history of eyes. Sometimes they are just a few poetic pages about fate or coincidence. These chapters focus on subjects or objects that may seem like side-tracks, but which end up mattering hugely to the story. I am so in love with this way of storytelling. It gives the story a lot of depth and makes you think about things an ordinary contemporary love story would not.

As I was reading this, I had to stop and ask: “Can this author read my mind?!”. This book brings up thoughts and ideas about fate, the universe, and coincidence that very closely echo my own. Are things meant to be? Are there alternative universes? How do the tiny, miniscule choices we make every day shape our lives and futures, or the lives of those around us? These are questions that usually pop into my head right as I’m about to sleep, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. In this novel, questions like these are approached from both scientific and philosophical/poetic angles. All of this made the book stand out from the other contemporary YA novels out there.

The love story in this novel comes across as sort of insta-lovey, but somehow it works. I usually don’t like this trope, but even though Natasha and Daniel’s love story play out over the course of just one day, it feels like much longer. During this day, they get to know each other very deeply. I love their relationship, and their discussions are a joy to read. Seeing them come at questions from the very different angles of a scientist and a poet is both hilarious and thought-provoking. They are the kind of couple you just can’t help but root for.

Aside from the love story, this novel focuses on many different and important subjects, such as immigration, race, identity, and family relationships. I would say that immigration is the biggest issue in this story, and throughout the novel the author gets to approach it from many different perspectives. This is a big theme for both characters, as one is an undocumented immigrant from Jamaica about to be deported, and one is a second-generation Korean immigrant, born in America. In the “universe chapters”, we also get to explore the relationship their parents have with their new country. In many ways, this is a story of identity, and not just concerning immigration. I remember reading somewhere that there is really only one story – Who am I? This novel fits that idea very well.

This book surprised me. I was expecting a light and fluffy read. Instead I found a deep and complex story in spite of the cliché premise. I would describe it as a romance with an existential twist. Most of all, it was brilliantly interesting and thought-provoking. I would 100% recommend it to anyone who likes romance and is looking for a story to completely lose yourself in. It’s a perfect summer read.

//love from L

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a guide to not loosing your notes when it comes to exam time


One way to keep track of where your notes are at all times is to buy a notebook for your subjects versus buying giant wads of paper for your binders and lugging around 15 pounds of confused, un-organized hell. Also, try and find notebooks that have sheets of paper that can be folded and torn out so that when it comes to exam time or you need to hand something in you can take it out easily instead of ripping or cutting. 


For example, in your math class, you cover a variety of units (ex. trigonometry, quadratics, etc.), so one way to make sure you don’t have to skim through pages and pages of your notebook to find the unit you need is to use post-it notes that are large enough for you to write down the unit name on the opposite side of the sticky side of the post-it so that you can stick the post-it on the starting page of your unit, similar to tags/flags you use to mark an important page or note.


By this I mean that you should keep your subjects/chapters in sections. When you’re writing about Shakespeare’s Hamlet on one half of the page, and then you fill the rest of the page with notes on marxism, then back to Hamlet, you’re gonna be mighty confused when you come back to read Hamlet notes, or vice versa when you’re looking for marxism notes. If you really need to add a note in the middle of a separate one, just use a large post-it to write down key ideas and stick it in a more relevant place.