but this overture



This one is more so geared towards Patti’s acting and characterization of Rose so yeah. I tried

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frickingtronnor asked:

When you get this reply with 5 things that make you happy and send it to the last 10 people in your activity :) (you do not have to do this if you don't want to so do not fret)

ooh thanks for this I wouldn’t mind doing it at all :)

1) the fact that somebody just “talked” to me
2) the mere existence of Troye Sivan Mellet
3) the music I’m listening to right now (Mendelssohn’s Ruy Blas Overture)
4) (this is getting difficult now) the existence of my crush (no further comment shall be made)
5) and how could I forget Troye’s album ;)

withtheroleofagardener asked:

This is NOT a romantic overture, I just want to say I think you would make a fantastic mother and especially with those I mean wait--I mean with the lactating--no stop wait I can't cross stuff out in speaking form I mean you're very pr I'm going to go-


“Just leave me be, Gardener, or I will kill you without a second thought.”

Yet Another Summary of Newsies

Overture: dun dun da-dun dun DUNNNNNN da-duuUUNNNN

Santa Fe Prologue: horses and manual labor

Carrying the Banner: our lives aren’t as bad if we sing about them positively

The Bottom Line: shaving is a metaphor for being a business tycoon and running a monopoly

That’s Rich: money can buy you hapiness

I Never Planned on You / Don’t Come a-Knocking: charcoal drawings and feelings

The World Will Know: stick it to the man

Watch What Happens: singing is a good way to stall when doing your work

Seize the Day: we’re not gonna pay, we’re not goNNA PAAAYYY, WE’RE NOT GONNA paaAAAYYYY

Santa Fe: horses and manual labor part 2

Letter From the Refuge: i’m still hurting

King of New York: the world’s yer erster

Watch What Happens Reprise: guess who’s back, back again, Jack Kelly’s back, tell a friend

The Bottom Line Reprise: i don’t give you my blessing

Brooklyn’s Here: lets name the zones, the zones, the zones, lets name the zones of NYC

Something to Believe In: i’ll never let go jack

Once and For All: aggressive paper-throwing

Finale: we’re back to eggzactly where we started

It’s surprising to see smart people talk about Swift with such breathlessly positive overtures, not only because — like pop stars before her and pop stars after her — her music is simple and unfussy and infused with inane platitudes, but also because there appears to be something more opportunistic and sinister at play. When Taylor Swift does the mega-pop stardom act, she does it to the tilt. Swift has to be the person with the prettiest friends, the biggest records, the most popular and successful and groanworthily obvious boyfriend. The underdog narrative that the Swift machine has built is one of forced falsehoods; Swift is not coming from behind. She’s been ahead since she started. And watching her collect best friends during a moment in history when womanhood is finally beginning to feel valued does not only feel uncomfortable — it feels evil.

To think of her as womanhood incarnate is to trick oneself into forgetting about “Bad Blood” and “Better Than Revenge.” Swift isn’t here to help women — she’s here to make bank. Seeing her on stage cavorting with World Cup winners and supermodels was not a win for feminism, but a win for Taylor Swift. Her plan — to be as famous and as rich as she can possibly be — is working, and by using other women as tools of her self-promotion, she is distilling feminism for her own benefit.

That’s it. That’s the whole show.

A clang that once passed unnoticed now reverberates through our bones
The hip-hop, the new pop, a distant memory for us
The silent lifters
Or rather the not so silent

For before our noise was masked, outdone by,
Now every grunt and sigh and breath is heard and forms the symphony of exercise

Metal is the prelude, the overture and conclusion
Clamps slide across bars, bars land in the open arms of racks, racks resonate with themselves like the chiming of a bell

We are not weight lifters any more, we are priests and parish combined
Meeting God in the form of a bench


So on the subject of interesting Pacific Overtures arrangements, here’s Mandy Patinkin singing “Pretty Lady” as a trio with himself.

The Phantom of the Opera: Video Collection

I have made a list of recordings I have found online. There some video ones and audio only ones too. Enjoys!:)


Overture (Cairo Opera Orchestra-Cairo Opera House) [7.2.2014]

Overture [Movie]

Think of Me

Think of Me (Anna O'Byrne)

Think of Me (Emmy Rossum) [Movie]

Think of Me (Gina Beck) [18.8.2010]

Think of Me (Julia Udine) [US Tour, 2014]

Think of Me (Rachel Barrell)

Think of Me (Sierra Boggess) [POTO 25]

Little Lotte

Little Lotte (Patrick Wilson, Emmy Rossum) [Movie]

The Mirror

The Mirror (Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum) [Movie]

The Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera (Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum) [Movie]

Phantom of the Opera (Geronimo Rauch, Harriet Jones) [Audio Only,WE,9.23.2014]

Phantom of the Opera (Jeremy Stolle, Marry Michael Patterson) [Audio Only, 1.11.2014]

Phantom of the Opera (Laird Mackintosh, Sara Jean Ford)

Phantom of the Opera (Norm Lewis, Julia Udine)

The Music of the Night

Music of the Night (Colm Wilkinson)

Music of the Night (Gerard Butler) [Movie]

Music of the Night (Geronimo Rauch) [Audio Only, WE, 9.23.2014]

Music of the Night (Hugh Panaro) [Bway2012]

I Remember/ Stranger than you dreamt it

IR/STYDI (Emmy Rossum, Gerard Butler) [Movie]

Why have you brought us here

WHYBUH (Emmy Rossum, Patrick Wilson) [Movie]

All I Ask of You

All I Ask of You (Marry Michael Patterson, Jeremy Hays) [1.11.2014]

All I Ask of You (Emmy Rossum, Patrick Wilson) [POTO 25]

All I Ask of You/All I Ask of You Reprise (Rachel Barrell, Oliver Thorton, John Owen Jones)

All I Ask of You (Reprise)

All I Ask of You (Michael Crawford) [ LP, Audio Only]

All I Ask of You (Gerard Butler) (POTO Movie)


Masquerade (Pittsburg, PA)

Masquerade (POTO 25)

Masquerade (Movie)

Wishing you were somehow here again

WYWSHA (Anna O'Byrne)

WYWSHA (Emmy Rossum) [Movie]

WYWSHA (Julia Udine)

WYWSHA (Kaley Ann Voorhees)

Wandering Child

Wandering Child (Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum, Patrick Wilson) [Movie]

The Point of No Return

Point of No Return (Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum) [POTO Movie]

Point of No Return (Geronimo Rauch, Harriet Jones) [Audio Only,WE, 9.23.2014]

Point of No Return (Howard McGillin, Elizabeth Loyacano)

Point of No Return (John Owen Jones, Celia Graham)

Point of No Return (John Owen Jones, Katie Hall)

Point of No Return (John Owen Jones, Rachel Barrell)

Point of No Return (Laird Mackintosh, Marry Michael Patterson) [1.22.2014]

Point of No Return (Michael Crawford, Dale Kristien)

Point of No Return (Michael Crawford, Sarah Brightman)

Point of No Return (Norm Lewis, Sierra Boggess)

Point of No Return (Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess) [POTO 25]

Final Lair

Final Lair ( Cooper Grodin, Julia Udine, Ben Jacoby)

Final Lair (Earl Carpenter, Rachel Barrell, David Shannon)

Final Lair (Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum, Patrick Wilson) [Movie]

Final Lair (Hugh Panaro, Mary Michael Patterson, Jeremy Hays) [May.3.2014, FP]

Final Lair 2005 (Hugh Panaro, Sandra Joseph, Tim Martin Gleason)

Final Lair (John Cudia, Jennifer Hope Wills, Adam Monely) [7.1. 2006,US Tour]

Final Lair (John Owen Jones, Rachel Barrell, Oliver Thornton)

Final Lair (John Owen Jones, Gina Beck)

Final Lair 2010 (John Owen Jones, Gina Beck, Will Barratt)

Final Lair (Marcus Lovett, Anna O'Byrne, Simon Thomas)

Final Lair (Michael Crawford, Dale Kristien, Steve Barton)

Final Lair (Thomas Borchert, Anne Gorner, Nikolaj A. Brucker) [Essen Production]

Awards Performance

Phantom of the Opera-John Owen Jones & Sierra Boggess (Oliver Awards 2011)

Phantom of the Opera-Ramin Karimloo & Sierra Boggess (Classic BRIT Awards 2012)

Phantom of the Opera-Nicole Scherzinger (Royal Variety Performance)

Phantom of the Opera-Michael Crawford & Sarah Brightman (1988 Tony Awards)

(Note: i will be adding more and if you find one and want me to add it send me the link !)