but this one's score is from all my favorite 80s bands

School AU Prompts (based on my experiences)

* “A bird flew into the classroom and our teacher who is very afraid of birds is screaming and diving behind us to seek shelter” au

* “We’re playing field hockey and you hit the ball so high that it hits me in the face, but I’m fine and keep playing and two minutes later you’re screaming at the blood on my face and oh that’s unfortunate” au

* “We both have transparent rulers and we’ve never spoken before but you find this to be the perfect opportunity to start talking to me. Really? This of all things? Matching rulers?” au

* “You asked me if I was emo and Christ, that’s the third time I’ve been asked that today *deeply inhales* BOI” au

* “I have a love for learning French and am determined to be the top student but your first language is closely related to French, so the subject comes naturally to you bUT YOU SLACK OFF AND NOW WE HAVE AN UNSPOKEN RIVALRY” au

* “I’m not athletic and get nervous real easily so instead of participating in gym, I keep scores. While your team switched places in volley ball you whisper to me to sneak your team a couple points and I’m too awkward to realize it was a joke and you have to stop me” au

* “You’re the top student in chemistry, but you often get lazy on homework and I’m failing, but when the teacher says I was the only one to have a perfect score on a test, we all get a taste of your petty side” au

* “I blank out during a test, but you mistake it for me not knowing the answer so you whisper the answers to me. I thought I was hearing things, but I hover my pencil over the letter you suggested and you whispered ‘yes that one’ damn I’m gonna ace this” au

* “We have an assignment to write a bunch of poems in English class and I got too into it, so you gawk at my four page poems making me uber uncomfortable” au

* “I know jack shit about this subject, but I’m well versed in random 80’s pop culture, so when our nostalgic teacher tries to make references so we can understand the material, I’m the only one who gets them and you think it’s because I failed the subject so many times that I lived through the references” au

* “I have my head leaning on my fist and crack my knuckles against my chin, but you can’t figure out where the noise is coming from and I have to hide my laughter.” au

* “I started daydreaming and forgot to pull out my work, so the teacher asks me about it and I panic saying it’s already finished. You and your friends start getting loud, so the teacher points to me and says to follow my example and don’t you give me that look” au

* “You teach me phrases in sign language, so when you start talking during a lecture, I sign to you to stop talking because I didn’t want to be caught talking and somehow I’m still the one who got in trouble” au

* “You start off singing 'let it go’ really quietly and progressively get louder until you’re standing and doing the moves and- wait, now you’re sassily walking out the door and is the teACHER SERIOUSLY JUST GONNA LET YOU LEAVE?” au

* “Another fight broke out and a rumor started that it was over buttpads and you keep reminding people. It’s my third class of the day and I SWEAR TO GOD IF I HEAR THE WORD 'BUTTPAD’ ONE MORE TIME” au

* “You just waltz into the band room where me and all my friends hang out in the morning and offer to read a fanfiction you wrote about two of the teachers” au

* “I misspoke and accidentally said something that sounded like a pimp name so I shouted 'if anyone is in need of a pimp name, I just came up with one’ and without missing a beat, you said 'your offer intrigues me’” au

* “I stuttered over my words and accidentally said something really bad and you were the only person who I could convince to punch me and now you feel really bad, it’s okay, my bruises heal quickly, I had it coming, here’s three dollars” au

* “I have nothing to do until play practice which is hours later, so I hide in a storage closet and you’re the one to find me while searching for your tuba” au

* “You think you’re some fancy salesman, selling useless car parts and junk from the streets, but hey I guess the jokes on me, I bought an antique, broken street light glass off you for fifty cents and now I have to carry it around all day, using it as a paper weight” au

* “We share the same birthday and I sit directly behind you in class and one of your friends says 'happy birthday’ to you and now every. single. person is now wishing you a happy birthday, including the TEACHER and not a soul says it to me I MEAN SERIOUSLY THEY ANNOUNCED BOTH OUR BIRTHDAYS ON THE LOUD SPEAKER THIS MORNING” au

* “The teacher is speaking with someone and we hear them point out that we’re the only two people with curly hair in the class and you turn to me and say 'there can only be one’” au

* “We both have a cold and have to sniffle frequently, and we accidentally got the whole class sniffling as a joke and- hey buddy, you started it” au

* “I’m quiet in chorus but when we have a concert with my favorite song as a piece, I make myself HEARD and after the concert you compliment me and say I should sing louder more often and dammit, I shouldn’t fall in love with everyone who’s nice to me” au


* “You’re the lead in the school musical and I work backstage, but it’s my first time and I’m nervous so I call a friend, but you take my phone from me and start saying ridiculous (but hilarious) things to them like its nothing and… hm, I’m not so nervous anymore” au

* “You’re vocally homophobic, but only to impress your conservative friends because you’re scared they’ll leave you, but when we were in kindergarten, I had a crush on you and we kissed on the playground, and I recently came out as trans, so I just have this blackmail on you that you kissed a boy, just try me fucko” au

Pop-Rock in the Late 90s

By the end of the 1990s, alternative rock as a mainstream flash point had stretched itself out into a very, very thin umbrella term that covered a lot of different sounds. In terms of radio and the charts–both the Hot 100 and ‘Modern Rock’–the arena-sized aftermath of grunge was petering out by '96, but it would take a few more years before nu-metal really came to dominate radio and the garage rock fad led by The Strokes and The White Stripes took off. These were also the final years before Napster, a peak point in major label album sales (as well as some of the highest sales of singles since their peak in the early 80s), so there was a lot of financial room for labels to take on upstart bands with maybe a decent song or two and try to make something of them. Because 'alternative’ as an idea was so broad and ill-defined at this point, there was a fair amount of novelty, miniature fads, and free-flowing crossover between top hits on modern rock radio and the wider pop charts. There seemed to exist a certain brand of artist who fit into the cracks and glued these different worlds together. The term pop-rock has been used perennially to describe bands that do this, but from 1997-1999 there was a slippery yet distinct flavor that seemed to unite them even more.

We’re not talking about ascendant indie bands or, really, anyone with much connection at all to the underground. These were almost all bands with explicit pop ambitions, and as you can see from the above playlist, most of them were one-hit wonders. The songs were upbeat and generally sunny, even when they dealt with darker subjects (“Semi-Charmed Life” is about crystal meth addiction, “The Way” is about an elderly Texas couple who were found dead in a ravine, etc.). In terms of imagery and videos, it was very common for acts at this time to invoke a lot of mid-century suburban Americana: white picket fences, Airstream trailers, driving in convertibles (or, if you’re really young and hip, mopeds), dressing in thrift store bowling shirts or ironic matching suits, and going to pools, beaches, or amusement parks. There was supposed to be a little bit of snark to it—subtly skewering their parents’ generation to position themselves as young, edgy, and ‘alternative’—but it never really came off that way because there was nothing very rebellious or political about the music. Looking at it now, this imagery plays more like jokey homage and warped nostalgia, with a lot of young people having fun the same way young people in America have for decades. Think of it like the way The Simpsons at the time was both a loving mockery of middle America and a fairly straightforward sitcom that appealed directly to it.

Musically, this stuff exists in a kind of middle ground between different sounds that were prevalent at the time. They run the gamut from really simplistic guitar pop like Everclear or Semisonic to what was essentially dance pop from acts like Len or Fatboy Slim, who although he was part of the breakbeat thing that was exploding at this time, was played alongside these pop-rock bands with much higher frequency than, say, The Prodigy or The Chemical Brothers. There were a handful of pop punk bands making big waves on the modern rock and pop charts at this time, as well as a slate of mellower, more acoustic and ‘grown up’ acts that were also scoring hits. Today, a lot these sounds wouldn’t overlap or bleed into each other in the same way that they did on the radio and on MTV or VH1 in the late 90s somewhere under this vague canopy of ‘alternative.’ That’s one of the big reasons I tend to lump them together as a kind of stop-gap genre.

I was in middle school from ’97-’99, so while it’s true that FM radio played a much bigger role in most peoples lives than it does today, it was also my main personal gateway to pop music. At that point, I don’t think my sense of taste was developed enough to distinguish between what I actually liked and disliked and what was a function of social interaction and peer weight. None of this stuff was seen as particularly cool or uncool at my school, but it was more socially acceptable for boys to like Blink-182 and Green Day than, say, Sugar Ray, whose appeal was too close to boy band territory for the comfort of most of us. Besides, Mark McGrath was/is a huge tool and Sugar Ray had inflicted “Fly” on the world, still one of the stupidest and most annoying hits of my lifetime. Fatboy Slim, Semisonic, and Fastball were all OK, but when it came to one-hit wonders most of us preferred the novelty of “Tubthumping” or “One Week.” Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Life” was all over TV and movies in those years, so everyone knew it and would hum the “do-do-do, do-dodo-doo” part, but I liked “Jumper” a little bit more because of the drumroll part, which appealed to me as a beginning percussionist. Everybody loved “Sex and Candy.” In the bigger picture, though, these bands weren’t touted as huge favorites. Britney Spears and N’Sync were happening, as well as Puff Daddy, Aaliyah, DMX, and the beginnings of Destiny’s Child, all of which carried far more weight among students at Discovery Middle School.

And hey, it turns out those acts still carry more weight in the history of pop than something like Everclear or Cake. This pop-rock stuff didn’t have a lot of value beyond its moment, not because it wasn’t particularly deep or artistic—though it wasn’t and isn’t—but because there were bigger and more culturally significant things happening elsewhere. The upside to the disposable nature of this music is that you can use it for your own ends as long as it holds up. For me, it evokes memories of the late 90s, but it doesn’t radiate them so brightly that I can’t appreciate these songs as simple, successful pop either. I’m surprised how well the songs on the above playlist still hang together. Some of that comes down to my own editorial picking and choosing—and some of these songs did indeed receive the Pitchfork stamp of approval when they put up their big 90s list a few years ago—but history isn’t going to and doesn’t need to celebrate or even vindicate these bands. They serve as an aesthetic marker for what was happening in music and how Americans were feeling at the end of the 20th century, through good songs and bad ones. Also, when sideburns and soul patches make a comeback in a few years, we can point to this and know why.


1. Third Eye Blind - “Semi-Charmed Life” - June 17, 1997
2. Everclear - “I Will Buy You A New Life” - September 27 ,1997
3. Marcy Playground - “Sex and Candy” - November 4, 1997
4. Fastball - “The Way” - February 24, 1998
5. Semisonic - “Closing Time” - March 10, 1998
6. Harvey Danger - “Flagpole Sitta” - April 21, 1998
7. Fatboy Slim - “The Rockafeller Skank” - September 22, 1998
8. Cake - “Never There” - October 13, 1998
9. New Radicals - “You Get What You Give” - November 10, 1998
10. Third Eye Blind - “Jumper” - November 24, 1998
11. Fatboy Slim - “Praise You” - February 16, 1999
12. Sugar Ray - “Someday” - June 15, 1999
13. Len - “Steal My Sunshine” - July 22, 1999

nearlynoteworthy  asked:

Hey, I hope this isn't too annoying or anything... But I've loved soundtrack music from when I was very small, film/tv/video game scores and all the like. (Absolutely love your stuff for Steven Universe, btw) However, in this field dominated by older white men, I'd really love to see some more female inspiration! If you know of any female artists in the composing business right now that I could give a listen to, I'd love to hear about them!

Hi there! This something that I feel passionately about, so I’m glad that you asked. Music composition is a male-dominated field, and there’s no real reason for it other than a lack of visible examples demonstrating that it’s a viable career path for women.

Here’s a short list of active composers and some of the soundtracks that they worked on, to get you started. A heads up–I’m mostly familiar with game composers!

Shiho Fujii - collaborated with Toru Minegishi on the Splatoon soundtrack. Her style is fresh and quirky.

Michiru Oshima - composed the Legend of Legaia soundtrack, a huge musical influence for me growing up. She also did some of the amazing orchestral arrangements in the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and scored the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist.

Yoko Shimomura - composes the music for the Kingdom Hearts series, and classic games like Super Mario RPG and Street Fighter II. She’s super versatile and her melodies are unforgettable.

Asuka Ota - collaborated on the soundtrack for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and composed my favorite track from Mario Kart Wii, Rainbow Road! She’s also worked on Mario Kart 8 and contributed to Smash Bros. 4.

Winnifred Philips - composed the Assassin’s Creed III soundtrack and collaborated on the music for God of War. She published a book called A Composer’s Guide to Game Music, which just arrived in my mail, and I plan to read it.

Laura Shigihara - lead composer and sound designer for Plants VS Zombies. She also has a lovely voice, and she’ll be working with Yasunori Mitsuda on the official 20th anniversary Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross album. (I’m so happy for her!)

Michiko Naruke - composed music for the Wild Arms series and did some of my favorite guitar-strummin’ arrangements from the Smash Bros. games.

Manami Matsumae - composed the Mega Man soundtrack, and she’s currently working on Mighty No. 9. She contributes music to a lot of indie projects, like Shovel Knight and Starr Mazer.

Kinuyo Yamashita - composed the Castlevania soundtrack. She was one of the early composers at Konami.

Michiru Yamane - composed the soundtrack for Castlevania IV: Symphony of the Night and Skullgirls. Her gothic rock/classical sound has come to define modern Castlevania games, and she’s now working on Bloodstained, a spiritual sequel to the series.

Pongball - composed the music for Sapphire Skies and Bloom Defender. Her songs are so catchy and charismatic, and she has a knack for chiptunes and SNES music. (I got to work with her on the Soul Saga soundtrack last year, an RPG currently in development.)

chibi-tech - if you haven’t heard Moe Moe Kyunstep, go listen now! This is a masterfully crafted piece of chiptune music. She knows basically everything about the NES sound chip and currently works for a game company called M2.

Jessica Curry - composed the soundtrack for Dear Esther, and is currently working on the soundtrack for the PS4 game Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Her music is eerie, melancholic, and ambient.

Niamh Houston (chipzel) - composed the Interstellaria soundtrack. She makes awesome dance music with her Gameboys!

Yoko Kanno - I’m going to start talking about Yoko Kanno by screaming for a little bit (AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!) She composed the music for Cowboy Bebop and is one of the most talented and prolific composers I can think of. Yoko has such a unique style of production, and the way she juxtaposes what’s happening onscreen with her music is a bizarre, religious experience. (This interview is great, too.)

Rachel Portman - composed the soundtracks for two films I love, Chocolat and Never Let Me Go. Her music is gorgeous, with a lot of sweeping strings and piano.

Wendy & Lisa - composed the soundtrack for the TV series Heroes. They started in the 80′s as a part of Prince’s band, The Revolution, and also do a lot of soundtrack work.

Aivi Tran - meee, do I count?

Edit 8/2/15: A lot of you have been messaging me enthusiastically about this list!

I have a correction: Kinuyo Yamashita only worked on the original Castlevania, not the others. (The composer of surasshu’s favorite song to pull out during parties, “Bloody Tears”, is Kenichi Matsubara.)

A few of you are upset with me for not including Yuki Kajiura, and rightfully so! Yuki is a prolific composer who scored the music for Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Sword Art Online, and a handful of other anime, films, and games. She also started the group Kalafina. She is one of surasshu’s all-time favorite composers, and her music is a relentless voyage of sweeping chord progressions and modulations.

black--pan  asked:

Wed me broski

Three times Bucky proposed and it didn’t work out as planned, and one time it still didn’t work out as planned and they both didn’t care


“We should get married.” Bucky says one day, completely out of the blue.

Sam was playing this really great rummy game with some cats on his phone. He had managed to det dealt four aces. Four! He flicked his finger to put them out onto the little virtual table. He grinned as his score bar rose to the top and a congratulatory message appeared on his phone screen.

“Huh?” Sam asks, because he really wasn’t paying any attention.

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anonymous asked:



Preston: the sounds of settlements in need of help (I kid, I kid). He likes quiet, chill music like Bon Iver, but not afraid to scream sing any pop lyrics either. The goody two shoes of the group with all A’s

Piper: Fallout Boy and Panic at the Disco. Her tumblr is just reblogs of Brendon Urie and she’s a total fangirl. The one friend you can’t tell anything because it’ll be all over the school within 20 minutes

Cait: Metal, or screamo. Really likes System of a Down and loves how pumped it gets her to kick ass. The reason nobody messes with their group because she’ll slam them into a locker. Takes P.E. waaaaaay too seriously.

Curie: Listens to a lot of Jpop because it makes her upbeat and happy. Everyone was curious as to why she listened to it if she couldn’t understand it until she bust out in fluent Japanese. Also a big fan of Kpop. The mother of the group who has everything in her purse, and cried when she got an A- on a test.

Codsworth: He listens to a lot of classical music. A lot of Bach and Mozart on his iPod which people like to poke fun at him for. The “father” of the group as he’s the one with the used minivan so the whole squad fits.

Hancock: FUCKING HORRIBLE TRANCE FROM 2006. Especially when he’s high. The residential stoner who falls asleep in class all the time yet somehow he has straight A’s. (He’s supplying the teacher)

Deacon: Ninja Sex Party is his favorite band you can fight me on this. The reason heelys are banned at school. Anytime one of the teachers asks how the class is he yells “MY BOOBS HURT.” Decorated MacCready’s locker in puns for his birthday. tried to cheer Curie up about her test score by saying he got an E- when he actually got a C.

MacCready: likes classic rock, but won’t deny he also loves Tøp and Halsey. His all time favorite song is Young God. Also the reason Heely’s are banned. (There was a race and Deacon ended up falling down the stairs, Mac won by default). Fights with the teacher every chance he gets.

Danse: HIS FAVORITE SONG IS DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA HE KNOWS ALL HTE WORDS AND CAN PLAY IT ON THE GUITAR OKAY. The only one actually tried when they were in drivers ed, treats P.E. like the olympics. Knows not to fall asleep at group meetings anymore after Deacon wrote “hte spagheti ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ” on his forehead in sharpie.

Maxson: music from the 80’s bc he’s a fuckin nerd. Also way too invested in P.E. threatens to punch everyone in the face. The one who caught Deacon when he fell down the stairs after the heely race from hell.

Nick Valentine: Listens to a lot of smooth jazz. Will help you find anything you lose. The master of dodgeball. The dodging, not the throwing. Found out who Sole’s secret admirer was by dusting for fingerprints in their locker

Strong: NIGHTCORE LIKE I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING. Don’t make fun of him for it tho or he’ll fucking wreck you. Not allowed to play dodgeball anymore, sadly. Apparently it’s “against the rules” to try and take Maxson’s head off.

Gee golly whiz I hope I did this right


X6-88: Listens to a lot of techno and club music, surprisingly. Outstanding at sports and a straight a student. Fucking teacher’s pet. The one to grab Deacon and MacCready’s collars when they’re going to do something stupid

The Avengers Tastes in Music

Imagine the MCU avengers listening to music…

Tony is obviously a classic rock fan, putting on black sabbath or AC/DC while working on another cutting edge “definitely not a weapon” weaponized suit.

Wanda is a Broadway musical fan, Wicked being her favorite one for obvious reasons.

Rhodey is a Beatles fan. Like, a BIG fan.

Steve loves Big Band. It’s the closest thing to the music he had back in the day.

Natasha is a hipster. Her favorite band? You probably haven’t heard of them. She has. She has contacts on the inside. But you haven’t. They’re still classified.

Bruce is a big fan of relaxing music. He’ll put on Of Monsters and Men, Owl City or Death Cab for Cutie anytime he’s stressed but still wants to enjoy himself.

Sam loves R&B. but we knew that already.

Vision listens to Kpop. He downloaded the Korean language and feels a special connection to his technical birthplace and “mother”.

Peter is emo trash. 21 Piløts and MCR all the way.

Thor is obsessed with boybands. Jonas brothers, 1D you name it, he’s listened to it. 100 times. While on the way to and from missions. The rest of the team curses Jane for ever introducing him to it.

Clint is a film score type. Especially spy movies. It’s always awkward when he’s rappelling down the side of a building and forgets to turn off his comm, making the team listen to him hum an off-key 20 minute loop of the Mission Impossible theme interspersed with some samples from James Bond, also terribly off-key. (Everybody is equally annoyed and amused, and Nat has made everyone swear not to tell him because she’s making a recording of it for Laura so they can give him his own mixtape for his birthday)

Bucky has a weird taste in music. It ranges from Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco to 70-80’s music ( because one time he escaped hydra while on a mission and wandered disorientedly into a bar and strongarmed a guy into playing “Don’t stop believing” until Pierce was able to track him down. I mean, if a guy with a metal arm tells you to put your quarters into the jukebox, you put your quarters into the jukebox) He and Peter have bonded over FOB and 21P

Bonus: Nick Fury is into disco. Apparently Nat leaked a picture of him with an Afro, circa 1970, but nobody believed that it was him, and anyone who brought it up didn’t show up for work the next day. Or the day after that.