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Eth being a really bad cook (cannon) so Ty will make most of the meals and one day Eth wants to do something special for Ty bc he's been stressed or tired so he gets Mark to show him how to cook and Eth makes a big dinner thats actually pretty good bc Mark is a good teacher and Ty smiles the whole time and after when there cuddling asks "so are you going to stop needing me to cook for you? am I free?" and Eth laugh and said "nope, never, you wish" than Ty flips on top of him "No I can breathe"🎶

ugh this is too cute, and then Eth presses back and they have a lil play wrestle match but it just ends with Ethan in Ty’s lap again and they’re snuggling again 💙💖

Which bone friend sends memes at 3 am and what kind. (Im disappointed I haven’t seen this asked anywhere yet)- @with-a-whisper

((UGH THIS IS GOOD????? also im too tired 2 edit this wateve

ut Sans:
Who the fuck is texting you? How did they get your number? It’s not like they’re creepy- in fact, you find them pretty funny. But you spend so much time awake into the unholy hours of the morning that it’s fucking up your sleep schedule. It’s mostly shitposts, original ones. You’ve been putting screenshots on Tumblr and looking for similar source material but nothing has popped up. Eventually one of the posts hits it big and you send your friendly phone shitposter a screenshot of its success. They call you within seconds. His voice was deep and brassy and you caught a hint of enthusiasm and excitement behind a thick layer of laziness. You talked for an hour before hanging up. Now he sends you a lot more shit posts and even links you to videos like ‘History of Japan’

ut Papyrus:
He has known you for several months and now as soon as he wakes up at the lovely hour of 3 am he sends you suburban mom memes. And Gordan Ramsey memes. And wholesome memes. You aren’t awake to receive these(usually) but they are wonderful to wake up to! If you encourage this by responding with wholesome memes he will be very excited! But he doesn’t understand many of the other memes, so sending these to him will only make him confused.

us Sans:
Sends you the most Current and Trendy memes. You are totally in the meme loop at all times and you aren’t entirely sure how he can be so caught up on something like memes. But if you ever try to address it or bring it up he won’t respond. However if you reference a meme near him his grin gets a little wider and his eyes a little brighter. He is definitely smirking, the little shit.

us Papyrus:
About a month into having your number Papyrus is sending you memes at all times of the day. Usually, they are the classic memes. He seems to have a special place in his heart for Doge and that one video where they call barnie a commie and then shoot him. Show him some popular vines and you will have him hooked. One time he got so excited he sent you the same link 12 times in a row. It was the vine where a guy licks and orange. When you tell him there’s more you won’t hear from him for a full day but anytime Sans walks past his room he can hear maniacal laughter. After showing him these videos it’s an assurance that he will make 'vines’ despite vine being dead. He actually becomes kinda famous for it.

uf Sans:
He sleeps with a lot of people, it’s not unusual for him. This is primarily because few have been able to stay with him for very long, but you were an exception. This had been going on for a month- a new record- and it had been completely smooth. So Sans figured he would see if he could fuck it up, naturally. He sent you the first DHMIS video along with several Zalgo memes. Because he is an edgy motherfucker. You didn’t respond back and he started to get worried and convinced himself that you had called it off. He was surprised that the next evening at around 12 you sent him a link to something called 'Unedited Footage of a Bear’. After watching it he understood that you just didn’t want him to sleep for a night. The next time you had sex was fantastic. This continues indefinitely, edgy scary memes with the occasional nsfw sex meme.(dragon dildos)

sf Papyrus:
You bumped into a scary af monster and now his number is in your phone? You didn’t even give him your phone? Why is it there? Now he is texting you? How did he get your number? Why did he name himself 'hotskeleton’? It’s a cursed image. It’s 4 in the morning and this terrifying walking skyscraper sent you a picture of a??? thing? Thankfully you are well versed enough in Tumblr slang to spot a cursed image when it presents itself to you. On a whim, you decide to respond in kind and send him a self-depreciation meme. He seems absolutely ecstatic and starts sending you more cursed images. Why. Wait is that ur apartment building?

Note: uf Papyrus will send you edgy memes unironically during the day and he is always so excited about it. “Look at all of these swords!!! This is me!!!!”. sf Sans doesn’t know what a meme is.

1840: Act of Union 2
  • Durham: I now pronounce you Province of Canada
  • Quebec: ugh
  • Ontario: ugh
  • Durham: first rule of -ahem- cohabitation is replace French civil law with English common law
  • Quebec and Ontario: sounds too hard, skip
  • Durham: next step is to make English the only official language for recording Assembly meetings
  • Quebec: haha lol give me the physical document so i can see how many things I can bounce it off of before it lands in the trash
  • Ontario: lol good one
  • Quebec: wow you're actually pretty chill i thought this would be awful
  • Ontario: lol no worries but hey so if this is a marriage does one of us come with like a dowry or something preferably in cash.............
  • Durham: excellent point: Quebec/Canada East/Whatever, as the richer of the two you get the delightful responsibility of paying off Canada West's 1,000,000 pound debt
  • Quebec: MAN
  • Durham: but wait you each get 42 MLAs, isn't that great? Equal representation! [cough 100% British support in Canada west plus 1/4 British support in Canada East = British majority]
  • Ontario: but like say i were to theoretically hypothetically get more people and stuff could I have more MLAs...

You know what I hate about myself, that I’m not “fat” but I’m not “skinny” I’m just kind of eh. Like I’m not plus size so I’m not seen has thicc and big girl pretty. But I’m not skinny. So I’m not seen as normal. I’m just eh. And I hate that. Because I’m nothing. Like nothing is there to describe me. I have a muffin top I hide with jeans and leggings. Big boobs where I can only wear shirts that’s help hide my belly and don’t make me look like a tent. I’m short so I don’t look good in skirts. And dresses look horrid on me. And like ugh. Like I don’t have a pretty face. What do I have going for me? I have nothing. It makes sense why no one wants to date me and why no one likes me. Because I’m a bundle of fat with a ugly face, and too big boobs, with a flat ass. And greasy hair. Like WHAT IS THERE TO LOVE ABOUT ME?

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hope u have a speedy recovery from ur surgery!! remember, ur health comes first :) pls dont feel the need to write something for sakura & sadara's birthday. i hope i dont sound nosey or anything

thanks <3 i hope I can though but yeah i’ll definitely always take care of my health first. those painkillers for the surgery definitely messed my body up real bad. my anxiety is pretty bad today cause i messed up with the antacids and took the second one a bit too early and now it’s acting up again but i have to stay up till 1:45 am for my eye medication cause i messed that up too and ugh i worry i might not sleep again tonight.. 

im rambling omg im sorry im still so exhausted despite catching up on like 14 solid hours these past two nights so im kind of frazzled and my mind is tired and wild an dwow im doing it again

…good fucking thing i live in canada cause i dont even want to know what mess this would have been like in the U-S. not like everything’s been free but if i need to go to the hospital or the ER that’ll be free. ugh.

You know..sometimes I think about how lucky I am to have him

But then i start overthinking about how anyone else can be lucky too. He gives me no reason to feel this way, other than the fact that he has a heart of gold & he’s beyond handsome. I’m afraid that one day he’ll say, “we’re too young, i dont want you to wait forever” , or “go meet other people” …i’m only afraid because it’s too good to be true that this boy is truly & wholeheartedly committed to me..my last relationship ended because he didn’t want to be serious or pretty much committed, & i really dont want it to happen again.

Ugh sometimes my mind is my worst enemy..but my baby..man❤️🤕. I want to be the lucky one, for forever.

ok but listen here now

jun is so underrated

-hes hot

-hes really hot

-hes so hot wtf

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-he can dance

-like amazingly yuuknnnno???

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-martial arts

-hes hot

-speaks three languages; canto chinese and korean like wtf??

-and he’s pretty confident with his korean too like more confident w/ it than minghao

-plays piano amaze

-hes hot

-he can sing have you heard his parts in some of these songs like ugh and idk if they lip sync or not but during performances jun literally sounds the exact same so if they dont like w t f 

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-hes hot

-he left his country to go to another one to pursue his dream; and then had to learn a new language; that’s actually really different from his first language; and is still good at both of them

-hes hot

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-acting??? he acted for china n stuff ? ? ?? ?

-hes hot

ya thats jun

14 Most Romantic Moments in Bleach

Moment #7

Gin’s Death Scene

I’m so sorry for doing this. This one hurts me, because this one really sucks for my girl Rangiku. And Gin I guess since he’s the one actually dying. But there’s also a lot of love here. This one is going to be pretty long too, but I feel like it needs it all. Ugh.

So first off, I know what Gin did was wrong, wrong, wrong. Like through his whole life it seems. On the other hand, he clearly had very real feelings for Rangiku. Feelings that I think she returned. Only she had the burden of knowing that he was probably doing questionable things (and then had real knowledge that he was not so good). It does seem though that Rangiku was one of the only things Gin truly cared about. Romance isn’t always happy. I’ve made myself sad again, so let’s try to end this on a slightly more positive note.

It’s a wonder Rangiku is as well-adjusted as she is. 

more cullen crap ugh

I was pretty much blocked by the person who posted the epic “People who hate Cullen and feel the need to constantly gripe about it”-post (not a major loss by any means), so I can’t reblog it anymore, but I really just wanted to highlight what dalish-ious​ wrote!

It’s a very good response and I wanted to write one too, but I’m not nearly as eloquent. Check it out if you haven’t already!

Also, the person who wrote the original post later wrote how “apparently it’s impossible for people who hate a character to just scroll past a post they don’t agree with” and they said that they won’t be reading a three page essay explaining why they’re wrong. You could’ve at least taken a look at it? Maybe these people actually have a point or two? Also, you wrote this post directly talking to us and telling us to shut up, but you also want us to just ignore it?

I mean this should about sum up the most intense Cullenites. 

By the way: yeah it’s kinda hard to avoid him considering WE’RE TRYING but clearly failing because posts like yours keep popping up on our dashes.  I also love how we’re the ones that apparently ignore all the pro-Cullen arguments (while writing three page essays debunking or even agreeing with them??), while they instantly block anyone who disagrees and refuse to even look at the repsponses.

Anyway, apparently it’s impossible for people who love a very popular character to just scroll past a rare post they don’t agree with.


Official Naruto baumkuhen from the exhibit. My sister ate one so I ate one too lol. It tastes okay. It’s pretty much your normal, sweet pastry. And it also comes in a unique Team 7 styled wrapper too~