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I swear nominative irony is one of my very favourite tropes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a character with a really scary-sounding name - like, say, Abraxas the Destroyer - turning out to be really ordinary-looking, or a big gnarly monster turning out to be named Steve. Either one is good.

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Thank you for creating Annie. I used to be self-conscious about my height, weight, and nose. Then after I got into SnK, I felt a lot better about my features ((plus Annie is one of my favourite characters))


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Okay so I started reading Nerve Endings and while it's fucking great, I only have two reactions while reading: one is me giggling like a school girl and the other is me screamimg at yuuri and Victor that they're fucking stupid. Just thought I'd share.

literally my two moods while reading Nerve Endings:

(it’s one of my favourite fics!!)

an aesthetic edit for the love of my life, aka @bcdaily’s oc robbie harms

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I'm 5'4", is 90 lbs a good goal weight ? I'm currently 100 and I just barely have a thigh gap so would 80 be better because I'm petite ?

hi! firstly, even 90 is quite low! particularly for your height… and please, please don’t go to 80! it’s considered very underweight, and it’ll cause health issues! please don’t do it. also, you’ll find that since you lose weight all round your body, you won’t really notice too much of a change or a gap, because they’re just slimming down a little. if you’re like me and you have really big thigh fat, and you’ve lost weight and they’re still there, there’s a chance you just have narrow hips or naturally thick thighs! if you want a thigh gap, a good idea is to exercise for it.

one of my favourite exercises for thigh gaps (inner thigh blasting exercises) is really simple. basically, you get a bed pillow (a long one) and fold it, put it between your thighs, lie down, with your knees bent and feet together, and just squeeze the pillow as hard as you can with your thighs for like 2-3 seconds. do this as many times as you possibly can. it’s going to burn, so don’t overdo it. and when you feel like you can’t do anymore, just squeeze it one last time for 10 seconds. it’s a simple and lightweight exercise, but it targets inner thigh fat! you will notice results much quicker than losing excessive weight! stay safe

Life Saver (Grayson Dolan x Reader)

Summary: Your lifeguard skills come in handy when you find someone doing something stupid in the water.

Warnings: Underwater scenes (I’m honestly scared of deep water and the sea so that’s why I’m putting that as a warning)

A/N: If you’ve sent me a request, I definitely got it so don’t worry if I don’t reply, I’m keeping them in my inbox. 

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i'm sure you've gotten a million asks like this, but hear me out? I just finished rereading the run verse (and listened tot he podfics again, so good) and it is by far one of my favourite series, and the only one still being updated. I just read the Hodgepodge, and in one of the chapters you said that you were expecting to have the Run verse!Civil War part up by early 2017. Is that still the schedule, or did I miss an update or idk. I totally 110% understand that life happens. I'm SO excited 1/2

2/2 SO excited for darcy to take over shield with bucky and the avengers, and im thrilled for civil war, you write them all so well. Do you have an updated idea of when we can expect the first part of it? If not, I totally get it. Thank you!

Hi! Thank you so much. I never ever mind getting asks, no matter the question, or if I’ve gotten it before. 

I’m sorry, I am way behind on what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be right now. Every time I think “I’ve got it, I’m really going to sit down and get to this” something comes up. Add to that I am in a little bit of a slump and then for the last week I’ve had some sort of wicked flu / hell plague. It’s kind of driving me nuts now. 

But, okay, here’s what I’ve got planned at the moment, and my projected order (which could change), for what is coming up soon: 

  • Finish Girl’s Night OMG - the last chapter is done, but not the second to last. *sigh*
  • Ultron/the Date
  • Sea Changes – a lot of which has already been posted here, it’s the Phil/AoS reaction to time travel fic. 
  • A short fic of Bucky and Darcy in the Garage going through his army trunk. 
  • Savage Land – Clint, Bucky, Sam Lewis fic
  • Darcy’s Cousin Marcia’s wedding fic

In all of those, Civil War stuff will start developing, since a lot of that was the reaction to Ultron and what happened in Sokovia. So, it’ll start to show up soon. Of those listed fics, they’re all started, and most of them are at least 50% completed already. 

Thanks again, and I’m really sorry about the delay. I appreciate your patience, I really do. Thank you. 

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Sorry this took so long! I was gathering up my motivation to actually do things xD Anyway, this is one of my favourite ships and is always one of my favourites to do.

·         who hogs the duvet

At first it’s Quentin. He tends to roll and flop around at night, rolling himself into a happy, blanket burrito. It doesn’t bother Penny because the weather is warm and he can deal with it. In fact, he gets hot at night anyway. Then winter hits. Penny, having grown up in Florida, isn’t used to the upstate New York cold and ends up stealing all of the blankets, hiding underneath them and still freezing. He ends up wrapped up  in about four blankets, refusing to share.

·         who texts/rings to check how their day is going

Quentin. He often worries that he’s being annoying or obnoxious, but he knows that Penny won’t text him first. He also knows that something is wrong if Penny immediately texts him back, even if Penny immediately texts back something like ‘fine’. It always takes at least seven minutes for Penny to text back and if the response is instant then Penny is in trouble.

·         who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts

Penny. He isn’t exactly good at getting gifts, but he is pretty creative. He knows how to get something amazing for cheap and how to make amazing things out of cheap things. Penny is always really good at finding the weirdest shit. For example, he and Quentin watched A Christmas Story and within three days Quentin had his very own Leg Lamp.

·         who gets up first in the morning

Penny. Quentin can sleep through absolutely anything. Penny doesn’t even have to worry about being quiet in the mornings. Quentin likes sleeping in when he gets the chance. Penny tends to wake up early and sleep lightly. Any small noise will wake him up.

·         who suggests new things in bed

Penny. Quentin wants to and sometimes will let his wards down if he really, really wants to try something but doesn’t want to say it. Penny is a bit more, well, he’s been around the block a few more times than Quentin has. He knows a little bit  more and is able to open Quentin up to different things.

·         who cries at movies

Penny. He doesn’t like for anyone to notice or see and he tries really hard to hide it. Quentin doesn’t mention it and just holds a little tighter to Penny’s hand when it happens. He knows that Penny would immediately kill him if he were to point it out. Penny completely denies it, saying whatever movie they watched was stupid and he hated it.

·         who gives unprompted massages

Quentin. He doesn’t even think about it and he just really likes touching. Soft, gentle touches that turn into massages. A lot of the time it’s just a simple hand massage when Penny’s hands are cramping from practising spells. Sometimes he uses massages to calm Penny down when he’s stressed out or when he’s having trouble falling asleep. Quentin isn’t actually very good at giving massages and it’s sometimes a little awkward, but Penny still lets him do it because he knows that it calms Quentin down a little.

·         who fusses over the other when they’re sick

Quentin. Penny doesn’t like sick people and he’s a bit awkward around them. He also doesn’t like being sick at all and says constantly that he’s fine while he’s clearly on the verge of death. Quentin has to convince him to lay down and makes him soup, then he gets Eliot  to make soup because Eliot is a better cook than he is.

·         who gets jealous easiest

Penny. Almost everything he’s had that he’s liked has been taken away. He’s never lived in the same place for more than a few months and he’s never had a real family before. Any time someone is nice to him he thinks it’s a trap and expects them to leave him. He’s also never really had friends before. He’s incredibly jealous of Quentin’s friends and wonders, frequently, if Quentin like them more than him.

·         who has the most embarrassing taste in music

Quentin. He’s not ashamed of it, not really. He likes what he likes and pop music is really catchy. Any time Penny points out that it’s lame Quentin is just like “You immediately knew who it was after just one verse so obviously you listen to it too.”

·         who collects something unusual

Quentin. And it’s not exactly weird, but Penny thinks it is. It’s just copies of the same book and Penny doesn’t understand why Quentin needs so many. Quentin tries to explain that some are first edition, some are alternate covers, one is in French, and technically even though they’re the same they’re all different. Also he has the copy that he reads and then a backup copy in case something were to happen.

·         who takes the longest to get ready

Penny. Quentin basically just needs to put on shoes and he’s fine. Sometimes a coat or a light jacket, depending on the weather. Penny cares a lot more about his appearance than he lets on. That ‘woke up like this’ look takes a lot of effort.

·         who is the most tidy and organised

Penny. Quentin is okay with things being a little disorganised. He can work around it. Sometimes he gets so caught up in what he’s doing that he doesn’t realise his papers are all over the desk and he’s been drinking cold coffee. He gets focused and makes a mess of his work whereas Penny needs to focus only on what’s in front of him. If there’s too much going on he’ll get distracted.  

·         who gets most excited about the holidays

Quentin on Penny’s behalf sort of. He realises pretty quickly that Penny doesn’t have any typical holiday traditions or anything like that. In fact, they spend one Thanksgiving in a hotel room eating food from 7-11 because that’s what Penny normally did. Quentin takes it upon himself to make the holidays good for Penny and to start new holiday traditions, one of which is getting food from the 7-11 on Thanksgiving.

·         who is the big spoon/little spoon

Penny is the big spoon and Quentin is the little spoon. Penny likes that he can protect Quentin at night and hold onto him. He also likes it because when he wakes up he doesn’t have to worry about sneaking out from under Quentin’s arms.

·         who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports

Neither of them are particularly competitive. If it’s just a game then they’re both fairly laid back about it. Neither one of them sees a reason to put too much energy into something that doesn’t matter. Now, if they start betting, then Penny can be competitive. They never bet money because that’s too boring. Rather, they bet activities and chores and, occasionally, positions. Preferring to be on top, Penny gets especially competitive when they bet anything even remotely sexual.

·         who starts the most arguments

Penny. He doesn’t even mean to, but he says what’s on his mind and sometimes it isn’t the nicest thing ever. He doesn’t realise what he says has come off as aggressive or rude until it’s already out of his mouth and he’s really bad at apologising. So, he just sticks with it and digs himself into a deeper hole, continuing to argue long past a time when he should have stopped.

·         who suggests that they buy a pet

Quentin. Penny would like to remind him what happened the last time Quentin was near a puppy and that usually ends the conversation right there. It’s also difficult to find a pet that Penny isn’t allergic to. He’s highly allergic to cats and slightly allergic to dogs, so both of those are out. Eventually, they settle on getting a fish. He’s a little reddish coloured Beta that Quentin names Caesar.

·         what couple traditions they have

I don’t know if it would be considered a tradition or not, but any time they’re fighting and Penny knows he’s wrong he goes out and buys Quentin food. He leaves it on the table for Quentin to find instead of saying that he’s sorry. Usually it’s something sweet and chocolate, something that Quentin wouldn’t buy for himself to eat but more like a nice little treat. It’s how Penny says ‘sorry’ without actually having to say those words.

·         what tv shows they watch together

Quentin really likes watching Penn and Teller’s show ‘Fool  us’ because he likes seeing if he can figure out how the tricks are done when they watch it. Penny is convinced that everyone on that show is actually a Magician because he can’t figure it out, even when Quentin explains it.

·         what other couple they hang out with

Kady and Julia. It’s a bit difficult sometimes because Penny knows that he has some unresolved feelings for Kady, despite the fact that he wouldn’t leave Quentin. He still appreciates her as a friend, but sometimes he has to remind himself that they aren’t together and sometimes it’s hard for him. Quentin knows this and knows can understand Penny’s feelings on it and why it’s difficult for him to see her. Still, Quentin likes hanging out with Julia and talking about everything and nothing with her.

 ·         how they spend time together as a couple

Penny really likes sitting there and listening to Quentin just talk. Quentin is incredibly passionate about things and, although he won’t attempt it, that’s Penny’s favourite thing about him. When Quentin cares he cares with all his soul and it’s adorable to watch him go off on a tangent about something. They spend a lot of their time studying and reminding each other that breaks are a thing they need to take. Penny spends a lot of time just listening to  Quentin and rolling his eyes, affectionately calling him a dork.

·         who made the first move

Technically Penny but it was Quentin’s idea. Quentin was thinking about it and Penny acted on it. If that makes any sense whatsoever. It was very much both of them. Quentin was thinking about Penny, just absently daydreaming and having a rather embarrassing daydream about what it might be like to kiss him. This was at a time when Quentin’s  wards were still rather leaky so Penny got this daydream in full HD. After a few minutes he interrupted Quentin’s thoughts by kissing him, rather aggressively, and telling him to learn to keep his mind shut.

·         who brings flowers home

Quentin. It brightens up the room and he likes them. Penny never comments on them but Quentin does notice that Penny always smiles when he sees them. So, Quentin starts bringing them in more often on his way home whenever he knows that Penny is having a bad day.

·         who is the best cook

 Penny. He grew up learning to cook for himself and can cook. But his food is always a little weird because, well, he taught himself. He makes something called ‘Penny Pancakes’ which are regular pancakes with bacon in them that are topped with bananas. Quentin absolutely loves them even though they’re kind of weird.