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✨Song of Myself✨ -
Woohoo- Happy Friday everyone! Had a lot of fun doing this one, added some lights and went a little more saturated on my colors. Tried to capture the subtle expression here, which was pretty tough! Hopefully it translated well? 😆 Anyway thanks for looking- Love you guys! <3

So I’m hanging out in my apartment, I’ve got some candles lit, I’m feeling good, I’ve had eight glasses of wine.


And down in the street I hear these two beautiful boys playing. They’re skateboarding, they’re doing flips or something. And one of them looks up at me and has the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen. Asian.


And you know how I like a little Asian. Remember my date with Len?

Very well.

The point is I say “woohoo boys,” and they sort of look. The one who isn’t Asian is black.

T-th y- you don’t have t- this could be a color-blind story.

I wanna fill it with color.

Yeah but I’m just saying, there’s like a race problem in Hollywood.

And in America. A race-ISM problem.

I agree.

Well this story isn’t racist. It’s diverse. If everyone in it was white, -then- it would be racist, Caleb Gallo.

Y'know what? You’re right. Go ahead.

So the boys come up to my apartment and I’m wearing a robe. I’m -only- wearing a robe. And I say “why don’t you come in my boudoir and watch me do a monologue” and they say “where’s the bed?” and I say “this is the bed right here” and they say “can we sit on the bed” and I say “sure but these are expensive Japanese linen” and they say “but they’re not even soft” … and I say… “Sometimes… things that are expensive… are worse.”

“so how excited are you to see your little baby?” “so excited.””oh i need to tell you about my night last night.” “oh tell me alll about it” “so im hanging out in my apartment i’ve got some candles lit  im feeling good  ive had eight glasses of wine” “gotcha” “and down in the street i hear these two beautiful boys playing. they’re skateboarding or doing flips or something. and one of them looks up at me and has the most beautiful face ive ever see. Asian.” “Beautiful.” “and you know how i like a little asian- you remember my date with len” “Very well.” ” the point is, i say, woohoo boys, and they sort of look. the one who isnt asian, is black.” “th-th-you dont have t- this could be a colorblind story.” “i wanna fill it with color.” “yeah but im just saying it’s like- theres a race problem in hollywood right now.” “and in america. a raceISM problem.” “ i agree.” “well this story isnt racist it’s diverse. if everyone in it was white, Then it would be racist, caleb gallo.” “you know what? you’re right. go ahead.” ”So the boys come up to my apartment and I’m wearing a robe. I’m Only wearing a robe. and I say ‘why dont you come in my boudoir and watch me do a monologue ‘ and they say ‘ where’s the bed’ and i say ‘ this is the bed right here’  and they say ‘can we sit on the bed’ and i say ‘sure but these are expensive japanese linen’ and they say ‘but they’re not even Soft’ and I say ‘sometimes..........things that are expensive......are worse......’” “Wow.” “so anyway i sucked both their dicks” “did you do the monologue?” “i did an early work by the master.” “Cameron diaz”
“If you burst into song, I’m jumping out of the plane”

safety first, kids

My submission for Round 14′s of #ChoicesCreates, hosted by @mermaidwarriorqueen and @hollyashton. The theme was Any Disney Song. 😇 (And my first ever submission to #ChoicesCreates! Woohoo!)

Inspired by a notable Drake quote, one of my favorite Disney songs “Colors of the Wind,” and the magical lip sync battle with Melissa McCarthy (Skip to 6:15 to see “Colors of the Wind.”) I can imagine Maxwell doing her entire fabulous routine. 😂

smh maxwell part 1
smh maxwell part 2

“Hi,” Oikawa fucking Tooru says with a softened smile on his face, mask pulled around his chin, duffel bag slung over his shoulder. “I missed you.”

casually makes fanart of my own au, complete with some experimental coloring. im getting faster with drawing woohoo!!

from one of my favorite scenes in idol au god bless.

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soccer calum plssss

Sorry this is late babes, I didn’t have my laptop and just got around to it. Thank you for requesting! Also I love Au’s where the boys are sports stars!

Going to soccer games was always your favorite thing to do, especially if it was Calum’s soccer game. I loved cheering him on, wearing one of his jerseys with their team colors all over my face. I loved cheering on my favorite person in the world.

“Woohoo! Go Calum! You got this babe!” I screamed out to the crowded field. The players ran quick as lightning left and right across the field trying to get the ball into the goal before the time ran out. Calum currently had the ball and ran full speed.

Down to the last second, fans of both teams were screaming, and Calum shot the ball into the goal to score the winning point! I jumped out of my seat and cheered as loud as my throat would allow me to. Calum’s team all huddled together and cheered. Calum searched the stands and made eye contact with me. He smiled greatly and gave two thumbs up.

When he and his team ran back to their changing rooms, and all of the fans left, I ran into the changing room as well. I saw the team, and some of the other girlfriends of the other members in there too. I searched the room for Calum and Brad, another teammate walked up to me with his girlfriend and his stuff in hand.

“Hey Y/n, Calum’s in the shower right now. But you know, you could always go in there, we’re all leaving anyways.” Brad smirked. I laughed and shook my head, “Thanks brad, nice to know you’ll always hook me up.”

He laughed and shook his head. He pushed my shoulder a bit and walked away. “Bye Y/n.” He and his girlfriend said over their shoulders. I walked back into the shower area and looked for Calum, he was the only one in the showers and I pulled the curtain back.

He jumped and turned around, about to yell, but looked at me and smirked. “Hey babe, did you like the game?” He asked as he moved over to look at me better. I nodded and smiled. “You were amazing Cal, as always!” I praised my boyfriend as he rinsed the soap suds off his body.

When he stepped out, I grabbed his towel and handed it to him. He tied it around his waist and brought me into a huge hug. “I did it, babe, I won the winning goal!” He cheered as he squeezed me even tighter. “Now we can go on to the championship!” He screamed as he picked me up and spun me around.

I laughed, and he placed me back down onto the ground and gave me a firm kiss. “I love you Y/n, thank you for always supporting me.”

“I’ll never not support you Cal, I love you, and I love what you do. You’re the best babe.” I smiled and leaned to give him another peck on the lips. “Now get changed so we can go out for some celebratory dinner.”

He grinned and ran to get changed with the largest smile on his face.

I think I’m going to make the part from the line and under a smut in a new post! Thoughts? Should I or should I not?

RIVALS  [ peter quill x reader ] 0.2

a/n; seriously this chapter is one of my favs EVER from anything i have ever written idk i just like it alot. also! keep in mind that the chapters of this story are written in two different POV’s, and they dive deep into what the character is thinking, so that’s why some info may differ from chapter to chapter

P.S. wrote this listening to sad 80s music smh

summary: Some things are just obvious from an early age: you and Peter were meant to get along no better than a cat and a dog. And not the modern spin on a cat’s and a dog’s relationship either (none of that Disney fun-loving BS). No, we’re talking about that good old fashioned thirst for blood, spite and rivalry.Only that your situation really was Disney like. Which is ironic, since you’ve been raised to spit in anyone’s face that even mentions the name ‘Starlord’.

words;  2,502

warnings: a bit of swearing



“My mom died. I want to say goodbye.”

Your words ring in his ears like a catchy pop song, but without a cheerful note or even a pleasant one. His bed feels rougher than usual: the mattress is cold and the spirals dig into his back, the pillow, no matter how many times he fluffs it, refuses to lay softly under his head and he can already tell that when a new dawn rises he is going to have the mother of neck pains. He crosses his arms under his head, as if that would somehow make his position more comfortable, and stares into the dark ceiling of his private bedroom. He can hear Rocket and Groot playing from somewhere in the spaceship. The clanking and screeching and smacking pierce the air every two to three seconds. Or maybe it’s the storm raging outside.

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A colored, full body redesign of one of my favorite Transformers ever, Blackout! Drew him after the positive comments on his design here in my previous pic. For his full design, I added elements from Transformers Prime and mixed in with his original bayverse incarnation. 

I redesigned him by following a theme of him being a “Blue-Collar” worker  who eventually rose to the ranks of becoming on of Megatron’s Loyal Lieutenants. Because Blackout deserves a stand-out personality dangit. He likes Bullet-Cigars like Hound from AOE/TLK.

Blackout of Tarn comes from the same lower classes as Megatron, responsible for the laborious and unrewarding job as Heavy Transport, and joined the Decepticons as he believed in their initial ideals of promoting equality for the masses and stopping the corruption within Cybertronian society. Inspired by Megatron during Megs’ gladitorial days, he remains a loyal and powerful servant, and was instrumental in recruiting fellow working-class bots due to his background.

A powerful Point One Percenter, he’s known for his monstrous strength and durability, and effectively towers above almost all other Decepticons. His most famous and feared ability however, is his ability to send EMP pulses and energy waves (and just like in TFA, by just stomping on something). In spite of this, he prefers fighting hand-to-hand, a holdover from his days a pugilist from Tarn. His fists are practically unbreakable, so woe be to any autobot on the receiving end. All these factors combined made him earn the nickname of “The One-Bot Assault Brigade”. His Alt-Mode is an Assault/Troop Transport Helicopter.

For all his might however, he’s still an idealist at heart, and remains loyal to the original ideals of the Decepticon cause, regardless of how the leader he so admired has now become a tyrant. It’s due to these ideals he still has a sense of honor, camraderie and a personal code of ethics, as he would say “a ‘bot on the other side was once just a ‘bot like me and you’”.

Fun fact, Blackout is one of the reasons I wanted to aim for a job in animation in the first place, alongside Disney and Jurassic Park. His introductory scene in the beginning of the 2007 movies basically got me hooked on CGI, and I LOVED his concept art. So you could say he holds a special place in my heart, not just from a “his design is so good” perspective, but also in my development as an artist :).

Also, WOOHOO 230 followers! Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me :D

Cat!Woozi AU

Originally posted by choazy

Request: AU Request- Woozi as a cat :3
A/N Hihi ! #DontWannaCry6thWin WOOHOO -Admin Sierra & Madi

  • Cat!Woozi is v v small, but def one of the prettiest and sleekest cats there is
  • his coat is super soft and shiny, a pale caramel color that makes his brown eyes really pop in contrast to his bright pink nose
  • he looks really cute and innocent but has this facade where he acts like a tough kitty
  • he is really aggressive and easily annoyed but is actually soft and snuggly underneath
  • if he’s having a bad day though, y’all dont wanna cross paths with him
  • he’s not one for attacking much, but he makes great use out of his claws
  • he either spends most of his day sitting by the window basking in the sun, or hiding somewhere in the house where you no matter what, can’t locate
  • he’s a pretty recluse cat, but he’ll sometimes flop on the couch; definitely not for cuddles though
  • Cat!Seungcheol will be all over him in an instant when he decides to come out, bugging and nudging him with his paws until he can get Cat!Woozi to play with him for a bit
  • woozi eventually caves and agrees to play with him after the consistent nudging and whining becomes too much to handle
  • but when seungcheol isn’t looking, he’ll make a break for the nearest exit and disappear into the depths once again
  • besides sun bathing all day, woozi loves to be fed
  • he isn’t the type of cat that eats messily or inhales the dish, he’s pretty slow and makes sure he doesn’t make a mess for you to clean up 
  • he’ll feel really full and content after eating so he’ll most likely just go to bed at like 6pm
  • he’s kinda protective over you but doesn’t want to seem that way, so instead of passing out ontop of your covers, he nuzzles into his own small bed thats situated at the foot of your own
  • he lowkey becomes jealous when he wakes up to see Cat!Seungcheol cuddled up into your side but reminds himself that you obviously love them equally despite seungcheol being a dumbass most days
  • he rarely ever meows, only hissing when he’s in a bad mood, so you’re able to sleep in peace and get work done without having a cat meow at you for attention
  • on days where he does want attention, he’ll lay beside you in bed and inch his way closer until he’s ontop of you and blocking your view of whatever you were doing
  • he looks so cute and rarely ever asks to be pet so you never get upset at him and forget all about what you were doing previously
  • woozi is far more important after all!
  • he’s obviously your main priority, cat!seungcheol can take a backseat as far as woozi is concerned :^)
Ascendance of a Bookworm – 046

We Made It At Once

As soon as we finish with dinner, my father heads immediately for bed, since he has to work the dawn shift tomorrow. In order to make sure we don’t disturb him while he’s trying to sleep, the rest of us relocate to the kitchen, where we can quietly busy ourselves with whatever work we can do, quietly, to kill time before we need to go to bed as well.

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lyrea  asked:

List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore ♡

How dare youuuuu lol. I know who you want this to be about :p

5 facts about Zero Paz:

  • 3 of his in game wishes at the moment revolve around his daughter, Nalla. (Tickling her, snuggling her and reading to her) while the last one involves wanting to woohoo Sado.
  • Regardless of his known status, he refuses to ride in anything but his red Ferrari Spider.
  • He used to be into the whole being called, “Daddy”, kink. Until he became a father. Now, he just cringes at it.
  • He has 2 full tattoos on his torso. One of a colorful Phoenix and one of a dragon.
  • Currently in game, he gets hit on by the maid (Sado’s probably gonna fire her)
J-Hope Fluff/Smut: Exams

okay so here it is. i made it based off of exams since i know a lot of ARMYs (me being one of them ;-;) are dealing with exams at the moment. i hope y’all like it! ^^ 

You woke up early morning with your alarm buzzing loudly. Groaning and practically falling out of bed, you reached over and turned it off, yawning. You sat up and looked at the mess of your bed; your binders and sticky-notes and index cards sprawled all over, with opened highlighters marking up your comforter with specks of neon yellow. You sighed, squinting at your calendar half-way across the room. Today was the big day: exam day. You were so unbelievably nervous. This exam could make or break your GPA, and even had the potential to fail you… you didn’t even wanna think about the consequences if you didn’t pass.

You got up and showered, trying (and failing) to wash all of the doubt off of you. You tried to convince yourself that you had this, and that you’d do fine, but the little devil of self-doubt kept chanting in the back of your mind, telling you that you weren’t even remotely prepared, and that you’d screw this up horribly.

After your shower, you dressed and ate a small breakfast, deciding not to cram in some extra morning studying. Instead, you kept to yourself, trying to clear your mind.

“You’ve got this,” you whispered to yourself. You had it, right? You just needed that extra push of confidence. You just needed a bit more reassurance.

You arrived at school, two sharpened No. 2 pencils, a black and blue ink pen, extra erasers, and a smile in place. You were as ready as you could be. But why did you still feel so incomplete and nervous?

You exited the car and looked at the entrance of the school where students all filed in. No one looked as nervous as you. Did they have a secret to studying and confidence that you hadn’t unlocked yet?

You inhaled and headed for the door—but not before you heard your name being called.

“_______~! My lovely girlfriend!!! Hey~! Woohoo! My smart girlfriend! She’s gonna pass all of her exams with flying colors! Yahoo!!!”

You looked over with wide eyes as Hoseok stood with a poster that had your name in glittery letters as he danced to a beat in his head. You ran over to him, an embarrassed smile on your face.

“Hoseok!” You squealed, feeling yourself burst with happiness. He looked tired, and you knew he’d been up all night practicing, which was the reason you refrained from texting him like you wanted to so desperately. He smiled at you, putting his poster down.

“Ay~ there’s my little Einstein! Are you ready for your exam?”

You frowned. “I’m a little nervous, honestly.”

He smiled, leaning in to kiss your cheek. “You’ll be fine, I promise. You studied so diligently. There’s no way you don’t have this material mastered. And even if you don’t, your whole life isn’t defined after one test. You’ll do great.”

You could only smile gratefully as you looked up at him. In an instant, the self-doubt you were filled with had left you. You now felt more than confident enough to go into the classroom and master this exam. You sighed.

“Thank you, Hoseok. I love you, okay?”

“I love you, too. I’ll be out here waiting for you when you’re done.”

You nodded, kissing his cheek quickly before turning from him, entering your school.

You all handed over your finished exams and text booklets. Some of the students looked confident in what they’d just turned in, and some students looked honestly sick with what they’d just submitted. You honestly had no idea. When you were with Hoseok, you felt confident, but alone in here, the doubts slowly began to swim back. You exited the building, and looked up at the bright sky and sighed. It was a lovely day, at least.

“Hey,” you heard Hoseok’s voice as he approached you, a soft smile on his face. You sighed contently. He pulled you into a warm hug, and you felt the tenseness built up in you begin to melt. “How do you think you did?” He asked you softly.

You exhaled. “I don’t know. I don’t wanna think about it. I’ll just see my results at the end of the week… do you have a schedule today?”

He smiled. “I do. It’s to take you out and make you feel better. Where to?”

Hoseok insisted on taking you out to dinner, or maybe out to the movies or an amusement park, but to his surprise, you simply wanted to go home.

“Why home?” He asked as you both headed there.

“I just wanna relax with you. Watch a movie, eat some leftovers… nothing too special.” You yawned. He smiled, pinching your cheeks. You both drove back to the members’ dorm which was empty at the moment. You plopped down on the couch, and gasped.

“Show Me the Money’s on! Hoseok~ come watch it with me!” You smiled, patting the cushion next to you. He came to your side, and you both watched the show as you used his arm as a pillow.

“You should go on there,” you said, looking up at him. He raised a brow.

“Nah,” he said. “I think this kind of show fits Yoongi or Namjoon a bit better….”

You tsked. “You’d still do really well, though.”

He smiled. “You freestyle. I wanna hear it.”

You snorted. “Me? Freestyle?”

“Come on, I bet it’s good.”

You bit your lip, looking between him and the TV.

“Yo, yo,” you said before bursting out into laughter.

“Ah! Why’d you stop! The feeling was there!” He groaned. You shook your head, looking at him happily. You couldn’t believe that just this morning you were so unbelievably stressed out. Just being around Hoseok alone filled you with the utmost happiness, a bubbly feeling that you hadn’t received from being around anyone else. You took his hand.

“Hoseok?” You asked him, sitting up.


“How long before the members come back?”

“I’m not sure… an hour? Two?”

You smiled to yourself, and leaned up to kiss his cheek.

“Why?” He asked, turning to look at you. When he did so, you kissed his lips. He smiled softly, and you kissed him again. He kissed you back warmly, and you let your hand wander over to the tail of his shirt and slide up until it touched his toned stomach. You both kissed warmly on the couch as your hands wandered back down until you were at the buckle of his jeans. You unfastened them quickly, and he jerked as your hand slid into his pants.

You both groaned as you heard the front door unlock.

“Hey, it’s—heyyy.” Namjoon tsked, looking at you two sitting on the couch. “Did we interrupt something, you two dirty kids?”

Hoseok smiled. “Not at all.”

“Tell that to your unbuttoned jeans,” Yoongi said, a look of disgust on his face. “For crying out loud, there are children still in this group.”

You sighed, rising from the couch.

“We brought food!” Jimin announced happily. You walked excitedly to the kitchen, helping the members set up the meal.

After a day at the dorm, you were exhausted. You could only watch Jimin and Hoseok dance to girl group songs while Taehyung showed you funny videos online for so long before wanting to pass out.

“I’ll be taking _______ home now.” Hoseok announced, holding your hand as you both walked out the door. The members bid you farewell, and in moments you were in the car as Hoseok drove you back.

“Are you tired?” He asked, looking over to you. “You’re nodding off.” He whispered.

You nodded. “It’s been a long day.” He smiled, caressing your face lightly as you began to sleep in.

“We’re here,” he told me as you pulled into your parking lot. You noticed immediately that you were the only ones home. You sighed.

“Walk me in,” you told Hoseok as you opened the front door. You walked back to your room, and he laughed.

“Look at all your notes everywhere. Did you even sleep last night?”

“A little bit… I’m glad it’s over though.” You said, clearing the bed. He smiled.

“I’m proud of you. I bet you did really well. I wish I was as smart as you when I was back in school.”

You frowned. “You’re really smart, Hoseok.”

“I guess so,” he said, pulling you into a hug. “I was smart enough to ask you out.”

You snorted. “…you’re also really cheesy.” You joked before looking him in the eye. He eyed you carefully, but gave you a look full of admiration. You leaned up and kissed his lips softly.

“Can you stay over tonight?” You asked him quietly while your lips were still close. He kissed you.

“Mhm,” he assured you before kissing you again, this time a deep, passionate kiss that encased you both.

You backed up into the bed so that you could lay down on it, and he crawled over you, his lips on your neck as he pushed your shirt up. You stifled a moan, loving his touch all over your body.

As he worked on undressing you, you worked on undressing him, and in-between rough kisses and soft moans, you both found yourselves completely naked in the darkness of your bedroom, kissing passionately and enjoying the feeling of your bodies pressed together so closely. When the feeling proved to not be enough anymore, he positioned himself between your legs, and entered you slowly.

You moaned out your boyfriend’s name slowly and sweetly, and he kissed your nose before continuing to rock inside of you. The passionate experience made you feel slightly overwhelmed, from the soft moans you both produced, to the lip-biting, skin-gripping, sweat-inducing romance that was blossoming at the current moment. As always whenever you two had sex, you felt overwhelmed with love. You felt as if you were bursting with it.

Your nails dug into the soft skin on his back, and scratched deep down as he slid deeper into you, and you gasped out, moaning louder.

“Hoseok,” you called his name, feeling yourself reaching your climax quickly. He could feel it, too, and he began to rock inside of you faster, deeper, until your back arched off of the bed, and your vision began to blur.

In moments, you were over the edge, and his name stuttered off of your tongue as you held him in your arms. He reached his climax, as well, gripping the headboard and exhaling.

You both sighed.

He kissed your face lightly. “Get some sleep,” he instructed, wrapping his arms around you and spooning you on the bed. You nodded sleepily, feeling the tiredness that you once felt starting back again.

“I love you, Hoseok.” You said, yawning lightly in his arms. You heard him whisper, “I love you, too,” quietly before you fell asleep.

I feel like this was written a bit awkwardly but I hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks for reading! ~ 

beautiful hair boy @pastabot tagged me to do dis

A song you like with a color in the title:

O Green World // Gorillaz

A song you like with a number in the title:

Ain’t No Woman Like The One I’ve Got // The Four Tops

A song that reminds you of summertime:

Sunshine Superman // Donovan

A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about: 

Father Christmas // The Kinks

A song that needs to be played LOUD:

all of em

A song that makes you want to dance:

The Tide Is High // Blondie

A song to drive to:

Money // Pink Floyd

A song about drugs or alcohol:

Alcohol // The Kinks

A song that makes you happy:

Down Under // Men At Work

A song that makes you sad:

My Mom // Kimya Dawson

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WoW Hallow’s End Art Challenge/Inktober Challenge Mashup

15-Faction Leader (Sylvanas Windrunner)

Woohoo! Halfway there! and to celebrate reaching the midpoint of this challenge, I inked a piece I have been wanting to do for ages and that I will definitely color. Oh man, I’m kinda proud if this one, even if it took way too long XD