but this one was too precious

What I love the most is Rob getting hugs at Cons

Like, look at this

I just love seeing this

Look at his smile

Look at her smile

Both parties most certainly enjoy it

I most certainly enjoy seeing them smile and laugh and hug each other

Rob is so smol and precious and I bet that the cast knows that, too

Like, look at how some of them hug him

If I was tall enough, I would hug him like that as well

This is cuteness overload

I’m pretty sure I died a few photos back

Maybe I should stop (Jim’s face, tho)

Like, how can one be this cute?

Rob, stop that

You’re killing me

You’re going to be the death of me

You are the death of me

Jesus fucking Christ kill me now

Precious lil smol bean

Cheese Balls! (Hoseok/Reader)

Prompt: Hi! OMG! I love all the stories on here and all the admins! I would like to request some fluff of either Yoongi, Hoseok, Jungkook (or all of BTS if possible), when their gf has one of those big jug things of cheese balls and keeps them hidden in her closet so no one would steal them and he finds it, and when he asks her about it she pretends she has no idea of what he’s talking about. Was that too detailed? Anyways, I totally understand if you can’t do this request. Much love

Genre: fluff, slight humor, drabble,

Words: 1k

Author: Admin Nan

Summary: You loved your cheese balls.

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keishota  asked:

Man, I just really like how you draw Teruki! He just looks so adorable in your style~! I immediately squealed whenever I saw your Teruki! Hnnng~ My heart! <3

Oh my dear!! thank you so much I love my boy with all my heart

Ofc Mob is my son too, precious and loved but… Teru is… special!, I feel like he’s always struggling with things(?)… Doing all his best to be a better person, to be accepted while he had no one in his life to guide him, no one till he met Mob. 

I believe things had been hard for him and he needs to be loved. I’m sorry hahaha! I have so many feels I wish he would have had a Reigen just as Mob had. … someone to tell him what was good and what was bad, someone! He’s been lonely for too long .. ToT.

anonymous asked:

Henrik Holm is the walking epitome of that wonderful quote on Noora's wall. I just can't believe.

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind, always.” this is so beautifully said, and so true ♥ 

He is so giving to anyone he meets. Sometimes, when they are too shy, even being the one offering the hug. He is like a giant teddy bear, arms always open to welcome and comfort everything passing by. Such a precious heart. 

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What if Saruhiko secretly had a pet snake, and one day one of the alphabet boys notice a little head peeking out of his collar, and it turns out Saruhiko walks around with a white corn snake wrapped around his arm. Cue the boys wanting to pet it and Saruhiko being all protective of his precious snake friend. What if Misaki knew?

I forgot I had this ask when I answered the one with the vet!AU a couple weeks back, Fushimi had a precious baby snake there too XD Maybe he rescues this one from an owner who’s a Strain, Fushimi has no real intention of keeping the snake but like all animals it is instantly attracted to him. Fushimi’s initially just trying to get it to go back in its cage so he can hand it over to animal control or whatever but instead the snake slips inside his sleeve and wraps itself around his wrist all warm and cuddly. Fushimi glares and starts to pull it off when the snake looks up at him with the saddest little snakey eyes ever and Fushimi just sighs and figures well, as long as it’s not bugging him he can just transport the snake back to headquarters this way and then find some way to get it to another owner. Instead he finds himself taking care of the snake, telling himself that of course he’s not going to keep it, he doesn’t want a pet and it’s not like he can take care of one anyway. Say this is post-ROK and Fushimi’s been slowly working through his issues and that’s part of what ends up getting him to accept that he’s keeping the snake, like here’s another step towards recovery – trying to take care of something else, holding something precious and getting himself to believe that he’s not going to fuck up and kill it. Fushimi ends up doing all this online research about snakes and soon he’s set up his dorm as the perfect snake paradise, his snake has a nice cage and a heat lamp and everything though its very favorite place to curl up is around Fushimi’s wrist. Fushimi ends up even removing the hidden knives from that wrist because he’s afraid of hurting his snake, he finds it oddly soothing to have the snake there with him at all times, being so totally content and trusting with him.

Fushimi doesn’t tell anyone about his snake except maybe Munakata, since he figures he’ll need permission to keep a pet on Scepter 4 grounds and he doesn’t want to get attached to something only to have to give it away. Munakata doesn’t mind at all of course, in fact he’s very pleased and a little charmed by the fact that Fushimi-kun has found something to love. Fushimi grimaces and claims that he doesn’t love the snake he just doesn’t want to be bothered finding a home for it but of course Munakata can see that Fushimi totally loves his new snake friend. Even Munakata doesn’t know that the snake spends all its time around Fushimi’s wrist, he kinda suspects (since Fushimi noticeably doesn’t use the knives in his left sleeve anymore) but he doesn’t say anything, only smiles cryptically every time he sees Fushimi reaching a hand inside his left sleeve and patting something inside. The alphabet boys find out one day when Fushimi’s berating Doumyouji about an unfinished report and suddenly this tiny head pokes its way out of his sleeve. Doumyouji flails for a moment thinking that Fushimi-san is so scary he can summon snakes and Fushimi facepalms and mumbles that it’s his…pet. The other alphabet boys are like wait you have a pet and soon everyone’s crowded around wanting to look at the snake. Fushimi finds himself being very protective of his snake, he glares at everyone and tells them to stop crowding, it’s just a snake, but of course he’s really just worried that all this fuss will upset his snake. The others think it’s really cute, like Hidaka and Akiyama exchange this smile because they both realize what this behavior means for Fushimi’s general recovery more than anything and they’re both really happy that Fushimi’s found something to protect and care about for no reason other than because he wants to.

Yata would probably think it’s awesome, like Fushimi meets him for drinks one evening and as they’re hanging out at a bar together Yata suddenly spots something small and white sliding out of Fushimi’s sleeve. For a moment Yata thinks someone slipped a poisonous snake in and dives forward, thinking Fushimi’s about to get bitten by this random snake someone released inside the bar, and Fushimi immediately intercepts Yata in order to save his snake. Yata’s all confused until Fushimi finally kinda looks away with a slightly red face as he mutters at Yata to stop causing a scene, it’s just his pet. Yata’s confused for a moment and then he just gets this big smile because aw Saruhiko has a pet. I think he’d be really happy for the same reason as the alphabet squad, Fushimi reaching a point where he wants to care for something all on his own is big step (especially if this is a scenario where Fushimi actually reached the point that he was able to explain the anthill incident to Yata and now Yata knows exactly what a big deal it is for Fushimi to willingly get a pet for himself). I think Yata would find the snake kinda cool and especially the way Fushimi carries it on his wrist all the time, Yata’s probably trying to convince the snake to wrap around his wrist and is a little disappointed when it just curls all comfortably inside Fushimi’s sleeve and stays there.

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Heyo! Have you played Hakuoki? I tried the phone version cause Shinsengumi (i do love playing with these guys) and it's pretty interesting. I played dtl first so I made comparisons and stuff, hakuoki's like the darker version. Also, love the art and the guys (WHY do I always fall for Okita, ughh) but tbh I haven't really warmed up to MC Chizuru. But then again dtl mc is an older woman (chizuru is 16 i think) so dtl spoiled me for a good mc. Otherwise great game so far. Anime's great too, hehe

Hi! I haven’t played that one! 

If you seek him out in other games, it seems like Okita’s got the right stuff to suit you, Precious Anon.

Don’t worry, I totally get it:

If you look at the routes and the characters, DtL has some pretty dark themes on its own. If Hakuoki is like a darker version of what’s already in DtL, it sounds very interesting!

3.27.17 // 7:10pm // MSC 26+27/31 - hidden study tip + favorite book you read for school

hidden study tip(s): 

-save time while taking notes (especially from textbooks) by color coding your underlines instead of the actual text. this way, you can wait to underline at the end (or after each section) and you don’t waste time changing between different colored pens each time.

-during lectures, pick just one “accent” color to write down important things or help label diagrams for clarity. similar to with the previous tip, you won’t waste (precious) time while your professor is talking changing between 5 different pens.

favorite book read for school: cronica de una muerte anunciada by gabriel garcia marquez (i’m too lazy to put in the accents sorry) -m

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Genji and Zenyatta 

[Requests by @morethanlittlesinister , as well as several anons] 


Finally, there are robots robot boyfriends who wear each other’s clothes. (Clothes? Pieces?) 

I’m sorry this one too so long, since most of you know I’ve been dealing with chained concussions on and off for over a year. Still, this was such a joy to do, because Zenyatta is my sweet boy - and now looks like General Grievous’ jedi cousin. 

Genji looks a bit odd to me still, and don’t even get me started on how Zenyatta taught him to float… But I took a fair amount of artistic liberties with their designs since neither of them have full reference for the parts of their bodies that aren’t covered? It’s like they planned this. 


Thank you all for the submissions! 

[Requests for Overwatch Outfit Swaps are CLOSED]


I look like a guy from the 1980′s waiting for his girlfriend at the subway station.. did they have green tea latte back then?

An actual cinnamon roll that’s too precious and should be protected at all costs, Kim Yoosung. 

Like, look at his smile: it’s so pure, so genuine, and he just GLOWS okay?

Originally posted by bestboy-oftheday

Depressed Yoosung is a heart breaking Yoosung.

But expect sweet, honest phone calls from him:

And cute chats:

Especially this one: 

Because bashful Yoosung is adorable 

+ More phone calls because he is just too sweet.

He is also quite selfless at times, to the point where he pretends to be okay so the MC doesn’t worry about him: 

A true gentleman:

That’s terrible cheesy. 😂😂

But is nonetheless loveable:

Happy birthday, Yoosung!! 💕

Ok I know both Yurio and Yuuri look precious in their hats. (Because Yuuri’s one of the few who can manage to look that adorable while wearing a fedora, and Yurio, god the class in the boy…)


Also the fact the three of them went shopping for hats… I’m dying here.


Aaron checking on his wedding engagement ring (。♥‿♥。)

#it’s like touching his engagement ring is a stress relief for aaron #he touches it when he feels stressed hurt or scared #when he touches the ring he feels like he can breath again and he can get through this situation #it’s like Robert is right there with him #you’re not alone anymore remember! #I AM SO EMOTIONAL ABOUT THIS

tag yourself i’m the third sixth and seventh