but this one scene


“Come now, why not follow your liege’s lead and stop resisting!“


“You risked life and limb to safeguard the King of Kings, only to witness him fail so. You must be so disappointed.”

“Unhand him!”

“I know I am…”


YOI Things to Love #78: Davai

I love how after Yurio kicks them off the K&C bench, Victor responds with an easy “Davai.” 

1. He’s adorable. He looks sweetly childish with his legs curled up and holding the poodle tissue box cover in a close hug. 

2. That face like he’s just taking in Yurio’s tirade without minding the explosive emotion. It’s an angry kitty screeching at you. What do you do? Stare and say the first thing that comes to mind… “good luck.” I love that that’s the first thing he says in response to the angry outburst. He doesn’t get bothered by Yurio’s behavior, he doesn’t frown or look at Yurio with annoyance. He takes it in stride and just kind of…. lets it pass. 

3. The contrast with Yuuri who’s drawn proportionally – a bit sprawled on the ground and speechless – really highlights Victor’s adorable simplified face and makes the scene even more amusing. Yuuri doesn’t seem too bothered overall by the sudden kick back into reality. He seems more questioning or taken aback than anything – “That came from nowhere. Why the kicking and bluster?”


“We kind of had the concept when we were coming up with the idea for the video that we wanted to definitely feel really true to me and the title obviously, Back To You, felt like going back home was definitely appropriate.

Have a safe & happy Christmas everyone!

I was going to save this one for closer to the date, but I couldn’t keep it to myself.

(Thanks to @peacelovedftba for the suggestion of the team celebrating with pizza! x)


“I am the one that runs from both the living and the dead.”

Mad Max: Fury Road, 2015

anonymous asked:

I just have read the article on Hannibal Lecter being ENFJ. I have to say that i applaude you for seeing this different side of him. But i still think that you are wrong about it. Ithink you see the INTJ type as much of a stereotype. The function Fi for example focuses on very few people that he views as special. Fe on the other hand wouldnt add up with him killing people and eating with special people for dinner. Also his thinking function, Te is organising. He can stage crime scenes accurately



Halfborn leaned toward me. “There’s no shame in being attracted, Magnus.” 

I choked on a piece of feast beast. “What? No, I wasn’t—”

“Staring?” Halfborn grinned.


Alright, look… How about I get off early tonight and I buy us a bunch of candy and we can sit around and get fat and we can watch a scary movie together? How’s that for a compromise?
C-O-M-promise. Compromise. How about that’s your word for the day, yeah? It’s something that’s kinda in-between. It’s like halfway happy.
By 5-1-5?
5:15. Yeah, sure.


Happy Birthday to my one and only

     To the person who showed me that hard work works, that you don’t have to be naturally good at something in order to succeed, that continuous  effort and resilience will not fail you and never giving up at something you want to do can lead to much greater things. I wish you all the love and happiness in this universe and all possible ones. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration to me and many. From A to Z is not enough to illustrate all your wonderful traits, but I hope this can show a small part of you. Happy Birthday!!