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Love Potions

Anonymous said:Any love potion (that is actually not potion) prompts???

Anonymous said:im literally in love with your writing! you’re so amazing. could i have some prompts for a villain whose been love-potioned into being in love with the hero? thanks!!! //  Anonymous said:Love the prompts :) can I get one about villains x heroines/heroes and love potions/spells?

1) “You love me,” they realised, with a small smile. 
“Not right now I don’t,” the protagonist spat, in utter disgust. “A love potion, seriously?”
“I didn’t actually give you one. And I knew you’d never admit it if-”
“-And what you wanted to know was so much more important than me being ready to tell it, right? Bloody typical for someone who keeps love potions!” The whole thing was creepy and non consensual and somewhere along the line it had become something romantic. “Great job, really clever. You must be so proud at tricking someone you claim to care about.”
“Hang on - it wasn’t like that!”

2) Was it really wrong if it made them happy? If it gave the villain a purpose, outside of pain and destruction? They were so much happier now. A sweet kiss, a kind smile, cuddling in the evenings. So long as they took the villain took their ‘medicine’ everything was perfect and no one got hurt. No. There was nothing wrong with that. It was love - the least wrong thing in the world!
“No, don’t go,” the once-villain begged. “Please, don’t leave me on my own. Let me come with you.”
“I’ll be back in the evening, love. It’s alright. Hey now, it’s alright, yeah?”
It was love, the least wrong thing in the world - up until the symptoms began to warp. Up until the villain’s world stopped spinning and they were the only thing left. Then it started to feel a little cruel.

3) “Hey - wait - you don’t want to do this.” This wasn’t supposed to happen.
“No, not really.” The villain’s fingers clawed into their shirt. “Do you think I don’t know what you did? You made me this. My heart pounding - unable to think - to - to-” The villain drew a breath, released. Closed their eyes. When they opened again, they shone still with their mania. Intent and devoted. “You made me this,” the villain said softer. “You made me love you. So now watch me love you like a monster does.” 

4) “We’d like to buy a love potion.” The couple stood together in the shop, awkward but trying. 
“What kind of love? We offer a selection - sweet, passionate, steady-”
“True.” True was the most expensive, especially on prescription, but…well, they were going to be together. They may as well a be in true love for as long as they could.

5) “You said it would make them love me!” They shoved the empty bottle in the witch’s chest, eyes ablaze. “You promised.” 
“They do love you,” replied the witch. “They’ve always loved you. If you can’t see that then it’s not a love potion you need. Or is it that their love isn’t worth anything to you if they don’t want to fuck you too?”
Colour flushed embarrassed and furious to the customer’s cheeks. “I want my money back.”

Anonymous said:

Can you do one where andy and y/n are both in bands and they’re in an interview togother, so they’re getting asked a lot about their relationship and it’s really cute and fluffy with playful banter and pda?



(Y/N) opened the trailer door, peaking around the corner. Andy sat on the couch while  a crew set up a camera and an editor from AP organized her questions.

“Am I late?” She mouthed.

Andy shook his head, smiling when she entered. He patted his lap, motioning her over which she gratefully did, taking the weight of her tired feet. She had already preformed twice today, and it was blazing hot.

“Alright Andy, and (Y/N). Are you guys ready?” The warm faced interviewer asked. Andy nodded, while (Y/N) gave a thumbs up. The woman circled her finger behind her back and the camera started rolling.

“Alright guys, so it’s a well known fact you guys have been dating. And can I just say its adorable. Anyway, the reason I mention it is because of my following question. There is a lot of controversy on how you initially met. Some say warped 13 others say at a bar in vegas. Can you guys enlighten us on the truth?” She asked.

“We met in Nj on tour.” They said at the same time, causing them to break into laughter.

“Alright, how about your first kiss?” She asked next. Her name tag said peggy.

“Oh that’s easy, that was in vegas.” Andy said with a smirk.

“Hey I thought it was ‘What happens in vegas stays in vegas.” (Y/N) scolded playfuly.

“Alright guys, second to last question.” She said, smirking like she knew something. (Y/N) shrugged it off. “Are you planning on colaberating your bands in the future?”

“Oh most definitely.” (Y/N) said with a grin as she put her hands around andys shoulders and squeezed gently.

“Yeah, it would be amazing to have them with us. Maybe tour together more often.” Andy agreed, rubbing her shoulder. He released, standing up and walking to the kitchen and giving the one minute sign with his finger.

“Alright, last question but I believe its andys turn to ask.” Peggy said with a cute little grin.

“What?” (Y/N) asked, knitting her eyebrows together. Before she knew it andy was on one knee.

“(Y/N) you’ve made me so happy in the last 3 years, Happier then I ever thought I could be. Will you…marry me?” Andy asked with a glimmer of hope in his eye.

“Of course I will!” (Y/N) screaming, pulling his up and climbing onto him so her legs were wrapped around his waist. “I love you so much.” She whispered in his ear. She didn’t notice the interviewer and camera guy leave but she didn’t care. She only had eyes for her andy right now.

Better Late Than Never

Summary: You begin to wonder if Seth will ever propose to you.

Word Count: 1.1k+

Warnings: Possible cursing

Requested by @wrasslin-rollins

“Dude, that ring is so pretty,” you exclaimed as you examined the engagement ring on Bayley’s finger. She smiled at you and looked down at her finger.

“Yeah, it’s pretty great. I love it.”

“I wish I had one,” you muttered and Bayley frowned.

“Yeah, what’s the deal with you and Rollins? You guys have been together for like ten years, why aren’t you married already?” she asked and you shrugged.

That was true. You’d first met your boyfriend back in 2007 when the both of you were in Ring of Honor. You’d been through so much together and you loved each other more than anything. You wanted nothing more than to marry him and claim his as yours for the rest of your life but you didn’t think he felt the same way about marriage.

“I don’t know, I mean every time I even mention getting married, he just gets really awkward and changes the subject. I’ve kind of given up hope,” you admit.

“Hey, no, you shouldn’t give up. I mean, Nikki said she gave up on John wanting to marry her but then he proposed to her at WrestleMania. Anything is possible,” Bayley says and you sighed, shrugging.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right but I’m just trying to be realistic. I don’t want to get my hopes up about something that may never happen,” you explain and Bayley nods, understanding your point.

“Hey, ladies,” you hear your boyfriend say as he pulls out a chair and sits next to you. You smile and lean over to press a quick kiss to his lips, causing him to break out into a smile as well. “What are we talking about over here?” he asks and you shrug, glancing at Bayley.

“Nothing too important, babe,” you say, glancing down at your phone to see a few texts from Sasha. “Oh, actually I have to go talk to Sasha about our match later. I’ll catch up with you guys later,” you say, quickly leaning over to press another kiss to Seth’s lips and waving to Bayley before getting up and making your way out of catering.

“So what’s up?” Seth asks Bayley as you walk out of the room.

“What’s your problem?” she asks, and Seth furrows his eyebrows, confused by her question.

“What do you mean?”

“Why haven’t you proposed to Y/N yet?” she asks and Seth’s eyes widen.

“Is that what you guys were talking about just now?” he asks and Bayley nods.


“What’d she say?”

“Basically that she doesn’t even think you want to marry her because every time she even mentions it you just change the subject.”

“She thinks that I don’t want marry her?”

“She said she’s given up hope,” Bayley said and he sighs.

“Alright, come here,” Seth says before leading Bayley to an empty hallway.

“Why did we have to come all the way over here?”

“Because I wanted to show you something,” he says, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small black box.

“Is that…?”

“Yeah, it’s an engagement ring,” he admits, grinning to himself as he opens the box to show her the ring.

“Oh my god, it’s so beautiful. When are you gonna do it?” Bayley asks, bouncing on her toes.

“Well, I can’t reveal my whole plan to you. That would ruin the secret.”

Bayley rolled her eyes and looked down at the ring before grinning and looking back up at Seth. “I can’t believe you guys are gonna get married!”

“Well, she has to say yes first.”

Bayley nodded and her grin widened. “I can’t believe you guys are gonna get married.”

A week later you were back in pulling into the driveway of the house that you and Seth had been sharing for the past few years. You grabbed the grocery bags out of the backseat before making your way into the house. Your eyes widened as you glanced around the living room only to find the room lit with candles and roses in a vase on the coffee table. You quickly placed the groceries on the dining room table before grinning to yourself as you looked around the room once again.

“Babe?” you called out, wondering what on earth your crazy boyfriend was up to now. He wasn’t always the most romantic guy, usually choosing to express his love for you in more subtle ways, however he did have his moments.

“Oh, you’re back,” he says, walking into the living room with a suit on that you didn’t even know he had.

“What is all this?” you asked and he shrugged, taking your hands in his.

“Can’t I just do something nice for the girl I love more than anything in the world?” he asks and you smiled up at him.

“Well, sure you can but in the ten years that we’ve been together I’ve learned that you don’t do something just for the hell of it. Everything you do has a reason behind it. So what is your reason for doing all of this?” you asked, quickly growing impatient.

Seth smiled at you, leading you over to sit on the couch together. “I did it because I love you.”

“Aw, I love you, too,” you say, leaning in to kiss him.

He smiled and took a deep breath, looking up to meet your eyes. “Look, you know I don’t usually get all mushy or sentimental or anything like that and this is gonna be one of the few times I do, so just don’t say anything until I’m done, okay?” he asks.

“Yeah, okay.”

“Y/N, you’re the most amazing woman that I’ve ever known. You’re beautiful, smart, funny, and you’re way too good for me. You’re my best friend and you make me a better man. We’ve been to hell and back together and all of the tough times make me even more grateful for the good times. Being with you for the past ten years have made me happier than I ever thought I could be and I never want that to stop. I want to be with you forever,” he says and your breath hitches in your throat as he gets down on one knee, pulling out the most beautiful ring you’d ever seen. “Y/N, will you marry me?”

“Yes, of course,” you exclaim, leaning in to press a loving kiss to his lips. You grin to yourself as he slips the ring on your finger. “God, I can’t believe this.”


“I actually thought that you didn’t want to marry me,” you admit and he smiles.

“I’ve been wanting to propose forever, babe, but I wanted it to be a surprise and you always find out about every surprise that I try to plan. I’ve been planning this for months and the only person I told was Bayley and that was last week.”

“Well, you definitely surprised me this time. I love you so much.”

“I love you, too, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

And he knew for sure that the feeling was mutual.

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Bump: Sebastian Stan imagine

Finding out that you were pregnant wasn’t a surprise. It wasn’t like you or Sebastian where doing anything to protect against it. No condoms nor birth control, yet neither of you brought up even the idea of having a child.

You knew you were pregnant when you woke up one morning and it seemed like everything in you was nauseous and dull. You knew you had to be pregnant. Sebastian finding out was even a better moment. 

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Worth the Wait

Anonymous asked: Please, do “I was pining for you for years, but I’ve moved out of the city but now I’m back and apparently you’ve been in love with me the entire time too” for Bellarke. THANK YOU <3 

and this is sort of that. hope you like it!


Bellamy wouldn’t have said he’d particularly missed anything about Arkadia, and for the first week that he’s back, that holds true. It’s a pain to park the moving truck he’d rented on the street in front of his apartment, a pain to get his furniture up four flights of stairs, a pain to assemble the dresser he’d ordered. Ark is louder than the small town where he’d been at school the past six years, and everything is about twice as expensive.

But then Friday rolls around and he wakes up for the first time without a to-do list, and he remembers there was one thing he liked about Arkadia: Eden Coffee.

The thought is enough to get him up and moving.

Most people probably don’t feel as fond toward their first minimum-wage job as he does, but Bellamy has worked enough crappy shift jobs to know that he had a good thing going at Eden. The hours were flexible, he made a little extra in tips each shift, Octavia could hang out, and the owner, Marcus Kane, looked out for his employees really well. There’s nothing in particular drawing Bellamy back beyond nostalgia and a need for caffeine, but he wouldn’t mind catching up with Marcus if he’s there.

Besides, it will probably be nice to return to familiar surroundings.

At first glance, it seems like a lot has changed. The place has gotten a facelift since the last time Bellamy was in (understandable, given how long it’s been) and at least half of the menu is new. But their signature mini donuts are still prominently featured, the air is still filled with the sound of steady conversation, and he feels a little bit like he’s been physically struck with the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee, so maybe not all that much has changed after all.

He’s still evaluating, taking in all the new and recognizing all the familiar, when he gets to the front of the line. He’s so distracted he doesn’t notice for a moment.

“Can I help you?”

His eyes snap back down and he shoots the barista a sheepish grin. She looks to be in high school, wearing a politely forced customer service smile, and has a fox pin on her apron where he kept his name tag.

“Yeah, sorry. Can I get a large coffee and a half order of minis?”

“Room for cream?”

“No, thanks.”

“Show off.” This comes from another voice further down the counter and Bellamy is already grinning when he turns. Because of course it’s Clarke Griffin standing by the pastry case, smirking at him like no time at all has passed.

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hi there! i’ve been lurking in the studyblr community for about a year now and i finally worked up the courage to start my own! i’ve been nervous about it because i’ve always thought that my notes weren’t pretty enough or i didn’t work hard enough, but i’ve finally realized that none of that actually matters. i’m hoping that being apart of this community will motivate me to be more productive in the long run!

about me:
* my name is amanda and i’m 16 years old
* i’ll be a junior in high school when school starts again (i’m on summer break right now)
* i live in florida
* i’m in the cambridge AICE program at my school (it’s very similar to the AP program that most people are familiar with) and i’m taking four AICE classes next year, as well as one pre-AICE class so im going to die lmao
* i love science and i really want to be a doctor someday, probably either a surgeon or a psychiatrist (two very different things i know lmao)
* i’m in my schools band/marching band and that program has been so good for me, i have made so many friends and developed so many important skills, i really couldn’t be happier! i play the french horn and mellophone (the marching band version of a french horn)

so yeah! props to you if you read all of this, i appreciate you very much! here are some of the studyblrs that inspired me to create this one (warning there’s a lot since i’ve been lurking for so long, but i really do appreciate each and every one of you):

@studyign / @focusign / @studyguideverified / @academiix / @bookmrk / @studybuzz / @noteology / @studysheet / @ingeniouslywitty / @simmonestudies / @isoscelus / @neko-studies / @mildstudies / @veriastudies / @studypetals / @apricot-studies / @succulentstudy / @katsdesk / @studyplants / @milkystudies / @studiying / @gryfhindor / @universi-tea / @etudiance / @studyblr / @emmastudies / @studie-s / @athenastudying / @aestudier / @scholarly / @theteadesk / @einstetic / @intellectus / @sootudying / @hardworkign


So yeah, our boys completed seven years together. Seven amazing years. I just can’t thank them enough for all the things they have unknowingly done for me. By being with me through their music to helping me by giving me strength to overcome my problems. For making me love myself not matter how I look. So thank you. Thank you so much boys.

I’m never not going to love them. I will always have a soft spot for them in my heart. All the boys, including Zayn have made my life happier. Zayn did what he had to and he’s so happy! That makes me happy. 

The boys are happy that’s what matters the most. I know we all were saddened by the fact that they’re going on a hiatus and there may be a possibility of them not coming back together. But I can’t bring myself to feel disappointed if they actually don’t. Why? 

 Because if they feel free and happy, if they still manage to give us such good music individually, I literally can’t complain! We all know that the boys love each other and have great respect for each other. They have proved it time and again, not that they need to but after these seven amazing years and still more to come, I’m genuinely happy for them. We support them when needed, AND also roast them when they do something stupid or upset us, I mean come on, we’ve earned that right, lol! 😂 

Plus they have given me millions of new friends! Being a directioner is literally the most amazing thing ever happened to me. So I want to thank you, the fans for it. We stick through thick and thin! And we will continue to!

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FF to Retirement AU

I found you Retirement AU and I fell in love. I had to write something despite not having written anything in about 4 years. This is to you


I hope you enjoy. Thank you for your AU, it made me so much happier!

Oh my gosh!!! Guys, go read it!! It’s absolutely awesome and I love it sososo much <3 I’ve added a link to it in the original post as well, though I wasn’t able to tag you because I don’t have your url, hon. If you want to stay on anon, that’s totally a-okay~ but if you want me to tag you in the post, just lemme know, okay?

Ahhh, I’m so happy that there are so many people writing my prompts <3 Especially this one. I’m always a slut for identity reveals XD

So yeah man, if y’all see one of my aus and wanna write for it but are worried about offending me, don’t be!! You should totally go for it!!!! I would worship you forever!!!!

Same Birthday

word count: 1.2k

genre: fluff

pairing: vernon x reader

Originally posted by sonikvzoumm

“Happy birthday baby!” You jumped into his arms in a fit of laughter as you chirped out of happiness.

He chuckled lowly, somewhat tired from his schedule today but coming home to you was his favourite part of the day. Vernon hugged you gently while you held onto him tightly even though he was bit a sweaty from dancing most of the day.

“Happy birthday to you too babe.” Vernon gave you a kiss, smile in the middle of it.

The two of you shared the same birthday which was one of the first things that you both talked about and kind of bonded over when the two of you first met.

It’s been two years since and you both have had a great relationship together. Whenever it came to occasions, you totally freaked out over what to get Vernon, how to celebrate the occasion with him and make the day feel special and so on. Vernon could always tell how much you over thank everything. He found it adorable how much effort and though you put into making him feel special. Vernon would always tell you that you would need to calm down and he’d comfort you.

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A Quiver Full of Drabbles 18 - Anniversary

So… kind of angsty this time. It’s not my fault. I was just listening to the song “Verano” (Summer) by the spanish group La Oreja de Van Gogh and this scene came into my mind. A scene that I imagine could have happened during the summer Oliver and Felicity spent alone working in the bunker… or at least an angsty version of it with a little bit of hope at the end.

Déjame pasar la noche. Deja que me quede aquí

Que hoy es nuestro aniversario

y no tengo a dónde ir.


Let me stay tonight. Let me stay here.

Today is our anniversary

and I have nowhere to go.

18 – Anniversary

Felicity was about to watch her fourth episode in a row of Doctor Who that night, when she heard a tapping coming from the windows of the balcony. It was almost twelve o'clock and Felicity knew there was only one person who could be lurking around in her balcony at that time. It was dark outside, too dark to really see any details, but if she squinted her eyes she could see Oliver’s silhouette in his Green Arrow outfit. Felicity paused the tv show and got up to open the glass door.

Oliver stepped into the loft, lowering his hood and taking his mask off. Felicity knew something was off about him immediately by the way his shoulders slumped.

“Hey. I thought we were finished for the night” she said while watching how Oliver left his bow and quiver on the floor, next to the kitchen counter. She remembered a time where she was used to see him do the exact same thing, when he was too tired after a patrol and didn’t want to go back to the bunker, instead he just wanted to go back home to her. A time when thing seemed easier. Happier. A time that was now gone.

“I just couldn’t sleep and I needed some fresh air.”

“And also to put the fear of god in some low life thug?” Felicity joked, glad to see that her teasing made him smile. Even if it was just a little.

“Yeah… that helps too.”

“Oliver… you should not go out there alone. You should tell me so I can help you.”

Oliver and Felicity where the only ones left who continued working in the bunker. Thea had retired, maybe for good, from the crime-fighting bussiness. Diggle was who-knew-where with the army. And Laurel… Laurel had payed the highest price for trying to make Starling City a better place. Which meant that Oliver was alone out there every night, and that scared the hell out of Felicity, which is why she wanted to make sure she was always behind the comms to offer support.

“I didn’t want to interrump your night.” He sounded defeated, as if his body did not have any ounce of energy left in it.

“And yet here you are.”

“Sorry about that. Somehow I ended up here and I saw the lights on.” He walked to the sofa, sitting on it and letting a long sigh escape. Felicity sat on the arm of the sofa, looking at Oliver with his eyes closed and resting his head against the sofa.

“Oliver, are you ok? You are starting to worrying me.”

He simply turned his head slightly to look at her, a sad smile appearing on his face. “You don’t know what day is tomorrow, do you?”

It took a couple of seconds for Felicity to understand what he meant. For the last week she had been so focused on fixing the bunker and getting back to the vigilante work that she hadn’t realised that their anniversary was that same following day.

“Oh” was the only thing her brain could come up with. What else was she suposed to say? I’m sorry we didn’t even reach the one year anniversary? At least we are working together again? This wouldn’t be happening if you had trusted me?

One year ago Oliver and Feclity were about to start their trip around the world. They were ready to leave everything behind and just enjoy each other’s company. One year ago Felicity was the happiest woman in the planet, discovering what real intimacy felt like with Oliver. One year ago she would have never thought all the heartache she would go through. Or that he would go through. He had been the caused of her pain the same way she had been the cause of his.

But there they were, together sitting on that sofa, pondering on what could have been. It wasn’t healthy relying on the other so much after all their history, but Felicity knew it was impossible to let their relationship just fade away. She tried once and at the end she ended up coming back. There was something between them that kept putting them together, as if they were magnets. It wasn’t healthy, but it was theirs, and it was the reason that gave her hope. Because they were stronger together, and they were going to be fine, even if things couldn’t go back to how they were before.

Felicity risked  looking at the screen of her phone. 00:05. There it was. Their not-anniversary. Neither of them said anything. They stayed in silence for minutes until Oliver broke it.

“I know I have no right to ask but… Could I stay tonight? Just sleeping on the sofa. I just feel that I need to be here.” With you, it’s what he didn’t dare to add.

Felicity simply nodded, unable to deny him that demand because she felt she needed him to be under the same roof as her tonight too. She brought him a pillow and a blanket. She left him to settle in the living room while she went upstairs to prepare to go to bed, not exchanging much more than a simple “Goodnight”.

That night Felicity dreamed of a canddle-lit dinner with soufflé for dessert. Oliver sitting in front of her, his eyes darker with desire. She was wearing a red dress and in her hand a diamond ring reflected the soft light of the canddles. She dreamed of what it could have been, and of what her heart believed could still be.

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CASI ANGELES MEME (in cooperation with @lincoln-michael)
33 of 70 scenes ★ 2x141 “el espejo: segunda parte”

And yeah! I came back to send you right into the morgue! But… But it happened to her the same thing that happened to me. You had hair grow in your chest? A joke. It’s just that I’m nervous. I’m sorry. I can’t. I’m sorry? I’m sorrrrrry? I’m the one who needs to apologize Mar! I swear to you  I changed….I’m not gonna lie to you, I enjoyed hating you so much! But I realized that loving you I was much more happier! Do you understand? And you made this miracle happen!

Rainy Days: Josh Dun imagine part 6

A/N: Thank you so much for all the love and feedback! I thought since I’m always putting you in the situation of the band member, I should try and see what happens when I bring the band member to you. That’s what I’m trying to do with this series anyways, and I think you guys like it, and I like it too, so I’m going to continue this for a while if it’s okay. You’re all so sweet and I love you guys so much! And always, a special thank you to @sebastianstan-crazed :)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

When you woke up, your eyes grew wide. Something, no, someone was hugging you. Why were you both in your bed? You blinked a couple times, yawning, then coming to the realization. Josh was still here. He had stayed with you all night. You gave a sleepy smile, and then felt Josh stir a little bit, giving a small hum before fluttering open his eyes. He was so warm and comfy and you didn’t want to ever leave. “You awake, love?” he wondered, running a hand through your hair. You smiled at the name love and sighed happily.

“Yeah,” you whispered. “Just woke up.”

“How’d you sleep?” he inquired, rubbing your back gently. Geez he was really good at cuddling.

“Great. How about you?” you asked.

“I slept amazing knowing you were safe,” he chuckled. When his laughter died down, you stared at each other, his expression softening. “Is something wrong?”

“No, I just…” you took a deep breath. “Why are you being so nice to me? You never had to do any of this. You didn’t have to pick me up in the rain or text me or take me out of school or buy me food or make sure I was okay. You never had to do any of this. I just, I don’t know. I feel like I don’t deserve any of it. I’ve never had someone be this nice to me before.”

“Y/n,” he bit his lip, looking at you as if his heart was just torn in two. “You deserve all of this and more. You deserve the world. I do this because I really, um, I care about you. A lot.”

“But why?” you closed your eyes, your mind still not able to comprehend any of this. “You’re a world famous musician and basically a celebrity. You’re almost double my age. You could be partying or traveling the world or something, anything. Why would you want to waste your time with me?”

“I’m not wasting my time,” he shook his head. “Not a single second of the time I’ve spent with you has ever been unappreciated. And yeah, I might be old and kind of famous but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I just want to make sure you’re happy, you’re safe, and you’re healthy. I’m sorry if I’m annoying you, I can go away, but I just want to know that’s you’re fine. That’s all.”

“You’re not annoying me,” you shook your head. “Not one bit. Josh, you’ve made me happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life. You actually make me smile. You’re amazing. Thank you. So much.”

“It’s my pleasure,” he reassured with a kiss on the forehead. Your heart jumped a little bit, but definitely leaped out of your chest when you heard a knock on your bedroom door.

“Fuck,” you gasped. “That’s probably my mom.”

“What do I do?” Josh’s eyes grew wide, both of you sitting up.

“Get under the bed,” you hissed. “Just go. I’m sorry.”

“No it’s okay,” he replied, quickly throwing off the blankets and sliding underneath the bed while you got up and walked to the door. You opened it, coming face to face with your mother.

“Why is the door locked?” she put her hands on her hips.

“I’m sorry, I guess I didn’t notice,” you shrugged.

“You’re going to be staying in your room all day and cleaning up. And then you’re going to write an apology letter to your principal and the two boys you hurt yesterday. Understand?” she glared.

“Yeah,” you mumbled.

“Good,” she stated smugly. “I’m going to work. I’m giving you your phone back. Behave and don’t cause any more trouble. Got it?”

“Yeah,” you repeated as she handed you your phone, but when you reached for it, she held it back from you.

“Who’s Josh?” she raised an eyebrow.

“What?” your eyes almost fell out of your sockets.

“He left you more than ten phone calls and probably a hundred texts,” she narrowed her eyes. “I want to know who this boy is.”

“He’s uh, um, the tutor,” you lied. “The one helping me out at study table. He’s teaching me algebra. I took a test yesterday, eh, he’s probably just checking up on me to see if I got my results back.”

“Okay,” she decided, handing you back your phone, and you sighed with relief. “I want this room spotless by the time I come back. Here me?”

“Yes,” you nodded. She looked around the room and then left, and you closed the door, immediately crouching down and checking on Josh underneath your bed. “I am so fucking sorry.” You watched as he wiggled his way out across the floor and stood up, brushing off his jeans.

“It’s okay,” he laughed. “That was interesting. Geez, I’m sorry about your mom.”

“It’s fine,” you reassured.

“Aren’t you going to school? Do you need a ride?” Josh tilted his head in curiosity.

“Uh, about that…” you gave a hesitant chuckle. “I got suspended. Two days.”

“What?” his eyes grew wide. “What did you do?”

“Nothing!” you instantly protested. “I didn’t do anything! A teacher just got pissed at me and thought it was my fault!”

“Thought what was your fault?” he asked.

“Nothing,” you shook your head, deciding you didn’t want to get upset about more shit. “It was nothing. It was stupid.”

“But what happened? Did someone do something to you?” he persisted.

“It was nothing, okay?” you grumbled. “Let’s just forget it.”

“Okay. Sorry,” Josh mumbled. “Uh, anyways um, you want to grab something to eat? Before we start on your room?”

“We?” you raised your eyebrows. “Don’t you need to work on something or go somewhere?”

“Nope,” he grinned. “I had plans though.”

“Oh,” you blinked. “Well go do your plans then.”

“I am,” he rolled his eyes, giving you a hug. “I planned on spending the entire day with you, silly.”

“I’m okay with that,” you giggled, releasing the embrace slightly before looking up at him. You could stay like this forever, getting lost in his brown eyes, his arms wrapped around your waist, both of you smiling.

“Come on,” Josh smiled. “I’m pretty sure Taco Bell’s open.”


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 (18+) CONTAINS: sex scene, blowjob

  This story talks about Taeyong’s scandal. I’m really sorry for him, since he apologized millions of times. He did mistakes in the past, like every single human in this world. No one is perfect, even idols. Change exist, and he already show it to us, he was really sorry when he was apologizing. FIGHTING TAEYONG!💖

 ❗️This story contains sexual references❗️

 "I’m okay babe..“ He whispered without even looking at me. It’s been months since people discovered Taeyong’s past scandal. And it’s been a while since he started acting like that.

 He was surrounded  of energy and positivity, but now, everything has changed. He debuted just few months ago, and he’s getting already all this hate. We are together for almost 3 years. I was there in his difficult trainee days, and supported him all this time.

 He puts lots of effort in everything that he does, but people only notice his mistakes. He doesn’t sleep, he doesn’t eat, he’s always sad, and he’s drinking soju all days.

 I tried everything to make him feel better, but nothing. And I feel so useless for him.

 "Can you buy me some soju?” He asked me.

 "You.. you’re drinking like crazy these days!” I yelled at him.

 “Babe.. I need it.” He said looking at me with those deep eyes.

  "I won’t let you hurt your self. You have work tomorrow, so you better-“ He interrupts me.

 ”Not now. I’m tired y/n, and I’m not in the mood to hear you yelling at me, please.. babe..“ He said.

 "If you’re tired, then rest. It’s almost 1am, and you have to get up early tomorrow!” I said. I hate when I do the part of the ‘old mama’ that yells at his son to teach him discipline. 

 “I said not now!” He stands up with eyes full of anger. Maybe I shouldn’t talk with him like this, but if he continues like that, he will feel worse.

 “It’s for you Taeyong!” I yelled. I hate when we argue. 

 “SHUT UP!” He said yelling louder throwing all the books on the table.

 My ears are breaking, I’m scared. Who’s that person in front of me..? I’ve never saw him like that. Where are his words of wisdom? Where is all that positivity that he used to have..?! I fell in the soft carpet of our small apartment. 

 He seems worried now: “Babe I’m sorry.. I didn’t meant to..” 

 "No.. don’t..“ I said, still scared. He wasn’t him. All those hate changed him.

 He sat in the sofa again, cooling down: ”Everyone hates me now. Why did I do all these trainee years?! For this?! No. I know that I made that mistake. But everyone make  mistakes… I’m a human..“ His tears started to fall from his eyes. 

 He’s right. He was not conscious at that age.. And he spent almost half of his life training to become an idol, and all that he’s getting now is hateful comments on sns and people that are insulting him. 

 As I stand up, I sat near him, patting his shoulder gently. 

 ”It’s going to be alright babe.. They will forget this. Like they forgot every single rumor of any Kpop idol..“ I said before kissing him in the forehead, I can see him right now, he’s destroyed.

 "I was so immature back then.. I was like.. 13..” He looked at me again with those teary eyes.

 “Look at me” I said standing in front of him.

 “It’s going to be alright. I promise. You didn’t train all these year for nothing. You have talent, you have many fans that loves you. And, you have me, always.”I said stroking him gently.

 "I can’t promise you anything.. Sometimes words hurts more than action, and they’re destroying me, slowly..“ He said.

 ”You can’t give up after all the effort you put into it. Your members trust you, I trust you. You’re the leader, you can’t leave them like that.“ I said.

 He suddenly kiss me, a quick kiss, but full of meaning for me.

 "Let’s go to sleep” He said closing his eyes.

  “We’re on the sofa babe, let’s go to the bedroom” I said. Too late. He was already sleeping. 

He falls asleep fast. I lay next to him, putting my head on his shoulders, trying to fall asleep too. I hope that his situation will got better. He’s not him anymore, those hate comments destroyed and changed him. 

 I silently kiss his cheeks before falling asleep in his arms. 

 8:30 am

I yawned like there’s no tomorrow and looked around.

 Taeyong is not here anymore, he was supposed to woke up at 5am for his busy schedules.

 Sm are overworking him so much. I just want all of this shit to get resolved and go to a trip, just me and him. He left a post-it in the fridge: “Goodmorning. Here’s some pancakes for you” I looked around and saw a plate full of pancakes dipped with Nutella and strawberries on the top. 

 He’s sweet. But when he lost control and get angry, he’s a little bit aggressive, he has lots of mood changes. I don’t have to exit to go to my work. I’m working on a famous fashion site online, and that’s pretty good, because I’m lazy. 

 Our house is a really mess. Books everywhere on the floor, our kitchen table is full of empty soju bottles, and plus, Taeyong dirty clothes are on the floor along with the books. That boy seriously.

 I started to clean out messy apartment, and do the laundry before starting with work. 

 "Fiu..“ I sighed. Finally I’m done with all that cleaning thing.

 I turned on my computer, to get started. I opened my browser page, and.. Taeyong’s scandal news are everywhere, along with hate comments. Without any hesitation, I take a look.

 "What an asshole" 

"Why is he even an idol right now? he doesn’t deserve it!”


 "Sm accepts anyone these days, seriously.” 

 There are lots of hate comments, but his fans are defending him too. 

 “Y'all don’t know what is going on. You don’t know anything about him, so why judging him like that? He changed, everyone can do that. Everyone do mistakes, because we’re all humans, and he’s a human too. A human who makes mistakes and get hurt if you continue to insult him like that. He was immature back then, for you, a 13 year old boy can think about the consequences? no. Leave him alone.” I commented replaying at those hateful comments.

 After that, I went to my site and started to do my things.

 7:30 pm 


  "…What..?“ I said as I opened my eyes. Ugh, I fell asleep, and my phone is ringing like crazy.

 "Yes..?” I answered still asleep.

 “Babe!” It’s Taeyong.

 "Hey babe.. are you okay?“ I said.

 "Yeah, I guess. We will be at home at 8.30 pm with Ten. So, how about cooking a dinner for three?” He asked. 

 "Sure thing babe" I said smiling. 

 "You seem happier now" I added. 

 "Yes, I’m little bit happier than before. I talked with my members and they supported and cheered me. They need me, and I can’t be a bad example for them, especially for the younger ones, I have to be mature. It’s thanks to them, but mostly thanks to you that I feel better. The words that you said yesterday made me think about the whole situation. You were right, as always. That’s why I’m lucky to have you" He said. 

 I don’t know how to react. He’s good with words and leave me speechless every time.

 “I didn’t want you to feel bad, I did it because i love you, and you’re important to me”  I answered.

 "I love you too babe. Just wait for me.“ He said coughing after the sentence. He hangs out.

 I get off the bed and started to cook some easy dishes. The last time I cooked I almost burned the house.

 While cooking, I hear the  sound of the keys locking the door, it’s Taeyong, for sure.

 "Hey!” I said as the two entered the apartment.

 “Hey y/n!” Ten said.

 Taeyong is smiling.. I love the way he smiles. And I missed that smile so much, it’s been awhile. 

“Tae, mind if I get some sleep? I’m tired right now” Ten said. 

 "But the dinner it’s almost ready" Taeyong answered. 

 "I will eat later. I’m just too tired right now" Ten said.

 "Okay, bro" Ten entered in our bedroom.

 "So.. babe, I wanted to thank you again" Taeyong said approaching me. 

 “For what babe? That was nothing. I just wanted you to be yourself again" I said smiling.

 He gets closer to me, by hugging me from the back.

 "Taeyong-ah! I’m cooking” I said. 

 "I will give you a rewind for making me happy, again.“ He whispered with his deep voice. 

 ”Not now, Ten is..“ 

 "Shh” He interrupted me. 

 "Babe.. what are doing..?“ I said as I feel his hands grabbing my ass cheek.

 "It’s been awhile since the last time we did it, huh?” he whispered again. 

 Now, his hands are touching my sensible womanhood. “Oh..” I moaned softly as he found my clit.

 "Already wet babe?“ He said smirking.

 He stopped, and turned me around, to make me look at him. He started to kiss me, while unbuttoning my blouse.

 ”Here..?“ I asked with a low voice.

 ”Yes, here“ He said as he pushed me on the wood table.

 ”.. Taeyong, why on the table.. we have to to eat here" I said nervously.

 “You have to relax babe, you did that for me, and now it’s time for me to thank you for what you’ve done.” He said looking at my eyes. He throw off my bra, and started to kiss me again, while playing with my nipples.

 "Taeyong-ah.. I’ve missed you too..“ I said. 

 ”You missed this?“ He said pressing his member to my womanhood.

 My hands are moving alone, and started to grab his hard crotch. I have a pervert side too.

 "You want it so bad huh..?” He said with a sexy voice. I started to unbutton his skinny jeans, I can feel his erection already.

 "You are so excited to fuck me babe" I said teasing him. I threw away his pants, and he kept pressing his dick on my vagina.

 "Let’s see how you taste today“ He said after he stops to kiss me.

 I still have pants on, so, he threw them away, leaving me only with panties. "You don’t need them” he said before throwing away my panties too.

 As his tongue touches my wet womanhood, all my bad thoughts and stress disappear. It’s only me and him now. He sucks my sensible clit while fingering me with his long finger.

 "Ahh.. Taeyong-ah..“ I moaned. 

 "Shh” He said biting his lips. God, I forgot that Ten can hear. 

 I’m trying to resist, I can’t moan anymore. So I have to enjoy this pleasure quietly. He inserts another finger, surprising me: “Ah!” I yelled. I couldn’t help myself.

 "I love how you are trying to moan silently..“ He said as he started to play with his member.

 He gets up, and took off his boxer, finally. I’m biting my lips without even realizing.

 "Eat it.” He said. I obey him, and started to lick the top of his bulge. After awhile, I put my hand around it and started to do a blowjob for my boyfriend.

 He’s trying hard too to contain himself.

 I stopped, and he pushed me on the table again, making me lay down on the hard wood. He suddenly put his crotch inside of me, moving it slowly.

 We are both trying hard. We shouldn’t be noisy. He’s enjoying this moment silently, with soft and low moans. He’s moving faster and faster, every time deeper.

 "I’m coming..“ He said whispering in my ears.

"Me too babe” I said exhausted. 

 We came together, and released loud moans, without knowing it. The pleasure was too much.

 "I loved the my rewind, boss“ I said.

 He smiled: 

 SHIT. That’s Ten’s voice. God. Taeyong raises his head slowly, seeing his friend.

 "Ten..” Taeyong said embarrased.

 “Okay! I will act like I didn’t see anything!” He said as he closed the door, he must be shocked, because he hasn’t got any experience with love. 

 "Babe.. we should clean it well before eating on it again“ Taeyong said laughing with embarrassement.



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to stop all the self-inflicted sadness think of broke!tony working his ass off to save up to make the perfect wedding ring for steve. imagine the effort he would put in to plan the most perfect proposal

Omg yes, and the thing is, Tony would totally want to be the one to propose because Steve was the one that pursued him and asked him out, and while he loves being spoiled silly by his boyfriend, he knows that Steve revels in the extra attention that Tony gives him too.  So Tony does what he can to make Steve think that he isn’t interested in marriage yet because Tony is not going to let Steve steal his thunder

Tony basically saves up from the day of his graduation to his and Steve’s fourth anniversary, and it probably would’ve taken longer if Tony weren’t already living with Steve, so rent and bills are pretty much nonexistent for Tony. 

So yeah, Tony goes to a jeweler and has them design the perfect ring for Steve, and when he sees the price, he nearly faints, but luckily, he has enough.  He brings the ring home and over the course of the next few weeks, he tries to find the perfect opportunity to propose. 

Aaaaand he tries to propose… multiple times… but every single attempt is thwarted by a work emergency, or a small grease fire in their kitchen, or Tony’s robots causing mayhem in the lab again, and Tony’s about ready to give up when he walks into his bedroom and finds Steve sitting on the edge of their bed with a very familiar black velvet box in his hand. 

“Where did you–” 

“Tony… how much did this cost?” Steve asks, his voice thick. 

“That’s irrelevant,” Tony says, because it is.  Tony would’ve worked four jobs and sold one of his kidneys to get Steve the perfect ring. 

Steve looks at him dubiously. “Tony, I’m not an idiot.” 

“I know, and that’s why I love you.” 

“I love you, too.  So are you actually going to propose, or should I put the ring on myself?” Steve teases. 

“I might as well,” Tony says, getting down on one knee. “I guess the eighth time is the charm?” 

Steve’s eyes widen. “Eight–” 

“Yeah, I might’ve had this ring for a while…” 

“So all that talk about you not being ready for marriage–” 

“Lies,” Tony confirms. “They were all lies.  Steve, you could’ve asked me to elope three years ago and I would’ve done it.  I’d do anything for you.”  He takes the box from Steve’s hand and carefully removes the band from the velvet lining. “You’ve made me happier than I could have ever imagined these past four years, and I want to spend the rest of my life doing the same for you.  Will you marry me?” 

“On one condition,” Steve says, and that… that isn’t exactly the answer Tony’s looking for. 

“Um… sure.  What is it?” 

Steve reaches into his jacket pocket and fishes out another ring, also gold. “That you wear this too.” 

Seriously, Rogers?  You just have to one-up me again?!” 


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wish & angel o:

wish: what are your favourite memories?

  • my number one favorite memory has to be the first time i met my best friend luka @fiune because he is literally the most important person in my life and the single person i love fractionally more than lance. i still laugh about that uHH interaction from time to time and he screm when i bring it up. we have been best friends for like 5-6 years now so uHHH yeah thats my number one memory w/o getting into specifics LOL
  • another golden memory is when i got my dog. i was 8 years old and me and my sister wanted a dog more than ANYTHING. we made multiple powerpoint presentations and really wore our parents down until FINALLY they agreed to let us go pick out a puppy. i remember getting picked up from second grade and my mom saying we were going to go pick up our dog and i dont remember another time in my childhood where i was happier than i was in that moment. we picked up my dog and i got to carry him the whole way home in the car and i remember feeling so damn proud that i had a dog and this new responsibility. it was such a great feeling. my dogs name is snow and he is 13 now. he is so OLD but still a good boy. i love him so much…this is how he looks!

angel: what is your dream aesthetic?

  • okay so…i really love that sweet Goth Aesthetic and literally i would die to achieve it but that shit cost $$$ and i dont have that or the confidence for it LOL but yeah thats the dream. either that or just all pastel/bubblegum pink and thats it. either black like my soul or pink…like my soul…

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I met this boy who reminded me of Lance. Cute af, and BOI could he dance. Except he kept being ridiculously sexy at the weirdest times... Hip rolls while washing dishes BASICALLY A SLUTDROP while helping move furniture (Actual thing that happened): *people taking about winking* *boy goes and winks at one of his friends* "Wtf don't wink seductively at me like that" Me: "yeah don't wink seductively at your 'sibling' like that that's weird" Him: *winks at me THE EXACT SAME WAY* Me: *screaming*

hi i think i may have died multiple times throughout reading this and come back a much happier person

The Larents Series - Throw Back

So yeah, this one isn’t exactly new. Just a re-draw of this old thing. I’d made a few attempts to redo it in the past because I thought it would make a really cute sticker (now available for anyone interested) - but what really pushed me to make it happen was when the lovely alicebelle121 informed me she wanted to get it taTTOOED ON HER BODY!!!

So yeah, this is an altered version of that for you all to enjoy. I am so looking forward to seeing how the actual tattoo turns out.

Since I came to Tokyo, I wouldn’t miss this chance to take a look at some seiyuu agencies...

As a note beforehand, the agencies I “visited” were Aoni Production and Artsvision/I’m Enterprise/VIMS (since the latter two are essentially companies branched out from Artsvision, they are all in the same building). For reference, here are some seiyuus affiliated to each agency:

  • Aoni Production: Kamiya Hiroshi, Nakai Kazuya, Sawashiro Miyuki, Tanaka Mayumi…
  • Artsvision: Maeno Tomoaki, Suwa Ayaka, Toriumi Kousuke, Umehara Yuuichirou…
  • I’m Enterprise: Hayami Saori, Kugimiya Rie, Shimono Hiro, Suzuki Tatsuhisa…
  • VIMS: Horie Yui, Kaji Yuki, Morikubo Showtarou, Murase Ayumu…

Although I didn’t get to run into any seiyuu (pfft), something unexpected did happen when I went to Aoni Production, and I kinda want to write it down to keep a record… So keep reading if this sounds like something interesting ;D (pictures included)

Keep reading

Sometimes I feel like there should be subtitles on the screen to translate what everyone is saying into what they’re really saying, often from what they’re not saying. Jack in particular is guilty of this. Problem is that he’s usually operating on so many levels that you’d get just a screenful of text trying to cover it all. I played around with one level of Jack and Daniel’s conversation earlier, but I’d also love to cover some of the other levels from earlier in that conversation. (Because it’s awesome and frequently hilarious.)

Jack: You’re here late.
Translation: I’m suspicious of work that must be done secretly when nobody else is around to see what you’re doing.

Daniel: Yeah. Early bird got nothin’ on the night owl.
Translation: I like to work late. Sue me!

Jack: Let’s see what you have here.  Agnes Cully… Broxton Oklahoma… sounds interesting. Almost sorry I pulled Carter away from all the fun.
Translation: I’m checking into what you’re doing behind my back. I will remember all these details later, and I will research this myself. I don’t want Peggy getting dragged into this any further. Don’t forget I’m here to take her home.

Daniel: I’m sure you two have plenty of excitement waiting for you back in New York.
Translation: I’m pretty sure Peggy’s going to be rearranging the furniture atop your sternum once you get back to New York.

Jack: Yeah… She’s still a pistol.
Translation: Yeah, she’s still incredibly pissed off at me, but I’m trying to downplay it. Also, please ignore that last thing she said to me about the burying and the medal.

Daniel: …
Translation: Yeah, I noticed.

Jack: You two seem to have patched up whatever sent you packing out west.
Translation: You’re one to talk! Things had to have been pretty bad between you and Peggy to make you move across the country! Still, they seem okay now. Got any advice? Please help me!!!

Daniel: Only thing that brought me out west was a promotion, Jack.
Translation: I deny everything! Solve your own problems with Peggy.

Jack: Sure it wasn’t a broken heart?
Translation: Bullshit. I recognize a kindred spirit. You still got the hots for Peggy? I want to know if you are still competition.

Daniel: I don’t know where you get your ideas. As a matter of fact I’m getting engaged.
Translation: I deny everything! Here! See how far I’ve moved on?

Jack: You’re kiddin’ me! Really?!
Translation: I suddenly like you much better. Notice how much friendlier my voice is. I’m trying to hide my smile, but you just made my night.

Daniel: Yeah…
Translation: Yep. Totally moved on.

Jack: Good for you.
Translation: I am genuinely happy for you, and I really want to believe you. So I will.

Daniel: Thank you
Translation: I’m almost touched by your sincerity. I’m glad at least one of us believes me.

Jack: Why don’t you wrap this up… and I’ll buy you a drink… You can tell me all about her.
Translation: I can’t control how friendly I’m feeling. I feel bad for all the nights on the town we’ve already missed. Seriously… Let’s be besties forever! Nothing would make me happier than listening to you talk for hours about a gal who isn’t Peggy.

Daniel: Sorry, Jack. Chief’s work is never done. You know how it is.
Translation: I’m holding a grudge for all those missed nights. Plus, I’m helping Peggy behind your back.

Jack: C'mon. Oklahoma can wait. You can show me that frolic room bar I keep hearing about.
Translation: Please, Daniel! I really need a boys’ night out. I’m going through some shit, and I feel pretty alone. I might want to bare my soul to you now.

Daniel: Next time.
Translation. Your sad face is showing. I feel guilty, so I will suggest a raincheck before you cry on me.

Jack: Yeah. Uh, you’re on…
Translation: I know when I’m being given the brush off. Strong upper lip. Strong upper lip. Strong upper lip. I can’t let you see how disappointed I am. My faith in you is dead. Power of friendship, my ass!


So I’m interning at this camp for kids with social issues, right? I’m a CIT. And I was really, really, really bored with the whole thing, as were all the kids. So I was thinking, “How can I make this actually interesting, as opposed to condescending and dull for everyone involved?” 

So, when my boss called me in for a meeting about “goals,” I pitched the idea for a Camp ComicCon. And he said yes… IF I managed to do the entire thing, make the costumes mostly myself, and plan it all out. 

Luckily, I’m good at that, and another Senior counselor had heard about ComicCon, and donated a huge bag of clothes. 

So you should have heard the screaming when I walked into the C room, as soon as the words “We’re doing a ComicCon” left my mouth. 

You should have seen how excited the first kid was when I gave them their Chat Noir costume that I’d spent the better part of the day working on until my hands were blistering. 

You should have heard the one 12-year-old girl who was freaking out over the chance to be Ladybug, screaming “I’m going to be so adorable! I’ll be the best Ladybug ever!”

The shy little girl who barely ever smiled hopping all over the building dressed like Officer Judy Hopps. 

The boy who ran up to me, and couldn’t stop talking about how excited he was for being Finn from Adventure Time. 

I got so many hugs and heard so much laughter today and I knew I was the one who caused it, and even though my hands hurt from the FIVE costumes I made today, I was happier than I’d been in a long time.

The ComicCon will take place a week from Friday, and I couldn’t be more excited. 

So yeah, anyone who says cartoons never helped anyone accomplish anything can screw themselves.