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Friendly reminder that the one incredibly beautiful individual you admire (be it just their looks or both personality and looks) also have their own insecurities they deal with every day. These are as real to them as yours are to you. And know someone looks at you the same way you look at them. As the beautiful human that you are.


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"Wait, did you say 36 hours?"

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twd meme | nine episodes [8/9] » The Grove

Maybe they’re not haunting us. Maybe they’re just  t e a c h i n g  u s . Helping remind us, so that we can live with what we have to do.


                             God’s plan?

                                          Y E S

l: One phrase, “The Hound of God.” Like a musical refrain sounding over and over in our otherwise chronological narrative. Why? Think how your mind works, Doctor. When you can’t settle something in peace you return to it again and again. It obsesses you. And it’s repeated neurotically here. Like the Demon chewing on a bone it couldn’t swallow. It can’t make peace with it.
v: It’s a danger to him.
l: Yes! The Demon, the Hound, the Scorpion. Endlessly circling one another.


Lesson: Never ask help from your murderhusband psychiatrist nakama with writing your wedding invitations.

Comic commission for existingcharactersdiehorribly. I was hoping to close these commissions but in light of recent cancellation news, I’ll be leaving them open for a little while longer, just in case someone would like something to cheer themselves up.

Stay positive, Fannibals. Don’t lose hope just yet. :)

“I’m human, and I want them to know that. Cause we’re all the same. I’m just doing what I love and I hope I can help them find inspiration to want to do what they love and be the best person they can be. Cause any one of them could change the world for the better. It makes me honoured to know they like me for who I am.” - Sabrina Ann Lynn Carpenter.


You were the only one who saw me where others saw a monster,

Just let me do this for you.

Oh my god this took so much longer than it shoulder. That fricken’ gif did not want to play nice. Originally, I had just planned to do the first image, pretty spacey Lapis with her water wings but after Chillie Tid aired, I decided to add the second and make the a gif (hence its roughness and general bleh). Next, up is Peridot but I dunno how long it will take. Hopefully not as long as this monstrosity. 

MORE OR LESS around eight months passed since I did louis and here I am with over 1000 you. haven’t done many of those list so just let me express me how thankful I am through this one. so many amazing porayals of canon muses, so many so well developed original characters. ADMIRE & LOVE YOU ALL. thank you all for sticking with me <3

PEOPLE I ALMOST HAVE CONTACT WITH IF NOT DAILY ALMOST ALL DAYS OF THE WEEK, help me always get my muse back and plot with me million of things. people who know me the best. just people I can’t imagine being on tumblr or skype without. 

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THE ONES I often rp with or have on my dash. make me always laugh and admire a loads. dash would be empty without. 

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ugh I love all here and we need to do more things. and start having things if we haven’t already. 

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PEOPLE I STALK, not really have interacted with and idk if we ever will but totally look at their headcanons and threads because totally quality and pretty awesome. would totally recommend.

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LMAO someone took my screenshot of Troye’s post that said helping people is hot which was attached to Connor receiving the award and they attached it to a picture of Tyler’s Trevor Project Prizeo. I’m laughing so hard, like someone in the Troylr fandom felt so threatened by that post that they made an identical Troylr one?? It’s not a competition omg, I just, what.


omg moeby the amount of feels you are giving me??? ILLEGAL!!
yes yes yes yes!!! I never even thought how well that would fit in! tsunade as mrs everdeen and dan as the dead dad YAS ✔️✔️ and the parallels between naru and peeta omg. too perfect!! I assume kakashi’s guilt having to train naruto n sakura to enter the arena is akin to the guilt he feels when t7 falls apart. also just as alcohol is haymitch’s crutch Icha Icha is probably kakashi’s (less health-destructive) crutch. gosh I could talk abou this au forever. also did I mention that haymitch’s parents n girlfriend got killed by snow n basically he’s the only one left. KAKASHI I tell you. kakashi!

anonymous asked:

So what are all the characters names? I didn't exactly catch them cause I'm kinda slow.. Heh. (-~-')/

Hey there, that’s no problem!! Since the story’s just getting started and I already have a heap of characters, I’d probably be confused myself if they weren’t my OCs, haha.

So, here’s a little chara chart I made!! :)

Hope it helps!

you know those people who just make life better? even if they aren’t your ‘happily ever after,’ life is just brighter with them by your side. why is it that it’s always those people that leave? the ones who really could have been everything. my life is full of halfhearted people who act as if they care about me, but that is worthless compared to the one person who really did.
—  come home please