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I just can’t understand how some people don’t see that karamel is actually one of the realest couples to ever exist on TV. They didn’t have the perfect begginning, but they learned to see the good in each other. Then they started a relationship that it’s far from those perfect TV show couples that we’re used to: yes, they laugh, they have a good time together, but they also fight and stand for what they believe in, but mostly, they try really hard to make the relationship work. Mon El constantly does something wrong, yes, but he was raised very differently and even so he ALWAYS tries to make things right and learn what to do and what not to do. And Kara is always trying to have more patience with Mon El and be more flexible with him. They help each other be better. That, my friends, it’s what a real relationship is all about.


my belly has always been my “problem” area, the part i’m most insecure about! but i’m loving it more and more, and seeing it as an adorable cute part of me! if your belly looks like mine, or is bigger, or is smaller, it’s beautiful because it’s part of you!

please try not to compare yourself to those polished, posed and “perfect” girls you see on the internet! it’s okay to be polished up sometimes and looking glamorous, but always remember: WE ARE REAL, WE DONT NEED TO COMPARE OURSELVES TO THESE IMAGES, WE ARE REAL WOMEN LIVING REAL LIFES ❤️ i know i for one don’t have the time and energy to look “perfect” all the time! and i’m sure as hell that “perfect” girl in the magazine or on the internet doesn’t look that “perfect” and glamorous all the time, because they are real women too! you are beautiful without being polished and glamorous, without being in the right angle, without being posed, you are JUST beautiful!


Take Me to Church

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Tommy Shelby x Reader

Request: What about an imagine to the song Take Me to Church by Hozier with Tommy? Not everyone approves of their relationship but she’s perfect for him and he’s perfect for her. Maybe she’s the one person that calms him down from his nightmares or is his rock in the mess that is their life. His church.

My lover’s got humor
She’s the giggle at a funeral
Knows everybody’s disapproval
I should’ve worshipped her sooner

If the heavens ever did speak
She’s the last true mouthpiece
Every Sunday’s getting more bleak
A fresh poison each week

Y/N heard the front door squeak shut as Ada snuck out. The moon was high in the sky and everyone else was asleep. For the first time in weeks, Tommy looked peaceful. The opiate pipe next to the bed was the cause, but Y/N knew better. She knew what horrors were held behind Tommy’s lids.

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Mamo Blog - 2017.03.22 (Eng. Translation)


Today as well, there was rehearsal☆

Perfecting, rehearsal☆

Everyone with our strength combined,

To create one work…

How wonderful☆

How happy☆


The sequel of「Crest of the Royal Family」

Is amazingーーー(*≧∀≦*)

Please expect great things♪

This is a picture of us good friends☆(^-^)v

Sae-chan, tell me why are you making that facial expression(lol)

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I'm dying to know some more of your Jilystar headcanons! P.S. Your art is wonderful:)

oh shit I’m on hiatus but who cares about getting admission in med school right-

i made a specific board for the vibes for the threesome of 70s here!

  • also can u think abt how convenient is sirius’ animal cuz a dog passes for such a wonderful-complete family trope.
  • but sometimes Lily just gets tired of that shit and refers to himself as Mrs. Potter-Black, thankyouverymuch.
  • James lies in the middle of them two with sirius’s legs over him while lily p much resides above both of them.
  • The three of them are the perfect trio for the missions in ootp cuz the obviously james+sirius are the perfect pair- and they have lily to reign them in when needed.
  • but believe it or not James is the reigning one in the bed bcuz both Sirius and Lily get c r a z y.
  • Sirius and Lily share cigarets- James, not that much, as he quitted in 7th yr.
  • but when Lily gets pregnant, Sirius shuts it off, and they all have to dump the cigs from the home.
  • don’t get me started when Lily’s water breaks and James is away- thats a whole another epic for a comic-to-be-drawn ;)

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Give ❤ This ❤ To ❤ The ❤ Twelve ❤ Nicest ❤ People ❤ You ❤ Know ❤ If ❤ You ❤ Get ❤ Five ❤ Back ❤ You ❤ Must ❤ Be ❤ Perfect ❤

For being so nice and all-around amazing in every way, copy this to 10 other bloggers that you think are wonderful. Keep the GAME going and make others feel beautiful and appreciated (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚

Okay, I may be cheating by combining two but you guys know me… LOL I’m terrible at these things! I’ve been lucky in the Tumblr verse! 

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All the love, all the love!! I don’t need perfect just lovely messages like this! 

Every one of my followers have shown me love in some way or another makes this extremely tough but some do stand out having surprised me with kindness more than a few times.  

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If you’re feeling a bit grumpy and out of sorts, or down and bitterly bleak, here’s something that should help.
(To our knowledge) Nobody has perfected immortality yet. Which means, yes, EVERYBODY IS GONNA DIE! Awesome, huh? I mean, no matter how rich and powerful, famous and successful and beautiful, no matter how much luck and life seems to have dealt somebody the perfect hand, they’re all gonna eat the same dirt sandwich we will! Yeah! Death is the great equalizer. Don’t believe me? Swing round Death’s house on Saturday for Music and Movie night. His home theater has got AMAZING sound.
Speaking of Death being a he, throughout history and across most cultures Death is overwhelmingly portrayed as male, while fertility and life are depicted as female. Only fitting as woman is the wellspring from which all life flows. Although occasionally, what flows from that well is toxic, horrible and can cause severe injury and or death.
Speaking of wells, and therefore water, only one of the Beach Boys actually surfed. Speaking of surfing, prior to the mid nineteenth century nobody went to beaches on vacation. Beaches were considered dangerous and the province of scavengers and drowned sailors. Speaking of sailors, the Phoenicians were amazing sailors and explorers and also provided the western world with it’s alphabet, but yet more people know the name of every Harry Potter minor character than are able to identify what a Phoenician is. Speaking of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling was a huge fan of the T.V. show M*A*S*H and got Harry Potter’s name by combining the name of Colonel Potter and the actor who played him’s names. Speaking of mash, even if you had the strength of an ox, you still couldn’t beat up an ant in a fair fight. Because you would mash it into paste with your first shot. You can’t technically beat up something that ceases to exist after one hit. Speaking of hits, despite inventing and perfecting radio, Guglielmo Marconi never once scored a top ten hit. Speaking of top tens, every Top Ten List ever written ignores the fact that facts are actually perceptually mutable and relevant to the choice of model for determining inclusion. Speaking of mutable, one of the terms used for a genetically mutated organism is ‘sport’. Which really changes the friendliness gradient in the American Colloquial Slang use of that term to address another. Speaking of address, yellow.

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To all the mods: thank you so much for all your work! Your creativity makes me like the game even more. What are your personal favorite headcanons you've done so far?

Thank you! We really love the support we’re getting from all of you and you’re really what keeps the blog going!

Personally my favourite headcanon is Sha Lin/Kinessa aka Long Distance Relationship (surprise surprise). I just feel that they’re so perfect and there’s some real chemistry that could go on between them, and a lot of fun stuff that could go on if they were canonically in a relationship. They’re literally perfect, perfect people who deserve each other. 

- Mod Mal’Damba

My favorite headcanon? Mine isn’t as long as Mod Mal'Damba’s, but I’ll have to say the drunk champions one. Mod Ying and I worked on it together and it was just really fun to make I guess.

- Mod Bolt  

Oh man, this is super hard. I didn’t know many headcanons before I came on this blog, and I learned so many. I have to say my favorite one is that Androxus is like a big brother to Maeve! Haven’t posted it yet, it’s coming up soon. It’s just so adorable!

- Mod Ying

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Well I have a different opinion of the last chapter than you but I hope this is ok since we only need to respect other people's different thoughts (I'm not saying that you didn't). Is just because even if I'm touken people feel kind offended when I point problems in their relationship, is not even about shipping but plot construction (that I find more important then only think about the romantic part I like).

I agree with you on that. I think you have two types of people here, 1. the ones that are unable to see the problems of their relationship and think that they’re perfect and everything is great, and 2. the salty ones who blame Touka for basically everything. I think we need a balance? their relationship is not perfect, BOTH made mistakes, but the point here is that both are very healthy for each other if they learn to forget the mistakes from the past. Touka is extremely healthy for Kaneki as a person, despite her bad things which is normal because no one is perfect. And Kaneki was always good to her in the past, he changed her a lot. 

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I definitely agree fandom is getting way too puritan, but people only defend the right to still write just men when they're exploring dark themes. I never see anyone talk much about how stifling it is that female characters always have to be moral and perfect. When people defend the right to write imperfect characters, there's always the unspoken "as long as it's a male character" assumption.

Well anon, I have mixed feelings about this statement. Mostly because I’m not certain what is your point, to be entirely honest. 

One thing I definitely agree with: I am annoyed by the “perfect queen” attitude that fandoms have with regard to female characters. The more a fandom argues that a female character cannot be criticised for whatever reason, the more my annoyance grows. I am put off by this attitude to the point that I’ve grown to dislike some female characters because of this, as a knee-jerk reaction. The more fandoms throw at me the “you can’t interpret this female character in this specific way because it’s sexist”, the more resentful I grow. The more fandoms tell me that it’s “internalised misogyny”, the more ridiculous this type of wank becomes to me. 

So, if you are saying that female characters should be given the chance to be shitty and immoral and weak and imperfect and genuinely unlikeable in some sides of their personality, I agree with you. And if you are saying that people should not be accused of sexism or misogyny or any other bullshit of the sort if they want to love a female character because she is shitty, immoral, weak, imperfect, genuinely unlikeable in some sides of their personality (or hell, even interpret her that way to begin with), I definitely agree. 

Fans are given a lot of shit the moment they have a favourite male character who fits in any way the villain type or is somehow “problematic” (this word sounds almost ironic to my ears at this point). The most blatant examples I can think of in larger fandoms are Loki from Marvel and Kylo Ren from Star Wars. I’ve seen countless posts on the lines of “why don’t you give attention to this absolutely perfect and flawless female character instead”. And this leads to making of the woman character a paragon of perfection. But let me be clear: what I mean with perfection isn’t necessarily the woman-angel, example of virtue and goodness, or the action woman, or really any literary stereotype. Perfection nowadays means being a paragon of “feminism”. And I say “feminism” because that’s basically the fandom police, not real and progressive activism, and certainly not helpful to anyone. Or, well, it sure is helpful if someone only seeks a an echo chamber to validate their own self-righteousness. Vulgarly, it’s a wank circle. Also let’s not fool ourselves, it’s just a mirror of some forms taken by current social discourse: little more than a morality play, you win the purer you are.

And that absolutely leads to the extreme consequence of female characters not being allowed to be bad people (or bad characters, because what the frick, some female characters might just be objectively written like shit — just like every other character ever) (and though it’s good if someone is into them enough that they decide to give them a second chance and rebuild the character from scratch through headcanons… no one has any obligation to do that. If someone doesn’t care, they don’t care. Fandom is not entitled to anyone’s creative energy.)

So I think what confuses me here is that “but” in your first sentence.

“I definitely agree fandom is getting way too puritan, but people only defend the right to still write just men when they’re exploring dark themes“ ?

I just don’t think there’s an opposition there. I think it’s a consequence. Fandom is getting puritan, and that is why they work with this double standard. 

But maybe you’re aiming your message at those who do rant against fandom’s puritanism, and yet don’t include female characters in their defenses of amorality and immorality in fiction — which, I suppose, is what you’re getting at with your last sentence. In that case, anon, I can only tell you one thing: if you’ve noticed this trend, or you are under the impression that it’s a thing, it’s probably actually a thing in your corner of fandom. From my point of view… I don’t really see that. Mostly those who defend characters’ right to be bad people also include women in the discussion. But as I said, my fandom experience is not yours and the only thing I can tell you is that, if you want to do it, you can engage people who apply this double standard and tell them why you think their fandom talk is missing something, and what that something is.

In any case, I do think everything is correlated. And I hope this clarified my own position on the matter.