but this one is perfect. perfect

I love everything about this scene. Martin throwing food and doing that little ‘whoo!’ thing. Gripps dancing his heart out. Cross having found a mallet already and having buns in his hair (who did that and didn’t film it, guys? I wanted to see that happen). The guy in the Kellum Knight box helmet thing doing the little dance.

I looked through a bunch of dril tweets to find these

Gabriel: im not saying i dont respect the flag. just saying id respect it more if it was a picture of something thats good to me. like someones lunch

Luz: and the final word i leave all you pitiful cowards upon this sinful night is “Truth”.. hold it clos.e.. use it.. thank you

Miguela/riley: i am above choosing sides here. i hope they either become friends & cancel the match, or beat each other completely to death simultaneously

Caeso: if you’re ever wondering if im some other guy, the answer is yes, im him, unless it’s bad to be him, then im not him, im a different person.

Dimitri: Starfish Rant. ive had it up to here with this bullshit animal. Click here to watch my starfish rant


(x)(x) An update for the wedding! Congrats Matt & Marisha <3.

There they are!!!!!!! 


(EN) This is the best machinima I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s just perfect. BRAVO ^^

(ES) El mejor machinima que he visto en mi vida. Simplemente perfecto. BRAVO ^^

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hey i just wanted to say that if you’re already scraping by to make ends meet, the holidays are really hard. and that puts pressure on you and on your whole family. and if there’s one thing i hope you know it’s that you don’t need to prove you love someone by buying them something. i know we all want to get the people we care about really fancy things. but i’m okay if you get me like a smooth rock you found by the ocean. i know it’s true of other people, too. i’d rather you hand me a diy picture frame from popsicle sticks than something you had to go into debt to buy, and i think any person who’s worth their socks will tell you the same thing. and on that note? everybody loves socks, and they’re pretty cheap. yes, it’d be great if you and i stumbled on enough money to actually afford things. but love, i’ve learned, isn’t about the buying.

and on that note? for those of you out there who find the holidays a particularly dark time… i hope you know there will always be someone willing to open the door for you. even when it feels like there’s no one. even if that door is a window you have to crawl through. 

and for those of us who have more than we need, i hope we open those doors. if you notice someone who is going to be alone during the holidays, or who is usually depressed but for no apparent reason seems markedly happy and is giving away their things, please invite them over. hang out with them, no matter how awkward it is. sudden cleaning and long notes about how much they love you are also signs of suicide. with recent changes in insurance, it’s increasingly harder to find mental health care, so help a friend out (and maybe even yourself!) by figuring out who still takes the insurance offered so we can all give ourselves the gift of coping mechanisms, the gift that keeps on giving.

i hope you all are happy and safe this season!

Stranger Things 2 SPOILERS AHEAD

We asked for Hopper to be Elevens dad, and we got it.
We asked for Jancy to finally get together, and we got it.
We asked to meet one of the other numbered lab hostage kids, and we got it.
We asked for a snow ball, and we got it.
We asked for a heartwarming adorable Mileven reunion, and we got it.
We asked for Steve Harrington: Adventures in Babysitting, and we even got that!
We didn’t even ask for some crazy drunk conspiracy theorist to annoy Jancy into hooking up, but honestly I couldn’t have asked for it any differently!
And plus that breakfast scene ‘Pullout’?!
I have loved every minute of season two, and now I am back to being empty, and waiting for season 3.
I should have spread this season out better. I have no self control.

So Much More

Synopsis: You are a new and upcoming superstar and during an interview, you get asked questions about the one and only Harry Styles. 

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