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I was tagged by rad-lobster​ and caplowasfuck​ in this questiony thing and they both have different questions and gosh idk how to do this so I guess I’ll just answer both sets of questions in one post?? Is that okay?? Whatever here we go!

First, the rules:

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Okay let’s start with Jenna’s since she tagged me first:

1.  What’s your favourite thing to eat for breakfast?

omg I LOOOOOOVE Special K I eat bowls of it at a time (and sometimes I use chocolate milk instead of plain just to make things fun)

2. Can you play any instruments? If so, what are they? If not, what instrument would you want to play?

alright so I learned to play recorder in like grade 4 just like everybody else, I learned trombone in grade 7 and it’s my main instrument, sometimes I play percussion (marimba, glockenspiel, tympani, cajon), I can sort of play piano, I can sort of play guitar, and I can kinda sing. I really want to learn how to play piano and guitar/ukelele better because I feel like those are the staple instruments for a jam session.

3. Do you have any plants in your room? describe them a little?

okay so I don’t have any plants in my room yet, but soon my parents are taking me to this plant nursery and I’m picking out some succulents! I want to get a stubby lil cactus, one with yellow or pink flowers, one with lil arms like a “stereotypical” cactus and one that sort of has leaves but it’s still a succulent idk what it’s called but they’re all so cute!

4. Are you afraid of spiders or do you not mind them?

it totally depends who I’m with and where I am, like sometimes |I couldn’t care less if there’s a spider crawling up my leg while other times I get so freaked out that I start shaking and I like hide in a corner idk I’m weird. I don’t particularly like spiders or anything but I don’t think I have an irrational fear of them.

5. What’s the last book you read and enjoyed?

I’m just finishing up the Immortals series by Alyson Noel and it’s pretty good, it gets a little repetitive in the plot and her word choice after five books but overall I’m enjoying it (I’m about to start the last book as soon as my mom gets it from the library for me)

6. Favourite dessert?

this isn’t even a question how can I confine myself to one dessert it’s not fair sorry but I simply cannot answer this question (probably cheesecake but don’t hold me to it)

7. What’s the last movie you watched?

I just rewatched The Hunger Games because it was on before the MMVA’s and I still cry every time idk that movie really gets to me.

8. Who are you dying to see in concert?

SCOTT HELMAN! I feel like it would be an intimate concert, maybe 100-200 people and he would just be onstage in a little pub or something and idk I just really want that.

9. Have you ever dyed your hair? what colour(s)?

when I was like 8 I got it in my head that you were only cool if you had streaks in your hair so I got semi-permanent hair dye from the drug store and we put these awful auburn streaks in my hair. sometimes I still find strands of hair that are kind of reddish.

10. Would you ever want to move to a new city or country or stay where you are? Why?

I really want to move to London or somewhere around there that maybe isn’t as busy, I just really like the rain and the cooler temperatures and I love the  architectural heritage there. idk if that doesn’t work out I’d probably move like 20 minutes away from my parents.

11. Do you have any bad habits? What are they?

oooohhh you bet I do: forgetfulness, biting my nails, ignoring people, scowling, making assumptions, getting my hopes up/over-investing myself in things that probably won’t work out, leaving dirty dishes everywhere, perfectionism, crying when people try to talk to me, late-night snacking, idk there’s more but I guess that’s enough

Anyways how about Christine’s questions

1) Which toe is your favorite toe?

my second toe on my left foot (I just decided that now btw) the nail is the best and there aren’t any callouses.

2) Do you like to keep your fingernails long or short?

I would like them to be longer but I bite them so idk how to answer this. they’re basically always short.

3) What was the last store you shopped at?


4) Do you prefer wooden pencils or mechanical pencils?

mechanical pencils are easier to write with and they hurt my hand less but wooden pencils are just so much more authentic so I think I like wooden pencil better. plus they last longer for me.

5) Are you afraid of the dark?

maybe a little

6) What is your biggest pet peeve?


7) Do you usually wear matching socks?

yes omg I feel so wrong if I don’t it like screws me up and makes me feel unbalanced idk how to explain it, it’s like a psychological thing for me

8) Do you always have gum with you?

ewww noooooo

9) What is your favorite word to use?

I like to use words that make me sound distinguished and intellectual but also make me sound like a three year old…idk I say tummy a lot, but I also make science puns a lot idk really.

10) What was the last tv series that you completed?

I don’t think I’ve ever watched an entire series from start to end. the closest I got was with Parks and Rec.

11) Do you like taking showers at night, in the morning, or during the afternoon?

I think I prefer morning or afternoon

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My questions:

  1. What is your ideal vacation?
  2. Favourite beverage?
  3. What is your biggest fear?
  4. Are ghosts real?
  5. Cats or dogs?
  6. Do you have any interesting pastimes?
  7. Describe the way you dress in 15 words or less.
  8. Pick one of the arts: music, dance, theatre, sculpting, painting, drawing photography, film, poetry, baking, etc.
  9. A song that describes the way you’ve been feeling lately?
  10. How do you wish you could spend your summer if you had unlimited resources and everything went according to plan?
  11. Any regrets?

TV SHOW MEME • [1/3] brotps
→ Hanna/Spencer
“-A has taken everything from me. I can’t lose you too." "You haven’t.”

Should you fight the APH Nordics?
  • Denmark:IDK why we even need to have this discussion because 1) he used to be a fuckin Viking, 2) have you seen the guy he's built like an ox, and 3) he's such a sweet massive puppy omg why would you ever want to hurt this ball of pure sunshine. Do not fight Denmark, not only will he beat you up but you will also feel guilty
  • Norway:Physically? Yes it is possible, you could beat up Norway (perhaps if he is drunk). But is it a good idea? No. Remember, this cutie can basically summon evil mythological creatures and hahaha u dead. Not a good idea to fight Norway.
  • Finland:one might think, 'oh he's just a sweet chubby marshmallow, I could totally beat him up'. SURPRISE motherfucker, this bun kicked Russia's ass and specializes in sharpshooting so idk, you can fight him if you want (if you have a death wish) good luck
  • Sweden:hahahahHAHaha what makes you think this is a good idea. Just google search APH Sweden and tell me if that's a guy you really wanna fight. Seriously, this kiddo was a badass take-no-prisoners Viking. Plus he is roughly the size of a tree. Do. Not. Fight. Sweden.
  • Iceland:Go ahead. Kick his pale detached teenage ass, you can easily do it. But don't come crying to me when Norway tries to separate your head from your body in retaliation. Don't say I didn't warn you.
  • Basically the moral of the story is that you should under no circumstance fight any of the APH Nordics because you will die

ok so the graphic sucks but idc because i got up to 300 followers!! (it’s 304 now, thanks guys) & I just want to say how much I appreciate each and every one of you people, even if we don’t talk as much, or at all, really. Okay so first things first i’m the realest a special shout out to starlordwrites for being my 300th follower!! 

the next four that followed me deserve a shout out too, so thank you guys!

downrange, avierp (ok idk it’s not letting me add the s, but it’s avierps), ms-deranged, & skrsgrd!!

damenlaurents - ew it’s essy, but jk bc i love you and we’ve been friends for almost 7 years, i’ll even tag ur 1x1 account ok littleandroidwrites, you’re always there for me and i love you a lot my cousinsisterchild. i remember first rping with axel & ice and how we tortured them and we’VE HAD THESE BABIES FOR 6 YEARS NOW LIKE!!!!!!!!! so we have technically been rping together for all these years even if ace were jst on a very long holiday. BUT. ALSO. SWEARWOLVES. REMUS & JAEL & THEIR FRIENDSHIP LIKE FUCK THESE TWO ARE KILLING ME. and their sweet lil baby child Delilah, who was literally created one day as an au but i love delilah so much. like. bc remus and jael are the literal worst and the fact that they could produce someone who is the epitome of sunshine and flowers. i’m so excited for delilah and drasko (double d anyone helooooo) & also cooptavia like fuck. all our ships. look at them. so beautiful. let’s destroy them. but you’re kidding if u think ur the light of this world bc that is reserved for me. 

trillrps - wow davin ur awesome and holy heck you’re 19 now you’re oldddddddddd. (i kid i kid.) even tho i’m like a million years late to reply to our sandpit romance (how fucking cute is that otp tag tho. like forreal.) i love them so much and these two are prob gonna kill me with all the cuteness and eventual heartbreak. i cant even remember how we started talking but i think it was over smokes????? like idk but it ended up being like 3 am when we were like yo should sleep now & even tho we don’t talk as much but you’re still great. 

jazzofrp - shoutout to jazz for making cry over kolmily plenty of times and literally never thought i’d ship them but then they interacted and i did i was like oh lord and these two have been though so much. and sighs. i jst. i love them. and you’re so cool to talk to & we should def talk more (tho i’m so lazy af to get on aim tbh). but you’re great!!!!!!!! 


slytherinwritess - you’re fabulous and i love you ok and idk what else to say except i love that we make each other cry over teen wolf like and half of my liza tag is made up of allison and ugh i miss our hipchat chats omg 

neverlandswriter - karin!! we haven’t talked for long i think we started on the iidy talk tag???? but anyway, i love that we bonded over darina & then we plotted out treasurestar and though shortlived, i love them so much! also we should def talk more bc i miss u!! 

ravenclawwrites & elysiuxm (bc they’re both my faves tbh) - but omg jules honestly you’re such a great writer and i love you a lot okay <3 <3 <3 i love clara & carina & their buttons and omg in s&b where she was forced to burn her buttons im so EMOTIONAL but i’ve always loved your characters because they’re so in depth and great and ugh aednat + minnie would be so great omg. also i love u ok. 

lilylunawrites - saRAH. you have quality af rps and you’re so talented & created i’m so????????? i don’t know how you do it??????????? we haven’t talked much but we plotted with isadora/lily & andre + eryn siblings tho we never actually got to rp them idc they’re still great. you’re great. ilysm. 

abugwrites - evan & carina tho. like heartbreak city much. goD. what did we do to our characters. im so. you’re so cool and funny tho & we should definitely talk more bc i miss talking to u????????? 

bellamlyblake - allie you’re so cool and i love that we’ve been talking and we should definitely talk more bc you’re honestly so amazing and i literally love your blog sm it’s one of my favourites ever???? this is jst a small note for ppl to follow u bc honestly you’re such a quality blog and i love you ok. 

chiddywrites - jenn ilysm. i love darina and i love how you can wreck me with emotions just by mentioning them or sending me a link that reminds me of them bc whenever u do i get so emoTIONAL like our little killing children i love them so much, you’re honestly so talented ugH AND I JUST LOVE U OK. 


nicotortellinirps, minkakellypls, cbennetwrites, jamrps, ashsrps. omg i’m sure i’m missing a few??? but???? you’re all so great and i love you guys a lot, i loved rping with you guys as sabrina & wren, they’ve both easily become two of my favourites to play and I have you guys to thank for that. ily all and cannot wait to rp with you guys in the future. love from ur bb sorella. 


tardisrps, corneliawrites, priorswrites, ellenin1x1, redmaynewritings, clarkesrps. omg. ang is one of my fave rpgs ever and emily is literally my child, i love each & every one of you and this is jst a shoutout for all of you guys??? like these ppl are quality af so go follOW THEM. 


stydiaawrites, arieswrites, hexedrps, ariesroleplays hoodwrites grokwrites scxrpiowrites bluebirclwrites tonkswrites holtbekah charleywrites gilmorewrites pickleswrites sagerps inveigler-ofrp batgirlwrites avwords amarewrites carniivores laheyemoji mermaidswrites seraphicwrites ladysansawrites daydreamisms maraudingwrites robbstarkwrites mercenarywrites firewhiskeywrites dorcaswrites bofurwrites clairexwrites lionheartedwritings ygrittewrites fearthelittlemonsters mermaidswrites peanutwritess majestictxffy villainrps siriusblackwrites enigmaticwrites weasleywriter fleurdelecours grouchywrites bellaxwrites gryffindorwrites roeweasley wordtoyourmuggle indominusrexwrites gravement akrps

honestly i am so tired and i definitely forgot some people, but nevertheless i love you all and thank you all for getting me here!!!!!!

also shoutout to lumiwes to being the only person that i know in real life that follows this blog bc i told u too. also. shout out to u homie bc school buddies can i get a hell yeah you’re fab & one of my close friends. HELL. YEAH.

anonymous asked:

sherlock is still trying to figure jim out, but one day he just slams jim up against a wall and he really thinks that jim'll roll his eyes but jim kind of stiffens and then rolls his hips into the detective, obviously aroused. c; (trash anon)


Sherlock usually needs to impose himself physically on Jim, approaching him and getting suddenly very close and looking from top to bottom to look more… idk intimidating? So yeah, one time during a (very silly) argument he ends up slamming Jim against a wall. 

What he didn’t expect was Jim to roll his hips into him, a smug smile on his face and dilated pupils. Sherlock freezes for a second and does the blink thing, but when Jim tilts his neck a little he doesn’t think twice before putting his lips on it and biting hard, still muttering about what they were discussing before. Not that their little argument really matters. It doesn’t take long before both of them are focused on more enjoyable things.

anonymous asked:

Anyone have their mom with them while giving birth? I originally said I wanted it to be just me & DH but idk now. My mom is my #1 best friend in the entire world & I feel like having her there with me would be really comforting, but I don't know if it'll take away from the special moment with me and hubby at all..? I'm also not too sure how he'll act under pressure & I don't want to regret not having my mom there because I know she'd step up for sure. Idk I just don't want to regret anything.

I had my hubby, my mom, his mom and my doula! Yikes it was a full room! But I loved having each and every one of them there! We told our doula that we just wanted our moms there for support but wanted to give them a special job so they didn’t feel awkward and left out. My mom was in charge of writing things as they happened so I had it for when I wanted to write my birth story. His mom was there to just watch, we didn’t feel like she need it a special task because she’s not as overbearing as my mom is and she wouldn’t get hurt if we didn’t give her anything to do. My doula also kept them busy by having them help with little things like giving putting a wet towel on my forehead, making sure I puked in the baggie instead of everywhere else, holding my hand/leg when I was pushing.


anonymous asked:

Hello I was watching wall-e today (one of my special Interests) with my mom and I never thought extensively about it when It came out when I was younger but I think I did have the idea that Wall-e could be Autistic? But its hard to say cause he isnt human and he spent most of his life in seclusion so idk if those traits would just be social deprivation or could be seen as autistic traits. Plus hes a robot and idk if ppl would want to be compared to a robot? (I wouldnt mind, walle is the best).

I’ve actually never seen Wall-e but I really want to. Robots are often autistic-coded, so it’s definitely possible that he is! There is a lot of contention over the whole robot thing in the community ‘cause it’s dehumanizing, but AFAIK Wall-e is about the robot, like, going against its programming and proving it could do more than the humans ever thought possible, yeah? I wouldn’t mind being compared to that particular bot.

-Brother Cat

does anyone else feel like … god how do I explain this … as they’ve gotten older, movies have become so … underwhelming? like it’s harder now to be super amazed and mindblown by movies? and not just any movies, I mean, these big blockbusters, and/or even ones you look forward to for months.

I don’t know what is it. Have my standards become super high?? am I just expecting too much of these movies? is there too much hype and build-up in promoting the movies? is it just ‘cause I’m not an excitable little kid anymore??

Maybe it’s a “sequel” thing. I find a lot of my ‘underwhelming’ movies are sequels. when the ‘originals’ or #1s come out, they’re usually different, unique, something new and special. so maybe it’s the novelty already having worn off. idk.

All I know is that I feel underwhelmed more often than I wish to and I hate it. I honestly wish I could use tag-blocking-related system in real life and just totally shut out all info and reviews related to the movie until I see it myself. because maybe it’s the pre-release hype, or friends and collegues having rave reviews, that helps create my feeling of underwhelming. I think it is.

maybe my imagination just runs too wild. because not movie will ever look like I want it to in my head. so maybe my standards are too high, in a way. sigh.

sorry, I know this is a strange rant. but I had to get it out into words. it’s so far and few in between that I find a really great mindblowing movie nowadays… :\

twentyoneautopilots asked:

Unpopular Opinion: this tour is kinda lame. The setlist is so short. They're hardly playing any songs from the second half of ABAP. They threw out Grand Theft Autumn. It's just really idk lazy. It's like they're not doing anything special for this one.

I think if it was just a fall out boy tour they’d be more relaxed with it all but they put “Sugar” first to catch Wiz fans attention etc. I mean people gotta understand this tour isn’t an AB/AP tour that one is in October and possibly next year for America.

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why did you choose magent and if you could pick anyone who else would you play?

MOD WEEKEND IS OVER BUT I DIDNT FINISH THIS ONE SO HI OOPS im going im going youll be rid of me soon enough heheh ANYWAY

when i first decided to make a badly drawn blog he was my FIRST CHOICE! hes my favorite character in ALL OF JOJO(or tied for first, at least) and i just. REALLY LIKE HIM! for like, 50000 reasons(SERIOUSLY DO NOT GET ME STARTED i will not shut up. i will never stop talking. you will die.) and idk hes really relatable and i def have a special connection™ to him that i dont have with other characters ;v; 

BUT! even tho i knew i wanted to play him (kinda) i did consider others like ‘okay if not him… then who else’ so for other characters i would play:

most people that i talk to know by now but i am ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL HOL HORSE GARBAGE. i love him… a lot. oops. he was the only other character that i considered on the same level as magenta because theyre both my #1 fav characters. i cant choose between them at all haha v////v but i didnt make a blog for him because ive been a fan of poorlydrawnholhorse for a long time and i didnt want ppl to think i was ripping them off even tho theyre not affiliated with us. and i didnt want to deal with 500 ‘haha hows it feel 2 be hetero’ messages either WHOOPSIE

the other characters i kinda considered but ultimately decided against for reasons like ‘theyre too good… and a child’(boingo) or ‘hes too serious’(abba) or really petty shit like ‘i fucking hate drawing that hat’(mtn tim) or ‘i like them but not as much as maggie’( rubber and like 5 other characters from sbr. where are all the sbr characters ;;)

but!! i looove all the blogs for the characters that i considered playing so im like. !!!!! i made the RIGHT CHOICE.

aaand with that message im done with self insert weekend!….. a day late. BYE EVERYONE!

shameless-shinobi asked:

What do you think about this new kid in Boruto's movie? I mean It's like kinda obvious he is a puppeteer but I'm scared and excited at the same time.... :S

Honestly idk what I think of him. Tbh I really don’t want it to be Kankuro’s kid at all, but I don’t think he is. It would be really weird to introduce another new gen character like that just for the movie, especially if he’s the son of a character kishi has traditionally not given a fuck about. Suna specializes in puppeteers so he’s probably just there to add a battle pairing for one of the other new gen kids (Sarada, Inojin, Metal, Chocho, etc).

What I really wanna know is WHO is that Killer Bee IMPOSTER’S SON. 

I remember when I was like idk 11 or something and all I listened to was trance and nightcore and I used to watch anime all day and draw manga and lost myself in a better world

♦ Repost this, then list the six posts you’re the most proud of.

i was tagged by michael clifford gerardxwy​ and my mom kingfrnk

  1. my sad march 22 graphic that i started two months before march 22 oops
  2. my crimson curse gif aka me spending 4+ hours being gay af over hayley williams with the 30 day trial of after effects
  3. my ode to sleep gif. idk there’s nothing really special with it i just really liked the colours
  4. my entry for lola and gerard’s flyer contest. it’s just a bunch of textures and watercolour brushes thrown together in one ensemble with a bunch of blending modes and it’s wonderful i love it i wish it had more notes
  5. my summertime graphic i’m still so heart eyes about it i also wish it had more notes but i wish all my stuff had more notes so eh
  6. i don’t know if this counts since this is technically on my marvel blog (which you should all follow. pls i mean it) but my sad gwen gifset because it’s the first (and only) gifset that i actually coloured myself and i made the psd!! and also it’s a sad gwen gifset deep down we all know that we love sad gwen gifsets ok

Tag ten blogs you think should be proud of what they do, whether it’s art, writing, edits, great choices of what to reblog, brilliant tags, lovely responses to asks…. spread some positivity!

i mean i don’t even know ten people and most people i would have tagged have already been tagged so i’m just tagging five sorry

kisstherinq fallouchboy notrevenge notgerard ghoulfun

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The lyrics just speak to me so much. Like I know its new and it sounds foreign but i mean THAT SONG IS WHAT MY FEELINGS SOUND LIKE THAT IS MY SONG... I tried to stay calm. But seriously. Its beautiful and it is now a apart of me

I agree so much!! There’s something special about every single one of their songs but this one, idk I just feel something different if that make sense? Like I know it’s a song that’s going to mean a lot to not only us but so many others and now I’m actually really glad that they waited so long. They wanted it to be perfect for us and I think that it is exactly that and so much more.

Just a little special thing for some really awesome people c: 


This girl right here is so amazing and super nice. As soon as I started using Tumblr and getting into different K-Pop, she was super friendly and helped answer any questions I might have had. We fangirl a lot over the same groups and the same boys, as well as fangirl over how awesome the other one is. Right from the start of my ruined amazing K-pop life, she has been one of the greatest people I’ve known. You’re AMAZING!!! :)

jimjamsflawless bangtuanscenarios

Okay seriously, could I have met ANYONE cooler so quickly?! I’ve barely even know this wonderful human for a whole 48 hours, but that short amount of time has introduced me to one of the coolest people I’ve ever met in my whole life. I mean, our conversations are a little strange mixed with intense fangirl and doodles, but I can definitely say this is the type of friendship that I’ve been missing for way too long. Love youuuuu :D <3 -bangbong (inside joke hehehe)


OMFG literally the best Taehyung stan EVERRRRR! Unfortunately, we don’t talk much and I always feel like more of a fangirl than a friend, but it’s still cool. She is sooooo beautiful and I love her blog and she is super sweet and I really love her and the way she can express how much she loves this little dork. You are so wonderful and every message I’ve ever sent you about your greatness is entirely true :D <3

Okay so… yeah. I just kinda wanted to acknowledge the best people I’ve met all because of this stupid Tumblr and our shared love of K-Pop. Hope you like the edits and I luv ya all a bunch! c: <3333