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The post no-one was waiting for (but that I’m doing anyway) pt.2

Dearly Beloved,

here we are gathered here today to get through this thing called Men’s Free Program – last group.

Usual warnings apply, this post may become quite long. If you feel offended by anything I write, asks box is there for you.

ISU Feed was horrible, but sadly that’s all we got since fancams are few and far between. For reference (and also because Uncle Kurt says some very interesting things about jumps) CBC broadcast here:

Let’s Go.

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anonymous asked:

How often do you see/treat snakebite victims? I live in AZ, and snake bites, while not especially common, aren't exactly an unknown factor here. There's also a vaccine for rattlesnake bites... but it's also super expensive, and from I've heard it doesn't really work well enough to justify using it for my own dogs. Thoughts?

Mate, our snakes are an entirely different kettle of fish. For one, we don’t have rattlesnakes, and I really couldn’t comment with authority on how their venom works, but I understand it’s haemotoxic and causes necrosis.

(This fellow was at the Rattlesnake Museum in New Mexico when we visited last year)

Australian venomous snakes, on the other hand, are quite different. White rattlesnakes belong to the viper group, our venomous snakes are elapids.

(Taipan by XLerate at Wikipedia)

The venom of our snakes, depending on which species did the biting, contain neurotoxins (affect nerves), myotoxins (affect muscle), pro-coagulants (make blood clot), anti-coagulants (make blood not clot), nephrotoxins (affect kidney) and cytotoxins (affect cells in general). They do a whole mess of things.

(If you go to wikipedia, Australia had 5/10 of the most venomous snakes in the world, and 4 of the others are sea snakes)

Now, I deliberately don’t work anywhere near the inland taipan, but I did work in Tasmania and venomous snakes on smaller islands are typically bigger and have more potent venom than mainland counterparts. Tiger snakes were our biggest problem, and Tasmanian Tiger Snake bites required 2x the antivenom of mainland bites, and bites from snakes on the small islands off the coast of Tasmania would require 4x to 6x. At $500, at cost, per vial of antivenom, these were expensive to treat.

Tiger snake bite symptoms typically go a bit like this

  • Acute signs: Vomiting, salivation, fast breathing, collapse. Pets may initially seem to recover from this though, but its only going to get worse from here.
  • Paralytic signs: a little while later (under 2 hours) we might see paralysis, altered breathing, bleeding from bite, kidney failure, destruction of red blood cells and destruction or muscle cells.

Cats seem to be partially resistant to the venom, either by being more agile and getting bitten less, or just dying before they make it home and get to be presented to a vet clinic. Once actually treated though, they seem to recover a bit better than dogs, possibly because they cope with the rhabdomyolysis better.

All of this happens over hours, so it’s not enough time for the immune system to generate a response. I doubt we’d ever have a vaccine for Australian snake bites, but our combined tiger-brown antivenoms will treat venom from anything other than death adders.

I don’t see snake bites very commonly now in suburbia, but I suspect that’s because we have more brown snakes and less tiger snakes here. We have some very big brown snakes in the parks and golf courses around here, but they prefer to run away than to bite.

my supervisor is out most of this week.

which in my brain means YAY LET’S LEAVE FIFTEEN MINUTES EARLY FOR GYM AND OTHER THINGS. (Radical ik but I’m not trying to be insane here..my hours are way better than my last job.)

On my way out, I started talking to one of the girls in marketing..which, idk usually is a 1-5 minute convo. 30 MINUTES LATER, i have learned about her fitness regime, what she eats late at night, her future ambitions, her dinner plans with friends/dates? each night

1. super like her, but damnit why
2. hearing other people’s schedules always makes me tired. mostly because for about 2 seconds i forget to stop comparing myself. then i remember i do what i do because i do what i can and that doesn’t mean my 2x at the gym is any less than 4x at hot yoga for someone else.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I'm currently in my second year of high school and have no idea what I want to do for a career. I would love to be a vet, but I don't know if I can afford/ don't want to go through the six years of school required. What would you say to convince someone one way or another? Question tax: Milk, dark, or white chocolate?

In my experience, most people make their mind up early about whether they want to be a vet, but about 15-20% make that decision either ‘last minute’ or later in their lives.

The cost and time of education is a significant factor that must be considered for anyone wanting to become a vet. It’s easier in Australia where we’ve got a decent uni fee system (for now), but this is still a significant loan.

As a general rule of thumb, if someone needs convincing to become a vet, I don’t try to convince them. We’re not in short supply of hopeful future vet students. I always recommend spending some time in a clinic, or shadowing the type of vet you think you want to be, because there’s nothing like reality for making up your mind.

The realities of veterinary medicine are:

  • You will be relatively underpaid for your level of education.
  • The general public thinks you are much better paid than you are.
  • Your education is long but consistently undervalued.
  • Constantly encouraged to lower your prices or work for free.
  • Long, anti-social hours
  • The patients are usually nice, but the clients can vary.
  • You will outlive all of your patients, except perhaps for the odd very lucky parrot.
  • No other professions, except perhaps doctors, dentists and emergency services workers, really understand.
  • Burnout, moral distress and compassion fatigue await most of us.
  • Most of us develop or have a mental health issue at some point.
  • Approximately 1 in 6 of us will contemplate suicide. We are also 4x more likely to succeed.
  • Most of the time, the animals you get to interact with are sick, injured or frightened.
  • Sometimes the law sucks but you have to follow it anyway.
  • You are constantly having to justify yourself against whatever ‘Dr Google’ said.
  • Critiques on social media are harsh and unfair, but there’s nothing you can do about them because you can’t reveal the truth about a case because of client confidentiality.
  • There are easier ways to earn a living, and easier ways to interact with animals.

But if you read all of that an still think that becoming a veterinarian sounds like a good idea, then Congratulations. Welcome to the veterinary medicine family.

And for the question tax, white, mild and THEN dark chocolate.

No Mans Sky | Patch 1.03 (Minor Spoilers ahead)

No Man’s Sky is still just a few days from launch, and while you might expect the team have had a nice holiday you would be wrong. The team at Hello Games have been hard at work for the last 5/6 weeks since going gold to make No Man’s Sky even better. Studio head Sean Murray announced patch 1.03 today for the release of the game on Wednesday, and here are the changes the team have made: 

  • The Three Paths – there are now new, unique “paths” you can follow throughout the game. You must start the game on a fresh save, with the patch, as early choices have significant impact on what you see later in the game, and the overall experience.
  • The Universe – we changed the rules of the universe generation algorithm. Planets have moved. Environments have changed biomes. Galaxies have altered shape. All to create greater variety earlier. Galaxies are now up to 10x larger.
  • Diversity – Creatures are now more diverse in terms of ecology and densities on planets.
  • Planets – we’ve added dead moons, low atmosphere and extreme hazardous planets. Extreme hazards include blizzards and dust storms.
  • Atmosphere – space, night time and day skies are now 4x more varied due to new atmospheric system, which refracts light more accurately to allow for more intense sunsets.
  • Planet rotation – play testing has made it obvious people are struggling to adjust to this during play so it’s effects have been reduced further…
  • Terrain generation – caves up to 128m tall are now possible. Geometric anomalies have been added. Underwater erosion now leads to more interesting sea beds.
  • Ship diversity – a wider variety of ships appear per star system, and are available to purchase. Cargo and installed technology now vary more, and ships have more unique attributes.
  • Inventory – ship inventories now store 5 times more resources per slot. Suit inventories now store 2.5 times more per slot. This encourages exploration and gives freedom from the beginning. We’re probably going to increase this even further in the next update, for people in the latter game phases, and will allow greater trading potential.
  • Trading – trading is deeper. Star systems and planets each have their own wants and needs, based off a galactic economy. Observing these is the key to successful trading. We still working on adjusting this based on how everyone plays, but all trading values have been rebalanced across the galaxy, giving a greater depth. A bunch of trade exploits were uncovered and have been removed
  • Feeding – creatures now have their own diet, based on planet and climate. Feeding them correctly will yield different results per species, such as mining for you, protecting the player, becoming pets, alerting you to rare loot or pooping valuable resources.
  • Survival – recharging hazard protection requires rare resources, making shielding shards useful again. Storms can be deadly. Hazard protection and suit upgrades have been added. Liquids are often more dangerous
  • Graphical effects – Lighting and texture resolution have been improved. Shadow quality has doubled. Temporal AA didn’t make it in time, but it’s so close
  • Balancing – several hundred upgrades have had stat changes (mainly exo-suit and ship, but also weapon), new upgrades have been added.
  • Combat – Auto Aim and weapon aim has been completely rewritten to feel more gentle in general, but stickier when you need it. Sentinels now alert each other, if they haven’t been dealt with quickly. Quad and Walker AI is now much more challenging, even I struggle with them without a powered up weapon.
  • Space Combat – advanced techniques have been introduced, like brake drifting and critical hits. Bounty missions and larger battles now occur. Pirate frequency has been increased, as well as difficulty depending on your cargo.
  • Exploits – infinite warp cell exploit and rare goods trading exploit among other removed. People using these cheats were ruining the game for themselves, but people are weird and can’t stop themselves ¯\_(シ)_/¯
  • Stability – foundations for buildings on super large planets. Resolved several low repro crashes, in particular when player warped further than 256 light years in one session (was only possible due to warp cell exploit above).
  • Space Stations – interiors are now more varied, bars, trade rooms and hydroponic labs have been added
  • Networking – Ability to scan star systems other players have discovered on the Galactic Map, increasing the chance of collision. Star systems discovered by other players appear during Galactic Map flight
  • Ship scanning – scanning for points of interest from your ship is now possible. Buildings generate earlier and show up in ship scans
  • Flying over terrain – pop-in and shadow artefacts have been reduced. Generation speed has been increased two fold (planets with large bodies of water will be targeted in next update)
  • Writing – The Atlas path has been rewritten by James Swallow (writer on Deus Ex) and me.  I think it speaks to the over-arching theme of player freedom more clearly now. Early mission text has been rewritten to allow for multiple endings. 
  • Next up we’re adding the ability to build bases and own giant space freighters. Temporal AA and my new cloud rendering tech should be coming soon too. It will really change the game again, and enhance it visually.

theoriginalfangirlprincess  asked:

James and Lily visiting each other in the hospital wing?

  • lwell James is in there quite a bit, due to quidditch or dueling or typical marauder business
  • Especially that one time during third year where he got hit in the head with the bludger by stupid Rudolphus in the match against Slytherin and was out for 2 weeks
  • and Professor McGonagall asked her most reliable student, one of James best friends Remus to take notes,
  • except then the full moon comes around and Remus is in the hospital and normally James takes notes for him but he is otherwise disposed 
  • So she asks the quieter student, who while she doesn’t associate much with the two, is certainly just as good of a note-taker
  • and thus it begins
  • Lily brings Remus and James her notes, James wakes up two days after she starts bringing them
  • “my my Remus your handwriting has improved quite a bit!”
  • “Prongs you great prat, they’re from Lily”
  • “Lily who?”
  • “Evans, oh for Merlin’s sake, the girl you asked out last week!”
  • “ green eyes?” and suddenly his face got a bit serious, which wasn’t common for this particular 13 year old boy
  • but Remus didn’t pay much attention, James was weird sometimes
  • and Remus saw James messing with his hair early the next morning which lead Madame Pomfrey to say “Oh silly boy, you’ll unwrap your bandages! Stop that! Stop that this instant.”
  • James didn’t pay much attention but then again when did he ever pay attention? 
  • When Lily visited that day, she explained the notes to both of them because this was the first time James was awake as well
  • except James paid attention to that
  • and every day after
  • huh

  • and after that, whenever James suffered from another quidditch or dueling injury or some horrible prank gone wrong a neat stack of Lily-smelling notes appeared
  • and to be quite clear, she didn’t smell like lilies, she smelt like old books and summer breezes with a hint of vanilla

  • Lily is known as being quiet and nice but Lily and Sev are friends and at some point Lily explodes
  • “Oi green eyes, didn’t know you cared so much” he had said with a wink 
  • he ended up in the hospital wing with that winking eye swelled up to 4x it’s size, and turning an odd shade of green 
  • the next morning a pile of notes are left on the nightstand but they are messier and theres a scrawled note on top reading “only because McGonagall asked” 

  • Except then things take a darker turn, during 5th year before the well known snape incident
  • tensions were running high, following the trend of the missing person count in The Daily Prophet 
  • and the muggleborns get threats, attacked, and many have left the school, or are just finishing out the year
  • and Avery and Mulciber catch Lily during her rounds with a few more of their friends and Lily is only found when Peter sees it on the map and notifies James
  • She’s in the hospital for 4 days, but Mulciber’s been sent to Mungo’s for the mixture of hexes she sent and Remus Lupin’s wand might’ve slipped, Remus Lupin who has never once hexed anyone, and Avery’s left arm it seems will always be a bit larger than his left.
  • and when she wakes up, theres a pile of notes left with a small note
  • on the small note is a doodle of glasses

  • The Snape incident occurs, and its messy and horrible and James tries his best not to let it affect him
  • but man he tries SO hard and why does everything seem to go wrong with her
  • and he’s stressing because of OWL’s and quidditch and his Dad’s been gone on a mission for far too long and oh hell
  • and he starts to not eat as much, and his sleeping is restless and soon he’s found his way in the hospital wing yet again, because this is the 3rd time he’s fallen asleep in Slughorns class and the ingredients weren’t too kind
  • although its a debate whether he was asleep before or after his head rested on the diced sleepy tendrils 
  • and when he wakes, there are two days of notes and a plateful of treacle tart, his favorite

  • on the third day, he’s awake and she walks in with the notes
  • and he feels himself smiling, and the feeling is a bit unfamiliar
  • “you’ve looked better Potter” she starts, sitting down on the edge of the bed. 
  • “right back at ya Evans, though I suspect you’ll look a right side better once I’ve got my glasses on”
  • and she hands him his glasses and pulls out the parchment and starts to explain
  • “did you write down everything Flitwick said?” he marveled at the pages and pages.
  • “hah, your just mad because it’s more reading for you”
  • “precisely. you’ve managed to hit it straight on the nose yet again!” he says as he jabs her nose

  • and the thing about all this note sharing, is that one gets used to a certain style of learning, so it only makes sense they begin to study together, in the common room, in the library, in the great hall . . 

  • and in the hospital wing when a prank from Sirius goes very very wrong
  • “PROngs for the LAST TIME i’m sorry I could’ve sworn I added the right amount of powdered dragon heart!”
  • and while Sirius’s ever so funny intentions may have been pure, instead of uncontrollable legs, the two ended up with entirely immobile legs
  • as well as half of the other 5th years
  • and it’s mighty lucky their classes are cancelled so they don’t miss their notes
  • but for some reason Lily still finds herself talking to James
  • and he looks at her as though she’s the most captivating quidditch match
  • which is weird because James doesn’t pay much attention to anything
  • and Lily looks at him as though he was a book and she wanted nothing more than to read him
  • which is weird because she normally only pays this much attention to her studies 
  • and so it goes

Awhile back, I was taking requests for post ideas. This topic was astronomically requested, and I’ve been working on this for the past two weeks trying to make a suitable guide for you guys! I tried my best toi thoroughly cover the above topics. Before you delve into this post, I do go over types of clothing that flatter different body shapes. If one of the clothing types I mention and are your absolute favorite, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! You should continue wearing what you love and what makes you happy! The ideas presented here are meant to me taken as loose suggestions in a guide format. I did my best to make an absolute masterpost of everywhere I could think of that sold plus size items.

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Since Zestiria’s Equipment Fusion System Is About As Clear As Mud . . .

I decided to make my own guide for you guys.  I mean, it’s cute that the game decided to give you all that info inside of a skit with Lailah and Edna, but the problem is that they go kinda fast (since skits auto-proceed) so it might be hard to absorb everything all at once.  I know it took me 1 and a half play throughs to really get the hang of it, and even then, it took playing on a ridiculously high difficulty to get the gear drops I needed to fiddle with it enough for the rules to start making sense.  I’ll include some tips at the end too for how to get drops, but first, let’s talk about the basics, and the possibilities just from the rules the game (very quickly) throws your way, because figuring out the equipment fusion system in Zestiria is pretty important to surviving those ridiculously high difficulty levels you read about me playing on.  The rest is going behind a cut because length and screen shots galore (because it always helps to have pictures!).

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Hello. My name is Jenn and I am a processed foodaholic and sugar addict.

Hello. My name is Jenn and I am a processed foodaholic and sugar addict. 

I wasn’t always a foodaholic. It’s a combination of life, poor choices and ignorance that made me the way I am today.

This is what I used to look like:


This is what I look like now:

What I’m about to tell you is a BIG deal. No one likes to talk about their weight but I’m going to put it all out there in this blog. 

Right now, My weight is 238 pounds. I’m about 100 more than I was 5 years ago. 

These next few days are the last time you will see me this way. Over the next year, I am going to transform my life and my body…and not through diet and exercise. In order for this to be a permanent thing, I need to make a lifestyle change myself. To me, that means eating a clean, paleo diet. Little to no processed foods and no processed sugar. This also includes getting back to the active lifestyle I used to have. I want to start running again and doing CrossFit on a consistent basis.  I want to start living the life I left 5 years ago when my dad died. 

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a day in december: words of good cheer

on ao3

this is ~technically~ part of the “seasonal fucking cheer 2016 ficathon” @msdisdain and @roquentine19​ are running, buuuuut i didn’t want to use all of the prompts so i’m just goING FOR IT

basically, i’ll be posting every single day in december. or i will die trying.

since i had finals today (and am supposed to be answering questions for a lit mem final rn whOOPS) i didn’t really get a chance to google much about holidays in france. so this one might be p americanized. i’ll try to either be better or be more focused on the wintery stuff. most aren’t going to be too christmas-y, but this is where inspiration struck

based off this one thomas sanders vine


“You have a ‘4x + 12yx’, right?” Adrien asks.

Marinette hums in response.

“Ok so I pulled out a ‘4x’—”

“Disgusting,” Alya mutters.

Adrien rolls his eyes. “Just factor out the ‘4x’.”

“Factor out the ‘4x’,” Marinette murmurs. “Okay. Sure. This looks worse than before.”

“I promise it’ll look less gross in about ten seconds.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” Alya says.

Adrien scoffs. “I’m just trying to teach math.”

“Math is a sin,” she deadpans.

He raises his eyebrows and is very glad that they’re just in a voice call, because Marinette would find a way to punch him through the screen if she saw the expression on his face right now.

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anonymous asked:

What are the best sort of razors to buy for shaving your legs etc? I've always bought the cheapest but I tend to need one per leg so I get through them really fast. Is a more expensive one a better investment? Can you recommend any?

Okay, I try not to make any personal endorsements on this blog, but I’ve actually been thinking about mentioning this one and now that there’s a question about it, I’m going to go for it. 

I personally use the Dollar Shave Club for my razors. They make an excellent product (the 4x is great for legs) and make it easy to get new razors because they ship them to you directly. Even if you went for their most expensive model, you’re only paying $9 a month, which is a lot less than if you bought in stores, and you’ll need to change your razor less often. There’s even an option to get a shipment every other month for those of us who don’t shave daily or maybe don’t want to shave in winter. Plus, their advertising campaigns amuse me and this is a great way to avoid the pink tax (I can’t stress that last part enough). I can totally vouch for their excellent customer service as well. You can get more info here.

If you don’t want to use DSC, I do recommend buying an actual razor and not just the disposable ones. You’ll save money in the long run and get a better shave. Don’t feel like you need to get anything top of the line, though.

Using your hands, washcloths, and toothbrush work well enough when running through your daily routine. But if you want to up the ante and really get at those impurities, utilizing a high-tech tool is the way to go. These space age-looking gadgets are all proven to be super effective when it comes to cleansing and grooming—not to mention easy to use. BECKY PEDERSON

External image

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X: An at-home, handheld laser for removing unwanted dark hairs from pale skin on the face and body.
stella2531: “I purchased Tria to help with terrible chin and upper lip hair. 100% worth the money!”
corfiela: “The sensation is deep and uncomfortable, but only lasts for a second. I haven’t experienced any negative side effects. It’s convenient to use it at home rather than go to an appointment.”

Clarisonic Aria Sonic Skin Cleansing System: A professional-grade, sonic action skincare brush designed to remove impurities more effectively than cleansing with just a washcloth or hands.
lauren44: “The sensation is a bit weird at first… like, vibrating brush on your face? Hello! But at the end of the first week, I was beginning to see a change. By week two, my skin was feeling (and looking) much better.”

Foreo Luna: A vibrating silicone facial brush built for deeper precision cleaning with antiaging benefits on sensitive to normal skin.
April281: “My skin looks as good as it did when I was a kid. I also have always been plagued with tension headaches and haven’t had one in a month since using it! It def works and clearly for more than just skincare!”
Dyannabright: “A skincare consultant that I have known for years saw me the other day. She was amazed when she looked at me. She said it looked like I had a facelift! The last time I saw her prior to this encounter was a week before I started using the Luna.”

Nu Face Trinity Toning Device: An ergonomically engineered facial toning device that uses microcurrent technology to gently combat signs of aging.
cocro: “Yesterday my husband told me that my complexion was great. He is the type of husband who doesn’t see it when I get a new haircut… so I think it is working!!!”

Glo Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device: A wearable teeth-whitening system that lightens up to eight shades with patented Guided Light Optic technology.
heathermc: “I purchased this device for my husband and myself so we could have brilliant smiles on our wedding day. It’s easy to use and provides natural results with very minimal sensitivity. I especially love that now that I own the system, I can touch up my whitening any time for special occasions.”
Pufflet: “Be aware that when the Glo Brilliant appliance is in your mouth and your cat sees you smiling at her, it will scare the bajeezus out of her… LOL.”


External image

Tria / Hair Removal Laser 4X

External image

Clarisonic / Aria™ Sonic Skin Cleansing System

External image

NuFace / Trinity + Eye and Lip Enhancer

External image

GLO / GLO Brilliant™ Personal Teeth Whitening Device

External image

Foreo / LUNA™ for Sensitive/Normal Skin


“I expect a better grade from you, Shawn” Our math teacher said. She plopped Shawn’s paper on his desk. “Great, another F” he muttered. Shawn was popular, but not so popular. I was really shy of talking to him. Seeing that he had a girlfriend already, I knew I didn’t have a chance. I got up after the bell rang. “Y/N? Shawn? Could you stay a minute?” our teacher asked. I walked up to the teachers desk along side Shawn. “Y/N, you’re passing my class. I was going to set you into an advanced class, but I see that Shawn has been struggling with math. I was wondering if you could take the time to tutor Shawn by any chance?” She asked. My heart started to pound. “Sure” I replied plainly. Is this really happening? Shawn looked over at me and smiled a fake smile. I sighed. ‘Why even try…..’

Our tutoring session was starting today. Shawn and I were walking home. It was silent the whole walk……that was until my guy friend, y/g/f/n (or Alex if you can’t think of one), interupted our walk. “Aye! When you wanna hang out?” He asked. “Can’t, I have a tutoring session” I said. Shawn gave a small wave to y/g/f/n (Alex) and looked down at the ground clenching his fists. Alex nodded and walked off.
We arrived at Shawn’s house. We walked in, greeted by a tall lady and a girl. “Hi Shawn! Who’s your friend?” The lady asked. “She’s my tutor….” Shawn said, handing her the test paper. “Well, thank you for tutoring my son, I’m Karen and this is Aaliyah, Shawn’s little sister” His mom said. I smiled. “I’m Y/N” I replied. She smiled. “Well, just make yourself at home hun!” She said. “Just head on up to my room, Third door on the right” He said. I took off my shoes and headed up the stairs. “Is she gonna be your GIRLFRIEND Shawn?” I heard his little sister ask. I smiled and walked up to his room.
He came in a few minutes later with some muffins. He handed me one. “Thanks” I said while getting my math books out. Shawn did the same. I took a small bite out of the muffin and grabbed some pencils.

“Okay……4x-8=12…….” Shawn said, finishing off his muffin. “So, four multiplied by what, minus eight gets you twelve, what’s the unknown value or x?” I asked him. “Easy, x=5” He answered. “Great!” I said. We were reviewing easy math. “Last question, -|-35|+10-2x=-29” I said(Okay, I just don’t care if these math equations are even high school level, it’s an imagine, right?). “Uhm………x=2?” He said. I smiled. “Shawn! You did it!” I said. He smiled. He got up from his chair and started stretching. I found this attractive. “I-I should get going. My parents said to be home by dark and it’s obviously dark!” I said. He smiled. “Thanks for working with me today, Y/N” He said while I gathered my things. “No problem! Every weekday, got it?” I said. He chuckled. “Every weekday, go it” I smiled. He led me out to the front door. “Are you sure your don’t want a ride home?” He asked. I shivered violently at the feeling of the cold air. “Actually, I’ll take the ride home if it’s still available” I said while shivering. “Awh!” He said while coming over to give me a warm hug. I laughed. We got in his car and drove off.

~| Shawn |~

Y/N has been tutoring me for a few months now. I was getting better grades in math class. I’m getting an A average. I had developed some feelings for her too. But her friend is always in the way. He’s so annoying. I think Y/N thinks the same. She hangs out with me more than she does with Alex (y/g/f/n) it’s great! I love Y/N to pieces. She’s so cute and adorable! She also doesn’t mind that I call her My Lil Muffin. I’m hoping I’ll call her mine soon….

A longer imagine this time! Requested by Anon and yeah! Request more imagines for me to do! I also have some future ideas too, and yeah!

anonymous asked:

What's your dance story?

ALRIGHT rewind back to ‘97 when I was 7, I did ballet (for a couple weeks until I got bored of listening to classical music all day) gymnastics for a week until I fell on my head and said I never wanted to go back, couldn’t make it through any sport that had a ball come at you without running away so tennis, baseball, volleyball etc we’re all out. so basically I was 7 with my extra curricular activity cause I sucked at everything. my mom was a star athlete in high school so to my family’s dismay, I let them down :/

a couple months later, I went to milwaukee irish fest, saw trinity perform (so cliche, I know) said to my mom that I never wanted to do anything more in my life, and she said no way. :( sad megan. she said she didn’t know of any schools near us and didn’t know anything about it or where to start… BUT a couple months later we got a letter in the mail from the foy school of traditional irish dance who was hosting a new session of lessons at a church in my town. I begged my mom to go for days and she finally took me. we walked in the door, I saw and heard the teacher yelling at the kids at the top of her lungs over the music and I immediately turned around and walked out the door.

so fast forward to 5 years later I was almost 11, and I still hadn’t forgot about irish dance and how much I wanted to do it.. so I sucked it up and went back to the church. (much quieter and less yelling this time) I learned the first step of the jig in less than 5 minutes and I was hooked immediately. I practiced that jig step from the moment I got home til I went to sleep… every single day. we only had class once a week, all levels so I had to practice a lot at home. it got so bad I would even sneak out of my bed at night to practice and watch myself in front of the mirror so much that I got in trouble and the mirror was taken away from my room. haha

my first feis was in september of that same year and I got a 5th in jig and a 4th in reel or something like that. and then I told my mom that competing was what I liked better than any show I have ever done and I wanted to be the best in my level. (little did I know what more there was in the competitive world of irish dance haha) my teacher made me stay in each level a whole year no exceptions even though I would always place out the first couple feises of the year. so then at 12 I was in advanced beginner (when it was still called that) and september rolled around. my teacher told my mom she wanted to send me to the regional championships… as an advanced beginner who just learned the fast hornpipe… (obviously way before we had the rules we do now.. I even had a solo dress at this time haha) so I went and got second to last. I had no idea what any of it meant so I wasn’t upset.

next year at 13 I was in novice, went to the O and got 5th from the bottom. now i was older and knew more about irish dancing so I understood my placement was bad. I watched my awards and cried. went to dinner and cried. went back to my hotel room and cried myself to sleep. I didn’t wanna feel like that again. my sister also started dance at this time, she was 9.

next year I’m 14 and in open prizewinner. i went to a dance workshop at another school - which I won’t name. (this was way before association rules obviously) and the teacher told me that everything I learned in irish dance was wrong and that I would never be successful. i wanted to quit immediately. i was so heartbroken. my mom convinced me to stay so when I came back home, I asked my teacher if I could learn harder steps as I noticed at the O my steps were way easier than everyone else’s and the other school ripped me to shreds. I asked her to teach me a bicycle. she looked at me and said I don’t know how to do those. this was the moment everything changed in me. I say at competitions for hours on end talking to no one just watching the champs at feises. I watched their every move and then I would go home on YouTube and watch every dance video I could. I started to teach myself all the moves I wanted to do. I would come back to class and show my teacher and then she would let me put them in my steps. I went to the O this year and was 30 places from the bottom. I then realized that I could move up the more I worked. I started making up my sisters steps now too and she moved from advanced beginner to open prizewinner in less than a year. she was much better than I was so my teacher moved her up quicker.

the next year, 2006, I was 15 and in PC. I was in PC for almost two years. I was now officially making up all my own steps and my sisters steps as well with no help from my teacher. we went to the oireachtas and I got 50 from the bottom and she was 15 from the bottom. I asked my mom if we could transfer schools after I found out that was a thing. she said absolutely not as we were so close with my teacher now it would be not loyal to do so.

in 2008, I started making up steps for the entire school. my teacher said that I could do a lot of things she couldn’t, and she thought I could help the other kids. I also moved up to open championships and was the first dancer in my school to ever do so. my sister and i went to the all-Ireland’s just for fun and got all zeros obviously. then I went to my first nationals and had to withdraw receiving my first ever ankle injury. it was so bad I almost broke it according to the doctor. I was out for two weeks and went back to dance because I couldn’t wait for it to fully heal cause I’m a brat and impatient. I went to the O and was 30 away from the recall. my sister had moved up to PC and got her two firsts within two weeks of each other so she was now in OC. she was 40 away from recalling.

in 2009, my sister and I attended our first nationals together and we both recalled and got 54th - all with my own material, practicing once a week - twice if we drove all the way to chicago where the school was originally located. I was ecstatic. I couldn’t believe it. we then went to the O and I recalled for the first time and got 34th and my sister recalled and got 34th as well. haha after my awards, andee goldberg (drew lovejoy’s mom whom we met when we did the workshop with the other school, way before drew even won an oireachtas title haha) talked to my mom and asked her if she ever consider switching schools. my mom said no but that I had wanted to for the past three years. andee proceeded to yell at my mom, making her cry haha telling her she was wasting our talents and that I could be a champion if I went somewhere else. I didn’t believe that part, but I knew I could thrive with an actual teacher.

so after the O, I told my teacher in person that I was leaving. she cried and I cried. it was a sad day. we were so close she was like a second mom, but I loved irish dance enough where I wanted to be the best I could be and I knew it couldn’t be at her school. so we went school hunting. I looked into a school and they rejected us, telling me at 18 I was too old and should go out and do something else. they sent a very nasty email to my mother and now I’m thrilled we didn’t go there as the dancers aren’t the nicest either. we then looked into a second school but when we looked up class prices it was 4x what we paid at my old school !! so then we found mayer. a lot of my friends went there so I decided to give it a try.

my first class was rough. the steps were a lot more rhythm oriented which I didn’t know much about because I taught myself so I struggled at first. they ended up giving me open prizewinner steps because I couldn’t handle the champ steps !! I was really embarrassed but I trusted the teachers judgement.

fast forward six months and my ban was up a couple weeks before nationals. I did two feises and placed in the top five so I was feeling good. went to nationals in Orlando and my goal was to recall and do better than 54th. I ended up 11th and qualifying for the worlds in Dublin !! I. was. a. mess. I was sobbing, hysterical on the floor. haha my goal never in my dance career was to go to worlds. I never thought I was capable so I never thought about it. this was also the first time my mom ever cried at a dance competition. it was a great day. my sister got 57th. she was upset. then the O rolls around and I placed 11th and was the last world qualifier. I had a bad trip in my light round so I was disappointed since everyone expected me to do so much better. but my sister got 15th and qualified for worlds too !!!! she didn’t like dance that much now after the transfer and especially after nationals so she had only been going to class once a week and still qualified. it was a great day for her.

next year 2011 worlds rolls around and I was just thrilled to even be there. I was so nervous you could see my legs shaking from the audience when I was on stage haha I had two clean rounds and my teachers were happy. recalls came around and I was the last number. “253 and 254….. and 256”. I had recalled at my first world championships !!!!!!! I ended up placing 27th. my sister didn’t recall but she didn’t expect too. she quit after worlds was over. at nationals I placed 11th WQ again and at the O this year I got 3rd, my first podium placement !

2012 Belfast worlds I was 3 away from the recall. nationals was in Chicago this year and we got new steps from our workshop teacher. they didn’t suit me AT ALL. I told my teachers that but our workshop teacher got pissed if we even changed a part of the steps so we didn’t make changes. I went to nationals and placed 27th and didn’t world qualify. this was my first disappointment since I transferred and it hurt. a lot. I wanted to make a comeback at the O. I worked my butt off and wanted to do better than I had the year before. I went to the O and got 2nd, I was over the moon ! my teacher then told me that my scores got mixed up and I actually won. they did everything they could to change the results but once the judge signs off on them, they can’t change them apparently. I was devastated. this was the first time I saw my mom cry sad tears over irish dance. she felt so bad for me. it was a tough year for me.

2013 I promised myself I would dance better than last year. worlds were in Boston and I was happy they were in the states. everything was going great that day. I got on stage and froze. my legs wouldn’t move and I walked through my hornpipe. my teachers didn’t know what to say. my sister cried. haha it was a fixed panel so they didn’t even watch me in the second round. I ended up getting 50th. so then I said I was really going to redeem myself for nationals. I wanted to finally break the top ten. I danced three clean rounds and ended up 9th !!! I was so pleased. onto oireachtas I wanted to win but I ended up 5th. I danced well so no one knows what happened. haha

so then 2014 is here. I told myself I would practice more, practice harder and have a better mindset. onto london I go and I got 10th. basically peed my pants everywhere. still don’t know how that happened but I danced the absolute best I ever have in my entire dance career. I was thrilled beyond belief. I also got a 1st in the set round and a 4th overall. I will never get over it. then I wanted to break top five at nationals and I danced the second best I ever have and ended up third, 11 points from second !!! it was insanity. and my teacher allowed me to choreograph my own material for the worlds and nationals so I made up 100% of my material and some of the other girls in the school so i’m proud of that too :p so here we are at present day and I’m off to the O ! just want to dance my best and stay on the podium :)

I left a lot of stuff out that’s all drama and politics and useless info to try and keep it as short as possible. bless you if you actually read this entire thing !! haha but anything can happen when you don’t give up. :)