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Sebastian Stan x Fem!Reader

After a stressful day at work, your loving boyfriend is there to take care of you.

Word Count: 2,370

Warnings: Just tons of fluff

A/N: This is my very first Sebastian Stan piece, please let me know how I did!! Sorry in advance if my Romanian translations are a little off, I used Google so…but I hope you guys enjoy it!

Thank you, to my lovely beta, @oh-goodness-loki for helping me with this one!

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“You have got to be shitting me!” It had begun to pour as soon as I left the office. The one day it decides to rain and I forget my umbrella. With bag in hand, I ran down the sidewalk to hail a cab. One pulled over and I quickly gave him the address as soon as I got in. The drive home was quiet, besides the rain hitting against the windshield, but I welcomed the silence. The driver made light conversation, with me answering a few questions here and there, but I mainly kept to myself. I checked my phone to see if I had missed any calls. I had a few texts from Sebastian telling me to come home safely. He always wanted to make sure I got home safely. Especially today in this weather. The weather fit my current mood perfectly to a T.

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Happiness - Newt X Reader Part 3

AN: Thank you for all you lovely messages about this fic, I think this is the final part of this. Thank you to the nice anon who sent me the request for this story, I’ve enjoyed writing it. I hope you like this and I hope you’ve had a nice day.

‘Happiness, is like the old man told me, look for it and you’ll never find it all. But let it be, live your life and leave it and then one day you’ll wake up and she’ll be home…’

Newt sat with his back rested against the front door. The mental and physical exhaustion had finally hit him and he didn’t have the strength to move. His still damp hair fell in front of his eyes. He breathed heavily putting his head in his hands, he couldn’t even close his eyes without seeing her.

There was a light knock on the door which made him jump. He slowly got to his feet feeling his heart thud against his chest. It wouldn’t be her. of course it wouldn’t It would be Mrs Arriet from downstairs asking if he wanted tea or Mr Simms from across the hall asking if he’d read the paper…

Cautiously Newt touched the door handle and opened the door. His breath escaped as he came face to face with the one person he was dying to see.

“H-hello…” He said as any other words died on his tongue. She’d come to him, he needed to let her speak and he would follow her lead.

Y/n smiled nervously tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “Hi…” She took in the sight of the man in front of her. His hair was wet and his shirt was slightly damp making her think he’d not long since got home from walking in the rain. She felt the sudden concern that he might get a cold. She didn’t voice her concerns…she felt it wasn’t her place…

“You didn’t need to knock…you’ve got a key…”

“I know…” She nodded. “I just…I didn’t…”

“Come in.” He moved aside and she gingerly stepped forward and into the flat they’d lived in together, the place that had been her home, she longed for it to be her home again. She tried to remember what Mrs Arriet had told her.

Her eyes scanned the front room, nothing had changed since she had left. Everything was exactly how she’d left it. She saw how dust was gathering on a book she’d left behind on the sideboard that he hadn’t moved back onto the bookshelf as though he hadn’t wanted to touch anything that was hers.

She heard the door shut behind her and heard Newt’s feet move across the floor to the kitchen. “Tea?” He asked.

“Please…” She kept her back to him putting her hands in her coat pockets feeling unsure on what to do with herself. 'It should’ the like this’ she thought. 'This isn’t us, it shouldn’t be this awkward…’

Newt moved nervously around the kitchen. He didn’t want to mess this up. he decided against using magic to make tea knowing that the act of doing it himself may clam him down and give him chance to work out what he was going to say to her. He’d practised it over and over in his mind for weeks but now she was here everything was uncertain and all he wanted to do was tell her he loved her and ask her to come back. He had to let her speak first, she’d left and she had to have had her reasons.

In the few minutes y/n stood alone in the front room she felt herself ease back into the familiarity of the place. She breathed in, the place always smelled like books and candles.

She turned hearing the sound of Newt returning to the room. He held one mug in each hand. He held one out to her and she took it with a small smile.


“So er…How’ve you been?” He asked trying to start a conversation.

“Er…” She wondered whether she should lie or tell the truth then remembered what her sister had told him. “Not brilliant…you?”

“Yeah…” he breathed in. “I’ve er…had better times…”

“I’m sorry.”

“What for?”

“Everything…” She sighed setting her mug down on the coffee table feeling she would drop it if she spoke whilst holding it. “It was all my fault. I left and…I didn’t give you any reason…”

“You said you needed time.”

“I know. Look…” She for the first time since entering the flat made eye contact with him. “I was scared, so I ran away.”

“What were you scared of? Me?”

“Of loving you.”

“I…er don’t…”

“The only example of being in love I ever had is what I saw in my parents. And you know what happened with them. I was scared of ending up like them. I couldn’t bare the thought of us being like that. And when I realised that I was so hopelessly in love with you I realised that you deserved so much better than me…”

He put down the mug of tea he was holding. “Y/n, there is no one out there who I would rather be with than you…”

“You say that now, but one day you would look at me and realise that you never loved me as much as I loved you and that would be too much. So I left, because I was a coward and I was scared and I’m so sorry…” She looked at the floor not knowing what he would do next. She waited, what she was waiting for she didn’t know. For him to leave her stood alone? For him to get angry? That wasn’t the Newt she knew…

Suddenly she felt two arms around her pulling her into a tight hug. A sob escaped her lips as she buried her head in his chest. He kissed the top of her head.

“Y/n, you don’t have to be afraid of anything. We’d never end up like you’re parents and as for me realising I wasn’t in love with you…that’s ridiculous. Because I’ve been in love with you from the moment I saw you.”

“I’m sorry…I ruined everything.”

“Stop apologising.” He put his hand to her face lifting her chin to look at him. “At least we’re on the same page now.”

“Can I come back?”

He laughed slightly. “You don’t need to ask. I’ve been wondering around quite lost for the last three weeks, even Pickett had had enough of me.”

Y/n laughed, properly laughed for what felt like the first time in forever and Newt was reminded of how much he was in love with her laugh.

He stroked her cheek with his thumb. “I love you.”

“I love you too…”

After Bewear appeared like that I hoped it would actually fight the good guys this time but maybe they’re saving it for later, it might actually be too strong right now.

Episode had a lot of cute fun moments as usual, some of the slapstick didn’t quite hit home for me but you know, that’s just me.

Mamane is still extremely irrelevant to me, I don’t think we learned anything about him other than that he dislikes the dark, though the thing about him getting through it with the help of Togedemaru was nice (also it’s female, does Mika Kanai only ever voice female Mons? lol Oh wait Yamask). But of course it’s not like each character will only get one episode so I’m not gonna start hating on the man or anything.

The “drama” that so many people seem to be thirsting for after XY also lasted for like one second, hope it was worth the wait lolol. With this I don’t there will be any characters in SM who will regularly bicker with Satoshi either, unless Lilie does in the egg episode. Not too likely tho since Satoshi didn’t even say anything when she caused Pikachu to get injured. 

I gotta say, I really like how accurate Kukui’s house looked, like I actually recognized it being the same as the games, that’s never happened before (tho that might just be cause the houses in the games have always been so mininal lol).

Also I’m really liking the anime versions of all the SM game soundtracks so far. I mean, that’s pretty much always the case but still, gotta hand to my man Shinji Miyazaki once again~

*male writer voice* i don’t remember her name. it’s not important. i met her at a record store and she went home with me because i offered to buy her cigarettes. she had amazing perky breasts. we drank cheap whiskey and had sex three times that night and then she told me she wanted to be a dragonfly because they were free. i slept with her many times after that. but one day she stopped returning my calls and i don’t know why. that was seven years ago. on monday she got hit by a bus and died. i saw it in the newspaper so i went to her funeral and it made me sad. i don’t know why. i hate my mother even though she pays my rent while i write poetry about masturbating in the shower


“What’s wrong with death sir? What are we so mortally afraid of? Why can’t we treat death with a certain amount of humanity and dignity, and decency, and God forbid, maybe even humor.
Death is not the enemy gentlemen. If we’re going to fight a disease, let’s fight one of the most terrible diseases of all, indifference.”
Patch Adams (1998)


I was wondering how Lapis knew what Ruby and Sapphire flirting looks like and I came up with this scenario:

Garnet: *alone at home*

Garnet: *glances at Lapis mirror on the table*

Garnet: *picks it up. stares at it blankly, and then smiles*

Garnet: Why look at you, handsome?

Garnet: Who, me? Surely you must be talking about somebody else.

Garnet: Who else but the most gorgeous fusion on the planet?

Garnet: *blushes* I am the lucky one, I’m talking to the most gorgeous fusion in the universe…

Garnet: *blushes more and chuckles*

Garnet: *proceeds to flirt with herself for hours*

Lapis: *screams internally, screams eternally*

Dakota Access Pipeline workers bulldozed sacred sites and graves in North Dakota on Sunday, and I found out today that one of those graves belonged to one of my relatives…

I’m not even from Standing Rock and they desecrated a grave of my family member, Charles Picotte (Eta-ke-cha). He isn’t just a long dead man people have forgotten about, this was the grave of a man whose face I know, who I have pictures of in family albums. A family member that lived through the transition to reservation life. I’m upset. I’m angry. I’m shocked right now because it hits home. He was a translator and one of the signers of the Treaty of Fort Laramie, a treaty that 3 of my relatives signed, a treaty they are breaking RIGHT NOW with this pipeline.

I’ve never set foot in Standing Rock, I don’t even know anyone from Standing Rock. But this has affected me all the way over here in Washington, and this is an attack on the rights of native peoples. People need to share what’s happening right now, how they’re desecrating these sacred sites, hiring paramilitary, unleashing dogs and tear gas on protesters defending the health and future of their community, plus their treaty rights, because the media is ignoring all of this. Sign the petition to stop it, send donations to the Sacred Stone camp, raise awareness. This is about the interests of a corporation being put before indigenous peoples rights and health.

He ‘just kept hitting me with the bat’: Canadian Muslim teen brutally beaten by white men
Noah Rabbani, according to the family, remains in intensive care with “extensive injuries to his brain, jaw, limbs and spine.”

Noah Rabbani, 15, was walking the five minutes from his friend’s home in Hamilton, Ontario, to his grandmother’s home just after midnight Sunday, as he has many times before. It’s a quiet residential neighborhood, filled with new homes and considered safe.

Then, suddenly, he later told his aunt Salima Hafeez, a car stopped. He thought it was dropping someone off, she told The Washington Post.

But “’I turn around and see this bat coming toward my head. It was too fast for me to react’” he told his aunt. “’One guy just kept hitting me with the bat.’”

The Muslim teenager, whose grandparents emigrated from Pakistan in the 1970s, was brutally beaten that night. The suspects, two of them, are both white. Hafeez said in a Facebook post that she believes the attack was “race related.”

Hamilton police, in a news release, described it as a robbery.

“It’s frustrating,” she said in a phone interview. “They didn’t take his wallet or his phone. They took his backpack, which had only some books and a water bottle.”

Noah’s aunt told The Post Thursday morning that he had five hours of surgery Wednesday, delayed because of swelling from the beating. She said that he has lost the use of the right side of his body, at least for the time being, has suffered short-term memory loss and had his two front teeth knocked out.

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I made a tinder when I got home from college and used it for about 2 weeks. In that 2 weeks, I talked to one guy then deleted the app because I felt weird being on the app.
That following day, I went to Starbucks with my friend and this guy in front of me ordered a super girly drink. I started to laugh about it. He then turned around quickly and yelled at me about how good the drink is. As we looked at each other, it turned out that he was the guy I was talking to on tinder and we hit it off. It’s been 3 years now. I let him order all the girly drinks he wants.


I remember we filmed several takes of that and there were certain words that came out of Steven’s mouth that really hit home with me, and the first one was “home.” You know, “Come back home, we need you.” And we did one of those takes, I just burst into tears when he said that word. It’s interesting when you play that character with those people, and Steven’s somebody I’ve known personally and has been a good friend of mine since day 1, and there are certain ways that he could say things that just really hit home. I think the only way that scene plays out the right way is how Scott cut it. It was that outburst, and that flip-around and walk away. And it was very complicated, that little bit right there, and it meant a lot to everybody standing there, and I do feel like he feels like this is a bad mistake going after Dwight, but he’s hell bent. You can’t really stop that guy. - Norman Reedus

So I was watching “Hit the Diamond”

As we all know the part where Sapphire was running home for Ruby and they started hugging and fusing, just right after we have the shot of Steven and the others, but I noticed something that had me chuckling for ten minutes. It is really quick so I had to rewatch it and pause it. Let me see if you can find it.

Have not find it yet? Let me help you by zooming in.

Not obvious yet? Aight one more.

Lapis knows what is up.

“I got in trouble because I hit my classmate during our math exam because he was calling me names like he always does. The teacher said: ‘Why did you hit him?’ And I said: ‘Because he called me frog face.’ And then I had to sit alone for ten minutes. And then when I went home I got in trouble but Mommy gave me one more chance and next time if someone calls me frog face I’m just going to tell the teacher.”


riley appreciation:  Rileytown is a land of goodness and rainbows.
Character Traits [3/3] ⇄ insecure (◡﹏◡✿)  

(2/3) “We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in Branson, Missouri. On the drive home, she kept telling me that we were going the wrong way. She was very insistent. I didn’t fight her. I kept letting her turn around because I knew that eventually we’d hit the main road back to Michigan. I knew then. Her father had dementia. And so did his father. So I knew what was happening. Soon she started forgetting names. When it started getting really bad, she wanted to walk away. She was always trying to leave the house. I’d have to lie in front of the door to keep her from going. One morning I woke up and I couldn’t find her. I freaked out: ‘Where did she go? Where did she go?’ I ran outside and it was totally dark. Down the road there was a streetlight. And I could barely see her—crossing the road. I ran and I got her. But she fought me. She didn’t want to come back home.”

Well that hit close to home.

I know what’s wrong with me. I’m not supposed to be small.

And everyone’s always acting like there’s no problem.

“You can be anything you wanna be!”

No! I can’t!

Caution: Oversharing ahead.

Ha. Here’s a good idea. I’m gonna grab my laptop at 3 AM to type a couple paragraphs about my experiences with autism because this one scene set off the personal experience parallel alarm.

My autism was diagnosed when I was very young. Before I can remember, in fact. So as long as I can remember, people have been showering me with the appropriate rhetoric. Telling me that there’s nothing wrong with me. But I know what’s wrong with me. I know I’m a defect. I know it because I notice it every day. I can see that other people don’t have the same issues that I do.

But you’re not supposed to say defect. Because “it’s not a defect, it’s an alternative.” You’re not supposed to complain. You’re just supposed to put on a brave face and put your best foot forward. And I can’t always manage it.

It’s just.


Of course I want to be accepted the way I am. But that doesn’t mean I should have to keep up this facade of being content with the way I am.

Because I’m not. At all.

 There’s nothing that can be done about it. I’ve known that since day one. I just want to be able to complain about it without people downplaying how much it hinders my everyday life. I wish I knew how to make people understand that.


Is this me doing fanart wth is up with me.

SO I heard Danny has been. Having a rough time recently and I wanted to draw a lil something for him and since he’s the one playing ALBW, Loafus Danny had to be a thing I guess. And I couldn’t resist an Arin Navi for his comment on a recent episode about knowing how she feels. Sorry Arin maybe I’ll draw u some other time but for now ur a glowing ball.

Now here’s the mushy part ok I love Dan he’s a super down to earth dude and has said a lot of stuff that has inspired me during his time w Game Grumps but also said a ton that has been easy to relate to and hit home quite a bit, especially recently. So I wanted to draw something small just to, idk, let him know I’m cheering for him. Cos he’s a cool dude and I love his work.

This got long I’m gonna shut up HOPE U LIKE IT GUYS