but this one hit home for me

Happy birthday Paya!

She’s a year old today! March 23 2016 was the first time I drew her as her own character so I’m making that her official birthday! It has been so cool developing her character and personality and over all style, and it’s been just unbelievable how much attention and love she has gotten in response.

Like look at some of this fan art! Shoutout to all the artists:

@angrymonster s more kung fu panda style! tiny asskicker!

@phr-1 i love the geometricallity of this!

@firewolf127 holy shit her own comic appearance!

@ani-dragmire  such a strong stance!

@thejasmineillustrator has done SOOOO much art for me all of her art looks like it’s going to fly right off the paper!

@sheyconyamo look at this disney princess! so fierce and yet so damn cute!

of course my own yak @cmart009 showers me in art, but this one really hits close to home!

and then there’s this one from @asylumcomix, the very first piece of fan art I ever received…I remember when I saw them on my dash and nearly cried, I was home alone at the time as was upset that I couldn’t immediately share it with someone! Such a sassy pose I just adore them to this day!

Thank you thank you all so much for these, and thank you for sharing in Paya’s story with me, can’t wait to draw her more!

Terrifying moment of my day - I almost hit a dog on my way home from work, literally, it was by inches and only the fact that I drive a sportscar with really good brakes and I HAPPENED to glance left saved that dog and its friend, I’m so grateful for that.

Two pitbulls with leashes dragging were chasing each other and bolted straight for my car out of a nearly blind intersection. The first dog ran right in front of me and the second one was running too fast to stop and bounced off my side door on her own momentum even after i stopped, though it barely slowed her she just kept running. By the time i had my car off and with the brake on so i could get out and look they were gone running onwards.

“ so i was in the club crying last night thinking why the fuck am i in the club crying? i was bumpin’, boolin’, eating a soft pretzel and it hit me — one of my boys, whenever we’re chilling, we eat a soft pretzel. i had just ate a soft pretzel without him and i felt like i was cheating on my motherfuckin’ boy. then i came to the realization, i can’t wait for cuffing season to be over so we can reunite. i can’t wait to be out and when that funky little tune ‘ we dem boyz ’ comes on i’ll look at all my boys and say ‘ aw that’s us, he-he. ’” 

*male writer voice* i don’t remember her name. it’s not important. i met her at a record store and she went home with me because i offered to buy her cigarettes. she had amazing perky breasts. we drank cheap whiskey and had sex three times that night and then she told me she wanted to be a dragonfly because they were free. i slept with her many times after that. but one day she stopped returning my calls and i don’t know why. that was seven years ago. on monday she got hit by a bus and died. i saw it in the newspaper so i went to her funeral and it made me sad. i don’t know why. i hate my mother even though she pays my rent while i write poetry about masturbating in the shower

(2/3) “We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in Branson, Missouri. On the drive home, she kept telling me that we were going the wrong way. She was very insistent. I didn’t fight her. I kept letting her turn around because I knew that eventually we’d hit the main road back to Michigan. I knew then. Her father had dementia. And so did his father. So I knew what was happening. Soon she started forgetting names. When it started getting really bad, she wanted to walk away. She was always trying to leave the house. I’d have to lie in front of the door to keep her from going. One morning I woke up and I couldn’t find her. I freaked out: ‘Where did she go? Where did she go?’ I ran outside and it was totally dark. Down the road there was a streetlight. And I could barely see her—crossing the road. I ran and I got her. But she fought me. She didn’t want to come back home.”

And to anyone for whom this is hitting close to home, I love you and I’m thinking of you.

Looking back as a 1D fan:

2010: Fetus joy, larry af, beauty everywhere

2011: Pretty chill, minor womaniser issues over Harry, but we all knew he was larry af, wmyb drops, Up all night rocks the world

2012: Olympics!!! Beards everywhere but still pretty chill, Liam is bald, Take me home hit the stage and it was glorious

2013: Niall loses his braces, Zayn and perrie got engaged, Larry go more stealth, 1D day destroyed everyones sleep cycles, Midnight memories killed half of us.

2014: Four is released and bloody hell its good, harrys curls are released, the dagger and the rose happen, the weed video has us all creasing,

2015: Harrys hair continues to grow, Zayn says adios and breaks the internet, Made in the AM exceeds all expectations, Aimh tweet anniversary again breaks the internet, fandom is having a tough time but still holding on

2016: “we do not speak of this.”

Today, I fucked up... by getting fired as a volunteer Santa

I offered to volunteer as Santa once a week over Christmas. All I had to do was listen to the kids and hand them a present. One mother fucker ran at me and tried to jump in my lap. His feet landed directly on my balls.

I immediately bolted up grabbing my dick, the kid fell backwords over the chair and chipped his tooth. I slipped and fell on one of the fake reindeer and crushed it.

The kid is bawling. Some others in line start crying. I’m told to go home. As I walk out two women hit me with purses. And a father pushed me and told me he will “Fuck everbody I love”.

The worst part is I had a drink with my friend before and forgot gum for my breath. So I was ultimately fired because they thought I was drunk.

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Dakota Access Pipeline workers bulldozed sacred sites and graves in North Dakota on Sunday, and I found out today that one of those graves belonged to one of my relatives…

I’m not even from Standing Rock and they desecrated a grave of my family member, Charles Picotte (Eta-ke-cha). He isn’t just a long dead man people have forgotten about, this was the grave of a man whose face I know, who I have pictures of in family albums. A family member that lived through the transition to reservation life. I’m upset. I’m angry. I’m shocked right now because it hits home. He was a translator and one of the signers of the Treaty of Fort Laramie, a treaty that 3 of my relatives signed, a treaty they are breaking RIGHT NOW with this pipeline.

I’ve never set foot in Standing Rock, I don’t even know anyone from Standing Rock. But this has affected me all the way over here in Washington, and this is an attack on the rights of native peoples. People need to share what’s happening right now, how they’re desecrating these sacred sites, hiring paramilitary, unleashing dogs and tear gas on protesters defending the health and future of their community, plus their treaty rights, because the media is ignoring all of this. Sign the petition to stop it, send donations to the Sacred Stone camp, raise awareness. This is about the interests of a corporation being put before indigenous peoples rights and health.

A kobald, a bluff check and a dancing bear

So, to begin with the party consisting of a Samurai, Gunslinger, Cleric and Druid are sent off to raid this kobald nest and find some sort of item their employer wants. Upon arriving they naturally trigger every single trap (three of which managed to hit the cleric in the back of the party) but eventually make their way to the main area of kobalds. There they find their way blocked by a line of kobalds holding tower shields (which is hilarious to do against a lvl 1-2 party). What follows is the events occurring in the one area.

GM (me): “So, a Kobald gets up, you assume in a small box, and yells over the tower shields at you in Draconic. Does anyone speak that?”

Samurai: “Uhh…oh, yeah I do!”

Gm: “Okay, well he says to fuck off, this is their home.”

The party: *Various ideas about how to non-violently get around the phalanx of towershields, non of which are promising/working.*

Kobald Leader: “Leave, leave now or we gonna kicka your ass!”

Samurai: Suddenly having an idea. “But, we can’t leave, we’re, uhh….here for Carl’s birthday!” A surprised wtf silence follows from the party.

GM: “Roll me a bluff check?”

Samurai: Hits a nat 20, breaking a 25. Wild whooping and laughing from the party as they look expectantly.

GM: Facepalms. “You see the lead kobald freeze and turn his head to look down at the others. You hear ’….Is it really Carl’s birthday?….and he sent out invitations?…wait, he’s been doing that for how many years?….and no one came?….huh….’ The kobald then turns back to the party and says, ‘Yeah, alright come on in!’”

The party then realized this nest of kobalds had been guarding a red dragon egg and tried to steal it, using the druid’s bear companion as a dancing distraction while the druid clapped a beat and Samurai spoke to them. Funnily enough the only kobald to succeed in seeing the slight of hand check was the drunken Carl.

with all these articles coming out and upcoming interviews in the us its really hitting home for me that bts have made it. like they really made it. they have achieved what they set out to achieve and so much more. i am so freaking proud and I cant wait to see how far they will go

I’m a very troubling thing - I’m the good and the bad. I make your head spin and your fists clench, but I can make your nose crinkle and breathe at ease. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a headache and sometimes you don’t understand why you do the things that you do; but I can tell you that it’s all because of me. I can make your eyes flood with tears and your chest feel empty while your lungs slowly start to collapse because it finally hit you that I’m all too much. I can and I will pull you in all different directions. Because I don’t make sense, and I never will. But, you cannot live without me; I give you life, I give you hope, I am your home. Through all those tears, and all those scars, all that emptiness - I am everything you’ve ever wanted. I am the one thing you will spend your whole life looking for. Because I can make your heart stop, dead in its tracks, and bring it back to life in one split second.

I am love.

—  c.f. // “you cannot live without me”

anonymous asked:

Can you please do RFA+minor trio reacting to MC who got their wisdom teeth removed and is still tripping from the meds

Hahaha! This was a fun one. Hope you like it.


  • He drove you there and waited while you got your procedure
  • When you were done, you were a bit loopy
  • You didn’t recognize him and kept asking the nurse
  • “Who is this handsome dude?”
  • You’re not helping his narcissism
  • He laughs and tries to jog your memory
  • “MC, it’s me…Zen.” 
  • “Zen who?”
  • “Your boyfriend.”
  • “You’re my boyfriend? Whoa! I hit the jackpot!”
  • You keep touching his face to see if it’s real
  • You are literally gushing over him the whole time he’s driving home
  • That adoration fades off real quick when you find the videos of a drugged up you on his phone later


  • When you got out of the procedure, he noticed you were…a bit emotional
  • He tried to put fresh gauze in your mouth, but you kept crying at how your tongue fell out
  • He’s trying to keep it together and be serious
  • But you keep claiming that your random body parts are falling off or missing
  • He’s literally crying from laughter
  • Only this makes you worse
  • “Oh no! I made you cry! I’m so sorry! I’m a terrible person!”
  • “No, no! It’s okay!”
  • He’s trying to comfort you by patting your head
  • He’s nice enough not to record anything though


  • She knew you were going to be loopy, but she didn’t realize how much
  • She still tries to act normal and rational to you
  • But really, it’s no use
  • She keeps laughing at everything that you keep shooting back at her
  • Decides to tease you a little
  • She asks you a series of serious questions
  • “MC! I can’t believe you didn’t remember my birthday.” 
  • “B-but–I can’t remember anything!”
  • When you burst into tears, she stops, but she’s still trying to hide her laughter
  • She won’t take videos, but she’ll definitely tell you everything you said while recovering


  • Obviously, since he doesn’t drive, Driver Kim drives you, but he’s still there for support
  • When you wake up, he’s casually sitting beside the bed and smiling at you
  • You look him up and down and take in the suit he’s wearing
  • “Are you pastor?…because I am feeling saved right now.”
  • You’re laughing at your own pick up line before looking around loopily
  • “Oh no…wait…am I dying? Is that why you’re here?”
  • He’s chuckling, trying to keep it inside
  • He takes you back to the penthouse and tries to help you recline on the couch
  • But then you see Elizabeth and go after her
  • You cradle her in your arms
  • “This is the cutest squirrel ever! It’s so pretty!”
  • You even try to grab her “bushy tail”
  • Elizabeth didn’t like that and scratched you
  • After that, Jumin tries to keep you two separated until the drug wear off


  • You knew the prankster he was…so you tell him before you go under not to do anything stupid
  • It wasn’t until it was too late did you realize he didn’t actually give his word
  • This boy was prepared…he pulled the zombie apocalypse prank on you
  • You’re freaking out hearing the fake news on the radio
  • He had to take your phone away before you started calling the RFA members to ask if they were okay
  • When you get back to the bunk, he takes your hands solemnly
  • “MC…you need to choose only one….HBC or Dr. Pepper.”
  • “But…my favorite is Sprite!” 
  • “Well, we can only–wait, what? You lied to me???”
  • Hands you Elizabeth the 3rd before starting the car again
  • You start crying…and he thinks he might’ve taken the prank a bit far
  • But you’re just like, “I’ve always wanted a cat.” 
  • The issue wasn’t the prank…it was getting you stop believing in the prank even when you were home safe
  • When you saw in the video…”Hey, Seven, where’s that taser you got me?”


  • He figures you’d be a bit strange, so he just really goes along with anything you say
  • You keep touching the gauze in your mouth
  • “Oh no! Someone replaced my teeth with cloth!”
  • He just nods “Yup. Now let’s get in the car.”
  • You’re halfway home and you’re crying
  • “Where are you taking me?” 
  • “To get braces for your cloth,” he deadpans
  • He’s completely calm until you say you’re feeling a bit nauseated
  • “No don’t throw up! Don’t throw up!”
  • It was a messy ride…especially since he had to stop you from touching your own puke


  • You turned into a little kid while under the drugs
  • He had to stop you from touching a lot of things
  • Like his collection of cacti…or the knives in the kitchen
  • You seemed to find everything hilarious
  • It was so contagious that he starts laughing just as hard
  • He follows you around with a video camera
  • “Say hi to your future self!” 
  • You start rambling away at the camera and laughing a lot
  • But at the end of the day, he’s actually really good at taking care of you


  • He’s making sure everything is super sanitary
  • And not just the gauze in your mouth
  • But you’re not helping because you’re either making a mess or clinging onto him
  • Eventually he just gives up on trying to peel you off
  • He carries you around on his back while he cleans
  • “Thanks to you I have to clean all this!”
  • “Haha…Vanderwood is a maid.”
  • He’s so done with all the comments and questions flying out of your mouth
  • “So….are you really a girl?”
  • “Shut up! It’s 3AM.”
  • “No it’s not, silly. You’re a maid and you can’t tell time?”
  • He’s so done with you right now   

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The Time I Cried Laughing: Dec. 2016

Set the scene. Our Christmas tree is up, our parents aren’t home, and so I decide to take over the TV and play YT videos. I haven’t watched the Gingerbread House Challenge with @crankgameplays and @markiplier yet so i decide to open that.

Now my sister comes down. She’s 13 and doesn’t watch gamers or basically anything on youtube unless it’s beauty. She looks interested and decides to sit and watch with me.

Then we get to the part. Ethan SCREAMS “CAN WE HIT ONE BILLION LIKES” and SMASHES his house! Both me and my sister laughed so hard we were crying. After that me and my sister will cuddle up on the couch and watch that video and a few others, and she’ll whisper to me “That’s not the baddest pussy I’ve seen” at school everyday.