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“It’s nicer here in Japan i suppose” Jesse smiled looking up at the sunset before his eyes landed back on the slightly older Japanese man next to him. “No matter where you observe it from it is always the same sun Jesse.” he replied softly. “Sorry, guess it just dawned on me..” Jesse’s grin turned into a smirk as the older Shimada playfully hit his shoulder before busting out in laughter. “You have the sense of humor of a retarded fish McCree.” he stuck his tongue out. Jesse laughed in return than eyed the sunset again.
He loved this side of Hanzo, the one only he got to see. When Overwatch disbanded Genji offered to take McCree to his home seeing as McCree didn’t have much to go back to, and he figured Jesse’s lazy attitude would hinder his chance of living more. Jesse hesitantly accepted the cyborgs offer and went with him. Now he set with Genji’s older brother, starring at the sunset, soaking up all the time with Hanzo he could. He had fallen for the archer and promised himself that he would get the archer to fall for him as well. He slowly slid closer to the archer.
“Them dragons there… Can they do tricks?” Jesse asked curiously. “Jesse they’re majestic beasts from a time you could not comprehend!” He through his hands up. “You named then noodle and udon.” Jesse raised an eyebrow. Silence. “I was five and yes they can do tricks.” He smiled a bit before petting the smaller of he two dragons “isn’t that right noodle..” He smiled and purred a bit nuzzling against his pale hand.
The two men sat there for an hour, retorting awful jokes back and forth before the sun had set and it was night and the two had become tired. Hanzo had leaned himself on McCree’s flesh arm slightly asleep. Mccree smiled before patting his soft hair. “Heh.. I wish I could tell ya how much a loved ya darlin when your awake…” He smiled and stroked his skin. “I’m not asleep dumbass.” He smiled “but I return the feelings.” He smiled and nuzzled against McCree’s thigh causing the younger to blush.
It was a warm night and the two fell asleep on the roof in peace….

Karen: I have no idea where my kids have been

Joyce: my son was possessed by the mind flayer

Dustin’s mom: my son brought a creature home that ate my cat

Hopper: Jane hit me with a couch and destroyed my cabin

Lucas’s mom: my son is going around kissing a girl already

Steve: Woah woah WOAHHHHH one at a time. First of all, I’m so glad you’ve all decided to attend this seminar. You’ll each be receiving a copy of my new book: How to Parent a God Damn Out of Control Middle Schooler by Steve Harrington. Sidenote, Joyce you’re perfect and you’ve done nothing wrong.


“Your mother was a housewife! Why couldn’t you swallow your goddamn pride and just come home to her? You tell me why!”

      One of my favourite things about the Orphan Black finale is that, despite the happy ending, Sarah is still not completely alright. She doesn’t have Mrs. S anymore and without the constant life-threatening situations, is scared of things going back to the way they were before she found Beth and stole her identity. The adrenaline has worn off and she no longer knows what to do and fears going back to her old bad habits. She skips out on her high school exam, tries to sell the house, and isolates herself. 

       She sees other people being happy with the lives they could go back to but doesn’t know how to do that and doesn’t want to burden them. And it’s painful to watch but it’s realistic. So often on television we see characters go on traumatic journeys and be perfectly alright once they’re over. We see the credits roll and assume all is well. But that’s not always the case in real life. Trauma follows you sometimes, like a shadow from another room. It’s not all consuming, but it never quite leaves and it wears you down over time. Often to the point where you feel like a hollow shell. You force yourself to be happy for others but quietly resenting them because they don’t understand what you’re going through and you’re too exhausted to reach out to them so you get caught in a vicious, often destructive, cycle. And we see this here with Sarah. Not only that, but we see her start to break out of it as well.

      Sarah has an excellent support network of her sisters. Not only are they there, but they reach out to her. They listen to her, share their stories, help each other. While she always had Felix and Mrs. S, Sarah didn’t really have any good friends and was kind of a drifter. But now she’s more grounded. She has people who she can reach out to and who will always be there for her. And in real life, having a good support network can make an incredible difference in how a person is able to recover from traumatic events and situations. I love this show, all five seasons of it, but those last twenty minutes of Sarah trying to rebuild her life mean more to me than I can put into words right now. Thank you Orphan Black.


So this was on the local news tonight.  A mother in a city about 20 minutes south of me has a 10y/o autistic son, and she said that because he’s autistic, she’s afraid he’s going to get hit by a car on the street because he “can’t think” and might just run out into the street without looking.  So she called some city officials and requested that they put up this sign in front of her home to warn drivers that there’s an autistic child in the area.  Within 3 days, they put this sign up just for her.

As an autistic person myself, this is just rubbing me an enormously wrong way.  I don’t like this.  At all.  In fact, I kinda hate it.  It just strikes me as one of those sympathy-addicted Autism Mom™ things that doesn’t take into account the humanity of their autistic kid.  Like she needs to announce to the world that she has no idea how to communicate with her own child, and rather than learning what kind of communication methods he needs as an autistic person, she just assumes that he’s just this unreachable burden she’s forced to bear, and is calling on the community to “help” her deal with this creature she can’t “control.”  And that lowers this poor boy to sub-human status.  Like she thinks they need their own personal “Deer Crossing” sign, but in her cause “Autistic Crossing.”  It just strikes me as so wrong.

What do you think?

Bruised (Richie/Eddie) 2/12

Summary: It’s 1993 and the summer from many years ago is dead and gone. Many have drifted apart from the Losers club and its at the point where there is no club at all. The atmosphere is cold just like the winter months and the only blushes to be found are the ones that are caused from the piercing spikes of cold that heat skin up. Being a teenage boy is hard; especially for the two boys that now count each other as strangers. In which both boys make a plan, but both disrupt each others.

Warning(s): Depression, angst and fluff throughout the whole series, suicide attempt

A/N: Im so happy at how much support part 1 got?? Thankyou all so so so fucking much ily all also!! credit to @finn-got-tall for an idea in one of the scenes!! (I wont reveal which scene bc i want people to just read) but ty lovely

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Eddie and Richie blinked at each other, stunned to see one another in such a strange coincidence. Eddie still had his hand up, but Richie still hadn’t took it. Richie merely brought his hand up that held the cigarette, taking a drag and allowing the toxic waste to decay against his lungs. Eddie visibly cringed at the sight, but stayed silent; he only continued to watch in hope that Richie would somehow step down. Richie took away the small stick, blowing the smoke out slowly and staring at Eddie through his large obnoxious eye glasses.

“Why are you here, Eds?” Richie asked, as if a day hadn’t passed since they last talked.

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I don’t wanna tack this on to anyone’s celebratory post, but I’m seeing multiple iterations of “we don’t want Dean to make a deal; don’t want to transfer the codependency to Cas,” etc.

And I agree with you there, and considering I have written thousands upon thousands of words on codependency in this show (I have lived it, I know it), that shouldn’t be any great surprise.

But I don’t think Dean not making a deal is actually a sign of him breaking old habits, or a sign of him ‘loving Sam more (in an unhealthy way),’ etc. etc.

He can’t make a deal because he has no idea HOW. We know exactly what he was implying when he asked if Jack could really do “anything.” Dean’s favorite crossroads demon is dead. He’s never resurrected an angel; only God has. If you take away the tools, what the hell could he possibly do? That is what the show has REPEATEDLY done in the last couple of seasons; making the right decision when there is literally no other option is not a sign of breaking the codependency. In fact, I’d say that the only abundantly clear sign we’ve gotten of that in the entire SERIES was Dean letting Sam go in 12x22. 

And in this situation, where Dean knows that the only being capable of bringing Cas back isn’t answering - he has no options, at all. So I can’t take that as any kind of positive sign.

But it’s not just that.

We’ve also been told multiple times that Dean has no hope, that he’s completely given up. We’ve gotten hints that he may be burying himself in alcohol. We know that he’s in the lowest point he’s ever been in his life. He’s questioning if there is any meaning or importance to life at all.

I’ve been there, too. A few times. Those were the hardest times of my life.

Dean’s been codependent. And now he has absolutely no hope whatsoever.

… and in my book, that’s worse.


Fred, Hound/Shepherd mix (7 y/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “I found him in Sangin, Afghanistan, which was a really tough spot held by the Taliban. We were surrounded by 200 fighters – we spent six days fighting for our lives. During this time we happened to find this compound that Fred lived in. Throughout the battles we’d catch little glimpses of him. We weren’t technically allowed to approach stray dogs, but I bent the rules. I offered him a piece of beef jerky and saw that he was neglected, dirty, and covered in bugs. As I approached him, he started wagging his tail. That was really the defining moment for me, because I thought, ‘Wow, this dog has no reason to be wagging his tail.’ After that it was just a process of lying, cheating, and stealing to get him home to the States. When we were trying to get him on the helicopter it was a brown out, and I was just trying to keep my eyes on the person in front of me. One of our guys came up and grabbed Fred like a jug of milk and stuffed him in a duffle bag. We tried to make him look like luggage. Fred was terrified but he got right on that helicopter. It was like an extraction. Most dogs in the military are trained to be okay in that situation, but we stumbled upon Fred. He had no reason to trust us, but he did. During those six days, one of our guys got hit in the helmet with a bullet and his only memory is Fred coming over and putting his head on his chest. He impacted us then and continues to impact me every day. I always say, I rescued him once, but he has rescued me countless times. He’s taught me stubborn positivity. Coming home as a veteran, we naturally gravitate towards the negative and Fred doesn’t let me do that. He doesn’t allow me to spiral downwards. And that’s all dogs too – it’s not just Fred. That’s the influence a dog can have on your life.” @fredtheafghan
Check out Craig’s book, “Craig & Fred: A Marine, A Stray Dog, and How They Rescued Each Other”. They’ll also be telling their story at Badass Brooklyn’s annual bash this Wednesday, 11/15 from 7-10pm at 635 Sackett St., Brooklyn. @badassbrooklyn

That scene in Batman #34 really hit home for me. In just one scene, we get a lot of characterization for Damian and just how much he cares about the people in his life.

1. That part with Superman shows that Damian cares about Jon so much that the thought of Jon’s disapproval breaks his tantrum.

2. Damian was so worried about his dad (plus the threat of his mom hurting him) that he and Grayson flew all the way to a war-torn desert country and casually threatened to murder Superman, of all people, just to get him.

3. That part with Dick. That one exchange man, I swear. Damian hardly ever sounds that sincere, and that genuinely grateful. Dick Grayson has got to be the most important person in his life right now. And Dick is just the world’s best big brother ever. The bond they share is just so amazing and I’m glad DC keeps bringing it up in Rebirth.

Damian, at his core, is a very caring boy. Show this to anyone who ever disses him for not caring enough about people.


IN PERSON INTERVIEWS: Let’s say you’re coming to CTN to show you storyborads or you got a physical interview at a studio!

PLAN. AHEAD. Everyone I know (myself included) prefers reviewing PHYSICAL PAPER PORTFOLIOS over digital! (note: this is for storyboard specificially. Obviously animation needs to go digital–good luck friendos) I volunteer at the CTN DreamWorks booth reviewing story portfolios and boy howdy, the digital portfolios had some problems. First off, you can’t rely on the con internet AT ALL to view a website.  Second, unless you lug a laptop around for the whole con, you’ll just be showing on a tablet or smartphone.  (worst impression last year goes to the person who showed their portfolio on a shattered iphone)

Originally posted by parkerpete

SO MUCH. CAN GO WRONG. SHOWING STUFF DIGITALLY!  Your site may crash. Your images could load slowly.  The reviewer hits one button wrong (very likely if it’s me) and you’re back to the home screen.  Batteries die. You get texts in the middle of the review.  The reviewer (hello, me again) can’t get back to a specific board they wanted to give feedback on

“But Megan!” You cry, “I did all this work setting up a great portfolio website! We live in a DIGITAL WORLD?! And now I can’t show it?”

Originally posted by xshady4life

Listen friendo, here’s what you do. Have your website on your business card FOR SURE.  And make sure to tell your reviewer that there’s more content (animatics etc) on your website if they are interested. BUT BRING A PAPER PORTFOLIOOOOO.

  Layout your boards in what are called CONTACT SHEETS. 3x4 boards, or 3x3, 4x4, but not more than that cuz it’s too small.

Go to your school’s copy room, or kinkos or office max.  Print those suckers out on 11x17 pages! Nice and big!  AND THEN BUY ONE OF THESE SUCKERS:


It’s like, 7 or 8 bucks!  You can fit all your pages in that!

A paper portfolio is always the most professional in-person solution.  It shows YOU PLANNED AHEAD.  Remember that cracked iphone person I mentioned earlier?  The fact they didn’t even borrow their friend’s phone just for our interview showed me they just decided last minute to get a DreamWorks review. Or maybe they didn’t and they dropped their phone in line.

Also back in my CTN atendee days before I got a job, I had someone point out pages in my portfolio that weren’t as strong as the others. Easy fix? I JUST PULLED THEM OUT before I showed them to the next person!


If you want to contact this person again, the email can go something like this,

Hello (name of reviewer!)

We met at (place) and you reviewed my portfolio!  Since then, I’ve reworked (this particular sequence) and took your advice on (this bit and this other story part).  Also, you suggested (this change here) but I thought it over and made (this other change instead). Let me know what you think!

Thanks again!

(your name)

See in that e-mail how that person made their own change?  Reviewers are not the end-all be all law makers of story, and you may get conflicting notes from different people.  But a suggested note means that board needs SOMETHING more, even if the review can’t put their finger on it.  When a problem is pointed out, FIX THAT PROBLEM, even if it’s not the exact patch your reviewer suggested.

Originally posted by doublevforvictory

Other bonus advice:

Always be working on something new.  Make a new short sequence every few months, and replace an older sequence on your website. Study the sort of shows you want to work on, and make those kind of boards!  

And don’t despair if you get studio rejections.  I had stacked up fifty four job rejections before I finally got my start at DreamWorks. Keep going!  I BELIEVE IN YOU!

You can ask me any more portfolio questions here.  I will tag such answers as thirdchildstory.


Better than a love note

DM of a 3.5 Red Hand of Doom Session

A bit of backstory. So the hook for this module was when the cleric of the party, a Half-Orc cleric of Hextor, the Lawful Evil god of tyranny, got a vision from his god to eliminate the followers of Tiamat. No competition and all that. Now the cleric is evil, but more lawful in behavior so the mostly good group tolerates him. Recently, we picked up a gnome ranger who is currently the only female in the party.

Very first night, when asked if the party would like to share rooms in the tavern they were saying in, she offered to split the price with him. He agreed since he couldn’t get his armor off by himself anyway and, being the honorable guy he is, let her have the single bed in the room.

Now a few days later, the party is storming an old keep and fought some Goblin Worg riders until they surrendered. Now, this cleric likes to take prisoners for interrogation, so we went through this little gem of a dialogue.

Cleric: “So that is all you can tell me about the forces in this keep? Nothing left out?”

He clutches his flail menacingly.

GWR: “Yes. That’s all. Now no kill me please?”

Cleric: “You gave me what I wanted, but my god demands satisfaction.”

DM: “So this goblin begins to panic and then suddenly gets still. Looking you in the eye, the goblin undressed and you see she’s a female goblin.”

GWR: “You green. Me green. Maybe we do bump-bump and I go home?”

The cleric was about to respond when we heard the *bloop* of the Roll20 indicating someone had made a roll.

We looked down and saw the, “*Ranger* releases 3 arrows one after the other at her hapless target!” notification. All 3 hit, 2 crit. Gnome Favored Enemy (Goblin) racial substitution had each shot deal more than 16 damage. Thing was dead about double its original hit points. The ranger had only one word to say.

Ranger: “Mine.”

Cállate (NSFW)

Summary: After seeing you dancing with another man, Steve gets jealous and makes a move about it.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Other Characters: Unnamed Male Character, Sam Wilson.
Word Counting: 2.1k
Warnings: Very dirty smut and dirty talk, lots of Spanish. This was vaguely inspired by Despacito. Translation to the words is before the tags.
A/N: A huge thanks to @widowsfics and @som3thingcr3ative for helping me with the Spanish parts.

Originally posted by ifoundkylo

Steve tilted his head to the side while your body moved to the sound of the music. He’d never seen you like this, so free and open. It was as if you felt like home in that crowd.

Sí, sabes que ya llevo un rato mirándote
Tengo que bailar contigo hoy

When that hit – the one he would hear all the time on the radio and Tony played just to bother him – started he braced himself to hear Justin Bieber’s annoying voice in the air, but that wasn’t what heard. A male voice speaking Spanish and completely natural filled his ear and the whole place, and you shoot the man in front of you a smile.

You had taken him to the party Tony was throwing and never left his side. You two were glued to each other, attached by the hip, and when the DJ started throwing dancing songs, you were dancing with him.

When your lips moved, he tried to understand what you said. Steve’s hearing was sensitive, but even he couldn’t hear you talking to the guy with all those the loud sounds.

The first steps you two gave coordinated had everyone moving away to watch, and some agents quickly pulled their phones to film the scene.

Your body moved fluid like water and your toned leg peaked from the slip of the red dress, and it didn’t even look like you were wearing the highest heels he’d ever laid eyes on.

“Damn, dude,” Sam exclaimed. “She’s a pro.”

And you really were.

Vi que tu mirada ya estaba llamándome
Muéstrame el camino que yo voy

Your hips moved as you didn’t even have bones, and he quickly understood how you were so flexible during missions.

Steve’s mouth was hanging open and the crotch of his pants was very uncomfortable.

Damn him if he wasn’t hard for you right now. You were always so sexy – not even trying –, but now… You were driving him insane.

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“What’s wrong with death sir? What are we so mortally afraid of? Why can’t we treat death with a certain amount of humanity and dignity, and decency, and God forbid, maybe even humor.
Death is not the enemy gentlemen. If we’re going to fight a disease, let’s fight one of the most terrible diseases of all, indifference.”
Patch Adams (1998)

anonymous asked:

whoo boy i really want akira angst bc it soothes my soul thanks so much for doing this blog it is an amazing gift to the world!!!


“You’re so quiet.” 

Why don’t you ever talk?”

“You’re too passive.” 

“Don’t you have any opinions?”

If Akira obtained a single yen for every time those phrases invaded his ears, he could purchase one hundred pairs of noise-cancelling headphones to tune out the condescending and obvious statements. He was well aware of his reticence, and there was no need for people to constantly address it. Even a few of his current friends commented on it upon their first encounter with him; however, once they forged a deeper connection with the bespectacled delinquent, they realized that their original impression was a false one.

Indeed, Akira wasn’t always so taciturn and somber; on the contrary, when he still resided in his hometown, he was rather talkative and frivolous, frequently teasing his friends and attracting attention wherever he roamed by engaging in audacious or flamboyant antics. His daily activities included accompanying his cherished friends as they performed various activities, such as parkour, karaoke, or simply a stroll around town. 

Furthermore, Akira was quite popular for his kindness and levity. He was also fearless of the opinions of others; if his favorite song resonated from a store in the local mall, he would shamelessly break out into a small dance, or even strike a pose if he was ‘feeling saucy’. Alternatively, if he ever witnessed someone in distress, he would immediately take action and reproach the offender, shielding the victim from them as he did so. Akira would remain persistent until the one of them backed down, and he ensured that it would not be him, for if there was one thing he wholeheartedly loathed, it was those in power exploiting those that possessed no means of fighting back. That very abhorrence still remained within him, yet ironically, it is also what spurred the subsequent series of events that drastically altered his life, and consequently, his very identity.

After the deplorable day of his arrest, it was evident that Akira would never be the same jubilant, well-loved boy again. He’ll never forget the sheer petrification that usurped his body when the cold, austere slap of handcuffs clanked around his wrists, or how his heart crashed against his rib-cage, begging for a release from its prison as he stood trial, well aware that it was merely a formality before he was inevitably cast away. Although he understood this, he couldn’t quell the overwhelming entanglement of dread and wrath once the verdict echoed throughout the courtroom; the false declaration haunted his ears, in addition to his dreams, so that he may never forget that he was now branded a criminal.

Once Akira was exposed to the public as a guilty, violent delinquent, he was abandoned by the very same people that swore to extend their hand to him when he hit rock bottom, to help him crawl back out of his darkness and emerge into the light, revitalized and healed of his woes. They swore to protect him in the face of injustice, to guide him to the future that they proclaimed he deserved. They vowed to be there for him when he needed them the most…

Yet all that awaited him outside the courthouse was ostracism and his own heart handed to him in shattered pieces. 

“You’re no friend of mine. Get lost, freak!”

“I can’t be seen around you anymore. Sorry…”

“Please, don’t talk to me ever again.”

Akira’s own parents were included among those that eschewed him; they listened to his perspective of the situation, and they additionally believed his innocence. However, the combination of their embarrassment of him and the risk he imposed on their pristine reputation ultimately concluded that he would transfer to Tokyo, where a new life of inexorable scorn awaited him. 

There were many nights where Akira gazed longingly at his phone, desperately praying for a single text of consolation, or reassurance that he would be all right and make it through this hellish nightmare that was unfairly thrust upon him.

However, empty promises truly live up to their name; Akira discovered far too late that words are merely hollow, meant to fill the silence and temporarily dispel the burdensome worries that plagued both heart and mind. He was a fool to have expected them to fulfill their end of the bargain, to support him should he ever be swallowed by desolation and grief. Alas, loyalty will only get you so far so long as you provide a use and a purpose, so long as you’re not inconvenient to others.

Those are the unspoken words that ruthlessly permeate Akira’s mind when he is inquired of his jaded and withdrawn bearing, yet the only words that deign to slip past his lips are, “Sorry, I’ve always been this way.”

nothing holding me back // sweet pea imagine 🥀🐍

request: Hi! Could you do a sweet pea imagine where the reader is a north sider and she tells pea that Reggie won’t stop flirting with her and the night of the fight (serpents vs bulldogs) he confronts Reggie about it?

I hope this is what you had in mind…sorta. There wasn’t really any confronting and talking, but I’m sure that’s how Sweet Pea handles things usually lol. 

A/N: I literally did not have any idea for the title, so please bear with me. Also, I know Ronnie stayed at home first, but I changed it up a little. Also, I LOVE REGGIE. I’m not painting him as the bad person here, just the cocky little shit he is. 

Title: nothing holding me back

Summary: You tell Sweet Pea some jock has been hitting on you and he seemingly takes it well. 

“Pea, I beg you not to freak out.“

You could feel the rage and jealousy radiating off of him as his eyes went dark, and his mouth turned into a straight line as he looked ahead of him, staring at his chocolate milkshake. You put your small hands on his lap in hope it would soothe the raven-haired boy sitting next to you.
He craned his neck towards you, his eyes hard.

“So you’re telling me that some stupid Northside boy has been flirting with you non stop and you didn’t tell me until now?!“ he spat, venom lacing his every word, his eyes looking at you accusingly. You let out a frustrated sigh, not liking the way he was pinning everything on you like you actually enjoyed the attention of the Bulldog.

“Reggie is just… stupid. He is messing around – he doesn’t actually like me. Flirting is his form of communication, really.“ You removed your hand from his lap and gripped your strawberry milkshake, sucking at the straw forcefully and awaiting his reaction. 

He sneered and from the corner of your eye, you could see his fists were balled on the table. You rolled your eyes. He had always been dramatic. He was ill-tempered and infuriated, not knowing how he should handle the feeling of another boy setting sights on his girl, on you, as if you could not protect yourself from the wrath of horny, teenage boys.
“So, you’re saying I should just accept some jock flirting with my girl while I’m not there?“ he seethed, looking you in the eyes. You rose your eyebrow as you crossed your legs and arms.

“I’m saying“, you emphasized, „that there is no need for you to worry. I have my eyes set on you, snake. I just wanted to tell you because I felt bad if I didn’t. Also, I have Reggie under control. Like you said, he’s just some jock. He might be handsome“, he narrowed his eyes at you, his jaw tightened, “but I prefer leather jackets.“ You smirked slightly as you scooted closer to him and leaned against his broad shoulder which seemed to relax instantly at your gentle touch. He wrapped his left arm around you, hugging you close as if he was scared you’d vanish. You smiled at this moment of bliss the two of you shared at Pop’s, blending out the voices and the noise around you. 

“Baby, I gotta go somewhere. I’ll be at your house at 11?“ You sighed in defeat, not wanting to let him go and not wanting to know what mess he would get himself into now. You scooted out of the booth, holding his hand as he loomed over your small frame. A boyish smirk crossed over his features as he said, “Don’t worry about me, baby. Get that frown out of your face.” He put one hand on the left side of your face and the other small of your back, holding you. He brushed one lock of your brown hair out of your face that had been annoying you all evening. He placed a gentle kiss on your cheek, sending shivers down your spine before he found his way to your mouth, strawberry and chocolate mixing, becoming one. You pulled away breathlessly and scanned his face.
“Come back to me in one piece, got it?”


As soon as you had gotten home, you ran yourself a bath and lit up some scented candles. You stripped your clothes off and stepped into the bath. The hot water relaxed your muscles instantly and you could let go of all the worries that had been plaguing your mind all day.
You took a deep breath, inhaling the sweet scent of apples lingering in the air until you dove down.
The ringing of your phone cut through the air. You let out an annoyed huff and grabbed your phone. Ronnie was written over the screen. Confused, you accepted the call, wondering why she was calling this late. 

„Whaddup, girl?“
„Your serpent boyfriend turned up. Serpents vs. Bulldogs. I’ll text you the directions, I know where they went. Archie wanted me to stay home but apparently, he doesn’t know me very well. Come now!“ The Lodge girl hung up, leaving you in a state of anxiety as you quickly got out of the bath and blew out the candles. 

You bolted into your room, putting on some fresh clothes as you grabbed the coat sprawled across your bed, checking if your car keys were still in the pockets. You took one glance in the mirror, putting your wet hair into a ponytail as you rushed out of your house, hoping not to wake your parents.
The fresh, cold air hit you as you marched towards your black car, small raindrops hitting you. You looked up at the cloudy night sky, hoping it wasn’t going to pour later.
You quickly turned on the engine and took off, the loud screech of tires cutting through the sleeping neighborhood.
You kept cursing at Sweet Pea at Archie and it suddenly dawned on you that Reggie was most likely going to be there too. You shut your eyes, trying to calm your nerves, hoping hell wasn’t breaking loose. You gripped the steering wheel tighter, hoping it would somehow make your car go faster. As you drove, the rain started to get heavier.

From afar, you started spotting cars and an array of motorcycles parked. You swerved to the side and quickly cut the engine off. The fight hadn’t started just yet. No words were being exchanged, just angry, despiteful glances.
The tension that had been built between the Serpents and the Bulldogs could be cut with a knife. You spotted Veronica, marching towards her.
What the fuck is going on here, Ronnie?” you screeched, darting your eyes to the crowd as you finally spotted your boyfriend amongst them. He didn’t seem to have noticed you, no one had as they were too preoccupied glaring each other to death.
“As I’ve told you over the phone, your boyfriend came to Archie’s house. Basically, all these boys must prove who’s the strongest. It’s foolish, but he wasn’t going to leave. So, I made one rule: no weapons,” she explained, her tone somewhat accusingly. 

Besides Jughead and Cheryl, Veronica had been the first one to know about your relationship with the tall, brooding serpent. Obviously, she hadn’t been exhilarated, constantly reminding you he was a gang member after all as if you didn’t know already.
But she was your best friend and she had to accept your decision, even if this meant lying to her boyfriend and the rest of your friends for now.
“So we’re just going to let them fight? That seems like a stupid idea to me, Ronnie. No offense.”

“None taken. Maybe you should keep your snake on a leash”, she remarked snidely, her deep brown eyes challenging you as she crossed her arms over her chest. You scoffed and shook your head, saying, “I’m not here to discuss my relationship with you, Ronnie.” You stalked towards the boys, the heavy rain pouring on you. Sweet Pea looked up, squinting his eyes at you until recognition dawned on his face. You stood in between the two groups, your hands resting on both sides of your hips.
“What are you doing here, babe?” he asked, jaw still tight and trying to keep his voice void of any emotion, not wanting to show any weakness in front of the others. You gritted your teeth, opening your mouth to say something, but were cut off by Archie and Reggie.

Babe?!” they exclaimed incredulously, Archie’s voice laced with anger and disappointment, while Reggie seemed more than amused. You turned around to look at the boys, shaking your head at Reggie as a troubling smirk crossed his face. He crossed his arms over his chest and took a step towards you.
“So this is why we haven’t made out yet, really?” Your eyes widened at his remark, wanting nothing more than to slap the grin out of his face. You heard a low growl behind you, craning your neck you saw the look of anger passing on Sweet Pea’s face. You turned to reach out to him, but he pushed past you.
“So you’re the infamous Reggie that can’t keep his hands off my girl?” he seethed through gritted teeth, looking the Bulldog up and down. 

You swallowed, fiddling with the ring on your finger. You took another step forward, putting a hand on Sweet Pea’s shoulder, hoping he would simmer down. Archie looked at the two of them, realizing the situation might even get messier than it already was. He looked over at Reggie, telling him to shut up.
“Oh, so she talks about me a lot? Probably thinks about me too at night then, huh?
It happened fast. Within a few seconds, Sweet Pea had punched Reggie square across the jaw, signaling the fight had officially begun.
You heard Veronica calling your name distinctly and you ran to her into the safe zone, not knowing what to do. You closed your eyes, trying to fade out the sickening sounds of fists hitting jaws, legs kicking stomachs and people groaning in pain. You could hear Sweet Pea screaming threats at Reggie, not being able to make out what they were as you a gunshot rang through the silent air of the rainy night. 

You winced at the loud noise and turned to see Veronica her holding a gun high up in the air, stopping the war immediately. You gave her a thankful look, nodding at her and making your way towards your car. You sat in the driver’s seat, punching the steering wheel furiously, several curse words escaping your mouths. Your hands went to your hair and gripped it tightly. This is exactly what you had signed up for, entering this star-crossed relationship. Sweet Pea had warned you about how violent things could get, wanting you to understand what you would get yourself into. He was also quick to make sure you knew he wasn’t going to leave the Serpents because of you.  
You started the engine and drove off into the night.


You knew it was only a matter of time until Sweet Pea would be climbing through your window. You had already rummaged through your messy bathroom cabinet, having found a disinfectant, some plasters, and band-aids, ready to nurse him. A pack of ice was sitting on your night-stand, waiting to be used. You had been pacing around your room for a good twenty minutes now, checking your phone constantly and calling Sweet Pea, only for him not to pick up. 

You could hear a loud engine roar and a harsh clash of gears until the sound faded into silence. As Sweet Pea made his way through your window and stood in front of you, your eyes quickly went to scan his face and spotted the bruise that adorned his left eye. You sighed in relief, happy it was just a bruise. His face was void of any expression, probably waiting for you to scold him, scream at him and tell him how stupid the fight had been. Right now, however, you were tired and couldn’t find the nerve to put up a fight now. You just were happy he was here, with you. 

You wrapped your hands around his waist, burying your head into his chest, inhaling the smell of his cologne and the distinct smell of rain. He embraced you.
“I know this is what you do”, you mumbled lowly, “doesn’t mean I like it.” A low chuckle erupted from his chest, causing you to roll your eyes but smile nonetheless. You looked up at him.
“I know you don’t. But that’s me. That’s the cost of being with a serpent, princess.”
“I know. It’s just… complicated. Archie’s been my friend since I was in diapers. And you hate each other. It’s just… hard. It sucks so much. Everything sucks.” He let out a scoff as you mentioned the Andrews boy, not liking that you two were close and saw each other every day.
You slowly removed your arms from his frame, motioning for him to sit on your bed. You went over to your nightstand and grabbed the pack of ice, accidentally knocking over the picture of you and Cheryl the both of you had taken after cheer-practice a few months ago.

Sweet Pea gave you half smile. “We literally could not be any more different,“ he said, motioning to the picture of you and the red-haired beauty,“ but that, baby, keeps things exciting.” You threw the ice pack at him and he caught it with ease. He put it on his eye and winced at the pain. 

“You’ll have to meet Cheryl anyways. She’s been insisting on it. And she’s slowly starting to scare me.” The fiery redhead had always been your most persistent friend. After all, she was Cheryl Blossom and got what she wanted when she wanted it. She wasn’t thrilled, just like Veronica. She had mocked you, telling you he probably wasn’t good enough for her favorite River vixen anyways. She had even dismissed you with a wave when you told her that you thought you loved him. 

You knew it was Cheryl’s twisted way of protecting you from getting hurt. That day in the locker room, you had told Cheryl to back off, resulting in her smiling at you with her bright, red lips and saying she loved the recently found fire in you and wanting to meet the “Southside Romeo” that stole your heart. Her words, not yours. 

He sneered at you, “I think I’ve had enough of your Northsider friends for today, babe. Though, I have to admit it was amazing to beat up that jock.”
“Reggie is… Reggie. He had it coming, even though I don’t appreciate you handling this in a violent way. You could just.. talk next time,” you explained, sitting on your bed and grabbing one of your floral patterned pillows. He just rose his eyebrow at your request, slowly shaking his head and shrugging.
“I think I got my point across, sweetheart.” You playfully rolled your eyes at him, hurling the cushion at him. 

You crawled over to him, seating yourself on his sprawled out legs, removing the ice pack from his hand. He leaned back against your headboard, finding a comfortable position. You gazed into his deep eyes, leaning forward and tangling your small hands in his tousled, black hair. His hands cupped your face, holding you in place as his fingertips gently rubbed over your delicate skin, longing to touch you. He let out a content sigh, letting his eyes wander over your face to your body, treasuring the moment with you. Sweet Pea had never told you he loved you, but the way he treasured every moment with you, caressing you, and kissing you like your lives depended on it, he didn’t have to. 

“Kiss me,” you said softly, starting to lean in. And he did, without hesitation. His soft lips covered yours, devouring your mouth, a flock of butterflies erupting in your stomach. His kisses were like no others you had experienced before. Now, that you had tasted him, you didn’t know if you could ever stop yearning for him.
His hands were discovering your body, getting lost in it. You arched your back, enjoying the closeness between your bodies. His lips brushed against your collarbone, leaving you breathless as he slowly started tracing kisses up your neck.

“Toxic” by Britney Spears rang through the air. You let out a defeated sigh as you moved over to your nightstand to pick up your phone. Sweet Pea rolled his eyes as he saw the contact name popping up on the bright screen. You picked it up, bracing yourself for the worst.
“You. Me. That toy boy of yours. Tomorrow. Sweet dreams, little dove.”

College Confession #99

On Monday I was walking to class on the forest trail since it’s the quickest way to get to school. I Rounded a bend to only to get hit by a guy on a bike. No one was hurt so I decided to carry on only to get to campus and get mowed down by another person on a bike. With that, I decided to take my wounded pride and body and go home because Monday was literally trying to kill me. On a side note, I’m now kind of famous on campus

-Humboldt State University