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Title: Dive

Pairing: Female reader x Dean

Theme song: Dive by Ed Sheeran

Summary: Dean’s catching feelings for the reader and needs to be convinced to dive in

A/N: This song just has such quiet bar vibes. 

Word count: 2,000ish

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The old bartender working the quiet Tuesday afternoon shift had poured Dean another glass of whiskey before he’d even opened his mouth to ask for it. Dean looked up from his hands long enough to give a nod of thanks before pulling the new glass to his lips and taking a sip.

The bartender returned the bottle to its shelf and smiled behind his wiry beard.

“Thought you could use another,” he said, “You’ve got that look.”

“You’re not wrong,” Dean said.  The man waited; Dean said nothing.

“So what is it?” he pressed. “Love? Money?”

“Those the usual culprits?” Dean asked. The bartender kept his smile, waiting. Dean looked down at his glass again and turned it slow in his hands. Pushing away from the counter, the old man grabbed a mostly dirty rag and started away, taking the hint and his leave.

“You let me know if you need another,” he said over his shoulder.

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bashfully nudges these drawings from two days ago in ur direction

When I find myself in times of trouble Harry Styles comes to me, speaking words of wisdom:

“Be nice to everyone and do it five minutes early”

Come Here Often?

lin manuel miranda x reader

prompt: When you have time can you do a Lin x reader where Lin is drunk off his butt and the reader has to come pick him up to take him home and the entire time he’s hitting on her?

a/n: i honestly have about 10 other fics i’m writing atm, but instead i’m writing this little fluff


Sleep was something you didn’t get much of.

Being a nurse, you had long and grueling shifts where you worked your ass off and constantly were treated like trash by doctors. You completed the dirty work whenever needed, and quite frankly, you were ready to lose your mind.

Sleep was something so dear to you. You barely got any peaceful sleep considering your shifts started late at night and continued into early mornings. You worked five days a week with this unusual sleep schedule, and anytime you were able to sleep normally felt like heaven to you.

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anyway i’m normally an enormous tightwad with everything except food but now i’m becoming obsessed with eating on the cheap please don’t let me become one of those extreme couponers