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d'you know i used to buy into this whole fandom discourse thing but i’ve come to the great realisation that i’ve got enough going on in my real life, so i don’t need to spend my time online telling people they’re problematic for liking something

and im also never going to apologise or be made feel bad for something that brings some genuine joy into my life so….. cool


Summary: Bruce gets caught talking to himself by a curious Dick Grayson



Bruce Wayne had learned to ignore many things in the few years since he’d become Batman. Initial irrigations had even turned to comforting reminders. The chill of the cave was a welcome shock that helped his brain transition from Bruce to vigilante. The long drive from the manor to Gotham proper had turned into a time to plan instead of wasted minutes. And the bats. Chattering. Flapping. Swooping when he was least expecting them. They’d become a welcome presence alongside him. Their noise the background to his work. Their rare visible presence a constant reminder of vigilance.

He had never considered them as companions to speak to. They were only bats, after all.

They had never answered his muttered musings to himself or offered up answers to questions not sent their way. His hushed tone had grown over time to conversational, as he worked out plans, walked mentally through crime scenes, and picked apart toxins. They were much like walls in the way that they soaked up his words and kept them tightly as their own.

He was sure that things would have gone along that way for years longer if a small, ever-curious boy had not entered his life. Dick was always asking questions. Most of which Bruce had ready answers for. Their subjects those that (most of the time) were enriching to his young ward’s mind.

It had been years since Bruce had to curtail his habits to anyone other than Alfred. He’d developed a public persona with strict rules and guidelines for when he was at Wayne Enterprises or public events, and the hours he put in as Batman were done as a man far removed from the man he was in the sun. His home self, the man who was neither smile nor mask was free of those restrictions. Free to frown, and rub his forehead, to be frustrated or pleasantly amused by the misplacing of his favorite book, and yes he was free to talk to himself.

“If I clip that wire, and solder it here the whole thing will run a lot faster.” He said, his hands already angling the wire clipper towards the blue line. “Then if I just–”

“Hey B. Who’re ya talking to?”

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In a bad place today. My health issues, family relationship issues, family health issues, sadness issues. Just really down. And it’s my anniversary and once again, husband has no plans. Didn’t even wish me happy anniversary this morning. Told him about the blasting headache I woke up with, and he said, “okay”. Last night it was, ”Maybe we’ll do something this weekend”, which will probably mean going to a “gourmet” burger or pizza place – with the kids.

Last year was a major milestone and he didn’t even get me a card. The kind of milestone that people go to Hawaii for, or take a cruise, or get a significant piece of jewelry. I wasn’t wanting or expecting those things. But something would have been nice. I’m trying to be optimistic that he’ll at least care to remember. (He remembered last year, just didn’t *do* anything about it. I did.) I know *I* could do something, but whether you agree or not, I *do* think my  husband has that role. He wanted it. And we are a rather traditional family, and yeah, some traditions seem “misogynistic” but they really aren’t when both parties want the same thing. (I am *not* “unenlightened” either.)

So this is my Thursday. And I don’t want to hear, “at least you have a significant other” or “be thankful for what you have” because I know I have been blessed with a family and friends, but still… my feelings are my feelings.

Y’all, I haven’t read a book where I’m like oh my gosh this is the best book ever yaasss much rearrange my favorites shelf asap in AGES. Like, since A Little Life. Which was back in… November? It’s been almost half a year. This is not okay. Somebody give me a book rec that will blow my mind please and thank you. I love y’all so much. 


Mr. Lucius Needful: Okay! That’s it: we just got bought by Google!

Summer Smith: I’m so proud of you, Lucius.  So, how much did we make?

Needful: Ah ha, “We.”  This is MY business!  Security!    

Summer: Uh, you’re Zuckerberging me?!

Needful: I was Zuckerberging people before Zuckerberg’s balls dropped!  I’m The Devil, Biotch!  What! What!

-”Rick and Morty”

SILF tag lmao

i was tagged by @sandy-sims + @sim-bubble 💕

ok so let’s just say i love too many sims and boy if they were real people i would have so many crushes i’d die

@unicorninthemosh‘s nichee + safael (are u surprised mom)

@foxbie‘s ethan! he’s a cutie omfg

literally all @randomcoffeesimmer‘s cute sims lmao

@zauglom‘s luke, fern + reef (is the old man even still alive?)

@sweetsimmy‘s puck + lyra 👀

@justkeeponsimming‘s forrest + dahlia are 💯

@mysimblruniverse‘s newt + rea (rea is probably one of my fave sims ever tbh)

@simtrovart‘s ethan, i don’t care if he’s a creep, he’s a cute one haha

@buckleysims‘ westley 🙊

ayyy that’s a lot lmao don’t judge me, if any of tagged above want to do this, you’re tagged 💕

btw just realized i have a thing for blonde guys, good to know

i told my dad i think i might have adhd like idk, a month or 2 ago, and today we got my report cards nd i got like, decent grades ig (im failing one class but ive been failing it all year so he doesnt care, everything else is a’s and b’s) and basically he was like ‘ok see u got good grades theres no way u have adhd, u just thought u had adhd but u dont” and like, idk, he doesnt understand. he told me that i made it up and that all thetime i spent looking up symptoms and stuff made me trick myself into thinking i have it and just,,,,,ugh.