but this moment :))

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mads dad mikkelsen, jesus christ.

Same. And honestly how dare he wear his Cannes Dad Polo from last year 

again this year

WTF Mikkelsen. 

And to combine it with The Jeans and The Jacket? How. Dare. He. Look at that sunglasses flip. Look at that hair at peak Silver Fox. Never in my life have I seen anyone dad this hard.

It seems we are destined to suffer.

when you remember how during the otra tour harry was yelling at everyone and they responded and when harry yelled louis’ name louis responded with “oii oiii!” and niall mouthed it so that means that harry and louis do that all the time in private, and also after louis yelled back they were both flustered and blushing and smiley

when I get anxious I basically need to doodle very cute things

HC that since Molly Hooper has succeeded in getting Sherlock to say ILY and mean it, her next level will be- 

“Go on, kiss me. Kiss me like you mean it.”

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And then he does ❤️ 


To kick off finale week, I decided to throw together a video counting down Sonny’s best moments over the last three seasons! 

The method for choosing scenes was incredibly reliable and scientific (e.g. holding an informal tumblr poll), and the top 20 reflect the scenes that were most frequently cited as favorites (though my personal favorite scenes differ). But with that said, all of this is entirely subjective. 

To everyone that helped contribute to this video by sharing your favorite Sonny moments, thank you! 

(and an extra special thanks to @avenuepotter for saving my skin when I accidentally deleted my library of clips…)

I mean, right now it’s amazing but a week ago it was very bad so it’s a bit up and down. The fact that it is so good when it’s good it’s also kind of the reason of why it is so bad when it’s bad. Does that make any sense? And… it can all suddenly be over tomorrow but I’m still insanely happy that I have met him. Because… (…) I want my life to be real. Even if that means it will be absolutely awful at times, it’s still way better than to be fake and boring for everything. It’s a little bit cliché but… you never know who will die tomorrow. You know? And… Whether you believe in Allah, or Jesus or… the theory of Evolution, or… parallel universes, there’s only one thing we all now for certain. That life is… NOW.
—  Isak Valtersen, SKAM, 03x10 Minutt for minutt