but this might help to others

i have thought a lot about censorship and what is “appropriate”. not a lot of people know this, but lolita was written to show what we allow on our bookshelves: there being no swear words in it meant it was free from censorship. a book about child molestation was allowed because it didn’t explicitly use the word “fuck”. he wrote it to show we don’t really care about protecting children, and it ended up being seen as a romance.

someone once told me - actually, many people have - that lgbt content isn’t appropriate for children. any content. not just kissing. i’m drowned in questions: “won’t the parents have to explain it?” “kids shouldn’t be thinking about sex at this age, or do you think differently?” “what will the kids think?”

at six i saw disney movies. people kiss and get married. i didn’t ask “what does that mean.” i didn’t ask “are those people going to have sex?” i didn’t ask anything, because i was six, and no six year old thinks twice about these things. nobody ever “explained” being straight to me, it was a fact, and it existed, and i was fine with that. why would being gay require a thesis, i wonder.

someone once told me that the one of the reasons people hate lgbt individuals is because they can’t see us as anything but sexual. we’re not people, so much as sinners. that they don’t see love, they see sex. just sex. it’s perversion, not a matter of the heart. only of the body.

i think i was in my early twenties before i saw someone like me. 

how old were you, though, before you saw violence? before you saw sexual assault on tv? i think something like that is only pg-13, and if it’s implied, they can get away with anything. i remember watching things and learning about blood, but knowing sex - sex was what was really wrong. sex was always rated r. sex was always kind of a bad word. i was told a lot that i wasn’t ready.

i had a dream last night that i made a site where people could ask any question they wanted about sex and get answered by a professional. it was shut down in moments because 15 year olds wanted to know if it should hurt, if “double-bagging” was a real thing, if this, if that. we shudder. don’t let the children know about that! 

but at thirteen i had seen enough violence it no longer struck me. i couldn’t say “fuck” but i knew that if you break your femur, you can bleed out internally in under half an hour. in school i wasn’t allowed to write about loving girls because what would the administration think - but i could write about wanting to kill myself and people would say how lovely, how blistering.

i have thought a lot about censorship. sometimes people on this site try it with me: don’t write this, don’t be so nasty. some of it is intrinsic. we know as people with a uterus not to complain about “that time of the month”, we know better than to talk about sexual assault (how shameful), we know that talking about a vagina is somehow scandalous. i can say “dick” and nobody questions me. some people only refer to the bottom half of me by “pussy”. they won’t wrap a mouth around “vagina” like it’s poison to them. even discussing this, that the language halts, that there’s an intrinsic desire to say “girls” instead of “women” - feels naughty, illicit. not for children.

the other day someone suggested i make my blog 18+. i said, okay, it deals a lot with depression and other problems that might be for a mature audience. oh no, they said, that’s not it, i think that’s helpful. i said, okay. so what is it then. well, you’re gay. you write about loving women. and i said, i don’t write about sex often and they said. it’s not about the sex. but wlw isn’t for a general audience. teenagers aren’t ready.


lolita is recommended for high school and up. i think about that a lot. i know girls who love it, who say it speaks to them on a deep level. it’s beautiful prose, after all. that was the whole point of the novel. something that looked like a rose but was intrinsically awful. i think about how if i was a model they’d want me to look young, thin, prepubescent. how my body would be sold and how through the mall i walk by images of barely-clothed women while mothers cannot breastfeed in public without fear of retribution. 

i think about how i can write a novel about violence and it will be pg-13 but if my characters say “fuck” twice it’s inappropriate. i said fuck three times so far in this post, which makes it only appropriate for adults. 

i think about that, and how my identity is something that people suggest lines up with a swear word. that people shouldn’t talk about it. that it’s a vulgarity. bad for children, harsh, confusing.

fuck. i love women. which one makes this only for those over eighteen.

More than a natural disaster: How Harvey and Irma put health care, immigrant communities, the environment, and more at risk

In the past few weeks, severe storms including Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc across the southwest U.S., Mexico, and island territories including the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. Dozens of people perished, and many more were displaced from their homes. Some people’s lives will never be the same again.

The truth is that horrifying storms like Harvey and Irma — as well as the earthquake that shook Mexico — reveal the intersections of how natural disasters can impact access to health care, the environment, immigrant communities and folks with low incomes. Here’s how these crises are affecting real people, right now.

Natural disasters = heightened fear for undocumented communities

Donald Trump’s xenophobic plan to end DACA makes Hurricane Harvey even more dangerous for some folks. In Houston, the city with the third largest population of undocumented immigrants, Harvey forced many DACA recipients and mixed-status families to face difficult choices. Already anxious over Trump’s threats of deportation, undocumented people may be even more reluctant to seek out shelter and health care in Harvey’s wake, for fear of being turned away at shelters or facing hostile ICE agents.

The most vulnerable people at risk

Natural disasters affect people with low incomes the most. In Texas and Florida, folks with low incomes are more likely to live in flood-prone areas with deficient infrastructure. This means that evacuating and traveling to get medical assistance is much harder — especially for low-income people with disabilities. There’s an assumption that everyone can and should evacuate when natural disasters happen, but that’s not always possible for everyone. Not everyone can get time off of work, access resources to relocate their family, or find a place to stay.

And in Houston, many families with low incomes live near the city’s oil refineries and petrochemical plants — putting them at risk of contamination, leaks, explosions, and other hazards.

A threat against women’s health

We also can’t forget the danger that natural disasters pose for women. Because of the devastation brought on by Harvey and Irma, women looking for preventive or maternal care and women who need abortions might be blocked from getting help. What’s more, these women could be forced to travel in sometimes dangerous conditions to access the care they need, if they can at all.

In addition, Texas lawmakers have passed medically unnecessary restrictions that have led to health centers closing, jeopardizing women’s health even further. In parts of Texas, some abortion providers offered free safe, legal abortion for survivors of Harvey. But elsewhere, a lot of women don’t have this option.

And it gets worse

Folks with chronic conditions — such as diabetes, endometriosis, or chronic kidney disease — are also at risk. During evacuation, their medications can get lost or destroyed. With dialysis centers, pharmacies, and hospitals closed, there are fewer places for people to get care.

The environment suffers, too

Houston is home to America’s petroleum industry. Significant amounts of flooding spell disaster for those living near chemical factories — and the environment.

With dozens of chemical plants flooding and shutting down due to Harvey, more than one million pounds of toxic pollutants have been released into the air. A flooded factory outside of Houston burst into flames twice, leaking toxic chemicals and sending 15 people to the hospital.

And drinking water — which may have come in contact with sewage systems and contaminated with bacteria like E. coli  — is unsafe to drink in some areas of Houston and Florida. Having safe, healthy environments and clean water is a basic human right, as well as an issue of reproductive rights. Mothers, for example, need clean water to prepare infant formula or to breastfeed their babies.

We stand in solidarity with those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma

The impact of these natural disasters is personal. Planned Parenthood is an essential health care provider in many of the communities hit hard by these disasters. Several organizations are coming to the aid of those affected by Harvey and Irma. Here’s how you can help:


Hit by: Hurricane Harvey

Help NOW:

  • Volunteer with Planned Parenthood supporters in relief efforts. Already, more than 150 Planned Parenthood supporters assembled 4,000 period kits for Harvey victims in Houston.


Hit by: Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Katia, earthquake

Help NOW:


Hit by: Hurricane Irma

Help NOW:

  • Volunteer with Planned Parenthood and other coalition partners to help communities that are most vulnerable. Volunteer Anna Eskamani says, “I volunteered with this effort last night to pass out free food, and the Friday before Irma made landfall, I also volunteered with a homeless outreach group to let the homeless know of their shelter options.”
  • Chip in to the Irma Community Recovery Fund to stand with folks in Florida.

U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean

Hit by: Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma

Help NOW:

Writing Prompts

Send me your requests HERE with your prompt choice and ship / character of choice! (Please no more than 4) and also add your own request merged into it if you want??

  1. “Give me your jacket, I’m freezing.”
  2. “These shoes were made to kick you in the ass!”
  3. “Are you okay?”                                                                                          “I don’t know how to answer that.”
  4. “It’s no big deal, its just a few scratches.”
  5. “I’m so cute, I don’t see why you aren’t dating me.”
  6. “We made a deal and you’ll keep your end, one way or another.”
  7. “You look cute when you smile, you should do it more often.”
  8. “Why are you blushing?”
  9. “I’m always here and you just ignore me.”
  10. “I’ve worked my ass off to get you in this position.”
  11. “Grab my hand!”
  12. “No, listen to me.”
  13. “I don’t know if I can keep going like this.”
  14. “There’s no shame in taking a step back.”
  15. “I’ll kill you, you sick bastard. I’ll kill you, you’re a fucking monster who deserves to die.”
  16. “Is that… a dog?”                                                                                   “No, Its a fucking horse. Of course its a dog, dumbass.”
  17. “I walked here to you in the rain, this is how much I love you.”
  18. “You are quite the mystery, aren’t you?”
  19. “Let go of me!”                                                                                        “I’m barely touching you!!”
  20. “You’re so cute when you’re mad.”
  21. “Do you believe in love?”
  22. “Put me down!”
  23. “You’re so small, it’s adorable.”
  24. “Look, this isn’t a guilt-trip: I just genuinely want to know if you dislike me so I can stop bothering you.”
  25. “We can’t be friends anymore.”
  26. “Open your fucking eyes, it’s so obvious that I’m in love with you!”
  27. “Don’t you dare touch him/her.”
  28. “Please don’t be mad at me.”
  29. “Don’t do anything stupid, I’m gonna help you.”
  30. “They say less is more, but when have I lived by that?”
  31. “Hey, don’t touch anything. I don’t know how stable it all is.”
  32. “I hate how you’ve made me broken.”
  33. “I’m a screamer. Not sexually, just at life in general.”                                     “I can make that sexually.
  34. “This isn’t one of my more subtle plans, but considering how long it’s been since I ate or drank or slept, I think I’m doing pretty good.”
  35. “If I wanted you dead, this room would be a lot quieter.”
  36. “Do you ever shut up?”
  37. “You’re such an ass!”
    “But a fine looking one, yes?” 
  38. “You’re safe now, I’ve got you.”
  39. “Since when did you become a badass?”
  40. “I don’t know why, but I think I’m in love with you.”
  41. “Holy shit! You’re bleeding!”
  42. “I’d like to talk to you when you have your pants on, okay?”
  43. “If anyone could have saved me, it would have been you.”
  44. “Everyone has a breaking point.” 
  45. “I refuse to play along with this. No thank you, go away.”
  46. “What now?”                                                                                               “I don’t know, I didn’t think we’d live this long.”
  47. “They might not want you, but I understand you, and- well, I like who you are and I want you. Please don’t believe what they say.”
  48. “Are you done staring?”
  49. “Never let go.”
  50. “You broke your promise, you can’t come back from that.”
  51. “Hey, are you awake?”
  52. “I love how we all use affectionate pet names and flirt with one another. It’s nice, having such a close knit group of friends, you know?”        “Okay but have you considered: fuckpile.”
  53. “Stay here, I’m gonna go get help.”
  54. “Despite what you think, I can actually express emotions just like any other person.”
  55. “I’m so sorry-”                                                                                      “Then why would you do that to me?! You betrayed me!”
  56. “It happened again.”
  57. “I don’t like you, but for some reason you make me feel fuzzy.”
  58. “Can I kiss you?”
  59. “So what, you bitter piece of fuck? I’m nasty, lewd, I swear every third fucking word, and I am a better person than you. oh, that burns doesn’t it? That a shit like me is more moral and good and pure than you can ever be?”
  60. “Me? What about you?”
  61. “Oh shit, okay. I’m gonna toss you over my shoulder and book it okay, no way I’m trying to fight these fools. Don’t bleed out onto my back, ‘kay?”
  62. “I’ve been thinking about you. More specifically, where you fit in my future.”
  63. “I didn’t ever think I’d fall for someone like you.”
  64. “Stop fighting!”
  65. “Don’t ever talk to me ever again.”
  66. “Please, just give me a break. I’ve been so busy, trying so fucking hard- I’m doing the best I can. Please, please don’t ask more of me.”
  67. “I wish I could lovingly craft the words together to describe how angry you make me.”
  68. “Looks like we both have detention together.”
  69. “It was over when you said goodbye to me.”
  70. “I hate school and everyone in it.”                                                        “Even me?”                                                                                         “You’re an exception.”
  71. “Kiss me.”
    “No thank you- I don’t want your germs near me at all.”
  72. “Oh, fuck off you piece of shit. You think I care about you? That I give a damn about your feelings? Fuck off- I’m first in line for your head.”
  73. “Have sex with me.”
  74. “Please make me feel alive.”
  75. “You’re the only thing that is keeping me on this fucked up world.”
  76. “Even on the shittest days, you’re always there to brighten them.”
  77. “I love you just the way you are.”
  78. “Your stretch marks are like tiger stripes, it makes you look fucking badass.”
  79. “Stop asking me if I’m alright. My last answer was ‘annoyed’, why would it change any time soon?”
  80. “I will not leave you. No matter how hard it gets or how rough things are, I will always be here. I will not leave you.”
  81. “You are such a fucking cliché.”
  82. “Stay close to me.”
  83. “I can’t do everything!”
  84. “You’re art.”
    “But I’m nothing like your art.”
  85. “I think I owe you an apology.”
  86. “Have you seen- oh
  87. “Did you do that for me?”
  88. “That’s a weird way to say ‘I love you’.”
  89. “Are you happy?”                                                                                  “Yes, very.”                                                                                         “Good … that’s good. That makes me happy.”
  90. “Sorry to interrupt but you need to move your hands away from him/her before we have a problem.”
  91. “When I first met you, I thought nothing of you, now you mean everything to me.”
  92. “Please, I can’t live without you.”
  93. “Surprise!”
  94. “You told me it wasn’t my fault, so why are you blaming me now?”
  95. “Shut up!”                                                                                            “Make me.”
  96. “I’ll fucking kill him/her.”
  97. “Are you jealous?”
  98. “Are you flirting with me?”
  99. “You know me better than I know myself.”
  100. “What do you do when you realise you might not be the good guy?”

anonymous asked:

I graduated with a BA in art history last year. I took a break and am now feeling lost about how to continue my education. The art history program at my school was incredibly small and in retrospect I feel as though my undergrad education ended up being an incomplete due to apathetic professors/advisers and a limited range of courses. I don't feel intellectually prepared for grad school but I still want to continue studying art history. Do you have any advice for the next step I should take?

Thanks for writing! I’m so sorry to hear that you feel as though your undergraduate education was not as whole as it should have been. Course selection can make or break educational experience in many fields, especially art history, where courses often build off each other. To fill in any gaps in knowledge you feel you have, and prepare for graduate-level coursework in the process, the best advice I can offer is to read books and journal articles in those areas. The History of Art Series published by Oxford University Press is a good place to start book-wise, and JSTOR’s free Register & Read program is a godsend for journal articles. 

If you have the time, another option to continue studying art history before enrolling in graduate school is taking online art history courses offered through websites like Coursera, MIT OpenCourseWare, OpenLearn (courses offered by Open University), or MoMA. TED-Ed also offers brief video lessons on a variety of art historical and visual culture topics. Some of these classes will be more academically rigorous and stimulating than others; hopefully you will find some that are relevant. 

It could be useful to explore the Getty Research Portal for digitized art history publications, rare books, and related literature. For free e-books about architectural history, take a look at this list compiled by Arch20. Finally, you can search Academia.edu for scholarly papers on topics that you’re interested in.

I’m not sure if your college gave you a solid foundation in art history theory and methodology, but if this isn’t something you are familiar with, I recommend studying this in your spare time before entering graduate school. The University of Illinois library has an online subject guide containing a fantastic list of books on theory.

Did your coursework give you a sense of what you might want to specialize in in graduate school? If so, in addition to studying and reading about aspects of art history that your college didn’t familiarize you with, you should also read as much as you can about your area of focus. Get familiar with the cornerstones of scholarship in your field now, if you aren’t already, so you can draw from it from Day 1 in your graduate program. 

On a related note, do you have reading knowledge of at least 1 language other than English (preferably related to your specialty, if you have one)? If not, this is another area to work on, as knowing at least one more language allows you to understand more scholarship, and, in some cases, primary sources, inscriptions in/on artworks, archives, curatorial files, and the like. 

Lastly, you might find my guide ‘Applying to Graduate School in Art History’ to be helpful.  I discuss how to decide whether or not graduate school is the right choice, how to evaluate and select programs to apply to, and what elements comprise a typical application. There are also printable worksheets that you can use to guide you through the decision and application process. 

In your personal statement, you might want to describe your experiences as an undergraduate, highlighting your academic strengths, and describing the ways that you have worked to increase your knowledge and skillset after graduation. 

I hope this helps! 


(Requested by Anon)

You paced back and forth as you thought of how you’d approach your current situation. You could start off with something simple, like Edward, I need your advice. or something. Would that suffice?

“What do you need Y/N?” The sudden voice made you screech out in surprise.

You turned to see none other than the Edward Cullen. “You called me yet you scream in surprise?” He teased with that infuriating smirk.

You rolled your eyes, less than amused. “I was just thinking. Stay out of my head, okay?” You crossed your arms and looked away. “Just… I need your help. Please.”

Edward’s amused smirk immediately melted away into the face of your supportive best friend. “What do you need, Y/N?”

You took a deep breath. “I know you might not have all the answers but… How do I ask a guy out?” You folded your hands in a pleading motion. “I reeeeallly need your help.”

The mind reader blinked and stared at you. “Ask someone out? I’m sorry Y/N, you were right, I really don’t have experience with this.” He sighed. “I don’t know.”

You facepalmed. Great, how am I supposed to get Carlisle to notice me now? You thought with a frown, realizing too late that you were talking to a mind reader.

You gasped and looked back up to see Edward smirking. “So that’s what this is about, huh?” He teased, each word making you blush more.

“Shut up and get out of my head!” You groaned and turned to storm off, not wanting to be around him anymore.

However his next words made you stop in your tracks. “You know, he feels the same way. Just do what feels right.”

Really? You stared wide eyed at the floor. It was almost unthinkable that someone so amazing would admire you just as much as you admire him.


You shot your friend a smile from over your shoulder. “Thanks Edward.”


We want to give everyone a quick reminder about the codes. If you received a code, but end up not using it (because tickets are too expensive or because you cant go or whatever reason), don’t forget to help out others! 

Some people who really want to go might not get a code, you can help them out and give your code to them. Make sure you’ll give your code to the right person, and only give it out to someone once. If you have a code and don’t want to use it, but you don’t know how to give it to someone, we’re definitely willing to help you. Just remember to not let any code go, because there’s always someone out there who wants to use it!

i cant stop thinking abt a suite life au where the twins are living the hotel of their late father, called The Phantomhive, and getting into shenanigans with elizabeth, the nice girl working at the candy shop in the lobby, and soma, a very wealthy foreign teenager who has always been fond of the hotel and stays there almost constantly.

the twins frequently evade the reprimand of tanaka, the hotel manager who strictly forbids mischief on the property, especially running in the lobby. he also just happens to have been very close to vincent, who often looked to him as a father figure. he is exhausted by the twins’ uncanny ability to create mayhem wherever they go, but still sees them fondly underneath that cold exterior.

the hotel staff are very close to the boys and often get roped into their schemes. Mey-Rin, the maid, is a dorky young woman who finds them simply adorable and admires their complex operations of mischief. She is also infatuated with Sebastian, the bellhop. He seems to find himself involved in the boys’ plans the most out of the staff, claiming to have tried to talk them out of it but finding ways to goof off instead. Letting elizabeth practice her fencing on him and helping the other staff out with who-knows-what-went-wrong-this-time are his next most common tasks.

anyways i might build off of this bc i like it a lot but this is already really long oops.

also nobody calls Sebastian Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way a thief because nobody’s got the time.

I am conflicted. 

As most of my followers that have been following me for some time now know, I am bisexual. That being said… I am totally infatuated with the lovely lady P.E. teacher at my job.

She is just… gorgeous to me. She’s so funny and smart. We bonded over our love of Marvel and books. Her hair is long and looks so soft. She looks so cute when she starts talking passionately about something….

Whew, got away with myself there…

Anyway, the other day I had mentioned that I haven’t had the chance to grab the ever so popular pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks yet this year… so what does she show up with this morning? A latte just for me, with a little heart drawn in marker on the side. 

She came in my classroom, set it on my desk and gave me a wink as she walked out… 


SPOILERS! AER/WLAE Chapter 53 Google-Translated English Script

Guys, this chapter was so freaking hard. 😭 This is the second draft, but we might have to do one more.


I am sharing this English Script of Chapter 53 of Lezhin webtoon “At the End of the Road” by Haribo, which is available in Korean. The English version will release soon. To tide over those of us who cannot wait to find out what happens next, I used Google Translate to produce, to the best of my ability, the English translation for this chapter, along with the help from @person-at-the-end @tsukking , Emily, and others as well. We do not speak Korean, so this is not 100% accurate. Also, please be sure to purchase the chapter to follow along. This is not meant to replace either the comic or the official English translations when they are released.

Huge thanks to kayseri2 for checking our translations and fixing a couple lines for us!

If you speak Korean and can point out any additional errors, I would greatly appreciate it.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Neither myself nor my collaborators are interested in partaking in the piracy of this wonderful author’s work. Do not ask anyone here for pirated raws. It is not because we have no sympathy for those who are unable to purchase. It’s because Haribo does not deserve to be stolen from for any reason. Thank you for understanding.

By Haribo
English Script

*Mystery SFX x 4*


*Mystery SFX x 6*


*Mystery SFX X 2*


*Mystery SFX x 2*

TAEMIN: I knew it!
You were about to hit me in the back of the head, weren’t you?

LACKEY: You, you…!!
How did you know!?!??!!

TAEMIN: Because you couldn’t be more obvious.

LACKEY: Then…!


*Mystery SFX*


Who are you?

I don’t know you, or what you want with me,
And I haven’t done anything bad enough to piss off strangers.
If I made you mad enough to want to kill me, I’d definitely remember your face, right?
But I’ve never seen you before.
So, who sent you?

LACKEY: Oh, no…!!!

TAEMIN THOUGHT BUBBLE: His reaction confirms it.

TAEMIN: Okay, then, let’s go to the nearest police station.

LACKEY: No, wait, you’re right! Someone made me do this! I didn’t mean it!

TAEMIN: You lead.


TAEMIN: Take me to your master fuckface.

~Scene Fade~

*Mystery SFX x 2*

LACKEY: Ugh..!!

JOOHOON: …Haha. Tell me, what’s going on here?

I said bring him in, so why are you being dragged?

TAEMIN: …Lee Joohoon. It was you?

LACKEY: B, but I did what you asked me to…!!!

TAEMIN THOUGHT BUBBLE: I honestly thought it’d be Han Jiwook.

JOOHOON: You’re unexpectedly considerate to have come so quietly, don’t you agree?

TAEMIN: I wanted to see who the annoying fuckface was.

JOOHOON: Now that you know, what do you think?

TAEMIN: Like I am delighted to join the playpen of an annoying bastard baby. Why?

JOOHOON: Haha. You’re too much.

*SFX: Shrug*

JOOHOON: The way you put it cuts me deep.

Well, bantering aside, I’m very happy you came to see me.

You’re the brightest star today, but will you be able to handle it when you fall?

*Mystery SFX*

TAEMIN: Would you knock it off?
This might be fun for you, but I’m not amused.

Why are you doing this?

JOOHOON: I adore you. How many times do I have to tell you?

TAEMIN: Don’t be ridiculous. You don’t really like me. I’m just a plaything to you.

JOOHOON: No. Can’t you tell I’m being sincere? (Joohoon, you don’t have a single sincere bone in your body.)

TAEMIN: Oh, yeah? Then I’m really sorry.

*Mystery SFX. But the image says it all. 😂*

TAEMIN: There’s no room for you between my person and me.

*Mystery SFX*

JOOHOON: What makes you think so?

*Mystery SFX*

JOOHOON: But then.

What if I have already wedged my way in between you and Min Siwoon?

TAEMIN: …What bullshit is that?

JOOHOON: No matter what, when, or where, Min Siwoon would never leave your side or let you go,
So I asked someone to help me out.

I asked him to take Min Siwoon away from you.

Thanks to him, I was able to meet up with you unhindered.

Would you like to say hello?


Han Jiwook…!


we all have days where we just c a n n o t make our brains cooperate. (i’m having one today, which is why i’m writing this post instead of doing my medical history readings!) here are some tips to help manage your workload when that happens.

do a warm up

start with your smallest, easiest assignment and work your way up to that dense 200 page reading. it might seem tempting to try to get the hard stuff out of the way first, but you will end up just blankly staring at the first page forever. instead, get yourself in a working mood by getting all your quick reading responses and problem sets out of the way first. i find that it helps to start with something interactive/less boring so that you can jumpstart yourself a little bit.

public shame yourself

go work in a public place where other people can see your computer screen. keep yourself accountable by letting other people’s judgement motivate you! (is this healthy? probably not. does it work? definitely.) you’re much less likely to hop on tumblr if you know that people walking by can see you scrolling.

change your routine

sometimes this is the easiest way to snap yourself out of a rut. if you usually work somewhere quiet, try moving to a lively coffee shop (or vice versa!) try working at a different time of day. even something as small as changing your playlist or switching tables at the library can help. sometimes you just need a different energy.

throw your phone out the window

cute anti-procrastination apps really don’t work when you’re determined to fuck around (as someone who once literally installed a whole new browser just to get around a site blocker that i downloaded, i know this for a fact) so sometimes if you have an urgent project you have to take the nuclear option. try to go completely off-line if you can and leave your phone/computer at home. if you can’t do that, delete any apps or programs that might be distracting. download your readings and look at them in a pdf viewer separate from the internet. turn your phone all the way off. if you really, really need to get something done, don’t give yourself the option to slack off.

give yourself breaks

i know this contradicts the last point, but take breaks if you need to take breaks. if you push yourself too hard you really won’t be any more productive. think of it as a modified pomodoro method - 25 minutes of straight focus is wayyyyy too long for me when i’m in an i-forgot-how-to-read mood, but doing 10 minutes of work followed by a 10 minute break is much more manageable. just plowing through when you lose focus doesn’t get you anywhere.

don’t be too hard on yourself

this is easier said than done of course, but remember that it’s not the end of the world if you have an unproductive day. there’s nothing less productive than beating yourself up about how much harder you could be working. reading one page/doing one problem/writing one paragraph is still something. treat these accomplishments like the little victories they are and you’ll have a much better mindset.


So theory time. I think the reason we are seeing some of the past seasons big villains coming back is because the Anuk-ite.

I’m thinking that like in Lydia’s vision Derek, Scott, Stiles and who ever else are going to be turned to stone. But in being turned to stone they have to face their biggest fears in order to break out.

Stiles or Scott will face Void Stiles and Maybe Derek will face Jennifer, Kate and possibly Paige? Not saying that they are his biggest fears but kinda? Like he has no luck with women. Ethan might face his brothers Death at the hands of the Oni over and over?

Also maybe all you people rooting to see Allison again will get your wish and she’ll help from beyond the grave like she did before? Like help Scott break through the fear?

I just think it’s too late to introduce 3 or more big villains as anything other then fear inducing monsters they have to fight to survive.

But who knows.

(Plus look at the dark/dim hazy dream like lighting)

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Tumblr Mom, give me strength. My little sister is a spoiled brat who is screaming at our mother and making arrangements to run away from home and drop it out school. Idk, if she'll actually do it, but I can't talk to anyone I know about it and can't afford an emergency appointment with my therapist. Know any cheap, fruity drinks that are easy to make home (without a blender)? Possibly a few comforting words?

“Gives a long hug” 

Are we talking alcoholic drinks here? Because if so, vodka and orange juice or any other fruit juice is a quick and easy standby. If you don’t have vodka, any spirit will work. 

If alcohol is out of the question, some hot tea might help. Won’t fix things, but it is calming to prepare, and then go hide somewhere quiet and sip it and read something nice. 

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How do I adult????

Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you don;t know, ask, and if you’re too nervous to ask, google it. But don’t be afraid to ask, there is no shame in not knowing despite what other’s might try to convince you of.

Taxes are not as complicated as we’re led to believe and there are people willing to help you.Same goes for renting an apartment or buying a car. The key to all of it is research.

Don’t worry yourself with looking “childish”, if you’re not hurting anyone then you have nothing to be ashamed of. Its your life, enjoy it! And don’t be intimidated by those older than you. You are “one of them” now. Embrace it and don’t let anyone walk over you.

Always make sure your main needs are taken care of (roof over your head, food in your belly, and clothes on your back) before spending on fun.You’ll thank yourself when you’re playing games in a heated apartment.

Otherwise, you don’t. Adults are a myth perpetuated by misguided people to convince you that you have to be mature and shit.

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Hello, I'm building this world which has five diffrent planets and is meant to have at least one sentient species per planet. I don't want just five diffrent standard humanoids, but I'm worried if I make the species too unique it'll be too much information for someone reading a story I write in this setting. Not to mention two of the worlds are (unchangeably) mostly water worlds which makes making these species even harder. Is there any way you can help me?

A difficult task indeed. Here are a couple of links that might help you.

Developing Fantastic Races
Creating Realistic Aliens and Their Worlds

There are also some other species-specific links on my Masterpost that might be helpful to you, including the Species Brainstorming post.

In general, I suggest balancing a species’ uniqueness with the ability to maintain a compelling narrative. You’re right about not wanting to be distracting with the amount of info you have to give to help your readers see your new species. Remember that some holes are okay to have. You don’t have to hand your reader every tiny detail. Our imaginations are incredibly helpful. You will have readers, of course, that want to know EXACTLY how you see it, but you’ll have just as many that would rather let their imagination fill in holes while your novel focuses on the story.

It’s a difficult balance to strike, and the only way to know if you’ve succeeded is to write it and let your beta-readers give feedback. Write what you need to write for now. You can always go back later and edit out superfluous stuff or add in any needed details. 

Happy building!

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Is there any link between emotional abuse and a severe inability to make decisions due to an illogical fear of being judged?

Emotional Abuse 

Hi anon,

I’m not an expert on abuse, so in terms of a link, I’m not sure if professional’s have established a direct link between the inability to make decisions and emotional abuse, but I have heard of this quite a lot from people who have experienced emotional abuse and I have struggled with this myself, after being emotionally abused too. 

When someone is emotionally/verbally abused, it is understandable that they might be afraid to make decisions, for fear that their decisions will cause someone else to judge them or to get angry at them because of it. There are also other things that could cause this too, but I do think that it’s definitely a possibility that emotional abuse could lead to someone having an inability to make decisions due to being judged. I hope this answers your questions and I’ll post some helpful resources below.




All the best,


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I have a dilemma and idk why but you seem like the kind of person who might be able to help. I've made a really strong connection with someone younger than me (9 years - she's 19) and I fought it very much because I was concerned about the age gap but she is mature. She voiced her feelings towards me and I told her they were mutual but I feel a bit strange about moving forward because of how it might look - even though the connection is unlike any other I have experienced before. Any advice?

love is love is love, darling. the only opinions that matter are yours and hers.. and by the looks of it, you two are both on the same page. you’ll never know what can happen unless you give it a try. ❤

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Loved your rant on the rainbow fish! That's exactly how I feel about that line, too. Though I don't entirely agree with you on Tony choosing the superhero life. He feels like he owes his *everything* to people for being a one-time weapons maker and not knowing to suspect his surrogate dad of dealing under the table. It's *his* job to save everyone and stop anything bad from happening-I don't think he sees there might be another way to give back than to give everything

You make a compelling argument but I believe he made a conscious choice to superhero it out instead of doing anything else. I can’t imagine Tony not being able to think of other ways to help that did not involve putting on a suit of metal to shoot terrorists.

Dragon Age 2 Companions: Notes

Isabela actually writes reports often, even when she had no one to report to. It’s mostly to help clear her head and relive her thoughts but when she does write notes, it something usually unpredictably sweet. You might find her writing things such as; 

You are the loveliest treasure I have ever gotten my hands on and I am so lucky to call you mine. Thank you for being a huge part of my life, I couldn’t ask for this any other way

Fenris, when taught how to write, quite enjoys it especially when it comes to writing out his thoughts. It eventually ends up with him writing out his feelings mostly, a lot is about his lover and just how happy they seem to make him. You might find him writing things such as;

Everyday I have to ask myself how I got so lucky to have you by my side and I wonder if you know how grateful I am to have you. I love that I can call you mine, and I hope I can continue doing so in our coming future

Merrill likes to write about new discoveries and tips, things to help her keep up with the changing people around her. When she writes notes for her lover it’s usually about how excited she is to have discovered something new, occasionally it can be something sweet. You might find her writing things such as;

You wont believe what I’ve seen today, my love! Everything around me is brilliant and new and I just can’t wait to explore more of this world with you by my side! Thank you for being here with me always

Anders writes notes about a lot of things, mostly things about his work as a healer and things he thinks of throughout the day, which can lead to a long list of things. He also enjoys writing sweet, tender things to his lover when he can, it makes him happy. You might find him writing things such as;

In my recent discovery I found out that it’s a lot easier to calm my thoughts when I simply think of you, my dear. You always bring a smile to my face even when you’re no where to be found. I am forever grateful

Spoken Latin

Latin is traditionally learned through translation because it’s really only used as a literary language, but spoken Latin has become more popular recently and here are some resources for practicing listening comprehension

Catherine Reed and Justin Bailey’s youtube channels. There is a tag on youtube called the latin listening challenge and some people might have maybe one or two videos but they both have a good amount of videos

Gregory Stringer (magister optimus!) has 80 short videos where he basically just talks about what’s around him and they range in difficulty

Quodiversus Abis has a few videos and she speaks really well

Scott Meadows has almost 375 videos in latin where he goes through the different pieces of latin literature as well as the lingua latina series with his teacher and others. Most videos are about an hour long so definitely check out his channel

Hope this helps!